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November 2017

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Volume 55, Issue 11, November 2017

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Maverick Region 55th Anniversary................................... 6

Mavs & Mochas Recap.................................................. 10

Kruder’s Cars & Conversation........................................ 12

Porsche Heritage Birthday Party (Monthly Social) Recap... 14

Founders Day Celebration Preview................................. 18

Lube For Thought: Lubrication, Part 2.............................. 20

Porsche of the Month..................................................... 21

Porsche Trivia................................................................ 21

Off-Road Adventures Recap........................................... 25

PCA Tours Recap: MSR.................................................. 28

Five Speed Chatter........................................................ 31

USPS Statement of Ownership........................................ 35

Upcoming Events

Region Officer Election Ballot........................................... 7

Board Meetings............................................................. 16

Maverick Lunch Series...................................................16

DE at MSR....................................................................16

Club Racing with Vintage Run Group.............................. 16

Austin Schnell Fest.........................................................17

Autocross Schedule.......................................................17

Mavs & Mochas............................................................17

Founders Day Celebration............................................. 19

PCA Logo License Plate Purchase.................................... 35


Sprockets (President’s Column)......................................... 2

Maverick of the Month..................................................... 2

List of Officers and Board Chairs...................................... 4

Zone 5 Presidents............................................................4

New Mavericks and Anniversaries.................................... 9

Unclassifieds................................................................. 34

Advertiser Index............................................................ 34

Around the Bend (Editor’s Column)................................. 36

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Board Meeting..................................................... (Wed) 1

Autocross #10 at Lone Star Park..............................(Sun) 5

Plano area lunch (each Monday)................ 6, 13, 20, 27

Mavs & Mochas: NorthPark Center (Nordstrom’s)... (Sat) 11

Club Race and Advanced DE: MSR..........(Sat - Sun) 11-12

Lewisville area lunch............................................. (Tue) 14

NO SOCIAL THIS MONTH..............................(Thu) 16

Austin Schnell Fest DE..............................(Fri - Sun) 17-19

Richardson and Southlake area lunches.................(Thu) 23

Mavs & Mochas: Highland Park Village....................(Sat) 2

Maverick Toy “Drive”: Plano.....................................(Sat) 2

Founders Day Celebration: Texas Harley-Davidson....(Sat) 2

Plano area lunch (each Monday)....................... 4, 11, 18

Board Meeting..................................................... (Wed) 6

Lewisville area lunch............................................. (Tue) 12

NO SOCIAL THIS MONTH..............................(Thu) 21

Richardson and Southlake area lunches.................(Thu) 28

The Porsche 935 raced by

M.L. Speer seen in the pits at

Sebring. Read more about these

racing Mavs in Kruder’s Cars &

Conversations on pages 12-13.

Photo courtesy of Jack Griffin

Event Dates



On the Cover

Celebrating 55 years of our Porsche Club of

America Maverick Region Charter approval is

captured with the 1962 Porsche 356 and

2017 Porsche Turbo S bookends.

Illustration by Kurt Scaggs

Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily endorsed by the Club’s membership or officers. Contributions will be

printed on a space available basis. Chartered regions of PCA may reproduce items from this issue provided the author/

artist and Slipstream are credited. Slipstream is printed by Ussery Printing Company in Irving, Texas.


Sprockets: Porsche Subscription Service

By David Robertson, Region President

surprisingly small amount of the buzz going


around PCA Parade back in July was something

that came up in a conversation that

some of us had with Klaus Zellmer, CEO of

Porsche North America, where he was talking about

the future of Porsche, and the concept of a monthly

subscription service that was already being tested in


I thought this concept was amazing, and was surprised

that this wasn’t the biggest news. We weren’t told

that it was any kind of secret, so you may have heard

me talking about it over the last few months. I really

believe this idea of paying a monthly fee for the use

of a Porsche that I keep for a period of time, use for

whatever I’m in the mood for, then hand off to someone

else, is groundbreaking stuff for a luxury brand

like Porsche. Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to

speak, residents of Atlanta can take advantage of this

program, called Porsche Passport, and if successful, we

will see it in other cities.

The more I have thought about this program since

that meeting with Klaus in July, the more I think it is

a great idea. The next generations of Porsche owners,

“Late Millennials” and especially “Generation Xers,”

are not as keen on commitment and ownership compared

to prior generations, and this will be a great way

for them to experience the brand. This type of program

has been around since the iPhone was invented, but

rolling it out for a brand like Porsche is new territory.

Throughout my career I have seen the technology

development curve in my world go from around five

years to a matter of months. What that means for us

today is that if you are not constantly innovating and

staying on or ahead of the curve, you are out of business,

period, unless you are the government of course.

As always, I look forward to discussing all of this with

you in person at one of our events very soon.

All of this technology and innovation we are seeing

will undoubtedly change the way we look at our favorite

cars. At an event I attended a while back, where some

of the Porsche executives were talking about these

items, I heard simultaneous boos and cheers from the

audience. One thing I that I can tell you definitively is

that no matter what we see in the future, there are a lot

of amazing members in this club that will make sure

the Porsches that we have grown up with will always be

on the road to be driven and admired.

In this issue of Slipstream you will find a list of members

that are on the ballot for our 2018 officer positions.

The actual voting ballot is on page 7, or can be

downloaded for printing via the QR code. I encourage

SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor

1235 William D. Tate Ave

Grapevine, TX 76051


you to vote. Better yet -- you should attend our Founders

Day celebration on December 2 and cast your ballot

in person!

MAV OF THE MONTH: Mark Pitarresi

Mark is our PCA Tours Co-Chair and he has done

an outstanding job of organizing great drives for our

members that always end at really fun destinations.

Mark goes the extra mile to make sure that road

conditions are up to par for our special cars, and safety

is his top priority. Our tours have become one of our

most popular events and they are experiencing record


I also want to commend Mark for his commitment

to one of our charities, the Hope House. Donations are

accepted for Walmart

gift cards for the

residents of the Hope

House shelter at Mark’s

tours. A total of $1,625

was raised during charity

laps at the October tour!

Thank all of you that

have donated a gift card

to the Hope House at

any of our events, and

thank you Mark for all

that you do. Enjoy your

gift card to Silver Fox.

2 November

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2017 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


David Robertson


Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr

Vice President

Jim Falgout

Charity Chair

Chris Hamilton


Wendy Shoffit


Club Race Co-Chair

Pat Heptig



Richard Solomon


Club Race Co-Chair

Joel Nannis

Concours Chair

Mike Mahoney


DE Chair



DE Chief Driving Instr.

