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Homesick for The Valley of The Damned<br />

by Brett Butler

Home Sick for The Valley of The Dammed<br />

A Poem by Brett Butler<br />

All was quiet as cars and buses came to a halt. People froze and turned into statues.<br />

There was no wind, and far in the distance, very far, two month's three days away, he<br />

faintly heard the oriental flute and gypsy tambourine.<br />

He pictured the cool zombies dancing around the golden horse, laughing at the straights<br />

that would hide their children behind paper shields. He was sixteen when they pushed<br />

him into The Valley of The Dammed and periodically his mother and his distant<br />

telephone father threw him a rope of thorns. Then they went off cleaning their fingernails,<br />

always saying, "Why doesn't he come home?"<br />

He died two times only to be reborn. He could not die again. He walked on his<br />

fingernails, two months, three days, to the land of the straights. He was only to find that<br />

everyone was away on vacation, and his mother had forgotten his name. He went in<br />

sixteen, spent a thousand years and came out three quarters past eighteen.<br />

Now he is nineteen, wishing he was twelve. Three years means so much. He knew<br />

pawing and lust, and stood naked for a golden vein.<br />

He did not know love. Is their love?<br />

Where are my three years?<br />

The straights mistrusted him and hid their jewelry out of his sight.<br />

The cool zombies call to him at all hours of the night, and he is so incredibly alone.<br />

Is their no love?<br />

No love at all...


Written by<br />

Brett Butler<br />

A Webisode Script<br />

Webisode Script Synopsis: The Star Football Player has a big secret.<br />

His girlfriend wants to stay Queen Bee at Clarkstown North High School.<br />

She will do anything to keep the student body from finding out what is<br />

really going on in the boy's locker room. This time she may have been<br />

out-smarted and the secret could be exposed.


Lucas (17) stands at his locker in his football jersey. He<br />

has a wooden rosary around his neck with a silver cross on<br />

it. He has a tattoo on his right arm of Jesus on the cross.<br />

Nadine (17) leans against the locker across from him in her<br />

cheerleader outfit. She has a gold cross around her neck.<br />

NADINE<br />

Where were you last night, babe?<br />

You know I needed to talk to you.<br />

Lucas closes his locker.<br />

LUCAS<br />

You know my folks wouldn’t let me<br />

out. My mother did one of her home<br />

Bible study classes for my brothers<br />

and me.<br />

NADINE<br />

I really need to talk to you.<br />

LUCAS<br />

We can hang later, babe. What did<br />

you think of my winning run?<br />

NADINE<br />

That’s why everyone loves you.<br />

Lucas looks at his watch.<br />

LUCAS<br />

I’ve got to motor, babe. Some of<br />

the guys want to talk to me about<br />

the upcoming game. We’ve got to<br />

keep the winning streak going.<br />

Lucas kisses Nadine.<br />

Lucas runs off.<br />

NADINE<br />

We really need to talk. I went to<br />

the doctor and...<br />

LUCAS<br />

Not now. I’ve got to go.<br />

Nadine puts her right hand on her stomach.<br />


2.<br />


Lucas enters and runs towards the back to see Tommy who sits<br />

on the bench.<br />

Tommy pushes the send button on his phone and stands. Tommy<br />

puts the phone in his pocket. Tommy is a lean young man with<br />

thick blond hair.<br />

LUCAS<br />

Tom-tom I missed you. You look hot!<br />

The two boys kiss. Lucas pulls Tommy's body close to his and<br />

squeezes him. Lucas’ hand grabs Tommy's crotch. Tommy pushes<br />

Lucas away.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Are you crazy? This is dangerous.<br />

LUCAS<br />

You're all I think about. I jerked<br />

off reliving what we did last night<br />

in the shower. Speaking of showers.<br />

Lucas points to the shower room.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Are you fucking nuts? We can get<br />

caught.<br />

LUCAS<br />

No way dude, there’s no gym class<br />

until the third period.<br />

Lucas pushes Tommy up against the lockers as they kiss. Tommy<br />

pulls Lucas’ shirt off and kisses his neck. Lucas undoes<br />

Tommy's pants. Tommy pushes Lucas away from him.<br />

TOMMY<br />

No, this can’t happen again, you<br />

have a fucking girlfriend.<br />

LUCAS<br />

So, she doesn’t suspect anything.<br />

You don’t know her anyway.<br />

Tommy has a confused look on his face.<br />

TOMMY<br />

You’re gay like me. Why can’t you<br />

admit you’re gay?

3.<br />

Lucas is angry as he shoves Tommy into the lockers. Tommy<br />

falls to the floor. Lucas balls up his fist and punches the<br />

lockers.<br />

LUCAS<br />

I am not gay. I am nothing like<br />

you. I like pussy too. Say that<br />

again and I will beat the shit out<br />

of you.<br />

Lucas helps Tommy up.<br />

Lucas smiles.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Last night you told me that you<br />

loved me.<br />

LUCAS<br />

I do love you. You don’t<br />

understand.<br />

Tommy walks over to Lucas and hugs him.<br />

LUCAS (CONT’D)<br />

I have an image to protect.<br />

Tommy steps backwards. Tommy has a confused look on his face.<br />

TOMMY<br />

So where do I fit in?<br />

LUCAS<br />

We can hook up on the side, like<br />

last week and last night. No one<br />

has to know our little secret.<br />

Tommy runs his right hand through his blond hair.<br />

TOMMY<br />

You mean your dirty little secret.<br />

Lucas shakes his head no.<br />

TOMMY (CONT’D)<br />

I am your little fuck buddy on the<br />

side. When Nadine won’t blow you,<br />

you coming running to me.<br />

Lucas’ face turns red.

