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Thursday, October 5 2017

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Cyclist on

a mission

Ex-EL man pedals 1500km from Pretoria

to Cape to promote reading, literacy


Teammate Sibusiso

Buthelezi has joined an

arduous cycle from

Pretoria to Cape Town


RAIN: Very

we l c o m e

early spring

rain has been

falling in East

London, as

well as in

large areas

of the

Easter n

Cape, easing

the drought a

little. This

st u n n i n g

photo of the

rain was

taken and

sent in by





AST London-born

Lindsay van der

Byl is cycling

more than

1500km from the Union

Buildings in Pretoria to

Parliament in Cape

Town to encourage

young people to read.

His challenge serves as a

reading awareness

campaign whereby South

African citizens are asked to

follow his progress through

various mediums including

print, television, radio and

social media.

These platforms are then

used to request donations of

one or more reading books.

“From last year’s journey,

we managed to get many

books but our challenge is

logistics and because we

are only starting, it is

difficult for people to assist.

“However, we are talking

with the Nelson Mandela

Foundation to transport the

books to Qunu [Mandela’s

birthplace in the Eastern

Cape],” Van der Byl said.

His first trip last year was

made more remarkable by

the fact that he had just

taken up cycling.

Before then he had never

cycled more than 5km at a

time, but has this year

prepared better after

completing last year’s

1550km ride in 12 days,

comprising nine days of

cycling and three days of

r e st .

“It has been my desire for

the last two years to

improve on decreasing the

levels of literacy, not only

among the youth but also

the elderly, some of whom

can’t even read or write

their own names” Van der

Byl said last year.

The former Alphendale

Secondary School pupil

targets schools with no

library or other reading

facilities or resources.

Promoting literacy in all

schools is important to Van

der Byl because of an

alcohol poisoning incident

at age 16 which led him to

take a bet with a friend that

he would abstain from

substance abuse for six

months. After successfully

completing the bet, he

decided he had already

stopped, and had managed

to save himself a lot of

trouble and money – and

has, since then, been clean

of any substances.

This year, he is collecting

books for rural Limpopo

schools and said the

support from the public and

especially young parents

had been great.

“Some message us and

say they had signed their

children up to local libraries

and that is great because

reading is life,” he said.

PEDAL POWER: East London’s Lindsay van der Byl, now residing in Johannesburg, is

cycling from Pretoria to Cape Town to promote reading and literacy Pictures: SUPPLIED

The trip to Cape Town has,

as expected, not been all

smooth sailing. “The wind is

crazy, we had to stop in

Laingsburg because it [the

wind] was bad and we had

to consider our safety, but

as soon as it dies down, we

will continue with our

j o u r n e y, ” Van der Byl said

from the road.

The 31-year-old has been

joined by Sibusiso Buthelezi

who went to Johannesburg

in 2007 in search of greener

pastures. “He worked as a

painter for the company

which had a contract with a

school in Johannesburg and

Sibusiso was able to study

It has been my

desire for the last

two years to improve

on decreasing the

levels of literacy

music through the school

and he is now a qualified

classical music instructor.

“It is stories like these

that we are putting out there

to encourage other young

people [to read and study],”

he said.

The team also visits

underprivileged schools and

gives motivational talks

about the importance of

education and living a

positive lifestyle, not just on

the route but through the

year as well.

He is also the project

manager for community

workshops for the Sbusiso

Leope Education

Foundation, which is an

award winning non-profit

o r g a n i s at i o n .

Great success has been

achieved under the

chairmanship of founder

and popular TV and radio

personality DJ Sbu, a

Forbes Africa Person of the

Year 2013 nominee, kwaito

singer and businessman.











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October 5, 2017

‘Gogo’ on a great venture

Former radiographer self-publishes children’s book


INSPIRED by a personal

experience, former

radiographer Kathy Hill has

written, illustrated and

self-published a children’s

book titled Gogo and the

Upside Down Umbrella.

“I’ve always wanted to

write children’s stories and I

thought I would do just that

for my grandson on his

second birthday in June this

y e a r, ” said Hill.

What started out as a

g r a n d m ot h e r ’s birthday gift

to her grandson has now

become a great venture into

children’s literature. After a

short while, the leading

provider of supported

self-publishing services in

the UK, Author House, took

an interest in Hill’/s story.

Taking the idea for the

story from a rainy day spent

in London with her young

Grandson Q, Hill is delighted

at where this venture has

taken her.

“It was a miserable day

and I was carrying a

shopping bag, my handbag

and an umbrella while with

my grandson. Out of nowhere

the wind just blew my

umbrella inside out,” said Hill

KIND GESTURE: Vakele Mbaza, 73, (front row, centre) was the most recent

recipient of a wheelchair courtesy of the Sweethearts Foundation in

partnership with the Pagegroup. After managing well on crutches with his

right leg having to be amputated in 2013, Mbaza was admitted to hospital

this year and owing to peripheral vascular disease, his left leg also had to

be amputated. The wheelchair will however make life a little easier


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Phone 043-702 2239 / 2168 / 2103

I’d love for it to one day become a

TV series, that’s my big hope. If you’re going

to dream, you may as well dream big, right?

as she reminisced about the

inspiration for the story.

“It’s been a journey and it

has also been costly, but

really worth every penny. It’s

taken me in a completely

new and different direction

and I’m quite excited to see

what comes next.”

While focusing on Gogo

and Q’s day tackling the

ONCE UPON A RAINY DAY: Kathy Hill has written a

children's book titled ‘Gogo and the Upside Down



East London ICC and Road Lodge

win big at provincial tourism awards


IT WAS glitz, glam and

fun at The Venue at

Hemingways recently

when tourism

celebrated excellence

with the Lilizela

Provincial Tourism

A wa r d s .

The awards were

presented by the

department of

economic development,

environmental a f fa i r s

and tourism and

Eastern Cape Parks and

Tourism Agency

(ECPTA) last month,

which was also Tourism

Month in South Africa.

The Lilizela Awards is

a national government

initiative aimed at

promoting tourism

transformation, service


entrepreneurship, as

well as a thriving and

sustainable tourism.

