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We’re extremely proud of our rich tradition of high-quality piano music and are constantly adding new and exciting publications to the list. We’ve created the Faber Music Piano Catalogue to help you to explore our extensive catalogue. We hope that this resource will help you find out more about the titles you already know, and highlight those hidden gems or new publications that you may not have come across before. And because we wanted to give you more than a catalogue, we’ve incorporated some elements from our popular Pianofforte to provide some extra insight from our composers and authors.

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We’re extremely proud of our rich tradition of high-quality piano music and are constantly

adding new and exciting publications to the list. We’ve created the Faber Music Piano

Catalogue to help you to explore our extensive catalogue. We hope that this resource

will help you find out more about the titles you already know, and highlight those hidden

gems or new publications that you may not have come across before. And because we

wanted to give you more than a catalogue, we’ve incorporated some elements from our

popular Pianofforte to provide some extra insight from our composers and authors.


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Improve your...series 8

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A journey for survival

by Anthony Williams

I remember vividly, and with some embarrassment, giving my first lessons to young piano pupils in North London.

As a young concert pianist I had no previous experience in piano teaching but parents who had heard me play

thought that this gave me the expertise and understanding to teach their son or daughter. I loved teaching but

it was a huge responsibility and I fear I bluffed my way through, always acutely aware of my fallibility and failings.

Despite my best efforts to find out more about teaching at this level I found it very hard to glean much advice from

colleagues or to find any books which gave me the fundamental knowledge or appropriate musical strategies that

I needed to teach young pupils.

In an effort to find out more, I made the development of a free and relaxed technique the focus of my Master’s

degree and, whilst continuing a performing career, devoted myself to piano teaching and to developing my own

expertise and understanding. I explored, researched and analysed recordings and videos of my own teaching to

discover what worked and, of course, what didn’t, and I consulted with more experienced teachers. Eventually

I found myself talking to and discussing teaching in seminars and became a mentor and tutor on a number of

Professional Development Courses. As a result I have had the privilege of sitting in on hundreds of piano lessons

given by other teachers, naturally embracing some of their fabulous ideas to use in my own teaching and hopefully

offering some of my own in return.

More recent presenting work and masterclasses over a number of years have given me the opportunity to explore

areas of teaching in even greater depth, to share ideas in more detail and to pass these on to other teachers, both in

the UK and internationally. It wasn’t long before I had a huge resource of material on all areas of piano performance,

piano teaching and piano technique and I found myself being contacted regularly by piano teachers asking for

help on specific areas of their teaching. Keen to do this, I also promised numerous times that I would eventually

put all my thoughts and pooled knowledge in one place and the idea (though not the title) of The Piano Teacher’s

Survival Guide came to mind, and for some time was an ambition close to my heart. A sabbatical and some muchneeded

encouragement from Faber Music finally encouraged me to put in the work and the book became a reality.


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

It’s not a ‘how to teach’ book, it’s a book of ideas, thoughts and fundamental principles, and yet I wanted it to be

more than just a sharing of information about piano technique and performance. In my early years my inexperience

as a teacher meant I often neglected the musical imagination and creativity that inspires pupils to put in hard

work and practice. I now strongly believe in putting communication, a love of the beauty of sound and an

understanding of the physical relationship with the piano at the heart of teaching to nurture a truly instinctive and

musical performer. Combine this with a relaxed, balanced and instinctive (rather than drilled) physical approach

to the piano and you allow the natural personality of the performer to emerge. This philosophy became the

overwhelming context of the book and linked all the threads together.

“It’s so full of wisdom, brilliant

technique [and] energy...all the

information and advice is clothed in

imagination making everything that is

perceived as difficult seem so simple,

clear and obvious.”

Hilary du Pré

[Music example 9]

Speed in an arpeggio figuration: Musical context and practical example

Burgmüller: L’Orage 1, , bar 10

Music context Rolling arpeggios represent

heavy seas or howling winds; the accent is not

too definitive, more an arrival at the top of the


Basic technique The fingers should be kept

close to the keys. The arpeggio is gestural,

slightly rolled across the fingers but with active

fingertips (small movements of the fingers into

the keys). It should be articulated with a static

hand and high finger-lift.

Teaching effect pedal

Refined technique The crescendo is achieved

by releasing weight through to the weaker

fingers at the top. A more gestural action

involves a vertical circular movement of the

wrist towards the outside of the hand (which

begins before the first note is played so there

is no accent). The wrist should come up and

round as weight is released. Use a greater

legato (overlap of notes) at the bottom end of

the arpeggio to give it even more shape.

Further ideas Use differing amounts of weight

behind the hand, amounts of lateral movement

of the wrist and energy (speed) in the finger to

give different shapes and sound.

Place the pedal down and experiment with • Once the strings have started vibrating on

the sonorities using some free improvisation or the first chord, they then need virtually no

reinforcement at all to keep sounding so

Experiment with the effect of different

successive chords can be much more gently

dynamics, registers and even the balance of placed.

• The lower the strings the more quickly the

Notice the significant difference between the resonance builds.

sustaining properties of the lower bass strings • Balance is crucial. Project the melody to avoid

muddy sonorities.

Put the pedal down and by repeating the • ‘Effect’ pedal can be used to blend adjacent

same chord, create the effect of a continuous chords in various ways; a slow lift allows the

new harmony to rise through the blurred

The instinct will be to play a series of similarly texture, a quick release allows it to appear

weighted chords, but you’ll notice that the suddenly.

sound builds very quickly through each

Simple effect pedal: practical example

, bars 42 to 44

“Once in a while a book appears which

must be considered essential, an instant

classic, and this is one such publication.

The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide

instantly establishes itself as the very

best practical manual available for

today’s piano teachers.”

Andrew Eales, pianodao.com

[Music example 10]

Speed in a scale: musical context and practical example

Burgmüller: L’Orage 2, bar 14

reduced weight will give the notated result

but it will not be a true legato and will be too

brittle and scalic. A lower wrist and a little

initial weight behind the hand, lightening as

the figuration progresses, will allow a more

connected sound and greater shape.

Refined technique A sense of gesture will

enhance the effect. A release of weight into

the first three notes, combined with an anticlockwise

lowering of the wrist will ‘walk the

Music context Exciting chromatic semiquavers

represent the dramatic cascade of water

weight’ across the keys for the first grouping

dripping off the cliff face after the wave (chord) and enhance the sonority. Fingers will need

crashes in.

slightly more time, creating a subtle ritenuto

and adding to the drama.

Basic technique Much of the excitement lies

in the rhythm and dynamic shaping so a more Further ideas Experiment with different

articulated approach is needed. A high finger amounts of weight, lateral movement of the

lift with speed and energy into the keys and wrist and energy (speed) and lift in the fingers.

Finger speed and agility



Refined technique There is scope to place

the pedal with or just before the B which will

give a warmer and more rounded initial tone.

