Style: September 01, 2017

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SEPTEMBER 2<strong>01</strong>7 CHRISTCHURCH<br />


Spring Clean<br />

Your Life<br />

with our Mind,<br />

Body & Spirit issue<br />

Kelly<br />

Rennie<br />

Fitness Advice<br />

for Busy Mums<br />

Lifting the Lid<br />

on Nutrition<br />

Dr Libby<br />

Weaver<br />

TRAVEL<br />

Relaxation<br />

in Rotorua<br />

DENIM<br />

New Season<br />


citrus<br />

SPLASH<br />

Arcadia flutter top $59.99, Botanic spring 7/8 sateen pants $99.99 Jacqui E, Crossover booties $159.99 Max,<br />

Cora wallet $31.99, Carlee tote $62.99, Tortoise shell sunglasses $29.90 Colette by Colette Hayman.<br />

Prices correct at time of printing; please see in store.

spring<br />

READY<br />

Denim jacket $139.90 Halo & Hazard, Keds triple leather $129.95 Hannahs, Molly oversized shirt $59.99, Super<br />

high rise ankle jeans $119.99 Just Jeans, Botanicals bath bombs in chamomile mint and lemon cheesecake $6 each,<br />

Botanicals hand cream in orange blossom and mandarin $13 Church Lane, Woven paper shoulder bag $65 Wild South.<br />


1<br />



<strong>Style</strong> is something unique to each of us. Celebrating the<br />

diversity life offers within Christchurch – a city of constant<br />

reinvention, opportunity and vibrancy. <strong>Style</strong> explores the<br />

fabric of our homes, our community and our spirit, both<br />

individually and collectively.<br />


Find. Spend. Indulge. Experience.<br />

12 SAVE THE DATE<br />

17 INTERVIEW<br />

Fitness Guru Kelly Rennie<br />

21 REPORT<br />

Dr Libby Tells Us What We Should<br />

And Shouldn’t Eat<br />


A Redcliffs Rebuild<br />

35 ART NEWS<br />

38 LUXE LIVING<br />


How To Perfect Your Edging<br />


Denim Dreaming<br />

46 JUNIOR<br />

Keeping Little Ones Happy And Healthy<br />

48 WELLBEING<br />

How To Achieve Balance<br />

51 BEAUTY<br />

An Indulgent Day In Hanmer Springs<br />

56 TRAVEL<br />

Discovering Rotorua<br />


66 MOTORING<br />

68 MEN’S<br />

Keeping Fit And Lean<br />

72 FOOD NEWS<br />

79 SEE BE SEEN<br />

84 ETIQUETTE<br />

86 WIN<br />

21<br />

2 3<br />

Colours of the month<br />

1. Fresh<br />

2. Nauti<br />

3. Quarter Truffle<br />

View these colours and<br />

more at your local Resene<br />

ColorShop.<br />

66<br />

COVER<br />

Kelly Rennie shares her<br />

secrets for keeping the<br />

time-poor looking and<br />

feeling fantastic.<br />

Page 17<br />

26<br />

42<br />

ColorShop/<br />

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Discounts off the normal retail price until 11 <strong>September</strong> 2<strong>01</strong>7 at Resene owned ColorShops<br />

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03 348 0939<br />


Expert styling advice I Leading brands I Compeitive pricing I Easy payment options I Free consultation, measure and quote

Land size<br />

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Land size Land size Bedroom<br />

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Dining Toilet Lounge Garage Shower Toilet<br />

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Land size<br />

Bedroom<br />

Bathroom<br />

Lounge<br />

Study Boat pad<br />

Dining<br />

Pool<br />

Toilet<br />

Shower<br />

Tennis court<br />

Study<br />



Charlotte Smulders<br />

Star Media<br />

Level One, 359 Lincoln Road<br />

Christchurch 8140<br />

03 379 7100<br />


Kate Preece<br />

Group Editor<br />

kate@starmedia.kiwi<br />

Victoria Tait<br />

Editor<br />

victoria.tait@starmedia.kiwi<br />

Naomi Spinsby-Wild<br />

Editorial Assistant<br />

Gilbert Wealleans<br />

Social Editor<br />

gilbert@starmedia.kiwi<br />

DESIGN<br />

Emma Smith<br />


Anne Hudson, Charlie Jackson,<br />

Craig Wilson, Dr Libby<br />

Weaver, Elly McGuinness,<br />

Getty Images, iStock,<br />

Richard Dalman, Ross Kiddie,<br />

Vanessa Ortynsky<br />


Vivienne Montgomerie<br />

Team Leader<br />

364 7494 / 021 914 428<br />

viv.montgomerie@starmedia.kiwi<br />

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janine.oldfield@starmedia.kiwi<br />

<strong>Style</strong> explores the best of Christchurch, giving readers the opportunity to<br />

develop and celebrate their individual style in life, home and fashion. A monthly<br />

publication, <strong>Style</strong> is presented on high-grade gloss stock with a hard cover.<br />

Delivered flow-wrapped to top real estate value homes around Christchurch,<br />

<strong>Style</strong> targets readers with a high disposable income. Designed to inspire,<br />

<strong>Style</strong> has a lengthy shelf life that offers excellent value for your advertising choice.<br />

SEPTEMBER 2<strong>01</strong>7<br />

With the arrival of spring, in this issue we have a strong focus on health<br />

and wellbeing. Get yourself a glass of kombucha, relax in the lotus<br />

pose and read all about the possibilities of the new you.<br />

This month, we meet the stunning Kelly Rennie, a mother/businesswoman<br />

who has taken her background as a Sports Illustrated model to launch a<br />

successful online business helping women get their bodies back while still<br />

juggling all that life as a mum has to offer.<br />

In our report, the famous Dr Libby breaks down the myths of what we<br />

are supposed to eat – you might be surprised to find out that carbs are<br />

OK, and that less than 10% of the adult population in New Zealand eat the<br />

recommended five serving of vegetables per day.<br />

For a breath of fresh air, we take you up to Redcliffs to view Janice<br />

and Tony Park’s stunning new build. This contemporary home with its<br />

architecturally designed geometric shapes perfectly frames the striking<br />

landscape.<br />

If you’re getting on a new fitness buzz and planning to join a gym this<br />

summer, make sure you read our etiquette column, where we give you<br />

advice on what not to do.<br />

As always, we keep you up to date with fashion and beauty news, and the<br />

addition of our bi-annual fashion supplement guarantees pages of scrumptious<br />

colours, and on-trend statements.<br />

Enjoy this issue of <strong>Style</strong>.<br />

The Christchurch Star Company Ltd is not responsible for any actions taken on the information in these<br />

articles. The information and views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinion of The<br />

Christchurch Star Company Ltd or its editorial contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy<br />

of the information within this magazine, however, The Christchurch Star Company Ltd can accept no<br />

liability for the accuracy of all the information.<br />

Victoria Tait<br />

EDITOR<br />

www.style.kiwi<br />

Facebook.com/stylechristchurch<br />

Instagram: <strong>Style</strong>_Christchurch<br />

We hope you enjoy the<br />

latest issue of <strong>Style</strong> Fashion<br />

3<br />

NO. 13 HARCOURTS NEW ZEALAND 2<strong>01</strong>2-2<strong>01</strong>3<br />

850m<br />

4<br />

2<br />

1<br />

2.5<br />

850m<br />

4<br />

2<br />

1<br />

2.5<br />

850m<br />

850m 4 2 41<br />

850m<br />

850m 4 2<br />

22.5<br />

1 2.5<br />

4 2 1 2.5<br />

1<br />

2.5<br />

850m 4<br />

850m<br />

2<br />

4<br />

850m 4 2<br />

1 2.5<br />

2 1 2.5<br />

1<br />

2.5<br />

Phone 03 352 6166 or 027 220 6565<br />

deb.harvey@harcourtsgold.co.nz<br />

471 Papanui Road, Christchurch<br />


OVER<br />

$250 MILLIO N IN<br />

H A R C O U R T S<br />

SALES<br />


The home of BATH<br />


This freestanding bath offers the perfect shape for ultimate<br />

comfort. Made of non-porous apaiserMARBLE® unrivalled in beauty<br />

and form, with stunning proportions and clean lines it will convert<br />

your bathroom into a luxury resort everyday.<br />

Call into our Showroom with 10 Concept Bathrooms for inspiration.<br />

Oakleys Locally owned and operated for over 140 years.<br />


8 STYLE | inside word<br />


SPEND.<br />

Skincare favourite Aesop is launching its first toothpaste. The<br />

fluoride-free formula harnesses the soothing properties of sea<br />

buckthorn along with the plaque-fighting properties of wasabi<br />

extract to leave teeth and gums clean and refreshed.<br />

Flox, Ema Frost and Cathy Pope Jewellery are weaving<br />

their talents together to create a limited-time pop-up shop<br />

at The Exchange, 376 Wilsons Rd, Waltham. Check out the<br />

stunning combination of artwork, homewares and jewellery<br />

on <strong>September</strong> 15th and 16th.<br />

Ballantynes Fashion Week launches on <strong>September</strong> 19, with<br />

their exciting opening show featuring the latest spring/summer<br />

trends for women, men and children. Highlights include<br />

Huffer’s 20th birthday party, an evening with leading ethically<br />

and environmentally focused designers Twenty Seven Names<br />

and Harman Grubisa, and a lunch with designers and mums<br />

Juliette Hogan and Kathryn Wilson.<br />

H&M Summer 2<strong>01</strong>7<br />

FIND.<br />

AfterMath is a new transitional gallery in Christchurch which<br />

specialises in showcasing and celebrating digital arts. Explore<br />

it for yourself at the UniMed building, 165 Gloucester St.<br />

European fashion giant H&M are set to open its<br />

Christchurch store on <strong>September</strong> 9th, joining a raft of other<br />

fashion retailers in The Crossing. Spanning two floors, the<br />

store will showcase lines for men, women, kids, and babies,<br />

while also being the first New Zealand store to offer a<br />

home range.<br />

Also joining the line-up of retailers at The Crossing is<br />

Country Road. After a six-and-half-year absence from the<br />

city centre, it returns with its largest South Island store, and<br />

joined by much-loved sister brands Trenery and Witchery.<br />

homestore + ten27 eatery<br />


Gooseneck<br />

Lamp<br />

Citta<br />

Beach Bag<br />

Minsk<br />

Dining Chair<br />

Connect Extension Dining Table with Nova Chairs<br />

www.casualandcountry.co.nz<br />

1027 Ferry Road, Ferrymead<br />

Phone: 03 384 4880<br />

Citta<br />

Miti<br />

Cushion<br />

Mr Blue Clock<br />

Aura Waffle Towels<br />

curtains + wallpaper + fabric + furniture + bedlinen + homewares + gifts<br />

Follow us on facebook & instagram for the latest products, news & inspiration<br />

ten27BAR<br />


Great food is even better when<br />

shared with great friends<br />

1027 Ferry Road 03 595 2428 www.ten27.co.nz

10 STYLE | inside word<br />



Christchurch’s Wigram Air Force Museum is playing<br />

host to this year’s Canterbury Charity Hospital<br />

Trust Cabaret. The event, set for November 27, is<br />

guaranteed to be a great night. Tickets are $160, from<br />

www.charityhospital.org.nz, and all proceeds help the<br />

charity continue to provide free medical, dental and<br />

counselling services to Cantabrians.<br />

Flagship Events Company brings a sense of stylish<br />

sophistication to weddings and gatherings. With a range<br />

of seating and stage options, the hallmark offering is<br />

undoubtedly their ivory sailcloth sperry tents, sourced<br />

exclusively from the US.<br />

INDULGE.<br />

Esteemed Lyttelton restaurant Roots has been named Christchurch’s<br />

top eatery in the 2<strong>01</strong>7 Restaurant of the Year awards. Known for<br />

constantly-evolving degustation menus and an emphasis on high<br />

quality, local ingredients, it’s a worthy winner of the top honour.<br />

Newly-opened vegan café Portershed is serving up a range of<br />

plant-based options on Lincoln Rd. Their coconut milk hot chocolate<br />

is the perfect guilt-free indulgence.<br />

Old central-city favourite Fat Eddie’s is back to Christchurch. The<br />

jazz bar will open at its new home in the Terrace development<br />

(corner Hereford Street and Oxford Terrace) on <strong>September</strong> 8.<br />



FRESH<br />

START<br />

Mackenzie Norrell brings you a weather report with<br />

the typical sunny disposition of a local Faringdon kid.<br />



WARM<br />


The forecast is bright!<br />

We’re predicting even more growth.<br />

With the signs of Spring popping up all over the place,<br />

it’s timely that Faringdon announce even more growth on<br />

the horizon. New show homes coming online as well as<br />

the launch of our next stage being imminent. Watch the<br />

full story with the FHN LIVE news team at faringdon.co.nz.<br />

Stage 22 now selling.<br />

Sections 400 to 907m 2 from $164,000.<br />

Call Bruce Harvey 0800 667 849<br />

or visit www.faringdon.co.nz<br />

Visit our info centre, corner Goulds and<br />

East Maddisons Roads, Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm - 4pm.<br />

FHN<br />

LIVE<br />

Faringdon Home<br />

News Team<br />

You’re home.<br />

FRD31023-67x197 LE1110-V8

Interested in<br />

Small Group<br />

Hosted Journeys?<br />

We invite you to join us and hear all about travelling in a small group with<br />

like-minded people to some of the most wonderful places on earth.<br />


When: Wednesday 13 <strong>September</strong><br />

Time: 6-7pm<br />

Where: Christchurch RSA,<br />

74 Armagh St<br />

Don’t miss out!<br />

RSVP<br />

TODAY!<br />

Seats are<br />

limited.<br />


FOR SMALL GROUP HOSTED JOURNEYS 2<strong>01</strong>8:<br />

CHERRY BLOSSOM JAPAN – 17 days • BEST OF THE MED – 26 days<br />

GRAND TOUR OF SOUTH AMERICA – 34 days • CASTRO’S CUBA – 20 days<br />

CROATIA & SLOVENIA – 23 days • BEST OF SOUTH AFRICA – 23 days • MADAGASCAR – 18 days<br />

We’d love to see you there.<br />

The best holidays are created together. HOT.CO.NZ<br />

BARRINGTON 331 7182 I CHRISTCHURCH CITY 365 7687 I FERRYMEAD 376 4022 I HIGH ST LANES 339 3440<br />

HORNBY 344 3070 I MERIVALE 355 2200 I NORTHLANDS 352 4578 I RANGIORA 313 0288 I RICCARTON 341 3900<br />


12 STYLE | save the date<br />

SEPT 17<br />



victoria.tait@starmedia.kiwi<br />

1-10<br />



Inspired by James Cameron’s<br />

Avatar, this visually stunning<br />

performance features<br />

acrobatics, puppetry, and<br />

world-class stagecraft.<br />

Horncastle Arena<br />

2<br />


To celebrate the coming of<br />

spring, tennis clubs across<br />

Christchurch are opening<br />

their doors for a day of fun<br />

and competition.<br />

www.lovetennis.kiwi/<br />

Canterbury<br />

1-3<br />



Featuring Michael Houstoun<br />

and Bella Hristova, this is a<br />

special opportunity to experience<br />

Beethoven’s 10 Sonatas for<br />

Violin and Piano.<br />

The Piano: Centre for<br />

Music and the Arts<br />

16<br />




British violinist Tamsin Waley-<br />

Cohen will make her CSO<br />

debut with this evocative<br />

performance.<br />

Charles Luney Auditorium<br />

8-23<br />


The Broadway adaptation of<br />

this much-loved film is hitting<br />

the stage, featuring original<br />

music from its Tony and Oscar<br />

award-winning composer, Alan<br />

Menken.<br />

Isaac Theatre Royal<br />

24<br />



For one night only, the New<br />

Zealand International Comedy<br />

Festival comes to town.<br />

Featuring Christchurch’s own<br />

Eli Matthewson.<br />

The Piano: Centre for<br />

Music and the Arts<br />

13<br />

WWE LIVE 2<strong>01</strong>7<br />

As a result of last year’s soldout<br />

Auckland show, WWE is<br />

making its way to Christchurch,<br />

giving Cantabrians a taste of<br />

something a little different.<br />

Horncastle Arena


Marley Stormcloud<br />

available from Edward Gibbon<br />

While renovating their 1960’s home in Beachlands, Neil and<br />

Marsha felt the exterior needed work to transform it into the<br />

home they envisioned.<br />

The recent addition of the brand new Marley Stormcloud®<br />

spouting in glossy black, made their home one of the first<br />

in the country to have Marley’s latest colour addition to<br />

the Stratus Design Series® range. Black is now available in<br />

Marley Stormcloud® and Typhoon® spouting, and RP80®<br />

downpipes.<br />

Neil says: “Our old spouting and downpipes were white which<br />

made the home feel a bit dated. We believe the black has truly<br />

transformed the modern look and style of our home.”<br />

“With rainwater our only supply of water and water safety<br />

imperative for our family, we went with Marley uPVC because<br />

it was certified to potable water standards. Being only 700<br />

metres to the coast durability was really important also as we<br />

didn’t want to risk corrosion or rusting over time from metal<br />

spouting.”<br />

Stormcloud’s quarter-round profile was chosen to suit the<br />

architectural style of the 1960s home, with the added bonus<br />

of being the perfect solution to the constraint of the house’s<br />

short fascia boards.<br />

When asked what advice Neil would give others looking to<br />

undertake a similar project, he said: “Plan, plan, plan but have<br />

plenty of fun in the process. Be open to new ideas and where<br />

possible prioritise good building materials.”<br />

The biggest lesson of all?<br />

“Always listen to your wife.” says Neil.<br />

Visit the Edward Gibbon showroom for more information.<br />

Bathroom | Kitchen | Laundry | Outdoor Heating | Space Heating | Water Heating<br />

