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If you are looking for grease trap disposal options in Melbourne, then Harmor services are the perfect choice for you. We clean all types of liquid waste. Call us on 03 9723 0188

Harmor Services

Reliable Liquid Waste Removal Specialist

Who We Are?

Harmor Services offers the

reliable and efficient liquid

waste removal services in


• Our services are available

for residential, commercial,



governmental businesses.

Our Services

Grease Trap Cleaning

• Septic Tank Cleaning

• Carwash Cleaning

• Interceptor Cleaning

• Industrial Wash Water

• Drain Cleaning

We clean Grease Trap all over


Grease Trap Cleaning is the cleaning of industrial and commercial

pipes, drains and plumbing devices which accumulates the grease,

dirt, fats and solids.

• We offer our grease trap services to various sectors including

restaurants, cafes, food factory, schools, hospital and at any other

place that has a kitchen.

Contact us

Harmor Services

53-55 Canterbury Road, Montrose Victoria 3765

Phone - 03 9723 0188


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