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Personal Expression isn’t going away

anytime soon. We all want to be unique,

so what do we do? Mix it up, with an

assortment of shirt styles, colors, and

imprints that all go together but look

refreshingly different! Like you all shop at

the same store, but in different departments.

Someone likes Athleisure gear and

another person wants to be a bit more


If your establishment caters to the cultured

and creative set, then a uniform program

should be a bit less uniform and a bit less

programmatic. Yes, you still want to have a

dress code and a standard that is enforceable.

So set the tone. Give options.

Allow a palette of well-suited

colors, silhouettes, and fabrics

that all support your brand in

a brand-centric way.

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Awesome Swag

A uniform can sometimes

look too uniform.

Not only is it possible but, for certain

employee groups, it can be an attractional

element that gives you the hiring edge.

When people get to choose what they

wear, they tend to wear it with pride,

confidence, and panache.

Think in terms of collections; seasonally

adjusted; with more regular and trend-setting

additions. Then your important brand

ambassadors get to choose what they put

on from an assortment of well-chosen

items. It’s a branding win for all involved.

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