John Sandusky


DE Equipment Mgr.

Hunter Allen

DE Hospitality

Rose Gohlke

DE Sponsorship

Daren Kirbo


Email List Moderator

Brian Scudder


Email List Moderator

Matt Platts


Goodie Store

Chris Flaugh


Histographer, Tenured

Charlie Davis

Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Bill Orr

Membership Chair,

Past President

John Hamilton


Monthly Social Chair

Stephanie Ho

Online Calendar

Karl Poulsen

PCA Tours Co-Chair

Mark Pitarresi


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Tom Gomer

Rally Co-Chair

Don Sebert


Rally Co-Chair

George Luxbacher

Registrar, Club Race/DE

Wendy Shoffit

Safety Co-Chair

Wayne Elliott

Safety Co-Chair

Bob Kramer

Slipstream Advertising,

Coffee Meets

Bill Kruder


Slipstream Editor

Jim Hirsch


Slipstream Content Ed.

Carey Spreen


Slipstream Event

Ad Design

Kurt Scaggs

Tech Sessions Chair

Michael Baynton


Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears


Time Trial Chair,

(AX/TT Rules)

Travis Howard


Slipstream Printing

Fran Ussery

972--438-8344 (W)

817-481-8342 (H)

TT Registrar, AX/TT

Schools, Swap Meets

Robyn Howard


Social Chair

Tracy Robertson


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo


Volunteers Chair

Jim Gallegos


Web Site Chair

James Shoffit



Ken Chandler,


Bryan Kerrick


2017 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Steve Bukoski


Scott Spradley


Jim Woolly



Mike Hamza



Joy Jones




Tracey Gross


Charles Bush


David Robertson


Randal Goodman


Leonard Zechiedrich



Jon Jones

4 November

“Let us take care of your baby, like it’s ours!”



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Maverick Region 55th Anniversary

By Jim Hirsch

Anniversary graphics by Kurt Scaggs

ell, we are just about at


the exact date from 55

years ago that our Maverick

Region’s formal

application to the Porsche Club of

America to become a recognized

club was signed, sealed, and delivered.

I’ve included a copy of the actual

application letter to the right

for you to view.

And, we were notified about 8

weeks later that our charter was approved

and we could conduct business

as a PCA Region to the benefit

of our members.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series

of columns reflecting on the

55 years of our Maverick Region.

The club has thousands of Porsche

enthusiasts over those years who

have participated in a plethora of

events: social, charitable, driving,

and competitive, all to further the

PCA adage of “It’s not just the cars,

it’s the people”.

Further, since our Region is

known for Porsche owners who

drive their fine examples of

German engineering, our Region

motto of “Driving Friendships” is

even more apropos.

If you’re interested in delving

deeper into the history of the club,

please take a look at http://mav.,

and click to read more details.

Our entire collection of club

newsletters, beginning with Volume

1, Issue 1, in September 1963, will

be available for your viewing soon

as part of a partnership with the

University of North Texas to scan

our entire library of issues.

Finally, we hope that each of you

will consider participating in all or

at least part of our interesting collection

of activities to celebrate

Founders Day on December 2.

You’ll find more information

throughout this issue and also online.

6 November

You can even purchase club merchandise featuring our 55th Anniversary logo

as designed by Kurt Scaggs. The online store for this merchandise is at

2018 Maverick Region Officers Ballot

I am a (pick one): _____ Primary Member _____ Associate Member


_______ David Robertson (incumbent)

_______ _________________________

Vice President

_______ Jim Falgout (incumbent)

_______ _________________________


_______ Deborah Fike

_______ _________________________


_______ Carey Spreen

_______ _________________________

Print Name _________________________ Signature _________________________

Turn in your ballot at the Annual Celebration or mail it to the Nominating Committee Chair,

Bill Kruder at 3600 Spring Mountain Dr, Plano, TX 75025 prior to December 2.

Mailed ballots must be signed and received prior to the Founders Day event or presented at

that time. Winners will be announced during the Founders Day event.

You can also get this ballot online at

or use the QR code in the upper right.


8 November

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

By John Hamilton, Region Membership Chair

John Mark Cassil


2010 Cayman

Joey & Belinda Daughtry


2014 Boxster

Scott Deffebach

Highland Village

2010 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Andrew Diederich


2012 911 Carrera Black

Jennifer Lefler


2014 Cayman

Tyra McIntosh


2014 911 Turbo

Charles Nearburg


2011 911 GT3 RS

Marvin Olsaon


2014 911 Carrera

Stephen Slaughter


2003 911 Carrera

David Tierney


1999 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Todd Waletzki


2012 911 Carrera S

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide,

contact John Hamilton at

Transfers In

Paul & Alexandra Charsley

Fort Worth

Transfer From: RED

1977 924

Jagjot Sidhu & Baljeet Kaur

Flower Mound

Transfer From: SAZ

2007 911 Turbo

Quyen Tong


Transfer From: ALT

2015 911 Carrera 4S

Neel Golwala


2018 911 Carrera S

Jayson Guidry


2002 Boxster

Jeffrey Hanford

Little Elm

2013 911 Carrera S

Margaret Parry


2008 Boxster

Tom Robinson

Flower Mound

2015 911 Turbo S

Andres Santano


2009 911 Carrera S

Say hello to your fellow

Porsche drivers!

Flashing your high beams at fellow Porsche

drivers is a time-honored tradition . . .

Keep the flash alive!

Maverick Membership Stats

Members: 1,739 Affiliate Members: 878 Total Membership: 2,617

Anniversaries: November

** 40 Years **

Robert Fillmore (Linda)


James Sims (Beverly)

Richard Lester (Lori)

10 Years

Fort Worth

Flower Mound

20 Years

James Shoffit (Wendy)

15 Years

Gary Thompson (Liz)

William Gross (Barbara)

Seth Higgins (Susan)





5 Years

Robert Fett

Steve Boley

Richard Harris (Joann)

Erik Holt (Carolynn)






Mavs & Mochas: Texas Harley-Davidson

By Rob Adams, Porsche 968 Featured Model Host

Photos by Jim Hirsch

ou have about as much chance of being


hit by a stray meteor as you do seeing two

Porsche 968s in the same day, yet the October

Mavs & Mochas event brought 11 of

these rare models together as the feature car of the

event. For those who are unfamiliar with the Porsche

968, these cars were produced from 1992 to 1995 and

during the production run, only four thousand or so

were brought into the US. These four thousand were

split almost half and half between coupes and cabriolets

(see the Oct issue of Slipstream for more information).