Speaking at the


Date: 7th October 2017

Time: 8.30am

Place: ACVV Eldorado

54 St. Peters Rd,Southernwood

Advert Sponsored by DAC Motors -043-726 7910

miserable rainy weather, the

story is also an expression of

how precious water is.

Having received 110 copies,

Hill has slowly started to

promote and sell her book

through Facebook and

various contacts via Author


She hopes to sell many

more copies and dreams of

event, Eastern Cape

MEC for economic


environmental affairs

and tourism Sakhumzi

Somyo said tourism

drove the economy and

it was important that it

be celebrated and

supported at all costs.

Road Lodge East

London and Town Lodge

Port Elizabeth were the

one- and two-star

winners in the hotel

category, while East

London International

Convention Centre (ICC)

was crowned the

five-star winner in the

MESE category.

Road Lodge general

manager Kurt Bruiners

said being one of the

best always came down

to having a team which

shared a vision of

commitment to service

and guest excellence.

Nothing is too much

trouble and guest

satisfaction is always

their No1 priority,



writing a series of Gogo

stories for children.

“I have many other Gogo

stories in the pipeline and I

hope that through this

journey someone recognises

the potential of these stories.

I’d love for it to one day

become a TV series, that’s

my big hope. If you’re going

to dream, you may as well

dream big, right?” said Hill.

Anyone interested in

buying a copy of the book,

please visit Hill’s website at

w w w. k a t h y h i l l g o g o a n d q . n e t . You

can also contact Hill directly

at kviedg@gmai.com or on

0 8 2 - 8 2 3 - 3 0 67 .

COMMITTED VISION: At the Lilizela Provincial Tourism Awards last month

are, from left, EC MEC for economic development, environmental affairs and

tourism Sakhumzi Somyo, Cindy Hunter, East London ICC general manager

Francois van Zyl, Mohammed Vahed and Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism

Agency CEO Vuyani Dayimani

according to Bruiners.

“Within the City

Lodge Group we try to

always put our ‘I’m

Kind’ service excellence

programme into

practice. I am ecstatic

at winning the award. It

means a lot and none of

this would have been

possible without the

entire team’s efforts,”

he said.

East London ICC

general manager

Francois van Zyl said it

was an honour to be

recognised by the local

community for this

awa r d .

“My team hails

mostly from this region,

many of whom have

come through our own

training centre, and this

accolade is an

impor tant

acknowledgement of

their achievements,”

Van Zyl said.

“Buffalo City Metro

offers many eco,

adventure and heritage

tourism routes and

attractions. However,the

region, and the Eastern

Cape province in

general, is still largely

undiscovered. However

we are seeing a slow

but steady increase

from international tour

operators, albeit still on

a small scale,” he



Dayimani said the

finalists and winners

not only set the

standard for global

excellence but they

demonstrate why South

Africa continued to be

one of the most

frequently visited

destinations by tourists

from all over the world.



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lab gift for


Duncan Village school can now

ensure pupils are all IT literate

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MELISIZWE computer lab project

together with the State Information

Technology Agency (SITA), South

African Airways and Kaya FM

donated a fully fitted computer lab to

Mzokhanyo High School in Duncan

Village on Friday.

The Melisizwe computer lab project

was founded in 2012 with the aim of

equipping pupils in public schools

with the necessary computer skills,

while preparing them for the

workplace environment and also

addressing the inequalities within the

education system.

According to Melisizwe’s project

director Candice Kern-Thomas, over

70% of schools within South Africa

do not have access to a computer

lab, meaning that educators are

unable to teach the subject

Computer Applications Technology.

“We are living in a digital age

where we cannot have computer

illiterate learners. We are

disadvantaging our children further

in our underprivileged communities.

“I would like to thank SITA for

being pioneers and for believing in

this project and for changing so

many lives,” she said.

The initiative is for underprivileged

communities and seeks schools that

need computer facilities. Those who

matriculate from these schools have

no computer literacy skills, a very

important requirement at colleges,

universities and the workplace.

“We are seeing wonderful results

from the project. Learners have been

able to find work in the IT industry

and some have managed to start

their own businesses,” said


Melisizwe plans to expand the

project and wants to reach as many

schools and pupils as possible within

the next 12 months.

Principal of Mzokhanyo High

School, Mcebisi Blayi, expressed his

appreciation to all those involved in

the project and urged them to

continue with the good work they

were doing.

“This lab will not only benefit

Mzokhanyo, it will also benefit all the

schools and the community at large.

This is a major boost to us as we will

now offer Computer Applications

Technology as a subject,” Blayi said.

He said that the computer lab

would contribute tremendously and

would also be a platform for the

pupils to develop computer skills.

NEW WORLD: Mzokhanyo High School pupils could not contain their excitement when they saw their computer lab for the first




International Fitness day last Friday, the

Kat Lesiure Windsor Cabanas hosted an

early morning rooftop fitness session in

aid of the Guardians of Hope Place of

Safety, a charity which cares for

abandoned babies. Fitness Instructor

Jessica Osterloh ran the 45-minute

intense workout, which was also

attended by International Men's Heath

cover model and Alpha Sports athlete

Marco Klue. In addition to the proceeds

raised from ticket sales, an extra R1000

was donated to the charity by those in

at tendance. Spoiled with a beautiful

sunrise as a backdrop to their workout,

those attending were also treated to a

health breakfast prepared by Windsor

Cabanas staff Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT



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October 5, 2017


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Netball club’s tribute to star



late Sizukiwe


(right), with

t e a m m at e

Akhona Pupu

prior to their

league game

in Breidbach

in 2012. King


Netball Club

host the

S i z u k i we



tour nament

next week in

her memory

and is

confident of

d e fe n d i n g

their title in



Tow n




King Eagles host Zuki Mganu tournament


KING Eagles Netball Club is

hosting their annual Sizukiwe

Mganu Memorial Tournament at

the Victoria Grounds in King

William’s Town next week.

The tournament is staged

annually in memory of one of the

finest netball players the town

and club has ever produced in

“Zuki” Mganu, who died six

years ago in a motor vehicle

accident at the age of 25.

There will be a 5km fun walk

starting at 7.30am that finishes

at Victoria Grounds, which will

be followed by a managers’

meeting at 10am, where the

tournament rules will be laid out.

