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MBR Publications Limited are at the forefront of leading business

publications and corporate event organisation which has an

appeal to a diverse business audience and corporate executives

on a nationwide basis.

Resourceful and innovative, MBR Publications Ltd. works hard,

thinks big and delivers successful results. We are known for

needle-moving public relations programs, a novel approach,

and innovative people who deliver measurable, game-changing


Our main business philosophy consists of the following:

we put our Customers first and strive to secure their loyalty

through top quality service; we value our Employees and

seek to help them achieve their full potential; we embrace

Professionalism and seek Excellence in everything we do; we do

our best to help our Communities be better places in which to

live, work and grow.

Our mission is to improve the practice of Publishing and events

organisation, create innovative winning advertising and raise

the print content quality to inform and educate as many people

as possible in a changing world. This mission influences how we

approach what we do here and what we believe is important.




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MBR Publications Ltd has a team of communications professionals, led by our leadership, who are involved at every stage.

With offices in Birkirkara,

MBR Publications Ltd (www. reach is

widespread with a robust presence

on both web and social media, such

as facebook. Its leadership team is

backed by the best storytellers, dotconnectors,

trend-setters, industry

experts and professional sales force.

MBR Publications Ltd is a trusted

resource for its insider status, nextlevel

strategy, and relevant brand

partnerships, and its in-house

cutting-edge MICE division navigates

the dynamic business landscape with

laser focus, organising some of the

best gala award business events ever

held in Malta.


Managing Director

Martin Vella has had a successful career in sales before advancing into marketing and sales

management, occupying executive level positions. Mr Vella holds a distinction in internationally

recognised Higher Diploma Sales Management and Marketing accredited with The Chartered

Institute of Marketers and also accredited with UEFAP academic writing. He has established

himself as a leading business and current affairs journalist, researcher, writing and editing stories,

features and articles for use within a variety of media including magazines, journals, newspapers

and corporate publications.

Mr Vella heads entire publications. Depending on the size of the newspaper, magazine or online

publication, his role involves more staff management and business duties as much as editorial ones.

Martin is capable of designing the entire editorial line-up or managing the entire editorial team to

ensuring the publisher’s goals are met or dealing with those difficult decisions of journalism ethics

and integrity. He has obtained the International Honours Graduate Diplomas, particularly PR and

Advertising, as well as MBA studies in business and sales management. He has a vast experience in

successful Marketing concepts and campaigns, is a professional freelance writer, event organiser,

and event moderator. He has written and executed strategic growth plans as both an executive and

as a consultant. His articles have featured in prestigious magazines such as The Economic Update,

The Executive, Caterer Middle East, Hotelier, The Business Times, The Times and Malta Independent


Martin has previously held executive positions with three growth stage companies and also was part

of a turn-around team that successfully implemented new start-up campaign as an International

Business Development Manager, being the first under the ERDF sponsored scheme to generate a

sale of over €100,000 in Maltese corporate wear from the Gulf region. Mr Vella is also a special

rapporteur for the EC with ICF MOSTRA, which is part of ICF, a global consulting, communication and

technology services provider with more than 5,000 professionals.


Managing Partner

As a Director of sales and marketing with MBR Publications Ltd, Margaret Brincat is responsible for

planning and implementing sales, marketing and product development programs, both short and

long range, targeted toward existing and new markets by performing the following duties personally

or through subordinates. She manages all employees of the department and is responsible for the

performance management and hiring of the employees within the Company. While performing

the duties of her role, Margaret is regularly required to talk and hear. She is primarily responsible

for successful launch and sales of all the publications of the firm and is responsible for the

performance of all the members in various publishing teams; providing vision and leadership to the

entire organisation; providing inputs to management in the management of the firm; allocating

resources to the division members; attracting best possible manpower for the publishing division;

motivating various publications teams and acting as interface between the top management and

the operations managers.


MBR Publications MBR Publications 5

At MBR, we put over 10 years of strategic insight and intelligence into

everything we do. Employing our 360º Lifestyle Approach to brand

building and Public Relations, our campaigns are focused, strategic

and assembled to balance cost-effectiveness with positive results.

That is the reason some of the most revered corporate brands

turn to us—and return to us.


