Annual Report 2016/2017



2016/ 2017

I ns pir ing , Empo wer ing a nd

St r eng t hening t he C o mmu nit y

t hr o u g h Spo r t a nd Phys ic a l Ac t ivit y




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Our People

By 2020



This was another year of

maximising the potential

of the changing

environment that we have

been working in across the

whole of the Auckland

region. With one of our

partners Aktive and the

other RSTs, Sport

Auckland, Sport Waitakere

and Counties Manukau Sport, we have worked to

use our strengths to grow capability in the

provision of sport and recreation activity right

across the region while never losing our focus on

our North Harbour communities and their needs.

Our local knowledge of needs and opportunities

is a very important enabler to see more people,

more active, more often north of the bridge.

Through our work with schools and clubs, our

work in supporting better health and the events

that we run to get thousands out enjoying

exercise, we achieve our goals. We are extremely

fortunate as a Board that we and you are very

well served by our Chief Executive, Toni-Maree

Carnie and a very able and stable team of

experienced staff. On behalf of the Board and

you, the community, I thank our team at Harbour

Sport. Much of the work that our people do goes

unseen and unheralded but it is absolutely vital

to building healthy communities.

In addition to building the capability of those

working and volunteering in schools and clubs,

our new contracts with ACC and the whole of the

Waitemata District Health Board Green

Prescription and Active Families are significant

and valued in both returning people to full

physical health or maintaining full physical

health. Our expertise is valued in this work as

much as we value making the difference. Our

bike programmes have continued in schools,

introducing today?s young to the healthy joys of

riding a bikes and our Activasian programme has

been expanded beyond the Shore to other parts

of Auckland.

There can be nothing more important in an age

where occupations are becoming more and more

sedentary and less physical, than ensuring that

there are a wide range of opportunities and

locations where people can enjoy exercise. Our

role as an enabler is to support those who wish

to make things happen, to actually do it

successfully and involve more people more often

in enjoying exercise. We also remain adaptable

as the exercise interests of the community vary

markedly from traditional forms of exercise.

" Our role as an enabler is to support those

who wish to make things happen, to

actually do it successfully and involve more

people more often in enjoying exercise. "

On behalf of the Board and the Harbour

community, I want to thank all those who have

funded our activity in the past year especially our

sponsors and donors. Without your support, we

would not be able to get the Shore moving.

Ted Bent on

Chairm an



PLAN - 2017 ? 2020


A c o mmu nit y phys ic a lly a c t ive

f o r lif e


I ns pir ing , empo wer ing , a nd

s t r eng t hening t he c o mmu nit y

t hr o u g h s po r t a nd phys ic a l

a c t ivit y


Harbour Sport supports community development for sport and healthy lifestyles and strives to

influence more people to participate in sport and physical activity.

Our strategic focus is young people, and targeted populations including Maori, Pasifika and East Asian.

Providing advocacy, expertise, investment and support Harbour Sport are change agents modelling

and sharing good practice in governance, management, leadership and community development.

Financial sustainability and diversity will be at the forefront of Harbour Sport?s potential to achieve and

deliver quality outcomes to our stakeholders.



- Lead with excellence

- Be innovative, receptive and adaptive to

the changing environment

- Continuous improvement

He Tangata

- Take the time to understand others

- Have respect for and be respected by the


- Value diversity and the community voice


- Be enthusiastic, energetic and positive in

everything we do

- Inspire others

- Go above and beyond


- Be professional

- Be authentic and keep ourselves


- Walk the talk



With the vision of ?a

community physically

active for life?, Harbour

Sport is committed to

supporting community

development for sport and

healthy lifestyles. With a

strategic focus on young



populations, Maori,

Pasifika and East Asian,

Harbour Sport has been able to see some real

changes in people?s lives and local communities

as they become more active and engaged in

sport and recreation.

Harbour Sport was the winner of the NZSSSC

Innovation in School Award 2017 and NZRA

Winner 2016 Outstanding Community Recreation

Programme ? SportsPasifik.

Harbour Sport?s stakeholder survey provided

some good results including 85% of respondents

thinking our performance is good, very good or

excellent, 63% believe we are effective at

collaborating and 61% believe our

communication is effective.

2017 has been a big year for growing the health

and well being components of the business.

Harbour Sport successfully tendered for the

entire Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB)

Green Prescription and Active Families contract.

We also won the ACC Strength and Balance

contract for the WDHB and were asked to also

provide for the Auckland DHB. Work begins in the

new financial year.

SportSPasifik provides a multi-faceted approach

to servicing the Pasifika community. Through

PolySports holiday programme, Pasifika children

participate in fun games and activities and

healthy eating nutritional messages. Pasifika

teenage girls through the Equip?d programme

have participated in sports skills, fitness,

mentoring and nutrition. NiuMovement provides

for whole family sessions including physical

activity, exercise sessions and nutritional


The ActivAsian volunteer programme encourages

young people from culturally and linguistically

diverse backgrounds to participate in sport

through volunteering. 180 people registered and

volunteered at 27 events. Weekly walks around

the North Shore promote regular physical activity

and introduce new migrants to parks, reserves

and facilities. There were an average of 30

participants per walk. Spike Spin Smash is a

weekly drop in social sport session targeted at

secondary school students and young adults,

averaging 40 participants per week.

Ensuring that primary school teachers have

capability in providing high quality physical

education and physical literacy sessions with fun,

quality experiences will set young people up for a

lifelong love of physical activity. Harbour Sport

delivered to 576 teachers and 62 student


Through the Coach Sport Initiative (CSI) we have

seen the power of quality coaching and the

impact strong coaching leadership can have on

improving sports participation and wider

community links. CSI has delivered to 12

Secondary Schools and 15 Primary Schools, with

5 Coaching Leaders working in the community.

There were 378 coaches developed with 7447

athletes impacted.

Supporting sport and recreation organisations at

a number of levels to deliver and maintain a

quality sport system in our region is engendered

by good governance, good practice and

continuous improvement.