The affiliation fee is R250 per

club and prizes up for grabs are

a floating trophy, gold medals,

netball kit with bibs and R3000

for the winners.

There is also a floating trophy,

silver medals, netball kit and

R2 000 for the runners-up.

The third prize package

includes a floating trophy,

bronze medals and a set of bibs

and R1000 in prize money.

Long-standing club member

and player Milisa Dom said the

tournament was sponsored by

East London’s Msamo Attorneys

in conjunction with the late

Zuki’s father Mziwonke Mganu,

who is also an honorary member

of the club, as well as Zelna Mini

of Snymani Funeral Services.

Zuki began her netball career

at the age of nine.

She achieved many successes

as a player, coach – and later as

manager, taking netball to

another level in the province.

She represented Border,

Amathole and her provincial

netball sides more than four

times at national level and was

also selected on two occasions

to the SA Netball squad.

Club secretary Lindiwe

Ntlanganiso said as King Eagles

they had been blessed for so

many years to have had a

founder and player like Zuki.

“Zuki represented the Border,

Amathole, Eastern Cape

provincial and the U17 national

sides during her career.

“She also made a great

contribution with transferring of

skills to our players, not only

with netball but life-skills too,

and she was also a recognised

graded umpire who wanted to be

an international umpire,”

Ntlanganiso said.

Mdantsane-based Spiders

Netball Club won the tournament

with its inception in 2012.

They were followed by Young

Queens the following year after

which King Eagles emerged

winners when it was last staged

two years ago.

“In 2014 and last year we

experienced some challenges

and could not stage it [the

tournament] but we are

confident of retaining the title

after we won it 2015,” Dom.

For more information about

the tournament please contact

Milisa Tom on 072-247-6925 or

Lindiwe Ntlanganiso

0 8 2 - 074 - 8 2 2 9 .

Youngster give it her all at indigenous championships


THERE was drama and

disappointment for team

Eastern Cape at the South

African Indigenous

Championships last

Wednesday when a King

William’s Town Drie Stokkies

athlete suffered a

horrific-looking injury in front

of a good crowd inside the

Seshego Stadium in

Po l o k wa n e .

The Eastern Cape provincial

athlete, Dellarise Christian, 12,

is a Grade 7 pupil at Breidbach

Primary School and was the

youngest athlete in the history

of Drie Stokkies when injury

struck while performing in the


With her legs appearing to

buckle, the bare-foot Christian

was propelled into the air

before landing a few

centimetres away from the

target, falling chest first onto

the surface before being

attended to by her officials

and medical staff.

The talented youngster, who

became the darling of the

crowd from the start of the

national event, remained

motionless, face down on the

track while tears rolled down

her face.

Eastern Cape department of

sport, recreation, arts and

culture project leader Mboniso

Fethu commended her for her

effort during a post-event

meeting just before the team’s

journey back home.

“I want to thank all those

who received medals and to

the youngest athlete at the

festival for making us proud as

a province,” Fetshu said.

Her manager L o n wa b o k a z i

Gungqani, from Hofmeyer, said

he felt devastated by the

incident and injury to

Christian, who carried the

hopes of the province on her


“She was our only athlete

still in the race, giving us hope

after the other two fell out and

we are really feeling bad after

what has happened to our

future star,” said Gungqani,

who was proud of Christian’s

gutsy performances.

“Her unfortunate exit from

the race has not only brought

tears to her province, but also

to so many athletes and

officials from all the other

provinces at the event.

“After realising C h r i st i a n

was only 12 years old, officials

of two major provinces

showed immense interest in

acquiring this talented

individual for their teams,”

Gungqani said.

The final distance for

Christian measured was 9.68m

which was only 13cm short of

that of the athlete who won

the event.

C h r i st i a n ’s coach Desmond

Coetzee said it was his

at h l e t e ’s major attempt at the

Drie Stokkies prize at national

level and her performance

reached beyond his

e x p e c t at i o n s .

“It was our first time ever

competing at that level and we

wanted to get the experience. I

never imagined Dellarise

would go that far, so I’m very

pleased with her overall

per formance,” Coetzee said.

“She is an all-rounder and

excels in whatever the

sporting code might be and I

attribute her successes to her

strong belief in whatever she

takes on and her hard work

and commitment on the

training field.

“I would also like to

commend her school coaches

for nurturing and developing

such a talented girl.”

Besides participating in the

Indigenous Games, the

youngster is playing netball as

a center for the Breidbach

Professionals Netball Club.

Christian has also

represented her school in

athletics at circuit, district,

provincial and national level

on many occasions.

GUTSY EFFORT: EP athlete Dellarise Christian had the crowd on their feet

with her participation at the South African Indigenous Championships

hosted in Polokwane last week


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COLOURFUL AFFAIR: Gonubie primary pupils celebrated Heritage Day in style on September 22. Pupils

were allowed to wear outfits representing their own traditions and culture. The multicultural face of

the school was very much in evidence


HELPING HAND: Beaconhurst Primary’s Early Act Club had a wonderful time delivering donations of

food to East London Pet Pals recently. The pupils also learnt more about what the organisation does

for the community. The school thanks all the pupils and members of the Beaconhurst family for their

generous donations. A big thank you goes to Keira Freitag and her family for their very generous




Owethu Moloyi,

a Grade R pupil

at African



School, had

her picture

selected by

the Santam

Child Art

online exhibition

for next year


REACHING OUT: The police dog unit visited Nahoon Primary’s Woelwaterwerf (Grade R class) recently,

to the excitement of all children at the school. They had great fun with the dogs and learnt a lot about

what the unit does



Selborne College

recently hosted two

exchange pupils from

Wrekin College in

Wellington, in the

United Kingdom.

