2017 Fall SMCDS Mouthpiece Newsletter


➣President’s Message on the middle
tier of our "tripartite" membership organization, the California Dental Association (CDA)
➣Ettatorials on CDA Cares San Mateo Clinic Final Report & the opportunity to pay it forward ➣Member Benefits –401 (k) TAG & Wanted - CPR Instructors ➣Society News –Call for 2018 Board Nominations & 2018 Membership Rewnewal ➣Memoriam –Marshall S. Michaelian, DDS ➣New Dentists –New Dentists ZAP Their Way to Victory ➣New Members –Sarah Aslan, Beverley Chiang, Jenela Chow, & Sean Silverio ➣Practice Management –SMCDS Your Staffing Partner & Dental MBA Business Series ➣Trustee’s Tidbits Carliza’s insightful POV on what’s happening in Sacramento ➣SMCDS Symposium Speakers Score Rating Highs! ➣Quarterly Program Evaluation Summaries
➣Events Calendar update thru Feb 2018


Benson H. Wong, DDS President

My previous quarterly messages have had a theme. The first was preparing for CDA Cares, the second preparing for something

you may be passionate about (for me it was high performance driving events on the track) This time I want to focus on the middle

tier of our "tripartite" membership organization, the California Dental Association CDA.

You may have heard the term "tripartite" when referring to our membership as the SMCDS, CDA, and ADA, but what exactly does that mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, tripartite is an adjective:

1. divided into or composed of three parts

2. having three corresponding parts or copies

3. made between or involving three parties

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Etta L. Kinney, Executive Director

CDA Cares San Mateo Impacted Lives,

Restored Dignity, Created Smiles

• Satisfaction • Distance Travelled • Motivation • Duration of Pain •

ER Visit Frequency • US Veteran Status •Total Patients & Care Value

by County •Sponsors • Donations • Clinic Costs •Dentures &

Stayplates •Children Served •Elected Officials & Policymakers

•Media Exposure •Patient Education •Volunteers •Sustainability


The CDA Cares San Mateo Clinic Final Report is posted on line at

https://tinyurl.com/CDACaresReport. Its nine pages illustrate in detail

the impact it- I.e., the Cares event we all worked so hard to initiate,

support, and realize last April - had on each person it touched. It is an

impressive read I hope you'll take time for. Briefly, the report lays out

in highly readable form our amazing accomplishments and the future

of CDA Cares in a karmic world where we have the opportunity to

pay it forward by showing up for our sister societies - as they did for us

from across the state -when they bring the miracle of CDA Cares to

their communities • CDA Cares Bakersfield 10/6-7/17 • CDA

Cares Anaheim 4/27-28/18 • CDA Cares Modesto 10/26-27 /18

CDA Cares San Mateo Clinic Final Report - what's in it?

•Background & Objectives • Impact & Reach ... Patient• Age • Ethnicity

CDA Cares exemplifies the best of community in action. The

dental care provided at CDA Cares affected the lives of the

individuals who received care, their family and friends, as well as the

volunteers. The ripple effect from one CDA Cares event, one

procedure, one volunteer, and one act of kindness is far reaching.

"I am so grateful for the services I received I I am blessed to

have had this opportunity to be here and receive the best

service I could ever have imagined. Thank you all so much!"

- Patricia, San Mateo 2017 patient

Final words on our CDA Cares experience ... Tfiank You! C'.D.'A.

:foundation for trusting us, guiding us, and supporting us in

sharing the gift of oral health with our neediest community

mem b ers.



INSIDE THIS ISSUE .. . New Dentists ............................................... 7 Event Article .............................................. 16

President's Message .................................... 1 New Members ......................................... 8-9 Program Evaluation ................................... 17

Ettatorials .................................................... 1 Practice Management .......................... 11-12 Upcoming Events ....................................... 18

Member Benefits ........................................ 5 Business Member Wall of Fame ................. 13 Classifieds ................................................. 19

Member News ............................................. 6 Trustee's Tidbits ........................................ 15



Currently providing Bay Area Dentists

with quality temporary and permanent

• Dental Assistants

• Dental Hygienists

• Receptionists

• Dentists -------

Dental Power

(415) 781-2909 450 Sutter St., Suite 2010

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Mondays & Fridays

are very short on help.

To volunteer, contact:

Melissa Moss, Volunteer Manager



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Essentially, when you joined the SMCDS, you also joined CDA and ADA. SMCDS is your local component. We help address your local and

immediate needs so you tend to have the most direct contact with your SMCDS Board and staff. CDA is your state level "constituent"

typically addressing state issues and many times lobbying the state legislature on specific health issues pertaining to dentists and

patients. And, of course, the ADA does the same at the national level. By joining all three, we - as members - are banded together in a

common cause to improve our patients' overall health and have a larger voice as a larger dental community that would not be heard as a

group of individual practitioners.

A perfect example of banding together is what CDA did in representing us -the dental community- in the Delta Dental case. Briefly, Delta

tried to lower fees for their Premier plan but when many of the members of CDA questioned this and approached CDA for help, CDA

worked to find a way to help the dentists of California. CDA worked with attorneys and found a way to prevent Delta from lowering their

fees, for now. CDA delayed the process but now Delta has informed all dentists in their Premier plan of a change in wording in their

contract, so going forward, Delta may be able to make changes in the future.

CDA is best known for its CDA Presents shows in Anaheim and San Francisco so when members think of CDA, the primary association is the

conventions. But another big part of CDA is TDIC, The Dentists Insurance Company. Many of us use TD/Cfor professional, business, and

personal insurances and have first-hand experience with the high level of integrity due to CDA's influence on TDIC. This past CDA

Presents in San Francisco you may have seen a new company emerging from CDA : TDSC, The Dentists Service Company. This new

company was formed by CDA to give members an edge in private practice by creating a marketplace for group buying prices on dental

products and practice management consultant services. Take a look at www.TDSC.com . The site is easy to navigate and savings are listed

for each item. Any questions, call 888.253.1223.

There is also a governance structure for CDA. You have probably heard of

the House of Delegates meetings for both CDA and ADA. Think of them as

the congress for CDA and ADA. There is also a Board of Trustees and you

can think of that group as the senate of the association. The CDA House

of Delegates is coming up this November. We will have 5 representatives

of the SMCDS plus our Trustee, Carliza Marcos. November will be my 9 th

House of Delegates session and I never tire of them. It is truly exciting to

see how the decision-making process is done for such a prestigious group

as the CDA. It is a time for issues to be brought up, debated, and decided

on ... how to act on it or representing our position on it as an association.