“I’ve been involved with the Malta’s Best

Entrepreneur of the Year Awards from the

start and they really are the benchmark for

entrepreneurial success in the Malta. It is

fantastic to see so many great entrepreneurs

being recognised for their successes and I am

proud to be associated with the awards.”

Profs David J. Dingli | Managing Consultant,

Resource Productivity Consulting Services



MBR Publications tells the right story to the right audience at the right time. Then we keep on telling it. Leveraging our 360° Lifestyle

Approach to brand building and Public Relations, we explore each appropriate story angle and media outlet (international, national

and local), based on brand news and differentiators, seasonal opportunities and cultural moments. The result: a broad base of media

coverage that crosses multiple categories and touches consumers in a meaningful and motivating manner.


Social PR at MBR Publications is goal driven and designed to support more traditional efforts through comprehensive media strategies

that combine social, digital and influencer networks. Our social media campaigns help develop audiences and promote loyalty. We offer

a full complement of services, including:

• Advertising & Media Campaign

• Print & Digital Strategy

• Content strategy and creation

• Editorial planning and execution

• Influencer and blogger outreach

• Event development and coverage

• Social media marketing

• Measurement and evaluation reporting

• Influencer, Event & Entertainment Marketing


This is the age of transparency. The availability of information that consumers have access to is unprecedented. In a world of information

overload we believe that a direct brand voice and openness cut through the clutter and provide a refreshingly informative approach to

communications. We make sure substance is what defines style.


We believe in taking a leadership position that will differentiate our clients and drive features, benefits and experiences to highlight

something unique, extraordinary and ultimately newsworthy.


The state of communications today requires a dual approach in order to drive both brand awareness and consumer desire. We tell

stories to promote visibility and recognition by consumers and the media. And, we amplify this through stories and tactics that help

motivate purchase, interaction and likeability.

What keeps MBR Publications Ltd on the leading edge of the culturally current, relevant and ripe with opportunity? One key reason: the

lasting relationships we’ve cultivated with tastemakers the world over. We make these influencers work for you whether interacting

with consumers at sponsored events, or via involvement with organisations across lifestyle segments. Whether developing soughtafter

events from conception to execution, attracting key influencers, securing top talent for spotlight performances, or delivering a

celebrity host, our strategic relationships translate into more business and more success for your brand.


As part of our 360° Business Approach to brands, we seek and build newsworthy alliances with influential personalities, businesses and

organizations both within and outside our agency portfolio.

We leverage the brand equity of those properties to position (or reposition) your brand, expose you to new audiences outside your

category, and take advantage of new media opportunities. The results: reinforcing your brand relevance, capturing new markets, and

providing consumer call-to-action.


MBR Publications Ltd offers short-term and long-term brand consulting, as well as strategic plan development. Our efforts will

strategically elevate your brand. Let us guide and/or implement your plan, with brand consulting recommendations that may include

PR, advertising, SEO and SEM, strategic partnerships, event marketing, brand alliances, digital and social media marketing, brand

extensions, spokespeople and brand ambassadors.


MBR Publications MBR Publications 7

MBR Events

MBR Publications Ltd has established a-decade-strong reputation as

a leading Corporate Public Relations agency that knows how to throw

a game-changing event. From prep to PR to production to post-event

momentum, MBR Publications Ltd covers it all.

In MBR Publications Ltd’s variety of events hosted throughout the

year, we bring together our clients, our employees and friends of our

PR agency. We do not simply enjoy and love our events, we are married

to them.

Social PR at MBR Publications Ltd is goal driven and designed to

support more traditional efforts through comprehensive media

strategies that combine social, digital and influencer networks.

Our social media campaigns help develop audiences and promote

loyalty. We believe that social public relations efforts are ideally

suited to optimize our clients’ visibility on visually-driven platforms

while reinforcing knowledge, awareness and brand image. We are

expert at developing social and digital strategy and growth goals

and can create the content that is needed to bring strategy and

platforms to life.


• Event Budgets

• Event Plans

• Event Itinerary

• Programming

• Talent Sourcing

• Venue Sourcing


· Front of House Management

· Front of House Direction

· Guestlist Management

· Red Carpet Management

· Seating Coordination



For our most demanding clients,

when a pure luxury and exclusivity is

your basic requirement.