Selborne College

headmaster Andrew

Dewar, centre,

welcomes the two

Wrekin pupils, Matt

Anderson, left, and

George Perkins



Primary School took 88 Grade 2s, 32

parents and teachers on a Metrorail

train ride to Berlin from the East

London Station. There was great

anticipation in the air as the pupils

waited for the train to leave. The

pupils sang their way throughout the

excursion, which was the culmination

of the life skills theme on transport

and afforded them what was, for

many, their first experience of a train



74 Main Road




T: 043 741 1354


variety of


chips and


all at



ideal for


parties and


Case lots



YOUNG LEADERS: The names of Clarendon High School’s councillors for next year were announced recently. They are, from left

back, Amy Killian, Amy-Lee Sansom, Sarah Fouche, Jenna Kretzmann, Shannon Deutschmann and Sisipo Xamlashe. Middle:

Anathi Matyila, Nanza Platana, Pauline Masika, Gabi Dyer, Alizwa Sotshongaye and Shihara Senaratna. Front: Sinomtha Zake,

Debrah Volker, Sisipho Ntozake (deputy head girl), Caitlin Laing (head girl), Oza Ngesi and Philippa Obi Picture: SUPPLIED

5, 2017


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Win R150 meal voucher for Café Felix, Latitudes Action Bar or

Key Largo

SEND in a completed,

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for a chance to win a R150

meal at one of

Hemingways Casino and

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drop off the crossword

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Please include your contact

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Peter Oosthuyzen, winner

of puzzle #1050.

Teacher wins luxury trip to Zanzibar


VINCENT Park Centre recently

announced Khanyisa Masiza as

the winner of a trip for two to

Z a n z i b a r.

Masiza is the lucky winner of a

competition run by the mall

when a shopper had to spend

R250 or more to be able to enter.

She and a partner will now jet

off to Zanzibar for her stay at the

MyBlue Hotel.

“I am so overwhelmed and so

happy. This is my first time

winning something and after so

many years of hard work, this

has to be my reward,” said


Trying hard to contain her

excitement, Masiza said she

thought she was being pranked

when she received the call about

the trip.

“I was so reluctant to give

them my details, I thought I was

being pranked,” she said.

The prize is made possible by

Vincent Park and sponsored by

XL Aloe Travel and includes

flights, meals and a luxury

four-night stay for two.

Lady Luck was definitely in her

corner as this will be Masiza’s

first trip out of the country and

according to her, this is all God’s

work as her passport expires a

month after her trip.

The 56-year-old Grade 1

teacher had not yet decided who

will accompany her on her trip.


Khanyisa Masiza, third

from left, won an

island holiday to

Zanzibar. She receives

her prize from Vincent

Park Centre manager

Joseph Parsley, as

well as Nosipho

Thombela and

Margeaux Botha from

XL Aloe Travel Picture:









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October 5, 2017


To d a y

ý The Floradale artists’ N atural

Expression exhibition is a

celebration of everything to do

with natural forms found in the

environment. The exhibition is

part of the special celebration

for the Floradale Centre, and

marks the 80th anniversary of

the Floradale Nursery. The

exhibition at the ine Art Centre

continues with new work taking

the place of works which have

come down or have been sold.

ý Masithethe Counselling

Services (formerly LifeLine)

hosts a Rape and Domestic

Violence support group on the

first Thursday of the month at

11am. It is held at the centre, 3 St

James Road, Southernwood.

For info call (043) 722-2000 or

084-091- 5410 (WhatsApp). One

in three women are victims of

rape and domestic violence. Are

you one of them?

ý Put on your dancing shoes

to waltz, two-step and line

dance the night away with live

music by Alwyn’s Band at the

East London Bowling Club from

8pm. Entry is R25 per person. A

cash bar will be open. For more

information call 073- 243-2318.

ý The East London slot car

club holds racing every

Thursday evening from 7pm.

See the miniature slot cars on a

new repainted 42m track. For

further information contact

Hennie on 082-448-3221.

ý The Nahoon Estuary

Nature Reserve is a must for

those who love beautiful places,

river views, a mangrove swamp

and forest walks. Bird

What’s on the GO?

Contact News Desk on (043) 7022048 or e-mail: goexpress@tisoblackstar.co.za by Monday 4pm on publication week

enthusiasts will enjoy sitting in

the two bird hides watching

blue duikers and birds at the

birdbaths and eating seed. New

members of Nahooners, which

supports the reserve, are

welcome to join and are given a

gate key which allows them to

visit 24/7. The reserve is off

Beaconhurst Drive. Turn at the

Dassie Trail sign. For enquiries

phone Celia on (043)735-1833.

ý Alcoholics Anonymous

Gonubie meet at the Baptist

Church in Watsonia Crescent at

7.30pm. Contact Jan on


Fr i d a y

ý Dinner dance tonight at

Comrades Club with live music

by Quentin from 8.15pm. Eat

and drink from 6pm at bargain

prices. Booking essential. Entry

R20. Call 083-255-3468 before

2pm for table bookings.

S at u r d a y

ý Dirt oval racing with the

seventh race of the season at

Border Stock Cars with racing

starting at 5pm. Join in all the

thrills and spills, with gates

opening at 1.30pm. Should it

rain, the racing may move to

Sunday at noon. Tickets are

R50, R20 for 7 to 12-year-olds

and children under six get in

free. Classes offered are 2.1

Mod, Hot Rods, 1660, Junior Hot

Rods and Flexi V8. Kiosk

available. For more info contact


ý There will be a farm

market on Farm B18 Thornpark

(10km along Stutterheim Road).

On offer are arts and crafts, a

beer garden, picnic spots, a

coffee bar, cakes and farmyard

animals for the kids. Bring the

family and enjoy the day with


ý Dance through the Ages

from 8pm to late at Gonubie

Farmers Hall. Country, sokkie,

boeremusiek and pop. Music by

Ian H. Entry is R30. Bring your

own drinks. For more info call

Jenn 083-948-1141.

ý Dance at the East London

Bowling Club from 8pm with

music by Patrick Nass. Spot

dance prizes and curry v e t ko e k

on sale. Music will include

country , Afrikaans, rock n roll,

sokkie and more. Entrance fee

is R25. Cash bar. For info call

Janita cell 060-631-3701.

ý The EL Branch of the

Diabetes Support Group meet at

the Regent Hotel’s Terrace

Room from 2.45pm for an

awareness talk. No entry fee.

The speaker is Dr T van

Heerden, a physician from

Cycad Med Inc. For more

information call Vrooda Makhan

0 8 3 - 70 8 - 0 4 8 9 .

ý The SPCA host their

annual street collection with tin

shakers at all major shopping

centres. Empty your pockets in

support of this worthy cause.

