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February 2017


8 Chicago Street Journal

screens. This was by may not have been a joint effort by the hidden

hands of power and the media, but whatever it was, it has worked!

Black people, afraid for their sad lives, left the city. They either moved to the

burbs or exited the entire state for what they thought was better and safer

surroundings. They may be accurate in some cases, but in most cases, urban

removal is being planned in many big states, especially if there is prime realestate

to gobble-up, and Chicago's Southside is open for an A 1 land grab.

Mayor Emanuel and Governor Rauner have decided that it's politically correct

or in their best interest, politically, to declare the state of Illinois and the

city of Chicago as 'sanctuary' landing location for anyone non-black to stakeout

their territory. I strongly recommend instead of blacks selling their property

and moving out of the city, they declare their current dwelling grounds

as 'sanctuary communities,' for their many relatives who wanna relocate to

the CHI.

Black people, call your kinfolk in every southern state or send smoke signals

to your lost and deprived cousins and cast away family members, instruct

them to redirect their journey and head to Chicago. Make this their sanctuary

city and state. Give them housing and help them either get jobs or create employment

opportunities to ensure that they can have a simple quality of life.

Better yet, since the mayor just announced that his administration would provide

Section 8 vouchers for immigrants or U.S. citizens displaced by ravaging

tragedies, there is no better excuse, than now to make Chicago the new

black migrant's 'sanctuary' home.


Another Black Great Migration

As the world faces many, many troubling catastrophes, such as raging

brush fires on the West Coast, massive terrorist shootings in major cities or

states including Nevada, as well as deadly hurricanes in Houston, Texas and

Puerto Rico--there are horrible transformations occurring in places like Chicago.

Make this movement to Chicago another Great Black Migration. Come and

take advantage of all the privileges that the mayor and governor have decided

to give to anyone who comes to Chicago or Illinois to start anew. So

get on the phone and find your peeps and send them a life-line. Let us use

social media, community newspapers, and talk radio to make the call-toaction

like the Chicago Defender did over 60 years ago. This historic newspaper

was responsible for instructing Negroes in the south to come to the

north and find refuge from bigotry and racism.

And the people who ran from the city to the suburbs, pack your Gucci bags

and move hastily back to Beverly, Chatham, South Shore, Lincoln Park,

Avalon Park.....just bring your black behinds back to CHI! Until the next

edition.....Peace and One Love.

I Write To Differ

All these concerns listed above are life-altering experiences, and we as

Americans should feel their pain. But what's happening in my state and city

hurts even greater. I'm witnessing the demise or destruction or demotion or

deduction--whatever you wanna label it--of black people from the concrete

jungles of the Windy City.

The hidden hands of power have taken steps to ensure that black people remove

(themselves) from Chicago. They're using tactics like profiling violence

and other quality of life issues to drive people out of the city limits.

This was initiated with the blowing up of Cabrini Green, which was the first

step in removing unwanted black bodies from Chicago's census count.

Now as black folks move out and others move in at record numbers, it hurts

to see what I predicted is coming full force. I told you naïve people who

played the blame game and denounced your own community and children

with the help of local media as they presented horrific violence on the

nightly news, that this was not priority number one.

It was all propaganda. They used images of black boys and men committing

crimes against their neighbors to mentally kill the spirit of weak people who

feared for their lives as they continued to see crime flash across their TV

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