Harbour Sport has worked with 9 RSO?s and a

number of their clubs focusing on strategic

planning, volunteer management, organisational

structure development and club capability.

Identification of and sharing of good practise

ensures organisations take a holistic approach to

foster and develop quality, sustainable

programmes, strong partnerships and effective

collaborations which will benefit the whole


Events have continued to grow and provide a

solid revenue source to support key components

of Harbour Sport delivery which are

underfunded. New programmes including

corporate health and wellness and a Golf Day are

being introduced.

Bike programmes and bike delivery continue to

grow after previous years when funding dried up.

With a commitment by local and central

government to fund cycle infrastructure in the

medium term, ensuring there is cycling capability

in the community is vital.

With staffing numbers increasing from 21 to 32

over a short period of time, the pressure on team

leaders and office management has been

intense. My sincere thanks to Kevin O?Leary, Jay

Martin and Richard Casutt for their continued

support and efforts for the benefit of Harbour

Sport. To Lisa Newman and Paula McGregor who

have always delivered in the office and have

committed much of their time to ensuring the

office space is an excellent environment,

conducive to successful work outcomes. To the

rest of the Staff, you are what makes the

difference in the community. Thank you very

much for your significant contribution.

Harbour Sport cannot exist without a committed

Board and to Ted Benton who steps down as

Chair, we thank you for the considerable years

you have given to Harbour Sport for your

passion, interest and commitment to the work

that we have pursued in the community. To the

rest of the Board, as volunteers I thank you that

you are role models in giving back to the local

community and doing your best to make a

difference in the Harbour region.

Toni-Maree Carnie

Chief Execut ive



Increase Participation

Leadership, facilitation, delivery, support for

participant focused sport and physical activity for

an active and healthy community

Quality Experiences

Building an integrated sport system to ensure

people in the community are enriched by quality

experiences. Consequently they are encouraged

to engage in a variety of roles.

Be Connected

Connection with and enhancement of links

between partners and providers to network,

share best practice, develop and collaborate.

Insights to Influence Action

Well informed advocacy for and promotion of

participant focused opportunities with benefits

for all.


Increase Participation by

- Supporting a system providing relevant

opportunities and integrated experiences

to participants that encourage ongoing


- Developing initiatives that focus on

growing participation in our targeted


- Facilitating more enjoyable quality


- Understanding the environment

Quality Experiences by

- Providing pathways with opportunities

and experiences to encourage


- Educating, training and upskilling to build

a network of skilled people

- Working with partner organisations to

help them understand the needs of their


- Supporting our stakeholders to optimise

the use and future development of spaces

and places

Be Connected by

- Supporting a network of capable partners

and stakeholders in sport, recreation and

physical activity

- Providing an information hub and

communications that appeal to our


- Creating new relationships and enhance

existing ones

- Providing opportunities to connect and


- Seeking out innovative partnerships to

widen our impact in the community

Insights to Influence Action by

- Sharing research and best practice and

promoting the benefits of sport and

physical activity

- Listening to and advocating for the


- Providing, aligning and promoting key

messages around the benefit and impact

of sport, health and physical activity

- Supporting our stakeholders to

understand and engage our diverse





An essential component in the building blocks of skill acquisition for young children is the

development of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). Harbour Sport, recognising the importance of

FMS, delivered the following programmes to primary school teachers and student teachers aimed at

upskilling them as the deliverers of Physical Education and Physical Activity sessions. The aim of the

sessions is to enable them to keep young children engaged by producing fun, quality experiences,

thus setting them up for a lifelong love of physical activity.


Provides PD workshops for teachers to increase the quality of delivery in physical education and

physical activity.

- 14 Primary Schools were supported with the delivery of 32 fundamental movement skills (FMS)

and Teaching Games for Understanding workshops, resulting in 576 teachers being upskilled

- 62 student teachers at AUT attended the two FMS workshops delivered.


The programme is designed to teach young people about leadership, aimed at growing their

leadership potential and giving them self-confidence and leadership tools for life. The key skills

developed are:

- Self ? knowing self and developing self

- Others ? understanding others, relating to and communicating with others

- Influence ? planning to lead, leading in action



SportSPasifik targets the Pacific community and aims to increase participation in sport and recreation

and improve nutrition. The project addresses barriers to healthy lifestyles by facilitating wellbeing and

community cohesion. The Kaipatiki region, which is home to the greatest number of Pacific people in

our region, remains the key focus of our programme delivery. The ongoing development of the project

over recent years has created a life stage model, which now enables Harbour Sport to offer our Pacific

community the opportunity to become and remain engaged in the programme regardless of age. The

continued growth of the project, particularly over the last 2 years, has seen a significant increase in

the impact made on our ever-increasing Pacific community. The fact that all of the elements in the

programme are delivered locally in their community is a significant factor in this success.


A sport and recreation holiday programme for

Pacific Island children aged 6-12 which includes

fun games and activities combined with ?healthy

eating?nutritional messages. This programme is

delivered in two venues, Beach Haven and

Northcote, resulting in a total of 349 children

participating over 24 days during the four school



Aims to improve the sports skills, fitness,

confidence and self-esteem of Pacific teenage

girls through a combination of activity sessions,

nutrition and mentoring. The programme has

expanded with Harbour Sport now working

closely with four schools, Northcote College,

Northcote Intermediate School, Carmel College

and Birkenhead College to engage the girls. 95

girls were actively involved in the programme

this year.


Is delivered in Northcote and is a programme

aimed at Pacific children and their families.

Following the previous 3 successful rounds, a

further 10 Pacific families comprising of 45

participants, were enrolled onto this 20 week

programme, which provides weekly physical

activity and exercise sessions for the whole

family, nutrition education and many other great

opportunities that keep participants active as a

family unit.


