The Freebird Times - Issue 2

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Dermot Higgins is aiming to

become the fastest person over

50 to cycle around the globe. He

started his journey in Madrid,

Spain in June 2017 and will spend

an average of eight hours a day

in the saddle. The Freebird Times

caught up with him recently to

find out how the odyssey is going.

What has been the toughest

challenge so far?

There have been so many challenges, physical,

mental and logistical. I’ve been able to overcome

physical and mental barriers simply through

a combination of determination and through

assistance from both strangers and fellow travellers.

Logistical problems are far more difficult to solve. I

knew for some time that obtaining a visa for China

was going to be difficult but I wasn’t prepared for

how difficult. Three days of queues in the Chinese

Embassy were far, far more tortuous than week of

cycling in difficult conditions. Eventually I was

refused entry into China and had to divert to South

East Asia.

What has surprised you the


What surprised me most really has nothing to do

with cycling. When I set off, my sole ambition was

to cycle around the world. Gradually over the past

few months, a strange awakening of up to now

hidden feelings has emerged. I now feel compelled

to share my experiences, the highs and lows and

also my opinions of the people and culture of the

countries I’m traversing. Meeting such a diverse

range of people is the thing I’ve enjoyed the most.

I didn’t expect that people would become such an

important part of the trip. There have been so many

fleeting encounters like the shepherd who gave me

water when I really thought I was going to die of


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