Chords will need to match the decay of the B

for a more evocative third bar and as the pedal

is being held they will need to decrescendo to

avoid a build-up of sound. Keeping an even

balance in the chords enhances the atmosphere

and stops them intruding upon the melody.

Further ideas Experiment with the degree of

tone on the B and the initial placing of the

pedal. Put the pedal down after the B and try

different speeds of descent to see what audible

difference you can discern.

Whilst, as the title suggests, it is to be a book that can be ‘dipped into’ it is also a book that can be read from cover

to cover. I hope that it will be the resource that both new and experienced teachers alike turn to when they need

inspiration or new ideas, and that it will be the springboard for development, helping them to understand the

challenges faced by young pupils. Above all, I hope it will encourage teaching that puts the pupil and teacher’s own

personalities and imagination at the heart of every lesson.

The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide

The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide is a comprehensive and practical guide

providing essential advice for all piano teachers. Aiming to improve and develop

confidence in teaching skills and piano technique, the book focuses on the best

ways to support pupils and develop their love of the piano. Featuring many case

studies, musical examples and problem-solving clinics, this is a rich resource of

basic principles, useful tools and thought-provoking ideas.

0571539645 The Piano Teacher’s Survival Guide Anthony Williams £12.99 €16.78

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


For Teachers

On Piano Teaching and Performing

This invaluable book presents Dame Fanny Waterman’s insights into the

fundamentals of piano technique and musicianship. The shrewd practical

advice and illuminating turn of phrase will immeasurably benefit any teacher

or student. Dame Fanny offers inspiring thoughts and words of advice, not just

for pianists but for all musicians, and includes a chapter about the world of

international competitions.

0571525199 On Piano Teaching Dame Fanny Waterman £9.99 €13.97

and Performing

Other books by dame Fanny waterman

See more of Dame Fanny Pam Wedgwood Waterman’s timeless on Motivating publication pupils in the ‘Learning the Piano’ section,

including the Waterman-Harewood piano series including the best-selling Me & My Piano.

EPTA Piano Professional Series

These informative books from EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association)

offer an innovative approach to technique that is applicable to pianists

at every stage. Starting with the basic principles in The Foundations of

Technique, McLachlan proceeds to an in-depth analysis of every aspect of

playing in Piano Technique in Practice. The Psychology of Piano Technique

takes a technical perspective on the psychology of piano technique. Mark

Tanner’s The Mindful Pianist completes the series with a fresh perspective on

playing and performing.

0571532756 The Foundations of Technique Murray McLachlan £12.99 €16.78

0571539637 The Mindful Pianist Mark Tanner £12.99 €16.78

0571539351 Piano Technique in Practice Murray McLachlan £12.99 €16.78

0571540317 The Psychology of Piano Technique Murray McLachlan £12.99 €16.78


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

do i have to sight-read?

by Paul Harris

This is a question many teachers may hear from their students. And for those who can play well from memory or by

ear, why would they need to? The greatest gift we can give our pupils is musical independence, no longer needing a

teacher to show them how it goes. If they can read, the whole wonderful world of music is open for them to explore

and enjoy without restriction. Pianists can learn music to their hearts’ content, play duets, accompany friends and

take part in all manner of ensemble playing with the confidence that their reading skills will allow them complete

and unhindered understanding. And they’ll get high marks in exams!

The Improve your sight-reading! Teacher’s book for piano completes the process of learning to sight-read. If

some lessons, or parts of lessons are given to teaching sight-reading skills (set out comprehensively in the Teacher’s

book) and the pupil then goes home to practise (using the Improve your sight-reading! workbooks), the teacher will

now find plentiful material to use to complete and polish the process.

Sight-reading can be taught. And all pupils can learn to sight-read accurately, fluently and confidently if they are

taught in a systematic manner. The Improve your sight-reading! series, now complete with the addition of this

teacher’s book will, through its methodical approach, allow all to achieve this essential core skill. Because each step

forward is sequential and logical, progress will be continually evident and the whole experience will be fulfilling

and fun!

“[The Teacher’s book] is a great treasury of how to teach sight-reading for whatever reason.

A great book for peri teachers – it’s a one-stop-shop – and a great book for us all.”

Fiona Lau, Music Teacher Magazine

“This book succinctly explains how to address the sight-reading factor, and teachers will no

doubt find it a practical, convenient volume to keep at the side of the piano.”

Melanie Spanswick, The Classical Piano and Music Education Blog

Find out more information about Improve your sight-reading! Teacher’s Book and the entire Improve your…

series for piano from Paul Harris over the page.

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Improve your...series

Improve your sight-reading!

Teacher’s Book Piano Grades 1-5

Improve your sight-reading! Teacher’s Book Piano Grades 1-5 provides teachers

with a range of meticulously graded, progressive sight-reading tests to use in lessons.

Specifically written to work alongside the best-selling Improve your sight-reading!

graded series for pupils, it mirrors the introduction of key concepts and technical issues

in the pupils’ books.

Including over 100 progressive practice tests

Supports ABRSM syllabus requirements

Grades 1–5


Improve your


Teacher’s book

Paul Harris

057153953X IYSR Teacher’s Book Piano Grades 1-5 Paul Harris £8.99 €13.04

Improve your sight-reading!

Improve your sight-reading! by Paul Harris will improve reading ability and with

numerous practice tests included, will ensure sight-reading success in the ABRSM

graded exams.

0571533000 ISYR Piano Pre-Grade 1 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18

0571533019 ISYR Piano Grade 1 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11

0571533027 ISYR Piano Grade 2 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11

0571533035 ISYR Piano Grade 3 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11

0571533043 ISYR Piano Grade 4 Paul Harris £6.99 €9.30

0571533051 ISYR Piano Grade 5 Paul Harris £6.99 €9.30

057153306X ISYR Piano Grade 6 Paul Harris £7.50 €9.81

0571533078 ISYR Piano Grade 7 Paul Harris £7.99 €11.17

0571533086 ISYR Piano Grade 8 Paul Harris £7.99 €11.17

Improve your sight-reading! duets

This collection of duets for piano gives players a chance to practise their sight-reading

skills with another player (the second parts are easily playable by other pupils or

teachers). As well as providing a fun break from solo sight-reading practice, these duets

will help develop a strong sense of rhythm and the all-important ability to ‘keep going’.

0571524052 IYSR Duets Grades 0-1 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11

0571524060 IYSR Duets Grades 2-3 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

Improve your...series

Improve your sight-reading! Trinity Editions

This series extends the best-selling Improve your sight-reading! to support the Trinity

College London sight-reading criteria.