This exercise class, delivered in Northcote to our

Pacific community, aims to provide another

avenue for attendees to engage in physical

activity to improve health and wellbeing. An

average of 25 people attended each session with

a total of 187 Pacific people impacted by the




Volunteers continue to be the unsung heroes of our sector, as most sport and recreation

organisations and schools continue to be reliant upon their willingness to give of their time to ensure

that participation opportunities are available, at a variety of levels, in a variety of settings. Recruiting,

Rewarding and Retaining volunteers remains one of the key areas of support offered to our Harbour

region sports organisations and schools. The Volunteer Management Workshop was once more well

attended and the Volunteers Toolkit along with the REVISE Assessment Toolkit, which are both

resources designed to be used concurrently to support organisations to develop and grow their

volunteer base, proving to be particularly useful to a number of different organisations, both within

and outside our region.

Harbour Sport has continued to recognise and reward their ?Volunteer of the Month?, despite a

significant reduction in financial support from Lotto NZ, whose level of support for a national

programme was substantially reduced prior to this reporting period.

The award, which recognises outstanding and selfless work in the community, saw each monthly

winner rewarded with a $90 prize pack for their organisation /club.

Each nominee is acknowledged and each winner is recognised in the Game Plan monthly newsletter

and on the Harbour Sport website. Additionally, each monthly winner is nominated for the ?Volunteer

of the Year Award?at the Harbour Sport Excellence Awards.

The Secondary Student Volunteer of the Month, which was introduced as a new initiative last year, has

consolidated its place in our secondary schools. This award recognises the invaluable and selfless

contributions made in sport within their schools, by large numbers of volunteer students. Like their

club-based counterparts, without their willingness to give of their time, fewer opportunities for

participation would be available for those wishing to take part in a number of different activities.




Harbour Sport delivered 6 hours of grade 1 (off-road) and 2 (on-road) cycle skills training in three

schools: Northcote Intermediate, Hobsonville Point Secondary School and Orewa College. A total of

615 year 7-9 students completed the day of training. 26 students learned how to ride a bike and by

the end of the delivery were able to consistently pedal independently.


- Orewa College

- 28.5% increase in Cycling NZ road code quiz (from 55% to 83.5% post training)

- 36% increase in overall confidence riding on the road post training.

- Hobsonville Point Secondary School

- 19% increase in Cycling NZ road code

quiz (from 55% to 74% post training)

- 34% increase in overall confidence riding

on the road post training.

- Northcote Intermediate

- 26.5% increase in Cycling NZ road code

quiz (from 60.5% to 87% post training)

- 25% increase in overall confidence riding

on the road post training.


Two Primary Schools in the Harbour Region received

?Learn to Ride? teacher workshops: Upper Harbour

Primary had 25 teachers attend and Whangaparaoa

School had 35. The aim of these workshops is to

train the teachers to deliver cycling-based lessons


Harbour Sport delivered four cycle skills workshops

across the Auckland region (North x2, West and

South) to train and develop cycle instructors. A total

of 64 participants received cycle skills training and 14

of these participants are now gaining delivery

experience, being mentored and are working

towards their Skills Active cycle skills accreditation.

Harbour Sport has 3 new accredited Skills Active

Grade 2 Cycle Skills Instructors and 2 Skills Active

Cycle Assessors.


The objective of the project is to collect and source a

minimum of 80 second-hand bikes and redistribute to

young people in low socio-economic areas. To date 35

bikes have been received, 12 distributed with 23

serviced bikes currently ready for redistribution.

Students from Northcote Intermediate, Onepoto

Primary School and Albany Pre School have received

bikes and a new helmet.




GRx received 3100 referrals in the last 12 months, an average of 258 per month which exceeded the

Waitemata District Health Board KPI by 5%. 258 referrals/month was a 12% increase from 2015-2016.

Face to face consultations, dietician workshops and exercise options (aqua classes, low impact

exercise, gym inductions) were provided at Glenfield Leisure Centre and Stanmore Bay Pool. These

options are very popular with attendances growing monthly. 739 face to face consultations were

delivered in the past year to GRx clients.

On average, 70% of appropriate referrals were discharged as independently active and transitioned

into regular physical activity.

Harbour Sport GRx team successfully tendered for the Waitemata District Health Board GRx and

Active Families contract for the whole of the

Waitemata DHB region so the service will extend

across West Auckland. This contract commences on

July 6, 2017.

In Rodney support was provided at the GRx Parakai

pools programme with presentations and

consultations. Mahu-Movers was delivered at

Mahurangi College and provided consultations,

bio-metric assessments and a weekly boot camp for

25 staff at Mahurangi College on GRx.



Active Families and Active Teens received 165 referrals and

worked with 140 children of unhealthy weight in the last 12


The Active Families service includes:

- Home visits including biometric assessment and goal

setting in the home

- Weekly activity sessions held at Northcote Baptist

Church gymnasium in Northcote

- Weekly nutrition and parent workshops

- Off-site visits and events: Mud Rush event, JUMP

On average 24 children/parents participated at

weekly activity sessions with a 75% average

attendance rate.

Active Teens worked with 24 teens at

Mahurangi College and a gym in Warkworth.

Many participants have reduced body fat, body

circumference and are now more confident to

participate in sport and physical activity.


Harbour Sport successfully tendered for the ACC Lead Agency Strength and Balance Contract for

Waitemata and Auckland District Health Boards. Work commenced in partnership with the District

Health Board Falls Prevention Steering groups and ACC to develop an implementation plan for the

delivery of this new nationwide initiative. Key objectives are to build capability and capacity in the

community in relation to the provision of Strength and Balance classes for Older Adults. Ultimately the

goal is to decrease falls and fractures in older adults at risk of falling.




Working collaboratively to support sport and recreation organisations at a number of levels to deliver

and maintain a quality sport system in our region, by engendering a philosophy of good governance,

good practice and continuous improvement, remains the key objective of the Sport Capability Team.

To enable us to achieve our goals of increased participation opportunities, more participants, coaches

and volunteers in sport and recreation, we work closely with organisations to identify their strengths

and areas for improvement, so that they are in a position to implement the systems and processes

required to create or enhance a high-performing organisation. The identification and sharing of good

practice examples, the training, development and support for the people and volunteers that work in

the sports sector and the linking of the community to make the most of identified opportunities,

continue to be our key areas of focus in achieving our objective. In taking this holistic approach we

look to foster and develop quality, sustainable programmes, strong partnerships and effective

collaborations which will be of benefit to the whole community.

