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Organizer:<br />

Under patronage:<br />


GUIDE<br />


<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />

Dear sports community,<br />

dear fri<strong>en</strong>ds!<br />

We are pleased to welcome you on<br />

the final stage of running league the Run<br />

Ukraine Running League <strong>2017</strong> —<br />

Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon!<br />

On October 29 for the second time an ev<strong>en</strong>t of such<br />

a scale will take place in Lviv! Almost two thousand<br />

runners from more than 20 countries of the world will visit<br />

the city of the old lion to run the narrow streets with ageold<br />

history, catch the aroma of fragrant coffee, dance<br />

with the tune of street musicians and taste the life.<br />

It is extremely <strong>en</strong>joyable wh<strong>en</strong> the city, resid<strong>en</strong>ts, local<br />

authorities are op<strong>en</strong> to everything new, not only in words, but<br />

also during the implem<strong>en</strong>tation of projects. I hope that this race<br />

will create an inc<strong>en</strong>tive for ev<strong>en</strong> more people who live in this<br />

beautiful city to do sports, run and maintain a healthy lifestyle.<br />

I thank each and every person involved in this ev<strong>en</strong>t — each of us,<br />

from the participant to the volunteer, contributes to the formation<br />

and developm<strong>en</strong>t of sports culture in the country.<br />

Fri<strong>en</strong>ds, op<strong>en</strong> the running Ukraine to yourself, run<br />

the Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon!<br />

Good luck and easy legs.<br />

Sincerely, Dmytro Chernitsky<br />

G<strong>en</strong>eral Manager of Run Ukraine<br />

Dear participants of the half<br />

marathon — guests of our<br />

beautiful city of Lion!<br />

I sincerely welcome you in our<br />

wonderful city, because your cause<br />

is very important and necessary.<br />

The person who is <strong>en</strong>gaged in<br />

sports is a special person, since it requires great<br />

<strong>en</strong>durance, willpower and desire to win.<br />

I have always had respect for people who are physically<br />

strong. Sport trains and develops, so a person can take on<br />

a lot of psychological stress and can work effici<strong>en</strong>tly.<br />

The goal of the city is not only to talk about sports. The goal<br />

of the city is to its best to support all athletes and support<br />

ev<strong>en</strong>ts like Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon.<br />

The most important is the mood we are in wh<strong>en</strong> taking part in such an<br />

ev<strong>en</strong>t, and the <strong>en</strong>ergy that fills us being alongside so many differ<strong>en</strong>t people,<br />

who are united in the love for sports and a physically active way of life.<br />

I wish everyone victory. But do not forget after the competition<br />

to sp<strong>en</strong>d your time magnific<strong>en</strong>tly in our city, that has an<br />

incredible atmosphere, delicious coffee and chocolate.<br />

I wish you all the best!<br />

Kind regards,<br />

Andriy Sadovyi<br />

City Mayor of Lviv<br />

2 3

<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />

“MMC UKRAINE”, the official importer and distributor of the Mitsubishi<br />

autos, during <strong>2017</strong> became a partner of all Run Ukraine League Competitions.<br />

This tandem appeared based on the similar ideology of this brand and<br />

the biggest running competition in Ukraine. First-class off-road characteristics<br />

of these autos allow to get so far, where others won’t ev<strong>en</strong> dare. The same<br />

situation with the running trainings: only the persist<strong>en</strong>t work-outs can allow<br />

the person to surpass the physical abilities and win the competition.<br />

The model range of the Mitsubishi brand in<br />

Ukraine has 5 bright repres<strong>en</strong>tatives:<br />

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – a s<strong>en</strong>sation in the SUV segm<strong>en</strong>t of the Ukrainian market<br />

and the owner of the “Auto of the year <strong>2017</strong>” title in its class. Besides till the <strong>en</strong>d of<br />

October there is a special offer for this model, which helps to save up to 100 00 UAH!<br />

Mitsubishi Outlander – one of the most popular<br />

crossovers in Ukraine as well as in the world.<br />

Mitsubishi ASX – a compact crossover, which combines the stylish<br />

urban characteristics with the significant reliability during long trips.<br />

Mitsubishi L200 – the undisputed world leader in the pickup segm<strong>en</strong>t,<br />

which combines comfort with the excell<strong>en</strong>t off-road performance. This year<br />

it is also a winner of the “Auto of the year <strong>2017</strong>” competition in its class.<br />