SMCDS Board involvement is important to becoming an SMCDS Delegate

because it allows you to keep up on key issues to make the right decisions

as a representative of our local component.

Involvement on CDA Councils and Task Forces also increases your

awareness and knowledge of key issues. A number of SMCDS members

are involved at the CDA level: As mentioned already, Carliza Marcos is

our Trustee; she is also on the TDIC Board; Dick Gregory is on the

Government Affairs Council; Katrina Lo was just voted in to the Council on

Membership; and I am on the Audit Committee. It takes some extra time

but the experience is definitely worthwhile.

CDA is a truly impressive association. While the majority of us interact

primarily with our local society, it's important to remember that we have

the CDA and the ADA to back us up. The "tripartite" structure is the true

strength ofour membership, one of which we should all be proud. W

Benson H. Wong, DDS-President


Mouthpiece I Fall 2017 I 3

You are not a

market segment.

You are a dentist. One who deserves superior protection and to be rewarded for your loyalty -

something this

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TDIC Optimum Bundle

Professional Liability

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Discounts apply to individual policies and

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discount, California dentists must complete

the current TDIC Risk Management seminar.

Call 800.733.0633 for current deadlines

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10 010 discount on Professional Liability when

/c combined with Workers' Compensation


discount on both Professional Liability +

10 010 /c Commercial Property when combined


20% discount on Professional Liability

10% discount on Commercial Property

5% discount on Workers' Compensation


Additional 5% discount on Professional

Liability when you take the current TDIC Risk

Management seminar.

Endorsed by the

Son Mateo Counly

Dental Sociely

Protecting dentists. It's all we do.®

800.733.0633 I tclicinsurance.com I CA Insurance Lie. #0652783

4 I San Mateo County Dental Society I smcds.com

member benefit



AL Soc1E1Y


401(k) (D@@

A reminder to take a few minutes to learn more about our newly offered SMCDS 401(k.)

TAG plan provided through Transamerica• and Tom O'Brien with SGC Financial. A lot of

work has gone into finding a solution for you that can reduce the administrative burden of


Retirement Solutions

running a retirement plan, protect you from many of the liabilities, and includes personal support by someone dedicated to

serving our members - Tom O'Brien, an SMCDS Premier business member since 2014 and a local Certified Financial Planner.

We're confident Tom can help you maximize tax savings by identifying the plan design that works best for you. As a general rule, your plan

should be reviewed every five years. Now is a great time. Tom has offered to bring complimentary lunch for you and your staff for the

opportunity to educate you on the SMCDS 401 (k) TAG solution. He can be reached at tom .obrien@sgc-fina ncia I .com

"Transamerica Retirement Solutions and TAG Resources are leading providers of retirement plan solutions in the U.S.

Wanted - CPR Instructors

The SMCDS CPR Instructor Team is looking for members interested in becoming AHA qualified

trained instructors! It's a great opportunity to reinforce your skills, contribute to your society, and

have fun helping fellow members. Save yourself the cost of CPR renewal training for up to five

members of your staff. Instructors usually choose either the Monday or Tuesday group and help

teach 3 to 6 classes per year. If you have questions or would like to register for the Instructor

Training Course, please let me know.JimAicardi, CPR Instructor& Coordinator jim@smcds.com


Sedation and Anesthesia for the Dental Office


Board Certified Physician Anesthesiologist


Anesthesia with a secure airway is safer for dental

procedures than any level of sedation delivered with

an "open" or nshared" airway. I always secure and

protect the patient's airway.




Citi Commercial Bank

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Patients can "go to sleepn in seconds without needles.


Your patients will be completely still. You can operate

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treatment. The only limitation is how

long you want to operate.

Phone/fax 1.888.308.1138



Let Citi® Commercial Bank help you build your business.

Mouthpiece I Fall 2017 I 5

society news

Call for SMCDS 2018 Board Nominations

The 2017 Board will soon recommend a slate of nominees for four open at-large seats on the

2018 Board of Directors. To date, we have received the names of two candidates currently under

review. This is not an onerous responsibility, it is an awesome opportunity to impact your corner

of the world, serving and learning along the way. If you have been a member in good standing for

at least the past two years, are interested in growing with your dental society, have a good sense

of humor, and would like to be considered by the Nominating Committee for the 2018 Board, Etta

will be standing by, readytotakeyourcall / email and fill you in. IF you area New Dentist with less

than two years under your belt just itching to join leadership, check in with Etta about potential opening for an appointed Auxiliary

position. Deadline: Friday, November 10 SMCDS Member Line 650.637.1131 etta@smcds.com The proposed 2018 slate will be

presented to the membership at the November 16 General Membership meeting* for acceptance or rejection no later than Friday

December 8. A Presidential broadcast announcing the names of the duly elected members of the 2018 Board of Directors will be made

prior to their introduction at the January 2018 general membership meeting. *OR if unavoidably delayed, via member broadcasts the

final weeks of November and the December 1 edition of eNews

2018 Membership Renewal:

Keep SMCDS Strong - Renew On-Time Dec 31

Good news! NO increase in SMCDS member dues for 2018. THANKS! to your continued

membership and the society being managed as a well-run business, we have not raised dues in

the last 16 years. 2018 statements will go out shortly for payment by Dec 31. You can do your part

to keep your society's business running efficiently by paying on time. • Be forewarned - dragging

your heels will cost you a $100 reinstatement fee (3/31/18). • If you're not sure about why you

should renew and need reassurance of member benefits and the power of organized dentistry or if you are experiencing particular

financial hardship at this time, please email mike@smcds.com or call my cell phone 650.245.4636 at any reasonable hour. Online

membership renewal, dues payment, and/or enrollment in the EDP program are available 24/7 on line at www.cda.org/member • IF you

run into any snags in the process, call CDA Membership at 800.232. 7645 or Mike on the SM CDS member line 650.637.1131

Electronic Dues Payment


It's Easy & Spreads Dues Payment Over Time

With EDP, you can distribute annual tripartite dues payment equally over 12 months. Go to

www.cda .org/memberto pay dues, renew membership, enroll in EDP. If you were enrolled

in 2017 EDP, your 2018 membership will automatically renew.

