1963 Boomerang







Lithographed by COMMUNITY PRESS Orem, Utah


As the sun slowly ascends from the east after having pushed the last mists of darkness from

her grasp, school buses start opening their doors to release their harbored passengers. Excitement

lingers in the air. Sophomores are frightened, not much, but a little bit. They look at the

beautiful new school and think, "Gee, if we only Tiad grass now." Then quickly their thoughts

turn to what they are going to do. What if they can't find their classes? Where is the music department,

and where's room 231? On the contrary, the seniors are bold and confident. After all,

they've been through this experience before. And with the juniors, the seniors and sophome*85*'^

enter the school building and another glorious year is begun.

The faculty started school weeks before the students did and had things readyjFor us. Th|i

were the backbone to all student activities.

We, the Boomerang staff, w ith our able advisor, Mr. John Wayman have compile

corded the events and activities which have made your year memorable. The|j3 have be*

changes made this year and many of them are in the Boomerang—we hoppJ*||gy appro^




SPORTS 68-91

CLASSES 92-167



An estimated 40,000 persons lined the parade route during

Peach Days as the Box Elder Chamber of Commerce staged

the longest parade and biggest celebration in the history of

Brigham City. Box Elder High contributed two marching

groups, the B'Ettes and Rockettes, the marching band, three

class floats, and car entries from each club and organization.

"Studentbody Officers"



"Color Guards"




The Class of LXIII's float, "Roma Antiqua,"

captured third place in the Peach Days float

contest. The float was portrayed in brilliant

shades of chartreuse and silver. Plans for the

float were designed by Phil Nelson with

Carolyn Hansen helping as co-chairman. Work

began in Barbara Bott's garage, but the fin -

ished product, illustrating Roman gallantry

w ith a chariot led by two brilliant horses

made of paper-mache emerged from under

the wings of Box Elder High.

The w o rk was supervised by the class

parents, Mrs. Rosamond Sleigh and Jordan

Larsen. We all worked together to produce

another outstanding float for the Class of '63.

A contrast to the abstract designing of the

junior class float was Judi Oss, adding a

touch of earthliness to an otherwise "O ut of

this W orld," as the float was called, creation.

Those w ho worked on it still refer to it as

"the horseshoe, boomerang, box, and flow -

ers." It was done in shades of blue and pink.

O riginality and free-style expression were

used in its planning. Kim Butze was chairman

and Susan Valentine was co-chairman.

A fter many headaches, thrills, and cokes,

the float was finished and came from its hiding

place behind the Capitol theater. Class

parents, Miss Fern Gardner and Tom Davis,

supervised the work. The juniors w ill never

forget the tim e they spent working on their

original creation.


Behind the closed doors of the high school

shop a magnificent creation was in the making.

Piece by piece the materials were assembled.

The sophomores watched proudly

as their float took shape. Although they didn't

have any class parents as yet, Mr. Grant

Moser supervised their construction. Later

Mrs. Marion Hicks became class mother.

As w ork continued on the float, shades of

lavender and pink came into view . Class o f-

ficers, Louis Christensen, Diane Shelton, and

Karen Bush acted as chairmen.

At last the float blossomed forth under the

title of "Stairways to Success," portraying

steps leading to a book of knowledge.





Jose Francisco Arias Nunez, or jusl

plain Francisco, was our foreign exchange

student fro m Costa Rica. Fie came from a

fam ily of three brothers and two sisters.

He lived w ith Mr. and Mrs. Francis Todd

and his new brother and sister, Larry and

Loreen Todd. In Costa Rica he w e n t to an

all boys' school. No homework was given

and the only studying done outside of

class was fo r major tests. Francisco has

won a place in the hearts of every Box

Elder student and faculty member. He

was chosen as M r. Hello during Hello

Week. The girls chose him as the boy

most wanted to be found in their Christmas

stockings on Christmas morning.

"Our Foreign Exchange Student"

'Francisco's new fai

'Our Exchange Student is welcomed to Box Elder'


'Homecoming Royalty"


'Much practice went into the half-time performance"

The day had fina lly come. The town was alive, w ith

dashes of purple and w hite paint on every sidewalk and

on clothing in many mothers' washings. Students' enthusiasm

rose during the pep rally and they let their emotions

go as the senior boys battled the junior boys in a

tug of war. The fire department furnished the water that

soaked more seniors than juniors.

As game time approached, the excitement hit a higher

key. The B'lvers lit the bonfire and a bear, representing

our rival, Bear River, was burned. Shouts of joy rose as

the last of the bear turned to ashes. As the game began

we noticed how big the Bears looked next to our Bees.

We felt a sprinkle of rain. Gusts of wind blew papers

across the field. Although a light fuse blew out and the

half-time was ruined, the game was exciting, ending in

a tie.

The Homecoming Dance follow ed w ith the announcement

of the king and queen.

„Connie and Barbara 1 action„

"B'Ettes and Rockettes support the team"


Our king and queen, Kenny Davis and Patty Marrone.



"Harvest Times Around the W orld" was the theme for the

'62-'63 Harvest Ball. The assembly represented countries all

over the w orld. Music fo r the dance was furnished by the Collegiate

Q uintet from Logan.


The sophomore-sponsored Christmas dance was held after

the final showing of the all-school variety show. The theme

was "Christmas Cheer." They danced to the music of the Cache

Swingette band.

Sophomore royalty reigned over the Christmas Dance.

"Santa's helper (E.W.P.)"


J g i ] \ 1



R it



Sadie Hawkins' Day began with the donning

of outlandish hillb illy costumes. The

girls' choice dance turned out to be a real

Hill-Bee-Billy dance. All boys wore vegetable

corsages concocted by their lucky captors.

The main event of the evening was the exchange

o f certificates and w edding rings.



E iW E fim

i l * ■

" A B.E. boy I'd like to m e e t/

"Virginia Cutler, Daisy Mae; Kelly Cook, Lil' Abner;

Jeff Thorne, Marryin' Sam"


"Has anybody seen my gloves?" was the cry coming

from the speech room as the girls readied themselves for

their performances on the variety show.

Under the direction of Mrs. Fontell Messervy, "Happy

Holiday" was presented. The audience was thrilled at the

talent illustrated as each season passed to their view. A ll

in all, the variety show was a joy to all who spent hours

rehearsing, to those who came to see and hear it, and to

all faculty members, who spent many hours in preparation.

'Hold the ladder steady"



iv tiO



2x,.\. V v C tG G> t V

• ilV jL

x ^ ( j L ( ^ ^ ( i/ lU X j

9K'VLet^ l

wv_-0 X' L-VvAA^WCp'^' X-\>-£7|

U .. vXM- vA_L)

Pxmmi cA




Francisco Arias and Linda Wernecke



Dave Richardson and Bonnie Baty



Kenny Davis and Patty Marrone


Kent Jeppesen and Carol Mills

Billy Young and Mary Jo Cutler





Pam Rollins

Larry Todd



Nancy Burtcher

Phil Nelson





Bunny Hop

Kelley Cook, Ross Brown, Jay Stokes

The print princess and her attendants were chosen by

the girls' league council from the girls who wore the

prettiest dress on the first day of print week.

The preferred boy was chosen from the senior boys

by the girls of the entire student body.

B. Bott, B. Beecher, S. Jensen, M. Reeves, L. Tingey, and J. Andersen,

sang on the assembly.

Margie Sumida, Carol Ann Balls, Ramona Wheatly.




Loreen Todd, Pam Rollins, Carol Westenskow.

Each of the girls were given a corsage.



The BTver preferred girl is chosen by the B'lvers from among

the senior girls.

To be B'Ette typical sweethearts, the girl must be a senior B'Ette

going with a senior boy. The pair is chosen by the B Ette club.

Cheryl Keck and Brent Petersen.


/Y \-a^rrs^

"U . —AA-K-UL. " J^o


1 ( Q t o r v j l

■X°^v-a' ^-^crvs. V>Ai




■0 2.

X * . ^ J r o o ^ O < U ^ u lQ ^ I

CXa *-& jte »

Valedictorian 1963

“C ^ - ^ j ZXju^ A . uuOjQsO/y^

c\Jtfco J'v. rr^JuX o °n r\.


Erik Jensen, the boy who walked away w ith

all the awards in junior high, has come all the way

to lead the Class of '63 as valedictorian. O f a possible

155 points, Erik obtained 152, as announced

by the scholarship committee on the scholarship

assembly on April 1. Erik plans on being an electrical

engineer and has been accepted by MIT. He

was a finalist in the National M erit competition.

Besides w inning mathematics contests, Erik is a

top-notch baseball player and an accomplished violinist.

He has served the school as a member of

the stage crew, president of the Science club,

treasurer of the Key club, delegate to the Model

United Nations, and a member of the Representative


Mr. Nielson congratulates Erik.

Mike Anderson Karla Call Leonard Eckel

Dawn Hall Cheryl Hoopes Darlene Larsen

Pete Moskowitz

Donna Sheffield

Loreen Todd

Get off your high horse, Lee.


The main feature of the circus

was the performance of

the Polynesian fire dancers

from BYU. They thrilled the

spectators w ith their daring


The booths were many and

varied from a miniature golf

game to a bucking barrel contest.

A ll w ho attended the circus

were thrilled and had an enjoyable


Little shavers.

Bottoms up.


The golf game drew many contestants.

After an enjoyable program in the

auditroium, oldsters and youngsters

alike retired to the gym for the fun part

of the circus. Among the booths were a

musical cake walk, a balloon shave, and

application of Newton's third law of


nffK » ■fwlp •:

gyiI b u s « i « a





§g«r 1





Our beautiful, red-carpeted auditorium has

been the domain of many assemblies this year.

The stage is equipped with a magnificent array

of lights, adding to the luster and beauty

which plagues our 8th hours.


Dr. Burton Shaw

Dean o f Students U.S.U.

TOP TEN: Erik Jensen, Valedictorian; M ike Anderson, Loreen Todd, Darlene Larsen, Pete Moskpwitz,

Leonard Eckel, Dawn Hall, Cheryl Hoopes, Karla Call. Absent: Donna Sheffield.


Row one: R. Taylor K. Anderson, B. Laurtize, J. Ericcson, L. Keller. Row two: S. Haskell, J. M yler, T. Carey, J. Goodell, C. Call, L. Baron, R. Glenn, P. Fitch, Clayton

Cheney, Advisor. Row three: L. Smith, E. V ogt, C. Petersen, W. Brown, K. Nelson, B. Allen, R. Harrison, B. Packer.