Rick Dyers’ Grand Prix White Porsche 968 Coupe

Debi Gibson and Bill Kruder, Mavs & Mochas Co-Chairs,

shown with the 968 of Rob Adams, host of the featured cars

The event featured at least one car representing

each model year with about an equal split of cabs and

coupes. And what’s more, we had two original owners

in the mix: Rick Whitman (1992 Cab) and Alan Lage

(1993 Coupe) who have owned their cars since new

and have demonstrated the durability of the 968. Pam

Carson was in attendance

with her daily driver (1994

Coupe). Jerry Fradenburg

was there sporting

a gorgeous Guards Red

1992 Coupe. Randall

Johnson (1993 Coupe)

and Ed Russo (1994 Cab)

brought two examples in

Midnight Blue while Rob

Adams (1994 Coupe) and

the Ferraros (1994 Cab)

provided examples of

Iris Blue Metallic. Corky

Helstrom drove his beautiful

low-miles Guards Red

1995 Cab and was parked

Alan Bambina’s 1962

Porsche 356 at the Texas

Harley-Davidson venue

next to Rick Dyers’ Grand Prix White (showroom condition)

1995 Coupe. But perhaps the most unusual

color was the Goetz’ Aventurine Green 1994 Coupe.

What was most remarkable about this recently

formed Porsche 968 community were the new friendships

that were formed as all attendees, (some 70 or so

cars) learned about the 968. Even the 968 owners (myself

included) learned something new about their cars.

This event highlights the great things about being a

Porsche owner, a Maverick and a Mavs & Mochas attendee….

Driving Friendships. Amazing stuff.

Author’s note: My warmest thank you for all who attended

and especially for all the 968 owners who took time to prepare

their cars and share them with everyone. I hope you enjoyed this

as much as I did. And thank you to Texas Harley-Davidson

for their gracious hospitality….what an amazing venue this

is. Finally, thank you Mavs & Mochas for creating, organizing

and carrying out these monthly events that allow a new

type of participation in the Porsche Life.

10 November

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8/9/2017 1:06:26 PM

Kruder’s Cars & Conversations

By Bill Kruder

Photos courtesy of the Author

y first meeting with one


of our two interviewees

was about seven years

ago -- you guessed it --

over coffee at a gathering in Frisco.

We chatted a bit over the months,

and before long he invited me

and a friend to come over and see

his garage and memorabilia. We

were stunned. Unbeknownst to us,

we were with no less than a local

legend. Well, as time went on, Tom

Martin told me I had to meet the

guy who was responsible for this

legend. More months passed until

the three of us were attending the

same car show recently; we struck

up a conversation, and Tom was


So here is the next in my series

of “conversations” I would like to

share with you . . .

M.L. Speer, member since 2011,

Owner 2010 GT3

Jack Griffin, member since 1987,

Owner 1955 356 Continental

and a few more

Bill Kruder: I’m not even sure where

to begin with you two. How about we

start with “what was your first Porsche?”

M.L. Speer: Let’s see, that was

some time ago, but it was a 1970

Irish Green 914. I bought it from

Forest Lane Porsche.

Jack Griffin: That’s an easy one

as I still have it: it’s the 1970 Adriatic

Blue 914-6 that I bought in 1976.

MLS: Might I just add that there

was no comparison to our two

cars (laughing) the 1.7 914 was no

match. Heck I was lucky to be going

60 mph in it.

BK: So I know you two aren’t from


MLS: No, I grew up in the small

town of Crowell, west of Wichita

Falls. I think we had about 600

people and a blinking light in the

middle of town.

12 November

JG: Likewise, I grew up in a small

town in south Texas called Harlingen.

BK: How did you two finally meet?

MLS: I am a CPA, and in 1978

my partner and I wanted to build

an office building. What a small

world it is; Jack and I connected

through a mutual friend.

JG: Yes, our mutual friend had

gone to Baylor with me, and mentioned

that M.L. wanted to do an

office building development. I was

developing office buildings with

Trammell Crow at that time, and

arranged for us to meet.

BK: So it had nothing to do with

cars or racing?

MLS: That’s correct. I was doing

some SCCA racing but it was not

discussed in our meeting.

JG: Not exactly sure how that

ended, but it was another five to

six years before our paths crossed


BK: What brought you two together?

MLS: Again, kind of a small

world. Steve Louden (of Louden

Motorcars) and I knew each other

through SCCA and we raced together.

Steve would have an annual

party and he would invite friends

and customers over.

JG: That’s right. Steve would service

my car and said “I’m having a

party -- come on over.”

MLS: So Jack and I started up a

conversation that night; mind you,

this was about 1983. I was about to

race the 24 Hours of Daytona. We

started talking about racing and

M.L. Speer and Jack Griffin

things, and I invited Jack to join us

at the track.

BK: Jack, had you raced before, or

wanted to?

JG: No, I had never raced! I had

never even been to a race track

before (laughing). Heck, I took

the 914 to what would be called a

DE today at a go-kart track called

Oak Hill in Henderson. I did about

three laps, no idea what I was doing,

and called it quits.

BK: How was it visiting the Daytona

track? What happened?

MLS: Well it rained like it was

never going to stop. Cars were going

everywhere! Hurley Haywood

was there in a 935, and when he

pitted he came in on three wheels

with about a quarter of his car missing.

JG: Despite the rain, I was just

excited to be there, taking it all in.

As I recall, in the next pit over was

A.J. Foyt! I mean, you look back

and think “how cool is that?”

BK: So M.L., what were you driving?

MLS: We were racing a 935. I

think it had about 800 hp and of

course weighed nothing, so it was

quick. As I recall, despite the rain,

we finished fourth overall.

JG: It was some race! After

the finish, M.L. asked me what

I thought and if I would want to

drive. It looked like a lot of fun so I

thought, why not try it?

BK: And?

MLS: I told him the next race is

in about six weeks at Sebring, and

if he wanted to drive, we had a race

car that he could drive. However,

he needed a racing license.

JG: So, I head out to a driving

school, of course! I think they had

Datsun 280Zs, with a bunch of

other guys in my class. The guys are

all talking, going around the table,

about how they got this school

experience for a gift and whatnot.

They get to me and I say, “Well, I’m

preparing to race at Sebring.” They

thought I was kidding (laughing).

BK: How did things go at Sebring?

