Failing retailers


New Look


Their products appeal to people who aren’t bothered

about being on trend or fashionable as they are a

budget retailer and produce basic clothing.


They have the opportunity to hire a better trend

forecaster. Also they need to produce better

advertisement for example through social media

because that is the main device used by their target

audience, teenagers.


None of their products are on trend which is

unattractive to a lot of consumers because some

clientele will see a garment in the window and be

attracted to buy it, but if there are no eye catching or

on trend garments there is no reason for them to visit

the store.


Their threats are similar retailers such as H&M, who

do produce on trend garments at the same sort of

price as New Look – but if New Look are lacking the

on trend garments consumers would obviously rather

shop at H&M. Primark could also be seen as a strong

competitor, though their advertisement is not strong,

Primark is a typical place where most people will

result to, to buy cheap clothes.

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