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2 | november 2, 2017 | 22nd century media education Guide

The path toward


Come visit the Southwest suburbs most talked about

children’s museum… KidsWork!

The KidsWork Children’s Museum (KCM) is a cultural institution that brings children,

families, and the community together to engage in fun, hands-on interactive play

so as to nurture life-long learning and discovery.

KidsWork Children’s Museum located in beautiful downtown

Frankfort offers weekly programs and monthly special events!

Check us out…we would love to meet you!

11 S. White Street • Frankfort, Il 60423



Parents have a lot of important

responsibilities in

life. One of which is the

tremendous task of preparing

their children to handle

life so they can deal with

anything that comes along.

In order to trust in their

own abilities, children

need to weigh choices,

make their own decisions

and take action to meet

their own needs.

The first tip to make

your child self-reliant is to

start building it when he or

she is still young. Parents

can foster self-reliance by

finding tasks appropriate

for children that are new

and challenging. For toddlers,

try starting with potty

training, drinking and

pouring, and even putting

on coats and shoes.

As they reach their preschool

years, you can offer

more challenging tasks,

such as bathing, picking

out clothes and getting


You can also provide

opportunities for problem

solving and making. Puzzles

and memory games

are a great place to start

for any age group. Let

your children do as much

for themselves as possible.

Resist the urge to swoop in

and help if you see them

struggle a bit. It’s all a part

of the learning process!

No matter what, encourage

safe risk-taking and

reassure children you are

there to support them. Kiddie

Academy of Frankfort

is committed to fostering

independence in each

child that walks through

our doors, to prepare them

for school and beyond.

Submitted by Kiddie Academy

of Frankfort, 9473 W. St.

Francis Road in Frankfort.

For more information, call

(815) 277-2506 or visit www.



learning and living our faith

2, 3 & 4














All subjects and grade levels















Multi-age social

and faith filled






Ensures every

student receives

personal attention






Science • Technology • Engineering • Mathematics







Reach more



homes and



November 22

Reserve your space Today!

Please call: 708.326.9170

to reserve your Ad. education Guide

22nd century media | november 2, 2017 | 3



We invite you to experience the vibrant, warm and welcoming environment at St. Mary Catholic School.

See why students succeed. Feel our sense of community. Meet faculty, teachers, families,

and students in Preschool through 8th grade.

Come see the difference.

Open House

SUNDAY, JANUARY 28 | 12 - 2 p.m.

+ Tours + Information + Refreshments


11409 195th Street, Mokena

4 | november 2, 2017 | 22nd century media education Guide

St. Joseph offers student ideal blend of faith, academics

Faith and academics

are the foundation of St.

Joseph School. St. Joseph

School students take their

education very seriously

and take pride in advancing

their knowledge. The

culture at St. Joseph is rich

in faith and academic excellence.

With a long history

of national awards,

students at St. Joseph

demonstrate success in all

areas of academics at St.

Joseph, local high schools

and college. Our students

are always striving to do

their personal best, which

will serve them well in

their futures.

The high standards evident

in the curriculum at St.

Joseph set the stage for student

success in high school

and beyond. The SJS Class

of 2017 received numerous

awards, and 65 percent of

St. Joseph graduates received

placement in honors

or advance placement

classes at Benet Academy,

Joliet Catholic, Lockport

Township High School

and Providence Catholic

High School. In the past

two years, our graduates

have received over $40,000

in scholarships to Joliet

Catholic Academy and

Providence Catholic High

School. The foundation

for success in high school

and college begins at St.

Joseph, and students enjoy

the results throughout their

academic careers.

Each year, our students

show their academic talents

in a variety of ways.

During the 2016-2017

school year, our junior

high students had numerous

achievements. From

“Best in Category” awards

at Regional and Illinois

State Science Fairs, gold

medals and even a perfect

score at Regional Science

Fair at the University of

St. Francis, students at St.

Joseph excel in academic

opportunities. In addition

to Science Fair, many students

were recognized locally

in writing competitions,

with patriotic essay

awards resulting in both

local and regional awards.

Almost 50 students enjoy

participating in academic

challenges that include

math competitions, Battle

of the Book competitions

and chess tournaments.

The students absolutely

love to put their academic

abilities to good use and

represent St. Joseph.

St. Joseph School is

proud to recognize and

honor our students for

their academic achievements.

After receiving

the NAESP Distinguished

Principal Award in Washington,

D.C. last October,

principal Lynne Scheffler

was asked to nominate

students for the President’s

Education Awards.