MARSHALL S. MICHAELIAN, DDS, age 71, SMCDS Member 37 years, who shared an endodontic practice

with his son Marshall J. Michaelian, DMD died on August 3, 2017. A memorial service was held at Menlo Church

on August 25.

Marshall graduated UCSF Dental School 1977, earned his MScD degree in Endodontics from Henry M. Goldman

School of Dental Medicine, Boston University 1979 after which he returned to California to practice in Daly City,

San Mateo, and Fresno until his death.

While committed to giving the best possible care to his patients and supporting his office staff, Dr. Michaelian

also gladly volunteered his time and services to many- locally, in Ethiopia, Armenia, and beyond. Among his

many passions, a great joy in his life was flying his airplanes. He volunteered for Angel Flight transporting

patients to and from their homes, hospitals, and camps for children with special needs.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in his memory to: Angel Flight, Inc. (Dr. Michaelian Angel Memorial Fund)

www.angelflight.com ; Samaritan House Cl inic-Redwood City www.samaritanhousesanmateo.org : Project Mercy, Inc.


, -

6 I San Mateo County Dental Society I smcds.com

new dentists

New Dentists

ZAPTheir Way to Victory

Our summer new dentists' mixer was one of the best yet! We had

a nice balance of experienced and new dentists, three fresh out of

dental school. A new ice-breaker was introduced and led by John

Acosta (SMCDS President-elect) to help people get to know each

other better.

Everyone was invited to get in a large circle,

introduce themselves, and play-to-win the Harry Potter-themed

"wizardry zap-off," as John called it. -30 of the 39 joined in. The

last two standing were Kevin Chen and Ryan Courtin. Both were

awarded wands (branches collected and expertly trimmed by

John Acosta and sons) and asked to stand back to back, directed to

take one step forward for each number John counted in sequence.

Skipping a number was their cue to turn around and be the first to

say "zap" in order to win. Ryan's Harry Potter knowledge was

ultimately his undoing, as he chose to yell, "avada kedavra"

instead of "zap," making Kevin the "wizardry zap-off" winner.

With Kevin and Ryan having been such good entertainment, both

walked away with Amazon gift cards and a couple of authentic

looking home-made wands. Those who played the game felt it

was a great addition to the evening, as it engaged them in meeting

more new people than they would have otherwise.

Huge thank yous to our most generous sponsor, Kim Ingram and

Julia Peck of C-Dental X-Ray, for offesetting costs, offering4

resources, and awarding three drawing prizes (two Amazon gift

cards and a gift basket). The lucky winner of the gift basket, via o

traditional prize drawing, was Don Hermansen!

Special thanks to our fun-loving President-elect, John Acosta of

Pacific Coast Dental for organizing the ice-breaker and taking


If you've got a fun game to play or a great location to suggest fo

our next mixer, please get in touch.~

Mike Aicardi-SMCDS Membership Specialist mike@smcds.com

new members

Please join the Board in welcoming our newest members at an upcoming General Membership meeting. We sweet-talk them

into coming by making their first meeting FREE, plying them with dinner, CE, and a free drink. It's up to you to charm them into

coming back. Our personal new member interview gives you a sneak-peek into who they are ...

Sarah Asian, DDS

General Practice

Home Base: Redwood City

UOP - DDS 2017

What brought you to San Mateo County? My husband and I moved to Redwood City from San Francisco after I

graduated from the University of the Pacific dental school in June 2017. He is now closer to his job at Google

and we can visit my family in the South Bay more often. I love everything about the Bay Area . Starting a

practice here has been my dream. I joined the San Mateo County Dental Society right after graduation, as I

was looking forward to meeting my dental community and building a working relationship with them.

What is your favorite part of working in dentistry? Being able to relieve my patients from their pain and giving them the assurance to

smile is my favorite part of this profession.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

calories, I enjoy walking on trails and doing yoga.

I am a foodie. I love cooking and trying new restaurants in the Bay Area. To burn off those

Beverley Chiang, DDS

General Practice

San Carlos Dental Care

731 Walnut St.

San Carlos, CA 94070-3179

Home Base: San Mateo

UCSF - DDS 2016

What brought you to San Mateo County? I grew up in Foster City/San Mateo. After I graduated from

Hillsdale High School, I moved to Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to move back to San Francisco for dental

school. After that, I have lived all around the Bay Area, from San Francisco to Walnut Creek to San Jose,

but there's no place like San Mateo!

What is your favorite part of working in dentistry?

hands, and the diverse procedures we do!

I love meeting new people, getting to know about their lives, working with my

new members

Jenela M. Chow, DMD

General Practice

Chow & Ysaac Family Dentistry

1125 Laurel St.

San Carlos, CA 94070-5008

Home Base: Hillsborough


What brought you to San Mateo County? I grew up in Hillsborough, and went to San Mateo High School. I've

always loved living in the Peninsula for its beautiful weather and small town feel. I was lucky enough to be

welcomed to my family's dental practice as an associate dentist at their 2nd location in San Carlos.

What is your favorite part of working in dentistry? I like being able to restore patients' smiles and to see their resulting confidence and

improvements in self-esteem. I also enjoy teaching patients the importance of maintaining oral hygiene for overall health. It's a good

feeling to see huge improvements in hygiene, especially after a patient has invested in caring for their teeth.

What do you like to do in your spare time? My interests include fitness, hiking, food, and travel blogging. I also find it very rewarding to

give back to the community and help those in need through outreach and volunteer events.

Sean S. Silverio, DDS

General Practice

Home Base: San Mateo

UCSF - DDS 2016

What brought you to San Mateo County? I moved down to San Mateo when I started my AEGD in East Palo Alto

in 2016. I recently finished my residency in July and have really enjoyed living in San Mateo. It's very centrally

located, so it's easy to get to the city, the East Bay, and San Jose!

What is your favorite part of working in dentistry? I love meeting people from all walks of life. Dentistry is an

always evolving profession, and the opportunities it provides gives me a greater perspective on other people's

lives. I think that visiting a dentist for anyone can be difficult at times, since it requires a certain amount of

intimacy and trust. I think that building that trust and forming meaningful relationships with patients is one of the most rewarding things

I have experienced as a new dentist.


finding new books to read!

