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Helping people find solutions to aging well is what we do, every day. This guide will provide information that will provoke a thoughtful discussion for you and your family. Arm yourself with facts and details, and then make decisions to formulate your own plan for aging well.

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Welcome to our 2nd Annual Parade of Senior Living & Aging Resource

Guide. Now in our 11th year, One Senior Place is a one-stop senior

focused business and resource office providing information, advice,

care and on-site services for seniors and their family caregivers in

Central and East Central Florida. One Senior Place provides a FREE 30

minute consultation to help you navigate the complex choices available

in Brevard County. Our Aging Services Experts will help you identify

chief areas of concern and will connect you and your loved ones with

appropriate business providers, resources and referrals, such as: in-home

care, senior living options, attorneys, financial planners, tax accountants,

physical therapy, home health, hospice, insurance options, hearing

specialists, physical therapy, professional care management, real estate

agents, end of life planning, physician referrals and much more.

Many people prefer to stay in their own home as they age, but don’t

consider what’s necessary to make this decision successful. And, more

importantly, they don’t consider the ‘what if’...What if you can’t stay at

home? When and if that moment comes, you should be prepared with

a plan.

Helping people find solutions to aging well is what we do, every day. This

guide will provide information that will provoke a thoughtful discussion

for you and your family. Arm yourself with facts and details, and then

make decisions to formulate your own plan for aging well.

Whether you plan to age in place, or are planning to move into a senior

retirement community, we are here to help you! We are the Experts

in Aging- call today for your FREE consultation with one of our Aging

Services Experts!

Be well, age well!

Kathi Ridner

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Florida Eye Associates...........................................................7

Aquatic Health & Rehabilitation.......................................... 8

Top 10 Tips for Aging Well................................................... 9

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Who Pays for Long Term Care.............................................11

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Options.........................14


Market Street.......................................................................... 15

The Most Important Documents That You Need............16

William A. Johnson, P.A....................................................... 17

Whittaker Cooper Financial Group...................................18

3 Questions that Predict Future Quality of Life...... 19-20

Victoria Landing Waterfront Resort Assisted Living.... 21

Palm Cottages Assisted Living & Memory Care............ 22

What to Expect with Senior Living Communities......... 23

Discovery Village at Melbourne........................................ 24

FAQ’s........................................................................................ 25

The Town Square.................................................................. 26

Personal Hearing Solutions................................................ 27

VITAS Healthcare.................................................................. 28

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Care at Home vs Senior Living

by Doreen Boudreau, Buena Vida Estates

Most of us want to remain independent throughout retirement

and age in place. Our ability to do so depends upon our health,

physical well-being and financial situation. As we age, living

independently may become a challenge. Whether you decide to

age in place or move into a senior living community the choice is

yours to make. Be informed!

In-Home Care Options

• Private Duty Home Care provides non-medical assistance

with daily activities such as meal preparation, bathing, dressing,

transportation and light housekeeping. Long-term care insurance

policies and Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefits may help pay

for in-home care.

• Hospice Care can be provided wherever a patient lives - at home

or in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. Patients must have

a terminal diagnosis. Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private

health insurance (subject to terms of policy), will pay for

hospice care.

Senior Living Options

• Independent Living/Senior Retirement Communities: Meals,

housekeeping, transportation and activities are included in the

monthly fee. Fee based services and assistance are available

onsite as your needs increase. Private pay.

• Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC): Provides true

continuum of care and promotes “aging in place”. Entrance fee

underwrites for long term care, and acceptance is thru

Independent Living. Resident has a “life time care” contract

on the campus for unlimited Independent Living, Assisted Living,

Memory Care & Skilled Nursing. Private pay, Long Term Care

Insurance, and Veteran’s Aid.

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Because we are the ONLY Retirement

Community in Brevard County licensed to

offer you a TRUE continuum of care.



Starting at $74,900!

For complimentary

tour and lunch call Doreen or

Debbie at (321) 724-0060.

2129 West New Haven Avenue

West Melbourne, FL 32904

“Baby Boomers like us, are now retiring at a rate of 60,000/ day

for the next 10+ years and are looking for a good quality

retirement community. Why we selected Buena Vida Estates…

because of the sound of laughter coming from the residents and

staff and endless smiles. There are no strangers here. Truly a place

where the residents are happy and enjoying life and each other.

