Global Reggae Charts - Issue #6 / October 2017


Inside you can find the latest reggae album and single charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017

global reggae charts | issue 4 / august 2017


Welcome to a new edition of the Global Reggae Charts!

Let me tell you about our goals and priorities going forward. There are three major tasks: we want

to overhaul the GRC website, improve the voter experience, and grow our global base of voters.

When we launched, we decided to start with a rather basic website. Now,

we feel like the time has come to upgrade the website. In addition to the magazine format, we also

want to publish the charts and some of the content - for instance this editorial - in a native web

format. That should make the website easier to find and create a better user experience. There are

several other ideas floating around as well, and we’ll share them once they are more concrete.

When it comes to the voter experience, we want to achieve two things: making the voting process

as simple as possible and creating some incentives to vote. The first issue is likely straight-forward:

every voter invests his or her time to make a selection. We are obviously very grateful for this and

it’s a matter of respect to everything in our power to make it as seamless a process as possible.

Creating incentives, then do, aims to make it attractive for people to vote. While reshaping the

GRC might be enough motivation for some, we think that we can create some additional features

on top. Why is that relevant? The more voters, the better and more reliable the charts. It’s really as

simple as that.

Regarding the latter reason, we also care about growing our voter base. But there is more to it. We

put the Global in our name because we really aim to reflect what’s happening in reggae across the

globe. Now, we already have a fairly international voter base, but we aren’t satisfied yet. We want

the charts to reflect big reggae markets like Africa and South America. And we want to eventually

have a database that allows us to break out specific charts for different regions. Of course every

voter that fulfills the qualifying criteria is more than welcome but we’ll also try to emphasize finding

voters in underrepresented markets.

I’m telling you all this for two reasons. For one, transparency is really important to us - we want

you to understand what we are working on and why. Moreover, you might be able to help! We

really appreciate your suggestions and ideas! Do you have an idea how to improve the website?

We’d love to hear from you! And if you know someone who would make a great voter, please go

ahead and tell them about the GRC.

