Forward Fifty: September 28, 2017

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SEPTEMBER <strong>2017</strong><br />

INSIDE<br />

Talking<br />

leadership<br />

page 3<br />

CyCling for<br />

fiTness &<br />

friendship<br />

page 5<br />

downsizing<br />

your garden<br />

page 7<br />

arT in publiC<br />

spaCes<br />

page 10<br />


Ad Number: FG10454<br />

Artwork: FG9853<br />

Size: 9x8<br />


Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG9853<br />

JR_966<br />

Thinking about the future<br />

Feel safe in the knowledge that you are working with a<br />

professional and experienced team who will guide you through<br />

prearrangement and prepayment options.<br />

We can be contacted at anytime to assist you.<br />

www.johnrhind.co.nz<br />

19 London Street, Christchurch | Tel: (03) 379 9920 | 118 Williams St, Kaiapoi | Tel: (03) 327 7499

2 | Fundraising<br />

Pink-themed walk to raise<br />

funds for breast cancer<br />

Pink Star Walkers are getting ready to<br />

pound the streets for breast cancer at<br />

the <strong>2017</strong> Breast Cancer Foundation NZ<br />

(BCFNZ) Pink Star Walk in Christchurch.<br />

Events are also being held in Auckland and<br />

Wellington, taking place during October<br />

and into November as part of Breast<br />

Cancer Awareness Month, sponsored by<br />

Estee Lauder Companies.<br />

The annual fundraiser is a noncompetitive<br />

fun walk, with no training<br />

required before participating – just a<br />

willingness to join a group of enthusiastic<br />

women, men and children in support<br />

of those affected by breast cancer. The<br />

walks are held in the twilight hours,<br />

providing a unique experience. There<br />

is a party atmosphere at the finish line<br />

with entertainment provided; walkers are<br />

encouraged to celebrate and have a fun<br />

evening out together.<br />

The BCFNZ Pink Star Walks are open<br />

to all ages. The walking courses are a mix<br />

of five kilometre, 10km, or half marathon<br />

(21km) option, depending on location.<br />

In Christchurch there are the 5km and<br />

half marathon options. The course must<br />

be walked, not run, and participants are<br />

encouraged to dress in pink, with many<br />

groups co-ordinating their costumes as a<br />

team and registering to fundraise.<br />

Registration is through the dedicated<br />

event website www.pinkstarwalk.co.nz.<br />

The registration fee covers the costs of<br />

holding the event and a small donation,<br />

with walkers encouraged to set up<br />

fundraising pages so friends and family can<br />

sponsor their efforts. Funds are raised<br />

through a combination of entry fees,<br />

personal sponsorships and donations.<br />

The Pink Star Walk includes a prewalk<br />

warm-up. Walkers follow the route<br />

marked by pink balloons, and rehydrate<br />

via water stations available around the<br />

course, manned by volunteers, who<br />

are there to support and encourage<br />

participants.<br />

At the conclusion of the walk there’s<br />

a festive atmosphere with music,<br />

entertainment, and prizes awarded to<br />

best-dressed individuals and teams, as well<br />

as spot prizes.<br />

“Our Pink Star Walks are a great way to<br />

show your support for friends, family or<br />

colleagues affected by breast cancer,” chief<br />

executive at Breast Cancer Foundation<br />

NZ Evangelia Henderson says.<br />

“The money raised by the three events<br />

will help us achieve our vision of zero<br />

deaths from breast cancer by pushing<br />

for new frontiers in early detection,<br />

treatment and support.”<br />

Last year’s Pink Star Walks attracted<br />

over 4200 registered walkers and<br />

raised $500,000. This year the goal is to<br />

attract 5000 walkers, and raise a total<br />

of $600,000 towards the breast cancer<br />

cause.<br />

The Christchurch BCFNZ Pink Star<br />

Walk is being held on Saturday October<br />

<strong>28</strong>, <strong>2017</strong>. It starts at North Hagley Park<br />

at 3.30pm for the 21km walk (ages 18+<br />

only) and 6pm for the 5km walk.<br />


Star Media<br />

The Christchurch Star Company Ltd<br />

PO Box 1467 Christchurch 8140<br />



The winner of the Double<br />

Pass to Sister Act - A Divine<br />

Musical Comedy was Maggie<br />

Gubbins of Mairehau. Thanks<br />

to all our <strong>Forward</strong> 50 readers<br />

who entered the draw.<br />

We have another Giveaway<br />

in this issue. See page 6.<br />

AdvERtISIng<br />

Frank Greenslade - Ph 03 364 7441<br />

email: frank.greenslade@starmedia.kiwi<br />

EdItoRIAL Christine de Felice<br />

dESIgn Denise Crawford<br />


Ad Number: BST5134<br />

Artwork: BST5134<br />

Size: 18x4<br />

Description: THIRD AGE TOURS<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: BST5134<br />

Third Age Tours eST<br />

Small Group Tours for the over 50’s<br />

Domestic and International<br />

Great Prices!<br />

england/Wales & Yorkshire Dales<br />

23 August - 24 <strong>September</strong> 2018<br />

enchanting Ireland & Scotland 31 May - 27 June 2018<br />

curiosities of cuba 25 April - 21 May 2018<br />

Treasures of Turkey 1 - 25 <strong>September</strong> 2018<br />

captivating croatia, Slovenia<br />

montenegro & Venice<br />

1 June - 25 June 2018<br />

Vietnam & cambodia 4 - 26 October 2018<br />

Beautiful norfolk Island 4 - 11 November <strong>2017</strong><br />

Sicily, rome & Southern Italy 29 <strong>September</strong> - 24 October 2018<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Full<br />

South Island Tours<br />

Glorious Autumn in Arrowtown 17 - 22 April 2018<br />

catlins/Stewart Island 22 Feb - 2 Mar 2018<br />

White herons, Glaciers & Alpine loop Tour<br />

<strong>28</strong> January - 2 February 2018<br />

PluS oTher DeSTInATIonS!<br />

For a Free InFormATIon PAck contact Brenda<br />

Third Age Tours<br />

1999<br />

Ph 03 379 3799 or 03 312 7050 | Freephone: 0800 927 725<br />

sunshineone@xtra.co.nz | www.thirdagetours.co.nz<br />


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Artwork: MS4234<br />

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Account:<br />

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Filename: MS4234<br />


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Artwork: FG9941<br />

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Description: ACORN STAIRLIFTS<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG9941<br />

