Fendalton Gazette: September 6, 2017

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<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

YouR N E w S Y ouR B u S i NESS Y ouR PEo P l E<br />

<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2017</strong><br />

Memorial Ave nears completion<br />

Artist's impression<br />

A<br />

wet winter has not delayed work on the $195<br />

million Christchurch Southern Motorway – Stage<br />

2 project, with more than 300,000 cubic metres of<br />

earth moved, two new local roads built and the<br />

first of eight bridges almost complete.<br />

Principal Project Manager Geoff Griffiths says people can<br />

expect to see more changes over the coming months as work<br />

ramps up.<br />

“Recently, two 180-tonne cranes put the final four<br />

‘Super-T Beams’ that make up the Main South Road Bridge<br />

into place,” Mr Griffiths says.<br />

The bridge designers were inspired by the vertical power<br />

of the Southern Alps and the curves of the braided rivers,<br />

unique to the Canterbury Plains. Their inspiration also<br />

came from the speed and adventure of travel. Recogising the<br />

unique airport location, the finely tuned structure refers to<br />

both the manufacture and movement of aircraft. The project<br />

aims to capture the unique moment of arrival and departure<br />

from the city of Christchurch.<br />

This area of Canterbury has always been a place that<br />

BY j ENafoR R olliNS<br />

people passed through, whether starting on their OE, going<br />

to serve their country or traveling to gather kai on the banks<br />

of the Avon River.<br />

These two arches symbolise meetings and travel, they<br />

represent the coming together of cultures.<br />

“Next, the structure, which will take Main South Road<br />

traffic up and over the motorway, is made up of 16 locally<br />

made precast beams, which range from 30 to 35 metres long<br />

and weigh up to 68 tonnes each.”<br />

Along with the Main South Road Bridge, the CSM2 team<br />

have also started constructing the Waterholes Road and<br />

Trent Road bridges and built two new local roads - Tiptree<br />

Lane and Manion Road.<br />

“These new roads will give people access to their homes<br />

and local businesses, and in the case of Manion Road, allow<br />

the CSM2 team to carry on with work to create the motorway<br />

into a four-lane road from Weedons Road towards Curraghs<br />

Road,” Mr Griffiths says.<br />

“Meanwhile, at the city end of the project, John Paterson<br />

Drive is being realigned to join with Halswell Junction Road.<br />

This work will continue until the end of the year when the<br />

new alignment is expected to open to traffic.”<br />

Mr Griffiths says people travelling around the Selwyn<br />

District, near the project, should expect detours and road<br />

closures at times as work on the project continues.<br />

“Traffic will be closely monitored to try to reduce<br />

disruption and delays, however people should plan ahead<br />

and allow extra travel time as work continues on the CSM2,”<br />

he says.<br />

“We would also like to remind people to obey the traffic<br />

management signs. The speed restrictions and road closures<br />

are in place for your safety as well as the safety of our crews.”<br />

The Christchurch Southern Motorway (Stage One,<br />

completed, and Stage Two, underway) is expected to halve<br />

travel time between Rolleston and Christchurch at peak<br />

times from 30 minutes to 15 and reduce fatal and serious<br />

crashes by 40 per cent.<br />

Stage Two is on track to be open to traffic in early 2020.<br />