The PEAP honored the

most academically highachieving

students. Isabelle

Egizio, graduate of

the Class of 2017, said

upon receiving this award

that “… It means that my

dedication to my education

all of these years has

been recognized by the

finest people in our country.”

St. Joseph presented

the President’s Award for

Educational Excellence

to five students from the

St. Joseph Class of 2018

and four graduates of the

Class of 2017 who had a

GPA of 4.0 or higher. Lily

Ray, SJS Class of 2018,

made the statement, “I am

honored not only to have

received this prestigious

award, but to be among

the first St. Joseph School

students to do so.” Many

of the younger students

cannot wait until they are

eligible for this prestigious

award. The President’s

Education Award has provided

students with yet

another incentive to work

hard and excel academically.

Sean Svoboda, SJS

Class of 2018, stated that,

“This award is about way

more than just academics.

Hard work is put in daily

by teachers and students to

plant the seed of success.

This award shows that the

seed has sprouted.”

St. Joseph teachers use

every possible advantage

to develop the children’s

talents with a state-of-theart

technology lab, interactive

technology-rich classrooms,

a 1:1 laptop/iPad

program for grades 1–8

and the advanced curriculum

that is the foundation

Please see faith, 5


Child centeredphilosophy

DCFS certified

Qualified teachers

Age Appropriate


2.5 hours

Programs for Young 3's, 3&4

Call for moreinformation






2-5 daysessions

Full sizeGym forgross

Motor Activities

Music class

Bible class

IPad Class

12725 Bell Rd.

Lemont, IL 60439

Dental Specialists ofHomer Glen

No Insurance No Problem


Dr. Debra Alavi

30% off UCR

Braces $4500*

Appliances $1500*

Free Consultation

*Average fee after discount.

Expiration 1/31/18


•Traditional Braces

•Ceramic Brackets

•FREE Consultation


Development Appliances

Diagonistic Imaging




Dr. Debra Alavi*



Dr. CristinaOlarov*


Dr. Roberts Baima*


Dr. OlarovspeaksRomanian,French and Spanish

No Insurance Discount

Day, Evening and Saturday Hours

Oral Surgery


•Wisdom Teeth

•Implant Placement

•Bone Grafting

•Ridge Augmentation





•RootCanal Retreatment




•Scaling (Deep Cleaning

•Crown Lengthening

•Periodontal Maintenance

•Implant Maintenance

•Smile Enhancement

(Gummy Smile)

•Tissue Grafting

15927South BellRd. •HomerGlen, IL 60491

(Behind Bonfire)




*Independent Contractor


Implants &


(No Knockoff

products!) education Guide

22nd century media | november 2, 2017 | 5

GT Golf Learning Center

helps golfers cut strokes

As of Nov. 1, 2016, GT Golf Learning

center moved to T-Time Range in Homer

Glen after 31 years at a local course and

has opened up an indoor golf learning facility

to complement the all-grass teaching

area, which is used for outdoor lessons.

Gregg Tengerstrom, a PGA professional,

has more than 38 years teaching

experience and many hours spent attending

PGA seminars on teaching, coaching,

playing and club fitting and repair. Tengerstrom

is the owner and lead instructor for

GT Golf Learning Center.

The heated, climate-controlled indoor

learning center has three hitting bays featuring

P3ProSwing computer swing analyzers

for teaching. They show students

their swing path, club face angle at impact,

club head speed and more. The immediate

feedback makes learning faster

and easier.

The P3ProSwing analyzers are used

along with SportsCad computer video

analysis and other tablet based swing

analysis programs. Students can see their

swings side by side with the best players

in the world. GT Golf Learning Center

offers private, semi-private and group

instruction. Golfers of all skill levels, beginners,

as well as highly skilled players

of all ages are welcome. There are classes

for peewees (5-8 years old), juniors (9-13

years old) and adults (14 and older).

The indoor group lessons start the week

of Jan. 9 and run the same day and time

for five weeks. The second session starts

the week of March 6, 2018. Private and

semi-private lessons can be booked by

contacting Tengerstrom directly.

The indoor group golf lessons are perfect

for golfers of all levels — beginners

to highly skilled. The lessons start with the

basics and a proper pre-shot routine, including

grip, alignment and ball position.

The lessons cover the full swing irons and

woods, as well as the short game, putting

and chipping.

Submitted by GT Golf Learning Center at

T-Time Range, 13750 W. 159th St. in Homer

Glen. For more information, call (708)

921-9557, email or visit


From Page 4

for longtime success and a

love of learning. Elizabeth

Boba, assistant principal

and junior high teacher,

utilizes the advanced technology

skills of her students

daily. She remarked,

“The 1:1 laptop program

that St. Joseph offers for

our students provides

countless enriching educational

experiences both

inside the classroom, as

well as at home. It is truly

a blessing to teach in such

an innovative environment.”