Harbour Sport?s delivery of inclusive support for the development of capability in Regional Sports

Organisations, Clubs, targeted communities, the Asian Community, Volunteers and Schools (Secondary

and Primary), is achieved by providing a variety of capability development opportunities in the

community, tailored to meet the identified and agreed needs of the user. This approach has proven to

be very successful, developing and utilising a number of different initiatives through a variety of

Specific, Targeted and Generic programmes, depending upon the level of support required by each

organisation. Specific topics and support has included Strategic and Annual Planning, Governance,

Leadership, Volunteer Development, Coach Development, Club Development, Officials Development

and programme management and development. The provision of this support consisted of a number

of development opportunities including generic workshops, specific workshops, one-to-one and group

organisational planning and development, capability assessments, Toolkits, Template development,

and the mentoring of key people in sports organisations.

The 2016/2017 year has seen some changes in the priorities from Sport NZ, one of which was the

removal of their targeted sports with whom we had prioritised our work in previous years. In line with

Sport NZ, we have devoted a significant amount of time and staff resource to supporting Aktive with

the development of a series of work plans which make up the regional Auckland Approach.

Additionally, significant time and resource was invested into the development of Community of

Activity Plans, which form the basis of our community-based work for the 2017/2018 investment


Harbour Sport continued to work with our regionally significant sports and support organisations

throughout the region with initiatives and projects as much as limited resources would allow. A variety

of programmes / interventions benefitting a number of different sports organisations were

successfully implemented by Harbour Sport:



Strategic Planning ? Process was completed with

Harbour Hockey, Touch North Harbour, Netball

North Harbour and initiated with Harbour

Volleyball. Club Strategic Planning and Annual

Planning ongoing with 11 clubs in the region.

Strategic Plan review completed with Tennis

Northern and Beach Haven Tennis Club.

Volunteer Management ? Plan implemented by

NH Softball and the need identified by Harbour

Basketball. Harbour Volleyball were supported to

develop and implement a plan for the World

Masters Games.

RSO/Club Development Support ?Organisational

structure development support for Harbour

Hockey, Harbour Volleyball, Tennis Northern and

Cricket North Harbour. Club capability

assessments with priorities for improvement

agreed. Projects aligned as outcomes within

strategic plans, including increase in junior

participation particularly females, volunteer

recruitment, training and development (Board /

Committee PD) improving school club links,

targeted population engagement and income

generation initiatives. Support for Harbour

Hockey, Touch North Harbour and Harbour

Volleyball to offer opportunities in school sport.

Coach Development ? Coach development

workshops and initiatives facilitated for volunteer

coaches across the region including the delivery

of the Good Sports initiative. Coaches supported

to progress into regional development



Official Development ? A new initiative which

delivered workshops to students covering

Generic Officiating Skills and Mental Skills for

Rugby Coaches.

Facility Development Support ? In-depth and

ongoing at Warkworth Showgrounds, Metro Park,

Browns Bay, Huapai Domain, Albany Tennis Park,

NSEC, ECB RLFC (Freyberg Park) and Greenhithe

Pony Club.

Community Use of School Facilities Support ? New

opportunities identified at Glenfield College,

Kaipara College, Whangaparaoa College and

WBHS for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Futsal

and Table Tennis

Financial Planning and Governance Support ? Tennis

Northern, Harbour Hockey and NH Volleyball

Targeted Community Engagement ? Interventions

designed to increase participation, particularly

females, in Asian, Pacific Island and Rural

populations and schools with lower participation

in Sport and Recreation.

KiwiSport Project Support and Development -

Ongoing support with RSO?s, Clubs and schools

on their KiwiSport projects.

Specific topics relevant to supporting their organisation were delivered to sport CEOs and

Development staff in the form of Sports Summits and Sector Knowledge Days. The events are always

well attended by sports, Local Boards, Council staff and Ward Councillors. Topics covered this year

included: Ongoing Auckland Council and Local Board Engagement and Collaboration to produce the

best outcomes for sport and recreation across the region, Local Board Plans priorities and

submissions, Long Term Plan Review Process, Auckland Sports Facilities Priorities Plan, Foundation

North, Council and Local Board Funding Opportunities, Cultural Awareness and Engagement, WMG

Volunteer Opportunities and Recognising and Dealing with Stress.

The Harbour Sport Club Workshop Programme was once more tailored to cater for the identified

needs of the community and focused on the key areas below as requested by local clubs:

- Capability Assessment

- Funding

- Volunteer Management

- Club / School Links



The ActivAsian initiative has three key objectives:

- Improving sporting opportunities for Asian people, with a particular focus on school-aged


- Improving access to information about sport and recreational opportunities for the Asian


- Encouraging more Asian people to participate in sport.

The following four strategic pillars serve to provide guidance on how we will achieve the above

outcomes, and build a robust programme, supporting the development of sport, recreational and

physical activity in the Asian communities:

1. Relationship Building

2. Participation

3. Education and Resources

4. Capability Building

The ActivAsian Team has experienced significant growth in the past year which sees the project

now employing 2 full time and 2 part time staff, with one staff member working with both the

North Shore and West Auckland Chinese communities. This has allowed us to expand and

extend our reach into different Asian communities, as well as implementing innovative and

collaborative projects across Auckland.


This initiative aims to encourage young people

from a culturally and linguistically diverse

background to participate in sport through


- A total of 180 members registered for the

programme this year

- Collectively our members have

volunteered at 27 sporting events in 2017

- Have-a-go activities were incorporated

into quarterly volunteer workshops this

year to introduce new sports to members

- 4 volunteer leaders have been appointed

this year representing different schools to

assist and lead the projects in their



3 members of the ActivAsian team lead four

weekly walks around the North Shore to

promote regular physical activity, and introduce

new migrants to walks, reserves, parks,

landmarks and facilities in the community.