Regain the freedom<br />

of your home<br />

Simple, safe and stylish, Acorn<br />

Stairlifts give people the chance to<br />

enjoy their own homes once again.<br />

• For straight or curved staircases<br />

• Indoor and outdoor lifts<br />

• Free home assessment<br />

• Fast installation<br />

• Safe and reliable<br />

FREE DVD Guide<br />

to Stairlifts!<br />

0800 223 062<br />


Leadership | 3<br />

Flying is another passion in Rob Hoult’s<br />

life.<br />

The importance of leadership<br />

Following a 30-year career as an officer in the New<br />

Zealand Defence Force, Rob Hoult left the service and<br />

established his consultancy Team Leader Leadership<br />

Development Limited. <strong>Forward</strong> 50 talks to Rob about his<br />

career change, his passion for leadership and why we<br />

need good leaders across all sectors of our community.<br />

You were in the defence force for 30 years -<br />

what made you decide to step back into ‘civy<br />

street’?<br />

I’d run out of things to do! I’d made the decision back<br />

in the late ’90s to limit my career for the sake of gaining<br />

stability for my family, and had made the Selwyn District<br />

my home. The army had been fantastic in allowing me to<br />

work in niche areas and thus not have to move around<br />

over my last 10 years of service.<br />

Were there challenges moving from military<br />

to civilian life and if so what were they?<br />

Surprisingly, there were very few challenges. My roles<br />

in the military had been quite autonomous, and most<br />

of them had required wide engagement across other<br />

government departments and organisations in the<br />

private sector. The hardest thing was leaving the security<br />

of a salary and accepting the uncertainty that goes with<br />

owning and running your own business.<br />

I’m pretty laid back, but I also must confess that I<br />

found people out of the military are a little more relaxed<br />

about keeping to time – which isn’t necessarily a bad<br />

thing of course.<br />

I also had to go and buy a lot more clothes…there’s<br />

something about the ease and convenience of having a<br />

uniform. That said, I love being able to wear the work<br />

clothes I want to wear.<br />

When did you first discover your passion for<br />

leadership and what triggered it?<br />

I first tasted the challenge and satisfaction of<br />

leadership as a high school student, both at school, and<br />

through the Air Training Corps. If I’m really honest, I<br />

think my attraction for leadership roles comes from<br />

being pretty purposeful, and wanting to achieve. It’s much<br />

easier to get the things done that you believe in when<br />

you’re in charge!<br />

I’ve never considered myself as a particularly good<br />

leader – like many others, I am pretty conscious of what<br />

I’ve got wrong, and it’s not good to get too big for your<br />

boots.<br />

What are the essential characteristics of<br />

an effective leader and are these innate to a<br />

person or can they be learnt?<br />

There have been literally thousands of books written<br />

on the topic of leadership, but that said, I do have<br />

my opinion. Leadership effectiveness is pretty much<br />

determined by personality – things like being curious<br />

and open-minded, conscientiousness and determination,<br />

being interested in and getting along with other people,<br />

and having enough confidence to take on challenges.<br />

So, whilst these things are to a degree innate, most<br />

people have some capacity for leadership, especially<br />

if they are willing to learn and listen to feedback. I<br />

also think it’s important that those in leadership roles<br />

understand that they are there to serve their followers,<br />

as much as their followers serve them.<br />

Why do you see strong leadership as<br />

important – in the business community and in<br />

society as a whole?<br />

Leaders are the people that work out what needs to<br />

be done to make the world safer and more prosperous<br />

for their people (tribe, team, company, family, sports<br />

group etc.) and then harness the individual efforts of<br />

many into a strong and unified collective effort. It’s<br />

all about understanding what motivates the people<br />

that make up the team and pointing them in the right<br />

direction to get the important things done.<br />

What difference can a good leader make<br />

and what are the outcomes if the quality<br />

of leadership in an organisation is less than<br />

ideal?<br />

A good leader makes all the difference. The symptoms<br />

of a good leader are a highly performing team of people<br />

who get the job done whilst feeling safe, contented and<br />

enthused.<br />

Poor leadership is disastrous to a team or group. The<br />

group won’t achieve the things it sets out to do, there<br />

will be conflict within the team, and the end result is that<br />

people leave the team because it does not give them<br />

what they both deserve and need as a human.<br />

How did you develop your Team Leader<br />

programme?<br />

I spent over a decade designing and running leader and<br />

team development activities and courses for all levels of<br />

the New Zealand Army and the wider defence force. This<br />

has given me a very wide perspective on how to grow<br />

capable leaders and high-performing teams. I also had the<br />

privilege of leading military teams both in New Zealand<br />

and in multi-national contexts overseas throughout my<br />

30-year career.<br />

Leaders and teams have similar characteristics<br />

no matter what organisation they exist in. Once<br />

I understand the culture and context of a client<br />

organisation, I am able to use all of my expertise and<br />

experience to develop world-class team and leader<br />

development opportunities for my clients.<br />

One of my highlights this year has been working with<br />

the successful Crusaders Super Rugby team. My role was<br />

to help them be the very best team members that they<br />

could be.<br />

Are there any leaders in New Zealand – in any<br />

field – that you particularly admire, and if so<br />

why?<br />

There are so many outstanding New Zealand leaders<br />

that it’s hard to single one out. Two that I will mention<br />

are locals – Scott Roberston, the Crusaders coach, who<br />

has a very expressive style, yet has a big heart – he<br />

completely understands what makes each and every<br />

one of his players tick. The other is Peter Beggs, the<br />

boss of Antarctica New Zealand. Peter is an incredible<br />

ambassador for Christchurch and New Zealand, and<br />

leads through very strong values, a sense of fairness and<br />

a keen curiosity for possibilities and how we can build a<br />

better New Zealand.<br />


Ad Number: FG10451<br />

Artwork: FG10451<br />

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Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

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Filename: FG10451<br />

Make your GP team<br />

your first call 24/7<br />

Even after-hours a nurse<br />

is available to give free<br />

health advice.<br />

12<br />

9<br />

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6<br />


Ad<br />

Wheelchairs<br />

Number: FG10450<br />

FOR HIRE<br />

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Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />


Filename: • Wheelchairs FG10450 with or without<br />

Elevating Leg Rests<br />

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Chairs<br />

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• Commodes<br />


PHONE 354 5616<br />

108 Sawyers Arms Rd, Papanui, Christchurch<br />

10% Off for SUPERGOLD card holders<br />

Conditions may apply

4 | TheaTre/evenT<br />

Springtime is country fair time<br />


Ad Number: FG10448<br />

Artwork: FG10448<br />

Size: 18x4<br />

Description: FORTUNE THEATRE<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG10448<br />