4.<br />

LUCAS<br />

Don’t mention her name! You’re not<br />

my fuck buddy. I never loved<br />

someone like you.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Why? You don’t want to think about<br />

what this would do to her?<br />

Lucas grabs Tommy and starts to kiss him.<br />

LUCAS<br />

We are wasting time. I am so horny.<br />

Lucas pulls Tommy’s shirt off. Tommy undoes Lucas’ pants.<br />

Tommy kisses Lucas’ chest and then sucks his nipples.<br />

NADINE<br />

He doesn’t like his nipples sucked,<br />

just his cock.<br />

Tommy is in horror as Nadine stands there with her hands on<br />

her hips. Tommy picks up his shirt and puts it on.<br />


I warned you about this happening<br />

again.<br />

Lucas looks down at the grey cement floor.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Again? What the fuck does that<br />

mean?<br />

NADINE<br />

You think you’re the first boy I<br />

caught him with.<br />

Lucas looks at Nadine. Tommy looks at Lucas.<br />

TOMMY<br />

You told me I was the first.<br />

NADINE<br />

You’re just one of ten boys he’s<br />

stuck his dick into.<br />

LUCAS<br />


TOMMY<br />

You lied to me. There have been<br />


5.<br />

LUCAS<br />

Yes, they meant nothing to me. It<br />

was just sex.<br />

Lucas walks over to Tommy and strokes his cheek. Tommy pulls<br />

away from him.<br />

NADINE<br />

Please! He tells all of them that<br />

line. You’re just a player Lucas;<br />

the last boy was from South High.<br />

LUCAS<br />

Maybe we need to break up then. So<br />

I can do what I want.<br />

NADINE<br />

You do that and I’ll tell Mommy and<br />

Daddy what you really do in the<br />

shower room after the big game.<br />

LUCAS<br />

You wouldn’t.<br />

Nadine laughs with a big smile on her face.<br />

NADINE<br />

I’ve had enough of these boy sluts<br />

of yours.<br />

Tommy stands between Lucas and Nadine.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Are you calling me a slut? He lied.<br />

He used me. I did not go after him.<br />

He made a play for me.<br />

NADINE<br />

Whatever! You queers can’t seem to<br />

keep it in your pants anyway.<br />

You’re all going to hell in the<br />

end.<br />

Nadine walks over to Tommy and spits in his face.<br />

Nadine looks at Lucas.<br />

LUCAS<br />

You jealous little bitch. He’s ten<br />

times better than you ever were.<br />

Tommy wipes the spit from his face.

6.<br />

LUCAS (CONT’D)<br />

If you tell my parents, you know<br />

they’ll send me away to Sheep Hill.<br />

NADINE<br />

Maybe that’s what you need to be<br />

cured. It worked for Ronnie,<br />

remember him?<br />

TOMMY<br />

You’re both fucking crazy. This is<br />

over Lucas. I never would have done<br />

this if I knew about the other<br />

guys.<br />

NADINE<br />

Hello? I am his girlfriend.<br />

TOMMY<br />

No! You both are too fucked up. I<br />

am out of here. You used me like<br />

the others.<br />

NADINE<br />

Before you go.<br />

Nadine points her finger at Tommy.<br />


You must never speak of this. Got<br />

it? You see him and you turn your<br />

queer eyes the other way. Or else!<br />

TOMMY<br />

Or else what?<br />

NADINE<br />

Or else, I will make sure; you get<br />

beaten up every day until<br />

graduation by the football team.<br />

Furthermore, you will become a<br />

social outcast and no one, not even<br />

the freaks, will talk to you. Got<br />

it?<br />

Too late!<br />

What?<br />

TOMMY<br />

NADINE<br />

Lucas buttons his pants and buckles his belt. He then puts<br />

his shirt on.

7.<br />

LUCAS<br />

What do mean? What did you do?<br />

TOMMY<br />

I knew you were playing me. I sent<br />

out a video of us doing it, and a<br />

picture of your dick showing your<br />

face too to the whole student body.<br />

Lucas punches Tommy in the face. Tommy falls to the floor.<br />

Lucas kicks him in the gut. Tommy wipes the blood from his<br />

nose with his hand.<br />

TOMMY (CONT’D)<br />

You feel like a man now!<br />

NADINE<br />

I am going to be sick.<br />

Nadine runs out of the locker room.<br />

LUCAS<br />

Why, did you do this? I will end up<br />

at Sheep Hill.<br />

Tommy stands. He uses a tissue in his pocket to wipe more<br />

blood from his nose.<br />

TOMMY<br />

Because that last guy you fucked<br />

from South High was my exboyfriend.<br />

Lucas falls to his knees. He holds his cross.<br />

TOMMY (CONT’D)<br />

No God is going to save your image<br />

now.<br />

LUCAS<br />

You used me? I loved you.<br />

TOMMY<br />

You only love your precious image.<br />

Nadine walks in and helps Lucas up and hugs him. Lucas sobs.<br />

Nadine looks at Tommy.<br />

NADINE<br />

Get out of here queer boy! I can<br />

fix this, babe. Don’t worry.<br />

Tommy walks out of the locker room. Nadine puts Lucas’ hand<br />

on her stomach. The class bell rings.

q?d**"<br />


Art by Demis Droganici

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