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sandia PreP

What kind of

person do you want

your child to become?


We prepare your

child for success.

Our rigorous, well-rounded program is designed to educate the

whole person. Our unique approach develops critical thinkers,

creative problem-solvers, global citizens and collaborative

leaders. Our graduates leave as independent decision-makers

with the skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world; they

are prepared to contribute as global citizens.



O u r S T u d e n T S

They are encouraged to question,

debate, probe and challenge assumptions.

Sandia Prep students become independent

critical thinkers. They learn to develop

new and original ideas.


O u r S T u d e n T S

com municate

Our students learn to research, write, and speak

persuasively. Throughout our curriculum, we

emphasize communication, literature, and writing.



O u r S T u d e n T S

Through our comprehensive arts

program, Sandia Prep students explore

and develop their artistic interests and

abilities. They draw, paint, sculpt,

photograph, play an instrument

(or 2 or 3), dance, act and sing.


O u r S T u d e n T S


Sandia Prep students work together.

They develop innovative solutions to

problems through project-based learning.

From the classroom to the lab to the playing

field, they build teamwork skills.



O u r S T u d e n T S



each year, 90% of Sandia Prep

students participate in our voluntary,

student-directed community service

program. Through service to others,

they develop confidence, perspective

and empathy — and grow into young

people of character.



O u r a T h l e T e S

Sandia Prep’s no-cut sports philosophy

means that any student who attends

practice is able to play on a team.

Three quarters of our students compete

each year — on more than 50 teams in

21 different sports.



0 u r T e a c h e r S


Our faculty members are

passionate about educating and

mentoring young people. They

are dedicated to providing our

students with richer academic

experiences in a supportive

atmosphere. at Sandia Prep,

educating is not a job; it is a


Our experts work with each student and family to identify

personal talents and interests and to assist in making

appropriate college matches. Our individualized approach

allows us to help each of our students find and be admitted

to the best colleges suited to his or her needs.

Our college counseling program is second to none.


Our graduates emerge as

well-rounded individuals.

Sandia Prep’s unique college prep

program balances rigorous academics with

arts, athletics, and activities, fostering

growth toward both human and academic

excellence. Our students develop as

self-aware individuals able to discover

their passions and potential.



O u r a l u m n i

Year after year, our alumni continue to tell us how

well Sandia Prep prepared them for college – and this

is verified by their success at university and beyond.


sandia prep

a T a G l a n c e

enrOllmenT: 530

diVerSiTY: 48% are students of color (2016-2017)

STudenT/FaculTY raTiO: 15 to 1

aVeraGe claSS SiZe: 15

TOTal Financial aid: $2.58 million

39% of students receive aid (2016-2017)

camPuS: 30 acres

endOWmenT: $6.38 million


W e l c O m e TO Our FamilY

at Sandia Prep, you’ll find strong,

enduring student-teacher relationships

and a discernable sense of community.

We value communication between teacher

and student, and between the School and

each family. Parental involvement is not

only welcomed, it is encouraged.

We are one school family committed to

each student’s success.


Join our


at Sandia Prep, academics are our top

apply online at sandiaprep.org

priority, balance is our core value,

and community makes us who we are.

here, you will find a “small school”

feel with “large school” opportunities.

Our challenging, innovative program

prepares each of our students for

success in college — and beyond — and

inspires each to find and achieve his

or her purpose in the world. We invite

you to join our vibrant community and


The joy of learning and living is at the center of all

we do. Sandia Preparatory School provides remarkable

opportunities for intellectual and personal growth

within a challenging and balanced program. as an

extension of our families, Sandia Prep’s diverse

community inspires students to find their academic focus,

talents and creativity.

discover your passions at Sandia Prep!

To learn more,

visit sandiaprep.org.


Sandia Preparatory School

532 Osuna Road NE

Albuquerque, NM 87113

phone: 505-338-3000

fax: 505-338-3099

email: info@sandiaprep.org

Visit us on the Web at sandiaprep.org

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