0571537502 IYSR Trinity Piano Initial Paul Harris £4.50 €6.49

0571537510 IYSR Trinity Piano Grade 1 Paul Harris £4.99 €7.01

0571537529 IYSR Trinity Piano Grade 2 Paul Harris £4.99 €7.01

0571537537 IYSR Trinity Piano Grade 3 Paul Harris £4.99 €7.01

0571537545 IYSR Trinity Piano Grade 4 Paul Harris £4.99 €7.01

0571537553 IYSR Trinity Piano Grade 5 Paul Harris £5.50 €7.43

0571538258 IYSR Trinity Keyboard Initial-Grade 1 Paul Harris £4.50 €6.49

0571538266 IYSR Trinity Keyboard Grades 2-3 Paul Harris £5.50 €7.43

0571538274 IYSR Trinity Keyboard Grades 4-5 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18

Improve your sight-reading! A Piece a week

The fun, short pieces in these books are specifically written to be learnt one per week. By

continually reading accessible new repertoire, hand-eye coordination and the ability to

process information rapidly are established and improved, developing confident sightreading.

0571539378 IYSR A piece a week Piano Grade 1 Paul Harris £5.99 € 8.18

0571539386 IYSR A piece a week Piano Grade 2 Paul Harris £5.99 € 8.18

0571539653 IYSR A piece a week Piano Grade 3 Paul Harris £5.99 € 8.18

Improve your scales!

Paul Harris’s brilliant series of scale workbooks are an invaluable resource for students.

Improve your scales! covers all the keys and ranges required for the ABRSM examination

syllabus, helping students pick up those valuable extra marks.

0571534112 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 1 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18

0571534120 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 2 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18

0571534139 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 3 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18

0571534147 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 4 Paul Harris £5.99 €8.18

0571534155 Improve your scales! Piano Grade 5 Paul Harris £6.50 €9.11

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


approaching the tricky

intermediate stage

by Karen Marshall

At school, I was lucky to have a very inspirational music teacher. As part of our GCSE classes, he provided us with a

huge amount of listening material, with music from all periods and genres, which opened my ears to a whole palate

of music I’d never heard before. Added to that, he was brilliant at playing by ear, performing jazz, arranging music

for ensembles and transposing pieces on demand. This was a musician who had a full package of musical skills

and, as a young teenager, I found this almost magical. As a piano teacher and someone who works with dyslexic

GCSE and A-level students, I’ve always tried to ensure my students develop this full set of skills, including the ability

to play by ear, compose, transpose and interpret a wide range of styles, as well as knowing all their scales and

arpeggios and having the confidence to play as part of an ensemble.

The Intermediate Pianist is an amalgamation of my life’s work, tailoring this holistic learning experience for use

with Grade 3 to 5 level students. This intermediate stage of learning the piano – and indeed any instrument – is a

notoriously tricky period, when many teachers may find students dropping off, losing interest and quitting lessons.

These books tackle the issues faced by students and teachers through these stages and provide a music curriculum

to engage, excite, enthuse and educate pupils, helping them to understand the music that they are playing and

developing them into well-rounded musicians.

Heather and I organised the material in The Intermediate Pianist into chapters that are each designed to give

approximately one month’s work. Each of these chapters contain a variety of elements and styles, and the terms

used throughout also support and reflect those required for GCSE Music. We made sure that the music deliberately

spanned a range of difficulty levels, so some pieces can be learnt in just one or two weeks, whilst others are more

challenging. We developed the series to be ideal for use by private and peripatetic piano teachers. However, GCSE

music teachers may also find it helpful for pianists in their classes as some of the vocabulary has been included and

it’s a fantastic way to revise genre and period along with theory and composing techniques. The Intermediate

Pianist is in essence a music curriculum that piano teachers can use to fit with their teaching style, either by

working through each chapter in lessons, or by getting students to use it at home. And it’s equally suitable to be

dipped into a chapter at a time, to complement the teacher’s standard curriculum. Each chapter contains a variety

of elements which include quick-learn pieces, theory, technique, core repertoire, challenges, activities and

recital pieces.

Quick learn

Bold maestoso


Play these two pieces, one in 3 4 (simple triple) and one in 9 8 (compound triple).

What do you notice? Why are both called ‘triple’ time signatures?


Heather Hammond





1 2 1

3 3 3




3 3 3

3 3





Quick learn

There are a lot of short easy-to-learn pieces

included that are at least a grade below the ability

level for each book. These pieces and studies

consolidate skills, maintain interest and improve

note recognition and sight-reading.


Bold maestoso




4 1

2 1 5



Faber Music Piano Catalogue











Technique 1+2 1+2
















George Frideric Handel



ben ritmato q = 116


1+2 1 1+2 1+2 sempre

3 sim.










1 2




1+2 sempre sim.

5 cresc.



5 2 4 1


Scales and arpeggios are covered as well as exercises and

activities to develop the key technical skills required.



Playing by ear

Happy birthday





We’ve only provided the first four bars of Happy birthday here; can you play the

rest by ear? Think about the intervals (distance between the notes) and whether

notes are conjunct (next door) or disjunct (a jump). Experiment and don’t expect

to get it right first time. If you need help, have a look at the whole melody on

the next page.






1 3



5 1

1 3

1 4







3 1 1

It’s important to develop theory alongside playing

ability, which is why we’ve included a range of exercises

throughout the chapters, such as identifying chords,

intervals and modulations.








Core repertoire has been selected from Handel,

Tchaikovsky and Telemann among others, which

sit alongside original compositions by

Heather Hammond.



1 2 3


4 3






Try these finger warm-ups from Hanon and Czerny studies.

Exercise No. 1





2 1


5 4 2

1 2 3

Activities and Challenges

from The Virtuoso Pianist Book 1

Charles-Louis Hanon


4 3 2 1 2 3 4 5



The activities bring the fun element to this series,



with a range of fun word searches, listening

activities and more to prepare for the pieces and

develop musicianship.



1 3 2 4 3 5 1 1 3 2 4 3 5 1 1 3 2 4 3 5 1 3 2 4 3 5 1 2 3 4 5 3 1


Describe what these terms and signs mean:



Dim. e rit.

Allegro moderato

Allegro moderato



3 3 3 3 5 1


3 3



A tempo

Semiquaver rest



5 3 4 2 3 1

5 3 4 2 3 1 5 3 4 2 3 1


5 2 1 2




2 1







5 2 1 5

The intermediate pianist

This piano course has been specifically written to help students progress through

the tricky intermediate stages of learning the piano. Through carefully chosen

repertoire, quick studies, key technical information and musicianship activities, Poco moto


students will develop the skills that they require. Note-reading will be improved,

technique developed and a greater understanding of style and music theory will pp

be gained. The Intermediate Pianist forms part of the Piano Trainer series.

0571540015 The Intermediate Pianist Book 1 Marshall & Hammond £8.99 €13.04


4 2 1 2 4 1


0571540023 The Intermediate Pianist Book 2 Marshall & Hammond £8.99 €13.04 2






0571540031 The Intermediate Pianist Book 3 Marshall & Hammond £9.99 €13.97

5 2 5 1




2 4




Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Learning the Piano

tHE Lang Lang Piano Method

The Lang Lang Piano Method is the most recent addition to the Lang

Lang Piano Academy. These five progressive books with online audio

provide a unique and imaginative way for complete beginners to learn the

piano with the world’s most successful concert pianist.

