These reasons speak for rollers from Wacker Neuson.

1. Your needs in focus! With the complete selection of

compaction equipment.

The range of rollers is not only matched to your different

application areas, but is also ease of maintenance. We are happy

to advise you about which product is the right one for your


3. Perfect results –

with the specialists in soil compaction.

In terms of soil compaction, we at offer a comprehensive

product range of compaction equipment, we offer the best

solutions for a variety of challenges. We are now rounding

off our portfolio with our variety of rollers – so you have many

choices of compaction projects.

2. First-class quality products –

with a long service life.

You want to complete your projects perfectly – there is no

question that you do not make any compromises when it comes

to the quality of your equipment. As with all products and solutions

from Wacker Neuson, you also receive high quality products with

our rollers, which will satisfy you in every aspect.

Wacker Neuson-all it takes!

We offer products and services rendered that meet

your high requirements and diverse applications.

Wacker Neuson stands for reliability. This also applies to all of

our rollers. We do our best every day to ensure your success.

We do our job with passion.

All rollers at a glance.



Single drum






Operating weight

1,467 kg

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276 kg

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450 kg







Operating weight

2,695 kg

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2,595 kg

3,965 kg

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3,825 kg


Roller expertise down to the last detail.

Professional service nationwide

We are always there for you: Thanks to

our trained service staff we make a point

of training our sales partners so that you

can always rely on a quick support.

First-class compaction performance

Regardless of which of our models

you choose – one thing is certain: The

compaction performance of our

rollers will excite you. Guaranteed!

Finely tiered model selection

Different tonnages and a varied selection

of single drum walk-behind rollers,

trench rollers and tandem rollers:

Choose exactly the model that you need

for your project.

Remote-controlled operation

The trench roller can be operated

comfortably and safely by infrared

remote control.

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1,220 kg


4,345 kg

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1,485 kg


3,995 kg

Since the year 1848, Wacker

Neuson has always put a

strong emphasis on the

German standards and

focusing on the engineering,

development and production

in its factories worldwide.


Compaction - complete without compromise.

Everything for perfect compaction results for maintenance work and in road and highway construction and

civil engineering: With our rollers, you create a durable foundation for your successful project. From our

comprehensive assortment, choose exactly the unit that meets your needs perfectly—we have the right

solution for every challenge!

The infrared remote control

guarantees save operation.

Ideally for compaction in trenches.


Ideally for maintenance work:

The rollers from Wacker Neuson

Perfect view of the working area.

Comprehensive product portfolio.


Remote controlled vibratory trench rollers.

Maneuver easily, work safely: Thanks to the articulated joint

and the operation via remote control, you will achieve your

compaction objective more quickly with the trench roller in

many ground conditions.

Ideal for earthwork in trench

applications, e.g. for supply lines

• Easy to maneuver, thanks to the articulated joint technology

• Adjustable compaction performance (from 34 kN to 68 kN)

• Very high compaction performance through exciters,

which are below the axle

• Diagnostic LED display to monitor various engine functions

• RTx is a 2 in 1 machine - drum width: 82cm or 56cm

Compatec – compaction control:

Compatec indicates the relative compaction level of the soil. Maximum

compaction has been reached once the number of lights stops increasing.

Specifically placed:

Due to the low position below the axle in the drums, the

centrifugal forces are transferred directly into the ground:

for a high compaction performance.

Articulated joint technology:

for easy maneuvering.



Kubota Motor Kohler Motor Kubota Motor Kohler Motor

Performance 34,2–68,4 kN 34,2–68,4 kN 34,2–68,4 kN 34,2–68,4 kN

Weight 1.422 kg 1.450 kg 1.467 kg 1.495 kg

Engine type

Diesel engine

Far-reaching control:

A transmission field of up to 20 meters at an angle of

45 degrees guarantees a high level of working comfort.

Intelligent proximity recognition sensor:

The machine stops automatically at a minimum safety distance

between the operator and machine of less than two meters.

Reach in m

High safety levels:

It stops moving if there is no clear line of sight between the operator and the compaction equipment.

Change drum width:

done in a few simple steps

with the RTx.

Third infrared receiving eye:

It ensures that the remote control contact is maintained

permanently, even in the trench shoring.


Single Drum Walk-behind rollers

Maintenance and repair of asphalt concrete pavement

and narrow areas is no longer an obstacle: The lightweight

and highly maneuverable walk-behind rollers have

infinitely variable hydrostatic drive for smooth, even

acceleration. High curb clearance and close side clearance

accommodates work adjacent to curbs and walls.