Mitsubishi Pajero – bright 7-seater SUV model with the distinctive<br />

design and first-class off-road characteristics.<br />

More details at the web-site: http://mitsubishi-motors.com.ua/<br />

Program Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon <strong>2017</strong><br />

08:00 a.m. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the “Race Village”<br />

08:00 a.m.–04:00 p.m. Storage rooms op<strong>en</strong><br />

07:30 a.m. distribution of starter’s packages to the participants from other cities<br />

08:30 a.m. warm-up for adults<br />

08:50 a.m. Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 21.0975 km, relay, teams. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of<br />

the starting corridor<br />

08:50 a.m. Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon <strong>2017</strong> op<strong>en</strong>ing ceremony<br />

09:00 a.m. Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 21.0975 km, relay, teams. Start<br />

09:10 a.m. Lviv Run 5 km and Security Cup. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the starting corridor<br />

09:20 a.m. Lviv Run 5 km and Security Cup. Start<br />

10:30 a.m. Award ceremony for winners at the course of 5 km<br />

10:45 a.m. Award ceremony for winners at the course of 21.0975 km, absolute, relay<br />

12:00 p.m. Lviv Run 10 km. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the starting corridor<br />

12:10 p.m. Lviv Run 10 km. Start<br />

12:15 p.m. “My 1st km” with Herbalife. Start<br />

12:17 p.m. charity race “Winners” 2 km, Family Run 2 km, University Cup 2 km.<br />

Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the starting corridor<br />

12:20 p.m. charity race “Winners” 2 km, Family Run 2 km,<br />

University Cup 2 km. Start<br />

12:40 p.m. Award ceremony for winners in age groups at the course of 21.0975 km,<br />

“the largest running club”, City Cup, Chamber Cup<br />

01:00 p.m. Award ceremony for winners at the course of 10 km<br />

01:20 p.m. warm-up for childr<strong>en</strong><br />

01:30 p.m. Baby Run 100 m. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the starting corridor<br />

01:40 p.m. Baby Run 100 m. Start<br />

01:50 p.m. Kid’s Run 500 m. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the starting corridor<br />

02:00 p.m. Kid’s Run 500 m. Start<br />

02:10 p.m. Junior Run 1000 m. Op<strong>en</strong>ing of the starting corridor<br />

02:20 p.m. Junior Run 1000 m. Start<br />

02:30 p.m. Award ceremony for winners of charity race “Winners” 2 km<br />

02:40 p.m. Award ceremony for winners at the course of 500 m childr<strong>en</strong>;<br />

02:50 p.m. Award ceremony for winners at the course of 1000 m childr<strong>en</strong>;<br />