We felt like we had found a home. It feels like we are on a cruise

ship without getting seasick—meaning many activities,

live entertainment, a bistro bar, wonderful food selection,

several dining arrangements, a heated pool, housekeeping and

good security. We like the idea that we can just turn the key to

our apartment and leave to travel. The days of owning a house

are now over, so no more worries about house and security,

maintenance and upkeep of housekeeping. If you want to

remain ‘young at heart’ Buena Vida Estates will certainly

make that possible!” —Jim & Sandy



(321) 724-0060

Continuing Care Retirement Community

A 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Organization

Care at Home vs Senior Living

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• Assisted Living Facilities: Provide services to individuals who

are no longer able to live independently without daily assistance.

These facilities offer three meals per day, housekeeping,

transportation and other fee based personal assistance for

bathing, dressing, and medication management on an as-needed

basis. Services provided are distinguished by a facilities licensure

and training of their staff. Private pay, Long Term Care Insurance,

and Veteran’s Aid.

• Memory Care: Secure facility offers specialized assisted living or

nursing facility care for residents with various forms of dementia

or Alzheimer’s disease. Private pay, Long Term Care Insurance,

and Veteran’s Aid.

• Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF): Offer short term, sub-acute

rehabilitation and long-term nursing care. Private pay, Long Term

Care Insurance, and Veteran’s Aid.

Things to look for when touring

and inquiring about a facility:

• Menu: Food choices available. Ask to stay for lunch.

• Staff: Interaction with residents, staff longevity

and turnover.

• Activities and programs: Do they offer things that are

of interest to you?

• Transportation: If you no longer drive can they provide

adequate transportation for you?

• On-site providers and services: Hair salon/barber shop,

physicians, podiatrist, hearing specialist?

• Levels of Care Offered: Can they accommodate

your needs as you age?


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· Aquatic Physical


· Occupational


· Speech Therapy

· Massage Therapy

· Deep Tissue Laser


· Micro current Point


· Wellness Program

· Weight Loss Program

· Personal Training

· Nutrition

· State of the Art

Equipment for


· Sports Medicine


VIERA | 8085 Spyglass Hill Road #118, Viera, FL

MERRITT ISLAND | 595 N Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island, FL



Top Tips for Aging Well

Dr. Terry Shepherd

Aquatic Health & Rehab

Taking charge of our health will allow us to

age well, live in our own homes longer, and

lead a healthier and happier life during our

retirement years. Here are my top ten tips

for aging well.

Toast with a Smaller Glass: Studies suggest

that a moderate amount of alcohol may

lower your risk of heart disease (one

serving a day for men, and a ½ serving a

day for women). Be aware of possible drug

interactions with your prescriptions.

Eat a Rainbow: Bright colored fruits and

vegetables, whole grains, limit red meat

and choose chicken, two servings of

Omega-3 each week (salmon, sardines,

or brook trout). Good nutrition will keep

you stronger and healthier, give you

more energy, and can minimize or reduce

symptoms of many disease processes

(hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

Sidestep Falls: Walk at least 30 minutes

3 times a week, bicycle, dance or jog, take

Calcium and Vitamin D, play Wii sports

games, do yoga or Tai Chi, play tennis- get

busy and get ACTIVE!

Sharpen Your Mind: Play video and

computer war games, join a book club,

take a foreign language or an art class.

Use technology to challenge your brain.

Socialize and stay engaged through your

neighbors and friends, church group, civic

organizations or volunteer activities.

Enjoy Safe Sex: Sexually transmitted

infections are on the rise in senior citizens.

Prevent sexually transmitted infections by

using barriers and lubricant

Get a Medication Check: Avoid side

effects and interactions by asking your

healthcare provider to review ALL of your

medications- including over the counter

drugs, supplements and vitamins

Get a Good Night’s Rest: Sleep changes

with age, be aware of sleep disorders like

apnea or restless leg syndrome. Practice

good sleep hygiene – no TV or electronics

in the bedroom, go to bed and wake up at

the same time each day, limit your caffeine

intake and contact your doctor if you have

trouble sleeping.

Speak Up When You Feel Down: 1 in 5

seniors experience depression, which is

treatable. Report the following symptoms

to your doctor: prolonged sadness, loss

of appetite, trouble sleeping, irritability,

isolation. Depression can be situational, but

it may require treatment. Don’t be afraid to

reach out to your doctor and get the help

that you need.