MLS: We put Jack and two other

guys in a yellow 914-6 that was the

previous year’s GTU championship

car. I thought, heck, he drives

on LBJ, certainly he can drive this


JG: Two of the three of us on

our team had never raced! We

were supposed to each take three

practice laps the day before the

race. Well, during practice, the first

two guys go out for their practice

laps, and it’s pouring rain. One of

them over-revved and ruined the

engine before I was able to get any

practice in. Over the next twelve

hours, another engine is retrieved

from Atlanta and installed in the

car, finishing 45 minutes before the

green flag drops. We start last on

the grid because we did not qualify

with our one experienced driver

at the wheel. At the time that he

was supposed to pit and I was to

take over as the second driver, we

learned the car was out of gas on

the course. The crew and I, armed

with a can of gas, then go searching

for the car. Upon locating the car,

the crew gave me refueling instructions

from behind the spectator

fence. Along with instructions from

the crew, I also received a rash of

insulting remarks from the spectators

(Spring Break at Sebring)

regarding my refueling ability. I

finally get the engine started and

after several unsuccessful attempts

to join the track traffic, I finally get

around to the pits for refueling. I

then join the fray, however, having

to hunt my way around the track

at less than stellar speeds. After 15

laps and trying to blend with the

faster traffic, I crashed into a concrete

wall doing substantial damage

to the car and the wall.

MLS: (Laughing) I go driving by

in the 935 and I look over and I see

not only Jack, but also the car on

the wall.

BK: And you still thought this was a

good idea to be racing?

JG: Of course! I hadn’t really

even driven yet. So, a few weeks

later, I think it was April, we go out

to Riverside and race in the LA

Times Grand Prix in a Mazda RX7.

Again, the first driver starts, the

Sebring third driver, spins out, and

gets stuck in the infield and again I

never get to drive.

MLS: So, this great idea I had

of Jack racing is not playing out so

well. He goes out twice and never

really gets to drive. Well, the next

race was back to Daytona for the

Paul Revere 250, and we get Jack in

a Porsche 911 Carrera RSR.

JG: Yes! Finally, I get to race and

we finished the race and I bought

the car. I had a future!

And a race future they had! Stay

tuned next month for the “the rest

of the story.”


Monthly Social: Porsche Heritage Birthday Party

By Tom Martin

Photos and captions by Stephanie Ho

n the beginning I looked


around and, not finding

the automobile of my

dreams, decided to build it

myself. – Ferdinand Porsche

It has always been a philosophy of

our company that function and beauty

are inseparable. – Ferry Porsche

Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy

Doo. – Manfred Mann

The September Monthly Social

was held at Uncle Buck’s Brewery

& Steakhouse in the Bass Pro

complex in Grapevine. Like last

year, host Stephanie Ho incorporated

birthday celebrations of the

Porsche company founder and his

family successor with the Monthly

Social. Both Ferdinand Porsche

and his son Ferry were born in the

month of September, so what better

reason could one need to gather

for some camaraderie and adult

libations? No answer required; it’s a

rhetorical question.

Uncle Buck’s always reserves its

banquet room and staff for Mavericks,

as Socials tend to attract large

crowds. Lots of shiny happy people

mingled, while imbibing house

craft brews, before Stephanie unveiled

the coup de grâce: an exquisite

Porsche themed birthday cake,

complete with an expertly crafted

Porsche crest on top.

John & Chris Hamilton arrived

with 50 Porsche clear rain jackets

that were offered to the first 50 Mavericks

who donated $25 Walmart

gift cards for the Huffaker-Hughes

Hope House, a charity that the club

has supported for many years. Over

$600 was collected for the cause.

At the end of the event, Stephanie

announced her resignation as

Monthly Social Chair after serving

in the position for the past 4 years.

She expressed her great pleasure

getting to know so many wonderful

Mavericks throughout the years.

Joining us were new members

Jason Chen, his wife Yan Su, and

their stunning Porsche!

Corky and Michela Helstrom have

never missed any of our Porsche

Heritage Birthday Parties!

Tracy, Landon, David, and Daniel always had a blast in our socials!

Mavericks taking a break from bonding (hmmm…and beer) for a quick picture!

14 November

Three-year Mav veteran Mark Berry with Dan and Billie Jean

Good friends Sandy and Chris having a great

time catching up during our party

Please plan to join us at

the many social events

planned for 2018.

Clay, Ben, and Kevin talking about Harleys again! Really?


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

16 November


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

Founders Day Celebration: Preview of Activities

By Tracy Robertson and Debi Gibson, Event Co-Chairs

Photo by Bill Orr

hat a difference a year


makes - we’ve been Motoring

Mavs for 55 Years

now! Time goes by, we

get older, the cars get cooler and

they certainly get faster, but then

there is something to be said for

those old classics too. In fact, Alan

Bambina plans to bring his 1962

Porsche 356 out to commemorate

our founding year.

So it’s time to celebrate both old

and new at our annual Founders

Day Celebration. This promises to

a big one! We celebrate 55 years as

a club here in the DFW area. The

Mavs have taken this to a whole new

level, offering 1 day, 3 events, and

celebrating 2600 members.

Saturday, December 2nd, the

Mavs will kick-off the Founders Day

Celebration at 8:30 am with Mavs &

Mochas at Highland Park Village.

This is possibly the prettiest venue

in Dallas, especially during the holidays,

and if you haven’t joined us

here before it’s a must experience!

New this year is our first ever

“Top Ten People’s Choice Car

Show”. Winners will be announced

at our evening event and it’s sure

to be great fun! Starbucks will be

ready to serve coffee, we’re anticipating

a slight chill in the air, and

perhaps a Christmas tree or two to

get us all in the mood for our day of


Then at 11 am, we meet in Plano

for the Mavs Toy Parade. Yes, we

will be driving with the help of

Plano PD, starting in the west and

heading east across town to deliver

toys and other needed gifts

for Plano Christmas Cops. Christmas

Cops is a program operated

by Plano Police employees to assist

Plano families in need during the

Christmas Season. So motor your

cool car full of new and unwrapped

toys, baby supplies, and new coats

for all ages, but especially teens.

After the parade you might want

18 November

to visit at your leisure Plano’s very

cool downtown with several great

coffee and lunch spots.

So what’s next you ask? Well,

Autobahn has once again provided

significant sponsorship to ensure a

great night is had by all, and Texas

Harley-Davidson in Bedford, TX

has provided an extremely cool

venue! It is the largest Harley-Davidson

dealership in Texas, boasting

72,000 sq. feet and offers both

indoor and outdoor space so we

mingle with our friends and cars.