Have something to say? Just drop us a line at



Thomas Euler is founder of the German reggae & dancehall blogazine


global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017

Album single Charts | top 20


Ending 30/09/2017

Contributing voters: 55


# LM 2M PK Mo Artist Single Label

↑ 1 3 - 1 2 Alborosie Living Dread Baco

+ 2 - - 2 1 Hempress Sativa No Retreat feat. Junior Murvin Conquering Lion

↑ 3 7 2 2 5 Chronixx Skanking Sweet Chronixx Music

4 1 3 1 4 Kabaka Pyramid Can‘t Breathe Ghetto Youths International

↑ 5 6 - 5 2 Capital Letters Judgement Day Sugar Shack

+ 6 - - 6 1 Black Uhuru Jah Guide feat. Bugle Ajang Music

+ 7 - - 7 1 Protoje Truths & Rights feat. Mortimer In.Digg.Nation

+ 8 - - 8 1 Micah Shemaiah Keep On Keeping On Irie Ites Music

+ 9 - - 9 1 Aidonia Yeah Yeah Emudio

10 5 1 1 4 Damian Marley Medication feat. Stephen Marley Universal

↑11 12 14 1 6 Talisman Relijan Sugar Shack

↑12 13 6 4 5 Morgan Heritage

We Are feat. Kabaka Pyramid

& Dre Island

Cool To Be Conscious

13 17 - 13 2 Black Roots I Believe feat. Jah Garvey Nubian

+ 14 - - 14 1 Skip Marley Refugee Island

15 2 - 2 5 Samory I Rasta Nuh Gangsta Rorystonelove / Black Dub

+ 16 - - 16 1 The Hempolics Boss Clock Me Style Shark Free

+ 17 - - 17 1 Royal Sounds Message Music Sugar Shack

+ 18 - - 18 1 Christos DC

Speak The Fire feat. Zafayah

and The Skankin Monks

Honest Music

+ 19 - - 19 1 Peace Development Crew Better Days Boomrush

+ 20 - - 20 1 Hollie Cook Angel Fire Merge


Christos DC


Hollie Cook

Samory I

Capital Letters

The Hempolics Skip Marley

Kabaka Pyramid


Black Uhuru feat. Bugle Damian Marley

global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017 2

Album Charts | top 10


Ending 30/09/2017

Contributing voters: 45


# LM 2M PK MO Artist Album Label

1 1 2 1 3 Samory I Black Gold Rorystonelove / Black Dub

↑ 2 3 3 2 3 Damian Marley Stony Hill Republic

3 2 1 1 3 Chronixx Chronology Chronixx Music

+ 4 - - 4 1

Lee ”Scratch“ Perry with

Subatomic Sound System

Super Ape Returns to Conquer

Echo Beach

5 4 5 2 6 Inna De Yard The Soul of Jamaica Wagram Music / Chapter Two

+ 6 - - 6 1 EarthKry Survival EarthKry

↑ 7 8 - 7 2 Alborosie Freedom in Dub VP

+ 8 - - 8 1 Dean Fraser Melodies of D.E.B Tad‘s Record Inc.

9 5 7 1 6 Nattali Rize Rebel Frequency Baco

+ 10 - - 10 1 New Kingston A Kingston Story: Come from Far Easy Star

New Kingston

Alborosie EarthKry Dean Fraser

Samory I

Lee ”Scratch“ Perry

# = this month’s position on the chart LM = last month’s position on the chart 2M = position two months ago

PK = peak position MO = months on the chart ↑= signifies upward movement + = new entry


a voter!







global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017




global reggae charts

featured voter


For this issue we talked to Docta Rythm Selecta

from Costa Rica, who presents his ”Di Docta Show“

at Urbano 106 in San José.

Global Reggae Charts: Can you please introduce

yourself and your radio show!

Docta Rythm Selecta: I’m Docta Rythm Selecta and

have been part of the reggae movement in Costa

Rica for more than 20 years. For more than 15 years I

have been selecting strictly Jamaican and worldwide

sounds (ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, dancehall...)

for the Costa Rica reggae scene. Thanks to all the

mainstream clubs who opened their doors to reggae

music, today Docta is a resident DJ at two of the

main clubs in Costa Rica, ”Club Vertigo“ and

”La Concha,“ where the ”Call Di Docta Reggae Sessions“

have become some of the best reggae parties

in Costa Rica.

Besides the live shows, Docta Rythm Selecta and the

Call Di Docta Movement have a total of six hours of

weekly reggae radio shows at ”Urbano 106“

(105.9 FM) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

called ”Di Docta Show“ where we promote reggae

music from the foundation to the latest premieres.

We premiere albums, promote new artists, bring

reggae history to the masses, and create and mix live

artist specials (foundation and new) where we play

their music mixed live so that people start knowing

more about them; we interview international reggae

artists like Alborosie, Busy Signal, Million Stylez,

Marla Brown, The Skatalites, and many more, and

also try to bring together the reggae community in

one place, selectas, promoters, artists, etc.

GRC: How did you get into radio and what was your


”Urbano 106,“ (the only one playing strictly reggae

and hip-hop 24/7) expressed interest in Docta Rythm

Selecta‘s career and offered us two hours weekly.

After one month of successful shows and an audience

that grew daily, they decided to open two more

hours for us on Saturdays. And after a couple more

months, people started asking the radio for more

Di Docta Shows during the week so we opened two

more hours on Thursdays.

Since we started the radio shows our main motivation

has been ”education,“ bringing more info, more

artists (not just mainstream), a more positive message,

and – of course – this awesome communication

tool as the main channel to bring the real message

of reggae music to more people inside and outside

of Costa Rica (according to our files, Di Docta Show

is now running not only for Costa Rican listeners but

also for listeners in South America, North America,

Europe, and also Oceania).