• Private and luxury limousine or

chauffer driven car hire

• Boat rentals

• V.I.P. lifestyle assistance


· Event Decks

· Event Promotion

· Event Pitching

· Media Outreach

· Press Handling

· PR Collateral


· Outreach Collateral

· Outreach Letters

· Relationship Management

· Sponsorship Decks

· Swag Bags Sourcing



for local and foreign clients

Enhance social relation between

colleagues through different games

and activities selected for your group

event. City games, treasue hunts,

mind-games, indoor and outdoor.

We work with all the best suppliers

in Malta. Just tell us what are you

looking for!

MBR Publications Ltd provides

full-service events planning,

production and design for all

types of events. We are dedicated

to producing only the highest

quality of corporate and private

events in Malta – making us one

of the most sought after events

producers in the industry today.


Business & Incentive Travel to Malta

and Gozo

• Company Retreats in Malta & Gozo

• Conferences (up to 200 pax.)

• Incentive Travel

• MICE (Meetings, Incetives, Events)

... just send us an enquiry. It is free!


MBR Publications MBR Publications 9

Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year

Awards are the most comprehensive awards

program on the Island and evidencing some

"amazing entrepreneurial talent.

The Hon Profs Edward Scicluna | Minister of Finance





MBR Publications MBR Publications 11


• Celebrity Sourcing

• Editorial Outreach

• Influencer Outreach

• Media Outreach

• Media Management

• Product Placement


• Distribution

• Media Alerts

• Press Announcements

• Press Releases


• B2B Campaigns

• Email Campaigns

• Newsletter Campaigns

• Niche Campaigns

• Promotional Campaigns

• Relationship Campaigns

• Social Media Campaigns


• Audience Engagement

• Audience Conversion

• Campaign Plans

• Campaign Strategy &



• Collateral

• Content

• Development

• Messaging


We create. You celebrate. We do all the work, and you get all the credit.

As your PR and media strategist, we will shape and maintain the image of your

brand in the eyes of the various “publics” and the audience you wish to influence.


• Mission & Vision Statements

• Positioning & Promise

• Logos

• Web Design


• Lookbooks

• Media Kits

• One Sheets

• Press Kits

• Presentations


• Crisis Management

• Media Training

• PR Campaigns

• PR Plans

• Press Conferences

• Press Events


• Analysis & Insight

• Competitive Analysis

• Consumer Observation

• Focus Groups

• Primary & Secondary

• Surveys

• SWOT Analysis


• Platform Development

• Coverpage Design

• Social Media Plans

• Strategy & Engagement


MBR Publications MBR Publications 13


MBR Publications Limited is a full-service PR Agency that partners

with brands-both established and emerging, corporations, local SME

interests, national corporations and consumer companies, brands,

start-up technology companies, high-profile individuals, regional

businesses, and others to help them define and achieve their strategic

PR goals. Resourceful, innovative and dexterous, MBR Publications

Limited works hard, thinks big, and delivers successful results. We are

known for needle-moving public relations programs, a novel approach,

and innovative people who deliver measurable, game-changing results.

At MBR Publications Limited, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all

approach. Each client’s needs are assessed individually and then team

members devise smart, proactive campaigns that exceed expectations.

In a constantly shifting digital world, where people are bombarded with

information and news travels in seconds, MBR Publications Limited

helps clients navigate ever-changing media, business, and consumer

landscapes. We always approach work with a plan, with commitment,

and every customer project is treated as our own personal project!

After a thorough analysis of the complete marketing and sales process,

we found that by incorporating our proprietary Dual Approach marketing

System, you can:

What does your agency need to reach the next level?

Our agency partnership program provides an instant source of

plug-and-play backup.

At MBR Publications Limited, we empower agencies through

partnership, as a plug-and-play extension of in-house resources.

What does your agency need to crank up the volume and perform

even better? Our partnership program is designed to help you fill

in your agency’s gaps with reliable rockstar talent. We know how

difficult it is to find backup resources that you can depend on,

especially when the pressure to deliver is high. Our network of

incredibly talented, seasoned professionals knows what it takes

to succeed in the digital space.

