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February 2017

4 April 2017

Chicago Street Journal

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Statistically, the total number of federal

employees is about what it was when Eisenhower

was President. During that period,

many new functions have been undertaken,

while the workforce has remained the

same. In Illinois, for example, the number

of federal employees in fact has gone down


During my career, I have worked with many

newly elected officials and political appointees

from the “outside” or private sector

who were intelligent individuals, but who

often totally lacked any government experience,

and were somewhat lost or overwhelmed

when it came to their administrative

duties. Some acclimated quickly, while

others never did. Fortunately, there was a

core of "insiders" who were able to keep the

agencies operating without incident. President

Trump should perhaps value the individuals

who can efficiently operate this



Be careful what you ask for. Voters asked

for Donald Trump and they got the reality

star and business man. Trump’s time in

office is nearing 100 days, leaving voters

scratching their heads and wondering what

the hell happened. During the campaign,

Mr. Trump talked a good game. He had

starry eyed Conservatives, die hard Republicans

and a few disillusioned Liberals believing

he was their great white hope; the

only man who could single handedly make

America great again. He was going to replace

and repeal Obamacare and provide a

more affordable healthcare option that

would work for all of America’s people.

The bill was ill prepared by an over confident

speaker of the house, Paul Ryan. For

seven years, Republicans had been talking

the talk and when time came to deliver, they

failed to walk the walk.

Exactly what has president Donald Trump

accomplished within the span of his 100

days? He’s detained legal Immigrants at

airports and separated children from their

parents. He’s insulted blacks in inner city

communities, taken away important funding

to women and children health, taken ceremonial

lands from the legacy of Indian nations,

for the sake of a pipeline, rebuked

environmental changes, told lies about former

president Barack Obama, placed fear

into the minds of journalists, selected

known racists to head important his governmental

offices and thinks Putin is his next

best friend. This president keeps his tax

returns hidden, hands out governmental

positions to clueless family members, takes

food out of underprivileged school children

mouths and threaten to take away much

needed funding of cities that provide sanctuary

to illegal immigrants, if they fail to

comply with government demands.

Donald Trump holds the office of our 45 th

President. Sadly, this isn’t Saturday Night

Live and I’m not laughing.


Abortion is a heavy subject, for the last

sixty years or so we’ve seen great strides in

the right for women to choose like Roe

v.Wade and Planned Parenthood. However,

in recent years there has been a more popular

movement that strings from the right:

defunding Planned Parenthood so that taxpayers

do not subsidize an organization that

provides abortions. Now, while anyone who

does a small amount of research will find

that technically Planned Parenthood is not

allowed to use tax payers' money to fund

the abortions they provide, it is being argued

that Christian taxpayers are nonetheless

providing a space where abortion can

be performed without any say in the matter,

which is problematic due to their pro-life


I am a female, I believe in liberty and freedom,

and I believe women have the right to

choose. It is not the job of the government

to dictate what a woman can do with her

body, whether she wants to prostitute or

terminate her pregnancy. The government,

in all aspects of life, should play a very

limited role. Keep the government out of

my uterus or bring the government into

foster care. Whether or not we like to think

about it, babies who aren’t aborted could

very well end up in an abusive foster home

or living a life of desperation, not to say that

plenty don’t end up just fine though. Having

a child is a big responsibility, and many

cannot handle it. There is no shame in that,

but who is Big Brother to tell us that we

have no other choice but to try and do so?

With that being said, I do not believe that

Planned Parenthood should be subsidized

by taxpayers. To start with, it’s important

for people to understand that the tax-payer

money that goes to Planned Parenthood is

not specifically designated for them. Rather,

Planned Parenthood, which is still nonetheless

provided money by the government,

gets reimbursements from Medicaid and

Title X, which then pays for its services.

However, Medicaid is funded by the taxpayers,

just as every single other government

program is. I don’t think most Conservatives

have an issue with their money being

used to have HIV tests done or STD

checks performed, however there is an issue

when their money is being used for something

that goes against their religious beliefs.

For some Christians, birth control is

basically a means of abortion, as it stops the

conception of life. It is not fair for people to

forcefully have to pay for something that

directly contradicts their religious beliefs, I

mean isn’t that what we have a first amendment

for? While Planned Parenthood is

legally not allowed to use tax payers money

to provide abortions, without Medicaid

reimbursing them for all their other service

they’d likely never have enough money to

stay open. According to Planned Parenthood’s

2013-2014 Annual Report, they

receive upwards of five-hundred million

dollars, a collection of federal, state, and

local government money. Conservatives,

like myself, have a hard time understanding

why we have to bear the responsibility of

paying for an organization that provides

services that completely contradict what

Christians believe in. There should be religious

exemptions at this point, if you’re a

Christian who is pro-life then you should be

afforded the right to choose whether or not

your hard earned money is paying for something

that you would never pay for.

I support Christians in their fight to defund

Planned Parenthood, and I support Mike

Pence. I also support the women who

choose to have an abortion, I support the

doctors that perform this procedure, and I

emotionally support organizations that help

to provide such care. However, economically

speaking, I do not support these organizations

nor doctors. It’s morals vs. politics.

I lean right, while I personally don’t

like abortions, I have no right to tell someone

what they can or can’t do with their

body, which is why I am pro-choice. I side

with the Constitution, our first amendment,

and our religious freedom. Abortion goes

against the teachings of the Church, and if

followers of said Church don’t want to be

part of something that directly contradicts

their morals and beliefs then I stand beside

them, using the first amendment as their


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In Chicago and

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is Red, Black,

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and Day.

Justice Or Else

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you, to be the mean

cleaning machine

on your block. Join

one of your community


such as The

Black Star Project

or gather together

your neighbors and

get mean and green.

When we look

around our communities

on the day

after, we should see

a difference in our

efforts. MAKE US


TOWN. Why? Because

that’s how we


Get ready to

save lives! Advocacy

Day At The

Capitol. Wednesday,

May 10. Join

the march on

Springfield to save

women’s lives.

Illinois Governor

Rauner has proposed

to cut 50% of

the funding for

breast and cervical

cancer screenings

and treatments for

uninsured and underinsured


Your financial

status SHOULD

NOT be the determining

factor in

needed life or death

medical treatments.

Not in Chicago, the

State of Illinois or

the world! Visit


AdvocacyDay/ or

call 312-942-0335

for information.


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