New comedy to premiere<br />

in Dunedin<br />

Join the Fortune Theatre for the<br />

World Premiere of One Perfect Moment,<br />

Ellie Smith’s hilarious new work about a<br />

mother running from her 60th birthday<br />

by hauling her daughter on the trip of a<br />

lifetime.<br />

The planned idyllic holiday is soon<br />

flipped on its head – as it turns out 24/7<br />

contact may be a little too much for this<br />

pair!<br />

Perry Piercy as Pammie and Bronwyn<br />

Ensor (2016 graduate of The Actors<br />

Program), as Angel, play two complex and<br />

relatable women, bringing to life a whole<br />

range of broad comedic characters.<br />

Piercy will be making her Fortune<br />

Theatre debut this October, bringing with<br />

her more than 30 years’ experience as<br />

not only an actor but also a lauded vocal<br />



coach and acting teacher.<br />

Ensor comes to Dunedin direct from<br />

working with Auckland Theatre Company<br />

on their critically acclaimed production,<br />

Boys. She has also recently worked with<br />

Fortune favourite and maverick director,<br />

Benjamin Henson as part of Auckland<br />

Summer Shakespeare.<br />

This comedy will touch the hearts and<br />

funny bones of every adult that has ever<br />

had the dubious pleasure of spending 24/7<br />

for an extended period with a teenager.<br />

Young people will hear their own voice<br />

screaming that they would rather be<br />

locked in a house in Gore for a month<br />

than be seen in public with their parents.<br />

In the vein of Four Flat Whites In Italy, this<br />

brilliant comedy adventure will have you<br />

laughing and cheering in equal measure.<br />

The spring fair and fete season will be<br />

in full swing during October, with a range<br />

of events around the Christchurch and<br />

Canterbury area offering a wealth of local<br />

produce, crafts and entertainment. So,<br />

make a note of the following dates and<br />

events and get ready for a country-style<br />

day out, and the chance to do some early<br />

Christmas shopping.<br />

tUESdAy, octoBER 17<br />

Soroptimist International 24th Annual<br />

Craft and Market Day – Rangiora A&P<br />

Showgrounds<br />

Crafts, jewellery, gifts, clothing, plants<br />

and garden art, beauty products and m<br />

ore will be sold at over 90 stalls to raise<br />

funds for the Soroptimists International<br />

of North Canterbury, who this year are<br />

supporting Wellbeing North Canterbury.<br />

Buskers will provide some lively<br />

entertainment. Admission $5.<br />

SUndAy, octoBER 22<br />

Halswell Community Market – St John<br />

of God Hospital, 26 Nash Road<br />

Clothing, crafts, toys, books, fresh<br />

produce, shabby chic, and much more.<br />

There will be fresh coffee and food trucks,<br />

and live music to entertain you in the<br />

hospital’s award-winning gardens. Free<br />

admission.<br />

MondAy, octoBER 23<br />

Hororata Parish Spring Fair – Hororata<br />

Domain<br />

A popular family day out for Labour<br />


Ad Number: AP25691-V2<br />

Artwork: AP23689-V1<br />

Size: 9x4<br />


Account:<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: AP23689-V1<br />

Day, the fair offers homemade jams,<br />

handcrafts and specialty foods. Secondhand<br />

books, plants and the famous white<br />

elephant and country auction, rides and<br />

activities for the children and a barbeque<br />

are all on offer, too. Free admission.<br />

tHURSdAy, octoBER 26<br />

The Christmas Country Fete –<br />

Glenmark Domain, Waipara<br />

Described as New Zealand’s biggest and<br />

most popular fete, it attracts thousands<br />

from across the country, with over 200<br />

stalls offering gifts, food and wine. Live<br />

music, demonstrations and fashion with<br />

guest presenter Paula Ryan and her<br />

daughter Bridget are all part of the day.<br />

For details of admission prices go to their<br />

website, thefete.co.nz.<br />

SAtURdAy, octoBER <strong>28</strong><br />

Emmanuel Christian School Spring Fair -<br />

322a Sawyers Arms Road<br />

Enjoy a family day out with home baking,<br />

sweets, crafts, market stalls and white<br />

elephant, and a bouncy castle for the<br />

children. Free admission.<br />

SUndAy, octoBER 29<br />

Centrewood Fete & Garden Party<br />

<strong>2017</strong> – Centrewood Estate, 309 Mill Road,<br />

Waimate District<br />

Boutique stalls, local cuisine, and live<br />

entertainment provide an enjoyable day<br />

out and the opportunity to find unique<br />

Christmas gifts. Admission $10.<br />

FREE<br />

installation*<br />

SALE<br />

We’ll keep you warm this winter.<br />

Fully rated heating right down to -15°C...guaranteed.<br />

$3,299<br />


FH50 6.0kW<br />

*Conditions apply<br />

Back-to-back basic installation<br />

www.dcis.co.nz<br />


Ad Number: AP25213-V12<br />

Artwork: AP25213-V9<br />

Size: 9x4<br />

Description: MILLEN HOMEWARE LTD<br />

Account:<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: AP25213-V9<br />

Book your FREE in-home quote TODAY!<br />

0800 324 678<br />

NEW shOWROOm<br />

13b Parkhouse Rd, Christchurch<br />



T005 Now $259<br />

Plywood Laundry Tubs<br />

20% Off Range<br />

shower Combo 900x900<br />

mains pressure mixer and slide.<br />

Now $699<br />

Open 7 Days Mon-Fri 9am - 5.30pm | Sat 9.30am - 4pm | Sun 10am-3pm<br />

0800 MILLEN | www.millen.co.nz | 03 348 8678

ecreaTion | 5<br />

Taking a break on the Camino.<br />

Cycling for fun, friendship<br />

and health<br />

A group of Magpies ready for the start of<br />

the A20 ride at Twizel.<br />

What began back in 2004 as a couple of cyclists that<br />

wanted to ride with people of similar ages and level,<br />

without being ‘trashed’ by younger riders, is today a large<br />

group of cycling enthusiasts known as the Magpies.<br />

“In the beginning it was very much a recreational<br />

ride for an informal group,” says group member Min<br />

Sarginson, who joined the group in 2006 at the invitation<br />

of founding member Eric Hunter, following her first Le<br />

Race.<br />

“When I started, there were would be about a dozen<br />

riders on a nice day, then it grew and grew and now<br />

there can be over 50 riders, with close to 100 who<br />

would call themselves members of the group.”<br />

There is a mix of ages, and both men and women in<br />

the group, she says.<br />

“There were two regular women, both very good<br />

cyclists when I joined the group, but there are lots of<br />

women now, in ages ranging from early 40s to 80-plus.”<br />

There are rides every day except Thursday and Sunday,<br />

all year round, and the cyclists take a variety of routes.<br />

“We start at Princess Margaret Hospital, and from<br />

there some might go up the hill to the Summit Road, and<br />

from there go to either Gebbies Pass or Godley Head,<br />

then back, or stay on the flat.<br />

“A favourite ride is out to Waterholes Road, then<br />

Coe’s Ford or Motukarara/Green Park, then return –<br />

always with a stop at The Store in Tai Tapu.”<br />

The group has the numbers to break up into three<br />

or more different groups, depending what sort of ride<br />

people want to do that day, where they want to go – on<br />

the flat or include some hills, Min says.<br />

“Rides are either hard and fast, shorter and cruisy,<br />

or something in between. When feeling fit enough I<br />

occasionally join an earlier Saturday group who do 90<br />

