Village Pipol November 2017 Issue


Village Pipol November 2017 Issue






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Village Pipol is now on it’s 10th Anniversary!

1st month after our 10th year Anniversary marks another milestone for Village

Pipol! Now we are starting all over again and aiming to further cement Village

Pipol as the Premier and Leading FREE Multi-Media Travel, Lifestyle and

Entertainment Publication in the Philippines for the next generation!

I believe that once any company achieve this milestone, it is a testament of its

commitment to its vision, a testament towards its resilience to changing times

and business environment, and a testament to the viability to the consumer

of its business model that has adapted and more importantly advanced the

industry thru market innovations that will define the industry in the future.

In a sunset industry, we have to keep on evolving to ensure the survival and

continued belief of our partners and advertisers on the benefit we present to

their interest.

And to kick off our 1st Issue heading towards our 11th year in the industry, we

are featuring one of the Philippines Top Leading Men and GMA Artist Mikael


Also inside is #VPFashion’s Mating Season ushering the industrys Spring

Collection for 2018!

Village Pipol will continuously evolve and survive for more decades to come

as we will keep on innovating our products and services to suite the changing

times and needs of our advertisers.

Village Pipol is the #EvolutionOfAdvertising

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value”

Village Pipol – The Evolution of Advertising!

Richie de Quina



Richie de Quina

Gwyn Crisostomo


John Luke Chica


Josh Austria


Frame Rivas


Wil Joseph Magsino


Jean Dalida


Ralph Huertas


Philip Andaya


Deegee Razon

Michelle Huertas

Edge Buenviaje

Peter Jan Icogo


Fab4 Productions, Inc.

Unit 419 & 420 One Oasis Hub B Building M,

Ortigas Ext. Ave., Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Pasig City 1600

For Inquiries:

0917.844.5981 | 0998.984.9169



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VP travel

A Cabin to Remember:

Caramoan’s Tugawe

Cove Resort

Text & Photos by #Villager Dee Gee Razon of


Dee Gee Razon’s

adventures on


P @dgrazon

It’s the start of ‘Ber’ months and to be quite honest, I’m still dreaming of sunny

days, beaches and endless arrays of palm trees but nevertheless, It’s been a

great month for me; doing a lot of projects for brands, creating various content

and finishing all my talks.

Knowing Caramoan, a lot of my friends and people I know said that this place

is amazing so I was really stoked for this trip! On our first day, I didn’t expect

the ride to Tugawe Cove Resort to be really long since it was my first time

going to CamSur but it was worth it. The island was surrounded with different

rock formations and the white beach greeted me when we got there. I was also

impressed with the cabins that surrounded the area.

I seriously had a lot of fun during my stay here and because of that, I want to

share my Top 5 reasons why you should visit this awesome place!

Experiencing Nature at

it’s Finest!


One of the really great things about

this resort is how they designed the

place. They designed the resort with

the objective that people will be able

to immerse themselves in the beauty of

nature and I must say, I really was able to

appreciate nature more during my stay

there. It was really nice staying in a cabin

surrounded with lots of trees and plants

and a scenic view of nature greeting you

every time you look out of the window.

High-Quality Service!

In this trip, we met Ate Pinky, our tour

guide in all of the activities that we did

our stay. She was very accommodating,

hospitable and very knowledgeable about

the island. She really helped us and gave

us a lot of information about the resort.

She also exerted time and effort and made

sure that out stay there would be truly

enjoyable. Another good thing, it’s not just

her but all of the staff were like Ate Pinky

too. They were all generally super nice and

hospitable that’s why it’s no surprise that

this resort was rated 4.5 stars!


Luxurious Living!

The place and their service really made

me feel like I was leading a luxurious life

LMAO and nevertheless, it felt amazing.

It was very nice to stay in their cabins

because the space really felt comfortable

plus the interiors were also nice. Bonus:

They also have different kinds of cabins

that you can choose to stay at!


4 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol

Amazing Dishes!


Every single day during our stay there, we look forward on what we could

possibly eat from their menu. Aside from experiencing great service from

their restaurant, we also ate delicious meals from breakfast, lunch and up

until dinner. That’s not all, you can also opt for a boodle fight or picnic at

the light house so you can add another memorable experience to your list!

Everything is scenic!