There’s plenty to play all around the keyboard from the start and fun,

imaginative pieces develop both hands equally. Musicianship is developed

through theory activities and listening to performances by Lang Lang of

piano classics for children.


0571539114 The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 1 Lang Lang £4.99 €7.01

0571539122 The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 2 Lang Lang £4.99 €7.01

0571539130 The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 3 Lang Lang £4.99 €7.01

0571539149 The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 4 Lang Lang £4.99 €7.01

0571539157 The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 5 Lang Lang £4.99 €7.01

Mastering the piano

Mastering the piano was the first series to be launched in the Lang Lang Piano Academy. Comprising five progressive

books, the series captures Lang Lang’s passion, drive and extraordinary mastery of the piano. Each book gives students

the chance to learn from this exceptional talent, containing eight units that develop key aspects of piano technique

through exercises, studies, repertoire and expert advice from Lang Lang himself.

0571538517 mastering the piano level 1 Lang Lang £8.99 €13.04

0571538525 mastering the piano level 2 Lang Lang £8.99 €13.04

0571538533 mastering the piano level 3 Lang Lang £8.99 €13.04

0571538541 mastering the piano level 4 Lang Lang £9.99 €13.97

057153855X mastering the piano level 5 Lang Lang £9.99 €13.97


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

Learning the Piano

Waterman-Harewood Piano Series

The Waterman-Harewood Piano Series is established as one of the

foremost piano methods for the older beginner and represents a distillation

of the thoroughness, inspiration and sense of adventure that characterises

Dame Fanny Waterman’s own teaching methods. The excellence of the

musical material and attractive presentation of the books have won

universal acclaim.

0571500242 Piano Lessons. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £7.99 €11.17

0571502113 Piano Lessons. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £7.99 €11.17

057150311X Piano Lessons. Book 3 Waterman & Harewood £7.99 €11.17

057151023X Piano for Pleasure. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571510248 Piano for Pleasure. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571509630 Piano Playtime Studies Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571505457 Piano Playtime. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

057150552X Piano Playtime. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571509614 Piano Progress Studies. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571509622 Piano Progress Studies. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

057150860X Piano Progress. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571508618 Piano Progress. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £6.99 €9.30

0571506364 Recital Repertoire. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £7.99 €11.17

0571506569 Recital Repertoire. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £7.99 €11.17

0571502326 Two at the Piano (piano duet) Waterman & Harewood £7.50 €9.81

0571502105 Young Pianist’s Repertoire. Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £7.50 €9.81

0571503667 Young Pianist’s Repertoire. Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £7.50 €9.81

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Learning the Piano

Me and My Piano


Me And My Piano is the best-selling series by distinguished authors Dame

Fanny Waterman and Marion Harewood. Designed especially for the needs

of the younger beginners and delightfully illustrated throughout, the series

aims to make learning the piano an enjoyable experience for both pupil and

teacher. The series comprises seven books that, together, provide the most

solid technical and musical foundation for young pianists.

0571532004 Me and My Piano. Part 1 Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

0571532012 Me and My Piano. Part 2 Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

0571532063 Me and My Piano. Animal Magic Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

0571532039 Me and My Piano. Duets Book 1 Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

0571532047 Me and My Piano. Duets Book 2 Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

0571532020 Me and My Piano. Repertoire Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

0571532055 Me and My Piano. Superscales Waterman & Harewood £6.50 €9.11

Pam Wedgwood’s Piano Basics

Pam Wedgwood’s Piano Basics tutor books provide the first building blocks

to becoming a well-rounded musician. Through her irresistible pieces and

arrangements, games and studies, Pam develops a sound piano technique in

an imaginative and practical way. Devised to be used alongside the two tutor

books, Piano Basics Workouts provides essential technical development for all

early grade pianists. Piano Basics Pop is a fantastic early repertoire collection,

including hits such as Let It Go (from Frozen), Best Song Ever (One Direction) and

Price Tag (Jessie J), as well as great original pieces by Pam Wedgwood.

0571537626 Piano Basics 1 (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571537634 Piano Basics 2 (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571539033 Piano Basics Pop Pam Wedgwood £6.99 €9.30

0571538363 Piano Basics Workouts Pam Wedgwood £4.99 €7.01

Piano by Ear

This fun, practical guide reveals the secrets to playing by ear. Suitable for beginners

through to experienced pianists, you will learn to pick out tunes and harmonise

them; improvise with an array of keys and chord patterns; accompany songs in a

range of styles; understand how music works from the inside out and work through

timeless favourites, folk, film, Christmas and contemporary songs.


0571539025 Piano by Ear Lucinda Mackworth-Young £12.99 €16.78


Faber Music Piano Catalogue


PianoWorld is a series of story-based tutors and accompanying repertoire books

that entice pupils into a world of piano exploration. There are colourful characters

whose escapades provide the inspiration for new techniques and pieces with

illustrations by the highly acclaimed ‘Stik’ that will have children and adults

chuckling with delight.

0571516718 PianoWorld 1. Saving the Piano (with CD) Joanna MacGregor £6.99 €9.30

0571516726 PianoWorld 2. Exploring the Piano (with CD) Joanna MacGregor £6.99 €9.30

0571519881 PianoWorld. A Christmas Story Joanna MacGregor £5.99 €8.18

0571520618 PianoWorld. Saving the Piano Puzzle Book Joanna MacGregor £3.99 €5.56

0571534082 Exploring the piano. Repertoire Book Joanna MacGregor £5.99 €8.18

0571534090 The Great Piano Voyage. Repertoire Book Joanna MacGregor £5.99 €8.18

Learning the Piano

The Graded Piano Player

The Graded Piano Player series offers popular repertoire for pianists between

Grades 1–5 and is filled with classic tunes and songs from Disney, TV and film, jazz,

pop and musical theatre.

0571539408 The Graded Piano Player: Grades 1–2 Various £5.99 €8.18

0571539416 The Graded Piano Player: Grades 2–3 Various £6.99 €9.30

0571539424 The Graded Piano Player: Grades 3–5 Various £8.99 €13.04


Keyclub is a fun-packed series for beginner pianists by Ann Bryant. Introducing

young players to the rudiments of piano playing in an exciting and colourful way,

each book is packed full of great pieces as well as animated characters such as the

Mud Monsters and the Wizards of the White Wishing Well, who will really liven up the

early stages of learning to play.