ý The Gonubie flea market

takes place every Saturday

morning in front of the

municipality from 8am to 1pm,

weather permitting. All stalls

and car boot sales welcome. For

enquiries please contact Glenda

on WhatsApp or call


ý The Lavender Blue

Pineapple Walk takes place

every Saturday morning at

6.30am (weather permitting).

Meet Yvonne in the Lavender

Blue parking lot at 6am for a

lovely walk and enjoy breakfast

afterwards. You will be taken on

a 10km circular walk past farms

and along farm roads. Take the

usual goodies along and some

money for a hearty breakfast

and cold drinks.

ý Animal Blessing Service in

commemoration of World

Animal Day . The aim of this

international day is to raise the

status of animals to improve

welfare standards. Building the

celebration of World Animal Day

unites the animal welfare

movement, mobilising it into a

FAMILY FUN: The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church will hold

their second annual Walk of Mercy on Saturday at the Buco

Astroturf in Bunkers Hill. The run/walk starts at 2pm. Entry forms

are available at Buco Astroturf from 9am on the day. There will also

be stalls selling boerie rolls, hamburgers, cooldrinks, sweets and

ice cream, with lucky draws and kiddies entertainment. For more

information call Berenice on 083-275-1782, Chantal 083-557-7716

or Dean 063-188-7457


af terwards.


ý Lions International are

hosting an entertainment

afternoon for the elderly in

honour of World Service Day at

the Guild Theatre from 2pm.

Admission is free and those in

attendance will receive snacks

global force to make the world a

better place for all animals. The

EL SPCA will have an animal

blessing service and all animal

lovers are invited to attend,

even if you don’t take your

pet.The service will be held at

the New Apostolic Church in

Garvin Road, Cambridge.


ý Exercise classes for senior

citizens every Monday and

Thursday from 8.30 to 9.30am

at St John’s Ambulance, St

George’s Road. For information

call Nookie (043) 726-1100.

ý The pipe band meets at

6.30pm at Hudson Park High

School music block. Tuition

given. For bagpipes call Robert

on 082-897-8571 and

drumming: Stephen on

0 8 2 - 5 6 0 - 0 2 47 .

ý The EL Bridge Club

welcomes all who wish to play

duplicate bridge. Provision has

been made for new players to

begin at a starter table to be

guided in the use of bidding

boxes. Join in with a partner on

any Tuesday and/or Saturday at

1.15pm at the Berea Gardens

Dining Hall. Call Jean (043)

735-4893, Karen 082-856-0400

or Kathie 083-651-0418 for info.

Tu e s d a y

ý Scottish dancing classes

every Tuesday from 4pm to

5.30pm at Ham’s Club in

Selborne. Instruction given to

beginners. No experience

required, just a love of dancing.

All welcome. Information:

Nookie (043) 726-1100.

ý The Beacon Bay Bridge

Club is looking for players

interested in playing social

bridge every Tuesday and Friday

between 1.30 and 4.30pm. They

meet at the Eden Worship

Centre at 10 Coad Road, Beacon

Bay. For further information

contact Olga on 083-650-6653

or (043) 735-1736 or Heather on

(043) 748-1465.

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advertising feature

Study seeks participants

Six-month trial to test Fluidvision AIOL on patients after cataract surgery

POWERVISION Inc, a private

medical device company, is

sponsoring the ORION clinical

study to evaluate the FluidVision

Accommodating Intraocular Lens

(AIOL). In the ORION study,

patients will receive the

FluidVision AIOL in one eye and

a standard lens in the other eye.

ORION study description

This study will determine if the

FluidVision AIOL allows patients

who undergo cataract surgery, to

see distant objects as clearly as

with a standard lens, and also to

see near objects more clearly

than with a standard lens.

Eligible patients will receive a

FluidVision AIOL in one eye and

a standard lens, the Alcon

AcrySof® IQ Monofocal IOL, in

the other eye. Patients will be

required to have seven follow-up

visits over a six-month period

after cataract surgery.

For this study, your eye

surgeon will follow the approved

clinical protocol for follow-up

visits and for clinical


The FluidVision AIOL is an

investigational device. This

means that the safety and

effectiveness of this device has

not been proven. It has not been

approved by the government for

sale in South Africa.

What is a cataract and how it

is usually treated?

With age, the natural

crystalline lens within the eye

may become opaque (cloudy)

and no longer allows enough

light to pass through to permit

the eye to focus properly.

In traditional cataract surgery,

the natural lens inside the eye is

removed and replaced with an

intraocular lens (IOL).

Conventional IOLs are

monofocal lenses, meaning they

are designed to provide good

visual acuity at a single focal

point, usually far away for good

distance vision. Therefore, some

patients may require reading

glasses or contact lenses even

after successful surgery in order

to use a computer, read or

perform other close-up tasks

within arm’s length.

The FluidVision AIOL

The FluidVision AIOL is a soft,

fluid-filled intraocular lens. The

lens is designed to change its

shape, just like the natural lens,

becoming thicker when you need

to see up close or thinner to see

far away.

After cataract extraction, the

FluidVision AIOL is implanted

into the capsular bag like a

conventional IOL.

Similar to traditional IOL

surgery, the FluidVision AIOL can

be removed or replaced.

What are the known risks?

The known risks associated

with the implantation of the

FluidVision AIOL are generally

similar to those associated with

cataract surgery using

conventional IOLs.

Some examples of these risks

include inflammation, infection

or loss of clearness of the front

portion of the eye. The same

kind of risks are possible

whether a FluidVision AIOL or a

standard lens is inserted.

However, the risk level is

higher for the FluidVision AIOL

because it is larger than a

standard lens. It is possible that

your vision in the eye with the

FluidVision AIOL may not

improve or may improve only

with the use of eyeglasses,

contact lenses, or a laser vision

correction procedure.

Your participating eye surgeon

in the ORION study will further

explain the study risks to you.

Ask your participating eye

surgeon if you are a candidate

for this clinical study and

surgical procedure, and to

further explain the risks and

benefits associated with this

type of FluidVision AIOL

i m p l a n t at i o n .

Study eligibility criteria

Patients must meet all criteria

to be entered into the study.