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We will<br />

unashamedly<br />

offer you a career<br />

that opens doors.<br />

With a renowned brand, a supportive team<br />

and a can-do culture we’re ready, willing<br />

and able to open the door.<br />

Find out more at<br />


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2<br />

<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

Margaret Mahy’s novel,<br />

The Changeover, now a movie is thrilling<br />


EDITOR<br />

Christine Deflice<br />

chrissymt@xtra.co.nz<br />

COPY<br />

Jenafor Rollins<br />

jenaforrollins@gmail.com<br />

DESIGN<br />

Denise Crawford<br />



Jenny Wright - 03 364 7446<br />

jenny@starmedia.kiwi<br />


Star Media<br />

The Christchurch Star Company Ltd<br />

Level 1, 359 Lincoln Road, Addington<br />

Christchurch<br />

PO Box 1467, Christchurch 8140<br />

Just saw The Changeover<br />

Movie which is a darker grittier<br />

Twilight with creep factor<br />

- Keeping Up With NZ,<br />

Twitter<br />

Incredible, riveting film! Well<br />

done Miranda Harcourt<br />

and Stuart Mckenzie - you<br />

captured the essence of the<br />

book in a contemporary way,<br />

and I love that it is set in post<br />

quake Christchurch too. Go see<br />

it when it’s out and take the<br />

kids! (12+ I think)<br />

- Sarah Catherall, Journalist<br />

For all enquiries regarding<br />

advertising please contact Jenny Wright.<br />

IS PAIN<br />


Caleb Ruthven<br />

NZ Registered<br />

Chiropractor<br />

▪ Sleeping well?<br />

▪ Sitting or driving comfortably?<br />

▪ Working efficiently?<br />

▪ Enjoying sport?<br />

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ACC providers.<br />


Media and audience reviews<br />

are claiming Margaret Mahy’s<br />

supernatural thriller, The<br />

Changeover is creepy, thrilling<br />

and riveting. The award winning teen<br />

novel set in Gardendale, was inspired by<br />

Christchurch’s very own Bishopdale and is<br />

captivating test audiences and media around<br />

the country.<br />

The motion picture directed and produced<br />

by husband and wife duo Miranda Harcourt<br />

and Stuart McKenzie, loved the novel so<br />

much, they felt compelled to bring it to the<br />

big screen.<br />

The cast includes Timothy Spall (Wormtail<br />

in Harry Potter) who plays villain Carmody<br />

Braque and is mesmerising. Heart throb,<br />

Nicholas Galitzine (Handsome Devil and<br />

High Strung) plays Sorensen Carlisle teamed<br />

with New Zealand newcomer Erana James<br />

(Ngati Whatua Orakei, Waikato Tainui), who<br />

plays protagonist Laura Chant, the big sister<br />

willing to give her life for her little brother.<br />

The cast is rounded out by Lucy Lawless,<br />

(Xena Warrior Princess) and Melanie Lynsky<br />

(Heavenly Creatures and 2 ½ Men).<br />

The world premiere will be held <strong>September</strong><br />

25 at the Isaac Theatre Royal on Gloucester<br />

Street and opens countrywide on <strong>September</strong><br />

28. Christchurch theatres showing the film<br />

include Hoyts Riccarton, Hoyts Northlands,<br />

Reading at The Palms and the Hollywood.<br />

Take your friends and family to see the film<br />

adaptation of one of New Zealand’s award<br />

winning authors. Rate it for yourself.<br />

Watch for the film countdown and be a part<br />

of the contests and treasure hunt.<br />

Mark your calendar for <strong>September</strong> 28 and<br />

the opening date of The Changeover. You<br />

won’t want to miss it. It’s highly suggested to<br />

bring a friend, just in case you need someone<br />

