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In November 2016 St Andrews High School in Croydon approached

SchoolCare to design a CCTV solution to cover all areas of the South

London Campus.

St Andrews CE

High School

At the point of engagement St Andrews High School had very little

CCTV coverage internally and very limited external coverage. The

decision was taken to upgrade the CCTV platform to ensure site

security and pupil safety.




Ringwood, Hampshire


CCTV System

Web Site


19 Dedicated Individuals


not only

undertook the

CCTV Design

but also


this with

our existing

wired network


St Andrew’s High School is an Anglican voluntary aided school in Central

Croydon. St Andrew’s High school has a total capacity of 810 pupils with

650 pupils currently on roll.


SchoolCare were approached by St Andrews School to design and

implement a CCTV solution to ensure staff and student safety and to

protect school assets.

Existing CCTV was limited both internally and externally and

therefore a full plan and design of the site was necessary.

The other challenge for the solution design was the integration

with the existing wired ethernet network. In parallel with the CCTV

optical design, our engineers undertook an assessment of the

physical ethernet network to ensure that sufficient switch capacity

and Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget was available in all locations.


SchoolCare has a long history delivering ICT solutions to schools

from industry leading “best of breed” vendors and are well versed

in designing ethernet based solutions for our customers.

After extensive supplier evaluation SchoolCare have developed a

strong working relationship with HikVision. Hikvision offer a high

quality and good value range of CCTV cameras and scalable Network

Video Recorders. All Hikvision cameras benefit from high quality

optics and sensors as well as IP rated metal casing. This ensures the

quality and longevity of any installed solution.

SchoolCare conducted an initial site survey to identify key areas

that needed coverage, this bought the total camera count to 35.

Further discussion with the School’s Business manager highlighted

the need for a High Definition Solution which would support further

cameras at a later date. The specified solution can support 64

cameras allowing a significant increase in camera count should it

be required over time.

The core of the system is a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with

support for up to 8x 6TB hard drives. The NVR was deployed fully

populated with Hard Drives configured in a RAID 10 configuration.

RAID 10 was chosen to ensure an effective balance between capacity,

redundancy and speed. The NVR was configured to record in HD

using the H.264 codec, allowing

over 30 days worth of footage

to be stored on the onboard


Cameras have been installed in

internal and external locations,

with camera specifications

optimised for the deployment

scenario and to address any

challenges which were observed

as part of the initial survey.

As part of the physical camera

installationSchoolCare deployed

additional wired network

infrastructure to support the

CCTV deployment.

SchoolCare engineers designed

and implemented a suitable

VLAN infrastructure specifically

for the CCTV system. This was

put in place to ensure that CCTV

traffic was kept separate from

normal ethernet traffic, both for

security and to ensure quality of



St Andew’s High School now has

a high definition CCTV system

installed with a total of 35 cameras,

covering both the internal and

external parts of the building.

The Senior Leadership Team have

access to the NVR from their

desktop PC so they can monitor

and deal with ay reported issues.

Remote external access to the

NVR has also been made available

to the site team, so the building

can be securely monitored

during the school holidays.

SchoolCare and HikVision designed

and implemented a comprehensive

CCTV solution ensuring the safety

of our staff and pupils with ample

expansion capacity for the future.”

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