Key criteria for participants


ý50 years of age or older;

ýCataracts in both eyes and

corrected distance visual acuity

worse than 20/40 (or 6/12) in

each eye;

ýNo other ocular conditions,

degenerative visual disorders or

systemic diseases

ýNo previous intra-ocular or

corneal surgery in either eye;

ýNot using medications that

may affect accommodation;

ýWilling and physically

capable of wearing contact

lenses, if required;

ýWilling and able to comply

with schedule for follow-up visits

for six months after surgery

ýPatient does not currently

participate in any other clinical

study for the eye

A complete list of

inclusion/exclusion criteria is

available at w w w. s a n c t r. g o v. z a . For

more information on the ORION

clinical study, call 087-550-5848

or contact your participating eye


Poetry, music, art at Garden Sessions


GARDEN Sessions is back in

East London for its eighth edition

at the Ann Bryant Art Gallery this

w e e ke n d .

Started by Flowersmile

Development eight years ago,

the family-friendly event’s

objective is to showcase and

promote local art talent.

Now run by multimedia

creative branding and art

consultancy agency Artside

Space, the event is still firmly

dedicated to creating wide

support for local artists and


Since 2011, Garden Sessions

has been held at the Ann Bryant

Art Gallery where the public can

experience a spirited afternoon

of live music, poetry, visual art

and craft stalls.

The line-up includes

performances from Santam

Award winning musician Nathi B

as well as SoulBiJazz, Spokido,

Busie Smith, Afrorists and

Transkei Republik, among many

ot h e r s .

The event will run from 11am

until 7pm on Saturday.

Pre-sold tickets are available

at R100 per person or can be

purchased at the gate on the day

at R150 per person.

If anyone is interested in

purchasing tickets please

contact Tsireletso Khaile on

076-651-7933 or Solomzi Mjayezi

076 - 7 9 9 - 7 9 57 .

ELVIS FUNDRAISER: Harvey World Travel East London presents the Cancer Association of South Africa

fundraising concert , at the Guild Theatre this weekend. Pictured are the band members and soloists

who will be performing at the occasion


EL all shook up over Elvis

classics fundraiser for Cansa


FOR its third year

running, Harvey World

Travel East London

presents the Cancer

Association of South

Africa (Cansa)

fundraising concert,

taking place this

weekend at the Guild

theat re.

This year, some of

East London’s favourite

performers bring The

Wonder of You: The

Story of Elvis to East

London audiences.

The show is an

energy-filled, biographic

insight into the life of

the “King of Rock n

Roll” which features all

of the hits that everyone

knows and loves.

Audience members

can expect a fresh and

exciting take on music

which is timeless and

which has shaped much

modern music as we

hear it today.

“Elvis Presley has

been such a

determining force in

music, before and after

his death, and so the

‘I owe so much to Elvis as he is

essentially the musician who pushed

me to be the performer I am’

music is just so

loveable, first of all. It is

also the 40th

anniversary of Elvis’s

death this year and so

we are celebrating that

as well,” vocal soloist

Daniel Anderson said.

“On a personal level, I

owe so much to Elvis as

he is essentially the

musician who pushed

me to be the performer

I am. I have always

loved his music, since

my Little Elvis days, so I

am returning to those

white jumpsuits to

celebrate the ‘king’

along with some of my

amazing musician


Harvey World Travel

East London continues

to make generous

contributions towards

the fight against cancer.

All the proceeds from

the show will be

donated to Cansa.

“ In the first year, the

company handed over

R27 000 at the Cansa

Relay for Life. Last year

just on R45 000 was

donated and this year,

we are hoping to push

the target,” Anderson


Full of some of East

London's favourite

performers, the cast

boasts Kerry Hiles,

Anderson, Marcel

Corson and Leoni

Armour. Impersonating

the same vocal

ensemble Elvis used to

have is a vocal group

selected from the

nationally acclaimed

Stirling Chamber Choir

and 10-piece band,

headed by Jacques du

Plessis, and this year it

will consist of a full

brass section.

Choreographed by

the Jo Jackson Dance

Company, the show

promises to be a

toe-tapping jubilant

celebration. Tickets are

R100 per person and

can be purchased from

Computicket or at the

Guild Theatre.

Would you like to participate

in a clinical study for

cataract treatment?

We are currently recruiting patients for a clinical

study for a new, advanced Intraocular Lens (IOL).

Key qualifying criteria include:

Call us today at +27 87 550 5848 and schedule

an appointment to find out if you are a

candidate for this clinical study.

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October 5, 2017

Diwali Fair to light up

The Venue at weekend


HOSTED by the East London

Hindu society, the fifth Diwali

Fair will be taking place this

weekend at The Venue at

Hemingways Mall.

This year the fair promises to

be a beautiful explosion of

colour, culture and flavour in

honour of the traditional five-day

Hindu celebration of the Festival

of Lights.

“The festival is acknowledged

by Hindus worldwide who

perform traditional cultural

activities together. The fair is our

way of sharing our Indian

culture, traditions, food and

colourful clothing with the

greater East London community,”

said the East London Hindu

FESTIVE FAIR: The Diwali Fair will

be taking place at The Venue at

Hemingways this weekend

Societ y’s Dhiren Naran.

This will be the first time the

fair will be taking place at The

Venue and will boast new and

varied stalls. Garba, the

traditional folk dance, will also

be introduced as part of the fair

for the first time.

The entertaining programme is

jam-packed with vibrant

Bollywood dancing, modelling,

traditional Garba and cooking

demos on offer, as well as

delicious home-cooked meals

and hot snacks available all day.

There will also be a team of

ladies applying henna art, as

well as a chai (spiced tea)

garden, for those who seek light


The fair will take place on

Sunday from 9am to 4pm, with

free parking available at The

Venue. Entrance is R20, with free

admission for children 10 years

and younger.

For more information, contact

Dhiren Naran, 082-304-0471 or

Jeetesh Bhika, 072-430-8810.

CAST ENSEMBLE: The cast of ‘Back to Broadway’ in costume for the Addams family musical ‘When

yo u ’re Addams’, which forms part of the musical this weekend


Taking fans ‘Back to Broadway’


THE East London Performing Arts

Company (ELPAC) brings a

myriad of theatre acts from the

biggest Broadway and West End

musicals to fans at the weekend.