• Beveled edge steel drum with adjustable and reversible

polyurethane self-cleaning scrapers to prevent soil and

asphalt buildup

• Operator safety in focus: Automatic breaking system in

forward and reverse

• Adjustable, enclosed handle improves operator comfort

and folds vertically for convenient transportation and


Large water tank reduces refill stops for

continued operation and higher productivity.

Adjustable and foldable handle for easy

transportation and comfortable working.


RS600 RSS800

Operating weight 2,475 kg 2,385 kg

Drum diameter 450 mm 560 mm

Engine output 4.5 kW 7.1. kW

Excellent choice for the compaction of

sand, gravel, soil and asphalt on roadways,

walkways, bridges and parking lots.

Transport in no time: Sophisticated details

make transporting convenient and easy


Rollers of the 1 and 1.5 ton class

Dual drum drive for maximum traction and articulated steering

for extremely accurate control: These models have proven

themselves for many years in the market.

• Outstanding overall roller performance and a high exciter

frequency allows compaction at faster speeds while delivering

even coverage and excellent results

• No overhangs in the front and rear make the machine easily


• The articulated steering leads to a small turning radius

• Vibration-damped operator platform helps to reduce both

hand/arm vibration (HAV) as well as whole body vibration

Switch easily from vibration in one or both drums:

Front drum vibration with static rear drum leaves a

quality asphalt finish.

Engine hood tilts forward: Easy

access to all engine components

Free choice of vibration:

Change to a static roller

when needed


RD12A-90 RD16-90

Operating weight 1,220 kg 1,485 kg

Drum width 900 mm 900 mm

Engine output 15.1 kW 16.8 kW

Outstanding overall roller performance and a high

exciter frequency allow compaction at faster

speeds while delivering even coverage and

excellent results.

Vibration controls integrated into

operating lever.

Ideally suited for compaction of a

variety of soils.


Rollers of the 2.5 ton class

First-class performance, sophisticated technology: With the

rollers in this weight class, you can move safely everywhere

– even in confined areas.

• Maneuverable, compact roller models for first-class

compaction in road and highway construction

• Two vibration levels

• First-class compaction quality due to the large drum

diameter combined with a low machine center of gravity

• High level of tipping safety thanks to the low work platform

and the articulated pendulum joint

• Intuitive instrument panel

• Highly maneuverable, thanks to the special 3-point

pendulum articulation

Specialists for asphalt

compaction, but can

also be used for soil



RD27-120 RD27-120c

Operating weight with roll-over 2,695 kg 2,595 kg

protective structure (CECE)

Drum width 120 cm 120 cm

Engine output 22.9 kW 22.9 kW

Two model versions: Tandem-axle roller

with 2 vibrating drums or as combination roller.

Easy understandable

operators display.

All rollers are easy to service, good access

to all relevant parts is guaranteed.


Rollers of the 4.0 ton class

The full compaction force for your project: The rollers with one of the highest

centrifugal force on the market will meet any demand.

• Optionally available as a traditional tandem roller or a combination roller

• The three-point articulated pendulum joint provides for a sturdy

driving position and high level of maneuverability

• The vibration can be adjusted in two levels

• Outfitted with fold-down roll-over protective structure (ROPS) as a standard

• Central drainage: The water can be drained in one simple step

Long application

times without

refueling: Large tanks

for fuel and water

RD40-130 RD40-130c

Operating weight with roll-over 3,965 kg 3,825 kg

protective structure (CECE)

Drum width 130 cm 130 cm

Engine output 34.6 kW 34.6 kW


Convenient work:

Ergonomic seats with

plenty of legroom allow for

a very good view of the

working area

RD45-140 RD45-140c

Operating weight with roll-over 4,345 kg 3,995 kg

protective structure (CECE)

Drum width 138 cm 138 cm

Engine output 34.6 kW 34.6 kW


The function of vibration


The vibration drum optimally brings the material

to be compacted into oscillation with quick

successive vertical forces. The built-in eccentric

weight provides for a fast rotation and an excellent

compaction performance.

Drum offset

The drum offset allows for easy maneuvering when

compacting along walls. In addition to a reduction

in vut marks, drum offset increases productivity,

with less asphalt pushing and shoving.



Ideal for all traditional compaction work.

All Wacker Neuson rollers have adjustable

drum offset.


Edge pressing and

cutting equipment

Entirely as needed, the edge pressing and cutting

equipment can be attached on the right, left or

on both sides of the roller and with its integrated

track indicator ensures a clean edge of the paths.

Edge pressure and cutting equipment is available as an

option for all rollers of the 2.5 and 4-ton class.