to scream with.<br />

Synopsis<br />

Sixteen year-old Laura Chant lives with her<br />

mother and four-year-old brother Jacko in a<br />

low-rent suburb on the edge of earthquakescarred<br />

Christchurch, New Zealand. Laura<br />

is drawn into a supernatural battle with an<br />

ancient spirit who attacks Jacko and slowly<br />

drains the life out of him as the spirit becomes<br />

ever younger. Laura discovers her true<br />

identity and the supernatural ability within<br />

her, and must harness it to save her brother’s<br />

life.<br />

What a powerhouse film!<br />

Totally knocked my socks off.<br />

Performances, freaky dark<br />

story, Christchurch, and man<br />

that soundtrack!!<br />

- Audience, Wg<br />

Fab film, so different from<br />

anything I’ve seen in NZ<br />

cinema… shot!<br />

- Audience, Akld<br />

165 Harewood Road | P: 021 104 1970<br />

E: admin@papanuichiropractic.co.nz<br />


<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

Your News Y our busiN ess Y our people<br />

3<br />

Husband and wife team<br />

co-direct The Changeover<br />

Stuart and Miranda Harcourt<br />


Ad WE Number: NOW RM5883<br />

Artwork: RM5883<br />

Size: ACCEPT 9x2<br />

Description: FENDALTON DEN-<br />

TAL<br />

Q<br />


CARD!<br />

Account:<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: RM5883<br />

• General Dentistry • Emergency Appointments<br />

• Cosmetic Fillings • Dental Implants • Crowns<br />

• Partial/Full Dentures • Root Canals • Veneers<br />

• New Patients Welcome<br />

I<br />

read Margaret Mahy’s supernatural teen<br />

thriller, The Changeover, for the radio<br />

the year after it was first published in<br />

1984and fell in love with the story.<br />

Margaret is the godmother of the young adult<br />

or YA genre and authors such as Stephenie<br />

Meyer of the Twilight series are grateful for<br />

her pioneering efforts.” Co-director Miranda<br />

Harcourt shares with excitement in her voice.<br />

“Stuart read the book as well and we both<br />

knew that one day we wanted to adapt the<br />

novel for the big screen. Six years ago, we<br />

secured the rights and we have now nearly<br />

completed our goal. The film preview<br />

screenings have shown we achieved our<br />

desire of creating goosebumps, tension<br />

and a quest for the audience to think about<br />

supernatural possibilities.” Harcourt added.<br />

“This novel has inspired so many young<br />

BY jENafoR RolliNS<br />

Providing Custom Framing of all Artworks<br />

adult writers. Margaret was a leader in the<br />

teen genre, especially with this award winning<br />

book, The Changeover. It broke barriers and<br />

was a first to showcase a female teen lead<br />

with Polynesian ancestry, as Margaret puts<br />

it. This character Laura Chant is a trailblazer.<br />

A protagonist who moves the story along<br />

and we have had an overwhelmingly positive<br />

response from the screenings, which are<br />

being embraced by audience and cinema<br />

goers across the country.”<br />

“This is the first time Miranda and I have<br />

directed together after all these years of<br />

working together, but we felt compelled<br />

to share this project. We wanted to make a<br />

film with the backdrop of where I grew up.<br />

Besides, we work very well together and<br />

can read each other. The cast and crew felt<br />

confident there would be no disagreements<br />


Ad Number: JW2209-V3<br />

Artwork: JW2209-V3<br />

Size: 18x4<br />

Description: HARCOURTS HOLMWOOD<br />

Account: run of paper<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: JW2209-V3<br />