Every single place on our stay there was Instagrammable. I really

saw a lot of amazing spots around the area. We also used a drone

to see the top view of the place and it was amazing. I have no

words describing how beautiful the view was from above. If you

ever decided to go on this place, better prepare your phones and



Every single place on our stay was Instagrammable. I really

saw a lot of amazing spots around the area. We also used a

drone to see the top view of the place and it was amazing. I

have no words describing how beautiful the view was from

above. If you ever decided to go on this place, better prepare

your phones and cameras!


Overall, our experience there was superb! This place is truly

one of my highly recommended places to visit. As far as I’m

concerned, the place needs more social media voice and

awareness around the country but knowing Tugawe, I think

it’ll be able to achieve the title as one of the top resorts in the

country soon!

For more informations visit their website :

Follow them on Instagram, too! @TugaweCoveResort


VP foodie


A Delightful Taste of Cebu

Written by Ralph & Michelle Huertas

Baked Scallop

One of the signature dish that you should

try when visiting Cebu. We love that Chikaan’s

version is less salty and creamier, tender

morsels of the scallop that melts in your mouth

while it bursts of its seafood goodness.

The Queen City of the South has

successfully sustained the co-existence

of both urban and rural community that

makes tourists keep coming back for more.

This combination gives the exact fusion

people are looking for, a nice change of

ambience to a countryside and yet retaining

the comforts of the urban community within

their reach.

We have tried several cuisine during our

numerous visit to Cebu but each visit never

ceases to tickle our taste buds with it rich


One of the flavourful local restaurant that

caught our attention is Chika-an. From

its eye-catching name to the fish shaped

design of its name logo that gives you the

inference that you will find an extensive

selection of seafood choices.

We decided to try some of their best-sellers

and these are just a few of the dishes that

Cebuanos love!

Spicy Shrimp in Coconut Milk

Its coconut milk complemented the succulent

shrimp very well with nice touch of the spicy

gingery flavour that is a great match to a

steaming hot rice.

Chicken BBQ

Their version is juicy and tasty with the right

Char on its skin. Marinating is the key to its

flavour sipping through the meat and not like

other version wherein flavour is concentrated

only in the skin.

Sizzling Blue Marlin

Fresh catch is the name of the game. Cebu’s

marine life is abundant within the city limits,

hence, freshness will never be compromised.

Chika-an’s version of this dish has the perfect

combination of sweetness and tangy kick over

the sizzling grilled fish.

Kalderetang Baka

Tender beef pieces that is rich in flavour

coming from infusion of Potato, carrots and

Saba banana is such a diet buster.

We Filipinos grabs every opportunity we

get whenever we see unlimited rice. Aside

from the fact that we have a rice-staple

diet in the country, we just love how rice

complement the rich flavour of our cuisine.

Chika-an offers Unlimited Rice!

Ralph’s Choice: I am partial to restaurants

serving great Kaldereta. Chika-an’s version

did not disappoint me. Tender meat with

the right ratio of fat is perfect for my taste.

The Blue Marlin is grilled to perfection and


Michelle’s choice: My love for shrimp wins

this dish over, I particularly love the rich

coconut milk taste the covers the shrimp.

Baked Scallop is the best appetizer to segue

to a great meal.

When in Cebu, do visit Chika-an branches

located at Robinson’s Galleria Cebu, SM

Cebu, Park Mall, SM Consolacion, Ayala

Terraces, Lahug and Pacific branches.

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VP health



Natural and

Chemical in


Hair Loss

re you losing too much hair? Experiencing hair

Aloss can be a very stressful thing not to mention

that stress itself can be a trigger factor. When you’re

losing clusters of hair or seeing bald patches on your

scalp, your initial reaction would be to do something

about it.

While it’s quite hard to decide, there’s no way but

people still find themselves falling in line overthe-counter

(O.T.C.). And what’s on their hands?

Chemical-based hair loss products. Here are some of

the reasons why they impulsively buy these items:

a.) They claim to be effective.

b.) They say the healing effects are felt quickly.

c.) They are widely available.

d.) They appear to be cheaper.

e.) They claim to be safe.

Sounds tempting, though, be wary enough that once

you delve into the nitty-gritty of these products

available to allegedly promote hair growth, you’ll

see why they may not exactly be a perfect fit. These

are some of the negative possibilities when you use

chemical treatments:

1. Serious side effects like tightness in the chest,

difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat (tachychardia),

and swelling of the hands and feet. These are actually

some of the possible side effects of the hair loss drug

Minoxidil, which is said to cease hair loss and promote

hair growth.

