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October 2017 Newsletter

11 th of Tishri 5778 – 11 th of Heshvan 5778

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October 2017 Calendar of Events

Rabbi’s Message - Rabbi Gila Ruskin

Co-President’s Message - Linda Needel & Wendy Drabinski

Religious Practices News - Melissa Brown & Mark Wolkow

Porter Steere - Bar Mitzvah

Ryan Baker - Bar Mitzvah

Religious School News - Jennifer Bober & Cheryl Conley

Religious School Picture Day - October 15 th

Community Yard Sale & Vendor Event - October 8th

Temple Youth Group News - Staci Magee

Thank you to Lisa Phillips

Sisterhood News – Elise Woods

Special Thanks to Our Donors

Good and Welfare - Carol Gast

Mi Sheberakh List - We Pray For Healing

October 2017 Yahrzeits Observed


TAS/HJC October Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

2 12 th of Tishri 5778 3 13 th of Tishri 5778 4 14 th of Tishri 5778

Erev Sukkot

Office Closes at 2:00 pm

1 11 th of Tishri 5778

Religious School Closed

4:45 pm - Midweek Religious


6:23 pm - Candle Lighting

8 18 th of Tishri 5778


7:00 am - Temple Adas Shalom

Community Vendor Event &

Yard Sale

9:00 am - Religious School

9 19 th of Tishri 5778


Columbus Day

10 10 th of Tishri 5778


11 21 st of Tishri 5778


Erev Simchat Torah

4:45 pm - Midweek Religious


6:12 pm - Candle Lighting

7:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal

(Mike’s House)

15 25 th of Tishri 5778

9:00 am - Religious School

(Religious School Photo Day)

12:15 -2:15 pm - Sisterhood

Family Event & Activity


16 26 th of Tishri 5778 17 27 th of Tishri 5778 18 28 th of Tishri 5778

4:45 pm - Midweek Religious


6:00 pm - Private Event (NFI

Entire Building)

22 2 nd of Heshvan 5778

Religious School Closed

23 3 rd of Heshvan 5778 24 4 th of Heshvan 5778

7:00 pm - RPC Meeting

25 5 th of Heshvan 5778

4:45 pm - Midweek Religious


7:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal

(Mike’s House)

29 9 th of Heshvan 5778

Fall Kallah

9:00 am - Religious School

(Religious School Photo Day)

2:00 pm - Health Fair

MD Immediate Care

540 Lewis Street

Havre de Grace, MD 21078

30 10 th of Heshvan 5778 31 11 th of Heshvan 5778

2 | P a g e

TAS/HJC October Calendar of Events

Thursday Friday Saturday

5 15 th of Tishri 5778


7:00 pm - Board Meeting

6 16 th of Tishri 5778


Office Opens at 12:00 pm

6:15 pm - Sukkot Family Potluck Dinner

6:20 pm - Candle Lighting

7:30 pm - Choir Sings

7:30 pm - Sukkot & Shabbat Torah Service

Rabbi Gila Ruskin & Porter Steere

ONEG - M. Buchness, W. Drabinski, R.

Richardson, E. Woods

7 17 th of Tishri 5778


12 22 nd of Tishri 5778

Simchat Torah

Office Closes at 2:00 pm

13 23 rd of Tishri 5778

Office opens at 12:00 pm

6:09 pm - Candle Lighting

7:00 pm - Simchat Torah, Yizkor, &

Consecration Service

Rabbi Gila Ruskin

14 24 th of Tishri 5778

Parashat Bereshit

7:00 pm - Dine Around

19 29 th Tishri 5778

HCPS 3hr Early Dismissal

26 6 th of Heshvan 5778

6:45 pm - Melton Classes

20 30 th of Tishri 5778

HCPS Closed

5:59 pm - Candle Lighting

6:00 pm - Preschool Anniversary Happy

Hour & Services (SH)