Get Your Shots: Talk to your doctor to

confirm which vaccinations you should be

getting, and on what schedule: pneumonia,

tetanus, flu, shingles

Find the Right Doctor and Make Your

Appointments: Geriatricians have advanced

training to handle the complexities of their

aging patients who may have multiple and

chronic diseases. When you’ve found the

right doctor, always answer the doctor’s

questions honestly, ask questions when you

don’t understand something, and follow the

advice given. Taking charge of your health

will ensure that you age well!

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Long Term Care and Home Health Care

are one of the Biggest Concerns for Seniors


State Partnership Program...

There are multiple ways to solve this need!


Life Insurance is a living benefit…

Let us help you understand your choices!


We can help you understand your situation…

We’ll guide you through the Medicare maze!


We offer services tailored to your needs and

we can help you make informed decisions.

8085 Spyglass Hill Rd, Suite 100

Viera, FL 32940

Office 321.253.6323

Fax 321.253.6353

Cell 772.341.8067

Who Pays for Long Term Care?

by Kathie Ridner, One Senior Place

Long term care, whether it’s provided at home, or in an assisted living

or skilled nursing environment, is not paid for by Medicare or health

insurance. However, if you are eligible for VA Benefits or have a long term

care insurance policy these may help cover the cost of care for you or your

loved ones. If you qualify financially and medically, you may be eligible for

the Florida Medicaid Long Term Care Services program.

VA Benefits - Aid & Attendance

The Aid and Attendance (A&A) Pension provides benefits for veterans

and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another

person to assist in eating, bathing, dressing and undressing or toileting.

It also includes individuals who are blind or a patient in a nursing home

because of mental or physical incapacity. Care in an assisted living facility

also qualifies. Aid & Attendance benefits are paid to those applicants who

are: eligible for a VA pension; meet service requirements; meet certain

disability requirements (as described above); and meet income and

asset limitations. For more information and resources, visit or

call 321-637-3788.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance pays benefits for policy holders who meet

eligibility requirements such as: needing help with two or more activities

of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, and eating), or have

a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and require significant supervision

for safety and assistance with your activities of

daily living.

Typically, policies have an ‘elimination period’- which is the number of days

that you will have to pay out of pocket for your qualified care – before the

policy will start to provide benefit payments. Contact One Senior Place

at 321-504-5914 for a FREE consultation with an Aging Services Expert to

review your Long Term Care policy to determine if it’s time for you to use

your policy benefits.

Florida Medicaid Long Term Care Services

This is a Managed Care Program designed to provide community-based

services to people who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid nursing home

placement. The objective of this program is to provide frail elders with

safe, appropriate community-based care alternatives in lieu of nursing

home placement. The program will also provide Medicaid benefits to the

elderly for a portion of the assisted living facility monthly costs.

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Is Your Home Too Much for You?

Downsizing or Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Call Seniors Real Estate Specialists Cathy & Sara to Sell Your Home!

Cathy Nichols

Sara Forst Griffin

You can count on us to guide you through the process

of selling your home, making the transaction less

stressful and more successful.

Assisting You and Your Family

• Establish Fair Market Value of Your Home

• Prepare Your Home to Sell

• Contracts to Closing Throughout Entire

Selling Process

• Provide and Coordinate Movers, Estate,

and Cleaning Companies

• Along Your Side with Patience,

Compassion and Professional Services

As Seniors Real Estate Specialists, they bring

their knowledge and expertise to help you with

the most important decision of your life, and

will walk you through every step of the journey.

You can trust Cathy and Sara to give you

their best!”

— Kathi Ridner

One Senior Place

Business Partner

3230 Murrell Rd., Rockledge, FL 32955

Cathy Nichols, Broker Associate

Seniors Real Estate Specialist


Sara Forst Griffin, Broker Associate

Seniors Real Estate Specialist


4451 Stack Blvd. | Melbourne, Florida 32901 | | Assisted Living Facility #08624





Premier Senior Living

Premier Senior Living

Arranged on 26 acres of beautifully landscaped

tropical Arranged foliage, on 26 you acres will of find beautifully The Fountains landscaped of

Melbourne, tropical foliage, Brevard you will County’s find The leading Fountains senior of

living Melbourne, community Brevard for County’s over 25 years. leading senior

living community for over 25 years.

What makes The Fountains

feel What so makes comfortable? The Fountains

feel so comfortable?