2. Most chemical products say they can “treat”

alopecia, but reading the fine print will lead you to

discover that it actually just slows the progress of

hair loss. Little is said as well about these chemical

treatments actually promoting hair growth.

3. These products or “treatments” usually contain

a variety of chemicals that may or may not cause

allergic reactions. It pays to check the labels. Some

chemical-based products may actually be presenting

the side effects as the main effects. Let the internet

help you on your personal research.

There may be safer and effective alternatives out

there, but NOVUHAIR is a stand out among the rest.

It has 19 natural ingredients—standardized herbal

extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients that

work in synergy and have been clinically proven

to help stop the progression of hair loss, aid in

stimulating hair growth, and reduce excessive hair


NOVUHAIR is available in the Philippines at Mercury

Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide,

Seafood City supermarkets and other Filipino/Asian

stores in the USA and online at and

at BeeOrganic in Kuwait. International online orders

are also possible through For

more information, you may visit or

contact hotlines 4136570 and 09228830575.

Don’t make yourself fall as the next victim of the

trap. Be smart; choose natural. #Novuhairworks

#ChooseNatural #AlopeciaAwareness


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VP featured artist

Meet the Sexy Chef:



t's getting hot in the kitchen, and not just from the


With his hunky looks, dashboard abs and million-dollarsmile,


23-year-old Ilocano chef has been giving lectures and

doing live cooking demos for Puregold, CDO Karne

Norte, SM Supermalls and Youth Summits for Tourism

and Hospitality Cooking Demo.

His charming face also have graced various TV shows

of GMA7 such as Eat Bulaga's JackPot en Poy -

Jackpot winner, Good News with Vicky Morales, Day

Off with Janine Gutierrez and Maey Bautista PopTalk

with Kuya tonipet and Gil Cuerva - Malolos Food Crawl.

A graduate of De la Salle – College of Saint Benilde

Culinary Arts,

Gerick Alfonso G. Manalo, “Chef Gerick” has 2

certified National Cookery certificates on his hat.

Now what' could be hotter than that?






10 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol


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VP featured artist






The Chinito Charmer:



Sure, hunky and handsome. He is an instant magnet

to girls. Who wouldn’t get attracted to a chiseled

jaw, sharp nose, deep chinito penetrating eyes

with long lashes, big biceps, protruding pecs, and

washboard abs?

Jacob Munez, fresh from winning at this year’s Mr.

Chinatown, this chinito charmer is ready to take

himself into new heights. Stepping out of his comfort

zone from boy-next-door to editorial, name it and he’ll

deliver. And guess what ladies, this guy is not just

handsome and brawny, but also brainy? He is one of

those rare guys who boasts not only of a good look but

also a legitimate bachelor’s degree, and he is even a

U.S veteran.

We can't wait to see more of him!

14 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol


16 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol


VP cover



Mikael is one of the Kapuso network’s premiere leading man. But if you

think acting is all he can do, you better think twice and know him better.

Yes! Because we don’t exactly live in a Renaissance era, it is difficult for

us to imagine what it’s like to have Renaissance people in our midst. By

these, we mean actors who achieve prominence, or even command, in

more than one field or in layman’s term : Versatile artist, artists who can

be better and achieve perfection in so many things.

Hunky actor, Mikael is popularly known now for his character in GMA

soap operas. But aside from that, there were so many sides of this actor

we are not yet aware of. He is a food critic, fitness guru, and travel bug.

What? How can he do all that? Oh wait! Not to mention that he’s also

ramp model and a host. He’s an ultimate Hunk-of-all-trades!

Want to know more about Mikael? Then here’s the #VPHunkyAlert

one-on-one interview of him with Village Pipol!







How did you start your showbiz career?

I started my showbiz career in GMA7 way back

in 2011. I started out as TV commercial model,

which was Jollibee.

What was your very remarkable role as an


I think horror is something FUN, I’ve done

drama, comedy, gay roles where it’s really fun,

but I think every single role I’ve done is quite

memorable. I can go through all of them one by

one and say something about it.

What was your celebrity status affect your

current lifestyle?

I’m not sure how it would affect my current

lifestyle, because its been my only lifestyle

since I graduated from college. So, I enjoy

being in the moment I know it’s a special place

to be in. I know some people, other people

aspiring to be in this position, but I try to make

the most out of it and just share what I have

with others.