As the first school

in the area to offer a 1:1

program to all students in

grades 1-8, St. Joseph once

again demonstrates its forward

thinking and technology

advanced curriculum.

Scheffler shared, “While

I am so proud of our techie

team, it is the well-rounded

and personalized education

that each child receives

that makes the difference.

There is no better measure

of our success than to see

our current and alumni

students thrive in their educational

journey. We make

it a top priority to provide

a rich learning experience,

and from that learning experience,

we are developing

leaders of the future. I

couldn’t be prouder of the

dedicated staff, supportive

parents and fantastic students

we have. Each year,

we are impressed with our

students. Knowing they are

academically prepared for

their future and young people

full of faith, our mission

is alive and at work.”

Admission and scholarship

opportunities will be

available in January of 2018.

New scholarships for transfer

students will begin at

$1,000 and range to $4,000

per family — the time to join

St. Joseph is now!

Submitted by St. Joseph

School, 529 Madison St. in

Lockport. For more information,

contact school

principal Lynne Scheffler at

(815) 838-8173 or visit www.

6 | november 2, 2017 | 22nd century media education Guide

Celebrating 20 years of academic

excellence in a Catholic community

Noonan Elementary

Academy is a private, independent

school with a

classical, Catholic curriculum.

Faith formation was the

inspiration for, and continues

to be, the purpose

of the school. Founded

in 1995 by Roberta and

Joseph Noonan, the academy

has grown from a few

dozen families to nearly

400 students enrolled in

preschool through eighth


“As the founder of

Noonan Academy, I found

it my vocation to help

guide children spiritually

and provide the best

educational experience,”

said Dr. Roberta “Bobbie”

Noonan. “It is here, in

this school, where students

will develop a foundation

needed to lead a successful

and fulfilling life. It is a

privilege to open the minds

and hearts of children to

the love of Christ. And I

am proud to say Noonan

Academy offers students

both a superior education

and the support of a warm

Catholic community.”

The academy, located

in Mokena, recognizes

that each child is unique.

The school is committed

to providing each student

with an individualized

plan for educational success

and the structure for

development of the complete

person — mind,

body and spirit.

Noonan Academy maintains

an environment that

is a catalyst to learning.

They have a teacher-tostudent

ratio and various

resources that allow the

gifted, average and at-risk

students to maximize their

potential. Noonan distinguishes

itself by providing

the most classroom

time, smaller class sizes,

the broadest curriculum,

extensive extracurricular

activities and a culture

that fosters strong character

formation and spiritual


Students at Noonan

Academy, on average, attend

school 185 full days

per year. This combined

with an extended school

day translates into as much

as 30 more days per year

or 20 percent more classroom

time than that of

other local schools. By the

time students graduate,

they will have benefitted

from nearly two additional

years of instruction. Also,

Noonan offers before- and

after-school daycare.

Noonan Academy’s dedication

to the overall wellbeing

of children is evident

in its rigorous health and

safety programs, which

include a reverse osmosis

water system, HEPA filters

in the furnaces, high-shock

absorption flooring in the

gymnasium and a very detailed

nutrition policy that

encourages healthy choices

by disallowing foods

containing excessive sugar,

artificial sweeteners,

colors and flavors or any

other chemical additives.

Noonan Academy will

be hosting an open house

on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018

from noon-2 p.m. All

potential and interested

families are encouraged to


Submitted by Noonan Elementary

Academy, 19131

Henry Drive in Mokena.

For more information, call

(708) 479-8988 or visit www.

Register Now!

New Fall/Winter Sessions

forming now!

19220 Ridge Dr., Mokena, IL 60448


$10 OFF

NewStudent Registration

With This Coupon. Not Valid With

Any Other Offer Or Prior

Registration.Some Restrictions

Apply. Call For Details.Coupon

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Registration.Some Restrictions

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22-EG-GYMKIN-110217 education Guide

22nd century media | november 2, 2017 | 7

Marian Catholic High School prepares students for the real world

The high school years are a

pivotal time in a student’s education

and development, and

finding the right fit and the best

opportunities for your child are

critical at this important stage in

his or her life.

Marian Catholic High School

in Chicago Heights is the ideal

choice for providing each facet

of the educational puzzle to not

just meet the needs of its students,

but to provide an environment

that fosters excellence and

helps them to rise above and beyond

expectations. The school’s

motto this year is “Real School.