7:30 pm - Choir Sings

7:30 pm - Torah Service & 40 th Year

Anniversary of the Marion Yurow Preschool

Rabbi Gila Ruskin

ONEG – J. Best, A. Birnbaum, K. Edeson

27 7 th of Heshvan 5778

Fall Kallah

5:50 pm - Candle Lighting

7:30 pm - Choir Sings

7:30 pm - Shabbat Service

Ryan Baker & Rabbi Gila Ruskin

21 1 st of Heshvan 5778

Parashat Noach

Preschool Anniversary Carnival

28 8 th of Heshvan 5778

Parashat Lech-Lecha

10:00 am - Shabbat Torah Service & Ryan

Baker Bar Mitzvah

Ryan Baker & Rabbi Gila Ruskin

3 | P a g e

Rabbi’s Message

Rabbi Gila Ruskin

Alliance of Abrahamic Faiths of Harford County

Actively Seek Safety in Our Community

After the events at Charlottesville, a group of us met one night after

Shabbat services to discuss what we, as a vulnerable community in

Harford County, could do. The leadership from the Masjid al-Falaah had

contacted us and St. James AME about a joint letter to local, state, and

national government condemning the violence and calling for protection.

At our meeting that night, Fred Mullis made a very practical suggestion.

Representatives from the temple, the mosque, and the AME church

should make appointments with the county executive and with the

sheriff to discuss our concerns. We should ask them what the protocol is

in our county for granting permits to groups who spew hatred, and what

is in place to protect our three vulnerable faith communities and others.

Julie Sang, our co-committee chair for social action/tikkun olam,

accepted this recommendation.

Contact was made with the county

executive and the sheriff, and appointments

were set for September 14 th at their offices in

Bel Air. A group of nine of us from our three

faith communities met with County

Executive Barry Glassman at his office, and

then with Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler. Members of

their staff were also present. The meetings were both candid and

substantive and marked by mutual respect. Both of the public officials

were impressed by the Alliance of Abrahamic Faiths of Harford County.

We were reassured that both the county

executive and sheriff have plans in place in

case of any permit requests, and any

possibility of violence. They shared with

us some information about hate literature,

about email threats, and isolated events

that they have been monitoring. The First

Amendment rights will be defended, but

they will do whatever possible to protect

everyone’s safety.

4 | P a g e

Rabbi’s Message

Rabbi Gila Ruskin

You have all heard: “if you see something, say something”. That was the refrain.

If you see or hear about suspicious activity, any threats to specific groups, any

vandalism, any harassment, or cyberthreats, please contact the Sheriff’s office

immediately. For the most immediate response, contact Erik Robey, Harford

County Sheriff's Office, Office of Community and Legislative Affairs, at 443-567-

7100 or Mr. Robey was at our meeting and we are

now on his radar.

If there is a potentially dangerous situation, please call 911.

If the Sheriff’s office hears of any direct threat to our safety or the safety of our

building, they will contact us immediately. We are also grateful for the active

shooter training and security check that very evening at our temple by DFC

Tom Wehrle.

The County Executive is eager for our Alliance of Abrahamic Faiths to be

involved in the Harford County Human Rights Commission. We express our

gratitude to the County Executive and Sheriff for their time and attention.


Health Check Up Fair

October 29 th from 2:00 - 5:00 pm

MD Immediate Care

540 Lewis Street

Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Our three faith communities, Temple Adas Shalom, St. James

AME, and Masjid Al-Falaah are co-sponsoring a Health Check-

Up. What an incredible opportunity for the community to get

free assessments for vision and stroke risk; blood pressure; Q and

A with a cardiologist, neurologist, and orthopedist; flu shots; and


5 | P a g e

Check your email for further information.

Co-President’s Message

Linda Needel & Wendy Drabinski

With the high holidays past us, we can now look back and see what a

vibrant community we have at Temple Adas Shalom. From Selichot to

Rosh Hashanah and Tashlich to Yom Kippur we had meaningful,

engaging services. Watching the Religious School classes leading us in

song and prayer was a highlight of the holidays. Listening to Sig chanting

prayers and Torah and the choir singing were inspirational. Rabbi's

drashes gave us a lot to think about. Our community is vibrant!