We will<br />

unashamedly<br />

offer you a career<br />

that opens doors.<br />

or dissension on the set. There wasn’t and<br />

we didn’t have any major concerns off the<br />

set, either. We shared our vision and know<br />

each other so well that we can always<br />

communicate and make it work. We know<br />

our strengths and expertise. We complement<br />

each other. It made for a full experience.”<br />

Stuart added.<br />

Stuart McKenzie, who grew up in<br />

Bishopdale where Margaret set her story,<br />

adapted the screenplay from the multi award<br />

winning novel by the loved and admired<br />

Canterbury author.<br />

“Christchurch is a main character in the<br />

film, with its unique vibe and provides a<br />

valuable backdrop for seismic shifts in the<br />

characters evolution. Coming home to film<br />

in the city that I love was classic.”<br />

99a GLANDOVEY RD (Entrance via Idris Rd)<br />


PHONE: 03 351 1188 FAX: 03 351 1138<br />

Monday - Friday 8.30am-5.00pm<br />

www.fendaltondental.co.nz<br />

Beautiful Teeth<br />

Meet the<br />

Owner<br />

Ryan Carlton<br />

Smile<br />

Natural<br />

Gallery Space with large Range of Original work<br />

Including CHCH Scenes, L/Edition Prints, Posters<br />

Photography & Sporting Memorabilia<br />

6 Main North Road | Ph 352 7594<br />

(Next to SBS Bank)<br />

www.artworkspictureframing.co.nz<br />

Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm<br />

Closed weekends<br />

Obligation<br />

Consultation, No Free<br />

• Full Dentures • Dentures Repaired • Implant Assisted Dentures<br />

• Injection Moulded Flexible Partials • Relines<br />

• Mouthguards • Additions/Repairs<br />

• Purchase cleaning and care products from our website.<br />

All dentures personally<br />

designed and created to ensure<br />

a comfortable natural fit.<br />

DENTURES PLUS (2014) LTD<br />

Denture Clinic and Laboratory<br />

396 Innes Road, St Albans. Phone 385 5517.<br />

Email: denturesplus@paradise.net.nz<br />

Orbiter Bus stops Innes Road<br />

www.denturesplus.co.nz<br />

With a renowned brand, a supportive team and<br />

a can-do culture, we’re ready, willing and<br />

able to open the door.<br />

For more information please visit our website<br />


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4<br />

<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />


Ad Number: JW2206-V3<br />

Artwork: JW2206-V3<br />

Size: 37x8<br />

Description: HARCOURTS HOLMWOOD<br />

Account: Centre spread<br />

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Filename: JW2206-V3<br />

Harcourts <strong>Fendalton</strong><br />

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Paul Nichols<br />

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Kim Ric-Hansen<br />

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021 0731 450<br />

Suzanne Robin<br />

Licensed Sales Consultant<br />

0272 714 906<br />

51 Holmwood Road, <strong>Fendalton</strong> 8014<br />

Phone: 03 355 6116 Fax: 03 355 6132<br />

Email: fendalton@harcourts.co.nz holmwood.co.nz

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5<br />


Ad Number: JW2206-V3_PART2<br />

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Description: HARCOURTS HOLMWOOD<br />

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Colour: F<br />

Filename: JW2206-V3<br />

...where your results come first!<br />

Sue Jenkinson<br />

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Jill Lange<br />

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Chris Lewis<br />

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Jan Morley<br />

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Sarouen Mulvey<br />

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Deb Nichols<br />

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The team at Harcourts <strong>Fendalton</strong> has built a reputation<br />

for being the best at what they do. Helping the people<br />

of Christchurch buy and sell houses.<br />

Candice Toughey<br />

Licensed Sales Consultant<br />

021 155 2609<br />

Success comes when every consultant puts the needs<br />

and concerns of each client first. Experienced salespeople,<br />

targeted marketing campaigns, hard work and continuous<br />

communication are the keys to this success.<br />

Get the results you want by working with one of our<br />

results-driven team.

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6<br />

<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

UC Academic’s new book<br />

explores women in horror films<br />

BY jENafoR RolliNS<br />

A<br />

pop culture expert’s new book is set to make a unique<br />

contribution in the field of horror scholarship by exploring the<br />

“privileged place” that women hold in the horror film genre.<br />

A lecturer in English and Cultural Studies in the University<br />

of Canterbury’s College of Arts, author Dr Erin Harrington is an expert<br />

in ‘gynaehorror’, a term she coined and which is the focus of her new<br />

book, Women, Monstrosity and Horror Film (Routledge, <strong>2017</strong>).<br />