04:00 p.m. Closing of the “Race Village”<br />

Official automotive sponsor:<br />

Official sponsor:<br />


<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />

Yuriy Hrytsak<br />

Ukraine<br />

01:08:02,8<br />

Sofia Yaremchuk<br />

Ukraine<br />

01:18:22,5<br />

Not only art and coffee! In November 2016<br />

Lviv to the status of a cultural c<strong>en</strong>ter of Ukraine<br />

added the status of a new running c<strong>en</strong>ter<br />

of the country. One of the most beautiful<br />

and most atmospheric cities in Europe has<br />

joined the Run Ukraine Running League.<br />

The real autumn weather with rain and wind did<br />

not stop the sports fans who came to the start<br />

of the historic run. In total 1,300 participants<br />

took part in the competition. 700 athletes,<br />

among whom were both professionals and<br />

beginners, overcame courses of 2 km,<br />

5 km, 10 km, and another 600 runners ran<br />

the main distance of the ev<strong>en</strong>t — 21.0975 km.<br />

The winners of the first Lviv half marathon<br />

were Yuriy Hrytsak with a result of 1:08:02.8<br />

hours, and Sofia Yaremchuk who triumphed<br />

with time 1:18:22.5 hours. They like all<br />

other finishers received commemorative<br />

medals, as well as cash rewards.<br />

The debut Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon<br />

has demonstrated that Lviv route requires<br />

g<strong>en</strong>uine <strong>en</strong>durance and good training,<br />

however, only here the city provides<br />

athletes with str<strong>en</strong>gth and reveals itself in<br />

all its greatness and beauty. To <strong>en</strong>joy this<br />

special atmosphere participants from all<br />

over Ukraine came to Lviv, among them<br />

well-known cultural and sports figures,<br />

as well as about 120 foreign guests.<br />

The debut GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF<br />

MARATHON has become a real<br />

celebration of sports, beauty and<br />

str<strong>en</strong>gth, has brought a lot of positive<br />

emotions and confid<strong>en</strong>ce that it is just<br />

the beginning of a great path. The city<br />

of Lion has successfully launched<br />

a new sporting tradition and is already<br />

waiting for its guests for another run<br />

along its picturesque streets!<br />


OF THE ROUTE (21.0975 KM)<br />

Insurance partner:<br />

G<strong>en</strong>eral media partners:<br />

Radio partner:<br />

Partners:<br />

6 7

<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />





Locker rooms will be on “Stometrivka”<br />

(Svobody Av<strong>en</strong>ue) opposite the Opera<br />

House. Locker rooms are op<strong>en</strong> from<br />

8:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. They will be<br />

separate for m<strong>en</strong> and wom<strong>en</strong>.<br />


Storage rooms will work on “Stometrivka”<br />

(Svobody Av<strong>en</strong>ue) opposite the Opera House<br />

from 8:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. In order to leave<br />

belongings in the storage room, you need<br />

to stick the “Baggage Number” sticker on<br />

them, which you got in the starting package.<br />

Toilets are located in the sports<br />

village, as well as on the route<br />

at each point of hydration.<br />


Participants of the course of 21.0975 km<br />

have the opportunity to locate in<br />

the starting corridor according to their<br />

planned finish time. Each <strong>en</strong>trance will<br />

be marked with a big flag with time.<br />

Relay participants can locate in<br />

the first starting corridor.<br />

The chip is located on the back of the bib<br />

number in the form of two stripes. Chip<br />

can not be removed, b<strong>en</strong>ded, damaged.<br />

Wh<strong>en</strong> crossing the chip tracks, do<br />

not cover the bib number with your<br />

hands. Online results will be available at<br />

the website www.<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />


In a sports village everyone can make<br />

a medal <strong>en</strong>graving with their finish time.<br />

Participants will be able to download<br />

photos from the race to their Facebook<br />

page. To do this, you need to<br />

<strong>en</strong>ter your own race bib number at<br />

http://<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org/vashi-foto-z-zabigu/<br />