to 100 kms from Princess Margaret to Soutbridge or<br />

Kirwee and back.”<br />

Cycling, while mostly enjoyable, can also be hazardous,<br />

as one member found out to his cost. Min recounts the<br />

event: “One of the original Magpies, who was by then<br />

in his 70s, called into my office in Lyttelton one day<br />

asking for a glass of water to help swallow a couple of<br />

Disprins he had bought at the chemist. This was before<br />

the earthquakes – he was doing ‘long bays’* from his<br />

home in North Shore to Princess Margaret, then round<br />

to Motukarara, over Gebbies to Governor’s Bay then on<br />

to Lyttelton.<br />

“He looked a bit off-colour so I offered him a ride<br />

home. He said a ride though the tunnel would be good –<br />

rather than having to ride up over Evan’s Pass then home<br />

via Sumner. It transpired he had crashed coming down<br />

Gebbies Pass and was down the bank out of sight when<br />

his friend, who was following him, thought he had gone<br />

on so continued on his way.<br />

“When he arrived home, his wife made him go to<br />

the doctor, who put him straight into hospital. He had<br />

broken his back and spent days in traction before being<br />

allowed to go home in a brace. He was back on his bike<br />

within weeks, and is still riding, but fortunately long bays<br />

are out of bounds for the moment.”<br />

Min says that in addition to the health benefits gained<br />

from cycling, the group also provides a social gettogether<br />

with the trips they do out of town always great<br />

fun.<br />

“It was particularly beneficial after the earthquakes to<br />

get out and do something that felt ‘normal’. I have made<br />

some great friendships through it as well.”<br />

Those friendships and connections have led to trips<br />

elsewhere in New Zealand and overseas.<br />

“In 2014 a group of us went to France and followed<br />

the 2000 Tour de France course. In 2015 some of us<br />

went to Spain, following the Camino, and last year we<br />

went to Sardinia and Corsica.<br />

“A dozen or so of us go to Blenheim each year at<br />

Show Weekend and ride the Grape Ride circuit one day<br />

and a shorter ride around the vineyards on another. I<br />

also do a family ride, which has become an annual event,<br />

somewhere different each year – A2O last year, which<br />

is the Alps to Ocean trail /road ride from Mt Cook to<br />

Oamaru. This year we are going to Havelock North and<br />

next year New South Wales.”<br />

Min says anyone looking for a way of keeping fit and<br />

making new friends is welcome to join the Magpies. “It’s<br />

open to all-comers. You only need a bike.”<br />

* Long bays was a popular ride of about 75kms<br />

comprising a circuit from Princess Market Hospital<br />

(PMH) out to Tai Tapu, on to Motukarara, over Gebbies<br />

Pass Rd, round to Governors Bay, on to Lyttelton then<br />

up over Sumner Rd /Evans Pass to Sumner and back to<br />

PMH via Heathcote, Centaurus and Cashmere Rds. Since<br />

the closure of Sumner Rd following the earthquakes it<br />

can’t be done now.<br />


Ad Number: FG10516<br />

Artwork: FG10516<br />

Size: 9x8<br />


Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG10516<br />

2 BeDRooMs<br />

Under Construction from $400,000<br />

E S T A T E<br />

Phone. 03 421 7796 | Email. sales@woodcroftestate.co.nz<br />


Rolleston’s only ReGIsteReD RetIReMent vIllaGe<br />

• 30 years experience in the retirement industry<br />

• A statutory supervisor and a compliance manager<br />

• An investment with 100% capital gain<br />

• 24/7 Site Manager and a Pavilion and a bowling green<br />


6 | Books/evenT<br />

French chic<br />

for stylish<br />

picnics<br />

A festival of garden design<br />

A new recipe book published by Australian publisher Smith Street Books features a<br />

selection of French picnic recipes for s stylish outdoor feast.<br />

The first book by Australian self-taught cook and food writer Suzy Ashford, Le Picnic<br />

reimagines outdoor lunching as a chic activity that’s worth putting a little more effort<br />

into.<br />

Rather than taking along a sandwich and a flask of coffee to your next picnic, why<br />

not make it a bacon and leek quiche, a beautiful potato and pork sausage galette or<br />

cherry tomato tartlets?<br />

As Ashford shows, classic French recipes can be easily transported and are not too<br />

complex, or requiring hard-to-find ingredients and advanced cookery skills.<br />

Le Picnic recipes include drinks, nibbles, more substantial fare, zesty salads and<br />

delicate sweet treats. Start your picnic with a glass of Champagne with fresh white<br />

peach syrup. Nibble on caramelised onion tarts, a slice of Camembert tart and a witlof<br />

salad.<br />

And finish with a selection of delectable treats including fresh raspberry tartlets<br />

and white chocolate macarons. Be transported to Paris at your next outdoor feast –<br />

maybe during Cup & Show Week.<br />

Le Picnic: Chic Food On-The-Go by Suzy Ashford. Published by Smith<br />

Street Books. RRP $35.<br />

The lack of a garden show in the<br />

Garden City will potentially prompt<br />

Christchurch garden enthusiasts to take a<br />

trip north in November for the Auckland<br />

Garden DesignFest.<br />

Featuring some of New Zealand’s best<br />

professionally designed gardens, this<br />

unique weekend festival, being held on<br />

November 25-26, allows visitors to visit<br />

up to 20 private gardens across Auckland.<br />

Throughout the two days, the designers<br />

will be on site to inspire visitors, who will<br />

have the chance to lean more about the<br />

creative process behind each garden.<br />

Auckland Garden DesignFest joint<br />

chairperson Rose Thodey says: “We<br />

always try to have a diverse range of<br />

gardens that highlight the benefit of good<br />

design and showcase different styles and<br />

sizes of gardens, from tiny courtyards to<br />

large expanses, often with vastly different<br />

budgets to match.<br />

“We feel confident that we have truly<br />

delivered on that this year and can’t wait<br />

to share them with visitors in the full flush<br />

of spring.”<br />

The biennial festival, which is organised<br />

jointly by the Garden Design Society of<br />

New Zealand and Rotary Newmarket,<br />

raises funds for Ronald McDonald House,<br />

Garden to Table Trust and the Rotary<br />

Newmarket Charitable Trust.<br />

Tickets for the Auckland Garden<br />

DesignFest can be purchased from<br />

iTICKET, plus various garden retailers and<br />

onsite at the garden gate. Choose from<br />

$65 all garden tickets, $10 single garden<br />

access or three gardens for $20. Optional<br />

guided bus tours are also available.<br />

Earlybird tickets costing $55 are available<br />

until <strong>September</strong> 30.<br />

For more information visit www.<br />

gardendesignfest.co.nz/<br />


<strong>Forward</strong> 50 has a double pass to<br />

the Auckland garden designFest<br />

valued at $130 (valid for the<br />

whole weekend) to give away. to<br />

enter the draw, email giveaway@<br />

starmedia.kiwi with Auckland<br />

garden designFest in the subject<br />

line.<br />

Please include your name and<br />

daytime contact number. Entries<br />

close noon Wednesday, october 4.<br />


Ad Number: BST5147<br />

Artwork: BST4151<br />

Size: 18x4<br />

Description: ASPIRE CANTERBURY<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: BST4151<br />