What do Porsches and Harleys

have in common? Well we didn’t

know either until visiting their

dealership. They were both aircooled

rides, at least until Porsche

designed their “V-rod” water-cooled

engine. They also both boast a collection

of classic and new rides,

and with great music, photo props,

and our friends; it will prove to be

a most memorable night as we celebrate

55 years as a PCA Region!

We will have great food, “adult”

beverages, gourmet popcorn, and

last, but not least, Steel City Pops.

As the evening progresses, we will

have the election of our officers,

several certificates and awards including

the winners of the People’s

Choice Car Show, and our most

prestigious recognition, the 2017

Selcer Award will be announced.

Oh, and did we mention a contest

that evening? Yes, we will have

our first “Porsche of the Year” photo

contest based on the 12 monthly

“Porsche of the Month” photo winners.

Mavs will vote on their favorite

of the 12 photo winners and the

overall winner wins a new shot of

their prized Porsche on the cover

of an upcoming Slipstream.

Our charity at both Mavs & Mochas

and the Founders Day Celebration

that evening will be the Hope

House. As our Mavs know, this is a

non-profit women’s recovery and

transition center that has come to

depend on us for assistance. We will

be collecting both cash contributions

as well as Walmart gift cards

to provide for the recovery of these

women needing rescue and hope!

Our Silent Auction will return too,

with new and exciting items to be

awarded to the highest bidder with

all proceeds going to this great

charity. We encourage you to consider

a tax-deductible donation to

the Hope House through one or

more of the several opportunities

we will provide throughout the day.

We hope you’ve noticed the cool

55th Anniversary logo designed by

Kurt Scaggs. If you’ve missed that

somehow, flip back to the Slipstream

cover. Wouldn’t that make a very

cool poster for your garage or media

room? Yes, to ensure this year’s

event is over the top and to thank

you for being a part of our annual

Founders Day Celebration, each

Mav attending our evening event

at Texas Harley-Davidson will take

home their very own poster and

decal to remember our great time

Driving Friendships!

Keep your eye out for a club

email providing registration details

for our 1 day, 3 events, 2600 members

celebration, coming soon!

Our evening venue in Bedford


Lube for Thought: Lubrication, Part 2

By Mike Mahoney, Region Concours Chair

Images courtesy of the Author

In my previous

article I


discussed engine

oil, the

functions it performs

in your car, additive

chemistry, the factors affecting

its performance,

and the importance

of regular oil changes.

This article is about the

physical characteristics

of a finished lubricant or

lubricating oil.

Nearly all of the lubricating

oil in the world

is derived from refined

crude oil. These lubricating

oils are considered

“mineral oils.” Synthetic

lubricants have become

increasingly important

and will be discussed

later. Lubricating oils

are made from the more

viscous cut of the crude

oil that remains after

the distillation process

has removed the lighter ends or

gas portions, which brings us to

the single most important factor in

selecting and applying a lubricant:

viscosity. Viscosity is defined as a

fluid’s internal resistance to flow.

In other words, it describes the

“thickness” of a fluid.

An easy example would be honey

versus water. At ambient temperature,

or room temperature, honey

flows much slower than water

because honey has a higher viscosity

than water. Apply some heat to

the honey and it flows more like

water because the heat decreases

the honey’s viscosity. Put honey in

the refrigerator, then try to pour it.

The colder temperature increases

the honey’s viscosity. Same thing

applies to lubricating oil. And because

of the effect temperature has

on viscosity, it makes viscosity selection

the single most important factor

in choosing a lubricant.

What you’re looking for in lubrication

is the thinnest possible fluid

that prevents metal-to-metal contact.

This means that thicker is not

necessarily better. A lubricant that

is too viscous (thick) may be preventing

metal-to-metal contact, but

it is also creating additional friction

within itself. So now the metal surfaces

have to plow through thick oil

rather than sliding across the surface.

This happens often because

of the demands placed on the lubricant

in hot and cold temperatures,

which is the reason multi-viscosity

lubricants were invented.

Multi-viscosity lubricants

have solved many

lubricant application

issues, and we see a lot

of multi-viscosity lubricants

like 5W30, 0W40,

20W50, 75W90, etc., in

the automotive industry.

There are some very

distinct advantages to a

multi-viscosity lubricant.

The primary benefit is a

much improved viscosity

index, or VI. So you

can have low viscosity

oil at cold temperatures

and a higher viscosity at

operating temperature.

The majority of wear in

an engine occurs at start

up when the oil is cold

and at its most viscous

point so it doesn’t flow.

A multi-viscosity lubricant

eliminates that by

providing protection at

both start up and operating

temperatures. For

example, a 5W30 engine oil acts

like a 5W when it’s cold and a 30

at operating temperature. It does

this through an additive class called

viscosity index improvers, or simply

VI improvers.

VI improvers are polymers that

contract at cold temperatures and

elongate at high temperatures.

They improve the viscosity index

of a lubricant by reducing the effect

temperature has on its performance.

A lubricant with a high

viscosity index is affected less by

temperature than a lubricant with

a low VI. That is how you achieve

multi-viscosity performance from a

single lubricant. VI improvers enable

lubricants to maintain their

appropriate viscosity at all times.

Next time we will discuss synthetic

lubricants and gear oils.

20 November

Porsche of the Month

Selected by Bill Orr

Riviera Blue 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S, “997 Urban Art”

Photo by Jason Morski

September Trivia Questions and Results

By Jerry DeFeo

Sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

You can test your knowledge (or Google search ability)

of all things Porsche by participating in the monthly

trivia contest posted online at

trivia. Answers are due by the last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the

case of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.

The winner for our September Trivia is Bill Orr who

answered all five question correctly. Bill, please contact

Kirk at Zim’s to claim your $25 gift certificate. Honorable

Mention goes out to Cyril Reif, Tom Martin, and

Jack Krielen, who also got all 5 of 5 correct.

The questions for the

September Trivia are shown

to the right with the correct

answers below.