Covering topics ranging from “psychobiddies, grande dames and<br />

horrific harridans” to virgins and vagina dentata, the academic book<br />

makes a unique contribution to the study of women in horror film<br />

specifically, while providing new insights in the broader area of popular<br />

culture, gender and film philosophy.<br />

Dr Harrington describes gynaehorror as horror films concerned<br />

with all aspects of female reproductive horror,<br />

from reproductive and sexual organs, to virginity,<br />

pregnancy, birth, motherhood and menopause.<br />

“Think classic films like Rosemary’s Baby or<br />

The Brood or even the Alien series, or more recent<br />

films like The Witch and The Babadook. Horror<br />

films are a great social barometer as they engage<br />

with and often directly invoke culturally specific<br />

and contemporaneous fears and anxieties,” she says.<br />

“Engaging with these films, as with other forms<br />

of popular culture, can help us understand and<br />

interrogate taken-for-granted ideas about what it is<br />

women ‘should’ do and be.”<br />

Published in the Routledge series Film Philosophy<br />

at the Margins, the book features an in-depth analysis<br />

of the portrayal of women in horror films from the<br />

1960s until the present day.<br />

“Women occupy a privileged place in horror film.<br />

Horror is a space of entertainment and excitement,<br />

of terror and dread, and one that relishes the<br />

complexities that arise when boundaries – of taste, of<br />

bodies, of reason – are blurred and dismantled,” Dr Harrington says.<br />

Some of the themes explored in Women, Monstrosity and Horror<br />

Film include:<br />

· The intersection of horror, monstrosity and sexual difference;<br />

· The relationships between normative female (hetero)sexuality and<br />

the twin figures of the chaste virgin and the voracious vagina<br />

dentata;<br />

· Embodiment and subjectivity in horror films about pregnancy<br />

and abortion;<br />

· Reproductive technologies, monstrosity and ‘mad science’;<br />

· The discursive construction and interrogation of monstrous<br />

motherhood; and<br />

· The relationships between menopause, menstruation, hagsploitation<br />

and ‘abject barren’ bodies in horror.<br />

Dr Harrington’s book not only offers a feminist<br />

interrogation of gynaehorror, but also a counterreading<br />

of the gynaehorrific, that both accounts<br />

for and opens up new spaces of productive, radical<br />

and subversive monstrosity within a mode of<br />

representation and expression that has often been<br />

accused of being misogynistic.<br />

Dr Harrington’s research and academic work<br />

focuses on horror, embodiment, popular and<br />

visual culture, and sex and gender, and she also<br />

has a particular interest in theatre, criticism and<br />

dramaturgy. She has written for a range of literary<br />

and academic publications, art catalogues, and<br />

popular media outlets, and she regularly appears as<br />

a speaker and panellist.<br />

Women, Monstrosity and Horror Film by Erin<br />

Harrington, published by Routledge, <strong>2017</strong>:<br />

288pp.<br />

For further information please contact: Margaret Agnew, Senior<br />

External Relations Advisor, University of Canterbury at 369 3631 or<br />

margaret.agnew@canterbury.ac.nz<br />



russleyvillage.co.nz<br />

03 357 9392<br />

73 Roydvale Ave,<br />

Christchurch<br />

For enquiries contact<br />

Nola Lamb<br />



Making your retirement move is easy when its to one of these sought after locations.<br />