Support and Resources for Independent Living<br />

Can we help you or someone you support?<br />

walkers to<br />

purchase<br />

(FroM $230)<br />

or hire<br />

$20<br />

2015 NZ Disability<br />

Information Centre<br />

of the Year<br />

Disability Information Service – a ‘one stop<br />

information service’ which offers unbiased<br />

advice to assist people navigate their way to<br />

organisations or services that can provide them<br />

with support or advice.<br />

Aspire Canterbury Shop – shop online or call in<br />

to our shop at 314 Worcester Street and view our<br />

range of easier living products We also hire out<br />

wheelchairs, ramps and walkers.<br />

Total Mobility Discounted Taxi Service – a scheme<br />

which provides 50% discounts on taxi journeys to<br />

eligible people in the Christchurch area who, due<br />

to health conditions, are unable to access public<br />

transport. Contact us for more information on<br />

03 366 9093 or visit our website.<br />

per week Mobile Service – Fun interactive presentations of<br />

our information, services and easier living<br />

equipment. We come to you! To book our<br />

presenter to speak to your group call Richard<br />

at numbers below or email mobileservices@<br />

aspirecanterbury.org.nz<br />

Mobility scooter demonstrations available.<br />


Ad Number: NB00002<br />

Artwork: NB00002<br />

Size: 18x4<br />

Description: tba<br />

Account:<br />

Colour:<br />

Filename: NB00002<br />



allright.org.nz/ManlyAs<br />

Aspire Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation<br />

providing services to the community since 1981<br />

Physical Address:<br />

314 Worcester Street<br />

Linwood Christchurch<br />

Postal Address:<br />

PO Box 32074<br />

Christchurch 8147<br />

Ph: 03 366 6189<br />

Freephone: 0800 347 242<br />

Ph: (Total Mobility) 03 366 9093<br />

Mobile Service: 027 588 9700<br />

E: admin@aspirecanterbury.org.nz<br />

W: www.aspirecanterbury.org.nz

gardening | 7<br />

The art of garden design<br />

Landscape designer Joanna Hamilton<br />

grew up on a farm in Canterbury and<br />

went to boarding school in Christchurch.<br />

She says nature, wildlife, plants and the<br />

changing seasons were very much part of<br />

her life from an early age.<br />

Following university, travel and teaching,<br />

Joanna had children and during their early<br />

years developed a passion for gardening.<br />

After moving to Auckland with her<br />

family she returned to teaching while<br />

“coming to grips” with a humid climate<br />

and developing a love affair with subtropical<br />

gardening. She decided on a<br />

career change and studied landscape<br />

design at Unitec for two years.<br />

Joanna has been designing gardens<br />

across the Auckland area for 17 years.<br />

Her projects include large and small city<br />

gardens, courtyard and apartment gardens,<br />

country and coastal properties. She is one<br />

of 19 talented garden designers selected<br />

to participate in the <strong>2017</strong> Auckland<br />

Garden DesignFest.<br />

<strong>Forward</strong> 50 talks to Joanna about<br />

designing gardens, and gets some ideas for<br />

garden downsizing.<br />

What drew you to garden design?<br />

Living in Christchurch, I had loved<br />

everything about the English garden style,<br />

which suited the nature and character of<br />

the city and worked well with the climate<br />

and marked seasons.<br />

Needing to get to grips with the<br />

warmth and moistness of Auckland, the<br />

lack of clear seasonal demarcation and<br />

the fact that a whole new plant palette<br />

was possible, I saw an opportunity to<br />

expand my knowledge and apply it in a<br />

professional way as well as developing<br />

another personal garden.<br />

What do you<br />

enjoy about it?<br />

Studying garden design opened up<br />

so much more than an expanded plant<br />

knowledge – it developed an awareness<br />

of space, form, proportion, the interplay<br />

of light and shade. There was much to<br />

learn about construction materials, hard<br />

landscaping elements as well as soil,<br />

climate as well as building codes and<br />

standards.<br />

My love for plants remains paramount<br />

– how plants can be employed to create<br />

form and structure in a garden, provide<br />

screening and shelter as well as texture<br />

and colour is always to the fore in my<br />

planning.<br />

Do you have a signature or<br />

favourite style?<br />

Not really, although despite Auckland<br />

verging on the subtropical, I do like to<br />

see some seasonality in a garden. I admire<br />

formal gardens, but those that don’t have<br />

some seasonality are too static for me.<br />

I’ve designed a lot of subtropical<br />

gardens in the past, but more recently<br />

have moved towards creating gardens<br />

with less of a definite ‘theme’. I enjoy<br />

working with families to make gardens<br />

that are relaxed and useful and happy<br />

places to be in. These frequently include<br />

vegetable beds and fruiting trees, places to<br />

sit and places for children to play.<br />

Do you have favourite or<br />

particularly memorable<br />

projects?<br />

Creating gardens for families are often<br />

the most satisfying projects.<br />

One aspect of Joanna Hamilton’s entry in the Auckland Garden DesignFest.<br />

What was your inspiration for<br />

your entry in this year’s Garden<br />

DesignFest?<br />

By DesignFest standards it’s a small<br />

garden with the largest useable area<br />

fortunately on the north side. I wanted<br />

to make the most of the other much<br />

smaller spaces around the house and to<br />

make some visual impact, especially on the<br />

eastern side, which the kitchen and living<br />

room look out to.<br />

What should people think about<br />

when downsizing into a smaller<br />

section?<br />

• Make the most of all available space<br />

both horizontal and vertical. Even on the<br />

shady side of a house where the space<br />

may be narrow and confined, an ambience<br />

can be created, so that it’s a pleasure<br />

to pass through or to look out on from<br />

inside.<br />

• Don’t feel everything has to be<br />

smaller — a few large planters/pots make<br />

more impact than myriad little ones.<br />

• Small deciduous trees like maples<br />

and Cercis are useful, providing seasonal<br />

interest in spring and autumn, shade in<br />

summer but not in winter and importantly<br />

give some height and a sense of threedimensional<br />

space that’s so important in<br />

small gardens.<br />

What do you think is the biggest<br />

challenge of downsizing?<br />

Deciding what you don’t need anymore,<br />

resisting buying more things you<br />

don’t need and as far as the garden is<br />

concerned not creating a cluttered feel<br />

especially on decks and patios.<br />

Top tips for downsizing and<br />

utilising smaller sections/spaces<br />

• Use fewer pots and planters.<br />

• Use a few large ones over numerous<br />

small pots.<br />

• Choose appropriate furniture for<br />

the space – you may need to downsize<br />

outdoor furniture.<br />

• If possible, create two outdoor sitting<br />

spaces and make one for eating and one<br />

for low lounge-type seating.<br />

• Apartment balconies don’t provide<br />

much room for this, but a table that<br />

seats four to six (round is efficient) and a<br />

couple of low relaxing seats and a coffee<br />

table can usually be accommodated.<br />

• Vertical planters can be purchased<br />

or made if you’re inventive, to provide<br />

interest and subtle division of space.<br />


Ad Number: FG10455<br />

Artwork: FG10455<br />

Size: 9x8<br />


Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG10455<br />

Lifestyle Villas - Lincoln & Rolleston - Safe - Secure - Lifestyle<br />

Why live when you can live a lifestyle?<br />

• Our 2-3 bedroom villas are freehold title not licence to occupy.<br />

• Freehold ownership gives you more options & means capital gain sits<br />

with you, the property owner.<br />

• We take care of your lawns, gardens & external home maintenance<br />

freeing you up to enjoy all that Lincoln, Rolleston & Selwyn have to<br />

offer: bowls, golf, restaurants, supermarket, library, doctors, chemist<br />

and a handy shopping centre & much, much more.<br />

Proudly built by Mike Greer Homes and with a<br />

10 year Master Build Guarantee<br />

Call us to find out about our latest promotions<br />

or register your interest in our Stage 3 villas.<br />

Bellamy’s Real Estate Ltd MREINZ Licensed REAA (2008)<br />

from $399,000<br />

0800 325 523<br />

www.bartonfieldsvillas.co.nz<br />


8 | heaLTh & FiTness<br />

Exercise for a healthy heart<br />

Cardiovascular disease (including heart,<br />

stroke and blood vessel disease) is still the<br />

leading cause of death in New Zealand,<br />

accounting for 33 per cent of deaths<br />

annually.<br />

Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies<br />

from heart disease, with 172,000 New<br />

Zealanders currently living with heart<br />

disease and limited by its impacts.<br />

To onlookers it can seem<br />

straightforward to make changes with the<br />

threat of disease or early death, but for<br />

many of the New Zealanders who are<br />

inactive or at risk of heart disease due to<br />

insufficient exercise, or unhealthy food<br />

choices, making the change to a healthier<br />

lifestyle can often be in the ‘too hard<br />

basket’.<br />

The statistics are alarming but are often<br />

not enough reason for an individual to<br />

take the first step to change habits, even if<br />

health issues are starting to arise.<br />

That’s where friends and family come in<br />

by offering support and encouragement for<br />

someone who needs motivation to make<br />

changes – changes that may save their life.<br />

A good place to start is with getting<br />