1. Who is credited with saying, “All Porsches cost the

same! You can buy in at the bottom of the market and spend

the money to bring it to the top, or just spend more initially

and buy in at the top”.

a. Karl Lugvigsen b. Bruce Anderson c. Chuck Stoddard

d. Jerry Woods

Source: PCA e-Brake News, Aug 22, 2017

2. Recently there have been auctions where air-cooled

Porsche’s brought unheard of prices. One such example is a

1951 Porsche 356 1500cc Coupe. It was predicted to bring

between $76,800 and $256,000. The selling price was ___?

a. $419,500 b. $638,500 c. $885,500 d. $1,017,500

Source: Hagerty Ins, Aug 23, 2017 Newsletter

3. In that same auction was a 1975 Porsche 914-1.8. It only

had 3192 miles on it. It was expected to bring in the area of

$6,700 to $27,900. But instead it brought _________!!!

a. $42,500 b. $78,300 c. $93,500 d. $108,500

Source: Hagerty Ins, Aug 23, 2017 Newsletter

4. What is DIN 72552?

a. Standard for measuring horsepower at the crankshaft

b. Standard for measuring horsepower at the rear wheels

c. Standard for measuring heat dissipation rates of turbos

d. Standard for labeling automotive electrical terminals

Source: Hagerty Ins, Aug 29, 2017 Understanding Relays

5. What does DIN stand for?

a. Deutsches Institut fur Normung b. Dabehalten Institut

fur Nutzerinnen c. Deutsches Institut fur Nurbergring

d. Dabehalten Institut fur Nacherzahlung

Source: Hagerty Ins, Aug 29, 2017 Understanding Relays

Answers: 1) c 2) d 3) c 4) d 5) a


Engine Restoration

• Restore, Rebuild to OEM Original

or Modified Spec

• Partial or Complete Car

Preservation Restoration

• We Manufacture NLA Parts to

OEM Original Condition

• Specializing in 911 930 928


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35 Years Doing What We Love.

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22 November

When all HAIL breaks loose...

Roofing Solutions

By Darren Houk

German Car

Service & Maintenance

by Appointment

Specializing in:

Impact Resistant Roofing Options Including:

Metal, Tile, and even COMPOSITION shingles.

SAVE up to 28% on insurance premiums



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5500 Meandering Road Fort Worth 76114


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The heirs to over 60 years of a racing legacy.

Divided equally.

The form varies. But the racing bloodlines, the undying dedication to pure sports car performance, the marriage of power and

efficiency embodied in the Porsche principles, do not. And that truth is revealed in that moment you turn the key. Discover it for

yourself with a test drive. Porsche. There is no substitute.

Experience every form of Porsche performance.

Porsche Plano

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©2017 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

24 November

Off-Road Adventures: Inaugural Event at Northwest OHV Park

By Carey Spreen

Photos by George Luxbacher

n Saturday, Oct. 7, about


fourteen Mavericks

in eight vehicles went

where few Porsches have

gone before: an off-highway vehicle

(OHV) park. What -- Porsches going

off-road? Didn’t see that coming?

Perhaps a little background is

in order.

Back in February of this year,

the Zone 5 Presidents’ Meeting

took place in Grapevine. One bit

of information that came from

that meeting was that about 2/3 of

Porsches sold in 2016 were SUVs –

Cayennes and Macans – yet PCA has

yet to address the owners of those

vehicles with events that might appeal

to them.

Not long after that meeting, the

same topic came up at a Maverick

Region board meeting: how do

we get our SUV-driving members

more involved? They participate

in our tours and rallies, and at the

occasional autocross, but not in the

numbers that might be expected,

based on the percentage of Porsche

SUVs out there. So Jeff Sebert and

I came up with the idea that maybe

we could develop an event intended

primarily for SUVs. And what

Following the leader up a hill

better venue for four-wheel-drive

SUVs than an off-road event? Jeff

and I got to work.

Jeff found an OHV park in

Bridgeport that looked like a good

candidate. Last May, Sue and I,

along with Wendy and James Shoffit,

did an exploratory drive out to

the park to check it out, assisted by

Jeff and his father Don. Sue and

I took our 2008 Cayenne, while

the Shoffits took their new Macan


What we found was a combination

of dirt roads, mud puddles

(large and small), and rocky trails,

some passable and some seemingly

impenetrable. After getting over

some initial intimidation, we decided

at that point that an off-road

event was possible, realizing that we

would have to keep it as safe as possible

yet with an element of fun.

After two more visits to the park

over the summer, we were ready, or

at least as ready as we would ever

be. We set the date for October 7,

which turned out to be a gorgeous

day, with temperatures in the mid-

80s and no rain in sight. Eight vehicles

turned out: Four Cayennes

of various description and vintage,

a Macan S, an Audi Q5, a Mercedes

G55, and a Nissan Xterra ProX 4.

In the morning, we started out

easy, taking a couple of short loops

in a “dry lake” area of the park,

which wasn’t all that dry after some

rain earlier in the week. It gave our

participants a chance to see and

feel how their AWD vehicles handle

loose and slippery conditions with


After that we proceeded to a

couple of relatively steep hills,

where we wanted our drivers to

experience the descent control

feature that all Cayennes and Macans

come with. The other brands

didn’t have this feature, but the

Porsche drivers felt their SUVs take

Mud crossing with a Macan

over the braking chores as soon as

they started heading downhill.

We then convened at a covered

pavilion overlooking the east side

of the park, where we enjoyed a

lunch of sandwiches and chips,

coordinated and delivered by Jeff.

While there we talked with other

folks at the park, including a group

driving three Polaris RZR off-road

side-by-side vehicles that looked

like a lot of fun.

After lunch, a few participants

had to leave, which left us with five

vehicles. As it turned out, the afternoon

was the intense part: a rocky

loop that took about 45 minutes

to complete at speeds just above a

crawl, with spotters to make sure

that everyone managed to find a

way through without bottoming

out. Special thanks to Justin Nevitt,

a service writer at Park Place

Porsche who has years of off-road

experience, for volunteering to

spot for our participants, along

with Jeff.

We finished up the day watching

some truly amazing examples of

rock climbing by some local Jeep

drivers before airing up our tires

and heading home. Thanks to all

who came out to see how capable

their German SUVs can be!

25 | 972.951.1932 |

26 November

your baby deserves

it’s own room.

Introducing Garages of Texas, a community of first-class, affordable, completely customizable garage suites. Here, you don’t rent a

space. You buy it. Giving you complete financial control and power to make it your own with unlimited customization options. So, stop fighting

for space in your family garage. Upgrade to a garage suite and move your show cars, motorhome or boat to the showroom they deserve.

Contact our sales team at 888.988.8049 or for more information.



PCA Tours: MotorSport Ranch

By Mark Pitarresi, PCA Tours Co-Chair

t was the morning of Sunday, September 24,


with partly cloudy skies and a temperature

of 80 degrees. First to arrive was a Silver 997

Carrera that had muffler bypass pipes. As I

was setting up the table I heard the crackles and pops

as he pulled in the parking lot. I smiled without even

looking, and it set the tone for the tour.