Articulated pendulum joint

Uniform compaction, optimal driving stability: The

three-point articulated pendulum joint ensures

uniform weight distribution on the front and rear drums

at all times. This also improves the maneuverability and

provides for maximum tipping safety and stability when

turning curves.

All rollers from Wacker Neuson have

an articulated pendulum joint.

Optimal visibility

Everything is perfectly within view: With the specially

designed, tapered design of the roller, you always

have an excellent view of the drum edges, the

machine environment and the job site.

ROPS bar

Guaranteed safety: The standard ROPS (Roll Over

Protective Structure) can conveniently be folded

back for transport.

All rollers from Wacker Neuson

have a ROPS bar.


Technical data for Rollers





Engine / Motor manufacturer Kohler Kubota D902 Kohler KDW 1,003

Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) kW 15.5 15.5 14.8

Operating weight kg 1,497 1,467 1,495

Centrifugal force (min.) kN 34.2 34.2 34.2

L x W x H mm 1,855 x 820 x 1,230 1,853 x 820 x 1,270 1,853 x 820 x 1,270

Drum diameter mm 520 520 520

Drum width (max.) mm 820 820 820

Frequency Hz 41.7 21.7 21.7

Turning radius (inside) mm 1,600 1,600 1,600






Operating weight kg 276 450

Drum diameter mm 450 560

Centrifugal force kN 12 15,2

Frequency Hz 70

Advance travel m/min 62

Reverse travel m/min 46

Gradeability % 20 30

Drive Robin Honda

Gasoline engine

Operating performance Max.

Rated at 3600 rpm

kW 7,1

Tank capacity Fuel l 7

Tank capacity Water l 18 30


Operating weight with ballast kg 1,220 1,485

L x W x H mm 1825 x 1035 x 2300 1,950 x 1,002 x 2,547

Drum width mm 900 900

Drum diameter mm 560 560

Turning radius Outside mm 2,451 2,921

Travel speed Forward km/h 8.7 9.3

Travel Speed Reverse km/h 8.7 9.3

Drive Honda GX 630 Gasoline engine Kohler Diesel engine

Operating performance kW 15,1 13,8

Fuel tank volume l 23 23

Displacement m³ 688 1,028

Gradeability max. % 30 30

Centrifugal force Dynamic (Front) kN 16,8 15

Water tank volume l 100 100



comfortable driver's cabin

Central lifting


With the completely vibrationinsolated

driver's cabin,

operating the roller is extremely

comfortable. The large amount

of legroom and a seat that moves

forward as well as laterally to

the left and right also ensure a

pleasant working situation.

The central lifting point that

is practically placed in the

center ensures easy lifting

and quick transport of the


All rollers from Wacker Neuson have a laterally

moving seat *Not RD12.

Central lifting point for RD12, RD16 and RD27.

RD27-120 RD27-120c RD40-130 RD40-130c RD45-140 RD45-140c



Max. operating weight kg 3,410 3,320 4,920 4,790 5,300 4,960

Operating weight with roll-over

protective structure (CECE)

kg 2,695 2,595 3,965 3,825 4,345 3,995

Max. operating width mm 1,250 1,220 1,350 1,338 1,430 1,380

Lateral overhang mm 55/55 55/55 63/63 63/63 63/63 63/63

Turning radius (inside) mm 2,370 2,370 2,690 2,690 2,650 2,650

Drum type in front – smooth / undivided smooth / undivided smooth / undivided smooth / undivided smooth / undivided smooth / undivided

Drum type in rear – smooth / undivided – smooth / undivided – smooth / undivided –

Tire size in rear – – 9.5/65-15 – – – 10.5/80-16

Drive –


Diesel engine



Diesel engine



Diesel engine



Diesel engine



Diesel engine



Diesel engine


Power output (ISO 14396) kW 22.9 22.9 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6

Fuel tank volume l 42 42 73 73 73 73

Infinitely variable speed km/h 0-12.0 0-12.0 0–11.0 0–11.0 0–11.0 0–11.0

Gradeability with/without vibration % 30/40 30/40 30/40 30/40 30/40 30/40

Centrifugal force in front I/II kN 52/32 52/32 64/39 – 64/39 64/39

Centrifugal force in rear I/II kN 52/32 – – – 64/39 –

Water tank volume l 180 180 285 285 285 285


Your everyday work day is full of challenges. We have the right

solutions and help you to be ahead of the competition. We offer

you everything you need for this purpose:

Wacker Neuson-all it takes!


Concrete technology


Demolition technology


(Telescopic) wheel loaders





Spare parts

Repair &





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