- This has grown from one walk a week to

four a week starting from different

locations and catering for varying ability


- Massey University is a sponsor of the

advanced walking group every


- We have a database of over 250 people

who have participated in at least one

walk. Each walk sees an average of 25 to

30 participants



This is a weekly drop-in social sport session

targeted at secondary school students and

young adults. This has grown from one venue to

two venues every Saturday, with a new sport

introduced this year ? Basketball (shoot).

These sessions are coordinated and delivered by

the North Shore Filipino Community, with 10

volunteers running these sessions each week.

On average 30 to 40 participants attend at each

venue weekly.




This is a new initiative delivered by Athletics NZ

to provide quality opportunities for FMS

development for students, teacher professional

development, community links and resources

which all work towards developing healthy and

active, kiwi kids.

Athletics NZ targeted schools with over 20% of

their year 0 ? 2 students identifying as being

Asian, and delivered an eight week in-school Get

Set Go programme. Each school received:

- Eight x 45min sessions per class with a

qualified GSG coach

- A full day of teacher PD for all teachers of

classes receiving Get Set Go

- A GSG teacher resource and a full GSG

equipment kit for the school to encourage

continued delivery and sustainability.

In addition to the existing GSG resources

Athletics NZ have developed resources to

specifically target Chinese and Korean children

and their parents. These resources include:

- A letter for each child to take home to

their parents which outlines the benefits

of engaging in physical activity and more

specifically the Get Set Go programme

that their child will be participating in.

This letter is translated into Chinese and


- A set of four game cards each with a

different skill focus. These are offered in

English, Chinese and Korean for children

to take home to encourage

parents/caregivers to play with their



This initiative includes subsidised Skills Active

Swim Teacher Training for bi-lingual individuals

(English and Chinese/Korean) and a three day

Water Safety Leadership course for secondary

school students which covers in-pool water

safety skills, leadership/presentation skills, Coast

Guard Day Skipper course, stand-up paddle

boarding, and beach education.

- Skateboarding activity for 10 Chinese

children ? OnBoard Skate

- Learn to Ride cycling programme for 10

Chinese children

- Rugby Have-a-go Day delivered at the

Korean School of Auckland to 55 Korean

students ? Harbour Rugby and Northcote

Nobras Presidents Team

- Trampoline have-a-go day for 22 Chinese

children ? North Shore Trampoline

- An introductory Football Coaching

Session delivered to 7 Chinese football



This is a collaborative initiative with Sport

Waitakere, Counties Manukau Sport, Watersafe

Auckland and the Chinese Conservation

Education Trust to promote participation, safety

and environmental awareness of water-based

activities in the Asian community. Three

programmes were delivered as a part of this

initiative this year:

- Water Safety Conservation Day: attended

by 39 members of the Chinese

community on the North Shore and West


- West Coast Experience: attended by 44

international students from Counties


- Water Safety Leadership Course: a three

day course delivered to 12 people

including theory, day skipper experience

with Coast Guard, paddle boarding and

beach education


A Chinese and Korean newsletter is sent to the

respective communities, schools and other

agencies containing information about sport and

recreation on the North Shore. Information is

obtained from sports organisations and clubs,

translated into Chinese and Korean and sent out

through our networks. An official ActivAsian

WeChat profile has also been introduced this

year to establish readership on the social media




The implementation of the Harbour Region Coaching Plan was initiated continuing to align with the

Aktive Auckland Sport & Recreation Coaching Plan, and the Sport New Zealand Coaching Plan.

Coaching continues to be an identified area of need in the region, with the need to recruit, retain and

develop coaches at all levels being of huge importance.

The Harbour region continues to promote and advocate for a clear vison for coaching, which places

coaches understanding the needs of the athletes they are working with, at the centre of their thinking.

2017 has seen the development and strengthening of some key coaching projects to align with this

philosophy. For primary and secondary school coaches, the CSI project which includes the the

Growing coaches initiative has once again provided a number of quality coach development

opportunities. The Talent, Leadership, Character initiative which is now cemented in Mahurangi

College, Long Bay College and Westlake Boys High School, has provided 50 students and 10 coaches

with regular engagement around developing leadership skills and character and is seeing some

fantastic results. For Club and RSO coaches, the Coach Evolve programme has been enhanced this

year and has catered for 17 targeted coaches within the Harbour community. The support received

has enabled them to develop their skills thus providing improved sporting experience for their

respective teams/athletes.

Some key numbers from 2017 are:


Through the Coach Support Initiative (CSI) we have seen the power of quality coaching, and the impact

strong coaching leadership can have on improving sports participation and wider community links. In

2017 this programme changed to having four coaching leaders based in the community and one

school receiving funding. This approach enables the coaching leaders to work with secondary schools,

primary schools and clubs to collaborate on the coaching needs of the community. Some key numbers

from 2017 are;

- CSI Project has delivered coach development in 12 High Schools and 15 Primary Schools

- 5 Coaching Leaders working in the community

- 378 Coaches developed through CSI, and the Coach Leader positions with each coach

receiving at least 3 development opportunities.

- 7447 Athletes impacted.

COACHES DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES (Includes workshops, coach observations, mentoring


- A total of 65 coach development opportunities completed

- 366 Participants: (from 30 different clubs/schools/RSO?s).



The Sport Capability Team monthly newsletter Game Plan, which contains useful information and links

for RSOs and Clubs, continues to receive positive feedback with increasing numbers using the

resource on a regular basis.

The Harbour Sport website has developed significantly as the ?go to?platform for Sport Capability

Knowledge Management. Templates and case studies are continually updated and are more easily

accessible, improving our on line support for RSOs and Clubs seeking organisational development.


- Sport Development articles Mahurangi Matters x3, North Harbour News and Rodney




Good Sports

- Harbour Sport continues to contribute to

the development and delivery of this

regional project and remains a key

member of the Good Sports steering


Facilities Projects ? Harbour Sport staff are part

of a variety of projects

- Auckland Sports Facilities Priorities Plan,

Albany Tennis Park, NSEC, Auckland

Regional Indoor Court Facility Plan.