Everything that happened prior to our holidays could not have occurred

without the dedication of many people. If we forget to thank you in this

article, please forgive us... you have not been forgotten in our hearts!

Thank you to Mark Wolkow and Melissa Brown who led the Religious

Practices Committee in planning the services with Rabbi as well as

assigning honors for all services. Thank you Karen Wolkow and Jacob

Mullis for your inspirational Shofar blowing. Thank you Mike Mullis and

the choir for your beautiful singing. To Robin Way, Eric Seeley, and the

kitchen crew... the Rosh Hashanah dinner and Break Fast were delicious!

Thank you Sig Gast for your Torah chanting that was awe-inspiring as

always. Thank you Rabbi for your thought provoking drashes. Thank

you to everyone who worked the front desk, checked congregants in,

assisted with an honor or was a Bima guest or a Sig helper. Thank you to

Courtney, who worked tirelessly putting together the High Holiday

bulletin and beautiful fliers for the many events that happen at this time

of year.

It takes a village and a community for everything to come together.

When we work together and create beautiful, meaningful moments, we

get a deeper appreciation of what it means to be a member of our

synagogue. We look forward to many more sacred and moving

experiences with our community.

Shana Tovah and see you around the shul!

Linda and Wendy

6 | P a g e

Religious Practices News

Melissa Brown & Mark Wolkow

On behalf of Religious Practices Committee, L'Shanah Tovah, may you be

sealed in the Book of Life! The RPC has invested a great deal of time and

effort since June in preparing what we hope will be a deep and

meaningful High Holy Day experience for you, your family and our

diverse community. As we approach this time of renewal and reflection,

we take stock of the past year and offer confessions for what we have

done wrong in the hopes that we have learned from our mistakes. We

strive to greet the new year with an open heart and an open mind.

If you are reading this in early October, we encourage you to join us on

Shabbat evening, October 6, at 6:15 pm for our annual Sukkot Family

Pot-Luck Dinner, and Torah Service at 7:30 pm, followed by Kiddush &

Motzi in our Temple Sukkah. Porter Steere will lead the service and will

provide a slide show about his Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Also, please join us

in Rejoicing with the Torah on שְמ ‏ַחת ‏ּתֹו ‏ָרה ִׂ (Simchat Torah) Friday,

October 13 at 7:00 pm as we celebrate the conclusion of the annual cycle

of public Torah readings and the beginning of a new cycle.

Mazel Tov to Ryan Baker and his family on his upcoming Bar Mitzvah!

All congregants are invited to attend services on Friday October 27 at

7:30 pm and the following Saturday morning at 10:00 am. Please join the

congregation in welcoming Ryan into our community as a Jewish adult.

Melissa Brown & Mark Wolkow

RPC Co-Chairs

7 | P a g e

Porter Lyn Steere

Porter is the youngest child of Debby Rosenberg and Ed

Steere. Alexis and Evan became B’nai Mitzvah years ago.

Porter is currently an 8 th grader at Harford Day School and enjoys being on the

soccer team, the engineering club, chess club and the tech crew for all plays.

Porter has almost completed building an RC – remote control- truck from scratch,

which is similar to a real vehicle. This took many hours of work and studying how

engines and drivetrains work. Porter enjoys camping, high adventure, biking and

hiking. He loves his pets which include Toby, Tikvah, Sunshine, Sassy, Makeena,

Smurf, George and Stitch. Porter is also working towards his Star Rank with Boy

Scout Troop 965. He hopes to continue through to becoming an Eagle Scout.

Porter started coming to TAS/HJC religious school as a youngster in early

elementary school. He enjoys learning about Judaism, Hebrew and his heritage.

He has a thirst for knowledge. Porter pays attention to it all and absorbs it like a

sponge. This past summer he was fortunate to visit Israel with his family for 12

days and experience his heritage first-hand.

For Porter’s TriMitzvahlon, Porter chose to twin with a Holocaust victim. He

visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem this summer, where the atrocities of the

Holocaust and persecution of Jewish people and others became even more real to

him. His service to the temple was to team with classmates Connor and Austin to

help Roslyn Belkin in the Temple garden. The fruits of their labors continue on in

many ways.