Real World,” and with a combination

of academic, spiritual and

athletic focus, it produces wellrounded,

intellectual individuals

who are well-prepared for success

in their higher education

and career endeavors.

Founded in 1958, Marian

Catholic High School enjoys a

rich cultural and geographical diversity,

drawing outstanding students

from 71 different zip codes

in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Twice named a Blue Ribbon

School and one of America’s

Most Challenging High Schools

by The Washington Post, Marian

Catholic has a strong reputation

for excellence in academics, athletics

and fine arts.

Offering a rigorous collegepreparatory

curriculum that includes

24 honors classes and 22

Advanced Placement classes,

Marian Catholic graduated 97

AP Scholars in 2016 with 42

named as Illinois State Scholars.

More than 90 percent of Marian

Catholic’s staff holds advanced

degrees and have an average

of 20 years of teaching experience.

Among them are vowed

religious, published authors, experiences

professionals, world

travelers and lifelong devotees

of Catholic education. Many are

alumni, and all are dedicated to

encouraging students to explore

their professional and personal


Spiritual guidance through

the values of Marian Catholic’s

founding congregation, the Dominican

Sisters of Springfield,

inspires students to serve in multiple

ways – from feeding the

homeless to assisting with Special

Olympics events to rehabbing

homes in Appalachia.

Marian Catholic’s 25 sports

teams have a strong history of

competitive excellence. Whether

a rookie or accomplished player,

there’s a spot on the field, court,

course or track for each one.

Each year, Marian Catholic celebrates

championship teams and

individuals at the state level, including

baseball in 2012, women’s

basketball in 2014, men’s

diving in 2014-2015, women’s

volleyball in 2016 and wrestling

in 2016. Marian is the proud

home of several NCAA Division

I athletes, four NFL players and

a 2016 Phoenix Suns NBA Draft


Fine Arts are a particular point

of pride at Marian Catholic.

Since 1980, the school’s nationally

renowned marching band

has won the Illinois State Championship

in its class every single

year and possesses an unprecedented

seven Grand National

Championships. The band has

marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving

Day Parade and Rose

Bowl Parade in recent years. The

award-winning speech team has

amassed 14 state championships

in the past 10 years in Group

Interpretation, Performance in

the Round and other categories.

Theatre and choir productions

highlight the talents of exceptional

performers. The choir has

performed at the Illinois State

Capital and Carnegie Hall in

New York City. With more than

40 clubs and organizations, Marian

Catholic is a welcoming environment

where students can

explore interests and find their


Marian Catholic is the only

high school in the country with

a four-year leadership program

in which all students participate.

Students engage in leadership

throughout the Marian experience

in academics, athletics, fine

arts, band and student government.

Marian Catholic’s oneto-one

iPad initiative and new

STEM program provide students

with the skills they will need to

succeed in the future.

“At Marian Catholic, we are

fully committed to making sure

students are prepared for their

next challenge.” said Tony De-

Carlo, director of admissions.

Submitted by Marian Catholic

High School, 700 Ashland Ave. in

Chicago Heights. For more information,

call (708) 755-7565 or visit


8 | november 2, 2017 | 22nd century media education Guide

Chicago Christian




Fine Arts Shadow Day – NOVEMBER 3

Athletic Shadow Day – DECEMBER

Learn more

Chicago Christian High School

Chicago Christian High

School focuses on faith,

student achievement

Chicago Christian High

School has been serving

families for 100 years.

The school is part of the

Southwest Chicago Christian

School Association

offering preschool through

grade 12. The school’s vision

is to be a Christ-centered

learning community

intent on restoring God’s

world. CCHS serves students

with a wide range of


CCHS offers the only

fully-certified “Project

Lead the Way” STEM

courses in the area. ACT

scores rank as one of the

highest in the area, a true

predictor of college readiness.

Advanced Placement

classes allow CCHS

students the opportunity

to receive college credit

for classes taken in high


More than 70 percent

of the students who took

an Advanced Placement

exam last year at CCHS

received a passing score

of 3 or higher. Chicago

Christian also offers dual

enrollment courses with

Moraine Valley Community

College. The CCHS

Guidance Department

provides a wealth of information

regarding college

choices and also offers

specific programs, including

diversity training.

CCHS has a wide variety

of fine arts and elective

classes including Art,

Ceramics, Photography,

Foreign Language, Concert

Band, Concert Choir,

Drama and Industrial

and Applied Technology

courses. Co-curricular activities

are integral parts

of student life: Yearbook,

Theater, Scholastic Bowl,

Mock Trial, Science

Club, Worldwide Youth

in Science and Engineering,

Jazz Band, National

Honors Society, Art Club,

Rube Goldberg and Distributive

Education Club

of America.