Under the direction of Mr. Cheney,

speech director, six students attended

the speech festival at BYU on April 12

and 13. A ll six received gold certificate




Dave W illiams, David Stiber, Diane

Shelton, and Fred Smith won fo r pantomimes.

Marilyn Cheney won for her humorous

reading, and Carla Call won in

radio speaking.

Our B a r b e r Shop

Quartet always provided

excellent entertainment.

Barbara sacks out during the B'Ette Assembly.

One of the more impressive figures around school.


Another very impressive figure around school.

Seniors who tried to preview the Prom this year.


Play period in Rickey's romper room.

All my worldly goods for a toothpick?

"N o more little tulips.'

The B'Ettes make their own music after the Prom,

Joan and Susan modeled for the Prom Assembly.

Studentbody elections proved pleasing to the palates of pondering pupils.


Prom Workers.

Marcia Hilliam, Jon Jeppersen, and Lee*

Anna Steffen, sang the Prom theme.


With the help of "Mom," Miss Fern Gardner, and "Dad,"TMr.

Tom Davis, w ith the aid o f the class officers, Gary Tsushima, Marcia

Hillam, and Jo Anne Yamasaki, and the direction of the prom

chairmen, Cherie Boothe, Annette Cook, Dianne Holland, Margie

Sumida, and Susan Valentine, the Junior Prom was a tremendous


Prom chairman.

The efforts of the committee pa id. off.


Julius Caesar's mother.

Oh, Mark!


Up above the world so high.

Curly water?

Even the boys worked.

The Junior Bees worked hard.

Stairway to where?

The band was tremendous.


The thieves are back in town.

The Juniors relax. Not all the paint got on the decorations. Typical street in Rome.

Gary Tsushima, President Marcia Hillam, Vice President JoAnne Yamasaki, Secretary


The time was 8:30 p.m. The date was

March 22, 1963. The scene was tantalizing. For

the Junior class, their year was now complete,

their Junior Prom was also complete. The decorations

were some of the most beautiful ever

seen. The spirit of Rome was present everywhere.

The lilting strains of the Weber College

band floated dreamily over the maize of dancers

as they glided gracefully about the floor.

The sight was awe-inspiring as the girls waltzed

about in their elegant dresses. The dream of

every Junior had come true.

A very special dance.

Everyone enjoyed the refreshments.



"Pam Meals"

"Margie Sumida"

Leading the student body in cheers, spreading pep,

and supporting the team, the cheerleaders were on the

job cheering the team on to victory.

"Virginia Cutler"

aft to right I Carol Westenskow, Margie Sumida, Geralyn Peters, N anjy Burtcher, Virginia Cutler, Pam Meals 33

"Geralyn Peters"

"John did a nice job"

1 to R: Row 1, L. Ritchie, K. Owen, L. Todd, J. Nabors, K. Call, L. Eckel, J. AAyler, K. Seely.

Row 2, Jordan Larsen, Rosamond Sleigh, P. Fitch, M. Nelson, B. Knavel, D. Lichfield, C. Jackson,

M. Smith, B. Bott, D. Sheffield, E. Grey.


The senior play, "A ll My Sons," was one of emotion and stark

tragedy. It was devoid of the "escape from realism" that-has plagued

our time. Joe Keller, portrayed by John Nabors, was a successful

businessman w ho developed a callous insensitivity to life. This didn't

matter until a situation arose which made him realize that being just

"A light moment" a " |jft|e b jf" dishonest can destroy one and those around him.



Mr. Keller ........................... John Nabors

Chris Keller . ............................ Kent Seely

Dr. Bayliss ............... Curtis Jackson

George Deaver ............... David Lichfield

Lydia Lubey .................... Karla Call

Bert.................. ............................... Mac Smith

Sue B a y lis s ...................... Beverly Knavel

Ann Deaver ............................. Judy Myler

Mrs.....Keller ............................ Loreen Todd

Frank Lubey ...................... Leonard Eckel

"Excellent scenery highlighted the play"





Dr. Haggett ...................... Craig Zundel

Mrs. Haggett ............. Elizabeth Nabors

Susan Haggett

Carol Watson

Ada Haggett .................... Nancy Lathrop

Warren Creamer ................. John Barker


.............................. Lorna Hunter

Rosen ................................... Bret Calchera


Steve Calchera

Davenport ..................................... Bill Rusk

CAST, Row 1. J. Barker, L. Hunter, N. Lathrop, C. Watson, B. Calchera, Row 2: Clayton] Cheney,

Director, E. Nabors, B. Rusk, S. Calchera, C. Zundel.


"The Late Christopher Bean" was put on in the little theatre

because of its intimate drama, so that every word and expression

could be heard. It is the true life story of one of France's greatest

painters in an American setting with American characters. Mr. Bean

lived, painted, and died at Dr. Haggett's place. He became famous

after he died. The theme is: it is characteristic of humanity to appreciate

our great painters after they die.

The cast takes a break'

"Tear my picture w ill you?"

"An act from the play"


Leonard Eckel


John Wayman


Alaine Hailing



We of the Boomerang staff have spent many

hours in preparing this book for you, the studentbody.

Behind the door of Room 201, many

secret things have been going on. These secrets

sometimes slip into the darkroom and return to

Room 201 w ith added luster and brilliance. The

results of our efforts are here in this book for

you to see and enjoy.

We w ill never forget the fun we have had,

nor the headaches experienced the night before

each deadline. Mr. Wayman, our loyal and devoted

sponsor, has helped us to set new traditions

and to create a new and better year book.

//Tools of the trade"

Deadline in tw o hours'


Carolyn Hansen

Senior Section

Pam Rollins

Senior Section

Kenny Andersen


Marcia Hilliam

Junior Section

Clubs and


Sherry Jensen

Junior Section

Clubs and


Barbara Jensen

Copy Editor

Cheryl Hoopes

Copy Editor

Benny Bott


Linda McRea

Sophomore Section

Linda Horrocks

Sophomore Section


"Bee Staff"

Marijane Morris



This year's Bee staff has been an exceptional staff.

They have increased the paper from a four column

page to a five column page. They have used a girl

sports editor w ith excellent success. Besides supplying

the school paper with complete coverage o f'a ll

school news, they have supplied the Ogden Standard

Examiner and the local paper, the Box Elder News

and Journal, w ith news. They have added a radio department

and broadcast school news on (KBUH) every

week. The changes they have made have affected us

all and w ill affect all students in the future.

Toni Franzolino


"Journalism Class supported the Bee Staff in w riting."


Pat Billings

Feature Editor

Janet Burt

Sports Editor

David Lichfield

Radio Announcer

Larry Nelson

Editorial Editor

Renee Nisogi

Exchange Editor

Brent Petersen

Radio Announcer

Ted Hansen


Elliott Morris


'Dinner time fo r the sponsors'


Left to right: JoAnne- Yamasaki, Marcia Hillam, Juliet Chlarson, Jlene McMurtrey,

Yates. M arilyn Reeves, Diane Shelton, Bonnie Baty, Jolene Yates.

Pam Rollins, Deon Larsen, Kathleen Owen, Marsha Chlarson, Marguerite


All the girls at Box Elder belong to the Girls' League. They

have had many fun experiences under the leadership of Jolene

Yates, president; Deon Barker, vice president; and Renee

Nisogi, secretary. Their sponsors are Miss Elaine Ahlstrom

and Mrs. Eleanor Pocock. Their list of events included the

Mothers' and Daughters' Tea, Sadie Hawkin's Day, and the


OFFICERS: Deon Barker, Jolene Yates, Renee Nisogi

SPONSORS: Elaine Alstrom , Eleanor Pocock


OFFICERS: Jay Stokes, Dennis Yamasaki, Jim Ericsson, Mike Anderson

Under the diligent leadership of Jay Stokes, president;

Dennis Yamasaki, vice president; Jim Ericsson, secretary and

treasurer; and Mike Anderson, sergeant at arms, the Boys'

League has helped the boys of BEHS to have a better school

years. Whether in planning the best circus ever, or in providing

programs for the boys, the Boys' League did it, and did it

w ell.


Robert Wendell


Boys League Representatives: Phil Nelson, Mark Wells, Lindy Yamasal



Row 1. H. Jorgensen, Secretary; A. Kimber, President; Marion Hyde, Sponsor; E. Wilson, Vice President. Row 2: N. Holiman, S. Jerrell, I. Reeder, K. lauritzen,

J. Singleton, G. Petersen, H. Fillmore, R. Tso.

The colorful artwork done by members of the art league has brightened the halls and

added interest and variety to many assemblies.


left to right: Clare Bradshaw, Sponsor; K. Madsen, G. Shinkle, I. Stander, D. Hunsaker, J. Daley, K. Hunsaker, E. Westover. K. Olson,

Among the projects of the Safety Council this year were obtaining a safety flag for the

school and sponsoring a safety dance. They have strived to cut down the traffic and domestic

safety hazards at Box Elder.



Row 1: H. Fillmore, Marijane Morris, Sponsor. Row 2: J. Burt, L. Horrocks, A. Glover, P. Sellers, D. Hall,

The Future Teachers of America grew tremendously this year to over 110 members. A

balanced program of speakers, activities, and parties have given the members much help in

their plans for teaching.


Row 1: R. Harrison, S. Calchera, H. Fillmore, B. Mark, D. Covell, J. Bass, D. Hall, J. Hoopes. Row 2: K. Butz, W. Jones, F. Huchel, J. Nabors, R. Brown, J.

Larsen, K. Seely, E. Jensen, K. Touw, R. Dixon, Robert W endell, Sponsor.

The Science Club has been a service to the students of B.E. by providing educated lecturers,

fie ld trips, and film s in the scientific fields.


Left to right: K. Wilson, G. Peterson, P. Meals.


The Box Elder High School A Cappella Choir, under

the direction o f J. Earl Johnston, has had a busy year.

The officers, Gene Peterson, president; Kathy Wilson,

VI ce president; and Pam Meals, secretary, helped plan a

large variety of activities. They have sung on many programs

in and out of school.

