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Taste of Schenectady and Beyond FALL 2017

People are fascinated with African culture and cuisine—as well as the West Indies. African culture and dress has become popular around the world, and at Breakthrough African Market you will find a plethora of Dashikis, Laces (materials for making African clothing), hard to find spices, palm oils and coconut oils, dried poultry and smoked catfish and other smoked and dried fish, and smoke-dried poultry, and bones for soups and stews, frozen fish: poultry, and fresh-frozen goat meat, goat meat with skin, tripe, cow foot, meaty oxtails, dried fish flakes and dried West African various leaves, etc., etc. This issue is dedicated to the world of African and Caribbean cooking that has never been featured at length in any of the magazines and newspapers in our region. Check out the recipes and panoply of dishes that you can make to savor the flavor of this ancient and rich cuisine that has shaped civilizations, empires, culture, home cooking, and the world's palate for all things food.


24 • Vol. 3 • No. 1 DELICATESSEN Imported cured Italian specialty meats, cheeses, fresh sausage, and a store full of Italian groceries ANTIPASTO A mixture of assorted green and black olives, capers, stuffed olives, giardiniera (pickled vegetables) and fresh mozzarella balls. A Real Deli: Capri Imports You say Tomato, and I say Tomahto, and let’s call the whole thing off—unless REAL Italians are making the Italian foods! 2617 Broadway • Bellevue • Schenectady • (518) 346-6511 • Since 1968, Capri Imports Italian Deli & Catering has led the greater Capital District area in catering and offering old fashion home style Italian foods—and top quality imported products straight from Italy. With their catering packages and wide variety of cold and hot prepared Italian foods, they can help you plan the event of your dreams and offer you a memorable experience. Capri Imports Italian Deli & Catering specializes in take-out, custom catering menus and can arrange wait and entertainment as an added option. Whatever your event, Capri Imports Italian Deli and Catering can make it the most special—small (minimum 20 persons) or large, casual—or they can cater an elegant event for your special occasion.

25 • Vol. 3 • No. 1 CAPRI IMPORTS IS A FAMILY TRADITION SINCE 1968 Enjoy the flavor and aroma of a “REAL ITALIAN” delicatessen that offers only the best quality foods. Italian meatballs... chicken cutlets, pizza & more! Renzina ‘Gina’ and Pierino Sementilli were childhood sweethearts from Strangolagali, Italy. Gina and Pierino were happily married to for 60 years. They opened Capri Imports Italian Deli and Catering on Broadway in 1968, and operated it with their children for many years. Today, Gina and Pierino’s son, Peter Sementilli, runs the Italian delicatessen and catering business. FEAST ON A LONG LEGACY OF HOME STYLE ITALIAN FOOD A longtime staple for Italian home style takeout catering, plus imported and domestic deli meats, cheeses & groceries, Capri Imports Italian Deli & Catering specialize in gourmet Italian food. Our delicatessen and catering and groceria is located in the Italian, upper Broadway Bellevue section of Schenectady, NY. Capri Imports Italian Deli & Catering will provide all your Italian food and catering needs. Capri Imports and Italian Deli have one of the largest selections of imported dried meats and Italian delicacies in Schenectady, New York…From their famous football sub, Italian hoagie on a whole loaf of bread, and homemade lasagna, to their mouth watering and popular chicken Parmigiana, they have something on the menu for everyone. Capri Imports Italian Deli & Catering provides catering for all occasions—with over 40 years experience! You tell them what you want and they’ll make it happen for you and your guests. Twenty (20) person minimum; $50 deposit required and at least one week notice. THE CLASSIC CAPRI HOAGIE An Italian delicatessen delight—served on a whole loaf of Italian bread with capicola, ham, salame, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegars and sweet roasted red pepper. Whatever your desire and tastes for Italian food—Antipasto salad, Baked Ziti & Meatballs, Eggplant Parmigiana, Oven Roasted Italian Chicken, or Sausage & Peppers—Capri Imports Italian Deli & Catering has the menu you’re looking for. Call them today at: (518) 346-6511. ADV