Partnering with us allows you to expand and contract your

agency’s workforce at any given time, based on the exact amount

that needs to be done – enabling you to control costs and deliver

reliably, every time. Partner with us as your source of backup,

and our experts will immediately provide all of the white-label

services you need to get the job done.

Let’s explore the following questions:

• What do you consider to be your best strengths as an agency?

• What are your greatest sources of struggle?

• Are there new services that you wish you could offer, but you

just don’t have the bandwidth?

• Do you face problems with staff turnover?

• Is it tough to find dependable freelancers?

• Do you suffer from an uneven pipeline – with enough work to

keep multiple staff members busy at certain times, only to

dwindle down to a slow drip at others?

Whatever issues and challenges you may face at your agency, we

can help. At MBR Publications Limited, we are built to serve as

an extension of your existing in-house resources – powering all

of the pieces that you don’t have the time, energy, or interest to

absorb on your own. When you partner with MBR Publications

Limited, you can rest assured that we’ll make you proud, as an

immediate extension of your own team.

Tell us what your needs are, and we will plug in to provide whatever

is required. It’s that simple.


We have built and established our reputation by:

A) Delivering on what we promise

B) Delivering on time and on budget

Our dedication to our clients and leadership in the industry

has been recognized; MBR Publications Limited is proud to win

recognition and awards including Super Brands label recognition,

and nominated named Agency of the Year for Malta’s Best in

Business Awards 2016/7. Our full service marketing & PR firm

specialises in a number of practice areas including B2C (Beauty

& Fashion, Consumer Brands, Entertainment, Food & Beverage,

Catering, Health & Wellness, Technology, Travel & Hospitality);

B2B (Corporate Communications, Reputation Management, CSR,

Sustainability Communications); Banking, Finance, iGaming, Real

Estate, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, Aviation, Shipping, Transport

& Logistics, Oil & Gas, Public Affairs; Government Relations; and

Crisis Communications. We have an unblemished track record of

completing all our projects on time, and always on budget!

• Increase brand awareness

• Enhance and leverage word of mouth marketing

• Increase marketing ROI’s

• Streamline the sales and after sales processes

• Target new client segments, including the untapped local client base

By using this novel marketing and sales system, you can increase

revenues by almost 40% and create an optimal environment for a

sustained marketing campaign of future products and services.


MBR takes corporate business marketing

to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

They delivered the right blend of strategy,

integration, creativity and value to help our

brand stand out in the industry. They also

created a fantastic brochure for us that has

stood above the rest on the global arena.”


Tomasz Zalewski | Marketing and Sales Manager

Dakar Software System


MBR Publications MBR Publications 15


Imagery is a critical part of brand image. Video is increasingly

favored as medium for information consumption and

entertainment – and by Google. A well-rounded brand image and

marketing strategy includes both.

At MBR, we have the visual aspect of your brand covered. Our

clients use MBR-produced animated vignettes as part of their

websites, search campaigns, trade show displays and sales

presentations every day. From our in-house photo studio and

video production equipment to our expertise in coordinating

large-scale shoots by specialized third-party vendors, we can take

your company beyond words.


Attention spans are shortening by the day. Short-form video

(a combination of animation, stills, video snippets and text) is

increasingly favored as a way to get information out to customer

and prospects – and an easy way to leverage the power of digital

media. We offer a full suite of video production services, from

“kinetic text” vignettes, AVPs to traditional commercials.


Our graphic design expertise is a blend of brand identity,

strategy, creativity, user experience, functionality, graphics and

typography. We enable you to present a polished, consistent,

professional brand image every step of the way.


The slickest print piece, nicest trade show backdrop, most clever

print ad or catchiest Web banner will ultimately fall short of the

intended goal if it fails to integrate with the rest of your marketing

efforts. That’s why we begin every graphic design effort with the

View from 30,000 Feet, analysing from ground zero!

“The enigma of

marketing is that it is

one of man’s oldest

activities and yet it is

regarded as the most

recent of business


Michael Baker


We ensure that business goals drive creative – not vice versa.

Armed with a strategic framework, we put our award-winning

creative team to work for you – building brand awareness and

driving leads by delivering valuable content and outstanding

design. Whether it’s print or digital, graphic design fully integrates

with the rest of your marketing mix.