GRC: Can you give some impressions on the reggae

scene in Costa Rica? Are you involved with reggae

apart from the radio as well?

After several years working on reggae music, the

main reggae radio station in Costa Rica,

DRS: The Costa Rica reggae massive is great. The

reggae movement has been located here in our

global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017 4

country for more than 40 years so part of our country

is called ”Little Jamaica,“ specifically on the

Caribbean side where reggae nights started more

than 30 years ago. We have veteran selectas who

have been working hard on this for more than 30 years,

and since eight or ten years ago the main parties

around the country have been reggae parties. Every

week you can count more than 10 reggae parties

around this small country.

From the Call Di Docta Movement view, we have at

least two shows per week in downtown San José for

more than 400 people with reggae fever, with one

main party per month for 1000-1500 reggae fans.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show and which artists have you found most inspiring


DRS: On the radio shows we play from ska to dancehall,

playing also rocksteady, dub, and of course

roots reggae music as the main part of every show.

On the live shows, it’s usually 50% (3 hours approx.)

roots reggae and 50% (another 3 to 4 hours approx.)

reggae dancehall depending on the event and the


Most of the new artists you guys are promoting inspired

us to keep sending the good vibes:

Samory I, Hempress Sativa, David Lion, and many

more – but of course all the artists from the foundation,

and also the veterans from Alton Ellis to Capleton,

from Ken Boothe to Sizzla. We promote reggae

music, so we are inspired by every single singer,

band, promoter, and DJ that promotes real reggae


short FACTS

Station: Urbano 106 (105.9 FM)

Location: San José

Show: Di Docta Show

Host: Docta Rythm Selecta

On air: Tuesdays, Thursdays 8:00 pm,

Saturdays 4:00 pm CST/UTC-6

Docta Rythm Selecta‘s Top 10 Singles

Asadenaki -


David Lion -

Cast Away

Eesah -

Main Volume

Gentleman -

Red Town

Ginjah -

Love the Youths Dem

New Kingston -

Starlight feat.

Pressure Busspipe

Peace Development -

Crew - Better Days


Wildfire (Remix) feat.

Marla Brown

Soulmedic -


Sting International -

Pum Pum Phat feat.

Shaggy a.o.


global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017



Text: Thomas Euler //

Imagine for a second that we participated in a reggae-themed

game show that combined the rules of

Jeopardy and Family Feud. The show works like this:

in Jeopardy-style, the host presents us with an answer.

Our job, then, is to ask the top-ranked question

that leads to the given answer. To that end, the show-

makers randomly ask hundred people to come up

with a fitting question (just as we know from Family

Feud). Let me give you an illustration to make that

clear. The answer could be “He is the best dancehall

artist currently in jail”, and we could ask “Who is Buju

Banton?” or “Who is Vybz Kartel?”. Got it? Great!

So, the show starts and we are given three categories

to pick from. Naturally, we select “Reggae’s

Greats” (the other categories, “Politricks” and “Babylonomics”

aren’t our forte). The host presents us

the answer: “A famous Jamaican saxophonist from

Jamaica”. We insta-ask “Who is Dean Fraser?”.

A shrill siren sound effect conveys the good news:

we hit the top-ranked question in our first attempt

(it turns out that “Who is Roland Alphonso?” is the

global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017


global reggae charts

featured artist

close runner-up). We are surprised: that was an easy


Because, well, Fraser, is an institution in reggae.

