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Slipstream - November 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Sprockets: Porsche

Sprockets: Porsche Subscription Service By David Robertson, Region President surprisingly small amount of the buzz going A around PCA Parade back in July was something that came up in a conversation that some of us had with Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche North America, where he was talking about the future of Porsche, and the concept of a monthly subscription service that was already being tested in Atlanta. I thought this concept was amazing, and was surprised that this wasn’t the biggest news. We weren’t told that it was any kind of secret, so you may have heard me talking about it over the last few months. I really believe this idea of paying a monthly fee for the use of a Porsche that I keep for a period of time, use for whatever I’m in the mood for, then hand off to someone else, is groundbreaking stuff for a luxury brand like Porsche. Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, residents of Atlanta can take advantage of this program, called Porsche Passport, and if successful, we will see it in other cities. The more I have thought about this program since that meeting with Klaus in July, the more I think it is a great idea. The next generations of Porsche owners, “Late Millennials” and especially “Generation Xers,” are not as keen on commitment and ownership compared to prior generations, and this will be a great way for them to experience the brand. This type of program has been around since the iPhone was invented, but rolling it out for a brand like Porsche is new territory. Throughout my career I have seen the technology development curve in my world go from around five years to a matter of months. What that means for us today is that if you are not constantly innovating and staying on or ahead of the curve, you are out of business, period, unless you are the government of course. As always, I look forward to discussing all of this with you in person at one of our events very soon. All of this technology and innovation we are seeing will undoubtedly change the way we look at our favorite cars. At an event I attended a while back, where some of the Porsche executives were talking about these items, I heard simultaneous boos and cheers from the audience. One thing I that I can tell you definitively is that no matter what we see in the future, there are a lot of amazing members in this club that will make sure the Porsches that we have grown up with will always be on the road to be driven and admired. In this issue of Slipstream you will find a list of members that are on the ballot for our 2018 officer positions. The actual voting ballot is on page 7, or can be downloaded for printing via the QR code. I encourage SAUL FRAIRE, Chef-Proprietor 1235 William D. Tate Ave Grapevine, TX 76051 817-329-6995 you to vote. Better yet -- you should attend our Founders Day celebration on December 2 and cast your ballot in person! MAV OF THE MONTH: Mark Pitarresi Mark is our PCA Tours Co-Chair and he has done an outstanding job of organizing great drives for our members that always end at really fun destinations. Mark goes the extra mile to make sure that road conditions are up to par for our special cars, and safety is his top priority. Our tours have become one of our most popular events and they are experiencing record participation. I also want to commend Mark for his commitment to one of our charities, the Hope House. Donations are accepted for Walmart gift cards for the residents of the Hope House shelter at Mark’s tours. A total of $1,625 was raised during charity laps at the October tour! Thank all of you that have donated a gift card to the Hope House at any of our events, and thank you Mark for all that you do. Enjoy your gift card to Silver Fox. 2 November

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