0571531989 Keyclub Pupil’s Book 1 Ann Bryant £6.99 €9.30

0571535593 Keyclub Pupil’s Book 2 Ann Bryant £6.99 €9.30

1859095917 Keyclub Pupil’s Book 3 Ann Bryant £6.50 €9.11

185909595X Keyclub. Teacher’s & Parent’s Guide Ann Bryant £5.50 €7.43

1903692687 Keyclub to the Rescue. Book 1 Ann Bryant £6.50 €9.11

1903692695 Keyclub to the Rescue. Book 2 Ann Bryant £6.99 €9.30

1903692709 Keyclub to the Rescue. Book 3 Ann Bryant £6.99 €9.30

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Learning the Piano

The Best of Grade Piano

The Best of Grade series comprises pieces selected by the major examination

boards in graded volumes, which have captured the imaginations of teachers and

students over the years, including some old favourites and forgotten gems. All

the pieces are tried and tested and perfectly graded and fingered for the selected


057152771X The Best of Grade 1 Piano Anthony Williams (editor) £7.99 €11.17

0571527728 The Best of Grade 2 Piano Anthony Williams (editor) £7.99 €11.17

0571527736 The Best of Grade 3 Piano Anthony Williams (editor) £7.99 €11.17

0571527744 The Best of Grade 4 Piano Anthony Williams (editor) £7.99 €11.17

0571527752 The Best of Grade 5 Piano Anthony Williams (editor) £7.99 €11.17

Just for Kids

The pieces in the Just for Kids series are carefully selected, edited, graded and fingered

for Pre-Grade 1 piano by broadcaster, pianist and teacher Sarah Walker. The music is

complemented by stunning cartoon illustrations, puzzles and games which will capture

the imagination.

0571528600 Just for Kids...The Magic Piano Book Sarah Walker £7.50 €9.81

0571528570 Just for Kids...The Princess Piano Book Sarah Walker £7.50 €9.81

0571532993 Just for Kids...The Strictly Dancing Piano Book Sarah Walker £7.50 €9.81

0571528597 Just for Kids... The Christmas Piano Book Sarah Walker £7.50 €9.81

0571528589 Just for Kids...The Superhero Piano Book Sarah Walker £7.50 €9.81

Little Peppers

The Little Peppers series contains five books that take young pianists progressively

from Pre-Grade 1–5. Each piece has been written with the young pianist in mind,

avoiding leaps that are difficult for small hands and incorporating relatively short,

light-hearted tunes.

0571523137 Easy Little Peppers Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

0571523153 Even More Little Peppers Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

0571523323 Guided tour of the Little Peppers (with CD) Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

0571522939 Little Peppers Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

0571523145 More Little Peppers Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

0571523129 Very Easy Little Peppers Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

Jazzin’ About

This incredibly popular, best-selling series has it all: cool syncopation, funky riffs and

smooth, stylish tunes. Get into the groove as you cruise from blues to rock to jazz!

There are books suitable for different levels, from beginners (Really Easy Jazzin’

About), through Grades 0–2 (Easy Jazzin’ About), up to Grades 3–4 level (Jazzin’

About), along with an array of themed books.

0571534031 Really Easy Jazzin’ About (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

0571524222 Really Easy Jazzin’ About Studies Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571534023 Easy Jazzin’ About (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

0571516610 Easy Jazzin’ About Piano Duet Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571534074 Easy Jazzin’ About Standards (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

0571539459 Easy Jazzin’ About the Year Pam Wedgwood £9.99 €13.97

0571534007 Jazzin’ About (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

0571516629 Jazzin’ About Piano Duet Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571534066 Jazzin’ About Standards (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

0571534058 Jazzin’ About Styles (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

057153404X Christmas Jazzin’ About (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

0571515843 Christmas Jazzin’ About Piano Duet Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571516459 Green Jazzin’ About Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571534015 More Jazzin’ About (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £8.99 €13.04

Learning the Piano

Pepperbox Jazz

Pepperbox Jazz provides exquisite pieces that are vibrant, evocative, colourful and

often humorous, expertly crafted in a variety of jazz styles.

0571523714 Pepperbox Jazz Book 1 Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

0571523722 Pepperbox Jazz Book 2 Elissa Milne £7.50 €9.81

Piano for Fun

Piano for Fun is ideal repertoire for recitals or just for fun: these 36 pieces are

gently progressive and carefully tailored for Elementary Level players.

0571534104 Piano for Fun (elementary) Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Learning the Piano


Providing pianists of all ages with fantastic repertoire to bridge the gap between grades,

the varied pieces in these collections are designed to ease you gently on to the next grade.


0571517374 Up-Grade! Piano Grades 0-1 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571515606 Up-Grade! Piano Grades 1-2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571515614 Up-Grade! Piano Grades 2-3 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571517757 Up-Grade! Piano Grades 3-4 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571517765 Up-Grade! Piano Grades 4-5 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571519563 More Up-Grade! Grades 0–1 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571524206 More Up-Grade! Grades 1–2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571524214 More Up-Grade! Grades 2–3 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571529534 Up-Grade Christmas! Piano Grades 0-1 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571529542 Up-Grade Christmas! Piano Grades 1-2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571524761 Up-Grade Jazz! Piano Grades 0-1 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

057152477X Up-Grade Jazz! Piano Grades 1-2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571531229 Up-Grade Jazz! Piano Grades 2-3 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571531237 Up-Grade Jazz! Piano Grades 3-4 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571524745 Up-Grade Pop! Piano Grades 0-1 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571524753 Up-Grade Pop! Piano Grades 1-2 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571531245 Up-Grade Pop! Piano Grades 2-3 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571531253 Up-Grade Pop! Piano Grades 3-4 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571532640 Up-Grade! Piano Duets Grades 0-1 Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

What Else Can I Play?

Each book in the What else can I play? series presents carefully graded pieces for the piano student. With a variety of

musical styles ranging from classical and jazz through to showtunes and popular songs, this series will bring enthusiasm

back to learning the piano.

0571530427 What else can I play? Piano Prep Grade Various £7.99 €11.17

0571530435 What else can I play? Piano Grade 1 Various £7.99 €11.17

0571530443 What else can I play? Piano Grade 2 Various £7.99 €11.17

0571530451 What else can I play? Piano Grade 3 Various £7.99 €11.17

057153046X What else can I play? Piano Grade 4 Various £7.99 €11.17

0571530478 More what else can I play? Piano Grade 1 Various £7.99 €11.17

0571530486 More what else can I play? Piano Grade 2 Various £7.99 €11.17

0571530494 What else can I play? Jazz & Blues Various £7.99 €11.17


Faber Music Piano Catalogue


When it comes to exams, we know that they can be daunting for both teachers and students,

which is why we’re giving you a helping hand and have done some of the hard work for you.

Here is your guide to getting hold of all our publications currently selected for the ABRSM

(2017-2018) and Trinity (2018-2020) piano exams.

ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2017-2018

Grade ISBN Piece Publication Price

1 0571506097 The Huntsman and the Maidens Hands Together: 52 Czech Folk-tunes £7.99 €11.17

1 057152771X Air (from Little Russia, Op. 107 No. 3) The Best of Grade 1 Piano £7.99 €11.17

2 0571506097 The Goose-girl in Winter Hands Together: 52 Czech Folk-tunes £7.99 €11.17

2 057152320X Dolce (from Fantasia No. 4 in G) Keynotes, Grades 1–2 £7.50 €9.81

4 0571523722 Foreign Correspondent Pepperbox Jazz, Book 2 £7.50 €9.81

4 0571502113 Courante Piano Lessons, Book 2 £7.99 €11.17

5 0571527809 Summertime (from Porgy and Bess) The Essential Jazz Collection £10.99 €14.91

8 057151958X Fughetta (from Sonata for Piano) French Romantic Repertoire Level 2 £8.99 €13.04

8 0571526772 Liza Meet George Gershwin at the Keyboard £9.99 €13.97

Trinity Piano Syllabus 2018-2020

Grade ISBN Piece Publication Price

1 0571532640 The Floral Dance [duet] Up-Grade! Duets: Grades 0–1 £7.99 € 11.17

2 0571539416 A Whole New World (from Walt Disney’s Aladdin) The Graded Piano Player book 2: Grades 2–3 £6.99 €9.30

2 0571522424 Pterodactyl Take-off! Dinosaurs! £5.50 €7.43

3 0571539416 Hushabye Mountain (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) The Graded Piano Player book 2: Grades 2–3 £6.99 €9.30

4 0571523226 Andante Keynotes: Grades 3–4 £7.50 €9.81

5 0571523234 Semplice (from Red Blues) Keynotes: Grades 4–5 £7.50 €9.81

8 0571503691 Snow, Moon and Flowers Night Pieces £7.50 € 9.81

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Have i left it too late?

“I’ve always wanted to play the piano but surely I’ve left it too late?” Sound familiar? Many adults regret not learning

or giving up the piano as a child, and are turning to the instrument later in life. Celebrities are leading the way, with

the likes of politician Ed Balls, comedian Alistair McGowan, Hollywood actor Channing Tatum and even Doctor

Who’s David Tennant taking to the keys as adults. What is it that makes them, and so many others, want to play the


The benefits of taking up a musical instrument later in life are well documented. Jennifer Bugos, Assistant Professor

of Music Education at the University of South Florida, studied the impact of piano lessons on adults between 60

and 85 years old. “Musical training seems to have a beneficial impact at whatever age you start,” she stated. “After six

months, those who had received piano lessons showed more robust gains in memory, verbal fluency, the speed at

which they processed information, planning ability, and other cognitive functions, compared with those who had

not received lessons”. But not many people are going to learn an instrument with the sole aim of improving their

cognitive function. Playing the piano is fun! It’s a great skill to have (and show off), it makes you happier, improves

confidence and mood, and provides a sense of achievement. These reasons are more likely to be why Ed Balls,

David Tennant and so many others have turned to the piano. It’s also a great way of giving you something to focus

your mind on – which can come in handy at the end of a stressful work day. If you practice mindfulness, you may

want to explore how you can incorporate playing the piano in helping to achieve a sense of well-being with our

Mindfulness: the piano collection.

So, once the decision has been made to finally take up, or return to, the piano, what’s the best way to go about it?

“Adults learn and use their brains in a different away to children, needing both structure and stimulation,” says Pam

Wedgwood, author of It’s never too late to play piano. Unlike many other piano tutors out there, this groundbreaking

method has been devised especially with adult learners in mind. “The key to success is for students to

have something they really want to play. It might seem obvious, but most beginners want a bit of everything and

to get playing straight away, so this book introduces a wide range of styles: favourite classical tunes that people

will know, as well as jazz, blues, folk and pop. The arrangements are quite short so you feel you are progressing and

playing real music quite quickly, and CD backings make even the simplest pieces sound great.” The book covers one

year’s learning and is organised into units that break the learning process into bite-size, manageable chunks. All the

essential music theory and technique is covered, and improvising and sight-reading are included in the early stages

to stimulate learning. Designed to be used with or without a teacher, it presents information and help in the form of

top tips and fact files, and activities that help with challenges such as co-ordination and memory skills (for example

using your weaker hand to clean your teeth to help strengthen it for a more balanced performance).

Pam Wedgwood has taught adults for many years and has seen how playing the piano has transformed their lives.

With over 30 years’ teaching and writing experience, and a real understanding of the rewards and challenges that

can come from learning later in life, her all-in-one piano tutor It’s never too late to play piano provides adult

learners with the tools they need to finally master the keys.


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

It’s never too late…

The ground-breaking It’s never too late… series gives adults the opportunity to learn the piano with a method devised

especially for them. This best-selling tutor breaks the learning into manageable chunks, features accompanying CDs and

is packed with irresistible music and fascinating information: all the motivation needed to make learning fun!

0571520707 It’s never too late to play piano (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £10.99 €14.91

057153208X It’s never too late to play blues, rags & boogies (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £9.99 €13.97

0571526527 It’s never too late to play Christmas Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571526519 It’s never too late to play classics

Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

0571527140 It’s never too late to play jazz (with CD) Pam Wedgwood £9.99 €13.97

0571529844 It’s never too late to play Pam Wedgwood Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

057153371X It’s never too late to play rock ‘n’ roll Pam Wedgwood £9.99 €13.97

0571531202 It’s never too late to play showtunes Pam Wedgwood £7.99 €11.17

Mindfulness: the piano collection

This collection of beautiful piano pieces provides a unique way for pianists to

reach a state of mindfulness by sharpening their musical focus towards their

internal and external experiences within the present moment. With the help

of Einaudi, Debussy, Beethoven, Vaughan Williams and Satie, as well as music

themed images to colour in, this aid to simple meditation is the perfect musical

remedy in an increasingly frantic and pressurised world.

0571539548 Mindfulness: the piano collection Various £9.99 €13.97

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


ock, The Classics Pop & Jazz

The Classics

There is a vast array of piano repertoire out there and when it comes to choosing ‘the classics’,

knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Explore the best of our piano solo repertoire

here, with selections from the great composers, arrangements of well-known pieces and

Christmas favourites, with options for players of all levels.

the faber music piano anthology

The Faber Music Piano Anthology is a beautiful collection of core repertoire from the great

composers, presented in progressive order. This luxury hardback edition features high-quality

premium paper, page finder ribbon and ‘The Concerto’ linocut cover image by Cyril Edward

Power. Selected by pianist and teacher Melanie Spanswick, this anthology is ideal for pianists

of every level.

0571539572 The Faber Music Piano Anthology Various £22.00 €27.99

“This beautifully produced gift

book makes the perfect present for

the enthusiastic amateur pianist of

intermediate to advanced level.”

Andrew Eales, pianodao.com

Piano Treasury

Dame Fanny Waterman’s Piano Treasury books are two unmissable collections of piano

repertoire for Grade 5–8 level players. Each piece has been carefully selected and edited by

Dame Fanny for its charm, musicality and educational value and comes complete with her

own teaching notes and insights. Volume One is suitable for Grade 5–7 pianists and Volume

Two for Grade 6–8.