The Mock Trial team

has placed in the Top 3 in

state on several occasions;

the Worldwide Youth in

Science and Engineering

team placed at sectionals;

the Scholastic Bowl team

won regionals; the Rube

Goldberg team won the

People’s Choice Award;

and DECA has sent several

students to the national


Chicago Christian also

has a strong tradition of

athletic success, offering

17 IHSA sports to

male and female athletes.

CCHS sports programs

have earned more than 50

championships in the last

six years, including state

championships in volleyball,

girls track, girls

basketball; this past year,

its baseball team finished

third in state and became

only the ninth team in Illinois

history to win 40


Building character and

strengthening faith are vital

ingredients of the student

life at CCHS. Chapel

is held multiple times

each week, and students

are required to complete

10 service hours per year.

Many students are involved

with annual serve

projects, including canned

food drives, blood drives,

Special Olympics, mission

trips and a Kingdom

Building Day, where students

and staff spend an

entire day serving the


Submitted by Chicago Christian

High School, 12001

S. Oak Park Ave. in Palos

Heights. For more information,

call (708) 388-7656 or


cchs. education Guide

22nd century media | november 2, 2017 | 9

9250W.167 th Street

Orland Hills,Illinois 60487

708-403-6525 •



Sunday, January 28, 2018


Pre-K Presentation at 1:15pm

Kindergarten Presentation at 2:00pm

• Nationally-recognized Blue Ribbon School of

Excellence since 2008

• Committed to the highest standards of education and

grounded in the Catholic faith

• PK3 and PK4 (full day and half day)

• K (full day) through 8th Grade

• Before/After School Care (6:30-7:15am & 2:00-6:00pm)

• Cutting-edge technology including ChromeBooks,

interactive whiteboards, iPads and 1:1 devices (3rd-8th)

• Differentiated Instructional Approaches/NWEA MAP


• Inclusive Education Center/Special Education Director

• Career and College Ready Aspire Assessment Results

• On average, 35% of CJB graduates have been recognized

as Illinois State Scholars each year

• Since 2007, 10 CJB Alumni have been named high school

Valedictorian or Salutatorian

• CJB’s Class of 2017 graduates received more than

$65,000 in scholarships for high school

• Spanish, Fine Arts Program and Physical Education (Pre-K

through 8th Grade)

• Library/Media Center for Student Broadcasts and Media


• Weekly Masses

• Parent-led Virtue Program

• STEM, Robotics and Technology Programs

• 6-Sport Athletic Program / IESA Chess and Cheerleading

(6-time State Champions!)

• Extra-curricular activities

• Hot Lunch Program

• Full-time Nurse

Online Registration can be accessed through our website at


10 | november 2, 2017 | 22nd century media education Guide

St. Mary’s students rank above national average

St. Mary Catholic

School, located at 11409

195th St. in Mokena, invites

families to an Open

House on Sunday, Jan. 28

from noon to 2 p.m. Visitors

will experience a welcoming

community, view

the exceptional facilities,

meet the dedicated faculty

and staff, and witness testimonials

from school families

regarding faith infused

curriculum, academic successes

and lasting friendships.

Benefits of a learning

community focused on

academics, faith and family

St. Mary School is a

vibrant and welcoming

Catholic school, serving

students in preschool

through grade eight. Since

1949, teachers have been

providing an extraordinary,

personalized learning

environment, allowing

each student to achieve

their full potential. As a

result, St. Mary students

continue to consistently

perform above the national

average on standardized

tests. Eighth-grade students

receive academic

scholarships to Catholic

high schools based upon

their high performance on

entrance exams.

“As parents, we have

an obligation to provide

our children with education,

love and support,”

stated Don Gardiner, St.

Mary School Board president

and Mokena resident.

“Since we enrolled our

children in St. Mary’s,

they have been academically

challenged in ways

that continue to impress

us. It is the faith-based,

family culture that we believe

have been critically

important to their development.

The St. Mary’s family

is everything we wanted

in a school community.”

See the exceptional

learning environment

St. Mary’s offers 3-yearold

preschool through

eighth grade. Visitors are

always impressed with the

school’s facilities, which

include a music room, library,

computer lab, science

lab, spacious gymnasium

and the new STEAM

(science, technology, engineering,

art, mathematics


The new STEAM classroom

allows teachers to

bring a unique approach

of teaching to enhance student

learning and understanding

of how all things

relate to each other, in

school and in life. Unlike

other STEM programs,

St. Mary’s program also

emphasizes the integration

of the arts and offers

more creativity to students

in the learning process.