Located on the site of the old Russley Hotel,<br />

Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of<br />

the Russley Village is set within eight acres<br />

<strong>Fendalton</strong> within beautifully tailored grounds<br />

of award-winning gardens and grounds.<br />

with an extensive range of facilities including<br />

The Russley Village has recently opened its<br />

restaurant, garden lounge, cinema, library, hair<br />

purpose built resident community facility,<br />

salon and the newly renovated dining room.<br />

The Homestead. Inside The Homestead you<br />

The village offers a range of care and extra<br />

will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a boutique<br />

support services delivered to your apartment.<br />

cinema, library, arts & crafts space, hair salon<br />

We currently have a beautiful selection of<br />

and wellness rooms.<br />

studio and one bedroom apartments available.<br />

hollylea.co.nz<br />

03 351 2679<br />

123 <strong>Fendalton</strong> Rd,<br />

Christchurch<br />

For enquiries contact<br />

Juliane Brand

<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

Your News Y our busiN ess Y our people<br />

7<br />

University of Canterbury welcomes record<br />

numbers of postgraduates<br />

BY jENafoR RolliNS<br />

The University of Canterbury has<br />

welcomed more than 1000 fulltime<br />

equivalent students in masters’<br />

programmes and record numbers of<br />

doctoral students in <strong>2017</strong>, with over 700, with<br />

more expected to enrol before the end of the<br />

year.<br />

The University of Canterbury (UC) offers<br />

a wide range of postgraduate qualifications<br />

through world-class resources and exciting,<br />

hands-on research opportunities, according to<br />

Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr who welcomed<br />

news of the record numbers of postgraduate<br />

students.<br />

“It’s a dynamic environment in which to<br />

advance yourself learn alongside academics<br />

and students from more than 100 nations, join<br />

a vibrant students’ association, and get involved<br />

in any of 140 clubs.”<br />

Events are held throughout the year to<br />

encourage collaboration and networking<br />

between the postgraduate and UC staff<br />

community, including:<br />

University of Canterbury Postgraduate<br />

Information Evening: Wednesday 20<br />

<strong>September</strong>, 5pm-7.30pm, University of<br />

Canterbury Engineering Core, 69 Creyke<br />

Road, Ilam, Christchurch<br />

Thinking of returning to study? Want a change<br />

of career or need to upskill to get ahead? Come<br />

to the UC Postgraduate Information Evening<br />

on Wednesday 20 <strong>September</strong>, and learn about<br />

UC’s flexible postgraduate study options at the<br />

expo and information sessions. You can get an<br />

overview of flexible study options and how to<br />

finance, structure and plan your postgraduate<br />

study. Chat with people from different<br />

departments and support services about your<br />


Ad Number: MMA2417<br />

Artwork: MMA2417<br />

Size: 18x8<br />


Account:<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: MMA2417<br />

specific study options and how to balance study<br />

with your lifestyle and other commitments.<br />

GradFest<br />

GradFest is an annual, week-long event of<br />

lectures and workshops for postgraduate thesis<br />

writers. At GradFest, held from 30 October to<br />

3 November this year, students can learn about<br />

the latest research trends, develop new skills to<br />

enhance their study, and have the opportunity<br />

to network with other postgraduate students.<br />

GradFest brings together different<br />

departments at UC such as the Postgraduate<br />

Office, Academic Skills Office, Library,<br />

E-Learning, Careers and Academic<br />

Services Group to share their expertise with<br />

postgraduate students on subjects such as<br />

Understanding the thesis journey, Applying for<br />

ethical approval, Smart tools and technologies<br />

for research, The publication process, Thesis<br />

structure and planning, and Writing a coherent<br />

thesis. (Due to its popularity GradFest was also<br />

held in May this year.)<br />

UC PGSA - Just Write<br />

workshop<br />

In early <strong>September</strong>, the UC PGSA<br />

(Postgraduate Students’ Association) hosted the<br />

Just Write workshop; a chance for postgraduate<br />

students to get together and ‘just write’. The<br />

free annual event focuses on removing the<br />

barriers that prevent students from writing and<br />

provides inspiration to help polish chapters and<br />

papers for submission. It’s a great opportunity<br />

to network with other postgraduate students,<br />

collaborate and try out new ideas. The event<br />

also includes seminars throughout the day to<br />

help students produce quality research outputs.<br />

Thesis-in-three competition<br />

The Thesis-in-three competition challenges<br />

postgraduate students to explain their research<br />

in three minutes, accompanied by one slide.<br />

The competition aims to teach effective<br />

communication techniques between academics<br />

and those outside their field of study. It also<br />

promotes collaboration and increases funding<br />

and employment opportunities. Sponsored<br />

by the Dean of Postgraduate Research each<br />

year, Thesis-in-three students first compete in<br />

College competitions, vying for a place in the<br />

UC-wide final. The UC final is held in August<br />

and competitors get the opportunity to compete<br />

at the international Three Minute Thesis (3MT)<br />

event in <strong>September</strong>.<br />

The winners of <strong>2017</strong>’s Thesis in Three UC<br />

final are:<br />

· 1st: Philipp Sueltrop from UC Engineering<br />

($5000 prize)<br />

· 2nd: Jacq Jones from UC Arts<br />

($2000 prize)<br />

· 3rd: Jess McHale from UC Science<br />

($1000 prize)<br />

Philipp, who is from Germany and studying<br />

for his PhD in Electrical and Electronic<br />

Engineering, will represent UC at the <strong>2017</strong><br />

Asia-Pacific 3MT Finals, held at the University<br />

of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, on Friday<br />

29 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2017</strong>. He will compete against<br />