It is the experienced and caring team of associates

who It is the anticipate experienced and acknowledge and caring team your of preferences associates

and who needs anticipate so you and can acknowledge customize your an independent preferences

lifestyle and needs that so is you perfect can for customize you. The an Fountains independent was

voted lifestyle one that of is Brevard perfect County’s for you. The Best Fountains Places to was work.

Our voted staff one is of exceptional Brevard County’s and works Best together Places as to work. a

team Our staff committed is exceptional to exemplary and works service together delivered as a

with team integrity, committed dignity to exemplary and compassion. service delivered

with integrity, dignity and compassion.

Larger apartments

with Larger the apartments space you need

with the space you need

We have a large variety of unique floor plans in our

apartment We have a homes. large variety Each of apartment unique floor home plans features in our

a apartment full kitchen homes. and screened Each apartment patio or home balcony features creating

a resort full kitchen style and atmosphere. screened Apartment patio or balcony sizes range creating

from a resort a spacious style atmosphere. 735 square Apartment feet to a luxurious sizes range

2500 from a square spacious feet. 735 square feet to a luxurious

2500 square feet.

Live life on your schedule

Live life on your schedule

As a resident, you will enjoy flexible scheduling in all

that As a we resident, offer. This you includes will enjoy all flexible day dining scheduling 2 unique in all

venues that we offer. that feature This includes over 30 all entrée day dining selections in 2 unique daily,

a venues full calendar that feature of events, over 30 programs entrée selections and fitness daily, classes

to a full stimulate calendar the of mind, events, body programs and soul, and as fitness well as, classes

scheduled to stimulate transportation the mind, body 7 days and soul, a week. as well as,

scheduled transportation 7 days a week.

Call 407.965.5716 to make

Call 407.965.5716 to make

The Fountains your new home!

The Fountains your new home!

4451 Stack Blvd. | Melbourne, Florida 32901 | | Assisted Living Facility #08624

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Options

by Brenda Lyle, One Senior Place

Care at Home

Loved ones with dementia can be cared for at home as long as they are in

a safe, nurturing environment. Many families provide this care without any

outside help. However, accepting help through private duty home care (and

hospice care when appropriate), will allow you to keep your loved ones at

home for as long as possible.

Adult Day Care

Adult day care is a licensed program that provides a structured, safe

environment where your loved one can spend time. This gives you an

opportunity to take time for yourself for important things like physician

appointments, but also activities that will allow you to ‘recharge your batteries’.

Memory Care Assisted Living

Some assisted living communities may have optional memory care, while

others may specialize only in memory care. People with dementia need

trained care providers who understand the special needs of those with

memory loss.

Memory Care Assisted Living is a specialized environment with purposebuilt

design that offers features and amenities to keep your loved one safe.

Person-directed care allows the needs of each individual to be met. The

trained staff work hard to understand the personality and interests of each

resident, in order to help them feel as comfortable as possible. The specific

programs offered provide opportunities for success each day, with the

primary focus of maintaining the dignity and quality of life for the residents

who live there.

Many Memory Care Assisted Living communities also provide services onsite

to make life easier for your loved one: physician visits, pharmacy delivery,

physical and occupational therapy, and psychological evaluations.

Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be very challenging. The stress

of sometimes overwhelming responsibilities can adversely affect family

relationships. It is very important, therefore, for the caregiver to have a

strong support network in place. Participating in a support group to learn

about dementia care and meet other caregivers is a good place to start.

Every person with dementia is different, but sharing information and ideas

often results in a special kind of help and encouragement that only another

caregiver can provide. Contact your local Alzheimer’s resource organization

for a list of support groups in your area.


Parade of Senior Living & Aging Resource Guide | 321-504-5914 |

Redefining Memory Care

Market Street’s signature life skill stations are purposefully designed to

trigger memories our residents have shared with their family and friends.

6845 Murrell Road Viera, FL 32940


Assisted Living Facility #12935

The Most Important Documents That You Need

by William A. Johnson, P.A.

