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Taste of Schenectady and Beyond FALL 2017

People are fascinated with African culture and cuisine—as well as the West Indies. African culture and dress has become popular around the world, and at Breakthrough African Market you will find a plethora of Dashikis, Laces (materials for making African clothing), hard to find spices, palm oils and coconut oils, dried poultry and smoked catfish and other smoked and dried fish, and smoke-dried poultry, and bones for soups and stews, frozen fish: poultry, and fresh-frozen goat meat, goat meat with skin, tripe, cow foot, meaty oxtails, dried fish flakes and dried West African various leaves, etc., etc. This issue is dedicated to the world of African and Caribbean cooking that has never been featured at length in any of the magazines and newspapers in our region. Check out the recipes and panoply of dishes that you can make to savor the flavor of this ancient and rich cuisine that has shaped civilizations, empires, culture, home cooking, and the world's palate for all things food.


18 • Vol. 3 • No. 1 BUDGET: 4-3 VOTE Sch’dy City Council adopted the 2018 city budget. Majority Leader Ed Kosiur and John Polimeni, Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas and John Mootooveren gave the 4-3 vote. Council president Leesa Perazzo, Porterfield & Vince Riggi all voted “NO”. Riggi said it fails to live up to the resolution to use casino revenue exclusively for tax relief. Covered by Medicare and suffering from Back or Knee Pain? RELIEVE YOUR PAIN NOW! Learn for FREE how a Back or Knee Brace can help: 888-895-5429 Give your back or knees the support and relief they need to reduce your pain › Fast and Easy Medicare Approvals › Free Nationwide Shipping Call 24/7: 888-895-5429 We have other braces available, for your shoulder, neck, ankle and back.

19 • Vol. 3 • No. 1 PERAZZO BACKS 2 City Council president Perazzo has announced that she’s backing Porterfield & Damonni Farley, who sought the Democratic Party nomination but was denied—now running on the Working Families Party line, in the upcoming City Council election. “I am still considering what I will do with my third vote,” she wrote in a letter to the Gazette. I live alone Saving a life from a potential catastrophe EVERY 10 MINUTES! but I’m never alone. I have Life Alert. ® One press of a button sends help fast, 24/7, even when you can’t reach a phone. AS SEEN ON TV For a FREE brochure call: 1-855-740-5257