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Showguide | MWF17 | Wealden Times Midwinter Fair 2017

We’ve been working really hard to seek out stunning new exhibitors for this year’s Wealden Times Midwinter Fair with great results: you’ll find a beautifully curated selection of home and garden ware, fabulous food and fashion plus gifts galore as well as the perennial favourites at The Hop Farm from 16th to 18th November. We’re also introducing the Café Bar sponsored by Shepherd Neame, a fun new space to relax and refuel with a glass of your favourite tipple or a barista coffee. Along with the Street Food Café and Café Bakery, it offers all you serious shoppers a great place to meet up with friends and plan the next step in your retail campaign. See you at the Hop Farm!

Floorplan Site Map 2B

Floorplan Site Map 2B BK02 BK01 BK03 B09 Fire Exit B05 B06 B07 B08 B10 B11 B12 Fire Exit B13 B14 B15 B16 B17 B04 CAFÉ BAKERY B03 B61 B60 B59 B58 B57 B56 B55 B54 B53 B52 B51 B50 B49 B48 H&H B36 B37 B38 B39 B40 B41 B42 B43 B44 B45 B46 B47 BLUE MARQUEE B01 B35 B32 B31 B30 B29 B34 B33 B28 B27 B26 B25 B24 B23 Fire Exit R17 R15 R16 R18 R19 R20 R21 R22 R23 R24 R25 G09 R14 G08 R37 R38 R39 R40 R41 R42 R43 R44 R45 R46 R26 R36 R13 R35 R34 R33 R32 R31 R30 R29 R28 R27 G07 R12 RED MARQUEE G06 R11 R10 R09 R08 R07 R06 R05 R04 R03 Fire Exit R02 R01 Fire Exit Fire Exit G05 POD1 Midwinter Fair 8 TRA

Tickets on sale now Ticket Hotline: 01580 236071 CB03 CB04 CB05 CB06 CB07 CB08 CB09 S01 S02 S03 S04 2B CAFÉ BAR Sponsored by Shepherd Neame CB10 Fire Exit CB11 STREET FOOD CAFÉ Fire Exit CB12 CB01 CB02 CB13 Fire Exit CB14 S06 S05 CB17 CB16 CB15 WEALDEN TIMES W07 SHEPHERD NEAME Fire Exit W06 W08 W09 Fire Exit Y04 W05 W10 W04 Fire Exit Y01 Y02 Y03 Y05 Y06 Y07 W03 WHITE MARQUEE W11 B18 Y08 Y09 W02 W12 B19 Y25 Y26 Y36 Y27 Y28 Y29 Y30 Y31 Y35 Y34 Y33 Y32 Y10 Y11 W01 W13 B20 Y12 W15 W14 Y24 B21 Y23 YELLOW MARQUEE P01 P02 B22 Y22 Y21 Y20 Y19 Y18 Y17 Y16 Y15 Y37 Y14 Y13 PURPLE MARQUEE P03 5m P16 P17 P26 P04 G10 G11 G12 G13 G14 G15 G16 G17 G18 G19 G20 G21 G22 GENNIES P15 P18 P19 P25 P24 P05 Fire Exit P14 P20 P06 G37 G38 G39 G40 G41 G42 G43 G44 G45 G46 G47 G23 P23 G36 G35 G34 G33 G32 G31 G30 G29 G24 P13 P21 P22 P07 GREEN MARQUEE 5m P12 P08 G04 G03 G02 G01 G28 G27 G26 G25 P11 Fire Exit Fire Exit P10 P09 TICKET OFFICE ORGANISERS OFFICE POD2 O01 ENTRANCE CK 9 Midwinter Fair