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Taste of Schenectady and Beyond FALL 2017

People are fascinated with African culture and cuisine—as well as the West Indies. African culture and dress has become popular around the world, and at Breakthrough African Market you will find a plethora of Dashikis, Laces (materials for making African clothing), hard to find spices, palm oils and coconut oils, dried poultry and smoked catfish and other smoked and dried fish, and smoke-dried poultry, and bones for soups and stews, frozen fish: poultry, and fresh-frozen goat meat, goat meat with skin, tripe, cow foot, meaty oxtails, dried fish flakes and dried West African various leaves, etc., etc. This issue is dedicated to the world of African and Caribbean cooking that has never been featured at length in any of the magazines and newspapers in our region. Check out the recipes and panoply of dishes that you can make to savor the flavor of this ancient and rich cuisine that has shaped civilizations, empires, culture, home cooking, and the world's palate for all things food.


16 • Vol. 3 • No. 1 The New York Folklore Society (NYFS) is a non-profit, statewide organization that provides a wide range of programs and services to the field of folk and traditional arts. A close cousin to heritage studies, folklore uses local history and local lore as a lens to examine community aesthetics into the present day. The mission of NYFS is “to strengthen and preserve the diverse heritage and cultural lives of the people of New York State through education, technical assistance, and advocacy for cultural equity – in collaboration with artists, organizations, and communities.” The New York Folklore Society relocated to Schenectady from Ithaca in 1999. In the City of Schenectady, NYFS supports a consignment gallery at 129 Jay Street which presents the work of over 100 NYS-based artists. An “Artist in the Gallery” series provides opportunities for face-toface interaction with artists. NYFS also supports a community cultural documentation initiative in the Mohawk Valley, working with middle and high school aged youth to document their communities with video and audio recording. Other current NYFS programming is taking place in New York City, the Catskill Region, Albany, Utica, and Niagara. NY Folklore Society Sch’dy presents the work of over 100-NYS artists 129 Jay Street • Schenectady • • 518.346.7008 Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. A membership organization, NYFS receives support from the New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, Empire State Development, the Documentary Heritage Program of the NYS Archives, the Schenectady County Initiative Program and private foundations. NYFS publishes a scholarly, peerreviewed journal, Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore, and provides technical assistance and professional development programs throughout New York State on topics of relevance to cultural documentation, including oral history and ethnographic fieldwork methods. In New York, NYFS is the primary resource for folk culture scholarship: Staff of the New York Folklore Society include its Executive Director, Dr. Ellen McHale, as well as Development Manager, Marcia Moss; gallery and Voices manager, Laurie Longfield; Dr. Eileen Condon, New York City regional representative; and Patti Mason, webmaster. Photo Captions: 1. Somali Bantu arts at 2014 Kids’ Arts Festival 2. NYFS “Artist in the Gallery” with Kathryn Brunig

17 • Vol. 3 • No. 1