Over the years, we have designed and produced nearly every

imaginable form of collateral – award-winning websites, attentiongrabbing

event or trade show displays, product packaging,

print advertising campaigns, promotional videos, software user

interfaces, brochures, datasheets, signage, multimedia white

papers and more. And as catalysts for the process, we see every

project through from beginning to end, from brainstorming, to

concept, content, design, production and distribution.


MBR Publications MBR Publications 17



We needed a partner that could help guide our branding

process. MBR’s strategic, data-driven, interactive approach

was backed up with stellar customer service and outstanding

creative content and design. An urgent business opportunity

cropped up in Geneva and MBR produced, designed and

delivered a 16-page corporate brochure, a one-minute

corporate video of exceptional standards, and also rebranded

our company logo in the span of only one week! The project

finished ahead of schedule and on budget, and I could not ask

for anymore!

Simon De Bono | Managing Director,

SIMON Estates



• Malta’s premier monthly business and economy


• with 20,000 print run and

• 200,000 digital flip-over e-version


• The No 1 accountancy, tax, legal and audit publication

in Malta,

• official organ of the Malta Institute of Accounts,

• 10,000 print run and

• 50,000 e-version flip-over.

Advertising with us

With our advertising packages we are also offering you optional

value added packages based on block bookings and exclusivity or

preferred partner basis as follows:

• The use of the digital e-version which goes to over 200,000

via e-newsletter.

• Exclusive Distribution during all our events.

• Inclusion of your Logos on our newsletter which goes to over


• Additional Marketing/PR: Digital e-version also online on

The Malta Independent website, PR and advertising strips

and write-ups weekly on The Malta Independent on Sunday,

The Business Weekly Times.

• Free delivery to: All Banks, All 4 & 5 star hotels, Government

Departments, including digital version flip-over magazine.

• Free uploading on a separate dedicated icon our website and

PLM website.

• Complimentary web banners on MIA website.


• Foremost quarterly boats and yachting magazine with

own customer base

• with 10,000 print run

• and 200,000 digital flip-over e-version.


• Bi-monthly property, lifestyle, investments and décor


• with 15,000 print run

• and 200,000 digital flip-over e-version.


• A total different, modern, sophisticated lifestyle and

fashion magazine for the modern Maltese with a

strong focus on fashion, beauty, shopping and lifestyle


• Print run: 30000


MBR Publications MBR Publications 19

Rate Cards




Now business magazines doesn’t have to be

a commercial parody. There’s an exciting new

magazine that makes business reading fun, fast,

and easy.

With an over-saturated market overcrowded

with low quality and less edifying business

magazines, we felt the need to provide the local

business community with a leading progressive

business source, offering unique editorial vision

towards leadership stories across different

business sectors such as banking, finance,

commercial, hospitality industry and real

estate, presenting the latest industry news,

trends, developments and analysis.

In the world of new business thinking, Malta

Business Review is your trusted source for

business portfolios, news, features, blogs and

newsletters on all that is leading the business

world. It will act as a direct avenue to a broad

base of corporate level executives.

In our Business Profiles section, we publish

personal interviews from the real-life

achievements of senior executives from

companies across the local corporate and

industrial spectrum. In our Features section we

bring you up-to-date comment and advice from

professionals in their field on the hot topics of

the day. Regular updates to our blogs, social

media and newsletters provide a content-rich

reading experience packed with interesting

views and comment on the issues of the day

affecting local and international business, also

complimented with our new website www.

Now your business can become our playground.

With this versatile new publication, MALTA

BUSINESS REVIEW, in your hands, you will:

• Advance the effectiveness of Corporate

business professionals

• Be engaged in delivering value to B2B

advertising, outstanding design, quality


• Spend more quality time reading

stimulating and absorbing articles and

high profile interviews

• Be part of a fast-developing networking

community with over 20,000 print


• Find out how the latest business savvy

news simplify your business knowledge


Full Page

Advert Size: 210mm x 297mm

Half Page

Advert Size: 185mm x 130mm

Quarter Page

Advert Size: 120mm x 120mm

Strip Advert

Advert Size: 185mm x 35mm

Front Cover

plus FREE 2 page Editorial

Inside Front Cover

Back Cover

Double Page Spread


























Artwork Specifications

All adverts must be submitted in PDF, TIFF or EPS formats in high resolutions 300dpi. Should you have other file

formats kindly confirm with our team beforehand. A full sized printed copy must be sent with the artwork as


All prices are per issue basis. All prices exclude 18% VAT.