representatives from 55 universities across New<br />

Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia.<br />

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8<br />

<strong>Fendalton</strong> - Ilam<br />

Youth mental health hot topic<br />

BY jENafoR RolliNS<br />

Current Canterbury youth mental health statistics have<br />

the Labour party swinging into action stating they will<br />

invest millions into providing much needed services<br />

and support for Cantabrian children and teens in the<br />

aftermath of the earthquakes.<br />

Since 2011 there had been a 73 per cent increase in children<br />

and young people seeking mental health services in Canterbury.<br />

Principals from across the city have been dealing with children<br />

with extreme trauma, anxiety and suicidal intent. Their stories<br />

are distressing stories.<br />

“Funding hasn’t kept pace with what’s required down here.<br />

We’ve been trying to raise the profile of Canterbury’s health<br />

issues within Parliament for quite some time.” Ardeen stated in<br />

a recent trip to Christchurch.<br />

Defining stress, anxiety and resilience<br />

Anxiety and stress are often used interchangeably. Both are<br />

reactions involving thoughts, emotions, and physiological<br />

responses such as a change in heart rate. Anxiety can be defined<br />

as the anticipation of a perceived threat. Stress is the natural<br />

human response to resilience, which is defined as sustaining a<br />

healthy function despite negative experiences and setbacks.<br />

Types of stress<br />

• Experiencing anxiety and stress over new experiences is<br />

normal and expected. For children, this might include staying<br />

with a babysitter for the first time, giving a speech in class or<br />

taking a driver’s license test. This kind of stress can be perceived<br />

as ushering new development and skills, and sometimes is<br />

referred to as “positive stress.”<br />

• Complicated stress, such as the loss of a best friend, death<br />

of a grandparent or a divorce are more challenging experiences<br />

in the short and long-term, carry a mixture of deeper emotions.<br />

Most children can adjust to situation development with<br />

appropriate, consistent and nurturing adult support. Mindset or<br />

how one perceives and understands the meaning of stressors is<br />

helpful in managing a response toward being resilient.<br />

• Chronic or traumatic stress includes children living in<br />

environmental situations including, school, home, weather<br />

or geographic conditions, peer pressure, relationships, their<br />

future, monetary or social conditions such as neglect, abuse,<br />

or maltreatment. Chronic stress not only feels bad, but leads<br />

to poor immune system functioning, creating vulnerability to<br />

stress-related health conditions, mental health disorders and<br />

school underachievement.<br />

What children and teens are anxious<br />

and stressed about<br />

Young kids can stress about normal developmental fears such<br />

as strangers, new places, animals, or changes in their family or<br />

routine. Unpredictable events such as the loss of pet or family<br />

member. Older kids and teens can stress about appearance, peer<br />

status, social and romantic relationships, academic performance<br />

and college acceptance.<br />

How to know if your child is stressed?<br />

Emotionally, children of all ages may show an increased<br />

sense of fragility in their feelings. Vulnerable and negative<br />

emotions may be closer to the surface like increased sensitivity,<br />

impatience, anger or crying. Behaviourally, there may be a<br />

display of new, unproductive or repetitive behaviours. As young<br />

children are less verbal they may show direct symptoms. Older<br />

children and teens may be more subtle or secretive in their<br />

behaviours. Verbally, children and teens may talk about feeling<br />

overwhelmed or helpless. They may seek validation or become<br />

conflictual about the primary or a related topic.<br />

What to do?<br />

1. Observe and monitor your child’s behaviour.<br />

2. Acknowledge your child’s anxious or stressed feelings in a<br />

calm and sensitive manner during a neutral time.<br />

3. Ask open-ended questions to gain information, and keep<br />

the lines of communication open.<br />

4. Reassure your child that their anxious feelings and source<br />

of stress are temporary and manageable.<br />

5. Reassure your child that you will support and help them<br />

through this time.<br />

6. Let your child know they are not alone in their experience.<br />

Other children have similar feelings and experiences. Share your<br />

own experiences and how you manage and overcame them.<br />

7. Seek professional assistance if anxious behaviours are<br />

ongoing or your child complains of ongoing distress. Anxious<br />

behaviours should not interfere with the daily functioning of a<br />

child or family.<br />

8. Model positive stress management – children are astute<br />

observers and take their cues from their parents.<br />

Decreasing stress in everyday life<br />

• Have regular conversations with your children to keep your<br />

pulse on their emotional lives. More effortful leading questions,<br />

such as “What did you like about XYZ?” communicates more<br />

parental interest and investment more than the routine “How<br />

was your day?”<br />

• Facilitate adequate sleep and sleep habits: 8 to 10 hours a<br />

night recommended for teenagers, 9 to 11 hours for school-aged<br />

children, and 10-13 hours for pre-schoolers.<br />

• Family meals minus electronics communicates people and<br />

quality conversation are important.<br />

• Research also supports meaningful family meals are<br />

beneficial in child development, promotes prosocial behaviours,<br />

school success skills, good eating habits, well-being, and helps<br />

children avoid later negative and high-risk behaviours.<br />

• Prioritize extracurricular activities based on the child’s<br />

enjoyment, interest, and skill development, not competition,<br />

parental motivation or “everybody’s doing it.”<br />

• Provide family leisure time for togetherness and rejuvenation.<br />

• Provide your child with developmentally appropriate “alonetime”<br />

to learn to self-manage, self-entertain, and self-soothe - all<br />

skills important in managing stress.

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