The Freebird Times - Issue 2

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Staying in touch

Facebook started out as a means

for College students to stay in

touch when they left university. It

has since become one of the largest

social networks in the world.

Facebook is a way of using your laptop, tablet or

smartphone to connect with friends and family all

over the globe at the touch of a button. Anyone

over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address can

join Facebook and you can log in as often as you

like to contact people, to post photos or comments

about things that interest you or to see what your

family and friends are up to.

Creating an account

To become active on Facebook you have to start by

creating an account or profile. To do this Facebook

will ask for a lot of personal information. For

security reasons, be a little cautious about sharing

this information widely. To avoid doing so you will

be able to edit your profile once you have created

your account. This will help you ensure that you are

not sharing all of your details with everyone that

logs on.


To create your account start by opening your

Internet browser and type in the Web address for

Facebook, www.facebook.com. When the Facebook

home page opens look for the Sign Up area and fill

in your details as follows:

Your first and last names

Your e-mail address. Decide on an email address

you are happy to use for all of your Facebook

interactions. Make sure to enter the same address

each time when prompted.

Your password. Decide on the password you

want to use for Facebook and make a note of

it somewhere safe in case you forget it. Your

password is private. Never give it to anyone.

You’ll have to know your password to sign in to

your Facebook account.

Your gender.

Your birth date, including the year. Facebook

requests your actual date of birth to encourage

authenticity and provide only age-appropriate

access to content.

Once you entered all that information – Press

Create Account. You now have a Facebook account.

For security reasons, you may be asked to confirm


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