I enjoy exploring/ hiking around the bay area, playing board games/video games, cooking, and

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•••• JI

practice management


Starting with last year's job fair, we've continued to grow our knowledge base and strengthen our relationships with

local dental/auxiliary schools and staffing companies. According to information provided by City College San

Francisco, for each dental assistant graduated, there are six positions available ... meaning, the Bay Area needs nearly

five ti mes the den ta I assistants currently available.

Why such disparity? Is it California's strict regulatory requirements for dental office staff ... #1 in the nation? Is it a

shortage of students interested in dental assisting? Are they looking at dental hygiene instead because of the higher rate of pay? In

discussion with loca I dental education profess ion a Is and dentists, we find the realissue is the high cost of living.

Although San Francisco Bay Area practices pay dental auxiliaries higher rates than in almost any other area in the country-this is also one

of the most expensive places in the county to live. $18-$23 an hour sounds great to most grads right out of schoo~ BU Tonce they do the

math, a full-time position barely covers the average rent for a one bedroom apartment right here in San

Mateo County ($2,500/month).

So, how do you entice staff to your office? .. convince them your practice is where they want to work? How

do you keep new grads here versus moving across the Bay or further south where living costs are lower?

According to ADP, LLC (one of America's largest HR companies), the best way to draw and retain leading

talent is to offer benefits. Whether it's •health benefits •bonuses •retirement contributions, benefits ore

key factors considered when looking for a new position. Creative ideas dentists have come up with often

recognize the high costs of working here, like •extra pay to cover day-care, gas, public transportation •

schedules/hours that make it easier to commute and/or care for their families.

What's the outlook? According to local schools and staffing

companies with whom we stay in frequent contact, the good

news is there is no longer a shortage of dental hygienists /

RDHs in our area. Active Dental Assisting programs include

College of Son Mateo graduating-20 students a year, Foothill

College up to 30, Gurnick Academy 15, City Colleges of Son

Francisco I Son lose 20 - 40. We actively support the CSM,

Foothill, and Gurnick programs and, at the urging of member

Dr. Doug Miller, we are now collaborating with SMC Office of

Education Career & Technical Education's (SMCOE CTE)

Director Vera Jacobsen to put together a mutually-beneficial

Dental Office Internship Pilot Proposal for high schoo Is across

the county. MORE on this program as it develops. ALL

• programs need offices willing to sponsor interns throughout

the year - please let me know kat@smcds.com if you are


Are you overpaying

for your office lease?

Over 80% of healthcare professionals

believe they are overpaying

for their office space.

We agree.

We can help.

__ i;:--

And, of course, having the best dental schools just a few miles

away (UOP and UCSF) means we always have a great pool of

the best educated and motivated new dentists ready to join

,.., your practice. Whether you're looking for an assistant,

hygienist, associate, or partner, you can count on SMCDS to

assist you in finding the perfect fit for your practice. Updated

employment resources (and the ever-popular Employment

Lists) can always be found on our website:

https://tinyurl.com/employment-resources OR if you

need personal assistance, drop me an email. f.if/'

Mouthpiece I Fall 2017 111

practice management



J~ ..




H R/;,,H EALl 'l-1




In response to your incessant clamor for practice management training, SM CDS called on one ofour old friends-Bob Affleck (Citi Practice

Finance) co-sponsor and presenter of the very popular and powerful Financial Literacy course May 2015-to see if he had new material to

share and, indeed, he'd spent the last couple of years working with business experts to develop a series of seminars: DENTAL MBA

BUSINESS SERIES that is - IMHO- pretty much just what the doctor ordered. From utilizing your data to improve patient care and increase

profitability today to growing your practice for a comfortable retirement tomorrow, the DENTAL MBA BUSINESS SERIES delivers what

dental school didn't! Four intensive seminars designed and presented by business experts focused exclusively on dental practice success,

targeting known gaps in your business education as a dental professional. DENTAL MBA BUSINESS SERIES comes highly recommended

by members who attended the course in 3 Southern CA sister societies (Orange County, Harbor, San Fernando Valley). ACTIVE

participation in the full series is recommended for maximum benefit but if you missed the first one September 7, don't let that stop you!

Register early- limited seating • SM CDS seminar room • 6:30 PM light dinner/social • 7:00 Presentation

II Sep 7 I IR St111tegies fo1 Ali U11!topp11ble Te111,,_Ali 01omchi111,, Esq Co Fot:11,d I IR fo1 I le11ltl I

• Oct 12 Power Within Your Data_Weston Lunsford-CEO, Dental Intelligence SMCDS Mbr/Staf $40

• Nov 9 Financial Integrity of Quality Dentistry_Ben Tuinei -PPO Expert Dental Economics SMCDS New Dent/Staff $35

• Dec 14 Mastery of Case Acceptance_John Estefano -Founder, Treatment Plan Academy Non -Mbr / Staff $80

Being a service leader in the Bay Area since 1977, we strive to provide you with excellent equipment selection and the best technicians you

can find for support. Offering competitive prices and a task-oriented team is always a daily improvement goal for us here at Yeager Dental,

which always means that our customers' well-being is constantly being watched over. We offer the personal care not always found in the

big corporations of our field, but here we believe in being "Not the biggest, just the best."

So, why choose Yaeger Dental?

• We offer a full one year parts and labor warranty (compare to competitors' 90-daywarranty policy).

• We also offer free installation in most cases. On top of that, we can offer you free removal of your old equipment, with the purchase of

new equipment from us, at no extra charge.

• Our prices are among some of the most competitive in the industry. Our knowledgeable and thoroughly trained technicians carry many

common, and uncommon, parts in the service vehicles, usually meaning we can get your equipment up and running in a single visit. In

the off chance that our techs don't have the parts you need, they can order them for you in a timely manner.

• We carry a multitude of different designer friendly and stylish equipment lines, which means we can tailor a new unique look for your

office renovation or remodel.

• Our first and foremost goal is to make our customers happy! Even in the current digital age, we understand that word-of- mouth

recommendations are our most important and effective endorsements so we strive to make sure we don't let our clients down.

Yaeger Dental Supply

517 Marine View, Suite J • Belmont, CA 94002

Tel: 650.593.5100 • Fax: 650.593.1331

yaegerdental@gmail.com • www.yaegerdental.com

Just because you pay less, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good service.