Back to Broadway promises to

entertain audiences of all ages

as it will feature pieces from

beloved musicals including The

Little Mermaid, the Lion King,

Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing and


“It is not the typical someone

sings, with back-up dancers

dancing behind them in format,”

ELPAC founder and director,

Nasine van Rensburg said.

“Every musical number is

performed as if you were to see

it in those actual Broadway and

West End play houses,” she said.

With full stage make-up,


impressive sets and spectacular

costumes, this musical revue

incorporates various different

musical theatre styles to bring

the stories and characters to life.

“It is the perfect marriage of

acting, dancing and singing and

each discipline plays an

important role in moving the

story along,” she said.

“Something to also look

forward to is the iconic Time of

my Life dance sequence from

Dirty Dancing. It will be

performed by ELPAC veterans,

Lincoln du Preez and Lemise

Stewart and, yes, the lift will be

there,” Van Rensburg said.

ELPAC prides itself in allowing

everyone with a passion to join

in and share their talents, with or

without formal training. Most of

Back to Broadway's cast have no

formal training in musical

theatre or dance.

“It makes my heart swell with

pride to see them rehearse over

and over until they perfect it,”

Van Rensburg said.

“Looking at them, you would

believe every single one of them

has formal training behind

them,” she said.

Back to Broadway will be

performed at The Arts Theatre

with two evening performances

and one matinee on Saturday.

Tickets can be purchased at Lee

Gold at R110 per person.

The matinee performance on

Saturday is especially aimed at

the children as they get an

opportunity to meet Shrek,

Fiona, Donkey and other fairytale

characters. There will be cabaret

seating so audiences are

encouraged to bring their own

picnic basket and drinks.

LOVE CONQUERS ALL: Harry and Sandy

Soncksen are celebrating their 50th

wedding anniversary this Saturday. They

were married in East London in 1967. What

an accomplishment and what a journey

blessed with three daughters, three

son-in-laws, four granddaughters and

three grandsons. ‘Dad and mom, (our Pa

and Nana) congratulations on this

amazing milestone of 50 years of



DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Gerald and Inez Korte

(nee Karshagen) celebrated their 60th wedding

anniversary on Monday. The diamond couple

were married on October 2 1957. Gerald and Inez

have been blessed with three children and five



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Swim to save rivers

FAMILY ADVENTURERS: It’s time for all the

Supermen and Batwomen to take part in the

Vincent Park Superhero Fun Run this weekend.

Those in ‘bat prams’ are also welcome to add to

the family event Picture: ETHIENNE ARENDS

Get into gear

for Superhero

Fun Run action

DRESS as your favourite superhero and join the

fun for a good cause in the Vincent Park

Superhero Fun Run on Sunday.

Vincent Park shopping centre, in association

with the Daily Dispatch, GO Express, Jacksons

Fabric, UWP Consulting and Silver Eagle Spur

bring you the SuperHero Fun Run.

The 5km event begins at 7.30am, starting and

finishing at Vincent Park, and is suitable for the

whole family – including kids in prams and dogs.

“Four-legged superheroes are welcome to join

the fun, provided that they are on leashes and stay

within the race area,” Vincent Park Centre

manager Joseph Parsley said.

Participants are encouraged to dress as their

favourite superhero and support this year’s

nominated cause, The Daily Dispatch Johnson &

Johnson Local Heroes.

“Supporting the Local Heroes Awards this year

affords us the opportunity to celebrate the

everyday heroes in our community,” Parsley said.

The Local Heroes Awards campaign involves a

call for nominations from the public to identify

their local heroes – people who go out of their way

to help others. Dispatch journalists select the most

noteworthy individuals from these nominations

and profile their stories in the paper.

The Daily Dispatch has featured about 50

nominees over a seven-month period. From the

nominees, a judging committee has selected the

‘Top 12’ Local Heroes. Through this campaign,

Local Heroes will be given the ultimate platform,

which then culminates in an annual formal event.

Entry for the race is just R50 for adults and R20

for kids under the age of 12. The first 500 paid

entries will each receive a goodie bag.

The first 200 registered and paid kids will each

receive a superhero cape. Registration can be

done at the mall Information Desk from 9am-6pm.


– I’m a bouncy

people loving






-I’m a quiet and

friendly lady.



E x t re m e

event raises


a w a re n e s s

THE fourth in the series of

Swim for Rivers for Life open

water swims will be taking

place in the Eastern Cape

from October 14 to 21.

Swim for Rivers is a project

about rivers and people, by


It is the initiative of

extreme open water swimmer

Andrew Chin from Cape

Town, joined this year by East

London open water

swimmers Mandy Uys, Joy

Roach and Sean Murray.

Chin’s swim career

includes 30 Robben Island

swims, a team world-first

around Cape Horn, a 1km

swim in Antarctica at 0.5 °C,

a Magellan Straits crossing,

two Alcatraz crossings, a

1900km relay swim down the

Orange River, an Antarctic

swim, two Llandudno to Cape

Point swims, and a swim

around Cape Point.

Roach and Uys completed

a 25km open water swim in

the Seychelles in 2015 for

charity, and many other

long-distance events.

They are generally

happiest when swimming

long distances in wild and

free spaces.

Murray is an accomplished

triathlete and coordinates the

local open water swimming

scene in East London, and

has many open water events

behind him.

In recent years, Chin

decided he would like to give

back to the open water

GOING SWIMMINGLY: The open water swimming team from Swim for Rivers for Life will take to the water and their

education campaign next week


world. He launched Swim for

Rivers for Life, which has

since become a registered

NPO, Swim for Rivers.

The project’s vision is to

raise awareness among

children of the plight of

South African rivers, one

province at a time.

The athletes swim a

portion of a local river and

then engage with nearby

pupils or communities about

the ecology of rivers, what

causes them to become

degraded, how ordinary

citizens can monitor their

health, how to reduce water

pollution, how to be water

wise and, particularly, how to

be water safe.

Chin and partners have

now completed three

provinces: a 200km swim on

the Wilge River in Gauteng, a

100km swim/run/paddle

down the Berg River in the

Western Cape, and last year,

a 70km section of the Orange

River in Northern Cape,

partnered by Mandy Uys.

The team interacted with

more than 1000 pupils

during this swim week.

