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Aktive Annual Report 2016/17


6 Aktive Annual Report 2016/2017 MESSAGE FROM AUCKLAND COUNCIL He pānui nō te Kaunihera ō Tāmaki Makaurau Our goal is a world-class city where parks, leisure facilities, sports and recreation programmes are widely available to everyone. Whether it’s young children or seniors, social sport or clubs, or leisure and walks in parks, we want people to have access to a wide range of activities that contribute to healthy, active lifestyles. Auckland Council provides 43 leisure and recreation facilities and 240 sports parks from Rodney to Franklin, often partnering with community networks and sport and recreation organisations. In the past year, the council’s commitment has included five facility partnership projects, seven multi-sport partnerships, and a Regional Sport and Recreation Grants programme to support increased participation.The council has also completed 21 Local Board Sport and Recreation State of Play reports to help with decision-making at neighbourhood level. The council worked closely with Aktive - Auckland Sport & Recreation, and engaged with over 75 sports organisations, on developing the Auckland Sport Sector: Facilities Priorities Plan – a coordinated, integrated and sector-based approach for providing future sports facilities. The council has also worked with Aktive on the Community and School Partnership Project to improve access to sport and recreation facilities through greater sharing of school and community assets. Working with organisations like Aktive will help the council support Aucklanders to develop life-long leisure and sporting habits that benefit their physical and mental health. Stephen Town Chief Executive Auckland Council

MESSAGE FROM SPORT NEW ZEALAND He pānui nō Sport New Zealand Sport New Zealand is working hard to improve the quality of sport and recreation available to New Zealanders, particularly our young people. It’s our belief that quality is the key to young people getting active and staying active in a world of competing priorities and technologies. Aktive – Auckland Sport & Recreation is a key partner for Sport New Zealand, and one that shares our beliefs, commitment and approach. This is critical, with one third of our population living in Auckland. This year Aktive has taken major strides forward in its efforts to ensure quality opportunities are available for the people of Auckland, and that these opportunities reflect the dynamics and needs of Auckland’s many and varied communities. We believe The Auckland Approach to Community Sport is a game-changer. Launched by the Aktive group this year, this plan provides a uniform and integrated approach to the delivery of sport and recreation across the city’s sporting regions. It’s focussed on local solutions for local needs and will, we believe, get more investment to the grassroots and get more young Aucklanders active. I congratulate Aktive’s board and management on the steps they have taken this year to reposition the organisation for a more positive future for sport and recreation in our biggest city. Peter Miskimmin Chief Executive Sport New Zealand

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