How do you compare travelling before being

in the showbiz scene to now?

Exactly the same. Travelling is exactly the same,

doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from,

I mean you travel to experience something new

and if you go out your comfort zone then that’s


What’s your worst travelling experience?

Were you able to enjoy it after that experience

or it really ruined the entire trip?

I think your worst travelling exercise is your one

of the memorable ones and you’re going to look

back and find it funny, unless you maybe loss

like 10 million bucks or something. I think the

worse experience often comes from the more

memorable ones and the ones you keep talking

with your friends and your travel buddies.

What are the things you look first for when

travelling? Is it food stops, museums, party

place, etc?

Coffee, and I guess like I said jumping on what

I’ve said a while ago new places, go to new

place maybe spots of the beaten road.

Share us your most fun travelling experience?

Oh, I can’t. Every single travelling experience is

really good.

Would you rather travel with a large group,

with a special someone, or alone?

All. So, give me a mix of all. Doesn’t matter if I

can travel alone or with a big group or with a

special someone.

If you got a free trip to somewhere, everything

covered for a week, where would that be?


Antartica. Because it’s expensive. It’s a place I

can go to, so lets go there for free .

Who do you want to be with in that dream


Anybody, I can go with myself, I can be with

penguins in the south pole or with anybody


Other things you want to promote?

Nothing just the blog. :)


“I know some people,

other people aspiring

to be in this position,

but I try to make the

most out of it and just

share what I have with



22 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol

What are 5 must-have-things

in your travel pack?


My passport.


My wallet with credit cards

and ATM.


My camera along with my



My backpack.


My laptop.

VP fashion




SPRING Collection dawns upon the Fashion Industry

and thru our #VPFashionTeam, conceptualize codes

from various global designers combined to create

“Mating Season”, our Dream Spring Collection for


The color palette is both an instinctive and researched

combination which emanates energy and creates a

harmony full of ruptures: inspired by animal prints

in pastels tints such as rose, yellow, and lilac gives

a romantic and feminine yet very modern masculine

touch in contrast to monochromatic graphic patterns

which oscillate around the body. The precariousness

of the lines is sustained by iridescent and shimmering


The silhouettes have well defined outlines and are

structured with precise and graphic cuts which are

never rigid. Long and fluid with shoulders and the

waist well defined, asymmetrical volumes create lines

in constant movement.

The collections transmits a sense of ease and which

is subdued yet tenacious. The passion for an artisan

tactility and the appreciation for the conventions of

daily wear give a gestural sense of immediacy.

The Spring Summer 2017 dream collection by

#VPFashion Team.







24 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol



Louis Vuitton

26 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol

Roberto Cavalli


Alexander McQueen

28 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol

Dolce & Gabanna



30 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol


Lady Boss in Style


Text by Jean Dalida

Being a fashion blogger in this era means

more than just being a fashion blogger. I

myself strive harder and harder each day to

be more than just a “blogger”. Only few will

understand that blogging is not just about

the glitz-and-glamour of the fashion scene.

If you’re a fashion & style blogger, you know

what I mean; it means more than just that.


It means being an entrepreneur, an

innovator, a hustler or in short being the

BOSS of your own. It becomes crystal clear

in this era that building your business as

a blogger is the key to even having that

stronghold in the blogging scene.

Ira Denise Oyco

Launched in 2014 with a collection of

staple pieces button-downs, Rhipes

Backyard (@rhipesbackyard) now

emcompasses a wide range of resortwear

inspired clothing, easy to wear

classic pieces in keeping with Ira’s

signature style.

Most bloggers have carved out a specific

niche that’s in line with their blog’s

aesthetic. Most them got side businesses

that‘s in line with what they really do—

Fashion Retail. Without further ado, let’s get

started. Keep scrolling to learn about the

bloggers with successful side businesses

and to shop pieces from their collections!

Yuki Tansengco

Fil-Chi Style/ travel blogger Yuki started

Shop Style Cat (@shopstylecat) an

online for shop for every stylish girl that

can’t confine herself in the city for a long

while. Ladies who are both a city and

an island girl at the same time. If you’ve

wanted to get your hands a basket bags,

go check this locally made handbags.

Kim Santiago

The small but terrible young entrepreneur

slash fashion and beauty B/Vlogger Kim

owns a salon, Beauty Lounge

( She also launched

an affordable yet fashionable and chic

clothing line, Wear Kim Santiago

(@wearkimsantiago) now sold online and

can be bought at the trendsetters bazaar.

