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Sci-fi edition!

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Welcome to October’s special edition - special because we have an interview with Denis Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner 2049, the much anticipated new sci-fi film which is the follow up to the classic, Blade Runner featuring Harrison Ford. And thanks to Sony Pictures - we’ve got tickets to give away - so check out the competition on Page 10. We’ve also gotten our hands on tickets to the new Jigsaw film thanks to the team at Picture This, after all it is Halloween and we just love horror here at Live! Speaking of horror we caught up with our special guest photographer, Mike Rollerson who is the king of horror photography with some brilliant horror themed cosplay, and Cosplay editor Tiffany Dean talks to us about her latest Wonder Woman project. We also take a long look at Instagram which seems to be the choice of cosplayers and cosplay photographers to promote themselves and gain a following - but is it? Take a look. We’ve also got our Trading Card feature with an interview with a local MTG player and our popular War Gaming section thanks to Ben! Finally the team at Live would like to thank everyone involved in the magazine, our writers, our readers and our stores. We do our best to give you a fun magazine for free each month, we’d love you to share it with friends and help us grow our community and our reach. It’s thanks to you that we have these brilliant interviews with people like Denis Villeneuve, and the many people our retro editor Paul Monopoli has caught up with over the years. We’re now getting more readers each issue then many big name online magazines and we hope to grow our audience and get you even more great content, free tickets and more! Have a great month

INSIDE 6 Blade 50 Video 90 Product 134 Cosplay Runner Special Games Catalogue THE LIVE TEAM Publisher: Rob Jenkins Art Director: Giselle Capobianco Game Contributors: VGChartz Sticky Trigger Entertainment Retro Editor: Paul Monopoli Entertainment Editor: Scott Sowter Cosplay Editors: Tiffany Dean Anny Simms Wargaming Contributor: Ben Makepeace

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