active, as being physically active can reduce<br />

the risk of getting heart disease by 50<br />

per cent. There are also important extra<br />

benefits through eating a healthy diet and<br />

not smoking. The benefits are not just for<br />

those wanting to prevent heart disease, as<br />

exercise can also lower blood pressure,<br />

and assist with reducing weight, which are<br />

both risk factors for heart disease.<br />

A good way to support someone to<br />

get moving is by offering the support and<br />

encouragement they need. This could be<br />

offering to exercise with them, letting<br />

them know how easy it can be and that<br />

they are able to work at their own pace.<br />

Exercising with them could be something<br />

as simple as a walk or a stretching session<br />

to begin, or you could offer to take<br />

them along to your gym. Positivity works<br />

better at motivating people, so focus on<br />

achievements rather than stumbles.<br />

Encourage them to talk to or get<br />

information from someone who can give<br />

them good advice, either from a reputable<br />

online resource, or from a qualified expert.<br />

The first visit with an expert need not<br />

involve any actual exercise. Many exercise<br />

professionals will offer an introductory<br />

meeting to find out how it all works.<br />

While images of fit-looking people<br />

doing great things can be motivational for<br />

regular exercisers, for someone new these<br />

same images can be quite intimidating. The<br />

reality is that while the media promotes<br />

unrealistic body types, a look around a gym<br />

or exercise facility these days shows just<br />

how diverse exercisers are, when it comes<br />

to age, size, fitness levels and health status.<br />

It’s worth knowing that every minute<br />

of exercise counts, with benefits<br />

increasing with time spent. The general<br />

recommendation is that 30 minutes a<br />

day, on most days, is enough to have a<br />

significant health impact. And the 30<br />

minutes does not need to be completed in<br />

one session.<br />

Christchurch is seeing a substantial<br />

increase in demand from the older ageing<br />

population for fitness, exercise and personal<br />

trainers, according to ExerciseNZ chief<br />

executive Richard Beddie.<br />

He says they now know not only that<br />

exercise is needed as people age, but<br />

also why this is the case. There are many<br />

providers catering for the ageing market,<br />

something that was rare 15 years ago.<br />

Waikato University health and behaviour<br />

doctoral candidate Wendy Sweet says<br />

today’s ageing population, especially in the<br />

developed world, have many advantages<br />

over previous generations – not least<br />

access to research into ways to stave off<br />

age-related conditions.<br />

Mr Beddie says Baby Boomers who have<br />

not yet retired are in an excellent position<br />

to take advantage of significant positive<br />

benefits of exercise as well as increase both<br />

their life expectancy and their enjoyment of<br />

their later years.<br />

“Living longer is not enough anymore. We<br />

know people want to live better and longer,<br />

by being active now.<br />

“We believe the key message should be<br />

regardless of age, start now. Because even<br />

Baby boomers<br />

getting keener<br />

on keeping fit<br />

people who are already in the older age<br />

demographic, starting now will have huge<br />

benefits, and the corollary of that is the<br />

earlier the better. People should think of<br />

exercise as their body’s retirement savings<br />

system – the sooner people start, and the<br />

more they do, the better they will be.<br />

“The key thing in starting now is do so<br />

in manageable micro-steps. In many cases<br />

finding an activity that the person enjoys<br />

is key, be it dancing, tai chi, yoga, Pilates or<br />

going to the gym. While there is a lot of<br />

information and guidelines about how much<br />

activity to do, in the short term the focus<br />

should be on forming a habit of being active<br />

– and using this to build towards long-term<br />

regular exercise.”<br />

Mr Beddie says hundreds of Kiwi personal<br />

trainers, gyms and fitness facilities are<br />

seeing a surge in older people seeking to<br />

get fitter.<br />

“ExerciseNZ is excited that there has<br />

never been so much interest in how<br />

Kiwis are ageing. With the last of the Baby<br />

Boomers heading into retirement over the<br />

next decade, they are not only the next<br />

generation of older people but they will be<br />

the fittest ever in our country’s history,” Mr<br />

Beddie says.<br />


Ad Number: MMA2108-V6<br />

Artwork: MMA2108-V6<br />

Size: 18x8<br />

Description: CAS’N’OVA PRODUCTIONS<br />

Account: Best poss<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: MMA2108-V6<br />


The third of our ROGER<br />

HALLs trilogies is only<br />

a few weeks away from<br />


If you remember Middle<br />

Age Spread then the<br />

characters in that epic<br />

story have now moved<br />

on by about 30 years<br />

Tickets are already being<br />

sold so why not get<br />

yours now!!<br />

www.takeme2.co.nz or<br />

www.casnova.co.nz<br />



TALENT.”<br />

- Craig Hutchison,<br />

Director and Producer<br />


on their latest production.<br />

BOOK ONLINE NOW www.casnova.co.nz

Law/puzzLes | 9<br />

Property ownership issues<br />


For many New Zealanders, their home is<br />

their biggest asset so it’s worth taking some<br />

time to think about the way you own your<br />

home.<br />

There are two common legal forms of<br />

property ownership in New Zealand. A<br />

majority of couples own their properties as<br />

joint tenants. The significant feature of this<br />

form of ownership is that on the death of<br />

the first spouse, the property automatically<br />

passes to the survivor by way of a rule of<br />

law known as Survivorship. It doesn’t matter<br />

what’s in your Will, your surviving partner<br />

will take the entire property in his or her<br />

own name.<br />

The second common form of legal<br />

ownership where two (or more) people<br />

own property together is as tenants<br />

in common. Quite simply, this form of<br />

ownership allows for property to be<br />

owned in distinct shares – most commonly<br />

as tenants in common in equal shares.<br />

Significantly, the rule of survivorship does<br />

not apply and as a consequence what<br />

happens to your share of the property on<br />

your death depends entirely on what you<br />

state in your Will.<br />

Life Interest Will<br />

If property is as tenants in common, you<br />

are free to leave your share of the property<br />

as you choose in your Will. Often, a couple<br />

will leave a Life Interest in their share of the<br />

property to their spouse or partner. This is<br />

called a Life Interest Will.<br />

A Life Interest Will leaves your share<br />

of the property to your Executor(s) /<br />

Trustee(s) with instructions that they<br />


Ad Number: FG10447<br />

Artwork: FG5448<br />

Size: 18x4<br />

Description: HARMANS LAWYERS<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG5448<br />

allow your spouse or partner to live in the<br />

property for the remainder of his or her<br />

lifetime. Upon the ultimate death of the<br />

survivor, your share of the property then<br />

goes to the final or residuary beneficiaries<br />

of your Will.<br />

Residential Care Subsidies<br />

As discussed above, if property is<br />

owned as joint tenants, on the death of<br />

the first spouse or partner, the whole<br />

property passes to the survivor. Should the<br />

surviving spouse or partner require longterm<br />

residential care at a later date, they<br />

will have to meet the Ministry of Social<br />

Development’s (the ‘Ministry’s’) criteria<br />

before qualifying for a Residential Care<br />

Subsidy.<br />

Under current Ministry policy, only the<br />

income from a life interest is assessed in an<br />

application for a Residential Care Subsidy.<br />

There are strong anti-deprivation clauses<br />

in the Social Security Act 1964. Any decision<br />

to place your home into a tenants in<br />

common structure must be for legitimate<br />

estate planning purposes and not as a device<br />

to qualify for a Residential Care Subsidy.<br />

Changing the way you own your home must<br />

also be done in conjunction with the rules<br />

and regulations set in place by the Ministry.<br />

As with all areas of law, it is important<br />

that you seek good advice from a team who<br />

understand how this area may impact on<br />

you. At Harmans we have experience dealing<br />

with estate planning strategies. Give Fleur<br />

McDonald a call on 03 352 2293 to arrange<br />

an appointment to discuss your situation.<br />

SUdoKU - EASy<br />


Ad Number: FG10452<br />

Artwork: FG8778<br />

Size: 18x4<br />


Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG8778<br />

AcRoSS<br />

1 Entreaty (4)<br />

3 Immaculate (8)<br />

9 Most profound (7)<br />

10 Expensive (5)<br />

11 Arise (3,2)<br />

12 Severe trial (6)<br />

14 Housing area (6)<br />

16 Assemble (6)<br />

19 Sauntered (6)<br />

21 Attractiveness (5)<br />

24 Verdant (5)<br />

25 Easily broken (7)<br />

26 Shilly-shallied (8)<br />

27 Veracious (4)<br />

SUdoKU - MEdIUM<br />

QUIcK cRoSSWoRd SoLUtIonS PAgE 12<br />

doWn<br />

1 Lineage (8)<br />

2 Occurrence (5)<br />

4 Engine fuel (6)<br />

5 Lukewarm (5)<br />

6 Tombstone inscription (7)<br />

7 River of Hades (4)<br />

8 Autocrat (6)<br />

13 First showing of a film (8)<br />

15 Storm (7)<br />

17 Polar region (6)<br />

18 Fit for eating (6)<br />

20 Jousting weapon (5)<br />

22 Change (5)<br />

23 Old (4)

10 | arT<br />

In/Visible Landscape <strong>2017</strong> by Wayne<br />

Barrar<br />

Part of a Whole by Nina Overg Humphries, which is part of the ‘ARE Pasifika programme.<br />