Melissa Gatchalian

For sure we can’t say NO for a handbag

and clearly we can never have enough of

them-in different colours, shapes, sizes

and just because it looks fabulous. You

ladies should check this classy shop out.

Known as the Sartorial Panda, Melissa

owns the go-to source for all things

handbag related, From Blank





of the month!


Ronwell Lim

P @ronwelllim

Ronwell is a menswear influencer. His

style is sharp, urban and super cool. His

eye for fashion and trends is undoubtedly

awesome. He perfectly combines urban

clothing and classic silhouettes to create

his own unique style.

There are tons of amazing bloggers

& influencers out there, and we love

having the chance to get to know

them a little better and introduce them

to the Villagers! If you’re looking for

a little up-to-the-minute inspirations,

whether it’s tech, travel, food, fashion/

lifestyle and beauty, you’ve come

to the right place! Let the uprising

bloggers and influencers in the metro

inspire you! And hey Villagers, don’t

forget to follow them!

Written by: Jean Dalida of


Mary Love Siy

P @marylove_siy

Mary Love is a lifestyle and food blogger

based in Manila. She loves sharing

her mouth watering food flatlays. She

combines her love for food with her love

for photography.


Hazel Quing

P @hazelquing

We love the adorably Hazel’s bubbly

personality and sense of humor. We’d

totally hang out with jolly Hazel.


Andrew Pablico

P @pablico

Taking a flight has a lot to do with

traveling itself. Andrew is a cabin crew by

day and a lifestyle blogger by night. He’s

always above the clouds and I bet that

it’s like a different world. You’ll see him

traveling and taking his ootd(s) in different

places and countries.


Just tag @villagepipol and @thevillagersph on Instagram and use the hashtag #VillagersPH and you might be featured next!

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VP fashion

Wearable Art:

Bangs Garcia x Mitch

EV Collection

Art evolves in many forms, many art

aficionados pay a hefty amount just to

have their favorite paintings hang on

their walls. What if you can wear your

favorite paintings, wouldn’t that be

more exciting?

Written by: Michelle Huertas

he digital era have made it possible to transfer

Tyour favorite art pieces into any fabric or medium.

Digital Art Imprints create a licensed digital

reproduction, making it possible for the artists to

convey his creation to a wider set of audience.

Digitallworx Graphics and Imprintela is the

brainchild of Artist and Businesswoman Mitch

Empleo-Ventura which emanated from her passion for

painting and digital arts coupled with her advocacy in

sharing alternative medium to fellow Filipino artists.

Mitch also advocates preservation of the

environment, hence, her stores uses eco-friendly inks

and technology. She also promotes art in the form of

upcycling and re-purposing use of digital advertising


Digitallworx Graphics is Mitch’s flagship store

offering digital imaging and printing as well as web

graphics and multimedia services that goes beyond

customer satisfaction.

BangsGarciaXMitchEV collection

Imprintela offers innovative garment design such

as large format sublimation, DTG, Image transfer &

pressure printing for a more variable imagery; Digital

Embroidery that works well on delicate fabric; and

Embellishment/Rhinestone pressing using only AAA

graded stones.

In a recent event which also served as its opening

salvo was a fashion show featuring Digital Art Imprints

collaboration between Actress and Painter Bangs

Garcia and Imprintela’s very own Mitch Empleo-


Colorful and exciting clothing pieces with eyecatching

graphics sashayed on the floor giving life

to art itself. The two artists were happy to announce

that these pieces belong to their initial collection

which they intend to cultivate into an empire. Their

clothing collection includes smart casual wears, allencompassing

of genuine art-pieces.

These fashionable clothes forms part of an art

collection which Bangs and Mitch collaborated and

expressed into a limited edition clothing collection.

“Mitch and I met when I visited last years’ Graphic

Expo, I was impressed with the digital imprints on

garments and got curious about it”. According to

Bangs. “I have been doing traditional painting since

2009 and have been dreaming of something like this

and Mitch gave me the platform to jumpstart what I

foresee to be the start of something big.” She furthers.

