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The restaurant industry is the king of the

limited time offer. Your uniform program

can be the well-dressed queen. Fashion

can be fickle and quickly goes stale, so

take a page from fast fashion with a

uniform that keeps it fresh. Think LTO

for your branded gear.

An example of this concept in action

is a national baked goodies brand

that currently maintains no inventory

and all purchasing is done on a monthly

basis. Each owner jumps on the current

offering when it suits their taste, with

revolving items from headwear to aprons,

T-shirts to bandannas. They get seasonal

garments in a timely manner, and the staff

loves the frequently released new gear.

For brands with routine menu changes,

regularly scheduled LTO’s and seasonal

offerings, it is the way to think about

uniform management. Why not hit the

refresh button more frequently?

I’m Ape

about LTO’s!

Keep your look and appeal fresh with

gear that changes with the season.

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