0571537162 Piano Treasury Volume 1 Fanny Waterman £9.99 €13.97

0571537170 Piano Treasury Volume 2 Fanny Waterman £9.99 €13.97


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

Simply Classics

Simply Classics contain a wonderful array of classics from the orchestral and operatic

repertoire, superbly selected and arranged by Peter Gritton to be perfect for piano. The books

are designed for players between beginner and Grade 5 level, and come with fingering,

informative comments and vital statistics of each piece. A perfect introduction to some of the

greatest music ever written!

0571525512 Simply Classics Grades 0-1 Peter Gritton (editor) £7.99 €11.17

0571525520 Simply Classics Grades 2-3 Peter Gritton (editor) £7.99 €11.17

0571525539 Simply Classics Grades 4-5 Peter Gritton (editor) £7.99 €11.17

the classics

Classic FM Collections

Discover the classics with these themed collections from Classic FM, including The

Wedding Collection, Christmas Favourites and the Hall of Fame.

0571534619 Classic FM: Chopin Piano Favourites Frederic Chopin £7.99 € 11.17

0571534805 Classic FM: Christmas Favourites Various £7.99 € 11.17

057153578X Classic FM: Classics For Children Various £7.99 € 11.17

0571534775 Classic FM: Getting Started on the Piano Pam Wedgwood £8.99 € 13.04

0571536123 Classic FM: Hall of Fame Various £7.99 € 11.17

057153743X Classic FM: Howard Goodall Inspired Howard Goodall £9.99 € 13.97

0571534791 Classic FM: Land of Hope and Glory Various £7.99 € 11.17

0571536107 Classic FM: Play The Classics Various £7.99 € 11.17

0571536131 Classic FM: Relaxation Various £7.99 € 11.17

0571534813 Classic FM: Romantic Classics Various £7.99 € 11.17

0571535690 Classic FM: Silent Nights Nigel Hess £7.99 € 11.17

0571534783 Classic FM: Smooth Classics Various £7.99 € 11.17

057153614X Classic FM: The Wedding Collection Various £7.99 € 11.17

The classics of today may not always be the classics of tomorrow...

Turn to page 27 for piano repertoire from some of the most innovative contemporary composers,

including Benjamin Britten, Thomas Adès and Oliver Knussen.

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


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rock, The Classics Pop & Jazz

Rock, Pop & Jazz

Our rock, pop and jazz piano repertoire includes expert arrangements of some of the bestloved

songs from the past century, alongside graded arrangements and studies, and wonderful,

original tunes from composer Pam Wedgwood – all perfect if you’re looking to master new

styles or simply songs to play for fun.

After Hours

From sentimental ballads to dinner jazz, wistful blues to cheerful, upbeat tunes,

this series is ideal for the intermediate to advanced player. Featuring four

progressive volumes for piano solo (taking the player gradually from Grades 3–4

up to Grade 7–8 level), as well as collections of jazz standards, jazzy arrangements

of festive favourites and original pieces by Pam Wedgwood.

057152110X After Hours Book 1 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571521118 After Hours Book 2 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571522599 After Hours Book 3 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571533361 After Hours Book 4 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571522602 After Hours Piano Duets Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571523625 After Hours Christmas Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

057153337X After Hours Jazz Christmas Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571529089 After Hours Jazz 1 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571529097 After Hours Jazz 2 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

057153631X After Hours Jazz 3 Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

0571539041 After Hours: On My Travels Pam Wedgwood £8.50 € 12.10

Discover even more of our rock & pop titles from your favourite bands in

Contact Us:

our Rock & Pop Catalogue.


Faber Music Rock & Pop Catalogue


Faber Music Rock & Pop Catalogue


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

Simply Jazz

Simply Jazz presents a wonderful array of your favourite jazz, superbly arranged

for piano solo by Barrie Carson Turner. The pieces are expertly graded, fingered

and come complete with informative comments. Simply put, this collection is the

perfect introduction to some of the best jazz ever written, with arrangements such

as Blue Moon, I Got Rhythm, Anything Goes and Summertime.

0571532683 Simply Jazz Grades 2-3 Barrie Carson Turner £7.99 €11.17

0571532691 Simply Jazz Grades 4-5 Barrie Carson Turner £7.99 €11.17

rock, Pop & Jazz

The Jazz & Pop Piano Player

An essential resource for all jazz pianists, each volume in the Jazz Piano Player

series features many classic jazz standards, presented as piano solo arrangements as

well as in melody/lyrics/chord format to allow for improvisation.

Designed both for pianists wanting to make the transition into playing pop piano, as

well as for those keen to develop their own style, each classic song in the Pop Piano

Player is presented in melody/lyrics/chords and piano solo versions.

0571531563 Stormy Weather: The Jazz Piano Player John Kember £12.99 €16.78

0571531571 Autumn Leaves: The Jazz Piano Player John Kember £12.99 €16.78

0571534333 Night and Day: The Jazz Piano Player John Kember £12.99 €16.78

0571536727 Jazz Piano Player Collection John Kember £12.99 €16.78

0571532969 Isn’t She Lovely: The Pop Piano Player John Kember £12.99 € 16.78

0571532977 Mamma Mia: The Pop Piano Player John Kember £12.99 € 16.78

0571534341 You’ve Got A Friend: The Pop Piano Player John Kember £12.99 € 16.78

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


ock, Pop & Jazz

The Essential Series

Pianists always aspire to play tunes they know and love, but finding quality

arrangements that work can be a real challenge. In the Essential Series, pianist

Richard Harris takes classic songs and themes from across the decades and creates

well-crafted and satisfying arrangements for intermediate pianists.

0571532926 Essential Blues & Ragtimes Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

0571532071 The Essential Christmas Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

0571527809 The Essential Jazz Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

0571525059 The Essential Pop Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

0571527825 The Essential Showtunes Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

0571535313 The Essential Soul Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

The ultimate easy piano songlist

The Ultimate Easy Piano Songlist is a bumper collection of over 40 of the bestselling

songs from the 50s to the present day, all specially arranged for easy piano.

The collection includes hits such as 7 Years by Lukas Graham and Let It Go from

Disney’s Frozen, alongside classics such as Nat King Cole’s Let There Be Love to Space

Oddity by the late, great David Bowie.

0571539467 The Ultimate Easy Piano Songlist Various £15.99 €21.03

rock & Pop Studies: Piano

This progressive collection of 80 studies helps players learn and understand the

many different challenges of popular piano playing through focussed technical

work. Written by rock & pop music experts, each study concentrates on a particular

style such as motown, metal, soul, funk, classic rock and many more. Suitable for

established beginner to intermediate level piano and keyboard players.

0571539084 Rock & Pop Studies: Piano Various £8.99 €13.04


Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Faber Music’s House Composers represent some of the most innovative and inspiring musical voices of

our time. Between them, they have created a wonderfully diverse body of music for piano which offers

something for everyone…from inquisitive student to seasoned professional.