293 Cranford Street (Showroom), St Albans P 366 7137<br />

75 Kingsley St, Sydenham P 366 7199<br />


14 STYLE | people<br />

MEET THE<br />

TEAM:<br />



Experienced in all things fashionable, these women are<br />

key parts of the puzzle that ensure the Ballantynes<br />

Fashion Week highlights the hottest spring and summer<br />

looks and trends.<br />


BFW: Ballantynes Fashion Week<br />

<strong>September</strong> 19-23<br />

ballantynes.co.nz/fashionweek<br />

Maria O’Halloran<br />

CEO<br />

Describe the Ballantynes shopper in five words:<br />

Loyal; discerning; adventurous; fashion conscious<br />

and valued.<br />

What have been the biggest changes that<br />

Ballantynes has faced within the fashion house?<br />

We have just completed a refurbishment of our<br />

Ladies Fashion floor, introduced international<br />

beauty brand Tom Ford. Next on our ‘to-do list’<br />

is a major rebuild.<br />

If you could wear only one designer for the<br />

rest of your life, who would it be?<br />

We are truly spoilt for choice. I couldn’t possibly<br />

name just one – but would have to say our local<br />

New Zealand talent are my go-tos.<br />

What does BFW mean to the business?<br />

Every member of our team contributes in some<br />

way to ensure this week is amazing for our<br />


STYLE | people 15<br />

Photography Charlie Jackson<br />

Anna Williams<br />


One piece you’re buying this spring?<br />

A blazer is at the top of the list – it is perfect<br />

for our four-seasons-in-one-day climate. I<br />

love how easy it is to dress up or down.<br />

What’s the shoe and bag to buy now?<br />

Slides or a mule if you prefer a heel –<br />

functional for the impending warmer<br />

weather whilst not comprising style. As for<br />

bags, I love a large tote bag for work (needs<br />

to fit an iPad, magazine and shoes) and for<br />

off-duty.<br />

Favourite look you’ve styled to date?<br />

I love when we have our mini in-store events.<br />

We use staff as our models and take looks<br />

from our fashion publications and bring an<br />

everyday approach to cater for all ages and<br />

styles and shapes.<br />

Megan McKee<br />


What’s the most fun part of your job?<br />

It’s amazing when you discover up-andcoming<br />

talent and it takes off and sells<br />

really well.<br />

Most challenging?<br />

Continuing to evolve with the fast-paced<br />

world of retail. Innovation and a constantly<br />

changing environment means our buyers<br />

can never stay still. This, however, keeps our<br />

buying team motivated, excited and engaged<br />

to find the next opportunity.<br />

Trademark accessory?<br />

Deadly Ponies Rainbow Dance Scarf from<br />

the Len Lye collection. Versatile, bright and it<br />

is a piece of art!<br />

What does BFW give your buyers?<br />

The opportunity to showcase the latest<br />

collections in an entertaining and inspiring way.<br />

Lexie Leadley<br />


Who are your style/fashion icons?<br />

If I really had to name names, Olivia Palermo<br />

and Ashley Olsen can mix-and-match and layer<br />

like no others. I love pairing great classics with<br />

fun, contemporary pieces.<br />

What’s your must-have piece for the season?<br />

I love pieces you can style in different ways.<br />

Coming into spring I’m on the lookout for<br />

dresses I can pair with sneakers and layer over<br />

a tee or wear with a bomber. I also can’t say<br />

no to an interesting earring.<br />

What can BFW attendees most look<br />

forward to?<br />

We’re particularly excited to have some of<br />

our amazing NZ designers involved. Our<br />

customers will have the opportunity to meet<br />

them and see their latest collections.

CITY<br />

MARKET<br />

now<br />

Open<br />

Proudly bringing you some<br />

of canterbury’s favourites<br />

71 Lichfield St, The Crossing<br />

Opposite The Bus Interchange<br />

Open 7am-9pm 7 days<br />

—<br />

FreshChoiceCityMarket.co.nz<br />


Colombo St<br />




Lichfield St<br />

The<br />


CITY<br />

MKT<br />

Bus INTERchange



Over the course of just a few short years, Kelly Rennie has transformed the lives<br />

of thousands of Kiwi mums through ‘Busy Mum Fitness’, and the ‘8 Week Busy<br />

Mum Programme’. She shares some great tips with Elly McGuinness, as well<br />

as some of her personal secrets for staying fit, healthy and looking so fantastic.

18 STYLE | interview<br />

When and how did you get into the fitness<br />

industry?<br />

I’m a born-and-bred Christchurch girl but I left<br />

for the UK when I was 22. I’d always been active<br />

when I was younger and I even played rugby<br />

for New Zealand. However, with that came<br />

a heavy drinking culture and my health wasn’t<br />

great. I had times of being both underweight<br />

and overweight and generally I wasn’t happy<br />

with my body. I also suffered from anxiety and<br />

depression for four years in my 20s.<br />

By the time I was 25, I had become fed up<br />

with the way I was feeling. I took hold of my<br />

health and decided to give natural body-building<br />

a go. I ended up placing in a few competitions<br />

and, within a year, I made a career change into<br />

the fitness industry. I wanted to help others<br />

achieve what I had, so I became a gym owner<br />

in the UK.<br />

We understand you were a Sports Illustrated<br />

model? Can you tell us a bit about that and<br />

why you moved away from it?<br />

I was one of the UK’s top fitness models for a<br />

few years and worked alongside [online fitness<br />

store] Bodybuilding.com. At the time, I was<br />

sponsored by Optimum Nutrition and was<br />

the cover model for various magazines. Once I<br />

became a mum, it was time to move on from<br />

that lifestyle. As a fitness model, you look great<br />

for six weeks, but it’s not sustainable in the long<br />

term. The training and eating regime required<br />

was just not realistic for me as a mum.<br />

I found myself back in New Zealand with two<br />

young children and wondering how the heck I<br />

was going to keep up a fit, healthy lifestyle. A<br />

new approach was clearly needed, and that’s<br />

how Busy Mum Fitness was formed in 2<strong>01</strong>4. I<br />

wanted to help mums incorporate exercise and<br />

healthy eating into everyday life in a way that is<br />

realistic and sustainable.<br />

Tell us about the ‘8 Week Busy Mum<br />

Programme’.<br />

It’s an online programme (busymumfitness.com)<br />

that has been designed to help mums with<br />

kids of any age with their fitness. Even though<br />

I live in Australia, about 98% of the mums on<br />

my programme are in New Zealand. My team<br />

and I help busy mums to create a fit, healthy<br />

lifestyle that they can maintain in the long<br />

term. We focus on effective, home-based and<br />

time-efficient workouts, as well as nutrition and<br />

lifestyle habits. Going deeper, we help mums<br />

manage their stress levels and teach them how<br />

to make self-care and self-love a priority.<br />

Our mums get coaching every single day via<br />

a private Facebook group and we provide them<br />

with the accountability and support they need<br />

for success. Ultimately, I want to help them get<br />

away from ‘quick fixes’ and create a healthy and<br />

happy lifestyle that they can maintain.<br />

Can you tell us about your connection with<br />

the Duchess of Cambridge?<br />

I co-authored a book called The Fit Mummy<br />

Manual. We sent Kate a copy of the book<br />

and our DVD after she gave birth to George.<br />

I can only assume that she used it, because<br />

we seemed to be one of the very few who<br />

received a personalised thank-you letter back<br />

from Kate herself!

STYLE | interview 19<br />

Three top tips to help mums with their fitness?<br />

1. Nutrition – You need to consume nutrientdense<br />

food to help balance your hormones<br />

and feel better internally.<br />

2. Stress – You’ve got to find ways to manage<br />

your stress so you can feel good and stop<br />

emotional eating. Stress can end up dictating<br />

your life. It creates an emotional pattern of<br />

eating without thinking. It also inhibits fat<br />

loss via the action of the hormone cortisol.<br />

3. Effective exercise – Figure out what’s doable<br />

and sustainable within your family life.<br />

Short, HIIT (high intensity interval training)<br />

sessions are time-effective and can help you<br />

burn fat faster.<br />

Can you share any final secrets about how<br />

you stay so fit and healthy?<br />

I am very consistent but I allow myself<br />

flexibility. I make sure I do some form of<br />

exercise every day, because it makes me feel<br />

better. I go walking for my ‘head space’ and<br />

do a 12 or 24 minute HIIT workout for<br />

fat loss.<br />

I operate on a 90-10 diet. The 10% is the<br />

flexible aspect where I allow myself a treat<br />

that I love, such as dark chocolate or a burger!<br />

For me, self-care is so important. I love<br />

looking after my skin and also going for a facial<br />

or massage because those things help me feel<br />

confident and happy.<br />

What are some of the most common<br />

mistakes you see mums making with their<br />

health and fitness goals?<br />

1. Skipping meals because they’re too busy.<br />

Then they end up eating more processed<br />

food and making poor snacking choices later<br />

in the day.<br />

2. Too much coffee and wine, and not enough<br />

water. For a stressed-out mum, coffee<br />

will add more strain to the already wornout<br />

adrenal glands. Coffee and wine also<br />

dehydrate the body.<br />

3. Not taking time out for self-care.<br />

4. Trying to fit long exercise sessions into their<br />

lifestyle unsuccessfully.<br />

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STYLE | report 21<br />

WHAT AM<br />


TO EAT?<br />

Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) is a nutritional biochemist, best-selling author and<br />

speaker, and will be bringing her new Food Frustrations event to Christchurch<br />

on October 12th and 18th, and Timaru on October 13th.

22 STYLE | report<br />

How do we know that<br />

the foods touted today<br />

as the best possible<br />

choices won’t be exposed<br />

in five to 10 years as<br />

detrimental to<br />

our health?<br />

What are we supposed to eat? It is a<br />

question that has been floating around<br />

since we began to understand, with greater<br />

clarity, the impact that the food we eat has on<br />

our health. For the last 50 years or so, scientists<br />

and researchers have been trying to find the<br />

definitive answer to what is the best way for all<br />

of us to eat. We can be forgiven for thinking,<br />

then, that surely it would have been found by<br />

now! It seems, however, that differences in<br />

research are only growing; meaning the result<br />

for many people is hopeless confusion about<br />

what they should be eating.<br />

On the back of the ‘low fat/high carb’ era<br />

of the ’80s and ’90s, we have been presented<br />

with an abundance of often conflicting research<br />

around food and diet. There seem to be<br />

innumerable ways of eating, each with what<br />

appears to be credible research supporting it<br />

as the ‘best’ way for all of us. Countless people<br />

have adopted paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian,<br />

vegan or low-carb diets, and there are as<br />

many people telling us we should adopt them<br />

too, based on their own positive experiences,<br />

as there are studies validating each of them.<br />

Others still are stuck in cycles of unhealthy<br />

eating, knowing that the food they reach for<br />

doesn’t offer anything in the way of nutrition,<br />

but unable to break away from the habit.<br />

For many, though, the changes and<br />

fluctuations in nutritional evidence over the last<br />

50 years have caused them to lose faith in the<br />

very foundation of nutritional advice. How do<br />

we know that the foods touted today as the<br />

best possible choices won’t be exposed in five<br />

to 10 years as detrimental to our health? To add<br />

another layer to the confusion, even though we<br />

might feel uncertain about whose guidance to<br />

trust, we also no longer trust ourselves. Without<br />

that inner trust to guide us, we lose our capacity<br />

to know for ourselves what works and what<br />

doesn’t. The idea of a diet or set of guidelines<br />

then feels ‘safe’, because we have rules to follow<br />

that take the guesswork out of our choices.

STYLE | report 23<br />

So many people tell me that they feel like<br />

their bodies and their tastebuds betray them.<br />

They tell me they know what they should<br />

be eating but they just aren’t doing it, either<br />

because they feel they can’t resist certain foods<br />

or because they don’t have time to prepare<br />

properly nutritious meals. There are countless<br />

others who regularly experience issues with<br />

their digestion – and overall health – yet put<br />

up with it because they think it’s just ‘normal’.<br />

These things are common, but they are never<br />

normal. They are our body telling us that we<br />

need to change something. That something is<br />

often foods that we are eating that don’t agree<br />

with our constitution.<br />

So, in this sea of often conflicting information,<br />

how do we know what we’re supposed to<br />

eat? In my 20 years of clinical practice, I have<br />

never found that one way of eating works for all<br />

humans – and there is a simple reason for this.<br />

We’re all incredibly different. While the human<br />

body is most commonly structured the same<br />

way, there is an element of bio-individuality that<br />

plays an influential part.<br />

For example, all of us get nourishment from<br />

swallowing food and having it broken down by<br />

the acids and enzymes present in our stomach<br />

and small intestine. That overarching process<br />

is much the same in all of us. However, our<br />

individual gut microbiome (the ecosystem of<br />

gut bacteria we all have in our intestine) will<br />

influence how well we absorb nutrients and<br />

whether we react to particular foods or break<br />

them down easily. Some people do well with<br />

more or less carbs than others, and this is in<br />

part due to the bacterial species living in our gut.<br />

Our stress levels, amongst other things, will also<br />

impact on the quality of our digestion and the<br />

integrity of our gut microbiome. The variables<br />

are countless, meaning that what works for one<br />

person won’t necessarily work for another.<br />

The way you are supposed to eat is also<br />

influenced by numerous other factors, one of<br />

which being your heritage. If you have grown<br />

I have never found<br />

that one way of eating<br />

works for all humans<br />

– and there is a simple<br />

reason for this. We’re all<br />

incredibly different.

24 STYLE | report

Some studies in New Zealand suggest<br />

that less than 10 per cent of the adult<br />

population eats the recommended five<br />

serves of vegetables per day.<br />

If that’s you – start there!<br />

up in one of the Pacific Islands, for example, traditionally your<br />

meals were predominantly based on vegetables – both waterbased<br />

and starchy, as well as fruit and fish. Considering the<br />

long history within this culture of eating this way, people with<br />

this heritage would see best results in digestive capacity to<br />

continue eating this way for their health – no matter where on<br />

the planet they now live.<br />

How do we keep ourselves outside of fluctuating nutrition<br />

trends and how do we know what information to trust?<br />

There will always be new trends that surface and there<br />

will always be new research, it’s unlikely that is ever going<br />

to change. One nutritional foundation that the majority of<br />

health professionals and researchers agree on is to eat plenty<br />

of vegetables, and base meals and snacks on whole, real<br />

foods. So, one way to cut through all the confusing nutritional<br />

information is to come back to basics; simply amp up your<br />

vegetable consumption and decrease your intake of processed<br />

foods. Some studies in New Zealand suggest that less than 10<br />

per cent of the adult population eats the recommended five<br />

serves of vegetables per day. If that’s you – start there! While<br />

there are many other things to consider, this one small change<br />

will have an enormous impact on your health and energy.<br />

If you are regularly plagued with digestive complaints such as<br />

bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and IBS-type symptoms, you<br />

may need to get to the heart of what it is you’re eating that<br />

isn’t agreeing with you. You could also need to explore your<br />

perception of food, as there are countless blocks you may<br />

have that stop you from eating in a nourishing way.<br />

Remember that the way you feed yourself is the most basic,<br />

fundamental way you demonstrate care for yourself and that<br />

you are worth taking care of.

26 STYLE | home<br />


A Redcliffs property has been rebuilt to embrace modern living<br />

and drink in the views.<br />

Words Naomi Spinsby-Wild

STYLE | home 27<br />

Each area is distinct<br />

in functionality, but<br />

cohesive in design.<br />

The sleek profile of Janice and Tony Park’s<br />

coastal Redcliffs property fits effortlessly<br />

into its hillside setting, its configuration of<br />

monochromatic geometric forms lending it a<br />

definite sense of contemporary sophistication.<br />

Like many Christchurch homes, it has been<br />

rebuilt as a result of the earthquakes, with<br />

tweaks being made to the original layout to<br />

better complement modern living.<br />

Covering a floor space of 335 square<br />

metres, the house is comprised of three<br />

levels to best utilise its positioning on the<br />

hillside. Each area is distinct in functionality,<br />

but cohesive in design. On the ground floor<br />

sits the double garage and a self-contained<br />

one-bedroom unit, which, while connected to<br />

the main house, can function as a completely<br />

independent dwelling. This versatile feature<br />

was present in the original home, and was<br />

something the Parks were keen to see<br />

replicated in the rebuild.<br />

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28 STYLE | home<br />

Upon entering the home, a central<br />

staircase leads to the first – or middle –<br />

floor, which houses the four bedrooms,<br />

and accompanying en suite. In the original<br />

1970s-built iteration of the home, the<br />

bedrooms occupied the upper floor, and<br />

the configuration of the private spaces<br />

meant that the impressive view couldn’t be<br />

showcased to its full potential. As the rebuild<br />

became a reality, the Parks approached<br />

architect Pete Wynyard and builders Takahe<br />

Construction with the hope of inverting the<br />

layout.<br />

The result is a stunning, uninterrupted<br />

coastal view which commands attention<br />

on the upper floor. The wide-angle view it<br />

provides is naturally a favourite feature for<br />

the owners, with Janice commenting that it<br />

encompasses “the mountains, right round to<br />

the back of Scarborough”.<br />

The upper deck is cleverly canopied, this<br />

unobtrusive element of the design not only<br />

allowing for added recessed lighting, but<br />

also ensuring the space is usable all year<br />

round. As well as being an eye-catching<br />

design feature, the canopy also serves a<br />

dual purpose in terms of functionality. It<br />

provides shade from the sun in the scorching<br />

Canterbury summers, meaning that leisure<br />

hours can be passed watching the world go<br />

by – something homeowner Janice describes<br />

as “all too easy”. Not only this, it also acts as<br />

a year-round windbreak, protecting the deck<br />

from the prevailing coastal winds. Inkeepingly,<br />

an angular protrusion protects and shades<br />

the eastern elevation of the house, while<br />

simultaneously contributing to the geometric<br />

design of the exterior.<br />

Sliding doors connect the deck to the<br />

expansive open-plan upper floor, maximising<br />

the already-generous space for entertaining,<br />

and allowing air to flow throughout the<br />

space on bright summer days.<br />

Naturally, the upper floor is orientated<br />

to make the most of both the view and the<br />

abundant natural light. The central kitchen<br />

island faces seaward, meaning you can cook<br />

and socialise with the Pacific Ocean in your<br />

eyeline, an opportunity few other kitchens<br />

can boast.<br />

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30 STYLE | home<br />

The vertical timber slats that accent the<br />

home’s staircase echo the clean lines and sleek<br />

aesthetic of the cladding, while the natural<br />

material softens the look for an interior setting.<br />

These contemporary touches continue<br />

throughout the house, present in both<br />

the refined tiling of the bathroom and the<br />

eye-catching kitchen counter tops, the<br />

sophisticated finishes of the natural materials<br />

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STYLE | home 31<br />

These contemporary<br />

touches continue<br />

throughout the house,<br />

present in both the refined<br />

tiling of the bathroom and<br />

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The newest additions to the Seletti lighting range are the Mouse<br />