Row 1: Earl Johnston, Director; D. Orchard, Y. Stewart, J. Andersen, D. Savage,

J. Pritchard, L. Tingey, S. Olsen, R-. Wheatley, L. Steffin, N. Nichols, K. Felt,

J. Taylor, J. Chlarson. Row 2: B. Beecher, E. Westover, V. Bingham, M. Owen,

M. Hillam, I. Gibbs, C. Rowe, C. Miller, I. Dixon, F. Parkinson, P. Meals, A.

Price, J. Hoopes, S. Pebley. Row 3: B. Bott, C. Hailing, J. Duke, P. Sellers, S.

Jensen, M. Reeves, K. Wilson, B. Damon, B. Knavel, R. Roche, R. Owens, G.

Peterson, T. Robinette, W. Isaacson. Row 4: M. Johnson, C. Hansen, J. Jepperson,

I. Bingham, M. Busby, R. Berry, S. Christenson, K. Johnson, R. Brow,

C. Johnson, G. Neilson, R. Olsen, K. Seely, G. Kotter, R. Hobson, H. McLeod.


"J. Earl Johnston, Director; and Mrs. Dixon, Accompanist."

The m adrigals, a specialized group o f singers under

the direction o f J. Earl Johnston, w ere placed in the

spotlight many times during the year. Reed Beecher,

president; Pat Billings, secretary; and Loreen Todd, vice

president, planned the year's events.


Row 1: C. Westenskow, P. Fitch, N. Jensen, D. Larsen, P. Billings, K. Madsen,

L. Todd, S. Rasmussen. Row 2: J. Cosgrove, M. Merrill, P. Rollins, M.

Chlarson, D. Larsen, C. Hansen, L. Larsen, F. Arias. Row 3: M. Linton, L.

Wohlgemuth, R. Beecher, R. Winklesky, F. Call, L. Johnson, C.

Mark, L. Hunsaker.


Row 1: T. Fishburn, J. Leggett, L. Call, S. Johnston, R. W ilson, C. Purcell, R.

Glenn. Row 2: P. taylor, F. Huchel, S. Richards, V. Johnston, K. Battiest, B.

Larsen, D. Beard, E. Kent, K. Madsen, R. Spendlove, B. Tripp. Row 3: M.

Jordon, K. Heiman, J. Higley, D. Keller, L. Reese, M. Hopkins, R. Reeves, L.

Landon, L. Heiman, C. Jackson, J. Barker. Row 4: C. Halls, J. Hackleman, S.

Sims, S. Chase, D. Lee, D. Lee, D. Hunsaker, M . Dunn, P. Sata, G. Damon,

W. Isaacson, G. Lewis. Row 5: R. Lopez, S. Jerrell, S. Smith, J. Perry, L. Pierce,

H. Tanner, R. Littig, Wayne Johnson, Director, R. Card.


Row 1: D. Marshall, F. Call, M. Marble, K. Walker. Y. Stuart, J. McMurtrey, W. Call. L. Petersen. Row 2: Wayne Johnson. Director; P. Harrison. L. Smith. M.

M iller K. Nelson,. J. Christensen, C. Drollette, J. M errell, R. Dixon, A. Rasmussen, R. Card, M. Huggins.

"Color Guards'

"Color Guards present the flag.'

'Our bashful twirlers.


Wayne Johnson


Throughout the year the B'Ettes have

spread pep and enthusiasm among the

students of Box Elder. Dressed in purple

they have th rille d B.E. fans w ith the ir

peppy half-time performances. They

cheered the team on to victory, but, win

or lose, they were behind the team 100

per cent.

The members have felt a feeling of

unity tying them together. Their activities

have all been fun, especially the scavenger

hunt, which took them to all parts of

the city, and the Christmas party, when

Mrs. Messervy brought tears to their eyes

by reading a story. They w ill never forget

their favorite march at Orem when they

spent six minutes slipping in the mud or

the wonderful times spent in B'Ettes.

"B'Ettes rode to the games together.'


Fontell Messervy


Kathleen Madsen Loreen Todd Margaret Owen Barbara Bott Carolyn Hansen Donna Sheffield

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian March Leader

Marilyn Evans

March Leader

Andersen Kristene Andersen Myrlene Andreasen Deon Barker Bonnie Baty Bonnie Beecher

Pat Billings

Barbara Buland

Janet Burt

Carla Call Karla Call Julie Chlarson Marsha Chlarson Judy Christensen Candy Collier

Annette Cook


Rebecca Davis Betty Endo Patsy Fitch Ellen Grey Dawn Hall

Alaine Hailing Patricia Harrison Marcia Hillam Linda Hirschi Dianne Holland

Cheryl Hoopes LaNae Hunsaker Sherry Jensen Cheryl Keck

Nancy Keller

"The B'Ettes are in step."

Sandra Larscheider Deon Larson Darlene Larsen Patty Marrone

Denise Marshall

Dianne Meeker

in *®

Charleen Moody Cheryl Nelsen Nancy Nichols Renee Nisogi Kathleen Owen Frances Parkinson

Shirley Rasmussen

Pam Rollins

Kathleen Valberg Susan Valentine Elva Westover

Evelyn W ight

Dixie Wyrauch


"Poor Mrs. Hurst."

Marion Hyde


From the first day of school to the last there is no end to

the fun, the spirit, and the anticipations of a B'lver. They seem

to have a magic touch within their club which makes everything

they do a success. W hatever the season, the ir parties

and dances are great. They never fail to contribute to our

school in spirit and in service. They are proud to help make

B.E. the best school in the state.


Devon Cottom


Ross Brown


Larry Todd

Vice President

Kelley Cook

Lee Johnson


Dave Covell

Gordon Neilsen

Sergeant at Arms

Jim Ericsson

Mike Anderson

Carl Fodnes

Fransisco Arias




Grant Hacking

Lloyd Baird

Lynn Hardy

Bruce Bosley

Steve Holmgren

Keith Hunsaker

Leon Hunsaker Wendel Isaacson Billy Jensen Grant Jensen


Jack Jensen Scott Jensen Jon Jepperson


"The cat's away the mice w ill play."


Kim Johnson

Bruce Leonard Kent Molgard Blynn Morgan Ed Morgan Phil Nelsen

Lynn Richie

Paul Sato


0 .

Don Seegmiller Fred Smith Jay Stokes



Jeff Thorne Mark Wells Grant Wilson Dennis Yamasaki


The Rockette Club of Box Elder High School

has doubled in size this year and its fifty members

have shared many fun activities. The new

members were welcomed at a patio party. Then

came the early morning practices in preparing

for the Peach Days Parade activity. The new members

were officially welcomed into the club September

13, and received their sweaters. The

month of witches, goblins, and hobos, brought

a joint party w ith the cheerleaders, Key Club,

and pep band. They were honored by leading the

Santa Claus Parade in Salt Lake City. They w ill

always remember the many happy hours spent

in Rockettes.

Fontell Messervy


Annette Glover Margo Fowkes Jeanne Huggins Alanna Kimber

President Vice President Secretary

Linette Frost

Social Director

Shauna Andersen Anne Baty Linda Bethuy Marie Burbank Kim Butze Carol Compton Colleen Crowther Joy Dobbs


Ann Earl

Felt Roberta Foster Sharon Frye Rama Glover Kaylyn Gardner Cheryl Hansen

Jane Hansen

"The Rockettes marched in the Peach Days Parade."

Connie Horrocks

Martha Huggins Mildred Huggins Bonita Jacobsen

Barbara Jensen

Paula Jensen

Sandra D. Jensen Marlene Kelly Karla Kimber

Judy Merrell

Connie M itton Nancy Moyes Linda Munson Diane Nelson Renee Nelson Kathy Olson

Beverly Packer

Kathleen Petersen

Patsy Petersen Anna Lee Price Becky Reese Corene Rowe Karen Shaw

Sharon Shaw

Leah Stander

Jennifer Straits

Zara Taylor Barbara Wheatley Jarie Wilson


"The light side of the Key Club."


The Key Club has shown its w orth to Box Elder as a

service club for boys. The club strives to develop leadership

and cooperation among its members. Each member

serves the community and school. Included in the club's

services are polishing the school trophies and purchasing

an American flag for studentbody and club use.

c e p c | ! g

k f c A l t M

Pete Moskowitz Dennis Fife Warren Hyer Erik Jensen Kenneth Andersen Reed Beecher Jon Bunderson

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer

Louis Christensen Scott Christensen Bruce Collmar Pat Coppin Dick Epley Jimmy Foote Elliot Funk Steven Gunderson

Steven Jensen

John Jenson Bryce Jeppsen Curtis Knudson

"Hey I'm shy."

"W hat legs!"


"G ot a runny nose?" "Service, service, service!"



Stephen Mehler

John Nabors

Mark Nelson Grant Nicholas Brent Petersen LeRoy Pierce



Ron Reeve

Kent Seely


Alan Shipley

Richard Shuman

Tom Skaggs

Gary Sommerville


Rodney Spendlove

Roger Williams







Lee Wohlgemuth

Craig Zundell



"O u r Harvest Ball Royalty."


A ' '

iBI 3fi&

Kathy Ball Anita Stokes Carol Mills

President Vice President Secretary

Mary Ann Page


Donna Hurst




Betty Endo


Bonnie Beecher


Dianne Meeker


Sponsoring the Betty Crocker's test for senior girls was just one of the

services of the FHA. This club helped the girls with future homemaking

plans. Their hard w ork on the Harvest Ball and assembly brought forth

results which showed their talent and skill.

. I J rljfW

AJTn/^m/i IJJr. i

"O u r Officers on Peach Days."

Yvonne Allred Geraldine Andersen Jean Andersen

Jo Anne Andersen Lillian Andersen Linda Andersen

Shauna Andersen Arlene Anderson Diane Andreasen Betty Ammons LaDonna Arnold Deon Barker Lee Anne Barker

Bonnie Baty

Larrie Beesley Sally Begay M arilyn Benn Linda Bethuy Pat Billing! Cherie Boothe LaRae Brown

Mary Ann Bruderer

Barbara Buland

JoAnne Burt.