See what Yaeger Dental can do for you!

12 I San Mateo County Dental Society I smcds.com


wall of fame

sMcos Bus1NEss MEMBER /4Jal!Pj FA~





Platinum 2017 - 2013

Callfornla Dentists' Gulld


Layla Shirazi

Retirement Program Specialist




SGC Flnanclal &

Insurance Services


Tom 0'Brien,CFP®, CLU®, CHFC®




Platinum 2017 - 2015 I Silver 2014

C-Dental X-Ray


Julia Peck

Operations Manager



Citibank Healthcare

Practice Finance


Brandon Diaz

Retail Business Banker




lJ lC.

Endorsed 2017 -2010

TDIC Insurance Solutions


Blair Tomlinson

Sa/es Manager




A ~~~, c ~OIC,N•c ,,_~ ~·~"•c,nAOIU•

Platinum 2017-2016

Dental & Medical Counsel, PC


Ali 0romchian, Esq.



Yaeger Dental Supply


Tim Yaeger, Jr.



Platinum2017-2016 I Silver2015 Yaegerdental@gmail.com



SM CDS BUSINESS MEMBERS acknowledged on this /4J.1l/ rf Fa~ contribute in meaningful ways* throughout each year of their

membership to our society's fiscal health, industry intelligence, and community presence. *Event sponsorships, educational seminars/

workshops, table clinics with timely dental industry/ small business information, special product offers/ pricing discounts, products and

services relevant to your professional success and the oral health of our community. BUSINESS MEMBERSHIPS are an important

source of non-dues revenue that has helped SM CDS to increase and improve member programs without raising SM CDS dues for more

than a decade. We count on Business Members to engage professionally with members - as consultants focused on identifying and

fulfilling your needs. In exchange, we encourage you to consider SMCDS BUSINESS MEMBERS as preferred providers when in the

market for products and services. Membership Levels: Premier $5,500 Platinum $4,000 Gold $2,900 Silver $2,100

Call for Community Service Award Nominations

Have a colleague worthy of recognition or know of someone in the community who selflessly gives to educate, provide, or sustain oral

health among our needy? Help SMCDS identify and recognize worthy individuals who give extraordinary service in the name of oral

health to our community. We know they're out there and we need YOU to be our eyes and ears across San

Mateo County's 744 square miles.

Email etta@smcds.com or call the Member line 650.637.1131 to make a nomination.


• Your Name and Contact Info

• Nominee Name and Contact Info

• Nature of Nominee's Service

• Duration /Timeframe of Service

• Brief statement of why you feel he/she should be considered for special recognition or a specific award


Mouthpiece I Fall 2017 113



The California

Dentists' Guild

has been a onestop-shop

for all

my retirement

planning needs

for 17 years.

-Ed Lee, DDS

Retirement Investment Management

Founded by Dentists, Managed by Professionals

The California Dentists' Guild is your

retirement planning manager.

50 Years of Service

• Since 1966 we help design and manage personalized investment portfolios for

CA dentists and their staff.

• A trusted comprehensive Retirement and Investment solution exclusively for

CA dentists.

Custom Designed Plans

• Complete retirement plans under one umbrella with lone low fee and personal service.

• Form 5500 filings at no additional cost.

• Registered Financial Advisory and custom designed portfolios at no additional cost.

Not for Profit

• Exists for the benefits of dentists in California.

• Oversight by volunteer dentists board of directors.

More Power

• Utilize institutional class funds as an advantage of our $100 Million buying power.

Call our team at


with two locations in


Oaldand and Irvine







14 I San Mateo County Dental Society I smcds.com



trustee's tidbits

Greetings! The CDA executive committee, board of trustees and nominating committee met on July

27-29. Highlights of the meeting include:

Nominations and Elections - The board of trustees - which serves as the nominating committee -

selected Dr. Del Brunner (president-elect), Dr. Richard Nagy (vice president), Dr. Judee Tippett-Whyte

(secretary) and Dr. Stephen Kend (treasurer) to be proposed for election by the House of Delegates in

November. In addition, the board nominated Dr. James Stephens, as the candidate for thirteenth district

trustee, to be proposed for selection by the House of Delegates in November and election by the 2018

ADA House of Delegates.

Strategic Plan - In May, the board began a thorough review of CDA's mission statement and strategic

plan. At our July meeting, the board participated in another strategic planning session where we

engaged in group discussions to review proposed language to the plan. The board will make final

modifications in October, before approving the strategic plan that will be proposed to the House of

Delegates in November. The revised draft of the CDA strategic plan is posted on line at cda.org/house.

Membership Category Simplification - Over the last several years, CDA has made operational changes to support CDA's goal to make it

easy for members to join and renew. The board approved recommending that the House of Delegates consider amendments to the CDA

bylaws for the simplification of membership categories. The changes include removing licensure as an eligibility requirement for

membership to comply with recent changes to the ADA bylaws and to consolidate membership categories into three -- dentist member,

student member and general member.

Foundation Governance Task Force Recommendations-The board approved modifications to the Foundation governance structure,

which increase the size of the Foundation board and lengthen terms, and call for the Foundation board to establish board subcommittees

to oversee CDA Cares and the grants & scholarship programs. Changes to the committee structure will not take effect until late fall after

CDA Cares in October, when the newly constituted Foundation

board holds its first meeting. The modifications also add

outside and associate directors to the Foundation board.

Volunteer Education Task Force Recommendations - The

board approved the recommendations to implement

volunteer role-specific or tailored education programs for

volunteers serving as trustees, directors, officers and chairs, in

place of the Leadership Education Conference and Regional

Leadership Symposium.

TDSC -The Dentists Service Company has officially launched

and opened the TDSC Marketplace to all members. Our group

buying clout allows CDA to arrange deep discounts on

thousands of dental products and supplies. This is an

extraordinary FREE member benefit! If you have not checked

out the Marketplace yet, please do so: TDSC.com, then click

the "See Savings" link.

Compare for yourself! I think you will be pleasantly surprised at

the significant savings you will be making for your office's

bottom line. And if you are like me and are resistant to change

vendors because of your loyalty to your long time supplies

representative, perhaps you can order some supplies-not allfrom

TDSC Marketplace? After all, you-as a CDA member-are

part owner of this company. And we all owe it to ourselves to

make it successfu I! ~

2017 Event Calendar

NEW THIS YEAR! All lectures

take place at Top of the Market in

San Mateo at 6pm unless noted.