Medical hospital will be deployed in<br />

the sports village near the starting arch.<br />

Medical staff will be pres<strong>en</strong>t at each<br />

point of hydration along the route.<br />

Security partner:<br />

Sports nutrition partner:<br />

Partner of Chamber Cup:<br />

Fitness partner:<br />

Media partners:<br />

8 9


No half marathon can do without pacemakers,<br />

that is, athletes who set a certain pace<br />

of running. Participants of the Grand Prix<br />

Lviv Half Marathon <strong>2017</strong> will be able to<br />

adjust their performance with the help of<br />

pacemakers, who will overcome the half<br />

marathon with the following time in hours:<br />

• 1:30<br />

• 1:40<br />

• 1:50<br />

• 2:00<br />

For every time frame there will be<br />

2 pacemakers who will be specially<br />

“marked” in order not to get lost in<br />

the crowd. In the starting corridor<br />

they will be easily recognized by<br />

balloons with the mark of the finishing<br />

time which will fly over their heads.<br />

Media partners:<br />

Partner:<br />


<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />


1 VIP Zone<br />

9 Volunteer Office<br />

2 Press Zone<br />

10 Starting block<br />

3 Starting/Finishing Zone<br />

11 Medical Aid<br />

4<br />

8<br />

16<br />

2:00<br />

1:50<br />

1:40<br />

1:30<br />

11<br />

10 15<br />

3<br />

11<br />

1<br />

4 Stage<br />

5 Receive your starter’s package<br />

6 Changing rooms<br />

7 Information Zone<br />

8 Organizing committee<br />

12 Luggage storage<br />

13 Relay bus departs<br />

14 WC<br />

15 Finishing block<br />

16 Entrance<br />

5<br />

7<br />

1<br />

2<br />

6<br />

2<br />




12<br />

6<br />

9<br />

13<br />


14<br />



RELAY<br />


12 13

<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />


A team of four people participates in the relay.<br />

Three participants overcome the course<br />

of 5 km, and the fourth, the finisher —<br />

6.0675 km. Each team gets ONE timecapturing<br />

chip. The chip is attached to<br />

the leg of the participant and is handed<br />

over at the relay transmission station.<br />

We recomm<strong>en</strong>d: to save time, it is better<br />

for the participant waiting to start his/her<br />

stage to be the one to take off the chip from<br />

the leg of the participant who just arrived<br />

and attach it to his/her own leg, and start<br />

his/her stage. Each team receives the chip<br />

along with the starter’s package (one per<br />

team) on October 28 at the Sport Expo<br />

UA exhibition. The start of the relay race<br />

will begin at 09:00 a.m. with an individual<br />

race of 21.0975 km. Relay transmission<br />

stations are located at 5, 10 and 15 km.<br />


• The first participant goes to<br />

the start with a relay strap;<br />

• Team members are not allowed<br />

to change the bib numbers;<br />

• Relay team members run in<br />

the order stated at registration.<br />

“WINNERS”<br />

They gain victory; each of us has an<br />

opportunity to help them. Overcome<br />

the charity course “Winners” and help ATO<br />

veterans to acquire new sports prostheses<br />

and help in rehabilitation after injuries.<br />

Today you can not only make the first<br />

step to great courses, but also give a start<br />

to a new stage in the life of war victims.<br />

The race takes place in partnership with<br />

the social multimedia project “Winners”.<br />

50% of the starting fee will be<br />

redeemed for the purchase of sports<br />

limb prostheses for ATO veterans.<br />

Online media partners:<br />

14 15

<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />



Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon<br />

Natural drinking water for daily<br />

use BonAqua will be used for<br />

hydration of the race participants.<br />

Its mineral composition is best suited<br />

for hydration of the human body,<br />

including during physical activity.<br />

BonAqua water comes from<br />

the depths of the Earth. It is extracted<br />

from the C<strong>en</strong>omanian and Jurassic<br />

aquifer depths of 220 and 380 meters<br />

respectively. They are still effectively<br />

protected from external influ<strong>en</strong>ce<br />

by d<strong>en</strong>se layers of earth rocks.<br />

BonAqua only goes through<br />

mechanical filtration in the process<br />

betwe<strong>en</strong> its production and bottling.<br />

Its natural mineral composition<br />

remains unchanged, which means<br />

that each bottle of BonAqua has<br />

the <strong>en</strong>ergy of the original nature<br />

and ess<strong>en</strong>tial minerals — sodium,<br />

magnesium, calcium, potassium.<br />

BonAqua has a pleasant<br />

taste and is recomm<strong>en</strong>ded<br />

for use during exercise and<br />

sports competitions.<br />

The results will be available immediately<br />

after the participant has overcome<br />

the course. The result of each athlete after<br />

crossing the finish line will be available<br />

online on the official website of the Lviv<br />

half‐marathon: www.<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org.<br />