Sports Partnership Projects ? Harbour Sport staff

continue to offer in-depth support to Council,

Local Boards and the sports organisations

involved in a variety of projects including:

- Metro Park (Including facility


- Warkworth Showgrounds (Including

facility development)

- Browns Bay (including facility


- Huapai Domain (including facility


- Greenhithe Pony Club (including Facility


- School / community use of facilities



Local Board Submissions

- Support and advice for RSOs and Clubs including the development of submissions resources

- Meetings with Local Boards

- Ward Councillor meetings

Local Board Engement

- Update of Harbour Sport activity within

Local Board areas presented to all five

Boards twice a year

- Promotion and support of the Local Board

Meetings for Sport and Recreation

priorities and Grant Funding


- Promotion and support of the Local Board

Plans consultation process

- Engagement of Local Board Members in

all sector development events


KiwiSport is a national initiative that aims to get

more school-aged children playing organised

sport. It is funding that Harbour Sport manages on

behalf of the community, the three main objectives


1. More Kids: increase the number of school

aged children playing organised sport

2. More opportunities: Increase the availability

and accessibility of sport for school aged


3. Better Skills: Support children in developing

skills that will allow them to participate

effectively in sport throughout school and


The North Harbour Sports Council

Is a collaboration of regional sporting

organisations from the North Harbour region to

speak as one voice:

In-depth support for NH Sports Council to:

- identify and present their sport and

recreation priorities / concerns to Local


- make their submissions to Local Board


- keep the Local Boards, Ward Councillors

and Auckland Council aware of the needs

of sport and recreation in our region and

how they can best be met utilising a

collaborative approach whenever possible

In the financial year of 2016 to 2017, we have funded a total of 26 contestable projects and 5

non-contestable projects, investing a total of $464,527.00 into the Harbour Sport community.




- Student representation in school sport continues to remain static over the past 5 years. In

2016, 52% of students in the Harbour region represented their school in sport. Boys?

representation had no change whereas Girls?representation had an increase of 1%.

- In 2016, schools in the Harbour region offered students the opportunity to represent their

school in 67 out of the 84 sports recognised in the census.


School Sport Planning

- Rosmini College and Whangaparaoa College have implemented their new School Sport

Strategic Plans in 2017.

- Carmel College revisited their School Sport Strategic Plan with the appointment of a new

Sports Director and implemented the plan at the beginning of 2017.

- End of year review of their School Sport Strategic Plan with Albany Senior High School to set

new priorities for 2017 including a focus on girls?participation in sport.

- 24 secondary schools have documented sporting goals for 2017.

Secondary School Support

- Four meetings have been held to support the development of Director of Sport/Sport

Coorindators in the region.

- In collaboration with Aktive, College Sport and the Regional Sport Directors from Sport

Auckland and Sport Waitakere, the Auckland Secondary School Sport Conference was held in

June 2017. This was a one day conference and provided a professional development

opportunity for all school sports staff in the Auckland area. Key topics covered were, Satisfying

Your Customer ? a corporate world view, Funding Information and sharing of good practice

(Takapuna Grammar School presented on behalf the Harbour region about their Student

Sports Council).

Harbour Secondary School Student Sport Council


- NZSSSC Innovation in School Sport Award

2016. This award recognises initiative in

school sport that is deemed to be

exceptional in providing quality sporting

opportunities for secondary school

students. Regional Sport Director, Kylie

McGrigor, and Harbour Sport were the

winners of this award for the Harbour

Student Sports Council KiwiSport Student

Led project. The aim of this project was

for the students to develop an in-school

sporting opportunity that encouraged

new participants to play sport and

developed coaches and officials.

- Three meetings held from July 2016 ? June

2017 with the following guest speakers,

Joe Sullivan (Olympic Rower/Team NZ

America?s Cup), Kathryn Henry and Kristen

Pearce (Black Sticks Women?s Team), and

Laura Quilter (Commonwealth Games

Swimmer). Leadership themes have been

linked into every meeting with the focus in

2016 - Olympic Values and in 2017 ?

Emotional Intelligence.

- 2017 Value of School Sport project. A

series of videos interviews have been

collected from the student

representatives about what sport means

to students and staff of their school.

- The Sports Council have been involved in

providing feedback for the Auckland

Approach Young Peoples?Plan with Aktive.

Student representatives are on the Social

Sport Working Group as a result of this


- Secondary Student Volunteer of the

Month Award has continued with local

businesses (Hillcrest Clothing Company,

Glenfield Mall, Stirling Sports Takapuna

and Stirling Sports Silverdale) donating

vouchers to the prize pack. Every

secondary school has been given a month

to nominate a student(s) who make sport

happen in their school and community

while demonstrating their school values

and Harbour Sport?s values.


Harbour Sport?s objective is to work with partners to provide quality opportunities and experiences for

our partners. The ultimate aim is to create ?win win?relationships where partner benefits are realised,

while Harbour Sports financial objectives for their events and programmes. There is an ongoing need

to generate more income through partnerships to help support the extensive and growing community

programmes delivered and supported by Harbour Sport.

Harbour Sports events; the Mud Rush, Shore to Shore and Sporting Excellence Awards continue to

engage the community consequently providing fantastic exposure for partners involved. Harbour

Sport programmes continue to evolve with Green Prescription (GRx) and Community Strength and

Balance increasing, while ActivAsian, Bike, Coaching, Young Persons and SportSPasifik continue to

impact the community significantly, consequently creating great opportunities for partners to engage.

Development of a Harbour Sport Events Team has allowed increased opportunities for partners and

community engagement. This has seen the inclusion of the 50th Anniversary Dinner for Volleyball New

Zealand and coordination of the Northcote Chinese New Year?s Festival. Implementation of a Harbour

Sport Corporate golf day is set for October 2017. The growth of the Events Team has allowed more

availability for partners to leverage opportunities and increase their involvement.