Estate Planning and end-of-life instructions

are necessary, but it’s not enough to just

sign the paperwork. You have to make

your family aware of them and leave them

in a place where they can be found. And,

most importantly, the documents should

be up to date! The New Year is a perfect

time to review your documents and make

any necessary revisions to reflect major

life changes, including marriages, births,

deaths, divorces, relocation, and increasing

medical needs. The following is a guide to

the documents you need so that your loved

ones can find all of your legal, financial, and

health information, and that your wishes

are carried out in the event of your death or


The first task should be to make sure

that you have a complete estate planning

package consisting of the following


• Original Last Will & Testament

• Revocable Living Trust (if needed)

• Durable Power of Attorney

• Designation of Health Care Surrogate

• Pre-Need Guardian Declaration

Living Will

Second, you should create a complete list

of your assets. The following is a list of

possible assets that you may have but is not

all inclusive:

• Homestead Property

• Other Real Property

• Mortgages owed to you

• Cemetery plots

• Prepaid funeral arrangements

• Vehicles

• Boats

• Bank Accounts (Savings, Checking, Money

Market, and Certificates of Deposit)

• Stocks

• Savings Bonds

• Brokerage and investment accounts

• Annuities

• Business Interests

• Life Insurance

• Long-term care insurance

• Retirement Accounts including IRA

and 401k accounts

This list should also contain your proof of

ownership of the assets which could be the

form of warranty deeds, certificates of title,

mortgage documents, bank statements,

stock and bond certificates, partnership

or corporate operating agreements, life

insurance policies, annuity contracts, and

burial or cremation contracts.

To go one step further, you should also

make a list of your sources of income.

This may include Social Security benefits,

VA benefits, annuity payments, IRA

distributions, long-term care payments

and various pensions. And, if you owe

any monies for such things as a mortgage,

reverse mortgage, or promissory note,

you should include documentation of the

debt(s) as well. Such information will be

valuable to your loved ones when trying to

administer your estate or when applying for

any public benefits.

Next, if you have a safe deposit box, make

a list of the items contained in the box, and

note the location of the box and the key.

Lastly, some other important documents

to have on hand are birth and marriage

certificates, divorce settlement agreements,

military service documents, and copies of

your driver’s license or photo identification

card, military identification card, medical

and prescription insurance cards, Social

Security and Medicare cards, and passport.


Parade of Senior Living & Aging Resource Guide | 321-504-5914 |

William A. Johnson, Esquire

Florida Bar Board Certified

Elder Law Attorney

William A. Johnson, P.A. law firm helps you navigate the Elder

Care system. I will be your guide to help you protect and

provide for the ones you love.


Elder Law • Estate Planning • Medicaid Planning

Long Term Care Planning • Probate & Trust Administration

Wills & Trust • Guardianship

Call us today for a consultation!

Come see us at our new location.

140 Interlachen Rd. Ste. B, Melbourne

Phone 321-253-1667 •

The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that must not be based on advertisement alone. Ask us to send you a free list of our qualifications.

We are committed to providing comprehensive strategies designed

to meet your individual wealth management needs.

We specialize in:

n Tax Planning

and Preparation*

n Investments

n Retirement and Estate


n Life and Disability


n Accounting and Audits*

n Business Insurance


n Asset Preservation


n Long Term Care

Insurance and Planning*

1692 W. Hibiscus Blvd. ✦ Melbourne, FL 32901

8085 Spyglass Hill Road ✦ Viera, FL 32940

321.723.3352 ✦

Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.


*Accounting and Tax Preparation not provided by Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.



that Predict

Future Quality of Life

MIT AgeLab Research Series

by Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD, Director, MIT AgeLab

MIT AgeLab has identified three simple

questions you should ask yourself to

assess how prepared you are to live well in

retirement. What do these questions have

to do with retirement planning? A lot

more than you may think. They actually

uncover important factors that will

determine your future quality of life and

serve as a starting point for planning a

satisfying retirement.

When it comes to retirement planning,

we’re inclined to focus on accumulating

assets and making sure we spend our

money wisely. But while our biggest fear

may be outliving our wealth, there’s an even

greater risk of: losing our independence due

to ailing health; being unable to access the

big and small things that make us happy;

and, facing a decline in the number of

friends in our social network.

Planning for these contingencies is an

integral part of preparing to live longer,

better. Your financial advisor should

integrate these issues into a comprehensive

planning discussion to make an ambiguous

retirement future- often decades awaymore

tangible to you. This can help

you commit to preparing for your

retirement today.


GROUP Securities offered through Raymond James

Financial Services, In. Member FINRA/SIPC. Accounting

and tax preparation not provided by Raymond James

Financial. Raymond James is not affiliated with One Senior

Place. Whittaker Cooper Financial Group is not a registered

broker/ dealer, nor is it affiliated with Raymond James

Financial Services.