Retirement Income Strategies


Tax Strategies

for 2017 & Beyond

Speaker: Lawrence K.Y. Pon CPN



2017 Market Update

Speaker: SE! Private Trust Co.

JUN 29

Preparing for the

Education of Children

and Grandchildren

SEP 28

Life Insurance Strategies

from A toZ


long-Term Care and long­

Term Disability Strategies

DEC 14

Holiday Open House

and Charity Fundraiser

Location: SGC Financial Office


For as long as I have been a member of the San Mateo County Dental Society (47 years now) and probably all the years

before, the Society (and many others) had a policy of not using speakers from our own dental society. A few years ago, we

broke with that policy by having Don Coluzzi - a longtime SMCDS member - present a wonderful program about dental

lasers and, as a follow-up, hands-on workshops on the use of lasers. From that break with policy, we as a society gained

knowledge from a world-renowned expert on lasers practicing right in our own back yard. We as a board realized we were


missing out by not having other talented and knowledgeable members ofo u r society presentto their closest colleagues.

And so we set about finding a way to access SMCDS talent without unfairly promoting one member over another. With help of the SMCDS

staff, we formed a Symposium Task Force (6 members), a list of hottopics suggested via previous meeting evaluation surveys, and solicited the

full SMCDS membership to submit no-fee proposals for review and selection by the

Task Force for participation in an upcoming SMCDS Symposium. For our first

symposium, we chose two speakers and broke it into two 90-minute evening sessions ~~:~~~:;_ ~:,S~~~s~~~

held in the SMCDS seminar room - both of which were, we're pleased to report, , ~--·" "'"' ......

extremely well received! Per Kat, our Program Specialist, Dr. Shapira's overall score of

8.53 and Dr.An'sof8.51 were among the highest received since 2014.

Our first speaker Eric Shapira, SMCDS member and general dentist 40+ years-also a

world-renowned expert in gerontology-spoke with us about the effects of aging related to dentistry. Eric's presentation was amazing. Did you

know that as you age you lose your sense of thirst?

Eric presented intriguing facts about aging and how we as dentists need to be aware of how our elderly patients are affected by the way we

treatthem. He also covered dealing with psychological issues of our elderly patients (Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, loneliness, etc.) as

well as the physical issues (medications, atherosclerosis, ca rd iovascu la r disease, cancer, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis,

cataracts, caries, loss ofteeth, lack of mobility, etc). Eric gave us

a lot to digest in two hours. My Task Force partner-Desiree Liu,

new dentist and SMCDS member, astutely observed that the

intimate setting, the fact that Eric is a longtime member, and

Eric's willingness to make himself available when we run into

problems with our aging patients made her feel connected, that

she actually has access to more information or discussion when

she needs it.

Greg An, Redwood City Endodontist and SM CDS member for just two yea rs - having been Harvard Denta I's Director of

Geriatrics for seven years - brings passion to helping patients young and old retain their natural teeth. In our second

session: Endodontic Mishaps: Prevention and Management, Greg shared with us some shocking statistics ... that

72% of endodontics is done by general dentists, the remaining 28% by endodontists. If only endodontists did

endodontics, they would have to do 16 root canals a day! Therefore, It Is Important that general dentists do

endodontlcs. Since 23% of all claims for malpractice are endodontic-related, it is also very important we as general

dentlstsleam allwecantopreventendodontlcmlshaps. The standard of care for a general dentist is the same as for

an endodontist. Greg's presentation was spot-on in giving us information to maintain that standard of care. And he

generously shared a pdf of his slide presentation with detailed case studies demonstrating how mishaps occur and

importantly, how to avoid them! Being "up close and personal," the Q & A occurred naturally throughout Greg's


Conclusion: having our own members present their expertise to us in an inti mate I earning environment is very va I ua ble to our membership -

and, in Desiree's words, having the opportunity to learn with local peers from a local speaker in this environment is also a great way to


The SMCDS Symposium is a great way to get involved, network with peers, and make a difference without making a major time commitment

> assist the Task Force in reviewing and selecting next year's presentation/s OR

> submit a presentation for 2018 Symposium consideration (details/application at


Email me ifyou're interested or have questions ross.stangeland.dds@gmail.com

Ross Stange/and-Symposium TF Lead

16 I San Mateo County Dental Society I smcds.com

program evaluation


Geriatric Diseases, Dementia, Chronic Illness Impact on Dental care in the Elderly

Speaker: Eric Z. Shapira, DDS, MAGD, MA, MHA • 1.5 CE Units



Overall event evaluation ...................................................................... 8.55

Speaker knowledge of subject matter ................................................. 8.64

Structure & Organization Easy to follow? well presented? .............. 8.45

Venue - location, convenience, physical comfort, free parking? ........ 8.45


PROGRAM SPECIALIST COMMENT: "Dr. Shapira has the highest rated meeting

this year at an average of 8.53. all 8 and 9, one 7 on

structure/organization. Our best scoring lecture since 2014N

What would you suggest to improve this course 7 Longer (3); get more

attendees to hear this valuable information; products specifically for


Strengths of Presenter? Valuable engaging speaker (2);

knowledgeable (2); great personality (2);

Did the speaker's status as an SMCDS member have a particular

impact on your perception or appreciation of the presentation?