Local boards work continues to align with Harbour Sport and are able to shape their local

communities by promoting sport and recreation to develop health, social and economic benefits, as

well as providing an enhanced sense of identity and wellbeing.

Charitable Trusts and Gaming funders have provided essential funding for the many important sport

and recreation programmes and projects throughout the year.

The ultimate goal of events is to benefit the community through increased revenue put back into our

programmes that impact the community significantly.


Harbour Sport has a fantastic group of motivated and engaged partners supporting events,

programmes and the operations of Harbour Sport. We thank them for their continued support:


Massey University, Harcourts Cooper & Co., Honda, Auckland Council, Aktive, North Shore Times,

Hayes Knight North, Axis Sports Med, Tass Print, Cube, Sports Distributors, The Hits, AUT University,

Dole, Lonestar Albany & Takapuna, PB Tech. Giesen Wines, Deep Creek Brewing Co., Shoe Science

Albany, HillcrestFunding


Aktive - Auckland Sport and Recreation, Youthtown, Waitemata District Health Board, Pub Charity,

NZCT, Southern Trust, Birkenhead Licensing Trust, Lion Foundation, Foundation North, Infinity

Foundation, Upper Harbour Local Board, Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, Takapuna-Devonport Local




The 2016 Mud Monster Mud Rush was delivered

by Harbour Sport on September 10th and 11th

2016. The fourth edition of this event was held

for the first time at Massey University Albany and

received a record 1881 participants and an

overwhelming amount of positive feedback from

the community. The course, located behind the

Recreation Centre at Massey University, featured

17 obstacles including mud pits, mud crawls, a

climbing wall, a creek run and a pinnacle finale

mud slide.

an opportunity to throw the rules out the

window and get as muddy as possible while

conquering the course together.

The aim of the Mud Monster Mud Rush was to

facilitate an event where families and friends

could get out and get active together while

having fun and enjoying themselves. The event

was designed to encourage participation as

opposed to competition in an attempt to attract

participants that may not normally partake in

physical activity to get involved without having

the pressure of competition. The Mud Monster

Mud Rush placed a strong focus on the

importance of healthy active living and family

and community unity, and provided participants


For the first time in the history of the Mud

Monster Mud Rush, the participants consisted

primarily of families and groups, as opposed to

individuals. The opportunity for families and

groups of friends to tackle the course together

was very popular and was a drastic change from

the demographics experienced in previous years.

Promotion specifically targeted the North

Harbour Region including schools, community

events, social media, radio and local media.

Assembly, sports club and community event

visits were conducted to help increase awareness

of the event, and a wide variety of printed

collateral such as flyers and business cards were

distributed to members of the community.


For the 33rd consecutive year, the Shore to Shore

5km Run/Walk saw huge crowds take to the

roads and beaches spanning from Takapuna

Grammar School to Milford Reserve on Sunday

April 9th 2017. 5394 participants rallied together

to help raise money for their school sports

program while getting active and having some

fun along the way! 48 different North Harbour

schools were represented at the event and with

sunny skies overhead, young and old alike

completed the 5km route.

Shore to Shore promotes exceptional values of

healthy active living and community

engagement, as well as family and community

unity. The event also gives back directly to

schools to enhance their sport and recreation

programs. This ensures the continued promotion

of healthy lifestyle initiatives and the availability

of sport and recreation programmes in a number

of North Harbour schools.

The primary focus of the marketing campaign

was through the ambassadors and registered

schools. During the 8 week lead up period to the

event, assemblies were delivered to 26 schools

and over 20, 000 flyers delivered to school

children and members of the community. Shore

to Shore was also promoted on the Hits Radio

and in the North Shore Times as well as online ads. Promotion specifically targeted

the North Harbour Region schools, but also had

a reach into community events, social media, and

local media.



The annual Sport Excellence Awards celebrate

the achievements of North Harbour?s top

athletes, coaches, referees/umpires and

volunteers. The evening was held at the Spencer

on Byron Hotel on November 25th and saw 316

people attend including past and present North

Harbour athletes, Harbour Sport board

members, representatives from Regional

Sporting Organizations, clubs, and sponsors.

independent judging panel and selected based

on a set list of criteria. Two athletes were

inducted into the Hall of Fame at this year?s event

who truly were, ?Legends of Harbour.?

The Sport Excellence Awards consist of three

award categories;

- Sport Acknowledgment Awards

- Sports Excellence Awards

- Legends of Harbour Sports Hall of Fame

The Sport Acknowledgement Awards give each

sporting code in the North Harbour region the

opportunity to acknowledge an individual who

has excelled in their commitment to their sport.

The Sport Excellence Awards categories highlight

the outstanding performances by individual

athletes, teams, coaches, referees/umpires,

volunteers and events in the North Harbour

region. This category recognizes the

achievements from one sporting year.

The Legends of Harbour honours athletes who

have achieved excellence at the highest level and

have also given back to sport in the Harbour

Region. These nominations were put before an


This year the event received 138 nominations

across various sports across the region. The

nominations were judged by an independent

panel of experts representing sport, media and

business, and finalists were chosen in each

category and the category winners were

announced at the Massey University Harbour

Sport Excellence Awards.

For the first time the Hand Up Fund was debuted

at the event and a live auction was run by

Harcourt?s Cooper & Co. Auctioneer which raised

over $4000 for the Harbour Sport run charity.

This is looking to be included annually as part of

the awards evening.