The tour was 71 miles long and ventured through

the towns of Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Lillian,

Joshua, Godley, DeCordova, and Cresson. Once

in the country, we got a chance to do some spirited

driving, and everyone got to experience some very

tight twisty roads that were completely covered by large

trees. Our group leaders nicknamed this area the “Enchanted

Forest” and for good reason.

The first group arrived at MotorSport Ranch at

11:00 am. I was part of the first group, so this was my

chance to check out a black-on-black 1972 911 E Targa

that arrived in the second group. “Wait till you see the

engine,” the owner said as I was drooling over his car.

The ‘72 Targa was obviously part of the “Black Porsche

Swirl Free Paint Movement.”

As the owner went to open his engine lid, I was distracted

by the operations of the event and was directed

to the Clubhouse. “I’ll be back,” I said as I started my

way to the Clubhouse. Upon my return, I was happy to

see the lid was open and the Targa’s engine was on full

display. As people dissipated I got a good look before

Chris started the Drivers’ Meeting for the parade laps.

If you have never had the chance to do a DE event

with our Maverick Region, then I have to say you are

missing out. Chris Tabor’s program is second to none.

His drivers’ meeting started off by commending our

tour program organization skills. While we were doing

the tour event, he was busy coordinating both the dynamic

environment of the DE, plus our parade laps.

All of this was done without disrupting his event. I participated

in the parade laps as well, and was able to get

back up to speed on my line from the last DE that I

attended in April.

Chris’s team dedicated over an hour to our parade

laps for the tour. We had 103 people on the tour and

107 people for the parade laps! A total of 62 cars participated

in the tour and 65 participated in the parade

laps! We were able to donate $1625.00 to our club’s

preferred charity! None of this would have been possible

without our volunteers: Tom and Becky Gomer,

Tom Martin, Karl Poulson, and Mitch Mitchell.

The Art of Paint Protection

After Installation

A virtually invisible urethane film

professionally applied to high-impact areas

of your vehicle to protect your paint job from

stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids.

During Installation

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2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100

Carrollton, TX 75006

28 November

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30 November

Five Speed Chatter: News and More News

By Ash Seidl-Staley

apologize for not providing a submission


last month, especially since these new, fullcolor

Slipstreams look so sweet now! I’m

sure you will agree: our Porsches look great

in color! Just in case anyone was worried, I’m fine. I

have drastically changed my professional life, for the

better, but I really just needed the extra time to acclimate.

Thankfully, we have a wonderful pool of Mavericks

that contribute, keeping us all updated regarding

social events and club proceedings. They also give us a

glimpse into their personal lives and the lives of their

Porsches; this my dear friends, is one of my favorite aspects

of this newsletter!

To get to the nitty-gritty of this article though, I

would like to discuss two things: first, I want to celebrate

the most recent announcement from the Nürburgring

Nordschleife, and second, I want to extend a special

invitation to all Mavs! So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

I’m sure you are aware that Porsche and the Nürburgring

have a special relationship. Porsche loves to

test the limits of their race cars and production vehicles

on the prestigious and challenging track, and the track

likes to test the limits of a Porsche’s drive train, and

suspension, as well as the nerves of the drivers and

onlookers. Like many Porsche endeavors excellence is

obviously key. And like always, Porsche doesn’t disappoint.

If you keep up with Porsche-related news, you might

have seen the big news regarding the 2018 911 GT2

RS. If not, then get ready to celebrate. Not only has

the new GT2 RS just set the record for road approved

sports cars, but is now, officially, the fastest 911 ever

produced!! Driven by Lars Kern, and clocking in a

time of 6 minutes 47.25 seconds, the GT2 RS smoked

its target time by over 17 seconds. To give you a little

more perspective, the GT2 beat the 918 Spyder’s latest

time by 10 seconds, and blew past the Porsche 911 GT3

time by 25 seconds. The GT2 was tricked out with the

Weissach Package, had the audio and communication

system delete, and ran on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

tires. Starting at just over $290,000, the GT2 obviously

delivers the most bang for your buck.

Now for the invitation. I mentioned earlier that I recently

made a career change. I am currently the Assistant

General Manager for Even Stevens Sandwiches, a

sandwich shop located in Richardson. Now before you

think “big whoop,” or “buy an ad,” I just ask that you

hear me out. Even Stevens Sandwiches is a craft casual

sandwich shop with a cause. What that means is that we

provide craft, and signature style sandwiches in a casual,

and inclusive atmosphere. It also means that for every

sandwich that we sell, we donate a sandwich to a local

non-profit organization. Our Richardson location, the

first of many to come in the DFW area mind you, works

specifically with Minnie’s Food Pantry, Jewish Family

Service, The Network of Community Ministries, and

Mosaic Family Services. Each guest that comes in the

store not only gets to eat a yummy sandwich; they also

get to help feed the members of their community that

battle food insecurity.

To be completely honest, I took this position not just

because of the challenge it poses to me personally, but

because Even Stevens is a company that adheres to our

club’s motto: “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people,” albeit

in a different way. Every person in the company,

from the top down, believes in the cause, believes in

standing at the vanguard in the battle against hunger,

and believes in helping build the community they are

lucky to serve. All of us have and believe in the power

of the heart, and are ready and willing to make a positive

difference on our planet. I invite you all to come

try a sandwich at the shop. Who knows, there might

even be a Maverick Social or a Maverick Lunch planned

in the near future. As always stay safe, and wrench on



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32 November

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Park Cities

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Plano, Tx 75075


White Rock

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Maverick Region Unclassifieds

For Sale: 1978 Porsche 911 SC Race Car and

Trailer. White with Black interior. Currently setup

for World Racing League endurance racing (3

podiums in 4 races) but could be converted to PCA or

other racing series easily. Recent top end rebuild with

no races on the motor since. Only a couple of DE’s

to break it in. Brand new exhaust/headers. Brand

new oil lines. Extra seat, cool suit, extra harnesses,

2 sets of CCW wheels/tires, one set of fuchs wheels

with rain tires on them. Lots of spares and very well

maintained. All records going back years. 2016 tech

inspected for WRL. Trailer is a kwik-load rollback

trailer with 8K winch, spare tire mounted and LED

light upgrades. Ready to race tomorrow! $35,000 for

the package. Will sell car alone but prefer to sell as

a package. Contact: Paul Hoch at paulbhoch@gmail.

com or 940-594-5714. (11)

For Sale: 2006 Porsche 911S. Seal Gray metallic

with Black leather sports seats. 6-speed manual with

sport exhaust. 12,000 miles. New Michelin Pilot Sport

tires. Meticulously maintained and fully serviced at

Porsche dealers with all service and original purchase

documentation. Always garaged. Offered at $45,500.