New & current works included in<br />

public art exhibition<br />

Included in the public art display in<br />

Hagley Park is this impressive stainless<br />

steel sculpture, Terminator T-Rex by<br />

gregor Kregar<br />

The <strong>2017</strong> season of SCAPE Public Art in Christchurch,<br />

which runs for six weeks from October 7 until November<br />

18, will again showcase a wide range of art and art-related<br />

activities for the public to enjoy and marvel at.<br />

SCAPE Public Art moved from its biennial model to an<br />

annual, six-week season of Public Art in 2016, launching new<br />

works and showcasing the extensive current catalogue of<br />

major public artworks.<br />

Over the past 19 years SCAPE has become the largest<br />

producer of new contemporary artwork in New Zealand.<br />

Providing a unique point of difference for the city, the<br />

artworks are ambitious and high impact, enhancing the<br />

urban centre and raising the profile for public art in<br />

Christchurch.<br />

Christchurch-born artist Wayne Barrar and Aucklandbased<br />

Anton Parsons have been named as part of Time in<br />

Space (territories and flow), the curated element of the<br />

SCAPE Public Art <strong>2017</strong> season.<br />

Wayne Barrar’s In/Visible Landscape <strong>2017</strong> drawn from<br />

his extensive series of photographs, The Glass Archive, will<br />

feature on a large banner on the outside of the Canterbury<br />

Museum, and billboards at seven locations across Hagley<br />

Park, with further pieces displayed inside the museum.<br />

The Glass Archive is a large body of photographs<br />

exploring the extraction, arrangement and circulation<br />

of diatoms and other microfossils for scientific study.<br />

Diatoms are comprised of tiny silica skeletons, remnants<br />

of algae from millions of years ago and are often found as<br />

fossils in diatomite deposits. Glass slides of diatoms were<br />

sold to amateur Victorian microscopists, and have been<br />

photographed by Barrar through a microscope, enabling us<br />

to view the detailed forms and patterns not normally visible<br />

to the naked eye.<br />

Seven-large billboard works in Hagley Park including<br />

ones of fossil marine diatoms photographed through a<br />

microscope complement a large banner on the front of the<br />

Canterbury Museum, and a giant colour pigment print in<br />

the main foyer, both featuring arranged diatoms.<br />

Anton Parsons’ work comprises two impressive<br />

sculptures, Myopia <strong>2017</strong> and Acquiesce <strong>2017</strong>, which are<br />

forged from metal. They are located at Christ’s College<br />

Quadrangle.<br />

Myopia <strong>2017</strong> explores ideas about distance (both physical<br />

and metaphorical) and perceptions of the world depending<br />

on where you see things from.<br />

Acquiesce <strong>2017</strong> also features patterning that is in braille,<br />

but the meaning of the text is more ambiguous.<br />

The <strong>2017</strong> artworks will be on show in a range of spaces<br />

around Christchurch, with the Canterbury Museum acting<br />

as the starting point for the exhibition’s Public Art Walkway.<br />

The works by Barrar and Parsons bring visual and symbolic<br />

impact to these pockets of the city, connecting to form an<br />

integral part of the SCAPE Season <strong>2017</strong> Public Art Walkway.<br />

The season will also feature a number of performance<br />

workshops, and there will be a strong focus on Pacific art<br />

with the ‘ARE Pasifika programme. Other highlights include<br />

free walking tours on October 12 and 14 and Art By Tram<br />

on Friday, November 3, from 6pm-7.30pm.<br />

Full details of all the events and exhibits are on the<br />

SCAPE website, scapepublicart.org.nz<br />


Ad Number: FG10453<br />

Artwork: FG6882<br />

Size: 9x4<br />

Enjoy Dunedin with us<br />

Aaron Lodge TOP 10<br />


Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG6882<br />

• Heated Swimming Pool<br />

• Pentanque Court<br />

• Playground<br />

• Barbeques<br />

• Activities Booking Service<br />

• Reading Room<br />

• TV Lounge<br />

• Spa Pool<br />

• Mini ‘Park Golf’ Course<br />

• Under 5’s Playroom<br />

• Picnic Tables<br />

• Games Tables<br />

• Internet Station<br />

• Laundry<br />

www.aaronlodgetop10.co.nz<br />


Ad Number: AP25834-V3<br />

Artwork: AP25834<br />

Size: 9x4<br />

Description: COTURA FASHIONS<br />

Account:<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: AP25834<br />

FASh I onS<br />


CASUAL & DRESSY • SIZES 10-26<br />





FABRIc BONANz A & cOTu RA<br />

113 MAIn S o U th RoAD o FF St REEt PARKIn G<br />

03 366 6958 Mon-FRI 8AM-4PM

moToring | 11<br />

new-generation<br />

OF Suzuki Swift<br />

By Ross Kiddie<br />

Bang on cue a new-generation Suzuki Swift has landed.<br />

If my memory serves me well, the last time a complete<br />

newcomer arrived here was mid-way through 2011. Sure,<br />

there have been upgrades and enhancements along its lifecycle,<br />

but a model with a completely new shape and new<br />

engineering has been a while coming.<br />

Yet, Suzuki know the value of Swift in the markets where<br />

it is well-established, and the concept hasn’t been tinkered<br />

with, it is still the cheeky, small liftback that will slot into its<br />

market segment, easily filling the role of its predecessor.<br />

The new model arrives in four variations with the option<br />

of manual transmission in the entry-level car (GL). It lists at<br />

$19,990; $2000 adds automatic transmission. An automaticonly<br />

GLX lists at $24,500, while a sporty RS model, sits at<br />

$25,990. The latter is a three-cylinder 1-litre model which<br />

has a turbocharger to promote that sporty feel.<br />

The test car was the latter and I’m not convinced it will<br />

be the volume seller. The entry-level and mid-grade models<br />

share a 1.2-litre, four-cylinder engine, and I’m picking the<br />

GLX will be the car of choice.<br />

I’m due to drive it soon but in the interim the wee turbo<br />

three-potter is a great deal of fun and, once again, I must<br />

relate to the honesty of Suzuki’s small engine. My old work<br />

car was a Suzuki Alto and I just adored the sound and<br />

harmonics of the engine. The new Swift’s unit is obviously<br />

quite a lot more refined and quieter, but you can’t help but<br />

notice that there is something out of the ordinary.<br />

Suzuki rate it with 82kW and 160Nm. Peak power is<br />

developed low in the rev band at 5500rpm, while maximum<br />

torque is available all of the way from 1500rpm to 4000rpm,<br />

which means a broad spread of power. These are healthy<br />

figures that will promote a 9.5sec standstill to 100km/h<br />

acceleration time, which is pretty good for a 998cc engine.<br />

Add into that a miserly 5.1-litre per 100km (55mpg)<br />

combined cycle fuel usage average and you have a car that is<br />

both fun and thrifty.<br />

Unlike the continuously variable transmission in the<br />

1.2-litre Swift, the RS gets a traditional six-speed automatic,<br />

which incorporates steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters<br />