Porter had a phenomenal Bar Mitzvah on Monday, August 7 at Hussein’s Overlook

in the Golan Heights of Israel. It was a beautiful and pastoral setting, high above

the Jordan River Valley, with eagles soaring and a beautiful breeze in the morning

light. He read Eikev from the Torah, a remarkable and fitting portion, with his

immediate family and Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green in attendance. Porter chanted

his Torah portion and received his Tallit that was bought many years ago by his

late grandparents, Harold & Muriel Rosenberg, in preparation for Porter’s Bar

Mitzvah. Porter shared his insightful drash as well. It was an amazing day,

8 | P a g e

culminating in a Jeep (Land Rover) tour of the Golan Heights and mango

orchards. Porter finished his TriMitzvahlon by planting trees in the Lavi Forest -

initially barren land - as his “community service” after his Bar Mitzvah. Please

take a few moments to ask Porter about his trip to Israel. We toured Israel for 12

days - from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to the Golan Heights, then to the Dead Sea and

Eilat. Every day was an experience, with many sights and sounds and experiences

throughout. We hope our Bar Mitzvah experience in Israel will give other families

the idea to do this as well.

We would like to thank all of Porter’s Sunday School and Hebrew School teachers

for assisting us in teaching him Hebrew and about being a great Jewish young

man. We would also like to thank Rabbi Gila Ruskin for connecting us with

Rabbi Judith. She is a wonderful woman and Rabbi. Thank you to Mark Wolkow

for all your patience with Porter changing plans all the time, then changing

completely from his Bar Mitzvah in October to his August Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

Porter plans to continue his Jewish education for years to come.

9 | P a g e

Ryan John Baker

We are looking forward to Ryan’s Bar

Mitzvah at the end of this month on October

28 th 2017. Ryan has been preparing for this

day for a very long time. He is so honored to

share such a special occasion with all of you.

Ryan is an 8 th Grader at Patterson Mill Middle School where he is an honor roll student.

He shares a very busy household with mom Alli, dad Barry, two brothers Garrett & Jack,

two dogs, two cats and two fish. Ryan is very involved in Boy Scouts and is a member of

troop 936. He goes away for a week to Boy Scout Camp every summer and enjoys weekly

meetings and many camping trips with the scouts. Ryan’s two favorite hobbies are

building Lego’s and gaming. He participates in the Lego Club at school. He also enjoys

playing tennis.

Ryan has been attending Temple Adas Shalom Religious School since he was in 1st grade.

We are so thankful for his wonderful teachers, principals, and Rabbi Gila. You have all

given him the gift of a positive, welcoming, religious education. Ryan’s Tri-Mitzvahlon

project is very special. He will be twinning with his dad, who has converted to Judaism.

We are all so proud of Barry for all the time, hard work and heart he has put in to his

conversion process. The formal work has taken place over this past year, however Judaism

has had a very special place in Barry’s heart for a long time. He has been an active temple

member since we joined seven years ago. He comes to services and temple events, is active

and interested in the kids Jewish education and is often the leader of some very interesting

religious discussions in our house. We are thrilled that he and Ryan can share such an

important day in both of their lives!

There are two more pieces of Ryan’s Tri-Mitzvahlon project. For the service to the

community, he has been volunteering with the Chesapeake Feline Association. This group

of volunteers works tirelessly to improve the lives of homeless cats and kittens and find

them forever families. Ryan goes to Petco every Monday evening , cleans their cages and

plays with the cats. If you are looking to adopt a kitten – talk to Ryan! He is also going to

be leading a project to clean up the outside trail on the Temple grounds. He has enlisted

his boy scout troop and his class to help out.

We are so proud of Ryan for all he has accomplished and for the smart, sweet, and

generous young adult he is turning into. We all want to thank everyone that has helped

him along in this journey – Rabbi Gila, Dr. Paul Ruskin, Linda Needel, Garrett, all of his

religious school teachers along the way and last but not least, his classmates and their

families. It has been a great year sharing in all of your B’nai Mitzvah! YAY for #9!! Almost


10 | P a g e

Religious School News

Jennifer Bober & Cheryl Conley

We’d like to thank all of our students who participated in the High

Holiday services this year. From singing “Tree of Life” to chanting the

Torah blessings, you all made us so proud!