Karen Burt

Sharon Burt

Gwen Byington

Judy Cambron



Pam Carlson Earlene Checketts Marilyn Cheney Jean Christensen

Renee Christensen


Susan C lifford



Annette Cook

Eileen Coombs



W . M V

Christine Craghead

Mary Jo Cutler lla Mae Dickson Ann Divert Janet Duke

Ann Earl DaNaze Earl

Elaine Edmonds

Dee Ann Elgan M ary Elizabeth Ellis Ruby Endo Agnes Ewing Barbara Fillmore Kristi Fonnesbeck

Vicki Fonnesbeck

Linette Frost

Sharon Frye

Kaylyn Gardner Annette Glover lla Gibbs Carla Gilbert

Lilly Gillian

Ellen Gray

Valerie Gray


Patsy Grayman

Janet Hall Linda Hansen Marlene Hansen

Sandra Hansen

Trudy Hansen

Geralyn Peters

Faye Hardenbrook

Susan Hawkes Sally Hodgkin Nancy Holiman Karen Hover Kris Hover Linda Hover Martha Huggins Mildred Huggins

Dixie Hunsaker LaNae Hunsaker Rochelle Hunsaker Karen Hull Sharon Jenkins Barbara Jensen Carol Jensen Kristeen Jensen

a4 k

Linda Jensen Nancy Jensen Nondis Jensen Sandra Jensen

Sheila Jensen

Susan Jenson

Leslie Jones

Sharen Jones


Cheryl Keck Nancy Keller Marlene Kelly Ruth Kelly Susan Kimber

Beverly Knavel

Sandra Larscheider

Emma Leoledo Pat Lowry Winara M artin Linda McRea Annette M ille r Barbara Misrasi

Charleen Moody

Nancy Moyes

Nyla Muhlestein

Linda Munson

Judy Nelson


Renae Nelsen Vicki Nelsen Judy Nisogi Lynn Nunsik

Dorothy Nuttall Sharon Nuttall Kathy Olson

Carolyn Owen

Ranae Oyler

Beverly Packer

Glenda Palmer

Patsy Peshlakai

Mary Peters

Karen Petersen

Kathleen Petersen

Dianne Pouisen

Anna Lee Price

Carol Purcell

Donna Quaderer

Karla Reay


Joy Reeder Irene Reeder Becky Reese Martha Rhodes Lois Richen Orene Robinson Betty Sato Mary Scott

f !

Julie Sereika Linda Sexton Pearl Shorty Bonnie Schuenemann Jareen Simonson Jo Ann Simper Janet Singer Barbara Snow



Barbara Sorensen Judy Sorensen Bobby Stack lleno Tanner


Mk J

Rose Marie Vauricka Janice Walters Linda Warnecke Janene Wells Sandra Wendell Janet Westenskow llene Wells Elva Westover

Barbara Jean Wheatley Ramona Wheatley Jarie Wilson Joyce W inn M arilyn W o lff Susan W right JoAnne Yamasaki Joiene Yates

Marguerite Yates Jeanette Young Mary Jean Young Vicki Young Paula Hermann Patty Marrone LaDean Tingey Grace Trujillo



"O ur Harvest Ball Dance."


The Future Farmers of America jointly w ith the Future

Homemakers o f Am erica sponsored a beautiful and successful

Harvest Ball, "Harvest Times Around the W orld." They

appreciated the help of their sponsors, Mr. Dee Hortin and

Mr. Norwood Hyer, and the FHA sponsors, Mrs. Mary Ann

Page and Mrs. Donna Hurst.

The members of the FFA put in many hours learning

agriculture, but their efforts are paid off when they come

home with the blue ribbons.

All in all, whether it was sponsoring a Harvest Ball,

winning blue ribbons, or just having fun, the Future Farmers

of America did it and did it w ell.

Dee Hortin


Norwood J. Hyer


"W e went to the State Fair."

"Our decorations were tops.


Kennv Davis Kent Jeppsen Ronald Aoki Billy Young Delwin Mills Neil PouUen Edward Bingham

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Sentinel

Harvey Andersen Jay Baxter David Beard Gregg Belew

Billy Bennett Calvin Bingham David Bingham Ivan Bingham Reese Bingham Cless Bodily Ferrin Bodily Russell Bott

Brent Braegger Steven Burt Roger Caddy Dennis Child Brent Christensen Jay Clark Walter Daffin Gerald Fisher

Billy Francis Jack Francis Theron Freeze Harry Fukuda Larry Gordon Tim Goss

Ronnie Greer Stanley Hansen

Alien Hardy Lynn Hardy Dennis Harper Scott Holmgren Warren Hyer Gary tverson Evan Jackson Bob Jensen

Ralph Jeppsen Theron John Paul Jorgensen Kent Larkin

Wade Larkin Lavell Larsen Scott Larsen

Jimmy Leggett Bill Lewis Ronald Lofthouse Craig Longhurst Robert Lowery

David Miller

Gilbert Miller

Freddy Molenaar

Dwight Nicholas

Grant Nicholas

Gerald Nisogi

Kent Norman

Robert Orme Tim Parker

Leonard Patryk Jimmy Peterson Danny Radar

Max Reeder

Phillip Reeder

Randy Rees

Walter Sato

Kenneth Shinkle

Glen Shiotani Tom Short Richard Smith Leon Snow

Jerry Stoll Larry Summers John Tamasauskas Je^ Thalman

Bruce Tincher Douglas Tracy Richard Wagstaff Wayne Walker

Keith Winn Leon Wright Lindy Yamasaki

Elmer Yates

Learning to do, Doing to learn.

Earning to live, Living to serve.

Larry Yates

Charles Young


Doris Hunsaker, Diane Poulsen, Miss Fern Gardner, and Judy Niscgi.



"Reaching for the moon."

The Girls' Activity Association

has reached new heights in intramurals.

Miss Fern Gardner, advisor,

and officers Diane Poulsen,

president; Doris Hunsaker, vice

president; and Judy Nisogi, secretary,

have planned GAA activities.

"Planning a new defense."

"WHOP, the G.A.A/ers are up w ith a bang." "The Golden Garters": M. M iller, C. Jensen;, K. Sea- "Sherries": M. Marble, R. Vauricka, R. Baird, R. Hunshore,

D. Welch, A. Rasmussen.

saker, J. Nelson.


"WOLOERTONS": J. Yamasaki, A. Christensen, J.

W arnel, T. Irvin, J. Nisogi.

"WATUSI GIRLS": Row 1: G. Besso, K. Markinson, G. "COUGARETTES": S. Jensen, L. Tingey, C. M iller, L.

Smith, K. Long. Row 2: R. John, N. Holiman, V. Von- Steffen, C. Collier, A. Stokes.

derEsch, L. Chase, P. Dixon, B. Hansen.

"KRISETTES": K. Jensen, C. Hailing, D. Meeker,

E. Elgan, W . M a rtin .

"BLUE DEVILS": Row 1: J. Loveland, M. Reeves, B.

Peterson, K. Hunsaker. Row 2: M. Orantes, J. Daley,

I. Reeder, M . Kelly, F. Parkinson, D. Marshall.

"THE BJ.'s": P. Grayman, B. Ammons, D. Poulson,

J. Taylor.

"THE 4 F's": C. Craghead, L. Christensen, C.

Drollette, G. Mathis, G. Stark.

= PEPPETTES": S. Hailing, V. Nelson, I Valberg, "THE REBELS": Row Tj S. Johnston, C. Gilbert B.

" . . . a Raw 2: K. Edmonds, J. Young, G. Nelson.

W ilson. L. Jenson,

FOOTBALL VARSITY: Fcont row , M t t o * M : M. Smith M a nage, M MetciH, W lU on, ^ ! ^ ~ L E Z

G. Somerville W Scott, D. Hunsaker, J. Thorne G. Ne.lsen M. Anderson, ^ | | | Coach L Jay Si,vester< L. Hieman, L. Todd, D. Cottam, C.

K. Hunsaker, G. Shinkle. Second row: K. Molgard,, L. Hunsaker, P. Sato, D.

Fodnes, D. Yamasaki, L. Ritchie, Coach Vernal Harris.

Lovejoy, G. Hacking, J. Jensen, D. Shrum, M. Wells, R. Whitlock. Third row:

E. Wtorgan, B. Bosley, M. Dunn, G. Nisogi, G. Shiotani, D. Abel, R. Scharf, G.


P M il I K ll



Box Elder's football team again showed its great strength by defeating Bear

River in a play-off game after tying with the Bears for the region championship.

The Beesthenwent ont0play ° reminastate semi',final 9ame' but were defeated

on a snow-laden field. Altogether it was another great year for B.E.H.S.'s pigskin

* V W I ■ ' n b k group and one of which we can all be proud.

Larry Todd



B.E. 27 Hillcrest 6

B.E. 20 Tooele 27

B.E. 34 Weber 13

B.E. 26 Skyline 0

B.E. 13 Bear River 13

B.E. 21 South Cache 19

B.E. 0 Bonneville 13

B.E. 21 Logan 14

B.E. 21 North Cache 0

B.E. 7 Bear River 0

B.E. 0 Orem 13

Gordon Neilsen


Lloyd Baird


Jay Stokes


Carl Fodnes


Kelley Cook


Mike Merrill


Mark Wells


Leon Hunsaker


Kent Molgard


Mike Anderson

Right Halfback

Lynn Ritchie

Right Halfback

Doug Hunsaker

Left Halfback

Dennis Yamasaki

Left Halfback

Lee Johnson Keith Hunsaker DeVon Cottam Gary Somerville

End End End End

Grant Wilson


Jeff Thorne


FOOTBALL JR-. VARSITY: Front row, left to right: S. Josephson, R. Linebrink, S. Jensen,

W. Sato, C. Davis, B. Judd, C. Zundel. Second row: J. Bunderson, F. Peterson, R. Nimori,

L. Yamasaki, W. Baird, S. Chase. Third row: L. Zundel, L. Haramoto, G. Lewis, J.

Rubin, C. Longhurst. Back row: L. Bilbao, K. Bune, R. Stuart, C. Brown, S. Young, Coach

Vernal Harris.


BASKETBALL VARSITY, left to right: J. Stokes, L. lodd, u. ^oieman, l. Larsen, u.

Front row: Mac Smith, Manager; Coach Reed Olsen, Coach Grant Moser, Coach Vernal Harris.

Phil Nelson




B.E. 39 Provo 64

B.E. 77 Pleasant Grove 54

B.E. 31 Clearfield 54

B.E. 52 West 57

B.E. 45 Ben Lomond 52

B.E. 48 Davis 82

B.E. 42 Weber 70

B.E. 55 Bingham 84

B.E. 55 Bonneyille 63

B.E. 59 Ben Lomond 47

B.E. 58 South Cache 42

B.E. 43 Logan 67

B.E. 55 North Cache 39

B.E. 58 Bear River 69

B.E. 59 South Cache 46

B.E. 56 Logan 62

B.E. 57 North Cache 55

B.E. 64 Bear River


State Tournament

B.E. 67 Bingham 77

B.E. 59 Logan 70

LaVell Larsen


Even though they lacked

height this year, Box Elder's

basketball team played a

great season, showing ball

handling and teamwork,

that more than made up for

the lack of height. The Bees

had some tought breaks but

still managed to qualify for

the state tournament. Both

Coach Grant Moser and the

team deserve great credit

for the fine efforts and

team work that went into a

successful year.

