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Taste of Schenectady and Beyond FALL 2017

People are fascinated with African culture and cuisine—as well as the West Indies. African culture and dress has become popular around the world, and at Breakthrough African Market you will find a plethora of Dashikis, Laces (materials for making African clothing), hard to find spices, palm oils and coconut oils, dried poultry and smoked catfish and other smoked and dried fish, and smoke-dried poultry, and bones for soups and stews, frozen fish: poultry, and fresh-frozen goat meat, goat meat with skin, tripe, cow foot, meaty oxtails, dried fish flakes and dried West African various leaves, etc., etc. This issue is dedicated to the world of African and Caribbean cooking that has never been featured at length in any of the magazines and newspapers in our region. Check out the recipes and panoply of dishes that you can make to savor the flavor of this ancient and rich cuisine that has shaped civilizations, empires, culture, home cooking, and the world's palate for all things food.


2 • Vol. 3 • No. 1 I’LL STIR THE POT! Thanksgiving aka Guy Fawkes Day is a Puritan annual celebration of when Fawkes was arrested for trying to kill King James IV and I. The Observance Act of Nov. 5th enforced the annual celebration—G. Washington changed to Nov. 26—Lincoln made it an official holi-day. A note from the publisher Mr. David J. Long Jr. 147 Poultry Facilities Recognized for Outstanding Safety Performance... Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! Check out the Fried Turkey recipe in this issue. At the 2017 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry in Destin, Fla., 147 chicken and turkey facilities received safety awards by the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council. The companies were honored in recognition of their outstanding performance through the implementation of innovative and effective employee safety and health programs. The Joint Industry Safety and Health Council consists of members from the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, National Chicken Council and National Turkey Federation. Collectively, the three organizations represent companies that produce 95 percent of the nation’s poultry products and directly employ more than 350,000 workers. “The poultry industry continues to make great progress when it comes to workplace safety. Today our industry’s safety record is comparable with other manufacturing industries and lower than the rate for the entire food manufacturing sector. Although significant advances have been made, industry safety professionals are always looking for ways to improve. No matter their role, safety is a responsibility expected of all employees in the industry,” said Joint Industry Safety and Health Council Chair Scott Rushing, Sanderson Farms. David J. Long Jr., CDM, CFPP Food & Travel Editor & Publisher DJL DESIGN • P.O. Box 293 Sch’dy, NY 12301 • (518) 831-0534 Taste of Schenectady® is a registered trademark. The cover and all the contents, are fully protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission. ©2014-2017 All Rights Reserved Taste of Schenectady® African fried chicken is extremely easy to make and full of flavor. The chicken is first boiled for few minutes with spices and seasonings and then deep fried...We have dedicated this issue to African and West Indies food.