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34 STYLE | rebuild<br />

As a vision for the<br />

central city comes<br />

together, Richard<br />

Dalman gives<br />

his take on the<br />

proposed design.<br />



Finally, we have a proposed new draft<br />

plan for Cathedral Square promoted by<br />

Regenerate Christchurch. Wahoo!<br />

But is that an excited or sarcastic wahoo?<br />

Probably a bit of both. Let’s look at a brief<br />

history of the Square, then examine the<br />

content of the draft plan.<br />

Nineteenth-century Cathedral Square was<br />

the centrepiece of the original design for<br />

Christchurch. It was designed as the hub of<br />

our city’s grid street design.<br />

By mid-20th century, Cathedral Square was<br />

an important transport and social hub for<br />

the city. Buses parked around the perimeter,<br />

trams and cars passed through, and cinemas<br />

activated the edges. I remember meeting<br />

friends in the 1970s on the Cathedral steps<br />

to decide which movie we would go to see.<br />

Late 20th century the trams, most buses<br />

and cars had disappeared, and Cathedral<br />

Square struggled for life. There was little<br />

activation around the perimeter, particularly<br />

noticeable on the south side as the ANZ and<br />

BNZ banks presented glazed walls to the<br />

Square with little or no access.<br />

Today, Cathedral Square currently is in<br />

a state of transition, presenting a mixture<br />

of damaged buildings yet to be repaired or<br />

demolished, empty sites, buildings under<br />

construction and repair, and some buildings in<br />

use. It is a mess, and will be for some time.<br />

For me, Cathedral Square has always<br />

been the urbane, hard-surfaced square of<br />

Christchurch. Part of its power was drawn<br />

from its contrast to the leafy Victoria Square.<br />

Over the years, I have resisted the public<br />

call for more plants and gardens in Cathedral<br />

Square, but lately as I have become “softer<br />

around the edges”, so have my views on the<br />

Square. I now like the idea of gardens with<br />

water. The proposed plan locates these in<br />

appropriate areas behind the Cathedral –<br />

which has always been a difficult space – and<br />

in front of the new Distinction Hotel, which is<br />

the best corner in the Square (sheltered from<br />

the easterly and receiving great sun). But<br />

what about the proposed division of space?<br />

Cathedral Square is large in comparison<br />

to most European squares and large for a<br />

city of our size. The designers have quite<br />

rightly wanted to break up the Square<br />

into a series of smaller spaces, but it is the<br />

way they propose to do this that I object<br />

to. Constructing three-storey buildings (as<br />

indicated in the drawings on the north-west<br />

side of the Cathedral) within the public space,<br />

temporary or not, is reducing the amount of<br />

our outdoor public space.<br />

The Courtyard can be created by trees<br />

or open-walled pavilions in a similar manner<br />

to the Living Room. If this space is closed<br />

down too much by the proposed structures,<br />

the opportunity for an iconic public entry off<br />

Cathedral Square to the new Convention<br />

Centre will be lost.<br />

The grand ceremonial space (Post Office<br />

Place) is a must but, in my view, should<br />

be centred on the Cathedral, extending<br />

westwards the full width between the<br />

Post Office building and the former Tivoli<br />

building. The proposed space is smaller<br />

due to the new buildings indicated in the<br />

northwest corner.<br />

The Living Room space is a great idea and<br />

is positioned in a sunny location.<br />

The Library Plaza is also a great idea and<br />

will be well used in front of a public building<br />

and adjacent to the war memorial.<br />

The proposed plan doesn’t indicate<br />

adequately how cars and buses will get<br />

to the two hotels – if they travel hard up<br />

against the building they will negate the<br />

opportunity for outdoor dining immediately<br />

out from the buildings.<br />

The draft plan is meant to be a<br />

“conversation starter”. It has been successful<br />

in that goal, and is a good start, but needs<br />

more work for Cathedral Square to achieve<br />

the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan’s<br />

vision to become “an international centre and<br />

the heart of our city, with year-round activity,<br />

day and night”. What a great vision to aspire<br />

to – let’s hope it can be achieved.

STYLE | art news 35<br />

ART<br />

NEWS<br />

Sustainability and<br />

functional art combine<br />

in Windswept, a piece<br />

of sculptural art donated<br />

by Tréology to the<br />

Christchurch Art Gallery<br />

Foundation Gala Dinner<br />

Auction. Tréology is<br />

known for crafting<br />

contemporary furniture<br />

from New Zealand trees,<br />

and was inspired by the<br />

windswept landscape of<br />

Banks Peninsula when<br />

creating the piece. The<br />

sculpture was crafted out<br />

of rimu and mounted on a<br />

base of Timaru bluestone,<br />

and the proceeds of its<br />

sale will help Christchurch<br />

Art Gallery purchase a<br />

new work.<br />

Christchurch Art Gallery is playing host<br />

to an exciting collection of Len Lye’s<br />

engineered art, with an exhibition running<br />

until November 26th entitled Len Lye:<br />

Stopped Short by Wonder. Viewed as a<br />

‘homecoming’ of sorts, it will feature a<br />

range of work by the Christchurch-born<br />

artist, including a number of his kinetic<br />

sculptures along with a selection of his<br />

films, paintings and drawings. The first<br />

time in 15 years that any of Lye’s work has<br />

been shown in his hometown, the gallery<br />

is hoping it will give a new generation a<br />

chance to connect with his work.<br />

World of WearableArt (WOW) has announced the finalists for its 2<strong>01</strong>7 awards, which<br />

this year feature the works of six Canterbury designers, including previous winners Natasha<br />

English and Tatyanna Meharry of Christchurch and Janice Elliot of Papanui. The competition is<br />

divided into six themed sections, including Avant Garde and Science Fiction, providing plenty<br />

of scope for creativity. The finalists’ entries will be showcased at the WOW Awards Show in<br />

Wellington, <strong>September</strong> 21st-October 8th.

36 STYLE | arts<br />

AMELIA<br />

GUILD<br />

An artist with many strings to<br />

her bow, and a painting style that<br />

celebrates rural life.<br />

Words Anne Hudson<br />

Amelia Guild was raised on High Peaks, a<br />

high country station near Windwhistle in<br />

the upper Rakaia Gorge, North Canterbury.<br />

Although she left home for school and<br />

university, then lived overseas for some time,<br />

those hills and the country life called her back.<br />

Amelia Guild is like her paintings; colourful,<br />

vibrant and filled with enthusiastic expression.<br />

Her subject matter demonstrates her love of<br />

farm animals from cattle to deer and faithful<br />

farm dogs.<br />

In a time where lifestyle magazines<br />

romanticise farming lives, and<br />

environmentalists vilify farmers as polluters<br />

of our rivers, it is refreshing to come across<br />

the work of Amelia, who portrays a joy for<br />

country living and a love of the animals in her<br />

world. The work has no hidden message and<br />

the paintings are bold and colourful, showing<br />

an appreciation of the place in which she<br />

resides. She is, of course, concerned for the<br />

environment and its preservation, but that<br />

is not the object of her paintings. Painting,<br />

for her, is a passion and an outlet for her<br />

boundless creativity.<br />

Rural and urban boundaries are blurred<br />

in these paintings. The subject matter is<br />

undoubtedly rural, but the colours seem<br />

more urban; reds, blues, and turquoise. Bold<br />

Professional Plumbing<br />

that won't drain your pocket<br />

0508 AQUA PRO | www.aquaproplumbing.nz<br />


STYLE | arts 37<br />

brush strokes laden with colour weave a<br />

tapestry where line and colour reveal either<br />

the dynamic nature of a herd of cattle, the<br />

contemplative gaze of an individual beast or<br />

the writhing body of an active dog. Amelia<br />

currently works with acrylic paints, as they are<br />

a less toxic medium now she has a toddler<br />

nearby. This has resulted in the need to work<br />

quickly, making her work looser and more<br />

expressive. These energetic works hang well<br />

in both rural and urban homes, as while they<br />

reference country life, it is in a way that all<br />

New Zealanders can identify with.<br />

Amelia has had no formal art training, and<br />

has an alter ego as actor comedienne, Amelia<br />

Dunbar. Again, the subject matter is rural; dogs<br />

on heat, bitches in their box. The humour<br />

does not take social niceties into account,<br />

since dogs are not governed by the politically<br />

correct. Amelia and her colleagues take their<br />

comedy show on the road, visiting mainly rural<br />

woolshed venues in New Zealand. While<br />

their shows mostly serve to bring some light<br />

relief to the anxieties of country life, they’ve<br />

also been performed in major cities and at<br />

international festivals, again demonstrating the<br />

versatility of her work. Amelia uses different<br />

surnames as artist and actor, but the roles spill<br />

into the other. For instance, the titles given to<br />

her paintings provide clues to her comic self,<br />

as they include Marbled Thighs Doing Aquacise,<br />

They Were All Too Familiar With That Look and<br />

The Movers And Shakers, not titles one would<br />

usually associate with farm animals.<br />

Farming is now a business where valueadded<br />

enterprises are not only encouraged,<br />

but are a necessity. As well as farming sheep,<br />

beef and deer, Amelia’s brothers run a tourist<br />

and ski-hosting business, and her husband is<br />

an apiarist, producing high-quality honey from<br />

mānuka and beech forest pollens. They all live<br />

together on the family property, enriching their<br />

lives where their talents lie. Amelia’s talents lie<br />

with her painting, and when she is not making<br />

art or looking after her young daughter, she<br />

finds time to perform. Everyone has many<br />

strings to their bow, and in the microcosm of a<br />

high country station enterprise, we encounter<br />

the complexities of millennial life. Tradition<br />

and family life is important, but diversification<br />

and innovation is essential to survive in the<br />

modern economy.<br />

Amelia doesn’t take herself too seriously,<br />

and lets her personality shine through in all<br />

her work, whether it be painting or acting.<br />

The overall effect is wonderfully vibrant work<br />

that draws you into her world, one which<br />

celebrates rural life and the joy that animals<br />

can bring.<br />

Amelia will be a guest artist at this year’s<br />

Art in a Garden at Flaxmere, near Hawarden<br />

in late October. As a daughter of North<br />

Canterbury, I am sure her work will be<br />


38 STYLE | luxe living<br />



Gucci has just announced a new homewares<br />

line. Set to arrive online in <strong>September</strong>, we are<br />

hoping the New Zealand boutique in Auckland’s<br />

Queen Street will stock these super-stylish<br />

pieces. Inspired by creative director Alessandro<br />

Michele’s recent collection, those who are close<br />

to the brand will instantly recognise his iconic<br />

animal prints, as well as the bold use of colour<br />

and pattern. Expect a range of accessories from<br />

furniture to home fragrances.<br />

LUXE<br />

LIVING<br />


Take your footwear to the next level with British<br />

shoe designer Sophia Webster’s latest collection.<br />

Never one to play it safe, Sophia’s new range<br />

is inspired by the film Dreamgirls and Alfred<br />

Hitchcock’s horror classic The Birds, making the<br />

spring/summer 2<strong>01</strong>7 collection a kaleidoscope<br />

of colour, with tropical flamingos, bold shades,<br />

crystals and peacock feathers.<br />



For residential interior design work in 2<strong>01</strong>6, Trenzseater’s Ben<br />

Lewis has been short-listed for the prestigious International<br />

Design & Architecture Awards by an acclaimed global judging<br />

panel. The International Design & Architecture Awards are<br />

held this <strong>September</strong> at The Dorchester in London. Now with<br />

showrooms in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, this<br />

monochrome brand has truly been recognised for its brilliance.<br />

We’re loving the Isabella armchair from the latest collection.<br />

Isabella Armchair

THE RISE<br />



I’m sure I’m not the only employer who<br />

wonders at the incredible influence of<br />

social media in the workplace. Only a few<br />

years ago, having Facebook up on your<br />

work computer would have resulted in<br />

either an awkward “what are you up to?”<br />

moment or a straight-out “get off that”<br />

bark. Well, from me at least, because many<br />

of the things I was seeing didn’t apply to<br />

the task at hand.<br />

But things have changed. Social media in many<br />

of its applications now provides a viable form<br />

of connection and marketing. It’s become an<br />

integrated business tool and a purposeful part of<br />

any real estate company’s DNA.<br />

A lot of people might say, “I saw that coming,”<br />

and they might be right, but who would<br />

have thought we would measure ‘likes’ and<br />

‘impressions’, employ a full-time videographer,<br />

have a ‘boosting’ budget or look to identify our<br />

top posts of the month.<br />

Lynette McFadden<br />

Not only do we actually get engagement and<br />

business opportunities from our social media,<br />

with connections being made beyond our own<br />

country’s borders, we know the demographics<br />

behind the engagement: how many people<br />

we reach, how many of<br />

these engage with the<br />

posts or videos, what ages<br />

predominate and what<br />

time of the day they are<br />

looking.<br />

Because I know that the<br />

most views are from followers online between<br />

3pm and 4pm on Fridays, I’m thinking they either<br />

want to see what properties are new to the<br />

market for the weekend ahead or can’t wait to<br />

quit the day and just want to enjoy the passive<br />

act of constant scrolling.<br />

The reach of social media, backed up by the<br />

massive engines of Facebook and Google, hasn’t<br />

Harcourts Gold Business Owner<br />

Harcourts NZ Inspirational Women Ambassador<br />

displaced great hardcopy marketing, but like<br />

anything deeply innovative it adds an interesting<br />

and potentially competitive<br />

new ingredient. Conversely, it<br />

can also bore and offend with<br />

its repetitive and disruptive<br />

nature. It can also make the<br />

world so incredibly filtered<br />

(as in Instagram) that all sense of reality is lost.<br />

As with all change, there are followers and<br />

detractors, imitators and originals. I’m in the ‘let’s<br />

make it happen’ camp, because it’s not going<br />

away and, although I’d normally not admit to it, a<br />

‘like’ is a ‘like’ is a ‘like’.<br />

Spring is a breath away and I for one can’t wait. If<br />

your’e hooked on your computer and your social<br />

media, now’s the time to give yourself a break!<br />

Springtime is premium<br />

selling time!<br />

So now’s the right time to get<br />

your property ready for listing.<br />

Contact any one of the Gold team today<br />

about listing your home.<br />

PAPANUI 352 6166 International & Migrant Division (+64) 3 662 9811<br />

REDWOOD 352 0352 • PARKLANDS 383 0406 NEW BRIGHTON 382 0043<br />




40 STYLE | landscaping<br />


Landscape architect<br />

Craig Wilson talks<br />

us through giving the<br />

garden an instant refresh<br />

with the implementation<br />

of border edging.<br />

An often-repeated commentary we all hear<br />

about the modern lifestyle is that most of us<br />

are leading busy lives. With a long list of priorities<br />

centring around family and work, we often<br />

leave little time for other things, like keeping<br />

the garden looking its best. This is reflected in<br />

my landscape design practice, where the vast<br />

majority of clients request a low-maintenance<br />

garden. Most people, understandably, want<br />

their garden and landscape areas to look as<br />

good as possible with the minimum amount of<br />

maintenance – especially in winter.<br />

Sometimes, small changes in the set-up and<br />

layout of your spaces can make a big difference<br />

to the amount of upkeep required. Begin by<br />

having a look at your outdoor space to see how<br />

your garden and lawn edges are formed. In many<br />

instances, you will find a spade-formed angled<br />

edge, which over time has lost clean definition<br />

and has allowed grass, weeds and border plants<br />

encroach past their rightful place – giving an<br />

untidy look that’s difficult to work with. A welldefined<br />

boundary between these two will create<br />

an easily maintained edge that looks crisp with<br />

minimal effort.<br />

There are a number of great options available<br />

to design and implement an edged border that<br />

will complement both your overall look and<br />

your budget.<br />

The most cost-effective and commonly seen<br />

form of edging is a timber batten. This low-cost<br />

solution would be installed to sit ‘flush’ with your<br />

lawn to enable ease of mowing. A typical timber<br />

profile would be a ground-treated 75x25mm or<br />

75x55mm batten.<br />

A step up in quality and cost is an aluminium<br />

edging product. These are becoming increasingly<br />

popular and have the benefits of a long lifespan<br />

while being easily bent and shaped into lovely<br />

curves, which may be difficult to achieve with<br />

a timber batten. The installed profile is a very<br />

thin, crisp line, which can be well-suited to a<br />

contemporary garden space.<br />

Pavers can be used to create a border that<br />

becomes a feature of its own, often utilised to<br />

highlight a perfectly manicured lawn. The options<br />

range from segmental pre-cast concrete cobbles<br />

to costly quarried natural stone. To ensure the<br />

longevity of a newly paved edge, the pavers will<br />

need to be well-installed by an experienced<br />

landscape contractor on a well-prepared base.<br />

The key to an easily maintained edge is<br />

ensuring your lawn is level with the top of your<br />

edging product, meaning you can easily run your<br />

mower around the edge to get things back in<br />

order. Don’t fall into the trap of installing your<br />

edging higher than your lawn – even if your<br />

neighbour has…<br />

Alexis is an<br />

aspiring chef.<br />

So we made the kitchen<br />

the heart of his family home.<br />

Start your own story<br />

03 348 1994 | www.peterrayhomes.co.nz

STYLE | promotion 41<br />

TM<br />

Outdoor Lifespace<br />

by Goom<br />

0800 GOOM LS<br />

goomlandscapes.co.nz<br />


42 STYLE | fashion news<br />

Olivia Palermo<br />


NEWS<br />

DENIM<br />

Every woman’s denim collection should consist of the<br />

classics: simple skinny jeans, a great pair of flares, and<br />

your go-to comfy jeans. It never hurts to add a trenddriven<br />

style to your rotation each season, and with this<br />

in mind, we’ve selected some of our favourite current<br />

on-trend styles.<br />


First selling denim at a car-boot market in 1991,<br />

Cotton On has continued to develop and reinvent this<br />

wardrobe staple. We love this new denim jacket – a<br />

must-have for the winter-to-spring transition.<br />


The new collection ‘Free Spirit’ from Loobie’s Story<br />

elevates denim from daytime essential to statement<br />

piece. Discover a variety of styles that can be dressed<br />

down for daytime with a pair of Chucks, or paired with<br />

a heel for some evening glamour.<br />


If you add anything to your wardrobe this season,<br />

make sure it’s a denim midi. The new take on the short<br />

denim skirt will add a chic look to any outfit.<br />

Loobie’s Story OC Jean Trim<br />

Cotton On Boyfriend Trucker Denim Jacket<br />


STYLE | fashion news 43<br />


The ultimate handy bag, it’s lightweight, machine-washable, vegan<br />

and now available in Christchurch. These bags have gained a cult<br />

following in Australia as they are the ultimate everything bag – be<br />

it gym bag, yummy-mummy bag, or everyday tote. Designed for<br />

simplicity, these bags are functional yet still edgy and stylish. We love<br />

the new range of metallic totes that have arrived just in time for<br />

spring. prenebags.co.nz<br />

The Sterling Bag – Perforated Neoprene Tote<br />


We can’t get enough of Calvin Klein’s Fall 2<strong>01</strong>7 campaign, shot<br />

by photographer Willy Vanderperre. In it, 22 models are shown<br />

against a series of billboards which feature images from their<br />

previous season campaign, including works by artist Andy Warhol.<br />

The billboards were erected in the California desert to lend an<br />

authentic look and feel to the shoot.