BASKETBALL JR. VARSITY, le ft to right: L. H ollist, R. Stuart, L. Pierce, G. Woodmancy, R. G oodliffe, C. Zundel, S. Jensen, K. Bune,

C. Davis, G. Lowery, C. Brown. Front row: Coach Reed Olsen, Coach Vernal Harris, Coach Grant Moser, Bill Horsley, Manager.


Larry Todd

Lynn Ritchie

Jay Stokes

Dennis Coleman

Lewis Christensen

Elliot Funk

Craig Christensen

Kim Johnson

Robert Olsen


WRESTLING TEAM: Front row, left to right: R. Aoki, S. Jensen, D. Bowman, L. Parker, T. Cross, R. Smith. Third row: Coach L. J. Sylvester, G. Yamasaki, L.

Yamasaki, C. Bingham, W . Sato, W . Baird, R. N im ori, D. Sayama, L. Reese. Haramoto, G. Tsushima, M . Jbnes, E. Bingham, W . Glenn, B. Baty, J. Ericcson,

Second row: P. Sato, G. N isogi, K. Shinkle, D. M ills, D. Shrum, I. Bingham, T. i Zundel, R. Linebrink, B. Jordan, G. Wilson.


Ed and Grant


Under the handicap of losses due to graduation

last year, L. J. Sylvester did a fine job of rebuilding our

wrestling team. Although we won only'four meets, one

man went to state, and the team grew stronger with

each meet. Both team and coach are looking forw ard

to a better year next year with more experience and

strong school support.

Top Twelve

He's well padded!

SWIMMING TEAM: Front row, left to right: R. Lopez, L. Heiman, P. Coppin, M. Dunn, G. Somerville, R. Cefalo. Second row: Coach Les Dunn, D. Covell, P. Christensen,

M. Johnson, R. Whitlock, C. NighsWonger. Third row: G. Lewis, F. Molenaar, A. Freeman, L. Johnson, S. Josephson.


Coach Dunn's Tankers had a great year this

year, placing fifth in the state and breaking three

school records in the process. W ith an even 6-6

record, the "Fish" placed second in region and

second in the state qualifying meet. A very good

showing for a growing sport at Box Elder. Congratulations.

Breast, back, and crawl.

Steve executes a nice dive!

Coach Dunn and Co-captains L. Johnson and G. Somerville.

Our Offensive threat.



School Spirit.

Our Defensive Team




"Let's pin him. Animal."

''What a view!"

"The start of a hard match."

Isn't it time to quit?"

"Ronnie has a near p in ."

"A pin in the making, at last."

'Riding tim e."

77A racing start/7



"Reaching fo r the sk y /7


"Help, I can7t swim!77

"Mad swimmer!77

77On yo ur marks, . . . g et set . . . g o!77

"O ff tackle slant.'

"I gotcha!"

"Cowhide meets cowhide."


"Yamasaki o ff the right side."

"Tackled by the whole team."

"A tense moment."

'We lost in the snow."

Did he get him? O f course.

Let's run that play again! Is that OK Craig?

Get o ff my back.

Jump Ball!

Sneak up on him, Jay.




m m m a m

« « ■

'i m

lift Mr©

a f g» ^


Discus & Javelin.

440 & 880. High Jump & Pole Vault.

; , ■ ' - r >ra~* fpPPIP "#mm.

Row 1 left to right: D. Hunsaker, R. Nortl.ness, R. Stuart, B. Bosley, J. Thorne, D. Cottam, E. Morgan, R. Jordan. Row 2: M. Smith, Manager, C. Brown,

J Jensen, B. Kelly, E. Jensen, G. Wilson, P. Nelson, G. Woodmancy, Coach Vernal Harris. Row 3: Coach Reed Olsen, M. M errill, S. Christensen. S. Jensen.

B. Judd, S. Chase, D. Chase, C. Hansen.


Coach Vernal Harris's Baseball Team made quite an

impression this year. With new uniforms and great skill

the Bees were the terror of Region 1. After an opening

victory over Bear River 15-1, the Bees continued to win

many thrilling games in a typical Box Elder fashion.

The long stretch.

Coach Harris w ith returning lettermen.

Back Row, left to right: L. Gordon, P. Christensen, R. Van Dyke, B. Call, C. Richardson, K. Dummer, J. Parry, S. Smith, T. Skaggs, Coach

E. W. Pyne. Front Row: M. Sheffield D. Covell, R. Spendlove, L. H ollist, J. Foster, H. Hobson, B. Collmar. Absent: R. Beecher.


The Box Elder racketeers made a

good showing this year with the aid of

their enthusiastic coach, E. W. Payne.

The team's great spirit and growing

strength gave notice to competing

teams of the ability and increasing

power of Box Elder Tennis.

Our well equipped team.

Coach and Co-captains.

Our new courts.


Back Row, left to right: R. Goodliffe, C. Zundel, L. Christensen, J. Johnson, D. Huntington, E. Funk, Coach Moser. Front Row: W. Hyer, S. Candland,

G. Jensen, P. Moskowitz, C. Davis, B. Horsely.


Although our long winter was appreciated

by many of us, it was a

hardship to our golfing team. Despite

the late start, our duffers got

in form quickly and played many

good games. Coach Grant Moser

provided the needed push to keep

our team at its best.

A tu ff threesome

Coach Moser and returning lettermen.

Coach observes Louie


Dennis Yamasaki

Lloyd Baird and Tom Cross

Keith Hunsaker

The team.

Sm ilin' Pat.

Our sprinters.

Lee Johnson

Mike Andersen Leonard Eckel Ryan Lee

A toss to first.

Let'er rip.


Put it here, please.

A second chance helps.

Hey DeVon, the ball's in the mit.

Nice th ro w , Jack.

second chance.


The right way to start a game.

Nice return.

That's a hot serve, Dave.

Coach Payne shows them how.

Team in action.

Rod makes the return.

Hoilist and Spendlove.

Foster in action.

Bail meets Hollist

Typical Sheffield.

Grant Jensen Scott Candland Craig Zundel

Fred Smith

Pete M oskowitz

Steve Holmgren

Reid G oodliffe

Fern's g ift to the coach.


EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Row 1, left to right: K. Cook, L. Eckel, L. Haramoto, J. Johnson, K. Davis, J. Stokes, L. Ritchie. Row 2: P. Rollins, M. Chlarson, A. Hailing,

M. Hillam, J. Yamasaki, J. Yates, D. Shelton.


REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL: Row 1, left to right: K. Madsen, P. Rollins, L. Mc-

Rea, J. Yamasaki, J. Yates, D. Shelton, C. Hoopes, J. Hoopes, K. Owen, A.

Miller. Row 2: W. Sato, A. Hailing, K. Valberg, D. Poulsen, K. Ball, K. Butze, J.

Westenshow, C. Markeson, J. Johnson, L. Haramoto, P. Christensen, D. Richardson.

Row 3: L. Pierce, E. Gray, M. Chlarson, M. Hillam, L. Yamasaki, J.

Ericcson, D. C ovell, M. Anderson, J. Stokes, L. Ritchie, K. Cook. Row 4: E.

Jensen, L. Eckel, H. Fillmore, G. Somerville, J. Foote, R. Beecher, P. Moskowitz,

T. John, V. Lee, K. Davis.

The representative council has brought recognition

to the school through self-government. Reed

Beecher was president of the council with Ellen Gray


Under the direction of Mr. Roland Gourley, the

student body officers and executive council have

planned the activities for our school and followed

through with the enforcement of school policies.

Marsha Chlarson



"There is one in every class."

As the closing strains of "Now is the Hour" echoed

through the new auditorium, we, the seniors, said farewell.

Through our tears of joy and sorrow came memories

of years past.

As sophomores we were hailed for how we lit the

"B" at homecoming. We were proud of our "state championship"

football team.

Our junior year began w ith our float, "Deep Sea Fantasy,"

winning first place in the Peach Days parade. Our

prom, "The Green Leaves of Summer," was a creation to

be proud of.

Our senior year brought another prize-winning float,

"Roman Antiqua," and a region championship football

team. Our talented "m om " and "dad," Rosamond Sleigh

and Jordan Larsen, guided us through the problems and

activities of seniors. We learned to love them as our own

parents. Then, as the graduation ended, we took one last

look at BE. We had been a good class: intelligent, w elldisciplined,

and courteous. We had set a good example

and pledged to always live so that Box Elder would be

proud of us.

i U P f ^

Rosamond Sleigh

Class Mom


Larry Allen

Ella Lou Allred

Betty Ammons

Harvey Andersen

Mike Anderson

Jose' Francisco Arias

Tom Armstrong

Lloyd Baird

Kathy Ball

Carol Ann Balls

Deon Barker

Bonnie Baty


Burt Baty

Alan Beard

David Beard

Class of 1963



Sallie Mae Begay

" I am the best Senior class mom."

W illiam Bennett

Pat Billings

Edward Bingham


Richard Birch

Cless Bodily

Ferrin Bodily

Barbara Bott

Russell Bott

Jeffrey Brady

Doris Brousseau

Ross Brown

Barbara Buland

Janet Burt

Karen Burt

Sharon Burt

Nancy Burtcher

Mike Busby

James Butler

Class of 1963





'"What's in the canteen, girls?"

Frank Call

Karla Call

Rodney Campbell


Robert Cefalo

Reed Chadwick

Carol Checketts







Harvey Christens*

Jean Christensen

Kelley Cook

Eileen Coombs

Pat Coppin

Joe Cosgrove

Devon Cottom

David Covell

Tommy Cross

Class of 1963

Mary Jo Cutler

"Senior drama reaches clim ax."



Bette Damon

Kenny Davis

Kent Dummer


Danaze Earl

Leonard Eckel

Elaine Edmonds

Glenn Elgan

M ary Elizabeth Ellis

Betty Endo

Jim Ericsson

M arilyn Evans

Sammy Evans








Patsy Fitch

Carl Fodnes

Vicki Fonnesbeck

Class of 1963



"Antoinette botches brushwork during summer spree."