Bangs is very particular with details and quality of

every product and she is very satisfied with Mitch’s

team and assures other artists and future clients that

they can’t go wrong by entrusting their work with


Bangs Garcia happily announced that she has recently

gotten married and will be relocating to United

Kingdom and by doing so, she will have more time to

paint given the fact that the ambiance and weather

there is more conducive to translate her passion of


When asked about who she plans to dress, Bangs

readily muses that since she belongs to ABS-CBN,

naturally she leans toward dressing Kapamilya artist

such as Love teams #Jadine -Nadine Lustre & James

Reid and #KathNiel- Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel


Bangs is also excited to expand their collection but

expresses that they are taking their time in doing so

and pointed out that they don’t pressure each other

and wants the partnership to grow with passion and

creativity. When they we’re jokingly asked about

the possibility of making it to London fashion in the

future, the two even giggled in passing. Since Bangs

is moving to that side of the world, the probability is

not that far.

Their collection will embellish the

BangsGarciaXMitchEV logo which is a combination of

their initials and depicts a spectacle that will give their

niche a fresh perspective of collection to the fashion


The collections can be viewed and purchased online

at Instagram: @digitalsarisari and also thru Fb: @

digitalsarisarionline and at The Penthouse lifestyle &

concept store’s three branches located at 162 Chloe

Building, Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City;

Robinson’s Place Manila; and U.P. Town Center.

For any inquiries and collaborative proposition,

you may contact Imprintela, Digitallworx Graphics

and Digitalsarisari at Tel nos. +632-4557023/+632-

9861348 or email:;


VP events

rick or treating is something that was introduced

Tlocally a few years ago but something that has

become almost an instant hit to children and adults


Shooting a good and clear Halloween photo with the

usual low-lit or dim setting of a Halloween ambiance

may be a challenge with an ordinary phone camera.

But with the Vivo V7+, dimly-lit environment is never

a challenge when taking a clear selfie shot. Known

for rocking one of the first 24MP selfie-centric

smartphones to hit the market, the V7+ Vivo’s perfect

response to the selfie phenomenon. Its 24MP clearer

selfie, front facing camera, with LED flash and smart

photography algorithms provides for a clear-cut,

crisp, and natural-looking photo while one is out and

about whether for tricks or treats.

No tricks, Just

Treats with the

Vivo V7+

A fan of scary movies or Armageddon-type video

games? Enjoy them with the V7+’s revolutionary 5.99

all-screen Display boasting of an 84.4% screen to

body ratio, providing a more exciting and enhanced

game and visual experience. V7+’s Special Face

Beauty 7.0 feature is also a hit even for the not-sopretty

Halloween masks as it brightens up photos and

evens-out complexions so capturing a selfie-moment

is not a problem in Halloween’s overcast set-up.

The V7+’s camera also has a built-in Bokeh feature

which gives photos a beautiful effect of a soft out-offocus

background, a famous aesthetic in selfies in the

recent years. There are no tricks, only treats with the

Vivo V7+. It features the most advanced technologies,

not only to the cameras but to all aspects, from photo

shooting to display, helping media-savvy and social

media devoted consumers to capture and enjoy their

most significant moments this Halloween and beyond.

Speaking of Halloween affairs, Vivo mounted a

special Halloween event for their loyal Vivo fans last

October 27. Titled Heroes Vs Villains, the event was

held at the Ibiza Beach Club at the Bonifacio Global

City. DJ Carlo Atendido was invited to spin for the

Spooktacular event. Guests were invited to show up in

their best Warner TV hero or villain.

The event also coincided with Vivo’s Halloween

promo, the Vivo Halloween Off where contestants

are asked to share online their best and funniest

DIY Halloween costume selfie with the hashtag

#VivoHalloweenOff. Three best entries were picked

based on creativity and will compete for the prize

via a voting system. The winner will be announced on

October 31

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook

(, Instagram

(, and Twitter

( accounts.

34 | VILLAGE PIPOL MNP|villagepipol


VP tech

Top 5 Highlights

of the OPPO F5

OPPO just unveiled their latest hero smartphone this month with the OPPO F5.

It is now entering the same arena as the Huawei Nova 2i and the Vivo V7+. The

midrangers are really getting great releases this year.

Text and Photos by: Peter Jan Icogo of

OPPO boasts that that the new F5 shoots

selfies intelligently w/ the help of artificial

intelligence. To simply things, this new selfie

technology will help users enjoy customized/

personalized beautification without

exaggeration and improve selfies the more you

use it.