44 STYLE | fashion news<br />

Mr Boxette Pony<br />


Deadly Ponies for My Little Pony has been inspired by<br />

the iconic pop-culture brand whose characters’ boundless<br />

energy and optimism has filled living rooms around the<br />

world for generations. The collection has been in the works<br />

for two years with global entertainment giants, Hasbro.<br />


The sophisticated silhouettes of these super-stylish frames<br />

mark them out as definitively ELLERY, and they are available<br />

exclusively at Specsavers. The new collection is inspired by the<br />

personal style of artistic figures like Peggy Guggenheim, Truman<br />

Capote and Buddy Holly.<br />

Kym Ellery wears ELLERY<br />

稀 攀 戀 爀 愀 渀 漀<br />

䔀 甀 瀀 栀 漀 爀 椀 愀<br />

䌀 漀 搀 攀 䈀 愀 渀 愀 渀 愀 䈀 氀 甀 攀<br />

䴀 漀 礀 甀 爀 甀 䰀 攀 洀 漀 渀 吀 爀 攀 攀

STYLE | interview 45<br />



RUMBLE<br />

<strong>Style</strong> speaks with Westfield Chief Stylist Stephanie<br />

Rumble about trends, her no-fail styling tricks and her<br />

involvement in the upcoming Westfield Fashion Weekend.<br />

Describe your style in three words.<br />

Eclectic, colourful and dramatic.<br />

What’s your wardrobe must-have piece<br />

for the season?<br />

Wide-legged culottes: mid-calf length<br />

and long – I have some awesome ones<br />

from Portmans.<br />

How did you get your start in styling?<br />

I did a Master’s degree in Clothing and<br />

Textiles, and then won the best-dressed<br />

woman at the Addington Races in<br />

2006, which gave me the confidence to<br />

launch into styling. A year later, I went<br />

to Australia and completed an intensive<br />

training course in image consultancy. I<br />

started small and part-time and built my<br />

business from there.<br />

What’s your approach when you first<br />

start styling someone? Do you ask<br />

questions, go through their closet?<br />

I always ask every client if they really<br />

know what suits their body shape and<br />

colouring, what their lifestyle is, and what<br />

has motivated them to call me. I like to<br />

get to know people a little first so I can<br />

help guide them in the best possible way<br />

to a great styling experience. Once we<br />

have sorted the colours and body shape<br />

we then look at their wardrobe, getting<br />

rid of what doesn’t work, making a list of<br />

the pieces needed, and then heading out<br />

shopping. Styling is a process that takes<br />

time and needs trust, understanding and<br />

a good instinct for where the client is at.<br />

Can you tell us about your involvement<br />

at Westfield Fashion Weekend?<br />

I’m helping to put together five fashion<br />

shows targeted towards trends, colour<br />

combinations, maternity and children,<br />

plus size fashion, and activewear. These<br />

will be showing on both the Saturday<br />

and Sunday, and the styling services<br />

will also be offered throughout the<br />

weekend.<br />

What can a Westfield customer expect<br />

when booking a consultation at the<br />

Westfield Fashion Weekend?<br />

A customer will get a 15-minute oneon-one<br />

consultation in our style lounge,<br />

during which they get shown a selection<br />

of clothing that is tailored to their<br />

needs. We then arm them with all the<br />

information they need so they can head<br />

around the shops to play with and try<br />

on new looks.<br />

Who are some of your go-to designers<br />

for styling now?<br />

Chain store – Portmans, Dotti,<br />

Witchery, and Glassons.<br />

High end – World, Kate Sylvester and<br />

Andrea Moore.<br />

What is one no-fail styling trick you<br />

have?<br />

Wear the right underwear – a moulded<br />

cup bra with seamless knickers, AND<br />

a pair of heels makes you look taller<br />

and slimmer, no matter what you are<br />


46 STYLE | junior<br />

JUNIOR<br />


Getting vegetables into fussy eaters is an age-old problem. At <strong>Style</strong> we<br />

have one tried-and-tested solution – smoothies. If you’re unsure of<br />

what to put in to delight the tastebuds of your tiny ones, we suggest<br />

looking at the following ingredients: pineapple, green apple, ginger,<br />

coconut milk, lime, baby spinach and cucumber.<br />

Tip – Get your children involved in naming your home creations, as this will<br />

make drinking them fun. Some we like are Jungle Juice, Monkey Water, and<br />

Dinosaur Juice (made famous by Peppa Pig).<br />


We love to hear that more and more schools are adopting the<br />

rubbish-free lunchbox, as the amount of waste this reduces for our<br />

environment is huge. However, we are also aware of the challenge<br />

this presents to parents, as so many supermarket lunchbox items<br />

are wrapped. Rather than spending your precious time unwrapping<br />

prepacked lunch items, we’d suggest the following options.<br />

1. Get a bento-style lunchbox, like Yumbox, which even has pictures<br />

to ensure you’re giving your children all the nutrition they need.<br />

2. Don’t buy pre-packaged cheese; rather, get creative with cookie<br />

cutter shapes. Who doesn’t love teddy-bear-shaped cheese?<br />

3. Make your own vege chips – much healthier and you won’t have<br />

the issue of little chip bags. Simply peel veges and slice thinly with a<br />

mandolin, coat in oil, spread on a non-stick baking sheet and bake.<br />

4. Buy your yoghurt in a large container and portion this out into<br />

reusable containers. Better still, use Greek yoghurt and add berries<br />

or stewed fruit to sweeten it, cutting down on sugar as well.<br />


Studies have suggested that practising yoga while<br />

pregnant can improve sleep, reduce stress and<br />

anxiety, and increase the strength, flexibility and<br />

endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. In fact,<br />

exercise during pregnancy has enormous benefits<br />

to both mother and baby. So get up and get<br />

moving and take a note of what supermodel Gisele<br />

Bündchen told a Brazilian newspaper, “I did kung<br />

fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born,<br />

and yoga three days a week.” She said she was also<br />

“mindful” of what she ate.


363 Colombo Street, SYDM // thecolombo.co.nz

48 STYLE | wellbeing<br />

THE 80-20<br />




So much of healthy living lies in achieving the right<br />

balance. Elly McGuinness talks us through some<br />

small changes that can make all the difference.

STYLE | wellbeing 49<br />

The 80-20 principle means<br />

that you won’t feel like<br />

you’re depriving yourself<br />

of things by saying, “I can<br />

never eat that.”<br />

The 80-20 principle is talked about in<br />

health and fitness circles in a couple<br />

of contexts, the first being that 80% of your<br />

efforts should be focused on nutrition, with the<br />

other 20% concentrated upon exercise. This is<br />

not necessarily a principle I personally follow,<br />

because I believe that additional factors such<br />

as stress levels, sleep, psychological balance,<br />

and relationships need to be considered when<br />

optimal health is your goal.<br />

The second way that we talk about the 80-20<br />

principle in health and fitness is the one that<br />

resonates with me. There is a lot of evidence<br />

of unhealthy food behaviours in modern<br />

society, ranging on a spectrum from poor or<br />

restrictive food choices, to food obsessions. Both<br />

extremes are unhealthy, as fixating on food is<br />

not conducive to sustainable, long-term results.<br />

These habits are generally not enjoyable and can<br />

make for a constrictive lifestyle that is difficult<br />

to maintain.<br />

The 80-20 principle that I like to follow for<br />

long-term results is as follows: put in top-notch<br />

effort 80% of the time in order to obtain the<br />

health and fitness results you desire, and for the<br />

remaining 20%, don’t sweat it.<br />

It may seem at first as though allowing yourself<br />

to relax 20% of the time won’t enable you to<br />

achieve the results you’re after, although, in fact,<br />

the opposite is true. Once you begin following<br />

the principle, you’ll find that 80% is a surprisingly<br />

large, yet manageable, proportion of your time.<br />

For every 10 meals that you have, aim for eight<br />

of them to be as nourishing as possible. This<br />

means consuming meals made from whole (real!)<br />

foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds,<br />

legumes, whole grains, lean meats, and eggs.<br />

For the remaining 20%, you can allow yourself<br />

to relax a bit, which will both allow you to treat<br />

yourself, and prevent you from becoming too<br />

self-critical when it comes to your eating habits.<br />

When you are a healthy person who eats a very<br />

balanced diet most of the time, the 20% won’t<br />

be a full slip-up.<br />

When you sufficiently change your lifestyle<br />

so that you eat healthily the majority of the<br />

time, you are not going to be drawn to gorging<br />

yourself on an unhealthy fast-food meal or<br />

eating a full block of chocolate. If you are getting<br />

cravings to this degree, just keep working on<br />

making nutritious choices and eventually these<br />

unhealthy binges will become a thing of the past.<br />

For healthy eaters, the 20% might include eating<br />

an appropriate-sized portion of dark chocolate,<br />

rather than a whole block of Dairy Milk. It could<br />

involve not worrying about what you will be<br />

served when you go to a friend’s house for a<br />

meal, or choosing to have a glass of wine with<br />

dinner. And when you go to lunch, you’ll make<br />

an effort to select a healthy option, but won’t<br />

stress if it’s not quite as wholesome as what<br />

you’d make at home.<br />

The 80-20 principle means that you won’t<br />

feel like you’re depriving yourself of things by<br />

saying, “I can never eat that.” In small, infrequent<br />

amounts, most foods are not going to disrupt<br />

your goals. Instead, it is the person who tells<br />

themselves they can’t have something that<br />

later feels deprived and binges in a way that<br />

will hinder their progress. Remember that your<br />

results come from what you do most often, not<br />

what you do occasionally.<br />

The revolution in<br />

skin treatment<br />

248 Papanui Road<br />

Merivale, Christchurch<br />

Phone 03 356 0214<br />

Fax 03 356 0241<br />

encorehealth@xtra.co.nz<br />

encorehealth.co.nz<br />

You’ve heard of IPL, Now discover BBL.<br />

Achieve a refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful look with<br />

our Sciton BBL technology known as the “Rolls Royce of<br />

IPLs”. We have the only one in Christchurch.<br />

The BBL uniquely delivers light therapy, targeting the signs<br />

of ageing and sun damage in a natural looking way.<br />

Clinic run by Dr Grant Bellaney, Dermatologist’.

50 STYLE | advertising feature<br />

THE BIG<br />

DAY OUT<br />

If you’ve been searching for<br />

the ultimate occasion for you<br />

and your girlfriends to get<br />

together, here it is.<br />

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is back in<br />

Christchurch once more with more sites to<br />

shop from than ever before – do not leave your<br />

Eftpos card at home!<br />

Featuring everything from fashion and accessories<br />

to giftware, fantastic food and wine, crafts,<br />

unique businesses and so much more – all that<br />

interests the modern woman will be on show.<br />

With over 200 companies under one roof<br />

it will be one of the largest events held in the<br />

region. Renee Murray from Expo organisers,<br />

NZME Events, says, “We will be bringing<br />

a fabulous experience to the women of<br />

Canterbury for one weekend with so many<br />

wonderful companies in one place. Aside from<br />

having the best of local companies exhibiting we<br />

have a large number of national companies who<br />

will travel to Christchurch from all around<br />

New Zealand especially to show local women<br />

their products. This is a great chance for women<br />

to stop, relax and spoil themselves for<br />

one weekend.”<br />

Make sure you check out the new Expo<br />

pamper areas: the new Southern Reflexology<br />

Relaxation Lounge, <strong>Style</strong> Mystic Hair Lounge<br />

and the Sparklewhite Beauty Lounge. Your Expo<br />

experience won’t be complete until you visit<br />

the Moisture Mist Makeup Lounge where not<br />

only will you find Shiseido brands at great prices<br />

but the onsite team will be offering makeovers<br />

to Expo visitors. Find out the best colours and<br />

products to suit your own individual needs and<br />

leave the Expo feeling like a new woman!<br />

Take time for yourself, have a motherdaughter<br />

day out, or grab the girlfriends and<br />

head to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, <strong>September</strong><br />

30th-1st October at the Horncastle Arena,<br />

Christchurch. With door sales only $10 there is<br />

every reason to visit and none to stay at home!<br />

For more details please see www.expos.co.nz<br />

last year<br />

(not sure<br />

30th<br />

hopping,<br />

e<br />

ge<br />

unge<br />

30th SEPTEMBER<br />

& 1st OCTOBER<br />



10AM – 5PM DOOR SALES $10<br />


Grab your<br />

girlfriends, mum<br />

or daughters and<br />

come have a great<br />

day out!<br />

• Over 200 Companies Involved<br />

• Everything from wine and food to shopping,<br />

fashion, business, beauty & lots more<br />

• Moisture Mist and Za Makeup Lounge<br />

• <strong>Style</strong> Mystic Hair Lounge<br />

• Sparklewhite Beauty Lounge<br />

• Goodie Bags<br />

• Taste Zone<br />

• Artisan Craft Zone<br />

• Southern Reflexology Relaxation Lounge<br />

You deserve a<br />

girl’s day out.<br />

www.expos.co.nz 06 354 0498

STYLE | beauty 51<br />

SPA<br />


The lure of alpine air and the promise of relaxation<br />

proved irresistible to Naomi Spinsby-Wild.<br />

Just arriving in Hanmer Springs makes me<br />

instantly feel at ease; whether it is due<br />

to the fresh mountain air, the complete lack<br />

of traffic, or the many reminders of family<br />

holidays past.<br />

The Spa at Hanmer Springs takes this<br />

experience to another level however,<br />

offering a wide range of indulgent pampering<br />

treatments for both men and women.<br />

On my mid-week break from the city, I was<br />

immediately welcomed into their relaxation<br />

area, and soon found myself clad in a robe and<br />

slippers, ready for a day of pampering.<br />

Having never experienced a hot stone<br />

massage, but been filled in on its many<br />

benefits, I decided to use the opportunity<br />

to try it out for myself. The stones used,<br />

I discovered, are smooth volcanic ones –<br />

basalt to be exact, sourced from within New<br />

Zealand.<br />

The stones are first soaked in hot water<br />

to absorb the heat, which they then release<br />

slowly and evenly into the skin throughout the<br />

course of the treatment. While this creates<br />

a sense of calm in the body by gradually<br />

permeating the layers of muscle and tissue to<br />

release tensions and ease aches, it also has<br />

tangible health benefits, too. The gentle heat<br />

helps boost circulation by expanding the blood<br />

vessels, increasing blood flow throughout<br />

the body.<br />

In a variety of sizes, each stone is selected<br />

for use on a specific part of the body. The<br />

largest stones work the core muscles around<br />

the spinal column itself, while mid-sized ones<br />

are perfect for working the upper back and<br />

shoulder areas where people commonly<br />

carry a lot of tension, often without realising<br />

it. Finally, the smallest, pebble-like pieces are<br />

used to gently knead and relax the delicate<br />

muscles of the feet.<br />

The hot stone treatment The Spa offers<br />

is 90 minutes in duration, making it a truly<br />

indulgent and thoroughly relaxing affair.<br />

In quite the zen state after my stone<br />

treatment, and not quite ready to return to<br />

the real world, I finished up my spa experience<br />

with a 50-minute facial, formulated specially<br />

with sensitive skin in mind.<br />

For those of us with skin sensitivities, it’s<br />

important to know that products used won’t<br />

cause any undue irritation. Using products<br />

selected exclusively from Sothys Paris, the<br />

treatment includes a deeply nourishing hydrasoothing<br />

face masque, formulated with Belgian<br />

Thermal Spa water to restore mineral balance<br />

to sensitive skin. Working in tandem with this<br />

to hydrate and calm the skin are the comfort<br />

cleanser and lotion, which focus on removing<br />

daily impurities from the skin while keeping<br />

natural lipid levels in balance.<br />

The main event of this particular treatment,<br />

however, is a facial massage using cool<br />

porcelain spoons. As unconventional as it<br />

may sound, the treatment in fact utilises<br />

temperature in a similar but contrasting way<br />

to the hot stones. While the stones boost<br />

and invigorate blood flow, the refreshing<br />

coolness of the porcelain helps counteract<br />

inflammation, meaning that it is deliciously<br />

soothing on areas of the face prone to<br />

puffiness, such as the delicate under-eye<br />

area. The petite nature of the tools used also<br />

means they’re perfect for ensuring the nose,<br />

mouth and brow areas feel the benefits of the<br />

treatment.<br />

To finish up, a super-nourishing SPF30<br />

sunscreen was applied to the face, meaning<br />

my skin was ready to brave the real world,<br />

even if I myself was not quite ready to leave<br />

the cocoon of calm.