Jack Francis

Toni Franzolino

Brent Frost

Harry Fukuda

lla Gibbs

Annette Glover

Janice Goodell

Ellen Gray

Michael Gregg

Danny Grimley

Steve Gunderson

Dawn Hall


Alaine Hailing

Ford Hammerland

Carolyn Hansen

Class of 1963



" I mean a Root Beer.'



Ted Hansen

Trudy Hansen

Lynn Hardy


Donald Harrison

Barbara Hoggan

Steve Holley

Steve Holmgren

Cheryl Hoopes

Connie Horrocks

Merlin Hover

Jeanne Huggins

Karen Hull

Douglas Hunsaker

Keith Hunsaker

LaNae Hunsaker


Leon Hunsaker

Lyn Hunsaker

Curtis Jackson



iH H li

'An exciting moment as tempers flare during play.



Erik Jensen

Nondis Jensen

Scott Jensen


Steven Jensen

Kent Jeppesen

Bryce Jeppsen

Ralph Jeppson

Stanley Jerrell

Craig Johnson

David Johnson

Lee Johnson

John Jones

Leslie Jones

Richard Jones

Sherron Jones








Class of 1963



"Seniors clean while Juniors paint."







Bever !y Knavel


Darlene Larsen

Deon Larsen

Kathy Larsen







Verlin Lee

Bruce Leonard

Robert Lewis

David Lichfield

Ronald Lofthouse

Merle Linton

John Lovejoy

Robert Lowery

Jennie Lundberg

Class of 1963

Kathleen Madsen

Old King Leer, him self/

Bill Mark

Patty Marrone

Pamela Meals

Michael Merrill


Jt>'A W

Carol Mills

Freddy Molenaar

Kent Molgard

Charleen Moody

Elliott Morris

Martha Mortenson

Dana M orvillo

Pete Moskowitz

Nyla Muhlestein

Judy Myler

John Nabors

Jeanne Nagata


Gordon Neilson

Mark Nelsen

Douglas Nelson


Renee Nisogi

Dorothy Nuttall

Connie Olson

Kathleen Owen

Margaret Owen

Robert Owens

Glenda Palmer

Jesse Palmer

Barbara Gene Pella

Carol Perry

Patsy Peshlakai

Brent Petersen


Bruce Petersen

Gene Peterson

Gerald Pett

Class of 1963

Diane Poulsen

Neil Poulsen

"W ho is enjoying it more."

Kenny Prall

JoAnn Pritchard

Ed. V. Prunckun Jr.


Donna Quaderer

Shirley Rasmussen

Karla Reay

Randy Rees

Ronald Reeve

Lois Richan

Dave Richardson

Lynn Ritchie

Reynold Roche

Pam Rollins

Bill Rusk

Miland Sargent

Betty Sato

Richard Scharf

Charles Schultz

Class of 1963

Wei by Scott

m ■

They sang us through the years."


Kent Seely

Julia Ann Sereika

Donna Sheffield

Michael Sheffield


Alan Shipley

John Singleton

Jane Skrlac

Darwin Smith

Mac Smith

Richard Smith

Leon Snow

Gary Somerville

Leah Stander

Jay Stokes

Larry Summers

Jacquie Swanson


Mike Swenson

Don Tanner

Jeff Thorne

Class of 1963

Larry Todd

Loreen Todd

"He opened one eye, he said."

Paulette Turner

Robert Tso

Ann Valcarce


Dallas Valentine

Bert Velasquez

Eugene Vigil

Richard Wagstaff

Janice Walters

Patricia Weitzel

Carol Westenskow

Ramona Wheatly

Theodore Wiezbieki

Dave Williams

Roger Williams

Evelyn Wilson


'y Jl

y+XH t- (

-D tjJl


Grant Wilson^

Richard Winklesky

Joyce Winn

Peggy Woodyatt

Dennis Yamasaki

Jolene Yates

B illy Dee Young

“So live that when you die you won’t be afraid

to sell the fam ily parrot to the town gossip.”




We, the seniors of Box Elder, started our sophomore year on the beloved campus of the old

high school, now known as Box Elder Junior High. How can we ever forget the way we lit the "B"

at homecoming and how everyone marveled at its splendor? We w ill always remember our remorse

when we were kicked out of the assemblies. We were proud of the football team when they took

State. The year was characterized by study and by singing and yelling in the halls and the auditorium.

We found a change, however, in our junior year, for the new high school was nearly finished.

We missed two weeks of school while the workmen worked harder than ever. Peach Days came

along and our float, "Deep Sea Fantasy," captured first place. Then at last school started. Of course we

shared our new, beautiful, grassless school w ith the workmen, who even insisted on w orking in our

classrooms w ilh us. The most fun was in attending P.E. classes in the ne w sem inary b u ild in g , band

in the library, and choir in the cafeteria. We soon grew accustomed to our surroundings, but there was

one rule we found hard to adjust to: No singing, yelling, or whistling in the halls or the auditorium. As

Spring pushed W inter from our doors, we were proud to produce the Junior Prom, "The Green Leaves

of Summer."

Ig jS jlf^ flf l«L; was our senior year. We helped level the ground around the school building the

ootball field, and the baseball diamond, and helped plant the grass to give B.E. a more landscaped

look. We realized that this w ould be our last year at Box Elder and we wanted it to be worthwhile

Some of us had fun by giving our teachers a bad time, but most of us decided to buckle down and

study to prepare ourselves for college and for our future lives in an adult world.

We were filled w ith mingled emotions as we walked across the stage in our caps and gowns to

receive our diplomas. There was satisfaction in the completion of our high school work, and sadness

in the knowledge that one phase of our life was giving way to another. High school friends and teachers

w ould soon become a memory, but it would be a proud and happy memory. We had every reason

to be proud and happy, for we had helped to mingle the new with the old: we were the graduating

class of 1963! Like the M ariner II on its way to Venus, w e blazed new trails for others to follow , but

like the sun and all that's true, we were able to remain loyal to BEHS and all it stands for in any building

or circumstances.

"The gem of the Junior Class**

The Juniors have experienced a year that few of them

w ill ever forget. The first thrilling event started with the

traditional painting of the town. Many w ill always wonder

which got the most paint, the sidewalk or the Juniors.

Their Junior Prom was truly a work of art.

Individuality showed up when the Juniors voted for

oval class rings instead of conforming to the custom of

rectangular rings.

Having proved that they were worthy of the title of

Juniors, they w ill strive to live up to the respected name

of the Seniors.


Dennis Abel

Carolyn Allen

Clyde Allred

Arlene Andersen

Kenneth Andersen

Kristene Andersen

Jean Andersen

Geraldine Andersen



JoAnne Anderson Myrlene Andreasen Ronald Aoki Greg Anderson

LaDonna Arnold James Barsballe Kenneth Battiest

Bonnie Beecher

James Bidlack

Richard Bingham

Rosemary Bingham

Albert Black

Dorothy Blower

Cherie Boothe

Bruce Bosley

Allan Bott Dennis Bowman

Brent Braegger Robert Brown


Mary Ann Bruderer

/% /

Scott Burt

Kim Butze

Gwen Byington

Steve Calchera

Carla Call

Judy Cambron

Pam Carlson

"Witches back for m idnight snack."

Class of 1964

Craig Caughlan Ronald Cefalo Donald Chase Patricia Chilcott

Juliet Chlarson

Ann Christensen Brent Christensen Craig Christensen

Judith Christensen Kathleen Christensen Renee Christensen Scott Christensen

Alan Clark Jay Clark Ross Cobb Dennis Coleman

Candy Collier

Ann Conger

Annette Cook

Daniel Crossley

Colleen Crowther Paul Cutler Virginia Cutler Charles D'Asto


Jerry D'Asto

Carol Davis Rebecca Davis Joe DeLaGrange

lla Mae Dickson Reed Dixon Richard Drollette Jeanette Duke

"The Bee Hive at W ork."

Class of 1964

Mirl Dunn Mike Dunn Kaye Eastman David Edmonds


Dick Epley


i f e

Richard Ewing

Kassie Felt

Faith Fessenden

Dennis Fifield

Val Fifield

Jim Foster

Billy Francis

Alan Freeman

Linette Frost

Elliot Funk

Jimmy Garrett

Lilly Gillian

Wayne Glenn

Charles Guy

Grant Hacking

LaVina Hadley

Colleen Hailing

Craig Hansen

Jane Hansen

Linda Hansen Cheryl Hanson Faye Hardenbrook Dennis Harper

Pat Harrison Robert Harrison Shirley Haskell Susan Hawkes

"Juniors begin world wide campaign."

Class of 1964

Lee Heiman Kit Hendrickson Richard Higley Marcia Hillam


Richard Hobson

Dianne Holland

Dean Holley

Judy Hoopes

Dee Hortin

Kris Hover

Gerald Howard

Harold Howard

Colin Huggins

Dennis Hume

Doris Hunsaker

David Huntington

Kenneth Hust


i l l

Warren Hyer

W endell Isaacson

Bonita Jacobsen

Barbara Jensen



David Jensen

Grant Jensen

A i t

Jack Jensen

Kirk Jensen

Kristeen Jensen

Sandra D. Jensen

"Jack be quick, Jack be nimble, Jack go under the limbo stick."

Class of 1964

Sheila Jensen Billy Jensen Sherry Jenson Susan Jenson


Stuart Jerrell

Theron John

Geary Johnson

Kim Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Monte Jones

Susan Jones

W illiam Jones

Paul Jorgensen

Marlene Kelly

Pamela Ruth Kelly

Ruth Kelly

Carol Kirkham

Paula Kleysteuber

Curtis Knudsen

Gary Kotter

Toni Kreidler


Kent Larkin

Sandra Larscheider Bonnie Larsen Lavell Larsen

Jay Larson

Kaul Lauritzen Antoinette Leger Frey Lente

Class of 1964

Elwood Lester

Leon Lingle

David Lovejoy


Pat Lowry Richard Madsen Irene Marble Denise Marshall

Rick Mason

Judy McKay Harry McLeod Dianne Meeker

Wally Melton Janet Midget Annette Miller

Delwin Mills

Blynn Morgan

Ed Morgan

Chuck Morris

James Morris

Nancy Moyes

Linda Munson


Elizabeth Nabors

Cheryl Nelsen Gloria Nelson Renee Nelson

Pat Nelson

Steven Nelson

Vicki Nelson

"Eighth hour art class."