Due to the drought and the

low water levels in Eastern

Cape rivers, Chin and his

team are opting to swim

10km in each of seven

estuaries in the Eastern Cape

over a period of seven days.

They will swim the

Kromme, Gamtoos, Sundays,

Bushmans, Kowie,


Gonubie/Kwelera, and

Nahoon rivers. On each day

they will engage with one or

more local schools or

community groups, largely

organised by project

partners, the Wildlife and

standards and national

PRIME SLOT: All the competitors are primed and ready to go in championship slot car racing.

the SA Model Car Association National Championships in East The East London Slot Cars

London this weekend

Picture: SUPPLIED Club will host clubs from


- I love long runs

on the beach.




- I have lots of

love to give my




EL to host national slot car action


FOR the 40th time, East

London will host this year’s

South African Model Car

Association (Samca)

National Championships.

Samca was founded in

1963 and is responsible for



Please give these pets a good home.

Interested persons please phone 043 745 1441 and ask for Reception.

Environment Society of South

Africa (Wessa).

They will present and/or

demonstrate the Mini SASS5

river biomonitoring method

which can be used by

citizens to assess the health

of the freshwater sections of

rivers. They will also present

Mini-SASS DVDs and forms,

and introduce pupils to the

concept of taking

responsibility for the


This year, Swim for Rivers

is joined by Hippo Rollers

(rolling water barrels) whose

products will be

demonstrated along the way.

They will present each school

with water purification

devices (for example,

Lifestraws) donated by

A q u a 4 L i fe .

The project has also linked

to NSRI’s Waterwise, a

Cape Town, Port Elizabeth

and Pretoria and they are

expecting between 25 and

28 participants.

“We have three different

classes in a 42m-long track

race which has four lanes,”

said club chairman Hennie

Pe t z e r.

The national

championships starts off

with an endurance team race

tomorrow morning, followed

programme which aims to

improve the water safety of

children countrywide and to

reduce the extremely high

incidence of child drownings

each year (estimated at 600).

The team is largely

self-funded, with some

sponsorship from Chatz

Connect and products from

Speedo SA. They are grateful

to friends who have offered

them accommodation along

most of the swim.

Additional sponsorship is

welcome in the form of

donations, products or team

s u st e n a n c e .

If you are interested or

able to assist, contact Chin

on 083-708-1390/

chin@polka.co.za, Uys on


laughingh2o@icon.co.za or

Roach on 082-714-3167/


by the individual

championship races.

The club is located in Dyer

Street, Arcadia. For more

information, the public can

search for the East London

Slot Cars Club on Facebook.

“The public is welcome to

come and see what the

championship is all about.

There is no fee for

s p e c t at o r s , ” said Petzer.








- I’m a extremely

lovable girl.




- I love to be






Photo’s by

Jenny Holland




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Shirts M - 8XL

A swim to save lives - see page 11

Thursday, October 4, 2017

Surfer in SA team

BREAKING LIMITS: East London’s Jean Paul

Veaudry is preparing to represent South Africa

at the International Surfing Association

Adaptive Surfing World Championships next

month in the US. Veaudry had his right leg

amputated below the knee after a hit-and-run

accident in 2009 Picture: PIERRE DE VILLIERS

California calls for disabled East London man



OCAL surfer

Jean Paul

Veaudry has

been selected

to represent South

Africa at the

International Surfing

Association (ISA)

Adaptive Surfing

Wo r l d

Championships to

be held in La Jolla,

California, next


First held in 2015,


T Shirts,

Golf Shirts,


Fleeces, Caps

742 1696


the Adaptive Surfing

World Champs

includes va r i o u s

categories for disabled

surfers from around

the world.

In 2009, after a hitand-run


caused professional

photographer Veaudry

to have to have his

right leg amputated

below the knee, he

researched ways to

continue fulfilling his

surfing passion.

“I always surfed,

from a really young

age. I was always

pretty average at it,

but I think after the

accident and being

faced with the

possibility of never

being able to surf

again, it really

motivated me and

pushed me to set

goals for myself,”

Veaudry said.

In his first world

championships in

2015, Veaudry placed

“My first goal is to be the best in the

world, the second is to one day surf

in the Olympics ... ”

fifth, and last year, he

came third, making

him the second best

amputee surfer in the

world because the

runner-up was not an


Veaudry also

recently won the

South African


Championships in

Cape Town.

Surfing the world

champs for the third

time, Veaudry hopes

to beat rival surfer and

world champion Mike

Coots from Hawaii this

y e a r.

“My first goal is to

be the best in the

world, the second is to

one day surf in the

Olympics. It’s all just

part of fulfilling my

main goal, which is

happiness and leading

a full life. Surfing is a

big part of that,”

Veaudry said.

Last year, it was

announced that

surfing would be

added to the sporting

menu of the 2020

Tokyo Olympic Games.

Veaudry hopes that

by 2024, adaptive

surfing will be added

to the Paralympics,

giving him the chance

to compete.

“I think my accident

really gave me a

wake-up call; life is

short. You have to

keep pushing yourself

and do the things that

make you happy.

“Since my accident

I’ve done so much,

from surfing

professionally to

starting a family.

“Both my wife and

daughter are my

biggest supporters,”

Veaudry said.

Hoping to grow

adaptive surfing in

East London, and the

rest of South Africa,

Veaudry is working on

recruiting and

coaching people in a

similar situation.

“I recently

completed my Level

One instructor’s

course and I hope to

host various clinics for


“I want to create

awareness and make

people see and

believe that it is

possible. They can still

do anything they set

their minds to, life

isn’t over for them,”

Veaudry said.

In order to compete

in the championship in

the US, Veaudry is

required to fund his

trip and entry fee, and

will need R60000 to

cover all the costs.

Supporting him

since his first world

champs, local

company Roll to

Secure has set the ball

rolling and sponsored

Veaudry with R2000.

“I am really grateful

to everyone who has

helped me get to the

world champs in the

past. It’s amazing how

the East London

community comes

together. My sponsors

have also really been

a big help, giving me

various products, I

really appreciate it,”

Veaudry said.

If businesses or

individuals are

interested in

supporting Veaudry as

he prepares to attend

the world

championships, please

contact him at


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