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Slipstream - October 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Park Place Luxury &

Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase By Rob Adams, Lisa Ward, and Mike Mahoney Photos as noted ditor’s Note: a few of our E Maverick Region members recently participated in the first annual Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase. What follows are three perspectives from Rob Adams, Lisa Ward, and Mike Mahoney as they attended this event. Rob Adams, 1994 Porsche 968 This was a weekend chock-full of local events for gearheads, but I was fortunate enough to be part of the inaugural Park Place Luxury and Supercar Showcase. Mother Nature provided perfect weather, and Four Seasons Resort provided the perfect venue for a thoughtfully laid out field of cars, ranging from antique and classic to supercars. And after sensory overload of all things automotive, guests were treated to culinary sensations from local gastromeisters served in bitesize samples that left you wanting to sneak back in line. Maverick members along with a few of their Porsches at the event Photo by Wyatt Ramsey For a first attempt, this was a success. Limited to 100 cars, there was a full field, although I suspect the next event will possibly be scrutinized a little tighter as the show is being touted as something along the lines of Pebble Beach, but without the ocean and 73-degree weather and wine country normally associated with Car Week. But hey, that’s precisely how great things get started. Lisa Ward, 2009 Cayman S September 9th, 2017, dad and I went to the first ever Park Place Luxury and Supercar Showcase at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas. What a fabulous event. The oogling over cars began on the shuttle ride, where we saw our first of many McLarens. All were turning their heads to get a peek as it drove by. It was like the Ascot for cars; there were big hats, bright pants, and man buns, oh my! I had to smile at the champagne and Grey Poupon in the Rolls Royce, but nothing beats the classic white rim tires. Inside the food was delicious. We ate a well-balanced meal of ice cream, crab cakes, and hamburgers in great Porsche Club company – priorities, you know! I may not know much about engine size or model, but I love hearing the stories behind the car and its history of ownership. Ask me about the Porsches for the track and street on display Photo by Daniel Shofner Shelby painted the wrong color, or the chicken coop Rolls Royce. Mike Mahoney, 1976 911 Targa Arriving at the Four Seasons parking lot in the dark at 6:30 am Saturday morning, Bill Kruder and I are greeted by Rob Adams in his beautiful blue 1994 968 and Chris & Gabe Sorrells in their striking metallic blue 1982 Targa. First order of business is coffee and registration. As the dark subsides and the light shines on our small but colorful fleet of P cars, reality sets in as I peruse the incredible collection of cars in the staging area. Vintage Jaguars, extremely rare Puegot, Bugatti’s, Bentley’s, McLaren’s, Lambroghini’s, Ferrari’s etc… Bill and I look at each other and ask, “are they sure they invited us here?” Needless to say it was a stunning gathering of incredible cars at a five star venue. And we represented well with Blain Fike and his beautiful grand prix white 1989 964 taking first runner up in the classic car division. Losing only to a flawless black 1996 993 Turbo. All in all a beautiful event, venue and day. A first class event. I look forward to next year. 14 October

Mavs & Mochas: August and September Events By Matt Wilson (August) and Derrick Tate (September) ontgomery Plaza was the site for our August M edition of Mavs & Mochas. The day dawned on a beautiful August Saturday in Fort Worth, a city many refer to as Cowtown. I was a bit worried about the weather for our event, as roughly 12 hours earlier a huge cloud had formed and dumped over an inch of rain over downtown; nevertheless clear skies prevailed. It would be the first time we have hosted a Mavs & Mochas in Ft. Worth proper. We typically try to alternate each month with locations on the “east” and “west” sides of DFW. This was a “west” month, so Montgomery Plaza just west of downtown Ft. Worth would be a perfect venue! The location had lots of open parking, a Chick-Fil-A, and a Starbucks Coffee within walking distance. What more do we need? Well, a bunch of Porsches, of course! Since I live just over two miles away, I arrived early and started setting up cones around 7:15 am. Shortly after a few cars had shown up, a gentleman driving a 911 stopped and inquired about the meeting. He was unaware of the club’s existence and wanted to see what was up. The Fort Worth resident enjoyed viewing cars and conversing with like-minded Porsche enthusiasts, and stayed for the entire event! I knew it was going to be a good turnout when we had over 40 cars already by the time the “official” 8:30 am start rolled around. John Hamilton and Autobahn Porsche were gracious enough to bring both a new 718 Boxster and Cayman for the crowd to drool over. Thanks John! We even had a member who smartly brought his drone and took impressive video footage from above (see Maverick Region Facebook page for the video.) The parking lot continued to fill, and all said, we had over 100 Porsches, including a 918 Spyder, Carrera GT, and a 991 GT3 RS! The only production cars not represented were the 924 and 959. We had quite an array of cars for our first Mavs & Mochas in Cowtown. We received abundant positive feedback about the historic Montgomery Plaza venue with a scenic view of downtown Fort Worth. Many even stated that it was “the best Mavs & Mochas ever”! Mavs in Montgomery Plaza Photo by Jim Hirsch y fourth official Mavs & Mochas was nothing short of amazing! The weather was M perfect for coffee, donuts, and great conversations. September’s Mavs & Mochas was held at Dallas Motorsports and featured Porsche SUVs. Not only were there beautiful Macans and Cayennes to admire and celebrate, but a variety of other Porsches as well, including several from Dallas Motorsports’ own selection of cars. Different models of P-cars filled the lots at this location and even flowed into the street. There were nearly 100 cars that showed up for this Mavs & Mochas. Dallas Motorsports hosted 96 Maverick Porsches Photo by Bill Orr This was my first visit to Dallas Motorsports and it was very interesting to see their inventory. A few of their cars included a ‘65 Corvette, an ‘08 F1 Ferrari, and an ‘88 930 Turbo. To go along with viewing the many great cars, were many great conversations and meeting new people. At every event I meet new people and make new connections that will certainly last a lifetime. Although I may be younger (by a couple of years) than many of the people that attend these events, I feel as though I fit right in, and age is irrelevant. It is amazing because I usually hate waking up early, especially for school, but when it comes to a Mavs & Mochas, I am up an hour before my alarm even goes off! Despite Bill Kruder, Mike Mahoney, and several others being absent due to having their spectacular cars at the Park Place event being held the same day, this was still an unforgettable Mavs & Mochas. I want to say thank you to Dallas Motorsports for having us, and thanks to Bill Orr for capturing all of the amazing cars and people. Now the countdown begins for the next unforgettable Mavs & Mochas! 15

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