Leader Board

468px x 60px

Banners Ads

125px x 125px

Box Ads

250px x 250px



Video Clips



















Value added benefit: plus one month free. Should you require production kindly contact us for details.

All prices are per month basis. All prices exclude 18% VAT.

Our team is forward-thinking.

Thus, the editorial content of the Malta

Business Review focuses upon the future.

MAINSAIL is the definitive guide for the boats and yachting, investors and

marine operators in Malta.

MBR Publications Limited has built a reputation as the leading publication

house for the most prestigious and top quality business magazines in

Malta. In addition to providing monthly news and exclusive interviews,

comment and analysis, MAINSAIL is at the heart of the sailing market

available to all active sailors of all interests— cruisers, racers, daysailers,

and ocean voyagers— committed to their boats and their ever-expanding

sailing experience. For these sailing enthusiasts, MAINSAIL is an essential


MBR Publications Limited have designed this magazine to be at the

forefront of boats and yachting in Malta with compelling editorial content

designed to fuel the passion of the active people involved in this thriving

business. Our comprehensive commitment to the boats and yachting

lifestyle is to build the largest circulation boats and yachting magazine

with 20,000 audited print run.

That’s because MAINSAIL understands the passion our readers have for

sailing. You can’t define the MAINSAIL reader as simply a sailor or a cruiser.

MAINSAIL ’s readers are interested in all that is sailing—whether it’s

safeboarding around home waters, upgrading or maintaining their boat,

racing around the buoys, venturing into foreign ports, daysailing with the

family, learning about the latest technologies or reading about Maltese

boat and yachting news and beyond. MAINSAIL drives the industry’s news

The Accountant is the definitive guide for Accountants and Auditors. It

has established a reputation as being the foremost publication for the

Maltese Accountancy and Audit profession providing a holistic approach

covering unique financial and business related services and information

to various sectors, giving a diversified insight into business processes,

including (but not limited to) Auditing and Assurance, Accountancy, Tax,

Regulatory and Compliance, Advisory and Corporate services.

Published quarterly, the Accountant delivers the editorial content to

satisfy the market’s need to disseminate a fast, thorough response to

contemporary financial reporting matters. Market participants such as

economic policy makers, regulators, banking and competition supervisors,

corporations and financial institutions, require timely and robust answers

to the contemporary and emerging policy questions.

The Accountant boasts of a wide distribution, with over 5000 copies

circulated each month to ACCA, University, MCAST and Sixth Form

students along with all local banks, business class hotels, libraries,

audit, legal and accountancy firms as well as its subscription list. As the

appointed exclusive publishers of The Accountant in collaboration with

the Malta Institute of Accountants, MBR Publications Ltd. are pleased to

accept bookings for the online quarterly issues.

agenda and supports boats and yachting enthusiasts and then industry

with invaluable stories, articles, interviews, brokerage and a variety of

interesting content and advertising material. Key sec on of the magazine

include industry-leader interviews and racing results; Tech Talk, which

covers the latest technology trends for boast and yachting; Leisure,

providing insights for boat recreation and yachting professionals; and

Supplier Focus, including news and products.


Double page spread

Full Page Advert

Advert Size: 210mm x 297mm

Half Page

Advert Size: 185mm x 130mm

Back Cover

210mm x 297mm

Front Cover

plus FREE 2 pages Cover Story

Inside Front Cover


Double page spread

Full Page Advert

Advert Size: 210mm x 297mm

Half Page

Advert Size: 185mm x 130mm

Quarter Page

Branded Column








All prices are per issue basis. All prices exclude 18% VAT.







All prices are per issue basis. All prices exclude 18% VAT.






















MBR Publications MBR Publications 21



MBR Publications MBR Publications 23


Martin Vella on +356 9926 0162

Margaret Brincat on +356 9940 6743

Office: Highland Apartment - Level 1 -

Naxxar Road - B’Kara BKR 9042

+356 2149 7814|


MBR Publications

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