OPPO claims that it can detect 200 points your

face, recognize your facial impurities, knows

your age, gender, skin texture, analyze the

lighting condition, and etc. The A.I. tech will do

the trick to let you see the real you. In addition,

the new F5 is also the first OPPO device to join

the ever growing 18:9 screen bandwagon for

that full screen and near bezel-less look.

Moreover, the phone has some of the most

underrated specs we've seen in a while. In

particular, it is probably the most affordable

smartphone in the Philippines right now w/ the

gaming grade Mali-G71 graphics. Yes, you read

that part right, it has the same GPU found on

the local version of the PHP 50K Note 8.

which makes it usable with one hand. The

display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5

which makes it durable from scratches.

3. A Smart Selfie Camera

The OPPO F5 is fitted with a single, yes, a

single 20MP selfie camera. It may not have

the dual camera system that the OPPO F3 has

but it packs something more interesting. It now

has an AI that can assist you in taking selfies.

That AI is also available when you are using the

beautify feature of the smartphone since it can

recognize 200 facial points to produce a more

natural looking selfie.

4. Face Unlock

Face unlocking is picking up in popularity again

since Apple unveiled it in their iPhone X reveal.

OPPO F5 also jumped the gun, just like the

Vivo V7+, and added a Face Unlock feature.

The Face Unlock feature also uses the same

AI in the selfie camera utilizing the 200 facial

points to help secure your phone through it.

Now, we have decided to list the 5 best

features of the OPPO F5 to help you figure out

if its the smartphone for you.

1. Gorgeous FHD+ 18:9 display

As expected, OPPO jumped on the trend of

the bezel-less displays and went with a 6-inch

FHD+ 18:9 display. It is looking crisp and

beautiful at 2160 x 1080 resolution and with

enough brightness to be usable even outside

on a sunny day. Although it has a 6-inch display

the physical footprint it leaves is similar to the

F3 with the F5 being only slightly taller and


2. Better and Sleeker Design

While the materials used can be better

(*cough* Metal unibody *cough*), the overall

design of the OPPO F5 is a bit better than the

F3. It has a more streamlined look and feel

5. Underrated Specs for the Price

The OPPO F5 has a very underrated list of

specs for the price of just PHP 15,990. If you

underestimate its capabilities then get ready to

be stunned because it packs a punch. It has a

Mediatek Helio P23 clocked in at 2.5GHz with

4GB of RAM. Fast, right? However, the kicker

here is the Mali-G71MP2 GPU. This GPU is

found on high end 2017 smartphones as well.

This can definitely deliver great performance

both in multitasking and gaming. Battery life is

GREAT so far as well.

The OPPO F5 really made its arrival known

in the mid range scene. This makes the battle

for mid-range supremacy more jam packed.

However, there is only one winner here.

You! Yes. The consumers are getting the win

because cheaper phones are getting better,

while great phones are getting cheaper. It is a

win-win situation for all of us.

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VP entertainment

Geostorm (2017)

Movie Review

Text by: Edge Buenviaje

Ice caps melting, heat waves, droughts,

tsunami and hurricanes. These are natural

disasters that can bring death upon millions

of people in just a few hours. They are getting

more prevalent each year due mainly to climate


That is what the plot of Geostorm revolves

around in. The year is 2019 and the world is

suffering from extreme weather conditions.

NASA decided to build satellites that can

manipulate the weather to counter act the

effects of global warming and climate change.

Gerald Butler stars as Jake Lawson who

spearheaded the development of the space

station/weather machine called the “Dutch

Boy”. However, he was taken off the project

after butting heads with the US government

officials that is looking over the project.

Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess), Jake’s brother,

then took over the project. After 3 years,

anomalies started to arise wherein a satellite

assigned to Afghanistan malfunctioned and

froze an entire village. The US Government is

supposed to hand over control of “Dutch Boy”

over the United Nations in 2 weeks. That is why

they needed to fix it and sent Jake Lawson

back to the space station.

The movie is action packed. It will keep you

in the edge of your seat especially during the

numerous natural catastrophic events that arise

during the length of the movie. The effects are

well-done and can really instill fear in you.

The pacing of the story from start to finish is

really good as well. There was no point that I

was bored. Even when I knew that there will be

a looming possibility that the “Dutch Boy” can

be weaponized for terrorism or political gain, I

was not able to predict what will happen in the


The characters in these movies are a mix bag of

cliché and unexpected peeps. Without saying

too much to spoil the movie, you can expect

characters that you usually see in movies

involving government conspiracy, terrorism,

science and hacking. However, I feel like some

of the characters could have played more of a

bigger role instead of being killed off so early.