This year we have changed the tzedakah

program to incorporate the whole school!

So many of the classes choose the Israeli

Seeing Eye Dog program that we’ve decided to put all of the tzedakah

towards that charity for this year. Please remind your child to bring

tzedakah each week to help make our school’s donation meaningful.

There are two special Sundays this month.

On October 8, our eighth and ninth grade

classes will be cooking with Morah Jill and then

selling their baked goods to add to our school’s

contribution. The building is going to smell

great! Please help support them in their efforts.

October 8 th is SUKKAH VISIT DAY. Class by class

they will visit the Sukkah with Rabbi Gila Ruskin. All

families are welcome

October 15 is picture day! Please be sure to have your child at school on

time and photo-ready.

See you at Shul.

Cheryl & Jenn

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12 | P a g e

13 | P a g e

Temple Youth Group News

Staci Magee

The teens at Temple Adas Shalom have already been pretty busy this

year! On September 1, ASTY did a fantastic job leading Friday night

services. Thank you to all who supported our youth group by attending.

Yom Kippur Experiential Atonement was conducted by ASTY youth for

our 4 th thru 7 th graders. Thanks to Jenna Seeley for leading and thanks to

Sophie Schorr for the Torah reading.

The first NFTY event, LEAD, was held the weekend of September15.

Nine of our teenagers represented our temple at the event. These young

adults spent the weekend attending services, participating in workshops

geared to develop their leadership skills, rekindling old friendships and

forming new ones. It was an amazing event for all who attended!

The next NFTY event is Fall Kallah. This event will take place the

weekend of October 27. The youth group is still in need of a permanent

advisor. If you are interested in getting involved with our temple youth

as their advisor, or if you can dedicate one weekend to chaperone a

NFTY retreat, please contact Staci Magee at (410) 808-6717.

Thank You to Lisa Phillips

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Temple Adas Shalom would like to publicly

thank Lisa Phillips for her efforts in compiling and displaying the history

of our synagogue.

Lisa single handedly collected, organized and labeled pictures, articles,

newsletters, Bar/Bat Mitzvah announcements and many other items into

well organized and beautiful photo albums. We sincerely thank Lisa for

her hard work and efforts. If you see Lisa, please thank her!!

The albums will be displayed in the lobby for everyone to view.

14 | P a g e

Sisterhood News

Elise Woods

L’Shana Tovah! The Sisterhood started the New Year by sponsoring the

Religious School Opening Day breakfast and then on September 17 th ,

held a Member/Prospective Member Potluck breakfast during which

Rabbi Gila spoke to us about Jewish parenting and grandparenting.

Thank you to everyone for preparing and bringing such a wonderful

variety of food which created such a beautiful buffet and thank you to

the Rabbi for leading such a spiritual and uplifting discussion.

Next up on our calendar is our Family Lunch and Activity workshop

scheduled for Sunday, October 15 th , at 12:15pm. An art teacher will be

leading our children in a fidget spinner craft activity. A pizza lunch and

snacks will also be provided. There will be nominal fee to participate.

More information to come!

As a reminder, applications to the Sisterhood for summer camp

assistance and NFTY-related events are due by October 20 th . Hard

copies of the applications may be placed in the Sisterhood mailbox or

emailed to or

Additional consideration will be given to Sisterhood members and their


Lastly, we are still looking for additional volunteers for our gift shop

committee. Please consider volunteering some of your time to staffing

the gift shop on Sundays and Wednesdays, ordering items,

merchandising and displaying inventory, etc. We could really use some

help in planning for our new gift shop space when the building

construction is completed.

Elise Woods


15 | P a g e

August 2017 - Donors




M. Kravitz





Rabbi Disc.







