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(Photos: Gilad Radat) Playing by the rules The design of a private home located in the suburbs of Jerusalem was commissioned to ANNETTE FROMMER INTERIOR DESIGN two years ago. One of the client’s requests with regards to the basement, was to transform the dreary windowless space with extremely low ceilings into a prominent aristocratic drawing room/lounge where friends can meet for drinks, a cigar and a good game of billiard. The outcome includes an elegant billiard room, an inviting and relaxing lounge and bar area complemented by an adjoining decorative wrought iron cellar door that leads to a state-of-theart wine cellar with walls covered in authentic old bricks, and floors with reclaimed ancient stones. Great consideration and much thought were provided to maximize the space and provide symmetry. Attention to detail is exemplified by finely designed and crafted Italian woodwork including wooden posts with carvings. Onyx backlit ceiling panels cleverly disguise the maze of pipes and ducts and create the optical illusion of height. 16 The Jerusalem Post The Jerusalem Post 17