In addition, within an hour after the finish<br />

each participant will receive SMS with<br />

his/her own finish time. You can also inquire<br />

about your results in the Information T<strong>en</strong>t<br />

which is located in the starting village.<br />


• Race for 2 km — charity and family,<br />

as well as race for 3 km — are held<br />

without time-capturing chips and<br />

personal results are not recorded;<br />

• The same applies to childr<strong>en</strong>’s starts<br />

at the courses of 100 and 500 meters;<br />

• Each finisher can receive medal<br />

ONLY in the finish corridor immediately<br />

after crossing the finish line;<br />

• In the relay the finisher’s medals of all<br />

stages are giv<strong>en</strong> to the finisher of the last<br />

relay stage upon crossing the finish line;<br />

• If the team came to the start, but did<br />

not finish, team members do not receive<br />

finisher’s medals for any of the stages.<br />


<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />


Starts for the youngest runners have become<br />

an integral part of the running ev<strong>en</strong>ts in Lviv.<br />

After all, self-realization of the child through<br />

running is one of the keys to the developm<strong>en</strong>t<br />

of a healthy and successful person starting<br />

from school, or ev<strong>en</strong> preschool age.<br />

Traditionally, childr<strong>en</strong> races will be held on<br />

three distances, and each participant will<br />

receive a finisher’s medal:<br />

100 m (up to 6 years old);<br />

500 m (7–9 years old);<br />

1000 m (9–13 years).<br />


RUN UKRAINE RUNNING LEAGUE <strong>2017</strong> —<br />


Run Ukraine Running League <strong>2017</strong> — is a series<br />

of races that offers a variety of courses for runners<br />

of all levels of training. In <strong>2017</strong> the program consists<br />

of 5 ev<strong>en</strong>ts, each of which is unique:<br />

HERBALIFE, the sports nutrition partner,<br />

has tak<strong>en</strong> care of how runners recover<br />

Special stands are available on the 5, 10, and 21 km<br />

routes where runners will be offered Herbalife24 Hydrate.<br />

This hypotonic drink not only qu<strong>en</strong>ches thirst, but also<br />

helps reduce fatigue and repl<strong>en</strong>ish electrolytes<br />

lost during a run.<br />

• Nova Poshta Kyiv City Marathon <strong>2017</strong> (April 9)<br />

• Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon <strong>2017</strong> (May 28)<br />

• ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon <strong>2017</strong> (June 25)<br />

• Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon <strong>2017</strong> (October 8)<br />

• Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon <strong>2017</strong> (October 29)<br />

The runners will accumulate points for participation<br />

in each of these ev<strong>en</strong>ts for differ<strong>en</strong>t criteria — age, sex,<br />

ev<strong>en</strong> field of activity. Every runner who participated in<br />

the individual race in one of the activities of the League,<br />

will automatically become a member of Run Ukraine<br />

Running League <strong>2017</strong> (except for professional athletes<br />

and relay runners). The total sum of points for all<br />

participants will be announced after Grand Prix Lviv Half<br />

Marathon <strong>2017</strong> — the winners in absolute categories<br />

among m<strong>en</strong> and wom<strong>en</strong> will receive a chance to<br />

participate in the visiting race 2018, which will be...<br />

Marathon in Prague in 2018!<br />

Healthy post-race snacks, Herbalife Protein Bars,<br />

will be added to the finish packets for the<br />

participants. This bar gives you a protein boost<br />

and satisfies hunger, being a delicious snack<br />

without the extra calories.<br />

(Run Ukraine guarantees participation of<br />

winners in the race, and assume all costs<br />

associated with accommodation and flight).<br />

Start to Prague today!<br />

For more information visit runukraine.org<br />

RUN<br />

with pleasure!

<strong>lviv</strong>halfmarathon.org<br />



1 квітня 2018<br />

Запоріжжя, бул. Шевченка<br />



22 квітня 2018<br />

Київ, Контрактова Площа<br />

GRAND PRIX LVIV HALF MARATHON <strong>2017</strong><br />


2<br />

4 4<br />



20 травня 2018<br />

Дніпро, площа Героїв Майдану<br />

1h<br />

5<br />

30<br />

6789<br />

1<br />

3<br />



24 червня 2018<br />

Одеса, вул. Рішельєвська<br />



7 жовтня 2018<br />

Київ, Майдан Незалежності<br />

3 rd GRAND PRIX LVIV<br />


28 жовтня 2018<br />

Львів, Проспект Свободи<br />


1. Race bib number<br />

2. Name of the participant<br />

3. Flag of the country of the participant<br />

4. QR-code allows you to use Pic2Go<br />

service and after registering on the Lviv<br />

half-marathon website you can immediately<br />

get a photo to your page in FB<br />

5. Time of overcoming the marathon<br />

course (only for marathon numbers)<br />

Each participant MUST fill in information about<br />

him/herself on the inside of the bib number!<br />



• The race bib number is attached<br />

to the chest with pins, which are<br />

included in the starter’s package.<br />

• Two vertical lines on the reverse<br />

side of the bib number are<br />

the time-capturing chip,<br />

that mustn’t be b<strong>en</strong>ded.<br />

• If you wish to receive a photo to<br />

your own page in FB, please do<br />

not b<strong>en</strong>d or COVER the QR‐code<br />

on the race bib number.<br />


Organizer:<br />

Under patronage:<br />

Official Sponsor:<br />

Automobile partner:<br />

G<strong>en</strong>eral Media Partners:

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