16 | P a g e

Raymond & Evelyn Bell

Lisa & Greg Feulner

Howell Glasser

Steven & Sharon Glasser

Andrew & Jayne Klein

Andrew & Jayne Klein

Andrew & Jayne Klein

Andrew & Jayne Klein

Andrew & Jayne Klein

Sam Meyer & Pam Gwaltney

Eric & Anne Seeley

Burt & Gerri Bronk

Sonia & Willie Auxier

Kevin & Lisa Bress

Neil & Marcia Buchness

Jennifer & Jeffrey Finkel

Wendy & Patrick Drabinski

Andrew & Marianne Fridberg

Gary Getz & Elaine Hirsch

Phillip & Barbara Gilden

Richard Hoffman

Jamie & Jason Hyman

Robert & Charna Kinneberg

Beatrice Kolchin

Nancy Natkin

Michael Singer

Eric & Anne Seeley

Alex & Yuanyuan Liu Wachsman

Raymond & Evelyn Bell

David & Mindy Fang

Jeanette Golbin

David & Natasha Pollock

Raymond & Evelyn Bell

Adam & Rachel Bogner

Morton & Duyen Brisker

Gail & Charles Casazza

Alain & Caryn Chalmin

Frank & Randi Chancey

In Memory of Gertrude Friedman

In memory of Harry Shapiro

In memory of Betty Glasser

For the speedy recovery of Hal Forst

In honor of Fred Belkin's birthday

In honor of Thelma Salmansohn's birthday

In memory of Shirley Snyderman Klein

In memory of Shirley Zion

In honor of CourtneyWM & Irwin Rosenfeld 's patience with

the Harford Center

In memory of Gladys Way (kitchen donation)

In memory of Eda Yitta Katron Ash

Barbara & Natalie Litofsky

Carol Mohr & David Brown

Linda & Stuart Needel

Ashiq & Ashira Quabili

Rayna & David Richardson

Gila & Paul Ruskin

Julie Sang

William & Kristi Schwartz

Robert & Linda Topol

Robin & Mark Way

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Selma Wolkow

In honor of Rabbi Fred Natkin

In Memory of Elaine Singer

In memory of Judy Malin

Rabbi Ruskin's officiation for our wedding

Robert & Charna Kinneberg

Robert & Mickie Sachs

Barbara & Natalie Litofsky

Robert & Barbara Lynch

Stephen & Patricia Marksamer

Carol Mohr & David Brown

Fred & Paula Mullis

Michele & Michael Mullis

August 2017 - Donors



Elaine & Larry Cocco

Jeffrey & Francene Cohen

Wendy & Patrick Drabinski

David & Mindy Fang

Ellen & Ken Farkas

Lisa & Greg Feulner

Richard & Roberta Foard

Adele Friedman

Carol & Sigmund Gast

Stanley & Kathlyn Getz

Phillip & Barbara Gilden

Steven & Sharon Glasser

Eric Griesinger

Marie Grove

Barbara & Henry Hoffman

Richard Hoffman

Robin & Lydia Hoory

Hindy Kempler

Beatrice Kolchin

Shana Kravitz

Nancy Natkin

Walter & Joan Paxton

David Renard

Gregory & Felice Repas

Irwin Rosenfeld

Stan Rovine

Robert & Mickie Sachs

Roma Carol Sacks

Thelma Salmansohn

Howard & Sandy Schapiro

Zita Schneck

David & Alena Schwaber

Sandy Schwartz

Michael Singer

Kevin & Patty Snyder

Mark & Jay Stutman

Lee & Debra Tannenbaum

Martin & Marcy Werde

Mark & Patricia Wolkow

Good & Welfare

Carol Gast


Get Well: Bea Kolchin

From: Marie Grove, Evelyn & Ray Bell, Hindy Kempler, Carol & Sig Gast, Leila, Henri &

Michelle Diamant

Get Well: Thelma Salmansohn

From: Marie Grove, Carol & Sig Gast, Evelyn & Ray Bell

Get Well: Hindy Kempler

From: Evelyn & Ray Bell, Marie Grove, Leila, Henri & Michelle Diamant, Marie Grove, Carol

