Dear readers, The concept of a “flat world” gives us an imagination that every border in the world is collapsed. However, if this is true, the world should stop at remote areas, where are holding many exciting experiences, such as Siberia, a Far Eastern region of Russia. You will easily feel that if you take the world’s longest railway journey running through 7 time zones across the width of the world’s largest country with images of expanding taiga forests, Baikal lake, white snow and immense grasslands. This journey on the 100-year-old Trans-Siberian Railway will take you around one eighth of the earth. The railway is a good memory of many Vietnamese, who used to live in this big country. In this special issue of cuisine, Travellive will take you to an exceptional culinary journey to taste delectable dishes of Hanoi and HCMC via 7 signature restaurants. With coffee addicts, do not miss the list of must-try cafes around tourist cities in Vietnam. And raise your voice to support for the trend of “farm to table” as a way to promote the environment-friendly and healthy cuisine. We wish you an interesting experience in your autumn journey with your families. Yours Sincerely, Travellive Editorial Board

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