52 STYLE | shop<br />

Kirsten Hemopo<br />


Caci Clinic has been operating in New<br />

Zealand for over 20 years, what has been your<br />

core philosophy over that time?<br />

To give women the confidence to look and feel<br />

their best. The focus has always been working<br />

with our clients to ensure they achieve great<br />

results.<br />

What can clients expect?<br />

Our clinics are warm and welcoming; we are<br />

here to help you through your journey. We’re<br />

a mix between traditional beauty therapy and<br />

cosmetic clinic; we have a range of treatments<br />

that achieve real results but in an inviting and<br />

accessible environment.<br />

What advice do you offer first-time clients?<br />

We offer complimentary consultations, so<br />

always invite new clients in to have a chat about<br />

their concerns. We discuss some options to<br />

ensure they get the results best suited to them<br />

and their budget.<br />

What types of treatments are on offer?<br />

We tailor solutions for clients to ensure the<br />

very best results are achieved, including:<br />

Skin rejuvenation: treating sun damage,<br />

pigmentation, scarring and uneven skin tone<br />

and texture.<br />

Appearance medicine: managing lines, wrinkles<br />

and volume loss with anti-wrinkle injections and<br />

filler.<br />

Laser hair removal: using variable pulsed<br />

light (VPL) to offer a long-term solution to<br />

unwanted hair.<br />

Samantha Keen<br />


Body shaping: ChillSculpt is perfect for<br />

those who have stubborn fat that cannot be<br />

easily reduced by diet or exercise (available at<br />

selected clinics).<br />

Many women have concerns about lines<br />

and wrinkles, what treatment would you<br />

recommend to them?<br />

After a consultation we work with the client<br />

to plan out the best course of treatments. If<br />

their primary concern is lines and wrinkles then<br />

appearance-medicine treatments might be<br />

right for them. A course of skin rejuvenating<br />

treatments such as Dermal Rolling/Collagen<br />

Induction might also benefit as that will help<br />

encourage the production of collagen for<br />

healthier, smoother-looking skin.<br />

What is the Confidence Project?<br />

Our business is driven by women; we<br />

employ over 200 women in New Zealand<br />

and over 90% of our clients are women.<br />

We believe investing in women’s confidence<br />

has the power to drive economic growth<br />

and strengthen families and societies. The<br />

Confidence Project helps us identify community<br />

projects that will help empower women<br />

and give them the confidence to contribute.<br />

We have also partnered with Dress for<br />

Success, which enables women to achieve<br />

economic independence by providing a<br />

network of support, professional attire and the<br />

development tools to thrive in work and in life.<br />

Since 1999, the Confidence Project has assisted<br />

nearly 40,000 women in New Zealand.<br />

CACI<br />

CLINIC<br />

CHAT<br />

With a two-decade-long history<br />

of caring for the skin of New<br />

Zealanders, Caci Clinic has earned<br />

a glowing reputation in beauty<br />

treatment and appearance medicine.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> recently spoke to the Caci team.<br />

to find out more.<br />


232 Papanui Road, Merivale<br />

170 Clarence St, Riccarton<br />


54 STYLE | promotion<br />


Air-conditioning and heating<br />

are both dehydrating conditions<br />

that interfere with the skin’s<br />

protective moisture barrier,<br />

causing it to dry out and<br />

become sensitive or reactive.<br />

In environments that lack in<br />

humidity, formulations such as<br />

Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial<br />

Hydrating Masque provide a<br />

thorough cleansing treatment<br />

without drying or stripping<br />

the skin of moisture, a perfect<br />

product for the changing season.<br />


This body scrub melts on contact and scrubs away dead skin cells,<br />

using mineral-rich salts and hibiscus to cleanse and exfoliate. It leaves<br />

the body soft to the touch and feeling nourished and, of course, skin<br />

is left delicately fragranced with its lovely signature scent. Purchase at<br />

lotusskincare.co.nz<br />

BEAUTY<br />

BOX<br />


This beautifully gentle daily cleanser<br />

and make-up remover for the<br />

face and eyes contains capric<br />

triglycerides (derived from coconut<br />

oil), chamomile and liquorice root.<br />

Micellar Water is all natural, fragrance<br />

free and perfectly safe for delicate<br />

skin. Available at Champs-Elysées<br />

Day Spa for just $50.60 (250ml).<br />


Sophie Matthews of Bliss is a qualified barber who<br />

can update your look with a simple contemporary<br />

twist. It’s great to have the option of mixing up your<br />

style and looks. We’re loving the short undercut<br />

– a wearable spring classic and one of the most<br />

fashionable hairstyles in 2<strong>01</strong>7. For those who like more<br />

length, having it longer on top can be a versatile option<br />

– make it a little more shaggy at the beach or slick it<br />

back for a more formal look, just make sure to keep<br />

the neck and sides trimmed and tidy.<br />


Is your brain shrinking due to a lack of<br />

vitamin B-12? Symptoms are brain fog,<br />

forgetful, low energy and numbness.<br />

Jarrow Methyl B-12 is a superior<br />

form for brain and nerve health. 100<br />

lozenges for $32.90. Find yours at<br />

Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy.

Relax,<br />

you’re in<br />

good hands.<br />

No trip to Hanmer Springs is complete without a visit to our luxuriously relaxing Spa.<br />

Make a booking to enjoy the ultimate in health and beauty treats.<br />

Options include: Relaxing massage, body wraps, facials,<br />

hot stone therapy, pedicures and manicures.<br />

Book your appointment today!<br />

HC HST2147<br />

0800 873 529 hanmersprings.co.nz/spa<br />

HST2147 Mindfood Full Page_280mm x 197mm.indd 1<br />

9/08/17 5:36 PM

56 STYLE | travel<br />


THE NOSE<br />

With relaxation, wellbeing<br />

and luxury on her mind, Kate<br />

Preece heads to the heartland<br />

of geothermal activity –<br />

Rotorua.<br />

What greeted me when I landed at<br />

Rotorua Airport was not an olfactory<br />

assault, but a visual delight. The glistening<br />

reflections off the lake blindsided my<br />

expectations, and the sun was warm on my<br />

back. I was prepared to experience some<br />

geothermal activity, with an aim to expand<br />

and relax mind, body and soul, but I didn’t<br />

expect to be quite so impressed.<br />

Before you turn up your nose, let me tell<br />

you a thing or two about this city. As its<br />

tourism aspirations have continued to grow,<br />

so too has its range of attractions worthy of a<br />

trip north. For starters, the Skyline Gondola is<br />

no longer the means purely for those wishing<br />

to tackle the country’s original luge. What lies<br />

above includes an award-winning restaurant,<br />

a high-end Kiwi giftshop, the Mona Lisa<br />

replicated in jellybeans, ziplines, the 150kph<br />

Skyswing, and a tasting room for Rotorua’s<br />

only winery.<br />

Meandering uphill in our gondola,<br />

mountainbike tracks wind around paddocks<br />

in which fallow deer bounce down Mt<br />

Ngongotaha’s slopes, and alpacas and sheep<br />

graze peacefully. Mokoia Island soon takes<br />

centre stage, but the view has still not<br />

reached its peak.<br />

In 2009, Sam Beer and Brent Park began<br />

Volcanic Hills Winery, born from their<br />

extensive experience in the wine business,<br />

and with a focus on boutique quality brewing.<br />

Fast forward to 2<strong>01</strong>7 and they now occupy<br />

this prime spot – 487 metres above sea level<br />

and in what was the original turning bay for<br />

the gondola pre-2005. They look down onto<br />

their winery, which operates at the base of<br />

the hill. Being a volcano, Rotorua Caldera<br />

is no place for a vineyard, and so, grapes<br />

are instead sourced from the country’s<br />

Pohutu Geyser at Te Puia.<br />

well-known growing regions: Marlborough,<br />

Hawke’s Bay, Martinborough and Central<br />

Otago, and<br />

turned into the six varieties – plus a tawny<br />

port – five of which can be tasted at this<br />

stunning location.<br />

We sit and chat with winemaker Sean.<br />

Almost involuntarily, we learn a thing or two.<br />

He tells us how the first sip is a throwaway<br />

one, little more than a wakeup call for your<br />

palate. On sip two, your head is catching up<br />

and flavours are falling into place. It is only<br />

by at least the third swallow that your taste<br />

buds have caught up with the mix of new<br />

elements you have exposed them to. You<br />

can now decide whether you like it or not.<br />

We sip a little more, and agree.<br />

There are plans on the horizon to open<br />

Volcanic Hills for evening dining, which would<br />

take this experience up another notch, but in<br />

the meantime, Stratosfare offers an extensive<br />

buffet next door. The well-appointed<br />

restaurant has everything from prime beef<br />

rump, roast chicken and lamb, to smoked<br />

kawarau, curried potatoes and Thai curry.<br />

Make sure to finish with the crepes – berry<br />

sorbet non-negotiable.<br />

You cannot come to Rotorua without<br />

embracing Maori culture. There are many<br />

different cultural parks willing to educate<br />

you on New Zealand’s past and present.<br />

To connect with this aspect of our culture,<br />

we visited Te Puia, for Te Po: an evening<br />

of dance and fine dining. While we already<br />

know the difference between a haka, hangi<br />

and hongi, we join a group of internationals<br />

and agreed that the ceremonious welcoming<br />

onto a marae and the rightful use of the<br />

pukana is both powerful and spiritual. The<br />

hangi was exceptional.<br />

Tiua of Pure Cruise.<br />

I was prepared to<br />

experience some<br />

geothermal activity,<br />

with an aim to expand<br />

and relax mind, body<br />

and soul, but I didn’t<br />

expect to be quite so<br />


STYLE | travel 57<br />

Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools.<br />

Being on a geothermal field, aka the<br />

Taupo Volcanic Zone, things can get a little<br />

steamy. At Te Puia, it’s thanks to the Pohutu<br />

geyser, the largest you’ll see in the southern<br />

hemisphere. Surrounded by drifts of these<br />

atmospheric clouds, the Te Po tour ends with<br />

the group sat on a naturally warmed rock<br />

terrace, sipping hot chocolate and waiting for<br />

nature to do its thing – the geyser not quite<br />

as predictable as Old Faithful. Once the water<br />

does erupt into the air, it can reach heights up<br />

to 40m. Against the gentle hiss and rumble<br />

of nature’s hand at play, our guide sings us a<br />

farewell song in Te Reo, with bold notes that<br />

add the final element of drama to this rather<br />

moving spectacle.<br />

Being regional New Zealand, it’s likely<br />

you will find someone with a Christchurch<br />

connection, and we bumped into many. One<br />

was the manager of our hotel – the Regent of<br />

Rotorua. Nathan Maynard previously worked<br />

at The George, but moved north when the<br />

hotel was bought by the same team that<br />

continue to run The George, Hotel Montreal<br />

and Hulbert House in Queenstown. There’s<br />

something so reassuring about being reminded<br />

of home.<br />

The following morning we had to tear<br />

ourselves away from the indulgent breakfast<br />

buffet and race to the rental car, for the first<br />

activity of day two was at Okawa Bay (less<br />

than 20 minutes’ drive), where a 53-foot<br />

catamaran awaited us.<br />

Tiua is a beautiful boat. Equipped with<br />

three bathrooms, two en-suite cabins and<br />

an inviting foredeck adorned with bean bags,<br />

it provides a luxury means to explore Lake<br />

Rotoiti. Matt Hoarder of Pure Cruise bought<br />

her nine years ago, collecting her from the<br />

Caribbean from which he sailed her home,<br />

over the course of four months. Restored<br />

and refurbished, she’s now a charter vessel<br />

($1770 for three hours) that can whisk<br />

groups of up to 50 away from the dock and<br />

across the 13km length of the lake.<br />

While summer brings with it the<br />

opportunity to cliff jump into 120m-deep<br />

waters or dive off the boat itself, a springtime<br />

cruise takes landlubbers into the whale-tailshaped<br />

Te Arero. In the sheltered bay, punga<br />

and pohutukawa cover the hillsides. Through<br />

the foliage, however, seven Maori food caves<br />

can be spotted, intact, though devoid of the<br />

wooden doors they once would have had.<br />

The high cliffs nearby were once used to test<br />

waka: if they survived the fall from the top to<br />

the water, they passed. A former pa, it is also<br />

the final resting place for many chiefs – I could<br />

certainly think of worse spots.<br />

No trip to Rotorua would be the same<br />

without at least one dip a day into hot<br />

mineral pools of some kind. Our quota on<br />

day one was achieved in our hotel’s mineral<br />

pool, but Tiua can take you somewhere<br />

particularly special.<br />

Breafast buffet at the Regent of Rotorua.

58 STYLE | travel<br />

Rotorua has married<br />

together its strengths<br />

in forestry and tourism<br />

to offer new ways to<br />

distinguish the wood<br />

from the trees.<br />

Pure Cruise.<br />

As we skimmed across Lake Rotoiti, steam Once you’ve melted away your ailments,<br />

twirled up into the sky highlighting that more the complex’s Retreat offers treatments to<br />

of that geothermal action taking place on its ensure any remaining tension is smoothed<br />

shorelines. A group effort saw the sail unfurled away by expert hands. Whether it’s Aix<br />

as we point towards the opposite shore, to water therapy (think high-pressure hoses in<br />

Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools, accessible only by waterproofed rooms), a mud wrap (when in<br />

boat and offering six mineral pools fed by Rotorua...), or a Swedish massage, there’s a<br />

Manupirua Springs. Our group of six had the range of options that will buff away the blues.<br />

tiered pools to ourselves, apart from Rhys van The traditional post-treatment area has the<br />

Sitter that is, who lives on-site with his family. benefit of tranquil lake views, and the spa<br />

While his teenage children have not been offers luxury weekends, such as its upcoming<br />

quite as appreciative of the location’s isolation, Mindful Moments Retreat complete with yoga,<br />

we pool-hopping visitors considered it heaven. meditation, aromatherapy, nature walks and<br />

None of us wanted to leave, however, more. This is a place for your state of wellness<br />

knowing a 60-minute de-stress massage to be elevated to bliss status.<br />

awaited us at the Polynesian Spa, we left Tiua Well and truly unwound, rumbling<br />

and obligingly headed back into the city centre. stomachs suggested it was time to feed the<br />

At the Polynesian Spa, two springs that body. We had a reservation at what the<br />

offer different healing properties feed the Rotorua Hospitality Awards decreed the city’s<br />

wide range of bathing options. The Rachel Outstanding Restaurant of 2<strong>01</strong>7; Atticus Finch.<br />

Spring brings alkaline waters, beneficial to A stone’s throw from the hotel, it’s amongst<br />

the skin; while the acidic Priest Spring “Your waters face is the unique. array of restaurants located on Eat Streat,<br />

are the ones to soothe muscles – and Trust those your injectable a covered entertainment area.<br />

wrinkle treatments<br />

with arthritis and rheumatism. If you are<br />

to<br />

one<br />

an experienced<br />

We could not decide upon a winner<br />

to believe folklore, these very pools once Cosmetic Physician” between the mozzarella risotto balls and<br />

restored movement to a wheelchair-bound the ginger seasame fried chicken, but the<br />

Medical Director<br />

man from Tauranga, who left the area, after a Dr Heather tamarind Jefferies beef shin – with its carrot, coconut<br />

good long soak, on foot.<br />

and coriander salad, trumped the pork belly,<br />

Atticus Finch.<br />

in my books. The only disappointing aspect of<br />

the entire evening was being unable to fit in<br />

dessert – we might have to return to sample<br />

the spiced caramel pears, as recommended.<br />

Rotorua has married together its strengths<br />

in forestry and tourism to offer new ways to<br />

distinguish the wood from the trees. Our final<br />

activity on the trip was a ‘treewalk’, at The<br />

Redwoods, a central hub for mountain bikers,<br />

walkers and horse riders alike.<br />

Redwoods Treewalk is a series of platforms<br />

and bridges, between six and 12 metres<br />

off the ground, that form a 553-metre<br />

walkway among a Redwood grove within<br />

Whakawarewa Forest. The entire walkway<br />

took just six weeks to erect.<br />

It was quiet the day we visited, and cool<br />

Te Pu<br />

Pain free laser<br />

“Your face is unique. skin Trust rejuvenation your injectable wrinkle<br />

Facial assessments<br />

treatments to an experienced Cosmetic Physician.”<br />

Injectable wrinkle<br />

- Medical Director, Dr treatments Heather Jefferies<br />

Dermal fillers<br />

Prescription peels<br />

• Pain free laser skin Microdermabrasion • Prescription peels<br />

rejuvenationMole Mate® skin • Microdermabrasion<br />

cancer<br />

• Facial assessments and mole<br />

• Mole<br />

checks<br />

Mate<br />

• Injectable wrinkle<br />

Leg vein treatment<br />

® skin cancer<br />

and mole checks<br />

treatments<br />

• Leg vein treatment<br />

• Dermal fillers<br />

31 Colombo St, Cashmere<br />

31 Colombo St, Cashmere | Phone 372 3589<br />

Phone 372 3589 www.koruskin.co.nz<br />

www.koruskin.co.nz<br />

magazine<br />

designer clothing<br />

Sizes<br />

10 - 26<br />

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street<br />

Riccarton, Christchurch<br />

Phone 03 348 6929<br />


STYLE | travel 59<br />

Te Puia.<br />

Redwoods Treewalk.<br />

beneath the tree cover. We walked gingerly<br />

across the bridges, bounced lightly by each<br />

other’s footfall. When you reach a platform<br />

– suspended by a sling system that does not<br />

inhibit tree growth – it’s almost like reaching a<br />

shoreline, a respite from a consistent rocking<br />

as you wander between trees up to 37m<br />

apart. The trees are as old as 116 years of age<br />

and the tallest 72m, reaching as straight as an<br />

arrow up into the sky. As of mid-October,<br />

there will be another platform, taking walkers<br />

higher again, to 16m, while December will<br />

see larger-than-life projections fill the forest<br />

expanding on the night experience available.<br />

Night walkers have the benefits of seeing the<br />

30 David Trubridge lanterns, each of which<br />

represent a native bird, lit up – and from<br />

what we could see, these UFO-like structures<br />

would put on quite the show.<br />

With a thermal mud product to go and<br />

the aroma of sulphur in our hair, we left<br />

our home-away-from-home and were soon<br />

on a plane pointing south. It had been an<br />

enlightening trip that combined culture, fine<br />

food and wine, with exquisite views, luxury,<br />

and a healthy dose of relaxation. Rest assured,<br />

if you haven’t been to Rotorua in a couple of<br />

years, you will discover more than meets the<br />

nose at this geothermal retreat.