& Sig Gast


Mazel Tov: Art Gordon Happy (November 7th ) Birthday

Mazel Tov: Debbie Delaney Happy (November 26th) Birthday

Mazel Tov: Andy & Jayne Klein (Birth of) Granddaughter Sasha Ruth Klein

From: Marie Grove, Joan Berger

Mazel Tov: Evelyn & Ray Bell Happy (65th) Wedding Anniversary

17 | P a g e

Mi Sheberakh - We Pray for Healing

Adam Jaffe

Albert Colman

Alison McDonough

Arlene Zweibach

Barbara Chancey

Beatrice Kolchin

Carl Chancey

Donald Hass

Dvir Sabag

Fred Belkin

Gerry Murphy

Gladys Dawson

Harriet Colman

Henri Diamant

Hindy Kempler

Jana Schmidt

Janet Bond

Janet Keehn

Jennifer Cohen

Jim Dandy

Jimmy Chancey

Karen Green

Kimmie Rankin

Leah Freundlich

Lee Tabackman

Linda Shank

Loretta Davis

Lori Vetstein

Maddy Bejarano

Michelle Collier

Patrick Hauf

Rabbi Fred Natkin

Roberta Makow

Robin Horry

Rosie Lidy

Shirley Oliner

Stephen Hoffman

Stewart Natkin

Thelma Salmansohn

Tom Merriken

Vicki Roussman

Wanda Blake

October 2017 - Yahrzeits Observed

Samuel Sacks

May Heilpern

James Sirkis

Arthur Weiner

Benjamin Gindin

Bernice P. Davis

Sam Labe

Hyman Rosenfeld

Maurice Bloom

Don Harvey

Lillian Hoffman

Samuel Silver

Rebecca Reiser

Leo Feinsilver

Adell Greenberg

Beatrice Heilpern

Minerva Kolow

Gertrude Goodman

Morris Resnick

Joseph Goodman

Hyman Teitelbaum

Sara Gindin

Berthold Baer

Teresa Lynn Black-Gurwitz

Flo Bretholz

Oct. 1

Oct. 2

Oct. 2

Oct. 2

Oct. 3

Oct. 4

Oct. 5

Oct. 5

Oct. 6

Oct. 7

Oct. 7

Oct. 8

Oct. 9

Oct. 10

Oct. 10

Oct. 10

Oct. 11

Oct. 12

Oct. 12

Oct. 13

Oct. 14

Oct. 15

Oct. 17

Oct. 17

Oct. 18

Rose H. Glasser

Marcia Salzer

Lee Goodman

Moe Hoffman

Edith Lanham

Jane Noret

Max Trager

Joel Latman

Ruth Glickman Budner

Marian Smolin

Stanley Wernick

Bessie Kleiner

Shirley Litwak

Marilyn Richter

Marvin Getz

Leon Richter

Joyce Irwin

Dalton Newland

Richard S. Salmansohn

Evelyn Gast

Philip N. Golbin

Morris Pollack

Harry Kale

Evelyn Kempler

Oct. 18

Oct. 19

Oct. 20

Oct. 20

Oct. 20

Oct. 21

Oct. 21

Oct. 22

Oct. 23

Oct. 23

Oct. 23

Oct. 24

Oct. 25

Oct. 25

Oct. 26

Oct. 26

Oct. 28

Oct. 28

Oct. 28

Oct. 29

Oct. 29

Oct. 29

Oct. 31

Oct. 31

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For the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Through innovative thinking, we make our

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Aberdeen, MD 21001

Aberdeen *8 W. Bel Air Ave…………….410-272-5000

Abingdon *2905 Emmorton Rd……….410-569-7010

Bel Air *505 S. Main Street………………..410-838-7001

Bel Air *545 Marketplace Dr……………410-893-0900

Bel Air * 1610 Conowingo Rd…………..410-420-6605

Elkton * 133 N. Bridge St…………………..410-398-3426

Havre de Grace * 960 Revolution St.410-939-0300

Joppa * 501 Riviera Dr………………………..410-679-2070

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