[2]Neutral [6] Positive [1] Negative Comments: Familiarity with

speaker is easier to continue the conversation after the event

Weaknesses of Presenter? None

AUGUST 10, 2017 MEMBER SYMPOSIUM - 2 • Endodontlc Mishaps: Prevention & Management

• Speaker: Gregory K. An, DDS, MPH• 1.5 CE Units



Overall event evaluation ....................................................................... 8.28

Speaker knowledge of subject matter ................................................... 8.89

Structure & Organization Easy to follow? well presented? ............... 8.50

Venue - location, convenience, physical comfort, free parking ........... 8.47

AVERAGE OVERALL RATING ................................................. 8.51

What other topics would be of interest? TMD; oral medicine; pathology;,

hands on lectures; oral surgery mishaps; another symposium; dental

photography for RDAs; instrumentation; half-day events (2)

What would you suggest to improve this course? microphone/speak "1

louder; anti-virus software did not like download for slides (SMCDS

sent this out); better audio visuals on PowerPoint

Strengths of Presenter? easy to communicate; great information;

great presentation (2); knowledgeable (5); good evidence based


Did the speaker's status as an SMCDS member have a particular

impact on your perception or appreciation of the presentation i' [ 6

]Neutral [ 11] Positive [ - I Negative Comments: local expertise;

would have been a great topic for a GM meeting; great resource for

future contact

Weaknesses of Presenter? None

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 GM MEETING • Vasu Divi, MD • Mandible Reconstruction in Osteoradionecrosis • 3 CE ·~



Overall event evaluation ....................................................................... 8.34

Speaker knowledge of subject matter: Nugget: 7 habits ..................... 8.61

Structure & Organization Easy to follow? well presented? ............... 8.46

Pre+Post Mtg Web Access to Handout/Powerpoint ............................ 7.86

AVERAGE OVERALL RATING ................................................ 8.32

What would you suggest to improve this course? nothing (7); start

earlier; no handout; bottom slides hard to see; more picture examples

Strengths of Presenter? Awesome; excellent presentation; great

pictures; to the point; clear and well organized (3); Different than

typical fare! Well Done!; outstanding communication skills;

knowledgeable (4)

Prize winners: Mathew Chow, DDS; Jacklyn Kurth, DDS;

Al Landucci, DDS; Stanley Sun, DDS


... for a fresh perspective, don't miss High-Tec:h Materials in Dentistry-The Forefront of Technology with

Nlma S. Masooml, DMD, Med, MD TH Jan 18, 2018 Crowne Plaza, Foster City

'lnank You!for taking a few minutes to complete our course evaluation forms. It's one way we're able to

identify and bring the kinds of speakers you want to hear on topics of interest to you. If you have ideas in the

meantime, PLEASE let us know.

John Acosta, DDS- President Elect/ 2018 Program Chair dracosta@paccoastdental.com

Kat Andreiev - Program Specialist kat@smcds.com

Mouthpiece I Fall 2017 117

upcoming events Go~o,W,W,W.~.~ save1:reciousresourcesreg1ster

and pay on/me - LI~ £v~



5 Tu SC Bay Area Aesthetic Masters - Ken Hovden, DDS Details & to register: baaestheticmasters.com SMCDS 6:30-8:30 P

7 Th PM

Dental MBA Business Series - 1 of 4

HR Strategies for an Unstoppable Team

Ali Oromchian, Esq - Co-Founder, HR for Health SMCDS 6:30-9 P

12 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: Benson Wong, DDS SMCDS 6:30-9 P

18 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P

21 Th CEl

Under the Hood with Vasu Divi, MD:

Mandible Reconstruction in Osteoradionecrosis

Vasu Divi, MD - Stanford Head & Neck Surgeon CP-FC 6-9P

26 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P


6 F RCE Infection Control • CA Dental Practice Act • Cal-OSHA La Donna Drury-Klein, RDA, BS -The FADE SMCDS 8:15-2:45 P

6-7 F-Sa co CDA Cares: Bakersfield CDA / Kevin Lewis 916.554.4969 Bakersfield All Day

10 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: Benson Wong, DDS SMCDS 6:30-9 P

Dental MBA Business Series - 2 of 4

12 Th PM

Weston Lunsford - CEO, Dental Intelligence SMCDS 6:30-9 P

The Power Within Your Data

16 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P

19 Th CEl Current Concepts in Endodontic Tooth Reconstruction Patrick L. Roetzer, DDS (Marquette Univ.) CP-FC 6-9P

25 w co College of San Mateo Fall Health Fair Mike Aicardi 650.637.1121 CSM 10-2 P

26 Th PS

Long-Term Care and Disability Strategies

@ Fish Market

Tom O'Brien, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU ® Fsh MktSM 7-8:30 P

28 Sa co Health & Safety Fair - The Shops at Tanforan Mike Aicardi 650.637.1121 San Bruno 11-2 P


2 Th ND FREE! New Dentists M ixer@ New England Lobster Mike Aicardi 650.637.1121 Burlingame 7-9 P

6 M PG Confidential assistance for drug & alcohol abuse BAWB - Edward Graham 209.601.4410 SMCDS 7-9 P

7 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: Benson Wong, DDS SMCDS 6:30-9 P

9 Th PM

Dental MBA Business Series - 3 of 4 Benjamin Tuinei -

The Financial Integrity of Quality Dentistry

Founder, Veritas Dental Resources

SMCDS 6:30-9 P

10 F PS Extend Your Dental Career: Forensic Consulting Susan Maccoy, CFLC SMCDS 10-12 & 12-2

14 Tu s Senior Society Luncheon @ The Iron Gate Jim Aicardi 650.637.1121 Belmont 11:30-2:00 P

14 Tu SC Bay Area Aesthetic Masters - Ken Hovden, DDS Details & to register: baaestheticmasters.com SMCDS 6:30-8:30 P

16 Th CEl

OUCH! That Hurts:

Assess & Treat Kids' Dental Emergencies

David L. Rothman, DDS (NYU) CP-FC 6-9P

17-19 F-Su L CDA House of Delegates SMCDS 2017 Delegates Sacramento All Day

20 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P


5 Tu SC Bay Area Aesthetic Masters - Ken Hovden, DDS Details & to register: baaestheticmasters.com SMCDS 6:30-8:30 P

12 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: Benson Wong, DDS SMCDS 6:30-9 P

14 Th FMB

O' Brien Holiday Open House and Charity Fundraiser

SGC Office

Tom O'Brien, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

@ SGC Financial Office

San Mateo

4-7 P

14 Th PM

Dental MBA Business Series - 4 of 4 John A. Estefana -

Mastery of Case Acceptance

Founder, Treatment Plan Academy

SMCDS 6:30-9 P

19 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P


9 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS 6:30-9 P

18 Th CEl

High-Tech Materials in Dentistry -

The Forefront of Technology

Nima S. Massoomi, DMD, MED, MD (Univ.PA} CP-FC 6-9P

23 Tu RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Stephen R. John, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P


6 Tu G Board of Directors Meeting President: John Acosta, DDS SMCDS 6:30-9 P

22 Th CEl Biometrics in Dentistry Matt Nejad, DDS (USC) CP-FC 6-9P

26 M RCE BLS CPR Renewal Course Richard A. Fagin, DDS SMCDS 6:00-7:30 P


AR Auxiliary Relations H Holiday PM Practice Management

CEl Core CE HWS Hands-On Workshop PMl/4 Pract Mgmt l=New Dent 4=Life Active

CE2 20%CE L Leadership PS Professional Success

co Community Outreach NDS New Dentists Social PSl/4 Prof Success l=New Dent 4=Life Active

FMB Free Member Benefit OCE Other Community Outreach RCE Required CE

G Governance PG Personal Growth SC Study Club




18 I San Mateo County Dental Society I smcds.com





Dental Suite available in fastgrowing

Redwood City near

Facebook & Google. 700 sq. ft. but

can expand into adjacent 700 sq. ft.

suite for 1400 sq . ft. if wanted.