The STEAM program and

open classroom setting allow

teachers to become

more of a facilitator than

just a lecturer. As a result,

students are given greater

choice and learning becomes

about the process

instead of the product.

St. Mary’s also offers a

1:1 technology program

that provides each student

in grades 6-8 with an individual

iPad, a class set

of iPads for grades 3-5;

and grades K-2 have designated

classroom iPads

and SMART Boards for

educational use. Primary

students also benefit from

a certified reading specialist

and teacher aides.

Learn about numerous


opportunities and more

Students can enjoy

many after-school programs,

including band,

chess, bell choir, youth

choir, drama club, STEM,

yearbook, scout groups,

Student Council, social

events and an extensive

athletic program. Before

and after-school care is

available for a fee from

6:45-7:50 a.m. and 2:40-6

p.m. Bus service is an option

for those families who

reside in the Mokena Public

School District 159 for

a fee.

Learn about tuition


St. Mary’s offers a special

Tuition Transfer Grant

for up to $1,500 per family

($1,000 in Year 1, $500

in Year 2) for students

entering grades 1-7 who

transfer from any private,

public, charter or home

school. Students transferring

from another Catholic

school in the Diocese of

Joliet or neighboring dioceses

are not eligible.

Submitted by St. Mary Catholic

School, 11409 195th St. in

Mokena. For more information,

call (708) 326-9330 or

visit www.stmaryschoolmo education Guide

22nd century media | november 2, 2017 | 11


in your


BE IT KNOWN to all who enter here that

CHRIST IS THE REASON for this school:

the unseen but ever present teacher in

its classes; the model of this facility; the

inspiration of its students.

• Test scores significantly above national norms

• 20% more class time than other local schools

• Smaller class sizes

• Differentiated instruction with 8:1 faculty student


• State-of-the-art computer lab & SMART® Boards

in every classroom

• Award-winning speech, drama & chess programs

• Before and after school care

• Sacrament preparation in 2nd & 8th grades

• Additional classes in Spanish, Latin, Fine Arts,

Logic, Nutrition & more

• 3 year old Pre K through 8th grade.


Sunday, January 28, 2018 (12-2pm)




19131 Henry Drive • Mokena, IL 60448


12 | november 2, 2017 | 22nd century media education Guide

Gym-Kinetics expansion is underway

Gym-Kinetics Gymnastic

School, located at

19220 Ridge Road in Mokena,

has started its 7,000

square-foot expansion.

Owners Jim and Wendy

Fredrickson started Gym-

Kinetics 32 years ago in

Glenwood before moving

to Mokena in 1993 on

191st Street. Starting with

5,000 square feet, Gym-

Kinetics quickly needed

to expand to accommodate

its growing business. After

two expansion projects,

the gym grew to 12,000

square feet and more than

1,000 students per week.

There was no more room

to grow where they were,

and the parking became an

issue, so Jim and Wendy

moved the gym down the

street to their current location

in January of 2000.

Still running more than

1,000 recreational students

and almost 200 competitive

gymnasts, Gym-Kinetics

added the very popular

Ninja Zone program,

which added another 150

students to an already busy

facility. Recognizing the

need for more space, Jim

decided to look into the

expansion of the facility.

We need more gym space,

we need more parking, but

Jim heard from friends in

the gymnastics business

around the state of the

nightmares they had to

deal with their expansions

— problems with their Villages,

contractors’ permits,

rules and regulations, just

to name a few.

With that being said,

Jim and Wendy were very

apprehensive about going

through the painstaking

process of expanding.

When Jim looked into the

process, he said that Kim

Yockey and Alan Zordan

from the Village of Mokena

made him feel comfortable

about how the

Village would support the

project. Then, Jim had a

meeting with Mayor Frank

Fleischer, which made

them feel even better about

the expansion.

“I couldn’t have been

happier with all of the

support we received from

Mayor Fleischer, all of

the Village trustees, and

Kim and Alan’s help in the

process,” Jim said. “This

couldn’t have went any

smoother; that says a lot

about our Village and how

they want to help the businesses

in Mokena.”

LFP Development is

the contractor, which has

met all expectations and

has keep the promised

timelines as scheduled.

The new parking lot is finished,

and the addition to

the building is underway.

If the weather cooperates,

the new space should be

done sometime in late November.

Gym-Kinetics offers

classes for children just

walking up through high

school age for both girls

and boys. The new addition

will have dedicated

space for the quickly growing

Ninja Zone program,

along with reorganizing

the pre-school space and

the boys gymnastics area,

which will make all of the

programs more comfortable.