Class of 1964

Chuck Nighswonger

Gerald Nisogi

Judy Nisogi

Joan North


Carolyn Nowak Robert Olsen Susan Olsen Karen Olson

Kathy Olson

Denice Orchard

Judy Oss

Ranae Oyler

Richard Oyler

Beverly Packer Lee Packer Tim Parker

Frances Parkinson

Bruce Payne

Sharyl Pebley

Geralyn Peters

Corey Petersen

Jim Petersen

Karen Petersen

Lanny Petersen Bruce Porter AnnaLee Price

Pamela Quayle

Irene Reeder

Ivan Reeder

Max Reeder

"Who put the bomb in the bucket?"

Class of 1964

Phil Reeder John Reese M arilyn Reeves

Boyd Richards


Leon Roberts Carol Robinette Terry Robinette Orene Robinson

Aileen Roche

Corene Rowe

Bonnie Rudrude

Robert Sanford

Dorene Savage

James Schroeder

Bonnie Schuenemann

JoAnn Sebek

Don Seegmiller

Pat Sellers

Henry Sereika

Roger Sereika

Fred Sever

Leland Sevy

Gerald Shinkle

Glenn Shio Pearl Shorty Dan Shrum Beryl Simpson


Ronald Smith

fewer cavities.

Class of 1964

Barbara Snow

Barbara Sorensen Judy Sorensen Rodney Spendlove







Lee Anna Steffen





Bruce Stoner Jennifer Strate

Margie Sumida Philip Sutherland DeVon Talbot John Tamasauskas

Eilene Tanner Mary Tarkalson Jean Taylor Robert Taylor

Zara Taylor Karl Tiffany LaDean Tingey Bonnie Tripp






Susan Valentine Judy Vicars



Eric Vogt Wayne Walker Carol Watson

"Painting th e ..........................?y/

Class of 1964

Calvin Weese Mark Wells Janene Wells

Sandra Wendel

Elva Westover Roger Whitaker



Marty Whitworth

Evelynn Wight Katherine Wilson







* j

\ '


Gary Worthington Leon W right

Susan W right

Dixie Wyrauch



JoAnne Yamasaki Larry Yates

Alice Young

Cheri Lewis Craig Searle


"Students, guess w ho is the center o f attraction?"

The Sophomores entered Box Elder as the underdogs. But soon

they proved that they were able to accomplish all that was required

of them, although many times it took the skilled guidance

of their class parents and class officers in order to succeed.

The determination of the Sophomores to successfully fu lfill all

that was required of them has helped to gain the respect that they

have obtained. Their pep, vitality, and friendly manners have

added greatly to the school spirit.

Having lived through a year of high school, the Sophomores

have emerged with a greater knowledge of what is required of

them at Box Elder. By successfully filling the responsibilities of

Sophomores, they have prepared themselves for the responsibilities

of a Junior.


Bruce Allen Fred Allen Roger Allen Paulette Allred

Yvonne Allred

Jimmie Ammons

Lillian Andersen

Shauna Andersen

Jerry Andersen

Linda Anderson

Lynn Anderson

Ladd Anderson

Diane Anderson Karen Antles Rae Baird

Myron Ball


Darryl Barker LeAnne Barker LaVon Baron

James Bass

Ann Baty

4 k

Jay Baxter

Larrie Beesley

Greg Belew Russell Bell Gayla Besso Linda Bethuy

Larry Bickers

Lee Bilbao Calvin Bingham David Bingham

Dean Black Kathleen Bott


Rennie Bott


Robert Braeqqer Grant Brailsford Marilyn Brousseau

Craiq Brown

LaRae Brown

Class of 1965

Tamara Brown

Steven Bruderer




Jon Buderson

Kent Bune

'Dave and Louie lob sophomore into the realms of the unknown,

Marie Burbank

Richard Burbank Troy Burbank JoAnne Burt Stephen Burt Gary Busenbark Karen Bush

Robert Cagle Wayne Call Larry Call Bill Call Scott Candland

Bunny Carey



Jerry Cemer Donna Chambers Linda Chase Steve Chase





Dennis Child Louis Christensen Lue Jean Christensen Steve Christensen Phil Christensen

John Coleman Bruce Collmar CaroL, Compton









Walter Daffin Jene Daley Gary Damon Clark Davis James Davis




Ann Deivert Patty Dixon Joy Dobbs Barbara Dorris

Class of 1965

Charlene Drollette

Lillian Duke

Diane Dummer

Thomas Duncan

I'll take one of those, and one of those, and one of

Ann Earl


Bob Eckhardt Kathleen Edmonds Dee Ann Elgan Ruby Endo Barbara Fillmore Tommy Fishburn

Gerald Fisher

Shirley Fodnes Kristi Fonnesbeck Helen Forsgren Ray Forsgren


Roberta Foster

Theron Freeze Sharon Frye Kaylyn Gardner

Carla Gilbert

Richard Glenn

Rosemary Glenn

Rama Glover Gary Gomez Reid G oodliffe

Valerie Gray

Patsy Grayman Ronnie Greer James Hackleman C. A. Hall Janet Hall

Susan Hailing Georgette Handres Byron Hansen Randall Hansen Becky Hansen Sharon Hansen

Ronald Hirschi

Sally Hodgkins Nancy Holiman Ladd Hoi list



Myron Hopkins

Alan Hornell

Linda Horrocks

Bill Horsley

Karen Hover

Linda Hover

Richard Howard

Frederick Huchel

Kristi Huggins

Martha Huggins

Mildred Huggins

Sharia Hume

4 *

Karl Hunsaker

Kathleen Hunsaker

Rochelle Hunsaker Sandra Hunsaker Sheldon Hunsaker

Lorna Hunter

Gary Iverson

Evan Jackson

Nancy Jacobson

Eldon Jaggi Bob Jensen Carol Jensen DeVerl Jensen

Frank Jensen

John Jensen

Larry Jensen Linda jensen Max Jensen Nancy Jensen




m k

Paula Jensen Steven Jensen Ray Jenson Richard Jeppsen Robert Jeppsen

Ronda John

Class of 1965

Bruce Johnson

Karen Johnson

Leon Johnson

'Seniors look up to sophs.

Robert Johnson


Sarah Johnston Vicki Johnston


Rodney Jones


Steve Josephsor. Barry Judd Douglas Keller

Larry Keller

Elbert Kent Karla Kimber Susan Kimber Cheralvn King Sheila Kozak

\ 1 Wi

Larry Kupfer



Larry Landon Wade Larkin Brent Larsen Bryce Larsen

Nancy Lathrop

Arthur Lauritzen Brad Lauritzen Dennis Lee Douglas Lee Jimmy Leggett Mary Jane Lemon

Gary Lewis Ruth Lichfield Richard Linebrink Kent Linton Richard Littig

Craig Longhurst Ray Lopez Fred Lovejoy Judy Loveland Gary Lowery Lani Lund

Connie Mace Nonna Mae Mackey Cathie Maddocks Ken Madsen Marva Marble Thomas Marble

Class of 1965

Cathy Markeson

Diana Marrone

Mike Marshall

Glory Mathis

'Sophomores' favorite hour.'

Alice McNeely Linda McRea Robert Meals Linda Melville

wmmmmmmmm, 11£t t %

Jane Merrell

Judy Merrell

David M iller G ilbert M ille r M ary Ann M ille r Barbara Misrass

Connie Mitton

Judy Ann Monsen

Johnny Moore Nancy Morrow Randy Mortensen Gerald Munns Janet Myler Alice Nebeker

Diane Nelson Judy Nelson Karen Nelson

Karin Nelson Kirk Nelson Randy Nelson

Scott Nelson Steven Nelson Sandra Nessler Grant Nicholas Marjorie Nielsen Terry Nielsen

Richard Nimori Kent Norman David Northness Robert Norton Lynn Nusink Sharon Nuttall

David Olsen

Sheldon Olsen

Bobby Orme

Alan Oviatt

Carolyn Owen

Joel Palmer

Class of 1965

Derral Parkin

Leonard Patcky

"Now girls, let's get together!"

Mary Peters


Betty Petersen Brenda Petersen Gary Petersen Jimmy Petersen Kathy Petersen Kim Petersen

Patsy Ann Petersen

Tamara Petersen

Marian Poulter David Powers Annette Pritchard Carol Ann Purcell Danny Rader Am y Rasmussen

Marly Reay

Joy R-eeder Nancy Rees David Reese

LeRay Reese

Becky Reese

Kathryn Reeves

Martha Rhodes

Linda Richards Steven Richards Carl Richardson

Patsy Richardson

Marilyn Robb W illiam Roche Michael Romer Lana Rose Marilyn Roubideaux John Rubin


Alan Russell

Janette Sale Terry Salisbury W alter Sato Jimmy Satterwhite Dale Sayama

Class of 1965

Lillie Schultz

Lloyd Scothern

Mary Scott

Karen Seashore

'Ten Little Sophomores, sitting in a row.

Gloria Serna


Lynda Sexton Ronnie Shannon Karen Shaw Sharen Shaw Diane Shelton Kenneth Shinkle

Tom Short Richard Shuman Angie Silva Jerene Simonsen JoAnn Simper Steven Sims.

Janet Singer

Tom Skaggs Susan Slager Alan Smith

Linda Smith

Audrey Sorensen Bobby Stack Geraldine Stark Lynne Marie Stokes

Sharon Stokes

Ronnie Stuart Emma Taledo Harvey Tanner Pamela Taylor Jeff Thalman Dorma Thompson

Bruce Tincher Cheryl Tingey Kenneth Touw Mary Ellen Tracey Doug Tracy Judy Tracy


Alan Tumey

Mardy Urban Kathy Usatuck Marva Vail Kent Valentine Richie Van Dyke

Class of 1965

Rose M arie Vavricka

Vicki Vonderesch

Mar Jean Warren

Shawn Warriner


Evelyn Waters Judy Waters Richard Watts Bruce Webb Dorothy Welch llene Wells

Lynda Wernecke Janet Westenskow Jean Westenskow LaMar Westley Barbara Wheatley Larry Whitaker

Dale W hiting Robert W ight Marjorie Wilcox Carolyn Williams

Scott Williams

Keith Winn Lindy Yamasaki Angelee Yates Elmer Yates Marguerite Yates

Charles Young Jeanette Young Mary Jean Young . Stanford Young

"Fill it up again"

Vickie Young

Craig Zundel Lynn Zundel Ralph Jones


"The best and hardest workers."

