The Freebird Times - Issue 2

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your account. Facebook will send you an email to

do this with instructions and a link to follow.

Add a photo

Now that you are set up you need to add a bit of

personality to your profile. Do you have a picture of

yourself on your computer you’d like to share? If so,

follow these simple steps to upload it.

Click the Add Photo button and the Upload Your

Profile Picture dialogue box will appear and prompt

you to select an image on your computer.

Home page explained...

Facebook Logo –

this will get you back

to the newsfeed.

Profile Pic, Name

– this will take you

to your Profile

Page. Edit Profile

link will allow you

to edit your profile.

Search Box – this will help you

find Facebook friends (people),

pages (places or things), groups

(people following the same

topics) or events. This will also

allow you to search for multiple

things at once such as “people

who like gardening.”

Friends suggestion – this is where Facebook

suggests friends you might know or want to link

with based on who you are already friends with.

You can add these suggestions to your friends

or ignore them. Next time you login there will

be a different selection.

Your Name – this

will take you to

your profile page.

Email Notification

– this will have a

number by it if you

have emails waiting

to be read.

Friend Notification

– this will have a

number by it if you

have a friend request.

Newsfeed Notification

– you will receive a

newsfeed notification if

you posted something

and someone commented

on it or if you’ve been

“tagged” - your name

added to - another

person’s post or photo.

Quick Help – this will take

you to a Quick Help or

Report a Problem menu

and to account privacy

and security settings.

Newsfeed button –

brings you back to

view activity related

to your friends,

family and your liked

groups and pages.

Add more to your

Post – here you can

add photos/videos you

have taken, or say how

you’re feeling or what

you are doing.

What’s on your Mind

– this is where you

comment or post on

Facebook groups

and pages.

Newsfeed Viewing Area – This

is where you will see all your

Facebook friends and family’s

news. Their posts/comments/

opinions/photos and videos will

all appear here.


Hooray! Your file is uploaded and ready to be published.

Saved successfully!

Ooh no, something went wrong!