Gym-Kinetics will

also be renting space to local

cheer teams.

Submitted by Gym-Kinetics,

19220 Ridge Drive in Mokena.

For more information,

call (708) 479-6969 or visit

Looking For An Alternative?

We’re It!

• Pre-K through 8th

• STEM Curriculum

• Music & Art

• Spanish & Mandarin

• 7.5 acre Campus

• Natural Playground

• Before & After Care



November 2!


40 th

Find Us On

Stay up to date

on events in your area


For more information, Contact:

(708) 326-9170 or visit education Guide

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A new STEM initiative

in Orland Park arrives

From outside the classroom doors, the

sounds of rhythmic clunking and whirring

filter past the door.

As you draw closer, the sound of excited

chatter and insistent questioning become

more prominent. The door opens to

reveal rows of white desks covered in felt

with tools scattered over it. Some students

are crouched over their desks, peering at

circuits taped to the inside of a plastic cup.

Others are watching as an older assistant

shows them how to solder parts together.

The overall effect is very noisy, and one

might think they are simply playing at

arts and crafts, but look closer. This is a

STEM module of the recently concluded

summer STEM workshop by Eye Level

Learning Center of Orland Park.

The philosophy behind the STEM

workshops comes from the center’s director,

Dr. Johnson Thomas. As a man who

did research for 12 years in molecular

biology in UIC’s laboratories, he made

a career move to mentoring and educating

today’s youth in his role as college

professor and as the director of Orland

Park’s first Eye Level Learning Center —

a franchised after-school tutoring center

imported from Korea focused on foundational

math and English learning from

pre-K to high school.

As he has observed the children who

have studied at his center for the past

four years, he realized that many of them

lacked college preparedness.

“The children who walk through the

doors of our learning center will become

tomorrow’s leaders,” Dr. Thomas said.

“In order to fill these roles, our students

must be better prepared to take on these


He is right. It is alarming that the U.S.

ranks 39th among countries with STEM

(Science, Technology Engineering, Math)

graduates. Korea is first — no wonder

Eye Level is a household name in Korea!

Back by popular demand from the

summer, Eye Level’s STEM Workshop,

which is aligned with the “Next Generation

Science Standard,” exposes students

to hands-on STEM learning. Some of this

experience includes working with hot

glue guns, mechanical tools, electrical

circuits, and, yes, even soldering.

From learning the difference between

machines and robots to using teamwork to

design and test robots, participants learn

new skills in programming and a new

appreciation for the technology used all

around us. Students in the Introduction to

Robotics program take home machines and

robots that were built in class. This STEM

initiative is in collaboration with faculties

from University of Chicago (UChicago)

and Columbia College Chicago.

In addition to these STEM classes, Eye

Level offers a two-part math curriculum in

basic and critical thinking math skills, spanning

32 levels. Their English curriculum

tests writing, grammar, fluency, vocabulary

and more. Enrollment is simple — Eye Level

is determined to meet students exactly

where they are and will first give your child

a personalized diagnostic test and analysis

of their skills in math and English.

Submitted by Eye Level Learning Center of

Orland Park, 9224 W. 159th St. in Orland

Park. For more information, call (708) 966-

9633 or email

22-EG-EYE LEVEL-1102





Math. English. STEM Program.




Build your own Art Bot,

Mousetrap Carts,

and RoboBugs!



Science experiments such as

radial chromatography, microbiology,

and create your own pH indicators

using purple cabbage!

Dr. Johnson Thomas


(708) 966.9633

9224 W. 159TH ST. • ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS 60462

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Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Catholic

School dedicated to student success

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Catholic School,

recognized by the U.S.

Department of Education

as a Blue Ribbon School

of Excellence since 2008,

is proud of its commitment

to provide a top-rated academic

experience, as well

as a safe learning environment

centered in faith.

CJB welcomes students in

3-year-old Pre-K through

eighth grade with a focus

on developing each student’s

spiritual, intellectual,

emotional, creative,

physical and social needs.

As an academic institution,

CJB School is dedicated

to designing an individual

program of success

for each child. These learning

experiences include

opportunities to challenge

and enrich talents, strategies

to compensate for

weaknesses and programs

designed to give children

the skills to succeed in the

21st century. Additionally,

through fair, firm and consistent

discipline, children

grow in responsible decision-making,


and self-respect. We believe

that the focus of the

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Catholic School experience

is to motivate students

to become self confident

life-long learners. Our

goal is to prepare students

to be responsible members

of their community, able to

interact with people of all

races and nationalities as

they go out into the world.

