Bereleigh Farm Visit Sept 2017 Newsletter

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We had been invited to visit Bereleigh Estate by

Mr and Mrs Tyrwhitt-Drake for a Farm Visit organised

by The Country Trust – Hampshire.

mpshire flint is generally found surrounded with chalk. This is how

Twenty-five black children board chalk selected looks before

from Year 2 to Year 6 arrived by

coach and were greeted by some

curious cows. We thought it

might rain as the cows were lying

down, but luck was with us and

the good weather added to the

days enjoyment.

We met Nick the Game keeper.

He explained his job and why it

was important to control pests

on the estate.



up to try

some of




Charlotte and Chris talked

to us about Owls and skulls.

We saw skulls of a deer,

sheep, badger and fox. We

held the skulls and were

able to compare the skulls

of predators and prey. We

looked at the type of teeth

each had and how their

eyes were positioned to

hunt effectively or to keep

a look out for danger.

We talked about the Barn Owl’s feathers and

why they make pellets. If you look at a pellet

you can see what an owl has been eating.

We went for a walk in the nearby

wood. It was dark, colder and a

bit spooky because the trees

blocked the sunshine. We shut

our eyes and listened. We heard

some birds singing, a stick break,

children laughing and a tractor in

a nearby field.

Nigel and Ann introduced us to the garden. We

promised to give Nigel a sandwich from our

lunch bag if we stepped off any of the paths.

We planted a pea. Nigel gave us

the pot to take home so we could

watch the pea plant grow.

As we explored the garden we

smelt the herbs and tried some

slices of carrot.

After lunch we went pond dipping

with Richard and Christine.

We visited Peter and Esme to

learn about Field to Fork

We learned how wheat and Barley are transformed into food or drinks.

James showed us some old and new Farm Machinery

Thank you to everyone who

worked so hard to make our

farm visit such a wonderful


AND a big thank you

to The Country Trust!

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