Sean Marks ? Basketball

Barbara Kendall ? Board Sailing


Total number of attendees 316

Number of sports represented 25

Total # of Nominations 138

Total # of Finalists 82


Massey University Overall Supreme Winner

Lisa Carrington ? Canoe Sprint

Shoe Science Albany & Takapuna Sportsman of

the Year

Cameron Leslie ? Para Swimming

Axis Sports Medicine Specialists Sportswoman of

the Year

Lisa Carrington ? Canoe Sprint

Cube Creative Print, Design & Signage Junior

Sportsman of the Year

George Gautrey ? Sailing

Sports Injury Clinic Junior Sportswoman of the


Eliza McCartney ? Athletics, Pole Vault

Massey University International Team

Performance of the Year

Jo Aleh & Polly Powrie ? Sailing

Alex Maloney & Molly Meech ? Sailing

The Spencer on Byron Hotel Junior Team of the


Nick Egnot-Johnson & Jackson Keon ? Sailing

Honda North Shore Regional Team of the Year

Birkenhead United Men?s 1st Team ? Football

Zeffer Cider Regional Talented Sportswoman of

the Year

Eleanor Adviento ? Curling

Harbour Sport Regional Talented Sportsman of

the Year

Tevita Li ? Rugby Union

Harcourts Cooper & Co. Referee/Umpire of the


Simon Taylor ? Hockey

Deep Creek Breweries Coach of the Year

Gordon Walker ? Canoe Sprint

Massey University Maori Sports Performer of the


Ethan Rangi ? Para Athletics

Harcourts Cooper & Co. Club of the Year

Birkenhead United AFC ? Football

TASS Print Sporting Event of the Year

Finn Gold Cup 2015 ? Sailing

Giesen Wine Volunteer of the Year

Glenn Wheeler ? Rugby Union

Hayes Knight Sporting Acknowledgement Awards

Richard Wood ? North Harbour Gymnastics

Krisinda Etherington ? North Harbour Diving

Lara Smith ? North Shore Trampoline

Karen Lynch ? Harbour Hockey

Ross Frisby ? Northern Football Federation

Danny Morrison ? Mairangi Bay Surf


Alice Browning ? North Shore United Football

Simon Cheeseman ? Takapuna Rugby

Len Bilton ? North Harbour Golf

Jill Hayman ? Netball North Harbour

Innes Kerr-Taylor ? Kaipara College Rugby

UnionDavid Gould ? North Harbour Bays


Erica Knights ? Takapuna District Cricket

Edith Miller ? Orewa College Volleyball



For the year ended 30 June 2017


29 Approval of Financial Statements

30 Statement of Comprehensive Revenue and Expense

31 Statement of Changes in Net Assets / Equity

32 Statement of Financial Position

33 Statement of Cash Flows

34 Statement of Accounting Policies

39 Notes to the Financial Statements

DIRECTORY as at 30 June 2017

Nat ure of business

Lead and support the development of the sport and recreation community within North Harbour.

Charit ies Com m ission Regist rat ion Num ber


Board of Trust ees

Ted Benton - Chairman

Vicki Skill

Bevan Catley

Malcom Allan

Helen Varney (Resigned 3 April 2017)

Paul Seo

Tim Holdgate

Patrick Gale

Scott Arrol Andrew Pragnell (Appointed 19 June 2017)

Physical Address

Sports House, Stadium Drive, Albany, Auckland, 0632

Post al Address

PO Box 300-633, Albany, Auckland, 0752






















Ted Bent on - Chairm an

Bevan Catley Helen Varney Tim Holdgate Vicki Skill Scott Arrol

Malcolm Allan Paul Seo Patrick Gale Helen Varney Andrew Pragnell


Toni-Maree Carnie

Lisa Newman

Paula McGregor

Chief Exect ut ive

Office Manager

Admin and Digital Support

Richard Casutt

Jess Raymond

Sport Capability and Business Development Manager

Event Manager

Kevin O'Leary

Alex Nicholas

Anna Tu'inukuafe

Michael Samuela

Miguel Gallardo

Kylie McGrigor

Dan Grant

Jenny Lim

Dave Zhu

Marian Park

Community Sport Engagement Manager

PI Community Manager

PI Community Coordinator

PI Community Coordinator

Primary School Lead

Regional Sports Director

Community Coach Manager

Sport Capability Project Manager KiwiSport & ActivAsian

ActivAsian Coordinator

ActivAsian Coordinator

Justine Martin

Liz Golding

Kerri Moran

David Catherwood

Jason Edmonds

Fila Fuamatu

Ash James

Active Communities Manager

GRx/Active Families Manager

Community Strength and Balance Manager

Healthy Lifestyle Advisor

Healthy Lifestyle Advisor

Healthy Lifestyle Advisor

Healthy Lifestyle Advisor




Jodie Lintern Beth Miles Molly Chappell Steph Plested Josh Bush Chris Wade





Legal Advisor

David Brewis, Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation

RSM Hayes Audit, PO Box 9588, Auckland

Westpac, 10 Wairau Road, Private bag 95 515, Auckland

McVeagh Flemming, PO Box 300 844, Albany, Auckland

Thank You to our Family of Partners and Sponsors

Without you, we would not be able to put in place the valuable work we do in our community


BY 2020

- The community will have a shared

vision for coaching and talent

development with high quality coaches

- Harbour Sport will be utilised as the

information hub for the community

relating to sport and physical activity

- Our ethnic communities will be well

supported through culturally specific

and diverse sport and health

programmes and be actively involved in

all roles at all levels

- Young people will be actively involved

in the decision making process relating

to sport and recreation

- School aged children have quality

experiences and the skills and

opportunity to participate in a diverse

range of regular sport and physical

activity regularly in and out of school

- Volunteers in the community will have

opportunities to upskill and increase

their knowledge and skills

- Harbour Sport will support children to

be active from an early age and their

first experiences will be fun, playful and


- Sport organisations and clubs will be

well equipped and capable to meet the

changing needs of the community and

collaboration will make multi-sport

opportunities available in the


- Key agencies in the region will be

working in alignment to maximise the

use of each other?s expertise and

resources providing inclusive quality


- Maori wh?nau, hap? and iwi will be

supported by a holistic approach to


I ns pir ing ,

Empo wer ing a nd

St r eng t hening t he

C o mmu nit y t hr o u g h

Spo r t a nd Phys ic a l

Ac t ivit y








09 4154610

09 415 4594

Sports House, Stadium Drive, Albany, 0632

PO Box 300 633, Albany, Auckland, 0752

w w w.harboursport



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