that enhance the sporty experience.<br />

Of course, if you select the standard drive mode the<br />

engine management protocols provide the impetus to suit<br />

each and every driving condition, but the point I’m making is<br />

that if you feel like a spirited drive, select the manual setting<br />

and the wee RS takes on a different demeanour.<br />

The engine responds willingly, and while the turbo boost<br />

isn’t dramatic there is a long sensation of forced induction,<br />

it feels lively and to a subdued extent, forceful.<br />

Until I drive the GLX, I’m suggesting that the RS version<br />

has spring and damper rates slightly firmer. Not that they<br />

take away any of the occupant comfort levels, but there<br />

is a feel within the suspension set-up that suggests there<br />

is some connection to the high-performing Suzuki Swift<br />

of eras gone by. The RS also gets wheels an inch bigger<br />

than that of the entry-level model, and even though they<br />

don’t carry a huge tyre size (185/55 x 16in), there is direct<br />

steering feel and controlled handling.<br />

A lot of the latter can be put down to the fact that<br />

the new Swift as a series is quite light (945kg), therefore<br />

there isn’t a lot of load going on the tyres, which promote<br />

a neutral handling feel. I took the test car on my usual<br />

Hororata loop, and although it isn’t a demanding drive<br />

the Swift RS quickly grew on me as a competent highway<br />

traveller.<br />

It works quietly and will corner briskly without complaint,<br />

all the time providing the driver with solid steering feel.<br />

The new Swift series has been built with the latest<br />

safety advances and new technology to improve safety. I<br />

particularly like the emergency braking back-up that detects<br />

an imminent collision if it appears the driver isn’t going to<br />

react in time.<br />

In terms of the interior, the controls are located sensibly<br />

and the in-cabin detailing is fresh and high quality. It’s a<br />

mixture of the successful formula Suzuki has developed in<br />

its small cars along with the additional components that<br />

modern car buyers are demanding. I’m referring to the large<br />

touch screen display, which commands attention in the<br />

central console. It is home to the communication functions,<br />

audio and satellite navigation. It also allows the connection<br />

of Apple Car Play and Android Auto.<br />

When I look at Star Media’s car park I see a solid<br />

representation by Suzuki, we have Altos and Swifts, which<br />

were chosen for reliability and economy, exactly the criteria<br />

which Suzuki values highly as a manufacturer. I wonder how<br />

long before the newcomer joins our fleet.<br />


Ad Number: FG10449<br />

Artwork: FG10449<br />

Size: 18x8<br />

Description: GSL PROMOTIONS - COMM<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: FG10449<br />





30 YEARS TO BE THE<br />

HOLLANDS SUZUKI CARS – CHRISTCHURCH: 2–4 Shakespeare Rd Ph: 03 366 5261. Open 7 days.<br />


THE BEST”<br />

HOLLANDS –<br />





Whether you’re<br />

19 or 90!<br />

At Hollands Suzuki you’ll experience a level of service and value unparallelled in<br />

Canterbury. Come in and see us about no deposit, low interest deals across the<br />

exciting range of Suzuki vehicles. You’ll get a 5 year warranty and roadside assist<br />

package. Plus of course you’ll get Hollands Exclusive cost-free servicing programmes.<br />

See us at Hollands today – the thinking person’s choice for new and used vehicles!<br />



12 | heaLThy eaTing<br />

Chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta<br />

and sun-dried tomato<br />

Chicken lends itself to a variety of flavours.<br />

This recipe helps to extend the chicken portion while at the same time offering an infusion of<br />

flavours and moisture into the chicken breasts, which also helps to tenderise the meat.<br />

It can be served hot with this mustard sauce and vegetables or sliced cold for salads and<br />

sandwiches.<br />

IngREdIEntS<br />

2 chicken breasts<br />

To make the stuffing:<br />

4 Tbsp fresh, whole grain breadcrumbs<br />

4 Tbsp ricotta cheese<br />

2 Tbsp sun-dried tomato, sliced<br />

1 tsp lemon zest, finely sliced<br />

1 Tbsp basil, finely chopped<br />

2 tsp slivered almonds or hazelnuts<br />

100mls water<br />

To make the mustard sauce 75mls lemon juice<br />

1 Tbsp cornflour<br />

1 tsp whole seed mustard<br />

75ml water<br />

1tsp honey<br />

MEtHod<br />

Cut the chicken breast in half cross-wise then slice each piece of chicken almost in half to form<br />

a “butterfly like” steak<br />

Combine all the stuffing ingredients except the water into a bowl and stir well.<br />

Place 2 Tbsp of the stuffing onto half of each butterfly of chicken then close to form a parcel.<br />

Secure each stuffed parcel of chicken with a toothpick or string.<br />

Place the stuffed chicken breasts into a shallow baking dish with the water.<br />

Cover with foil and bake for 45-50 minutes at 180°C until cooked.<br />

Remove the toothpicks/string carefully from the stuffed chicken and set the chicken aside in a<br />

warming drawer.<br />

To make the mustard sauce pour the juices from the baking dish into a glass ovenproof jug, add<br />

the lemon juice, cornflour mixed with the water, mustard and honey and microwave on high<br />

stirring as it thickens.<br />

Serves 4.<br />

Each serving contains: Energy 960 kJ/ 230 kcal, Protein 31 g, Fat 6.5g, Saturated fat 2.4g,<br />

Carbohydrate 9.6g, Sugar 3g, Dietary fibre 1g, Sodium 185mgs<br />

vARIAtIonS<br />

After squeezing the lemon for the sauce I usually put the remainder of the whole lemon into<br />

the baking dish with the stuffed chicken breasts and water and cover while it cooks to draw out<br />

more of the lemon flavour.<br />

Make your favourite salad using a variety of greens e.g.lettuce, rocket, baby spinach or mesclun<br />

mix, coriander or basil. Add sliced avocado and sun-dried tomatoes. Slice the chicken and toss<br />

through the salad and serve with Tzatziki or Thai salad dressing.<br />

Recipe supplied by dietitian Lea Stening. For online advice on healthy eating go to her<br />

website leastening.com.<br />


Ad Number: Retirement RM5664 Villages<br />

Artwork: RM5664<br />

Size: 18x8<br />

Description: BUPA MEDICAL ALARMS<br />

Account: <strong>Forward</strong> 50 feature/Cashmere<br />

Colour: F<br />

Filename: RM5664<br />

SoLUtIonS PUzzLES FRoM PAgE 9<br />

EASy<br />

QUIcK cRoSSWoRd<br />

MEdIUM<br />

Enjoy your<br />

retirement at<br />

Cashmere View.<br />

Open to view:<br />

Saturday 30 <strong>September</strong>, 1-3pm<br />

Sunday 1 October, 1–3pm<br />

Enjoy the warmth of Bupa Cashmere<br />

View. Our residents enjoy stylish<br />

living, amongst a friendly community.<br />

Open to<br />

view this<br />

weekend<br />

We currently have a range of new<br />

one and two bedroom apartments<br />

available, priced from $345,000 to<br />

$440,000. Plus, our care home is<br />

conveniently located right next door.<br />

Come along to our open homes or<br />

Call Rochelle to find out more.<br />

Bupa Cashmere View Retirement Village, 72 Rose Street, Cashmere<br />

Call Rochelle Moore on (03) 373 8591 or 027 663 <strong>28</strong>06<br />


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