This sounds mundane and simple enough –

but is it? If your father is 85- even if he is in

good shape- do you want him on a ladder

changing light bulbs? How about your

mom living alone and maintaining her home

well into her eighth or ninth decade? Given

that the baby boomers had fewer children

and have the highest divorce rates in history,

help at home may be in short supply. Now

think about your own retirement years.

Changing light bulbs is more than an issue

of long-term home maintenance. It is a

question that asks, “Do I have a plan of how

to maintain my home?” When younger,

most of us take for granted our ability to

do daily house cleaning, maintenance and

basic repairs- even home modifications.

However, identifying the costs as well as

the trusted service providers necessary to

maintain our home may be as critical to

aging independently as the health of our

retirement savings.


Imagine it is a hot summer night- a perfect

night for getting an ice cream cone…

preferably chocolate. Quality of life is about

being able to easily and routinely access

those little experiences that bring a smile.

While getting an ice cream cone when

you want it is not a financial strain for most,

the capacity to have that cone on demand

does raise questions such as, “Do I have

adequate transportation to go where I

want when I want?”

Parade of Senior Living & Aging Resource Guide | 321-504-5914 | 19



that Predict

Future Quality of Life

Continued from Page 19


Lunch is more than a meal- it’s an occasion.

Who you have lunch with may be a good

indicator of your social network. This is not

the social network of “friends” you have

online, but friends you see on a regular

basis- people who help reinforce a healthy

and active lifestyle, and who you and your

significant other can depend upon.

Even with adequate finances, living alone

without a robust circle of social support can

threaten healthy aging. Today, more than

40% of women over 65 years old live alone

in the United States. Consequently, planning

where, and with whom to retire may be as

important as how much it will cost. For

example, a home in the mountains may be

alluring as your approach retirement, but it

may also lead to an inadequate network of

friends, or complete isolation during old age.

The baby boomers are facing a different

retirement than their parents. They’re more

likely to live alone, to have fewer children, and

to live in suburban and rural locations that

may not provide easy access to active and

livable communities.

“Retirement planning must

go beyond money alone…”

Effective planning must be about more than

financial security. The new face of retirement

planning must go beyond money, and adopt

an integrated and holistic approach to helping

people like you prepare to live longer and well.

Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD

Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD is founder and director of the MIT

AgeLab. His research focuses on how the convergence of baby

boomer expectations and technology will drive innovation in

business and government. He teaches strategic management and

public policy in MIT’s Engineering Systems Division. Dr. Coughlin

was named one of Fast Company Magazine’s “100 Most Creative

People in Business” and by The Wall Street Journal as one of “12

Pioneers shaping the future of aging and how we will all live, work

and play tomorrow.” He speaks, consults, and collaborates with

governments and businesses worldwide, and is the author of the

blog “Disruptive Demographics” on Big

MIT AgeLab

The MIT AgeLab ( works with businesses and

governments worldwide to develop new approaches, data, and

technologies to improve the lives of older adults and those who

care for them. Based in MIT’s Engineering Systems Division, the

AgeLab applies a multidisciplinary and systems approach to invent

life tomorrow for people 45 and older- including innovations in

transportation, longevity planning, health and well-being, and

home services.

Hartford Funds

Hartford Funds helps investors pursue a financially secure future

by anticipating their needs and providing relevant strategies.

The company is committed to understanding and addressing

the financial issues Americans face when developing long-term

investment strategies.

The Hartford became a founding partner of the AgeLab in 1999.

For more than a decade, The Hartford has consulted the AgeLab

for original research, insights, and public education materials to

help improve the lives of customers’ ages 45-plus. Insight from the

AgeLab helps shape Hartford Funds’ customer-focused strategies

in areas such as product development, marketing, client service,

and investor education.