When studying for the game show, we looked at the

last few editions of the Global Reggae Charts and

came across clear evidence for this: Usually,

instrumental albums can’t be found anywhere near

the top of the charts. But Fraser’s new album “Melodies

of D.E.B.” managed to achieve exactly that - it

cracked this month’s top ten of the GRC. And there’s

a whole lot more we learnt about Fraser during our


His resume is impressive indeed. Fraser, who turned

60 this year, started to play the clarinet at the age of

12 and picked up the saxophone at 15. Since then,

he has played live and recorded with the who-is-who

of reggae. A (by all means incomplete) list includes

artists like Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Bunny

Wailer, Peter Tosh, Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths,

Sugar Minott, Maxi Priest, Eek-A-Mouse, Sly & Robbie,

Israel Vibration, Sizzla, Capleton, Damian Marley,

Anthony B, Beenie Man, Ini Kamoze, and Alborosie.

Oh, and of course he used to work with Dennis

Brown throughout Brown’s career, beginning in the

late 70s when Fraser was a member of Lloyd Parks’

band We The People.

As if this list wasn’t impressive enough, take a look

at some of the the songs on which Fraser is credited:

• One Blood - Junior Reid (Sax)

• Police In Helicopter - John Holt (Horn)

• Give the People What They Want -

Jimmy Cliff (Sax)

• Fire House Rock - The Wailing Souls (Horn)

• International Herb - Culture (Sax)

• Here I Come - Barrington Levy (Horn)

And that’s only a small sample of the many legit

anthems Fraser contributed to. It’s fair to say that

reggae as we know it wouldn’t sound the same

without Fraser’s playing. His notoriety is probably

best illustrated by the fact that he is one of the few

musicians who are regularly invited to contribute an

instrumental version to a one riddim selection.

But simply calling Fraser simply a sax player

wouldn’t do him justice. All-around musical whiz kid

is much closer to the truth (well, maybe minus the

kid these days). When we went through the man’s (almost

excessively long) list of projects, we found a lot

more diverse credits than just for his saxophone and

horn play - for instance backing vocals, engineering

and harmonic arrangement. Therefore, it appeared

almost consequential that he started to fully produce

for other artists several years into his career.

According to’s database, this branching-out

began when he produced Jah Lewis‘ 1991

album “All Gone Astray”. From then on, producing

turned into a second pillar of Fraser’s career. Notable

artists he has produced are Luciano, Gyptian and

Duane Stephenson. But he was most heavily involved

in the development of Tarrus Riley. Fraser produced

Riley’s albums right from the start in 2004 and

regularly tours with him.

Aside from his work for and with other artists, Fraser

has also built a sizeable portfolio of solo albums and

collaborative works with other musicians. His debut

“Black Horn Man” dates back to 1978 and we counted

at least 34 more, including his recent release. On

there, Fraser sticks to playing the saxophone for the

most part, though he did also lend his voice to several

songs. A testament to his singing can, for instance,

be found on the 1988 album titled “Dean Fraser

Sings And Blows”.

While the major part of Fraser’s work is reggae, there

are some notable exceptions. When Lauryn Hill recorded

her “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” in the

Tuff Gong Studios, Fraser was asked to play his sax

for the record. He agreed and, thus, became part of a


global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017

global reggae charts

featured artist

true classic that reached people way outside of traditional

reggae circles. John Legend is another international

star with whom Fraser worked for the (meh)

“Evolver“ album. And, somewhat oddly, Fraser is

even credited on a Disney Greatest Hits album.

All that is to say: Fraser has an impressive body of

work. It’s not an overstatement to call him a walking

piece of reggae history. And, luckily, the music has

never stopped running through his veins. Just ask

all the current artists who would likely answer our

quiz show question the same way as the public (the

list of recent Fraser features includes Iba Mahr, Jah

9, Christopher Martin, J Boog, and Ricky Blaze). So,

“Who is Dean Fraser?” was an easy question.

The show goes to commercial break. We put ourheadphones

in, give “Melodies of D.E.B.“ a spin, and

get ready for the next round.


title: Dean Fraser - Melodies of D.E.B.

label: Tad‘s Record Inc.

release date: 08|09|2017

global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017 8

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global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017

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global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017

global reggae charts | issue 6 / oct 2017

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