Through the example

of our staff and the daily

experiences of the curriculum,

children learn the

truths of our faith, participate

in parish life, experience

a variety of liturgies

and prayer services, and

respond to the call of service

to those in need.

Cardinal Bernardin students

develop their own

personal identities while

maximizing their Godgiven

talents. They are

expected to be respectful,

accepting and cooperative

with each other and with

their teachers. Our hope is

that the Cardinal Bernardin

student approaches learning

with openness and eagerness,

while remaining

joyful in their endeavors,

appreciative of their opportunities

and willing to

share with others as they

grow in faith and wisdom.

Recognizing that parents

are the primary educators

of their children, our staff

supports, supplements and

enriches all experiences of

family. Parents play a critical

role in the support and

enhancement of the educational

and faith development

of their child.

From academics to

athletics, from faculty to

facilities, from before-toafter-school

care, CJB is

the Blue Ribbon school of


See us in action at our

Open House on Jan. 28,

2018 from 1-3 p.m. The

Pre-K Presentation is at

1:15 p.m., and the Kindergarten

Presentation is at 2


Submitted by Cardinal

Joseph Bernardin Catholic

School, 9250 W. 167th St. in

Orland Hills. For more information,

call Cynthia Devlin

at (708) 403-6525, ext. 127

or visit education Guide

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The Providence Catholic High School advantage

Providence Catholic High

School welcomes all grade

school students and their families

to visit their annual Open

House on Sunday, Nov. 19, from

10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Providence

Catholic High School is a college

prep school and challenges

every student academically.

Whether you are AP, Honors,

College Prep or need a little assistance

in the classroom, there

is a place for every student!

Providence Catholic ACT scores

are the best of any school in Will


Providence Catholic students

go on to excel at top tier colleges/universities.

Students receive

personalized college counseling

to make the right choice.

Graduates receive more scholarship

dollars than any other high

school in the area. It is quite

clear that there is an advantage

to attending Providence Catholic,

often dubbed The Providence


“Our demanding co-educational,

college preparatory curriculum

is evidenced by the

success of our most recent graduates,

who earned scholarships

valued at nearly $40 million. We

offer inclusive service programs;

in fact, our recent graduates performed

in excess of 25,000 hours

of community service during

their high school careers,” added

Fr. Richard McGrath, president.

“We will also be showcasing

the school’s latest ‘BYOD’

(Bring Your Own Device) program.”

This includes our four

mobile language labs, as well as

our Dual Credit Program. This

program allows our students

to receive college credit for all

technology courses taken at

PCHS,” said Rachel Ellingson,

director of enrollment.

Not only do the Celtics experience

excellence in the classroom,

but PCHS students also

succeed in the athletic/extracurricular

arenas. The Celtics are

home to 30 state championships,

67 state trophies, hundreds of regional

titles, sectional titles and

conference championships. The

outcomes of the graduates from

the Class of 2017 demonstrate

our elite and premier education

at Providence Catholic.

“Providing financial assistance

to Providence Catholic

families is a top priority for the

school. Twenty-five percent of

our families receive some type

of financial assistance. In fact,

this year the school has invested

$1.6 million that was awarded

to our families in need-based

scholarships and grants, work

programs, discounts and subsidized

lunches,” said Ed Barrett,

director of Need-Based Aid.

“At Open House, our teachers,

students and parents will be onhand

to tell the Providence story

to our guests. Academic, spiritual,

athletic and extracurricular

programs will be highlighted

throughout the day,” Ellingson


Continue the tradition ... become

a part of excellence!

Submitted by Providence Catholic

High School, 1800 W. Lincoln

Highway in New Lenox. For more

information, call Ellingson at

(815) 717-3160 for any questions

concerning the Open House. For

more information about PCHS, visit


at Work?


in the Country for


Patient Satisfaction

Accepting Workers Compensation Personalized,

Comprehensive Spine Care for ALL Ages.

Illinois Spine

& Scoliosis Center

Anthony Rinella,MD



Spine Surgeon

Kris Siemionow,MD



Spine Surgeon

Amir El Shami,MD


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine

(P) 877.694.7722 | (F) 815.531.0055

12701 West 143rd Street #200

Homer GLen, Illinois 60491

Two Locations | Se Habla Espanol | Mowimy Po Polsku


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The Providence Advantage

• 100% of Graduates Attend College

• $40 Million in College Scholarships Awarded

• 29.3 ACT Composite Average (Honors)

• 36 Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

• 30 State Team Championships

• 25,000 Service Hours Volunteered Annually





1800 W. Lincoln Highway • New Lenox, Illinois 60451 •

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