All investments are subject to risks, including possible loss of

principal. Hartford Funds are underwritten and distributed by

Hartford Funds Distributors, LLC. “The Hartford” is the Hartford

Financial Services Group Inc. and its subsidiaries. Investors

should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges,

and expenses of Hartford Funds before investing. This and

other information can be found in the prospectus and summary

prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 888-843-7824

(retail) or 800-279-1541 (institutional). Investors should read them

carefully before they invest. Raymond James & Associates, Inc.,

member New York Stock Exchange/ SIPC and Raymond James

Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/ SIPC are subsidiaries of

Raymond James Financial, Inc. and are independent of Hartford

Funds and the MIT AgeLab. Raymond James is a registered

trademark of Raymond James Financial, Inc Investment products

are not deposits, not FDIC/ NCUA insured, not insured by any

government agency, not bank guaranteed, subject to risk and

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What to Expect with Senior Living Communities

by Kathi Ridner, One Senior Place

“What is ‘assisted living’?”

Assisted Living is a residential facility that can provide help with the

activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, medication management,

meals, housekeeping, and activities. Some will have LPN’s or RN’s on staff,

and will also have certified nursing assistants, and home health aides to

provide care.

“How will I know whether my loved one can live in an assisted living

community, or will need a nursing home?”

There are no ADL need-based criteria for admission to an assisted

living community; one only needs to be weight bearing and be able to

transfer with assistance in order to be eligible. Each assisted living can

choose the level of service that they will provide within the confines

of their license.

“How can I find out if there have been any complaints against an assisted

living community before deciding where my loved one will live?”

The history of all assisted living communities, and any complaints or

deficiencies documented can be researched on www.FloridaHealthFinder.

gov. This process is managed and regulated by AHCA (Agency for Health

Care Administration).

“Will Medicare pay for this?”

Long term care that is provided in an assisted living is not covered by

Medicare or health insurance. The costs are paid for through personal

funds, and can sometimes be covered by long term care insurance benefits

or VA benefits (Aid & Attendance) when the appropriate criteria are met.

“Will there be any fees that I have to pay up front?”

One-time Entrance Fees are common and to be expected. They typically

range from $1800 up to one month’s rent, and can be per person. Each

community has their own policy.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), requires an Entry Fee

that ranges from $100,000 to $300,000 when you move in. The Entry

Fee underwrites the individual for long-term care and guarantees that they

will take care of you until the end of your life- from independent living, to

assisted living, sometimes memory care, and all the way through skilled

nursing care. You will not be asked to leave the community for a medical

reason or if you exhaust your life savings, they will continue to take care

of you.

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• Health & wellness visits






Senior Living with


Wellness Programs



24-Hour nursing and on-site therapy

Assistance with activities of daily living

Restaurant-style dining with gourmet meals

Full calendar of activities and events

Housekeeping and transportation services

Luxurious apartment homes


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without notice. Void where prohibited by law. Assisted Living Facility License

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“I heard that I can do ‘Medicaid Planning’ and have Medicaid pay for my

loved one to live in assisted living.” Not all assisted living communities

will accept Medicaid as a source of payment. And, of the ones that will,

there are several important details to be aware of: Medicaid typically pays

$1000 toward room & board - the balance owing has to be paid for by

the resident or their family, the accommodations are semi-private shared

rooms, and there is limited availability in each facility.

“Can I get kicked out of an assisted living community if they decide that

they don’t want me to live there anymore? And, what if I decide that I want

to move out?”

In the state of Florida, assisted living communities are required to give

you a 45 day notice if they can no longer meet your needs, and many will

help you find appropriate accommodations under these circumstances.

Residents are allowed to give a 30 day notice that they intend to vacate

their accommodations at an assisted living. Residents are only ever

financially responsible for 30 days-notice at an assisted living in Florida.

“Are the assisted living apartments furnished?”

Many assisted living communities ask that you bring your own furniture.

It’s helpful in making you feel ‘at home’ when you are surrounded by your

favorite things.

“I’m going on a two week cruise, and I’m worried about leaving my dad

alone. Can he stay at an assisted living community while I’m gone?”

Yes- short term stays are possible when there is a room available, and

are called a ‘respite stay’. Some communities might have a designated

apartment or room just for this purpose. You can also use respite as a

means of taking a break from the exhaustion of caregiving. There is a daily

rate that includes meals, medication management, and help with activities

of daily living.

“My husband is being discharged from a skilled nursing and rehabilitation

facility next week and I can’t really take care of him since he’s not back to

his old self yet. What can I do?”

Families needing additional help in caring for a loved one can hire a

certified nursing assistant or home health aide through a private duty

homecare company. If you feel that this won’t be sufficient to provide for

all of the care needs, a respite stay in an assisted living community may be

another possible solution.

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consultation with an Aging Services Expert!

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