Beautiful<br />


Spectacular<br />


Amazing<br />


New<br />


IN TOWN<br />

New<br />

MUSEUM<br />

FROM<br />

kaikoura<br />


INLAND ROUTE 70 | Waiau - Kaikoura - OPEN 24/7<br />

SH1 SOUTH | Christchurch to Kaikoura - OPEN FRI, SAT, SUN & MON, 7AM-6PM<br />

SH1 | Picton to Kaikoura - OPENING DEC 2<strong>01</strong>7<br />

kaikouranz<br />


STYLE | travel 61<br />


We’ve found it! This one by Janessa<br />

Leoné was designed with packing<br />

in mind and promises to never get<br />

bent out of shape in your luggage.<br />


Combine the forces of a day and night bag. We love<br />

the Mr Porter Pearly Pony by Deadly Ponies as it has<br />

all the style of an evening bag, but is big enough to<br />

carry throughout your entire trip.<br />




When packing for a holiday, we understand that every<br />

inch of your suitcase is prime real estate. The main<br />

goal, therefore, is to streamline your packing to the<br />

absolute essentials only. We’ve selected six key items<br />

that will make travelling easier.<br />



When in outfit doubt, put on a<br />

pair of colourful earrings and a<br />

bright lipstick. These will make your<br />

look pop without having to pile on<br />

more layers of clothes. The Mimco<br />

Navagate Stud and Estee Lauder<br />

Pure Colour Envy in Envious make<br />

a striking pair.<br />


For unpredictably chilly nights, a lightweight scarf will be your<br />

lifesaver. In fact, you will use this item more than anything else in<br />

your suitcase, and the beauty is that it barely takes up any space.<br />

Our go-to are Bird & Knoll’s silk numbers, such as the Vienna.<br />


Approach your shoes like your day-to-evening bag: opt<br />

for one item you can wear all day. The Leila Heel by<br />

Miss Wilson can handle a walking tour (without getting<br />

stuck in the cobblestone streets of Europe!), but also<br />

works for a semi-fancy dinner.<br />


There is nothing worse than losing<br />

Google Maps in a foreign country. Avoid<br />

this at all costs with a portable charger<br />

that fits in your pocket.

62 STYLE | promotion<br />

Split Apple Retreat<br />

The Retreat is a quiet, luxurious hideaway built high into an<br />

ocean-side cliff-face, a few minutes away from the stunning<br />

Abel Tasman National Park, offering indulgent relaxation and an<br />

individually designed gourmet menu.<br />

Relaxation options include a saltwater pool, spa and sauna,<br />

privately accessed beaches, massage, acupuncture, meditation<br />

guidance and other stress-reduction therapies. Nearby is some<br />

of New Zealand’s best bushwalking, secluded beaches, seakayaking<br />

and a helicopter service for even more isolated spots.<br />

splitapple.com<br />

GREAT<br />


Warmer weather, longer days and fewer crowds<br />

makes spring a simply stunning time to plan a<br />

short break. These premier accommodation<br />

and activity options will inspire you for your<br />

next trip.<br />

Stonefly Lodge<br />

Situated in a private forest on the banks of the Motueka River, the<br />

stunning Stonefly Lodge offers fly fishing, kayaking, and wine tastings,<br />

along with easy access to three of the South Island’s National Parks.<br />

The architecturally designed lodge hosts a sumptuous library, bar, and<br />

a relaxed dining area.<br />

stoneflylodge.co.nz<br />

Earth & Sky<br />

Mountaintop stargazing<br />

with Earth & Sky provides<br />

an unequalled appreciation<br />

of the full night sky. View<br />

the Milky Way, star clusters<br />

and seasonal planets whilst<br />

knowledgeable astronomy<br />

guides provide factual<br />

commentary.<br />


STYLE | promotion 63<br />

Skydiving Kiwis<br />

Who said Kiwis can’t fly? Experience the<br />

thrill of freefall with Skydiving Kiwis, just<br />

an hour south of Christchurch. Enjoy a<br />

flight that takes you over the South Pacific<br />

Ocean, snow-capped Southern Alps and<br />

braided Canterbury rivers before feeling the<br />

exhilarating rush of a tandem skydive with an<br />

experienced instructor.<br />

skydivingkiwis.com<br />

Walk Four Peaks High Country Experience<br />

Enjoy a four-day walk or mountain bike ride through the South<br />

Canterbury hills. Stay in upgraded shepherds’ huts, where your luggage<br />

will await you each night. Season: Nov-April. Groups of up to 10 people.<br />

walkfourpeaks.co.nz<br />

Christchurch Icelandic Horse Treks<br />

Come along for an invigorating ride in a small group along a beautiful<br />

Christchurch beach, and discover a unique horse breed with a<br />

special gait.<br />

icelandichorsetreks.co.nz<br />

Redwoods Treewalk<br />

Enjoy the unique opportunity to walk high amongst Rotorua’s majestic<br />

116-year-old redwood trees, during a day-time or night-time treewalk at<br />

Redwoods Treewalk and Redwoods Nightlights. Come and experience<br />

this suspended 30-minute ecological walk, which captures the beauty and<br />

ambience of the New Zealand forest from a bird’s eye perspective.<br />

treewalk.co.nz<br />

Polynesian Pools<br />

Polynesian Spa’s geothermal mineral waters are sourced from two natural<br />

springs that feed into 28 hot mineral pools. The slightly acidic Priest<br />

Spring waters relieve aches and pains while the alkaline waters of the<br />

Rachel Spring nourish skin. This is a must-visit when in Rotorua, with the<br />

Polynesian Spa recognised as one of the world’s top 10 spas.<br />


64 STYLE | advertising feature<br />


“An interactive showroom<br />

experience to capture<br />

the new reality of the<br />

technology age we live in,<br />

this is personalised therapy<br />

for a user-defined spa<br />

experience – this is game<br />

changing for our industry.”<br />

– Peter O’Neill, owner of<br />

Leisure Spas<br />

The Kiwi dream has a growing list of features – the<br />

house, the bach, and now, the spa on the deck to<br />

relax in as well. After nearly a decade as a dealer for<br />

the largest manufacturer of spas and swim spas in the<br />

Southern Hemisphere, Leisure Spas has just taken the<br />

exciting step of opening a new Bullfrog Spas showroom<br />

to showcase a unique brand which is embracing new<br />

technology to change the way spas are made forever.<br />

Christchurch is now home to the largest exclusively<br />

dedicated space for Bullfrog Spas in Australasia. Bullfrog<br />

Spas are the only fully customisable therapy spas in the<br />

world, made possible by the JetPak Therapy System.<br />

The JetPaks replace conventional plumbed jets and<br />

are modular in design, which allows the massage to be<br />

interchangeable between seats, and gives the user the<br />

ability to choose which seats to experience their favourite<br />

massage in, as well as selecting the massage to enjoy.<br />

“Our concept was to create an interactive showroom<br />

experience to reflect the fully customisable design of<br />

these spas. Individually hung JetPaks can each be removed<br />

from the walls for demonstration, and we have a Virtual<br />

Reality Experience and simulated night-time Star Room<br />

– this is a showroom unlike any other, to reflect a spa<br />

experience unlike any other,” says Peter O’Neill, owner<br />

of Leisure Spas.<br />

With lighting sourced from Europe, and metal work<br />

from local Christchurch fabricators and landscapers, the<br />

goal was to create a space that reflects the beauty of<br />

these products, showcases the technology, demonstrates<br />

the benefits and longevity of choosing quality-made<br />

products, and ultimately allows people to really<br />

understand the potential for wellness and health through<br />


STYLE | advertising feature 65<br />

As well as interchangeable massage seats, the design<br />

of Bullfrog Spas has eliminated up to 90% of the internal<br />

plumbing underneath the shell, thereby massively reducing<br />

heat loss and energy consumption in comparison with<br />

conventional spas.<br />

“People have an ever-growing need to keep up with<br />

technology, with smart phones and devices of the like, and<br />

we recognise that this changing technology is translating to<br />

spas and energy efficiency more and more. Our customers<br />

are making choices not necessary determined by cost, but<br />

more by longevity and performance,” says O’Neill.<br />

Bullfrog Spas, manufactured in the USA for over 20<br />

years, is now the fastest growing spa company in the world,<br />

with the patented JetPak Therapy System allowing the<br />

development of truly personalised hydrotherapy products.<br />

They are not only the most powerful of their class, but are<br />

also proven to be the most energy efficient.<br />

“These products are innovative, they are exciting, and<br />

we are proud to represent a product that is so unique<br />

in the market and embraces new technology in a way<br />

that challenges the construction of conventional spas,”<br />

O’Neill says.

66 STYLE | motoring<br />


& TOPLESS<br />

Mercedes-Benz’s C63S<br />

Cabriolet makes a statement<br />

through sight and sound.<br />

Ross Kiddie drives the<br />

AMG-inspired model.<br />

I<br />

’m a big motorsport fan, following Formula 1<br />

in particular. Even though Ferrari as a team is<br />

giving Mercedes-Benz a run for its money this<br />

season, the latter has been undeniably dominant<br />

in recent years. Ultimately, that success trickles<br />

down to sales from the showroom floor,<br />

something that is certainly evident here in<br />

New Zealand. Mercedes-Benz is dominating<br />

the luxury car market, and I don’t see that<br />

changing any time soon, simply because the<br />

raft of models and variants within each model<br />

range means there is a vehicle for all tastes and<br />

budgets.<br />

There’s also a large proliferation of sporty<br />

models, and the performance arm of Mercedes-<br />

Benz – AMG – has kept up the pace, with<br />

high-output models sitting in tandem within<br />

the line-up. I’m not sure how much inspiration<br />

AMG takes from the Formula 1 cars, but you<br />

can rest assured that some technology from the<br />

sport flows down to street vehicles.<br />

The latest AMG model to come my way<br />

was the C63S Cabriolet, which features a<br />

twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 engine, delivering<br />

monster power outputs of 375kW and 700Nm<br />

of torque.<br />

Even though these figures are highly<br />

impressive, the Cabriolet can easily be driven<br />

sedately, and is at home at city speeds in<br />

much the same way as its four and six-cylinder<br />

counterparts. There are driver-selectable<br />

engine management protocols which can<br />

accommodate many varying requirements. I<br />

even preferred the standard mode which, like<br />

all big V8 engines, means a relaxed, unstressed<br />

operating manner.<br />

However, when sport mode is selected, there<br />

is a constant, solid, surge of power which seems<br />

endless in its delivery. Acceleration is vivid;<br />

with a standstill to 100km/h time of 4.2sec,<br />

along with a 3.2sec overtaking time (80km/h to<br />

120km/h).<br />

What I enjoyed most about the C63S’<br />

performance is the sound that accompanies<br />

its delivery. It is loud and roaring, and there’s<br />

even a button which enhances the noise, while<br />

the backfire on gearshift and throttle blip on<br />

downshift is infectious to listen to.<br />

On that subject, drive is channelled to the<br />

rear wheels through seven-speed automatic<br />

transmission. It is a direct shift-type, and the<br />

way it manages to harness so much power and<br />

torque while arranging the gears so smoothly<br />

amazes me. There are steering-wheel-mounted<br />

paddles for the enthusiastic driver, as well as<br />

management protocols which quickly identify<br />

throttle percentage.<br />

The C63S Cabriolet sits on huge rubber<br />

wheels which are an inch smaller in diameter<br />

up front than those on the rear. The sport<br />

specification Michelin Pilot tyres (255/35 x<br />

19in and 285/30 x 20in) have huge grip, yet<br />

are constantly tested when the power goes<br />

on. Thankfully, the traction control system<br />

is as good as any I’ve experienced before –<br />

the freedom in the system allows the driver<br />

to experience the feeling of grip-loss at the<br />

rear under hard acceleration, but the squirm<br />

and oversteer is moderated without sudden<br />

intervention.<br />

One of the benefits of quality tyres is the feel<br />

through the steering – the C63S Cabriolet has<br />

accurate turn-in along with strong feel, meaning<br />

you can point and clip apexes delightfully. The<br />

C-Class in this form is so competent it makes<br />

driving easy, while the informative suspension<br />

creates an involving driving experience. It is also<br />

rigid within the body structure.

STYLE | motoring 67<br />


PRICE: Mercedes-Benz C63S Cabriolet,<br />

$189,900<br />

DIMENSIONS: Length, 4686mm;<br />

width, 1810mm; height, 1409mm<br />

CONFIGURATION: V8, rear-wheel-drive,<br />

3982cc, 375kW, 700Nm, seven-speed<br />

automatic<br />

PERFORMANCE: 0-100km/h, 4.2sec<br />

FUEL USAGE: 9.4l/100km<br />

Like most premium manufacturers, Mercedes-<br />

Benz and AMG haven’t lost sight of the need<br />

to look after the environment and, even though<br />

the engine has big cylinders to feed, the fuel usage<br />

statistics are still realistic. Mercedes-Benz claims<br />

a 9.4-litre per 100km (30mpg) combined-cycle<br />

average. At 100km/h, I recorded an 8l/100km<br />

(35mpg) instantaneous readout along with an<br />

11.2l/100km (27mpg) average over five days.<br />

However, a buyer who chooses C63S<br />

specification in any vehicle will understand that<br />

the quad-camshaft V8 likes to be released, and<br />

that fuel economy wouldn’t be a priority.<br />

At $189,900, the C-Class Cab in this form<br />

comes at a premium price but it is chock full<br />

of goodies and, as you would expect from<br />

Mercedes-Benz, it wants for nothing.<br />

I’ve been quite spoilt recently with a lot of<br />

German product filtering through the press<br />

fleet – as well as soft and hard-tops from other<br />

brands – serving to prove the convertible<br />

market is showing no sign of dwindling.<br />

I’ve long said Christchurch doesn’t have the<br />

best weather for open-air motoring and I stick to<br />

that statement. That being the case, the cabriolet<br />

wouldn’t be the car for me, but for anyone who<br />

gets to experience that amazing engine, there’s a<br />

chance they will be simply over-awed.<br />


NOW JUST $24,990 WATCH IT GO.<br />

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch<br />

www.christchurchmitsubishi.co.nz<br />

Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588<br />

+ ORC*ON SEDAN<br />


Exceptionally dynamic.<br />

The C 63 S AMG.<br />

Sportiness and dynamism carefully thought out – that’s what the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S stands for. The sum of the performance-oriented equipment<br />

details in its exterior, interior and technology lifts the new AMG S-model up to a new league of high-performance vehicles. The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S<br />

offers an electronically controlled AMG rear-axle limited-slip differential, an optional AMG ceramic high-performance compound braking system and<br />

dynamic engine mounts. Unleash it today at Armstrong Prestige.<br />

www.mbchristchurch.co.nz/amg<br />

Performance, style and whole lot more can be yours for a price that’s as sharp as the new sports<br />

body kit with rear spoiler – just $24,990 +ORC*. You’ll also enjoy 109kW of power and 7.0L per 100km<br />

economy on Sedan and 7.2L per 100km economy on Hatch. Don’t watch it pass you by.<br />

Call 03 379 0588 or visit ChristchurchMitsubishi.co.nz to book a test drive or come in and see us.<br />

Armstrong Prestige 6 Detroit Place, Christchurch 03 343 2468<br />

*Price listed is for Lancer GSR sedan or hatch. Price excludes On Road Costs. See www.mmnz.co.nz for Diamond Advantage terms and conditions.

68 STYLE | men’s health<br />

GYM &<br />

TONIC<br />

Fitness advice for the working man.<br />

Words Garry Ferris<br />

1.<br />

My first gym allowed mixed changing rooms on Tuesday and<br />

Thursday mornings before 8.30 and mixed spa pools every<br />

weekday before 8am.<br />

Very quickly, I discovered I liked to work out in the mornings.<br />

From those teenaged beginnings, the gym door and my body have<br />

been slightly wary bedfellows. I’ve always liked the idea of going<br />

shirtless at the beach without having to hold in my stomach to the<br />

point of popping a hernia – but it’s not been a smooth friendship.<br />

After a couple of decades of pretty consistent gym classes –<br />

including an appalling incident on the mini-tramp – and despite the<br />

best intentions, the realities of life have brought the whole routine to a<br />

crashing halt. Longer hours at the office means any downtime is spent<br />

sharing the load at home, and an Auckland mortgage doesn’t leave<br />

much for the membership.<br />

But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye on my ageing body.<br />

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS to lose the lard during the working week<br />

– and not a cent to spend:<br />

LEG IT<br />

If public transport is reliable, take it. And as you eat your toast on the<br />

run (saving time), walk an extra stop – perhaps two – before catching<br />

the bus in the morning. Do the same in reverse on the return journey,<br />

with the weather a good guide for deciding how early to get off (try to<br />

ignore the tiredness factor – because we’re always tired).<br />

Suddenly a 2-3km brisk walk is a daily routine without really thinking<br />

about it. And no change of clothes or warm-ups required.<br />

Hippocrates said, “Walking is a man’s best medicine,” and 15,000<br />

steps – a day in the life of a postie – seems to be the golden mark<br />

these days. The International Journal of Obesity (are you surprised it<br />

exists in 2<strong>01</strong>7?) studied 111 postal workers and those who took at<br />

least 15,000 steps a day had almost no risk for heart disease. Time<br />

magazine’s health nuts reckon you should be aiming to take 10,000<br />

steps a day, which is what the average factory walker will knock off.<br />

Nurses aren’t far behind, wandering 8500 steps around the wards.