Overall, “Geostorm” is a great movie. I will

definitely recommend you guys check it out. It

will make you see what our future will be if we

do not do something about global warming. My

final word, controlling the weather and climate

artificially is not the answer to global warming.

What we need is to change our ways and be

more caring of Mother Nature.

Initial release: 11 October 2017


Director: Dean Devlin

Budget: 120 million USD

Producers: Dean Devlin, Dana

Goldberg, David Ellison, Marc

Roskin, Rachel Olschan

Starring: Gerard Butler, Jim

Sturgess, Abbie Cornish,

Alexandra Maria Lara, Richard

Schiff, Robert Sheehan, Daniel

Wu, Eugenio Derbez, Ed Harris,

Andy García

Rotten Tomatoes: 15%

IMDb: 5.8/10


VP sports

NBA All-Star Game:

East vs. West

No More

Text by: Edge Buenviaje

We have been used to seeing the best in

the East go up against best in the West

every February during the All Star Weekend.

However, this year, for the very first time

in NBA All Star history, the format will be


Gone are the days where players in the East are

restricted to play with their Eastern Conference

brethren and vice versa for the West. The NBA

and the National Basketball Players Association

(NBPA) announced that they will change the

format of the All Star Game for the first time

67 years.

In the new format, the teams will be formed

a la pick-up game wherein two captains will

draft their teammates from a pool of starters

VP review


Graphics: 5/5 | Audio: 5/5

Gameplay: 4/5 | Story: 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5

and reserves. There will be a total of 24 players

in that player pool. 10 of these players will be

chosen by voting – 50% of the votes will come

from the fans, 25% will be from the current

NBA players and 25% will be from the media.

The 14 players for reserve spots will be chosen

by the NBA coaches. The captains for each

team will be the highest vote getters from each


The 67th NBA All Star Game will be held at

the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

on February 18, 2018. TNT will still be the one

covering the midseason exhibition game for the

16th year in a row.

Cuphead Game Review:

A Kiddie Looking Game With A

Nasty, Retro Difficulty

Remember those old Disney movies? You know,

the silent cartoon movies with Mickey Mouse. The

art style has vibrant colors and great animations.

It is something that you don’t really see nowadays

anymore. Well, up until, Cuphead showed up.

Cuphead is a breath of fresh air. The gaming industry

is laden with the similar games left and right. There

FPS games, sports games, MOBA and now even the

PUBG-style battleground is seeing similar titles being

released. However, Cuphead dared to move away

from the norm and be different.

Let’s talk about the graphics first. Cuphead is a very

beautiful and stylized game. It has an art style akin to

1930’s cartoons. The vintage style graphics plus the

film grain it has during gameplay is top notch. The

characters are all colorful and full of personality. The

foreground and background are also animated as well.

The music of the game is exceptional. It has that

1930’s – 1950’s jazz music that really puts you in the

mood to tackle the action packed scenario you are in.

The way the game sounds really helps give you that

immersive experience.

The plot is, to say the least, on the bit of a dark

comedy. The main protagonists Cuphead and

Mugman played in the Devil’s casino. They caught the

Devil’s attention and agreed to play for a higher stake.

Text by: Edge Buenviaje

If they win they can have everything the casino offers

but if they lose their souls are going to be taken by the

Devil. As expected, they lost and they now have to run

errands for the Devil until they pay their debt.

The gameplay is a really good call back to the 90’s

platformers. The game is tough as nails. Don’t let

the cutesy graphics fool you because this game will

kick your butt. You will be playing a gauntlet of boss

battles each with their own unique personality and

fighting pattern. You will die. A lot of times. You will

soon hate the word “Retry”.

I was only on the second boss and I died more than

30 times before I was able to win. There is an Item

Shop where you can spend your hard earned coins for

power ups to help you on your journey. There is also

a local Co-op mode a la Contra. I highly recommend

playing it with a friend. Not because it get’s easier, it

just feels better when you have someone else sharing

your pain.

Although it is a tough game, it does not get too

frustrating. Once you get in the zone and get the

patterns of each boss, you can beat them. This is a

great game and I highly recommend it. For the price

of PHP 499.95 on Steam, you are getting a game with

a lot of replayability and an overall great experience.

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