Contact Steve at 650.246.9333

or 52ArchStreet@gmail.com

Seeking a Retiring Dentist Practice

to Buy in Redwood City, 2 mile

radius from Whipple and El

Camino. If you are thinking of

retiring in the near future, please

call 650.454.0023

Would you like to reduce your rent

by 50%? General Dentist of 20 years

seeking an opportunity to sublease

in a practice in Foster City, San

Mateo or Burlingame. Contact Dr.

Victor Sobrepena 650.619.6250 or


Seeking Endodontist, part-time or

full time, private dental offices.

Please submit CV


Want a fully equipped modern

dental office 1-2 days a week? Our

Belmont office is available for rent

Thursday and Friday. Contact







JEROME N . PECK, D . L . X . T .


C-Dental is dedicated to providing dentists with a cost effective outsourcing solution for advanced high

quality diagnostic dental imaging with the lowest radiation dose possible. The San Mateo County Dental

Society and C-Dental X-Ray have been partnered for over 25 years.



Full Mouth Series




Cephalometric Analysis










3D Implant Case Planning

3D Orthognathic Planning

Cloud Storage Solutions

3D Viewer Softwares

Software Conversions

Restorative Solutions


MPR 3D Viewer option for Focused View CBCT

Post-op CBCT scans for doctors to evaluate implant placement

CBCT settings for the best imaging quality and lowest dose of radiation - 5 fields of view with 5 dose setting options


San Francisco I San Francisco West Portal I San Rafael I San Mateo

Menlo Park I Mountain View I Walnut Creek I Pleasanton I San Jose

Mouthpiece I Fall 2017 I 19



ehtber. eve~ 2:laj'.


240 A Twin Dolphin Drive • Redwood City • CA • 94065

650.637.1121 • fax 650.649.2980 • info@smcds.com







President: Benson H. Wong, DDS

President Elect: John M. Acosta, DDS

Secretary-Treasurer: Benjamin A. Yount, DDS

Immediate Past President: Mina R. Desai, DDS

CDA Trustee: Carliza A. Marcos, DDS

Executive Director & Editor: Etta L. Kinney

Thu 11/9



Seminar Room

Includes light


Fri 11/10





Seminar Room

Tue 11/14


The Iron Gate




Me,,,/4,r. t5v"':J .2),i.51.

Benjamin Tuinei

Founder, Veritas Dental Resources

Dental MBA Business Series

Recommended Participation

in remaining session

Susan Maccoy, CFLC

SAVE our precious resources! trees, water, energy, time (yours and ours)

- Register & Pay Online - www.smcds.com on Upcoming Events Calendar

+ Mastery of Case Acceptance

John Estefana Th 12/14

A Professional Success Seminar

Co-Sponsored by SMCDS and

FEWA (Forensic Expert Witness


Financial Integrity of Quality Dentistry:

Insurance Fee Negotiations

Topic Highlights ... • the history and future of dental insurance • negotiation tips

for solo and group practices • maximizing your negotiation leverage • 7 proven

effective steps for negotiating better PPO rates • should you participate and if so

how do you make it profitable • handling downgrades, alternative benefits; noncovered

services • getting better reimbursements for complex/ challenging cases

• place a premium implant & use a custom abutment without eating the cost •

avoiding common billing pitfalls

Extend Your Dental Career: Forensic Consulting

Forensic Consulting -as an expert witness- may, for some, be a natural

progression and extension of the dental career in which you've invested so

much of your life and resources. This is not a retirement hobby but a new

and potentially revitalizing application of the expertise you've gained over

the course of your career to (substantially) augment your income ... in

preparation for retirement or realizing a formerly unreachable goal.

We've invited Susan Maccoy, CFLC (Cosmetology Expert Witness, Certified Forensic Legal Consultant), Etta's longtime friend, and

speaker extraordinaire, to share with us the ins and outs of Forensic Consulting ... who's a good fit, what makes a successful

consultant, how does consulting impact your existing practice -it's essential you maintain your license and reputation; required

credentialing, ethics monitoring, etc. IF you're interested and have questions, Susan has answers.


Senior Society Luncheon@ The Iron Gate

11:30 Libations (no host), Meet & Greet, Hugs, etc. Luncheon to follow at

12:15. We hope YOU will be there to greet longtime friends and reminisce

over past events. Please mail check payment of $38 ea. with your entree

choice (Chicken, Salmon, Steak, Fettucini Primavera). RSVP by 10/27 via

mail/call to Jim at jim@smcds.com or Yvonne & Dave Moore 650.347.0971

Thu 11/16


Crowne Plaza

Foster City

3 Core CE

Thu 12/14



Seminar Room

David Rothman, DDS



John A. Estefano -

Founder, Treatment Plan Academy

Dental MBA

Business Series

OUCH! That Hurts: Assess & Treat Kids' Dental Emergencies

Learning Objectives

+ Evidence supporting use of posts in coronal reconstruction + Strengths and

weaknesses of posts in the current market + Opting to place a post and how

many should be placed + Effects of C-/S-Factor on longevity of the post/core +

Importance of immediate placement of the post/core + Step-by-step process

to restore a difficult molar post/core + What materials/instruments work best

Mastery of Case Acceptance=

Productive Practice, Happy Patients

John Estefano's presentation will help increase your FULL case acceptance rate

with time-tested techniques and theories; i.e., • one key change in patient

handling to immediately boost your "YES"% • 6 case acceptance basics to increase

treatment acceptance by up to 25% • simple, effective delivery of financial


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