Thomas Adès

Darknesse Visible is a 7-minute explosion of John Dowland’s lute song In Darknesse Let Me

Dwell (1610). In this piece, Adès transforms the piano into an instrument that’s alchemically

capable of sustaining a continuous line of melody; the technique of ceaseless tremolo

conjures a ghostly shimmer from the instrument.

0571518044 Darknesse Visible Thomas Adès £12.99 €16.78

julian anderson

Pianists looking for contemporary repertoire that showcases both dazzling virtuosity and

musical insight should look no further than these short Études: four brilliant works which

combine an intensity of expression with inner coherence with a brilliantly articulated


0571519121 Piano Études 1-3 Julian Anderson £12.99 €16.78

george benjamin

The ten exquisite miniatures that make up Piano Figures were specifically conceived for

the hands of young pianists. Most of the short movements do not present large technical

challenges, though a few do require a degree of virtuosity.

0571529593 Piano Figures George Benjamin £12.99 €16.78

benjamin Britten

Bursting with character and charm, these engaging and accessible pieces originate from

Britten’s early unpublished Sonata Romantica. Ideal teaching pieces, they offer a wide

gamut of emotions, from the dramatic contrasts of the Moderato to the Nocturne’s long

singing lines and dusky harmonies.

0571508782 Moderato and Nocturne Benjamin Britten £7.50 €9.81

Faber Music Piano Catalogue



Jonathan Harvey

In this dazzling 3-minute work from one of British music’s most innovative voices, brilliant

shards of sound spectra collide with highly accented and rhythmic material in the bass.

Written for the ABRSM in 1995, it is a fantastic introduction to Harvey’s wonderfully highspirited

musical imagination.

0571518982 ff Jonathan Harvey £7.50 €9.81

Oliver Knussen

Prayer Bell Sketch is a hauntingly beautiful study in weight and measure, resonance

and reverberation. Lasting 6-minutes, it recollects and rearranges a few clear, bell-like

harmonies into an enchanting, deeply personal, statement.

0571519520 Prayer Bell Sketch Oliver Knussen £9.99 €13.97

Colin Matthews

This highly contrasted set of pieces from Matthews’ suite for piano dates from the late 70s.

From the percussive Toccata, the hushed Nocturne and the aggressive and volatile Scherzo,

this is music of exhilarating expressive scope which displays a dazzling grasp of

the instrument.

0571505554 Toccata, Nocturne and Scherzo George Benjamin £12.99 €16.78

David Matthews

David Matthews’ charming Variations for Piano comprise twenty four variations on an

original folk-like theme. After a first group of exhilaratingly fast variations, the 15-minute

work continues with slower, sometimes blues-inspired, music.

0571518621 Variations for Piano David Matthews £8.99 €13.04

Olivier Messiaen

This recently rediscovered Messiaen work takes its name from the Sub Alpine Warbler.

Filled with the bird’s song, the 11-minute piece dates from 1961 and was possibly intended

to be part of a second Catalogue d’Oiseaux. A fascinating addition to the repertoire.

057153905X Le Fauvette Passerinette Oliver Messiaen £10.99 €14.91


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

FIlms & Shows

If you love playing your favourite film themes or show tunes, this is the perfect selection for

you. Our expertly arranged easy piano formats are perfect for beginner pianists who want to

explore new repertoire, while our piano/vocal arrangements offer the opportunity to play and

sing, or accompany a friend.


This collection of 14 songs from the much-loved Broadway musical and classic motion

picture, Annie has been expertly arranged for piano and voice. Including all-time

favourites from Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin such as Tomorrow and It’s The

Hard-Knock Life.

0571540341 Annie (Piano/Vocal) Charles Strouse £12.99 €16.78


Andrew Lloyd Webber’s brilliant musical adaptation of T. S. Eliot’s much loved classic. Old

Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, has delighted audiences all over the world. Here are easy

piano arrangements for nine of the best numbers from the show, which include Memory,

The Old Gumbie Cat, and The ad-dressing of Cats.

0571508316 Cats (Easy Piano) Andrew Lloyd Webber £9.99 €16.78

Film Themes: The Piano Collection

Film Themes: The Piano Collection brings together favourite themes and songs from

such films as Star Wars, Frozen, Hunger Games, How To Train Your Dragon and Twilight.

Arranged for the intermediate pianist.

0571539688 Film Themes: The Piano Collection Various £14.99 €20.09

Half a Sixpence

This is the official songbook for the brand new stage version of Half a Sixpence. This

completely fresh adaptation, with additional songs by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, is

inspired by and features several songs from the original production, including Flash Bang

Wallop, Money to Burn and Half A Sixpence.

0571539947 Half a Sixpence (Piano/Vocal) Drewe, Henker & Stiles £19.99 €27.06

Faber Music Piano Catalogue


Films & Shows

Hamilton: Easy Piano Selections

Hamilton: Easy Piano Selections presents music from the critically acclaimed musical

about Alexander Hamilton. This collection features 9 songs arranged for easy piano from

the music penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Already a winner of 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy

and a Pulitzer Prize, Sir Cameron Macintosh will be bringing the show to London’s West End

in December 2017.

0571540163 Hamilton: Easy Piano Selections Lin-Manuel Miranda £14.99 €20.09

La La Land

The romantic musical comedy-drama film La La Land is the winner of six Oscars, seven

Golden Globes and five BAFTAs. These two selections from the Oscar-winning music have

been expertly arranged, one simplified for easy piano and the other for intermediate solo

piano, both featuring the Oscar-winning song City of Stars.

0571539831 La La Land (Easy Piano) Hurwitz, Pasek & Paul £12.99 €16.78

057154035X La La Land (Piano Solo) Hurwitz, Pasek & Paul £12.99 €16.78

simply film

Simply Film presents a wonderful selection of favourite movie themes, superbly arranged

for Grade 2–5 level pianists, by Barrie Carson Turner. The pieces are expertly fingered and

come complete with informative comments.

0571532705 Simply Film Grades 2-3 Barrie Carson Turner £7.99 €11.17

0571532713 Simply Film Grades 4-5 Barrie Carson Turner £7.99 €11.17

The Easy Piano Series

Specially arranged in a clear, easy-to-read format, each book in The Easy Piano Series

contains 10 really easy arrangements of 10 popular classics for the Grade 1-2 level pianist.

0571540325 The Easy Piano Series: Film Various £8.99 €13.04

0571540333 The Easy Piano Series: Shows Various £8.99 €13.04

The Essential Collection

Sometimes pianists would love to play the ‘pops’ they enjoy, but finding quality

arrangements that work for the instrument can be a real challenge. In these Essential

collections, pianist Richard Harris takes classic film and showtunes songs from across the

decades and makes well-crafted and satisfying arrangements for intermediate pianists

to enjoy.

0571527817 The Essential Film Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91

0571527825 The Essential Showtunes Collection Richard Harris £10.99 €14.91


Faber Music Piano Catalogue

Faber Music Education Catalogue


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