Contact Fred Madden at or

817-343-6979. (11)

For Sale: 1989 Porsche 911 Cabriolet. Guards Red

with Tan Interior. Owned since 2004 as 3rd owner

with all maintenance history/records included. Not

a drip of oil on garage floor, or whiff of exhaust

smoke. New camel leather seats in 2013, stereo in

2015 (still have the original working Blaupunkt if

you’re a purist). State of the art radar system. Power

windows, mirrors, doors, cab top, heat and a/c all

work perfectly. Always garaged & babied, 85k Miles,

Excellent Condition. $59,995. Contact Rick at or 214-587-6766. (11)

For Sale: 1984 Porsche 944. Guards Red with Black

interior. 5-speed. Clean 2-owner car. Bought from the

original owner earlier this year. Not a show car, but

an awesome driver. 95% stock, never raced. Clean

Carfax. Upgraded to LED headlights. Rare Saratoga

glass top (plus original painted sunroof.) Odometer

had 62k when purchased, however it was nonfunctional.

Estimated miles around 75-80k. Complete

tune up done with timing and balance belts. Asking

$13,000 and will consider trades for Porsche 914 or

air-cooled VW. Contact Steve at dumas_69@yahoo.

com or 214-538-4789. (11)

For Sale: 2001 C2 Carerra. Speed Yellow with

black leather interior. Deviated yellow stitching,

yellow seat belts. 51,5xx miles. Unmodified, has not

been tracked to my knowledge. 6-speed transmission.

Fresh inspection on 9/18. 18” wheels. Garaged under

cover; only driven on dry days. I need the shop space

for my next project and cannot find convenient

rental space. Asking $23,000. Contact Carl Orton at or 817-999-5720. (10)

For Sale: 1987 924S. Alpine White with tan/black

interior and 76,825 indicated miles. Completely

refreshed from top to bottom by national PCA

technical specialist and PCA member team. Full

body respray in original Alpine White color, original

Porsche cloth interior. Engine runs strong, automatic

transmission shifts crisply. Everything works

including the power tilt roof. Offered first to Maverick

Region members before it gets posted in Panorama.

$7,200. Contact Bill Burris at or

310-463-5781. (10)

For Sale: 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 Limited Edition.

Light Ivory/Black/Black. Original owner, purchased

new 09/74. Body straight, never bent. 90% original

paint. Set up for DE. Blueprinted and balanced

“killer” fuel injected engine by Ed Mayo. Suspension

also by Mayo Performance. Race seats and harnesses

(also have originals). Remote oil cooler. Polished

Fuchs wheels with Bridgestone street tires plus

Mahle track wheels (gas burners) with NEW Hoosier

R1’s. All records. $25,000. Contact Bill Dawson at

214-415-1102 or (10)

For Sale: 1985 Porsche 911 Targa. Guards Red

with Tan interior. Owned for the last 16 years as the

3rd owner. 98,630 miles. Leather totally re-done

with hand rolled piping in the original beautiful tan

leather back in 2005-ish. Has been garaged by all

owners and is an absolute gem. Has two small issues:

Passenger back seat backing has deteriorated and

needs to be fixed & very small oil leak that it has

had over the last few years has become a little bit

bigger. Great stereo system(with XM radio) in it with

big sub woofer in the front trunk. Very clean inside

and out. Very dependable and DEFINITELY a head

turner everywhere you go. Engine has been perfectly

maintained by all. Asking $48,500. Contact Kelly

Loter at 214-458-8122 or (10)

For Sale: 2011 Carrera GTS Coupe. Black exterior

with two-tone Natural Brown/Black leather interior

package. MSRP $121,940. 58,XXX miles. Options

include limited slip rear differential, PDK, heated

seats (Front), 19” RS Spyder wheels with center

locking, rear wiper, GTS sidestripes and model

designation, Sport Chrono Package Plus, BOSE

Surround sound system, XM radio, standard seats,

painted trim and instrument surround, instrument

dials in Carrara White, rear section of center console

painted. Excellent condition, all maintenance up to

date and always serviced at Porsche dealers. $62,000.

Contact Johnny Lam at or

469-878-6957. (09)

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Around the Bend...

By Jim Hirsch, Managing Editor

f it seems like this issue contains a lot of


hype around our Maverick Region’s 55th

Anniversary Founders Day Celebration -

I’m glad you noticed! The Porsche Club of

America had fewer than 2,000 total members when our

Charter was approved in December of 1962. Through

the past 55 years, our Region itself has grown to

over 2,600 members - larger than the entire national

organization at our beginning.

So, yes, 55 years as a PCA Region is definitely worth

recognizing and celebrating as an important milestone.

In fact, many of you probably realize our 55th year saw

many changes occur in our club. One major change

you notice each month now when you receive Slipstream

is that it is printed in full-color.

Perhaps less noticeable, but even more important, is

the fact that we have had seven members step up into

club event chair and co-chair roles during this year.

Our most recent volunteer is Michael Baynton,

serving as our Tech Sessions Chair. Our club

has had three tech sessions since August and

Michael already has two on the schedule for

January and March in 2018. If you participate

in our club activities, I’m sure you’ve noticed a renewed

sense of enthusiasm and a desire to provide you with an

enjoyable experience each time you attend an event.

You possibly remember (or have even uttered)

the quote, “Take this road. I just know that it leads

someplace good.” I hope you’ll “take this road” and

choose to participate in one, or all, of multiple events

being offered to celebrate our 55th Anniversary as part

of this year’s day-long Founders Day Celebration. I can

guarantee that each event “leads to someplace good”

- and will be enjoyable. Be sure to read the preview of

the celebration events on page 18 of this issue.

Speaking of events, it’s also important to keep in

mind that our Zone 5, in addition to PCA National,

offer a wide range of opportunities that you may find

enjoyable as a Porsche owner. Two that come to mind

are the PCA Palooza in Eureka Springs on November

9-11 and the recently announced Rennsport Reunion

VI that will take place Sept 27-30, 2018, at Mazda

Laguna Seca Raceway. These are just two

examples of wildly different and unique

gatherings that appeal to a diverse Porscheloving

audience. Remember to Carpe Viam!

36 November

Hiram Saunders, Slipstream

155 Jellico

Southlake, TX 76092

Periodical Postage

Paid at Fort Worth, TX

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