STYLE | men’s health 69<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />


In the evening as you watch MasterChef’s Matt<br />

Preston tuck into another profiterole, pop open<br />

the nearest Tupperware and load up dinner<br />

leftovers for lunch. Plan ahead and put an extra<br />

handful of pasta or rice into the pot, and slice and<br />

dice an extra chicken breast or whatever other<br />

goodness is going into the pan. But be sensible<br />

– there’s a big difference between hoeing into<br />

leftover smoked chicken salad as opposed to<br />

leftover roast beef, chipped potatoes, buttered<br />

carrots and gravy.<br />


Before email and computers, in a time when<br />

you had to earn a phone on your desk, there<br />

used to be such a thing as getting up and walking<br />

over to ask a question to a colleague in person.<br />

Occasionally it can lead to a drink after work –<br />

which tends to hinder the health kick, but nobody<br />

said keeping in shape was going to be easy.<br />

Garry Ferris is Editor of<br />

Rugby News. These days he<br />

prefers his muscles greenlipped<br />

in a garlic broth.<br />

www.rugbynews.co.nz<br />


NOW JUST $24,990 WATCH IT GO.<br />

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch<br />

www.christchurchmitsubishi.co.nz<br />

Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588<br />

+ ORC*ON SEDAN<br />


Performance, style and whole lot more can be yours for a price that’s as sharp as the new sports<br />

body kit with rear spoiler – just $24,990 +ORC*. You’ll also enjoy 109kW of power and 7.0L per 100km<br />

economy on Sedan and 7.2L per 100km economy on Hatch. Don’t watch it pass you by.<br />

Call 03 379 0588 or visit ChristchurchMitsubishi.co.nz to book a test drive or come in and see us.<br />

*Price listed is for Lancer GSR sedan or hatch. Price excludes On Road Costs. See www.mmnz.co.nz for Diamond Advantage terms and conditions.

Spend $100<br />

Take $10<br />

$10<br />


256 Barrington St, Christchurch • Ph. 03 332 4221 • www.barringtonshopping.co.nz Redeemable at any store at Barrington. Not transferable.<br />

This voucher is not exchangeable for cash. No refund wi l be given.<br />

11596 Barrington_Gift Voucher Updates_Jan17.indd 1 10/<strong>01</strong>/17 3:51 PM<br />

Simply Spend $100 or more<br />

in a single transaction and<br />

receive a $10 Barrington<br />

gift voucher!<br />

Bring your receipt to the Centre<br />

Management Office to collect your<br />

$10 Barrington Gift Voucher. (Excludes<br />

Supermarket and Food Stores)<br />

Promotion runs from 4 – 17 <strong>September</strong>.<br />

FREE<br />


STYLE | promotion 71<br />


OF THE DAY<br />

Escape the crowded city for a splendid dining<br />

experience with spectacular views.<br />

Words Vanessa Ortynsky Photography Charlie Jackson<br />

With arguably the best views in Lyttelton, Fisherman’s<br />

Wharf also serves up some of Christchurch’s freshest<br />

seafood. Drawing in both tourists and locals, the restaurant has<br />

reincarnated from a fine-dining establishment to a more casual<br />

space. Two important things haven’t been compromised in<br />

the recent change, however, with the quality of the food and<br />

the service of the waitstaff both remaining excellent. As we<br />

stepped into the panoramic established on a bright and clear<br />

Sunday afternoon, we felt as though we were setting off on an<br />

adventure.<br />

The seafood-centric menu has an array of options to<br />

satiate, with options for light meals including a traditional Thai<br />

tom yum broth, flavoured with aromatic coconut, chilli and<br />

lemongrass and your choice of fish, prawns or chicken, as well<br />

as a classic fisherman’s pie topped with a crunchy bread crumb<br />

and parmesan crust. The mains offer yet more in the way of<br />

seasonal marine fare, including fresh, pan-seared salmon, crisped<br />

to perfection, and a seafood plate consisting of fish, scallops,<br />

prawns, mussels and squid cooked in lemon and butter. Yes, this<br />

restaurant is serious about their seafood.<br />

If you spy a fishing trawler enter the harbour, there is a good<br />

chance it’ll be supplying their catch to the kitchen the very same<br />

day. Watching your meal come in is a novel proposition and<br />

something that makes dining at Fisherman’s Wharf a genuinely<br />

unique experience.<br />

Perfectly suited to a leisurely weekend, especially now it’s<br />

open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings from<br />

8am. Dining at Fisherman’s Wharf isn’t meant to be a hurried<br />

experience. Instead, guests are encouraged to take their time<br />

and marvel in the sights and sensations. Bring along an old pal<br />

you haven’t seen in a while and spend a couple hours catching<br />

up over delectable seafood paired with a quality wine. You’ll feel<br />

time slip away in this charming seafront institution.<br />

Fisherman’s Wharf is the ideal place for a special date or to<br />

take out-of-town guests. Much like Lyttelton itself, it’s a charming<br />

spot that should be on everyone’s list to visit. From now on,<br />

it’s where I’ll take international loved ones who have yet to<br />

experience the beauty of the harbour-side town.<br />

Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant • Norwich Quay, Lyttelton<br />

03 328 7530 • fishermanswharf.nz

72 STYLE | food news<br />



As vegetarian and vegan fare becomes more<br />

sophisticated, Christchurch restaurants are<br />

beginning to use vegetables more creatively.<br />

Gatherings (5/2 Papanui Road) focuses on<br />

sustainable local cuisine, and a progressive<br />

style of cooking. The restaurant highlights<br />

the connection between what we eat and<br />

the planet that we live on.<br />

FOOD<br />

NEWS<br />

Words Vanessa Ortynsky<br />


Cold-pressed cocktails are taking balance to a whole new level. Mixing your liquor with<br />

cold-pressed juice or fresh nut-mylks will keep you feeling light and energised during an<br />

evening out. There are plenty of organic cold-pressed options in Christchurch, including<br />

Green Roots Juicery (Christchurch Farmers’ Market) and Born and Raised (Lyttelton and<br />

Opawa farmers’ markets).<br />


Trust the chef is a dining concept at upscale<br />

eateries that’s resurfacing throughout New<br />

Zealand’s foodie scene. It’s a great option for<br />

those who want to put their fate in the hands<br />

of a highly skilled chef, and also appeals to<br />

those who can’t make up their minds. Recently<br />

opened, Inati is an excellent place to give it a<br />

go in Christchurch.


We’re ready and waiting for the spring weather to warm up,<br />

but in the meantime boozy hot chocolates are the way to<br />

our hearts. O.G.B. makes a show-stopping Disaronno hot<br />

chocolate that might just have you hanging on to winter just<br />

a little bit longer.<br />

TOP<br />

DROP<br />

Wine of the month matched<br />

with sumptuous food.<br />

The Winemaker’s<br />

Wife Waipara<br />

Rosé 2<strong>01</strong>6<br />

Fancy a glass of something<br />

pink? Try this elegant Pinot<br />

Rosé, a silver-medal winner at<br />

the Canterbury Wine Awards.<br />

Drink in the aromas of lifted<br />

rose petal and strawberry.<br />

This is a wine made to be<br />

enjoyed now.<br />

Food Match<br />

Enjoy this wine with friends and<br />

a selection of wafer biscuits,<br />

pecorino cheese, slices of<br />

parma ham and pear wedges.<br />

Harewood Rd<br />

800 Harewood Rd (Airport End)<br />

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:30pm<br />

Saturday - Sunday 8:00am - 6:00pm<br />

Phone: 359 2772<br />

Tower Junction<br />

4/4 Troup Drive, Addington<br />

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm<br />

Saturday - Sunday 8:30am - 6:00pm<br />

Ph: 341 1110<br />

Marshland<br />

410 Marshland Rd<br />

Monday - Sunday<br />

8:00am - 6:00pm<br />

Ph: 385 6976



Located in the Cashmere Club, the<br />

Riverview Restaurant offers quality,<br />

affordable a la carte dining.<br />

Specialists in events and special<br />

occasions. No function too big or too<br />

small. Private functions room available.<br />

Dine al fresco on the sheltered patio.<br />

Open for Lunch: Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sun.<br />

Open for Dinner from 5.30pm Tues to Sun.<br />

(Closed Mon). Fully Licensed.<br />

50 Colombo Street, Christchurch<br />

Phone: 03 332 0092<br />

www.cashmereclub.co.nz<br />

Members, guests & affiliates welcome<br />

Sala Sala aSian FuSion<br />

ReStauRant<br />

After a years hiatus Sala Sala has<br />

reopened under new management,<br />

much to the joy of the locals, with its<br />

fresh take on Asian fusion and upstairs<br />

private function rooms, all brought to<br />

you in the comfort of the Merivale<br />

suburbs.<br />

Opening Hours<br />

Tuesday - Sunday, closed Mondays<br />

Lunch: 11.30am - 2.00pm Dinner: 5.30pm - late.<br />

Fully Licensed.<br />

142 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch<br />

Phone: 03 355 5932<br />



Located opposite Riccarton Park, this<br />

hotel offers great dining, Sports Bar (with<br />

pool tables, SKY sport, gaming lounge,<br />

TAB), Carbine Lounge and affordable<br />

accommodation. Hoofbeats Restaurant<br />

(famous for their roasts) open daily from<br />

6.30am serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.<br />




118 Racecourse Road, Riccarton, Christchurch<br />

Phone 03 342 7150 www.racecoursehotel.co.nz<br />

An hour drive<br />

from CHCH<br />

UnCommon adjective<br />

not common; rare; exceptional;<br />

above the ordinary; remarkable.<br />

terrACe downs resort<br />

High Tea ($29pp or $39pp with a glass<br />

of bubbles) What better way to spend<br />

an afternoon with friends or family than<br />

having a high tea in the tranquil setting<br />

of Terrace Downs Resort. Available<br />

every day 11am - 3pm (min 2 people).<br />

Sunday Buffet<br />

(Adults $45pp, Kids u12 only $20)<br />

Make your Sunday special with our<br />

popular Sunday buffet. Enjoy a delicious<br />

menu of classic and International<br />

flavours. Every Sunday 12.30pm.<br />

*Bookings essential, call today: 03 318 6943<br />

Email: info@terracedowns.co.nz<br />



Extensive selection of dishes ranging<br />

local favourites through to International<br />

and Asian cuisine.<br />

Also famous for delicious desserts.<br />

Definitely something to satisfy any<br />

taste.<br />

Open daily for lunch and dinner<br />

110 Marshland Road, Christchurch.<br />

Ph 386 0088<br />

www.gardenhotel.co.nz<br />

Like us on Facebook<br />

fb.com/GardenHotelRestaurant<br />

uncommon<br />

Uncommon pride themselves on providing<br />

an out-of-the-ordinary café experience<br />

that showcases the region’s finest produce<br />

where fine dining techniques, flavours<br />

and presentation meet next-level service<br />

in modern, contemporary surrounds.<br />

You’ll find modern twists on café classics,<br />

including their famous Breakfast Board and<br />

Hot Cakes. Discover a slice of Melbourne<br />

café cool right here in Christchurch!<br />

Opens: Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm,<br />

Sat & Sun 8am - 4pm<br />

262 Tuam Street, Christchurch<br />

03 379 3977 or uncommonchch@gmail.com<br />

Follow us on Facebook


AlvArAdo’s MexicAn<br />

cAntinA<br />

Come and try our TRADITIONAL<br />


Alvarados is the essential destination for<br />

experiencing true Mexican cuisine.<br />

Open daily from 11.00am.<br />

77 Stevens Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch<br />

Ph 03 374 4149<br />

www.alvarados.co.nz<br />

facebook.com/alvaradosmexicancantina<br />

Follow us on Twitter @Alvaradoschch<br />


Located upstairs in the New Brighton<br />

Club, the Pierview Restaurant offers a<br />

stunning panoramic view of the<br />

Pegasus coastline and New Brighton<br />

Pier. Irresistible a la carte menu,<br />

excellent specials and now open for<br />

Brunch on Sundays from 10.30am.<br />

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday<br />

from 5.30pm and<br />

Sunday Brunch from 10.30am.<br />

202 Marine Parade, New Brighton<br />

Phone 03 388 8210<br />

www.newbrightonclub.co.nz<br />

Fisherman’s WharF<br />

Spectacular Harbour Views<br />

Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant offer’s a<br />

warm & friendly atmosphere over looking<br />

the working port of Lyttelton. We have a<br />

range of wonderful meal options to suit<br />

all. Seafood, Steaks, Burgers, Thai dishes,<br />

Vegetarian, pasta & kids meals. We serve<br />

only the freshest locally caught fish & our<br />

produce is also fresh & from the local<br />

markets. From our boats to your plate.<br />

Now open for Breakfast Sat/Sun from 8am.<br />

39 Norwich Quay, 8082 Lyttelton.<br />

Ph 328 7530<br />

www.lytteltonwharf.co.nz<br />

Open Wed to Sun 11.30am to late<br />

Delicious<br />

Light Bites<br />



Nestled in the heart of Christchurch, filled<br />

with mountains of food and lakes of<br />

beverages, sits an astounding restaurant with<br />

irresistible and fine tasting food, accompanied<br />

by an unmatched atmosphere.<br />

NEW ! Delicious ‘Light Bites Menu’ !<br />

$20 Cork n Fork Lunch - includes<br />

a beverage !<br />

The PERFECT Function Venue !<br />

Open 7 Days, 9am - 1am<br />

Cnr Riccarton Road & Mona Vale Avenue,<br />

Riccarton. Phone: 03 343 5378<br />

www.trevinos.co.nz<br />

Mona Vale HoMestead<br />

and Pantry<br />

Rebuilt brick by brick and once again<br />

elegant in her heritage best, Mona Vale<br />

Homestead & Pantry is welcoming<br />

visitors for breakfast, brunch, lunch<br />

and exquisite High Teas. Also ideal<br />

for weddings, special occasions and<br />

corporate events.<br />

Open now 7am-5pm<br />

40 Mona Vale Avenue,<br />

Fendalton<br />

03 341 7450<br />

gather@monavale.nz<br />

www.monavale.nz<br />

Follow us on Facebook<br />

EMBERS<br />


Embers has a stylish, cosy atmosphere,<br />

filled with unique furnishings and<br />

complete with its very own open fire pit.<br />

Meals are crafted to share, enhancing a<br />

social, family bonding and interactive<br />

dining experience. Mezzanine floor<br />

available for private functions.<br />

Open Wednesday to Sunday<br />

310 Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui<br />

Phone: 03 359 9586 www.papanuiclub.co.nz<br />

reception@papanuiclub.co.nz<br />

Members, guests & affiliates welcome



A treasure trove of local, organic and<br />

gourmet goodies for the health-conscious<br />

foodie. The wood-panelled deli counter<br />

delivers old world charm and an extensive<br />

array of NZ and European cheeses. Fine<br />

foods and artisan goods adorn the rustic<br />

pallet shelving along with tempting treats<br />

for gluten, dairy and sugar-free devotees.<br />

Try the awesome takeaway Atomic coffee<br />

or turmeric latte. Gift hampers & vouchers<br />

available. Gourmet Platters to order.<br />

5 Robert Street, Lincoln | 03 325 7717<br />

Mon-Sat 7am – 6pm Sun 10am – 4pm<br />

www.thelincolnpantry.co.nz<br />

www.facebook.com/thelincolnpantry<br />

The Pedal Pusher<br />

rollesTon<br />

Vibrant Funky Gastro Pub with Great<br />

Food, Great atmosphere... Fantastic<br />

service... Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner..<br />

Make us your local... your home away<br />

from home!!<br />

Open 7 days - 9am till Late<br />

Bookings recommended<br />

Ph 03 260 0866<br />

www.thepedalpusher.co.nz<br />

55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston<br />

284-286 Lincoln Road, Addington<br />

Tai Tapu HoTel<br />

‘unique CounTry pub’<br />

Fine food, friendly folk, fabulous scenery<br />

and relaxed atmosphere. Sheltered<br />

courtyard and outdoor areas, perfect for<br />

dining or platters and wines.<br />

A La Carte Restaurant<br />

Open 7 Days<br />

12pm to Last seating around 8pm<br />

780 Old Tai Tapu Road<br />

P: 03 329 6819<br />

taitapuhotel@xtra.co.nz<br />

www.wix.taitapuhotel.com<br />

Milanese<br />

A taste of Italy right here in Selwyn...<br />

Prebbleton’s best kept secret is a secret<br />

no longer. The Milanese fully licenced<br />

Italian restaurant and pizzeria is an<br />

exceptional place to dine when you want<br />

a taste of Italy. Fresh Pasta, Carbonara,<br />

Spaghetti, to authentic Italian Pizzas. Dine<br />

In or Takeaway.<br />

Licensed/BYO wine only.<br />

Private Functions available.<br />

Cnr Springs & Marshs Road<br />

407 Springs Road, phone 349 9652<br />

(entrance on Marshs Road, behind Vege Shop)<br />

The Silver Dollar Bar &<br />

reSTauranT<br />

Visit the Silver Dollar Bar & Restaurant<br />

to experience a selection of fine wines, cold<br />

beers and great food. The extensive lunch<br />

& evening menu includes a variety of dishes,<br />

both affordable satisfying meals as well as<br />

‘Special Dishes’… Relax in comfort in either<br />

the amazing indoor Bar & Restaurant or<br />

large sunny & sheltered courtyard.<br />

Open Monday – Sunday 11am – 11pm<br />

Now open for breakfasts, Sunday’s 9am – 12pm<br />

Bookings Essential. Ph 03 347 0386<br />

www.silverdollarbar.co.nz<br />

871 Jones Rd, Rolleston<br />

The Silver Dollar - the place that supports your community.<br />

Quartz<br />

The friendly Quartz team offer great<br />

service in a comfortable, modern<br />

restaurant. An extensive food & beverage<br />

menu has something for everyone.<br />

Delicious, hearty versions of favourites -<br />

burgers, steaks, fish, chicken & salads. The<br />

earlybird special entices families to dine<br />

before 6pm with $5 kids meals, leaving an<br />

ambient setting later for couples or friends<br />

catching up.<br />

Bookings appreciated.<br />

82 Rolleston Drive. Ph 03 347 4192<br />

www.quartzrolleston.co.nz<br />

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 4.30pm-Late.<br />

Fri-Sun 12pm-Late. Follow us on Facebook




$<br />

45 790<br />

RSP<br />




$<br />

45 790<br />

RSP<br />

+ORC 1<br />

+ORC 1<br />

• Reverse Camera and Parking Sensors<br />

• Reverse Camera and • Power Parking Tailgate Sensors<br />

• Power Tailgate • Lane Keeping Aid 3<br />

• Lane Keeping Aid 3 • Auto Highbeam<br />

• Active Park Assist<br />

• Auto Highbeam<br />

3<br />

• Active Park Assist 3<br />








$<br />

38 990<br />

RSP<br />

$<br />

38 990<br />

+ORC 1<br />

• Reverse Camera<br />

• Apple Carplay & Android Auto<br />

Integration<br />

RSP<br />

+ORC 1 through SYNC ® 3 2<br />

• Blind Spot Information System 3<br />

• Active City Safe<br />

• Reverse Camera<br />

3<br />

• Satellite Navigation<br />

• Apple Carplay & Android Auto<br />

Integration through SYNC ® 3 2<br />

• Blind Spot Information System 3<br />

• Active City Safe 3<br />

• Satellite Navigation<br />

1. The special pricing is recommended pricing only and available until 30th <strong>September</strong> 2<strong>01</strong>7 or while stocks last at participating Ford Dealerships. Price excludes on road costs,<br />

options and accessories. Not available in conjunction with any other special offers. 2. Apple and Apple Carplay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other<br />

countries. Android, Android Auto and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google Inc. For phone and media player compatibility, please visit www.ford.co.nz/sync.<br />

3. Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace drivers judgement.<br />

Avon City Ford<br />


Anywhere Ford<br />

Go Further<br />

1. The special pricing is recommended pricing only and available until 30th <strong>September</strong> 2<strong>01</strong>7 or while stocks 123 last at Sample participating Road Ford Dealerships. | SAMPLEVILLE Price excludes on | road P <strong>01</strong> costs, 234 5678 | anywhereford.co.nz<br />

options and accessories. Not available in conjunction with any other special offers. 2. Apple and Apple Carplay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other<br />

countries. Android, Cnr Android Main Auto South and Google Rd and Maps Epsom are registered Rd, trademarks Sockburn of Google | CHRISTCHURCH Inc. For phone and media | player 03 348 compatibility, 4129 please or 0800 visit www.ford.co.nz/sync.<br />

655 551<br />

3. Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace drivers judgement.<br />

Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | 03 313 7059 | avoncityford.com<br />

Anywhere Ford<br />

123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P <strong>01</strong> 234 5678 | anywhereford.co.nz

Colour Specialists<br />

Hue is a specialist hair colouring salon<br />

We don’t do “dos”, we just do colour<br />

UNIT 2, 1105 FERRY ROAD<br />


0508 225 5483<br />

Hue Ponsonby<br />

100 Franklin Rd<br />

Auckland<br />

Hue Mt Eden<br />

12 Normanby Rd<br />

Auckland<br />

Hue Balmoral<br />

239 Balmoral Rd<br />

Auckland<br />

Hue Albany<br />

100 Don McKinnon Dr<br />

Auckland<br />


Lexie Leadley, Sarah Fallow<br />

Victoria and Tim Powell<br />

Liz Mills, Anna Powell, Liz McNicholl<br />



Anna Hill, Maria O’Halloran, Charlotte Cochrane<br />

Deep within the heart of the city is a wonderland of fashion, where all of a woman’s<br />

dreams of stylish dressing can come true. Up the escalator at Ballantynes, the<br />

refurbished ladies department was reopened with typical understated elegance.<br />

Garments suited to all occasions, be they high formal or refreshingly casual, stood<br />

ready to be rushed away in preparation for the upcoming seasons of sunshine. For<br />

customers with no inclination to shop in a hurried whirl, a relaxing lounge provides a<br />

leisured space in which to peruse the fashion galaxy, as guests did on that evening.<br />

Martin McDonald, Frank Drebin<br />

Travis Simmons, Will Shaw, James Riggall, Paul O’Connell<br />

Jacqui Fallow, Merilyn Howman<br />

Jennie Lee, Kirsty and Ross Sweetman<br />

Lianne Dalziel, Richard Dalman<br />

Robbie Davidson, Alister Bell<br />

Danielle and Peter Kirsopp<br />



The late winter rain dripped on the quad of the Art Centre as Dalman<br />

Architects of Space celebrated two decades of putting buildings on the<br />

map. Fine catering accompanied the proffered Dalman Martini, a glowing<br />

cocktail shaken up for the evening that tickled the lips of the invitees who<br />

swelled the numbers of the lavish but genteel party. Names were written upon<br />

the memories board by guests as an offering of congratulations for Dalman<br />

Architects of Space who, on this evening, became the architects of style and<br />

fun. How fitting that the celebration took place in the Great Hall, standing in<br />

tribute to another fine architect, the magnificent Mountfort.<br />

Ron and Dot Noordijk<br />

Simon and Annie Taylor

Lily Cooper, Liz Collins<br />

Andrew Logie, Kristy Abbott, Robert Smith<br />

Neville and Heather Brown<br />

Donna Kotzikas, Sharon Sutherland<br />



Homeward-bound commuters marooned in the snail-paced traffic<br />

in Lichfield Street, would, had they looked left, have spied a party<br />

happening in the new FreshChoice City Market. Enjoying the hospitable<br />

grand opening, invited guests toasted the enterprise as the tintinnabulation<br />

of clinking glasses rang out. Toothsome treats were proffered and the joyful<br />

hubbub made a concerto of celebration, which was the perfect soundtrack<br />

for browsing the aisles of the gourmet establishment. A piece of Europe had<br />

come to Christchurch that night, bringing sophisticated shopping back to<br />

the city, in anticipation of dinner parties and soirees to come.<br />

Jacquie Harrop, Alison Aitken<br />

David Carter, Paul Saunders<br />

Scot and Jenna Brown<br />

Phil McGoldrick, Anthony Leighs<br />

John Wheelans, Benjamin Badger<br />

Curious to know<br />

what it’s worth?<br />

If you are unsure of the value<br />

of your property, we’re happy<br />

to visit and give a free market<br />

appraisal without obligation.<br />

Phone 03 377 0509<br />

Mobile 021 703 023<br />

Online www.firstavenue.co.nz<br />

Licensed Agent REAA

Olivia Grenfell, Monica Yee<br />

Georgia and George Wallis, Steve Grenfell<br />

Sue Stenhouse, Stephanie Rumble<br />

Cam Howden, Rochelle Richards, Dean Pryce<br />



Set amongst the shining gems of the Holden crown, the gems of<br />

fashion paraded by a platoon of lithesome models outshone the<br />

automotive jewels. All eyes were on the spot-lit procession of elegance<br />

which strutted confidently along the red carpet laid upon the floor of<br />

Blackwells Holden, as the inaugural fashion show got into full swing.<br />

Sartorial options, able to bridge the time between the grubby, wet winter<br />

evening and the sunny seasons just ahead, fluttered tantalisingly past,<br />

each distinguished label spoiling the audience for choice. So, full speed<br />

ahead to a stylish spring!<br />

Cindy Hutchinson, Courtney Messervy<br />

Olivia Giesen, Abby Dickson<br />

Jessica Wetton, Rebecca Taylor<br />

Amy Musson, Emma Wilson<br />

Merrin Mortimer, Olivia Fisher, Jackie Legaspi<br />

Expressions of interest now being taken<br />

for the Villas in the first two stages.<br />





P: 0273 739 463

Blair and Rebecca Paterson<br />

Julia and Richard Scales<br />

Amber and Johnny Hamilton<br />

John Sansom, Bevan Williamson, Thomas Manley<br />




Excellence in the building industry was rewarded when the Canterbury<br />

Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards were presented<br />

recently. As the former guardians of the skies looked silently down from the ceiling<br />

of the Air Force Museum, the rise and fall of voices created an atmosphere of<br />

excitement, in anticipation of the ceremony and the promise of plaudits to be<br />

bestowed on the worthy recipients. Truly, an evening to cherish in the memory.<br />

Angela and Gareth Lewis<br />

Brodie and Tony Roberts<br />

A<br />

Kelli Tammett, Charlotte and Victoria Harrison, Kate Wood<br />

Ben and Ella Webster<br />

Access lock speciAlists<br />



Your locAl lock, keY And sAfe speciAlists.<br />

electronic securitY for the home<br />

Allows you to unlock your door with the Schlage Sense app,<br />

by simply asking Siri on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.<br />

HomeKit compatibility using Wi-Fi with Apple.<br />

Features and benefits<br />

• Easy to set up and program using the Schlage Sense app.<br />

• Illuminated, fingerprint-resistant touchscreen works in the rain<br />

and when wearing gloves<br />

• Limited lifetime finish and mechanical warranty, and a limited<br />

three-year electronic warranty<br />

• If using HomeKit technology you must have Apple TV<br />

Specifications<br />

• Battery: AAx4 included, approximately one-year battery life<br />

• door thickness: 35mm – 44mm<br />

• Backset: 60/70mm adjustable<br />

• Codes: Up to 30 user codes<br />

• Communications: Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth® Smart<br />

technology<br />

• Finish: Black or Satin Nickel<br />

Locked out? BurgLed?<br />

CALL US 0800 KEYLESS (539537)<br />

Our price<br />

$460<br />

including GST<br />

Visit our showroom at 170 Waterloo Rd, Hornby to see demonstration models.<br />

24 Hour<br />

Emergency<br />

Service<br />

170 Waterloo Road, Hornby l Phone: 344 5959 l Fax: 344 5969<br />

Email: sales@accesslocks.co.nz l www.accesslocks.co.nz<br />

Show room open: 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. 9am - 12pm Saturday.

Sutza Russell, Emily Richardson, Fiona Russell<br />

Jackie, Sue and Sam Lee<br />

Erin O’Gorman, Sam McClung<br />


As the winter chill set in and the wind slashed scythe like along Manchester<br />

Street, the darkness was pierced by the light of welcome shining from<br />

Christchurch BMW. Ladies were gathered to hear the words of six inspirational<br />

women, whose uplifting messages were like a banquet for the soul. All eyes and<br />

attentions were focused on the speakers, as the wisdom and wit filled the space<br />

normally occupied by the dream machines which, for the evening, had graciously<br />

been allocated to second place.<br />

Anna Colthart, Jade Cavalcante<br />

Alissa Miller, Julia Warren<br />

Winsome Dormer, Chloe Swarbrick<br />

Fiona Deehan, Stacy Smith<br />

Cheryl Bycroft, Maree Lucas<br />

Suzayre Burke, Sophia Parsons<br />

Deck the Hagley<br />

with your party<br />

Fa la la la la, la la la la... We have some prime dates still available at Hagley<br />

Oval so get in quick and hit your end of year party out of the park.<br />

For more information and our other venues visit vbase.co.nz<br />

Make life<br />

more eventful.

84 STYLE | etiquette<br />

GYM<br />

Words Victoria Tait<br />

T<br />

his <strong>September</strong> will bring in a flurry of new gymgoers,<br />

as well as those who have been in hibernation<br />

for the winter. If you’re feeling your workout space has<br />

just got a little cramped don’t worry as by the end of<br />

the month, most of these newbies will have given up<br />

due to loss of motivation or overdoing it and injuring<br />

themselves.<br />

For those of you who make it past the first month on<br />

your new fitness quest, we have a few rules of etiquette<br />

to keep you on the straight and narrow.<br />



1 You may be getting your sweat on while running<br />

to Eye Of The Tiger but please refrain from letting your<br />

sweat fly across to shower the person next to you. It’s<br />

just gross. If you happen to be a person who, shall we<br />

say, over perspires then bring an extra-large towel and<br />

find a treadmill in the far corner.<br />

2<br />


If your mobile rings follow these instructions: Get off<br />

the machine and walk to a non-workout area. We don’t<br />

all want to hear about the new business deal you have<br />

just nabbed, and we don’t really care either. Remember<br />

it’s never okay to take a call during a class, so put the<br />

phone on mute or leave it in the locker room.<br />

3<br />


There are two kinds of people that have no idea of<br />

personal space. If you are a person who decides to get<br />

on the cardio machine right next to someone else when<br />

there is an entire row of the same machine available, we<br />

suggest you stop doing this. And if you are a person who<br />

spreads out the entire contents of their gym bag on the<br />

locker room bench, we don’t really like you very much<br />

either.<br />

4<br />


If your gym doesn’t have a private changing area,<br />

don’t use the showers to change in – people need<br />

to wash. If you do take your entire gym bag into the<br />

shower be prepared for dirty looks as you exit.<br />

5<br />

. NUDITY<br />

Flashing has never been, and will never be,<br />

acceptable.<br />

6<br />

. ATTIRE<br />

Some things should not be worn for workouts.<br />

Please note the following list: G-strings, low-cut tops,<br />

men’s crop tops, anything that is too small, anything that<br />

smells. Check yourself in the mirror from every angle<br />

before you leave the house, to ensure you are well<br />

covered.<br />

7<br />


We love that you have great moves so go ahead<br />

and shake-dat-ass. But if you think your routine is better<br />

than the instructor’s, and are making sure everyone<br />

knows it, then either stop and do it by yourself at home<br />

or enquire at the front desk to see when they are next<br />

holding auditions for instructors.



The Ultimate<br />

Driving Machine<br />


It’s the perfect combination of luxury, style and raw power that earns the new Lifestyle Edition BMW X3 xDrive28i its place in the BMW<br />

X Range. Get the ultimate driving experience from $97,500. Plus, for a limited time, you can enjoy $10,500 worth of additional premium<br />

features for no extra cost* and drive one away by only paying 1/3 cost upfront. Then simply pay the remaining cost over the next 2 years<br />

interest free.**<br />

With limited availability, now’s the time to book a test drive at Christchurch BMW.<br />

1/3<br />

NOW<br />

1/3<br />

2<strong>01</strong>8<br />

1/3<br />

2<strong>01</strong>9<br />

0%<br />


**<br />

Christchurch BMW<br />

30 Manchester Street, Christchurch. 03 363 7240 chchBMW.co.nz<br />

*Price excludes on-road costs. Includes 5 year warrant/roadside assist and 3 years’ service inclusive. Offer based on BMW X3 xDrive28i Lifestyle Edition. Lifestyle edition includes $10,500 worth<br />

of additional feature specification. Limited stock available. For full car specification see www.bmw.co.nz. **Offer includes an establishment fee of $125, a dealer origination fee of $125 and<br />

recommended on-road vehicle costs. Subject to BMW Financial Services - New Zealand Limited standard lending criteria. Offer available while stocks last.<br />


FROM MINI.<br />

Introducing the all-new MINI Countryman, the biggest most<br />

adventurous MINI yet. Featuring improved driving comfort, a<br />

remarkably roomy interior and ALL4 all-wheel drive, the new<br />

MINI Countryman stands as the ultimate all-rounder that’s<br />

ready to tackle whatever road your story takes you on.<br />

Grab your sense of adventure and get behind the wheel from<br />

$45,750*.<br />

Book a test drive now at Christchurch MINI Garage.<br />


30 Manchester Street, Christchurch. Ph: 03 363 7240.<br />

Open 7 days. CHCHMINI.CO.NZ<br />



MIN0262<br />

*<br />

Recommended Retail Price based on a standard MINI Countryman Cooper, includes<br />

GST, excludes on-road costs. Model shown with optional extras. See chchmini.co.nz<br />

or Christchurch MINI Garage for more information.

86 STYLE | win<br />

Every month, <strong>Style</strong> sources a range of exceptional prizes to give away.<br />

It’s easy to enter, simply go to www.style.kiwi and fill in your details on the ‘Win With <strong>Style</strong>’ page.<br />

Entries close <strong>September</strong> 30.<br />


The highly anticipated Ballantynes Fashion Week is returning<br />

to Christchurch from <strong>September</strong> 19 to 23, and <strong>Style</strong> is giving a<br />

lucky reader the chance to attend. The winner will receive two<br />

GA tickets to the opening show on <strong>September</strong> 19, as well as<br />

two tickets to another show of their choice, options include a<br />

classics master class with fashion and beauty stylists, and a lunch<br />

with designers Juliette Hogan and Kathryn Wilson.<br />

Entries close <strong>September</strong> 16.<br />


Ten-time best-selling author, speaker and<br />

biochemist, Dr Libby Weaver has just released<br />

her brand new book and 11th title, What Am<br />

I Supposed to Eat? RRP $39.99, available from<br />

www.drlibby.com. Dr Libby wrote this in response<br />

to the top question she has been asked over the<br />

past two decades, with the aim of helping people<br />

clear up the confusion around food. We have a<br />

copy to give away to one lucky reader.<br />


Although it’s just 90 minutes up the road, you<br />

feel a world away from Christchurch. This is a<br />

great time to visit the village, soak in the famous<br />

mineral-filled waters and give the whole family a<br />

much-needed break.<br />

Thanks to Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and<br />

Spa, we have a Family Escape package to give<br />

away. Starting from just $299, these are amazing<br />

value and include:<br />

• Two nights’ accommodation<br />

• Two days Thermal Pools entry<br />

• 1/2 hour Village Cruiser rental<br />

• 1 round of Mini Golf at Alpine Crazy Putt<br />

LAST MONTH’S WINNERS: UNOVENT: Linda Rushton, AVON: Ruth Anne Caukwell, JOUVENCE: Vanessa McKay<br />

*Conditions: Each entry is limited to one per person. You may enter all giveaways. If you are selected as a winner, your name will be published in the following<br />

month’s edition. By registering their details, entrants give permission for Star Media to send further correspondence, which they can opt out of at any stage.

A<br />

giftfrom the<br />

Gods<br />

So comfortable<br />

so relaxing<br />

Massive<br />

savings on all<br />

Stress free and<br />

Zedere Chairs<br />

Stress free chairs are all $1599<br />

and zedere $1999<br />

<strong>Style</strong> at the<br />

Best Price<br />



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NELSON<br />

109 TRAFALGAR ST 03 546 7057<br />


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