What Should You Know Before Going For FUE Hair Transplant


What should you know before going for hair transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure and it is not a wise to go for any surgery

before knowing about the same. There should be some research and set of

questions that one may ask to the doctor before going for hair Transplant. Things

you should know before going for Hair Transplant are:

1. What is the root cause of hair loss or baldness?

A brief discussion about the medical history and proper diagnosis can help

one to identify the root cause of the hair loss. It is important to sit with the

doctor and avail a comprehensive consultation regarding the possible

causes of hair loss.

2. Is hair transplantation the only solution to current situation of baldness?

The doctor may help you to take a decision towards surgical or non-surgical

options for treating hair loss depending upon the stage of baldness.

3. Am I the right candidate?

If you have male pattern baldness equal or above stage 2, and, have

healthy scalp with good quantity of donor hairs, then hair transplant is

suggested. If the patient has complete baldness then patient may not be an

appropriate candidate.

4. Hair Transplant Methods

Get to know about the hair transplant method that surgeon is using. Two

types of methods used today are FUE and FUT.

FUE involves extraction of individual hair follicles using micro punches from

donor area and implanting same to recipient area. FUE is comparatively less

painful and has short recovery time.

FUT involve extraction of the strip containing the hair follicles which then

dissect into individual follicles and transplanted to the bald area.

5. Do I have enough donor hair?

If in case of weak donor the surgeon can take leverage of extracting hair

follicles from other areas of body like beard, upper chest or upper back in

addition to the scalp. This makes FUE a better option for hair transplant.

6. Will the results look natural?

The result will look natural when performed by experienced surgeon. Age

appropriate hair line designing, mimicking the natural angulations and

direction are some of the point which contributes to natural looking results

after hair transplant. Read here What Makes Hair Transplant Undetectable

and Natural

7. How much it will cost to my pocket?

The cost of hair transplant is depends upon the number of grafts need to be

transplanted and what type of procedure is chosen whether it is scalp to

scalp hair transplant or body to hair transplant or eyebrow hair transplant

or facial hair transplant. Some clinics charge on the basis of number of

grafts whiles other charge on number of hair basis. Usually, 1 graft=~ 2.2


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