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At Veteran's Restoration Foundation, we help with; Life and Family Support, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Veteran Homelessness

David Litteral

Veterans’ Restoration Foundation


David Litteral

David Litteral was drafted in July of 1969 and 10 months later was sent to the

Vietnam War. After a one-year tour of duty he was discharged and sent home.

Like most that went to Vietnam, David was expected to have a normal life after

coming home, expected to get back to his normal life and pursue plans for his

life. Things didn't work out the way he expected.

Dave lived with many of the nightmarish demons of Vietnam for the next 24

years. Confronted with the reality that death appeared more advantageous

than life, he began to make secret plans for the end. Before Satan could destroy

him, God delivered and set him free, and said, GO AND TELL THE OTHERS.

Like the demonic that Jesus delivered being so grateful, he wanted to travel

with Jesus so that he could be with Him. But Jesus said,” now go tell what

great things God hath done for you”. David has done just that. By preaching

and teaching those that he finds on the streets, at his outreaches for the

homeless, and Sunday morning services designed for the homeless, David tells

of the love of God and His power to set the captive free.

David has established a ministry called Veterans Restoration Foundation that

includes Camp Hope and Camp Samaritan. There has also been a trailer filmed

for a TV show (reality) to reach out to Veterans of all wars. The show is called

Echoes of Valor and is currently being shopped for syndication.

The spiritual needs of men are being met by discipleship. Job training and

physical needs are also met to help men move forward with their lives. God is

raising up and restoring broken lives through the name of Jesus. Men with

purpose and hope are now reaching out to others.

Through the many facets of ministry David is showing men the love of God.

David Litteral https://youtu.be/EcGsWOVZYm8


Echoes of Valor - Messages of Hope

VRF is in the process of creating and licensing a mini-pilot titled “Echoes

of Valor,” with the goal of eventually becoming a 30-minute per segment

TV or internet streamed broadcast quality show.

Echoes of Valor will showcase the work of VRF and our veterans support

and service network organizations and features cameo appearances by

well-known veterans.

Each episode includes a “Mail Call” segment based on heart-tugging, real

world success stories of veterans.

Echoes of Valor also features interviews with various professionals on

topics of particular interest to veterans and their families.

Veterans’ Restoration Foundation

What We Do

The reality is returning soldiers face a difficult road

home from war, a steep climb up the mountain to reenter

into civilian life. At Veterans Restoration

Foundation, we help veterans with:

Life and Family Support

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Veteran Homelessness

We Need Your Help

Across America and around the world, a critical

need exists for organizations that address the vital

needs of veterans and their families.

Help Us Help Our Veterans:

Break Free of Isolation

Break Out of Destructive Habits

Constructively Address PTSD



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