"Even the Boss worked."

'Simon Legree"

'The girls worked harder than the boys.

'Our neighbors cleaned up too.



BOARD OF EDUCATION: Harold Felt, Norrpan Jeppsen, Superintendent W alter Talbot, Jay Dee Harris, David M orrell, Rex E,

Richards, James H. Norman.

"The Home of the Bees". This is Box Elder

High School's slogan of achievement. A slogan

which recognizes in symbol and in action the

unity of purpose at Box Elder High School. It

now symbolizes a new phase called STUDENT

GOVERNMENT where unity is achieved by emphasizing

the in d iv id u a l. Each is responsible fo r

himself, for developing his abilities, for behavior,

for developing ones own personality to prove

its uniqueness and its ability to make worthy

contributions to society. Student Government

provides a new look at youth in whom w e should

find as many differences as there are individuals

and a belief that no tw o persons can be alike.

These variations in personalities provide the

opportunity for an unlim ited future o f achievem

ent here as w e ll as in space. Because o f our

differences you can be what you want to be if

you w ill pay the price.








Vice Principal


Elaine Ahlstrom Delmont Beecher Clare Bradshaw Richard Capener Clayton Cheney

B.S. Utah State University B.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah State University M.S., Utah State University

Tom Davis Leslie S. Dunn Gordon Ericson Fern Gardner Vernal Harris

B.S., Utah State U niversity M.S., Utah State U niversity M.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah State U niversity B.S., Utah State University

Marion Hicks Dee Hortin Robert Hunsaker Donna Hurst Lloyd B. Hust

B.S., Utah State U niversity M.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah State U niversity B.S., Utah State U niversity B. A ., University of Utah


Marion Hyde

B.S., Utah State U niversity

Norwood Hyer

B.S., Utah State University

Keith Johnsen Leon Johnson Wayne Johnson Earl Johnston Clyde Kidman

B.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah State University M.S., Utah State University M.S., Utah State University


Jordan Larsen

LS., Utah State University

Fontell Messervy

I.S., Brigham Young University

Lyman Morrell

$.S., Utah State University

Nancy Morrell

B.S., Brigham Young University

Grant Moser Wilma Newman George A. Nielsen D. A. Olsen Reed Olsen

B.S., Utah State U niversity B.S., Utah State University B.S., Utah Sfate University B.S., University o f Utah B.S., Utah State University

Robert Olsen

M.S., Utah State U niversity

Mary Ann Page

B.S., Brigham Young University

Eleanor Pocock

B.S., Utah State University

Christine Richards

B.S., East Texas State

Carol Robinson

B.S., Utah State University

Norma Rhode

M.A., Columbia University

J. Gary Schofield

J.A., Brigham Young University

L. Jay Silvester

B.S., Utah State University

Rosamond Sleigh

I.A., Kansas University

LaVoyle Stenquist

B.S., Utah State University

Edward Ward

M.S., Utah State University

John Wayman

B.S., Utah State University

Robert Wendel

B.S., Utah State University

Owen Westenskow

B.S., Utah State University


BUS DRIVERS: Back Row, L. to R., B. Mills, Corrinne; M. Baugh, Honeyville; R. Nelson,

Bear River; F. Gibbs, Harper; H. Jeppsen, Mantua. Front Row, L. to R., B. Nelson, Willard;

R. Hansen, Perry; F. Jensen, W. Brigham; Perry. Absent when picture was taken: F.

Woodland, T. Bosley, M. Nelson.

COOKS: Sitting, E. Peters, M. Stokes, M. Brown, R. Barnum. Standing:

A. Jensen, D. Palmer, W. Lichfield, M. Hover.


Woody Hansen Wanda Lichfield

Maintenance Supervsior

Food Supervisor


CUSTODIANS: Row 1, W. Hansen, R. Korth, M. Burt, R. Summers. Standing, S.

Hess, B. Larsen, E. Schultz, O. Smith.

OFFICE FORCE: First row, left to right: Mrs. Jensen, D. Larsen, N. Nichols, P.

Meals, R. Nisogi, A. Kimber. Second row: Mrs. Toolson, C. A llen, J. Walters,

B. Baty, C. Horrocks. Third row: B. Sato, C. Balls, D. Wyrauch, T. Franzolino.

Fourth row: K. Ball, A. Hailing, J. Pritchard, M. Fowkes, K. R-eay.



The Class of 1963 has a history to be proud of from the time we first walked into the halls

of Box Elder High.

As sophomores, we looked up to the seniors as being wise and more experienced than we.

They seemed so big, and w e were almost afraid of them. But we grew up that year. We only had

to be kicked out of the assemblies once to know how it felt and to be quiet during assemblies.

ja y

Our class parents, Mrs. Sue Jensen and Mr. Lloyd Hust stuck by us in all we did. Our class

officers were Jay Stokes, president; Pam Rollins, vice president; and Betty Endo, secretary. The year

was full of tests and we met each one w ith determination to succeed. Our first test, the Peach Day

float, we called "Devil's Torment." We w ill never forget building our "red project," or the sore

fingers w e got when w e missed the nails. We added a really beautiful lighting of the "B" to our

first homecoming. We stood taller as we heard people exclaim that it was the best they had ever

seen it lit. A ll year w e just about popped our buttons w ith pride for the football team who led us

to state championship.

As the air became filled w ith smells, sounds, and thoughts of Christmas, we planned our

Christmas dance and assembly. We chose "Frost Fantasy" as the theme. Our assembly and dance

were well done and we were proud of the results. Ellen Gray was chosen as our Snow Queen

w ith Pam Rollins and Marsha Chlarson as attendants.


As the time for the Prom rolled around, we began to get snoopy. We'll never forget the

juniors who tried to keep us from peeking into the gym while they were decorating. Although most

of us didn't learn that the theme was "Kashmir, Land of Romance," we did discover that the decorations

were beautiful. We were thrilled w ith the school play, "Kiss and Tell," which showed a

portion of the life of Corliss Archer.

At the close of the year we looked back with satisfaction on a job well done. We had spent

most of our classtime in tin shacks, but our hearts had been captured by the spirit of Box Elder.


Pat Billings, Nancy Burtcher, M arilyn Evans

Pam Rollins, Ellen Gray, Marsha Chlarson

Mrs. Sue Jensen, Mr. Lloyd Hust

Devil's Torment'


Our junior year was one of wonderful and treasured memories. Our class parents were Mr.

Lloyd Hust and Mrs. Arlee Laird. They worked w ith our class officers, Dennis Yamasaki, president;

Nancy Burtcher, vice president; and Pam Meals, secretary, to lead us through a fabulous year. Our

Peach Day float, "Deep Fanta-Sea," glistened in the sun and brought applause and much comment

from the people of Brigham City. It won a first place rating and gave us good cause to be proud.


Our new school building had not been completed. School had been postponed for tw o weeks.

Still, for the first part of school we attended classes with workmen painting in the same room. We

accepted this fact and made the best o f if. The only thing w e really missed were assemblies. The

only ones we had had to be held in the gym because the auditorium wasn't finished until spring.

When homecoming came, juniors could be found all over the streets of Brigham City painting

the town. We painted it with actual paint-purple and white. We used our creative abilities and

made the town look beautiful w ith the colors of Box Elder.


Our biggest task of the year was the Junior Prom. It was the first prom to be held in the

new BE gym. We had problems which resulted from inexperience in working in the new larger gym,

but everything turned out beautifully and we were proud to announce "The Green Leaves of Summer'

as the theme. The fam iliar gymnasium slowly lost its true identity as we diligently turned the basketball

court into a lovely southern plantation with all the necessary atmosphere. Hours were spent cutting

out green material to make leaves for the many trees strewn throughout the gymnasium. The

|grge stately mansion surrounded by a beautiful fountain added to the atmosphere of the southern

estate. Three chandeliers hung from the ceiling, adding a note of dignity and authenticity to the entire


We w ill never forget the school play, "Blythe Spirit," or the ghost which appeared in it.

O ur basketball team w ent into the state basketball tournam ent and emerged as consolation

champions w ith a huge trophy to add to our collection. We also received the Region I sportsmanship

trophy. Once again our hearts surged with pride f )r Box Elder.


Mr. Hust and Mrs. Laird

"Deep Fanta-Sea"

"Fruit Fairy"

"Our Prom"

"We painted the town"


As our senior year began we realized that we were nearing the end of our school years and

that everything we did we would be doing for the last time. We vowed that we would get the most

out of the year and work hard, so that we might look back on our year and be proud of our accomplishments.

We have done this and we have good reason to be proud. The faculty w ill agree that our

class has been one of the best classes ever to graduate from Box Elder. The scholastic abilities of the

students was w ell above average. We had learned to get along w ith the faculty and our fellow

classmates. As seniors we were leaders of the school and set examples for the juniors and sophomores.

Our class parents, Jordan Larsen and Rosamond Sleigh, advised us well and were always there

when w e needed them. O ur class officers, Lynn Ritchie, president; Kenny Davis, vice president; and

Kathleen Owen, secretary, and our class parents helped us produce the senior play, "A ll My Sons,"

which w ill long be remembered by everyone who saw it.


The Class o f LXIII produced another outstanding Peach Day float when "Roma A ntiqua"

em egred from the shop to w in th ird place in the Peach Day parade. The floa t illustrated Roman gal

lentry w ith a chariot led by tw o brilliant horses made of paper-mache.

The boys in athletics thrilled us and worried us, too. We represented our region in the state

football tournament. We entered the state basketball tournament as third place holders in the region.

Free dancing lessons were given during the early spring for several weeks on Monday nights.

Many of us took advantage of them and learned some new dance steps.


The school play, "The Late Christopher Bean," was another great achievement of our school.

The drama and emotion shown in the play proved the ability of our director and cast in doing a good

job in dramatics.

The last few weeks o f school were filled w ith parties and practices. And then, as w e walked

across the platform to receive our diplomas at graduation, we looked back over our wonderful years

at B.E. and tears began to fa ll. Some tears w e re o f sadness because w e w o u ld never again return to

Box Elder, but some were tears of joy that we had made it and were now on our own to face an

adult w orld and show it what we had learned.


'Roma Antiqua'


Mrs. Sleigh, Mr. Larsen

"Where is your manners'



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