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November 2017


Serving Southwest Riverside County Since 1989 VOLUME 28, NUMBER 11 NOVEMBER 2017 And... Honor, Integrity, Respect; Endangered Values Are You an Employee or an Independent Contractor? 6 Reasons We Lose Control Around Food page 25 Wilson Creek Takes Wine Tasting to a New Level page 29 COMMUNI TY The Southwest California Manufacturing Council Receives Special Proclamation from the City of Temecula How Do You Teach The Temecula Chamber’s Southwest California Manufacturing Council (SCMC) was proudly recognized on October 10, 2017 by the City of Temecula with a special proclamation. Technology Trends What’s on the Horizon in 2018? by Tristan Collopy SEE PAGE 31 SEE PAGE 28 Each year, Gartner publishes an article on upcoming strategic technology trends. Although these trends will not be applicable to each and every business, paying careful attention to the overall direction of enterprise technology enables the savvy owner to remain ahead of the curve. SEE PAGE 31 Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been seen as the “holy grail” of computer technology for some time. This particular field of research has advanced at a tremendous pace in recent years, and is set to become one of the most important area for technological development in the coming years and decades. Annual Patriotic Salute Honors All Veterans at the Temecula Civic Center Photo: Shawna Sarnowski Photography SEE PAGE 28 Quality – Differentiating your Business from the Competition by Ted Saul, Sr. Staff Writer November 9th is World Quality Day. This day has been set aside by organizations such the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) to celebrate and increase awareness of the work that companies around the world are doing to improve and maintain high levels of quality. These businesses take part in activities such as seminars, presentations, quizzes and competitions focused on quality. This is no small event as over 1,000 companies in over 130 countries participated last year. So why so much focus on quality? Businesses know that it can be the differentiator between the competition and themselves. SEE PAGE 26 COMMUNITY TODD MONTGOMERY AWARDED COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD IN WISONSIN page 8 COMMUNITY TeMeculA AssisTAnce leAgue MeMber elecTed nATionAl direcTor of MeMbership page 10 LEGAL Gifts of Appreciated Assets page page 15