BRVCA Annual Report 2017 -Final


2017 BRVCA Annual Report


BRVCA Annual Report 2017


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BRVCA Annual Report 2017

We Are

Giving voice to the unique people of

the Bridge River Valley

Balancing growth to ensure a viable


Protecting the natural beauty and

resources of the Bridge River Valley

Keeping the history of the valley alive

Building a Sustainable Community in

the Wilderness


BRVCA is an umbrella organization, driven by the interests of the community that encourages

autonomous group development and promotes the economic wellbeing of the Bridge River



Bridge River Valley Community Association

General Delivery, Gold Bridge, BC V0K 1P0


Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Who We Are

Board Members

Andre Kuerbis – Gold Bridge

Al Wimmer – Bralorne

Scott Mackenzie – Tyaughton Lake

Michelle Nortje – Gun Lake

Anna Driehuyzen – Gold Bridge

Pat Dahle – Gold Bridge

John Parrott – Marshall Lake

Debbie DeMare (Ex Officio, SLRD Area A Director) – Gun Lake


Jenny James – Administrative Assistant, Editor-Mountain Telegraph

Cara DeMare – Financial Administrator, Special Projects, Admin Support

Laurie Reimer – Grant Writer

Kali Checuti – Summer Student

Emilie Larsen – Summer Student

Kat Devavanyi, Regan Dixon, Jennifer Keir, Karen Hoch – Heritage Assistants, Haylmore

Janis Irvine – Museum Assistant


Roger Geeves – Community Asset Coordinator

Pat Dahle – Maintenance

Susan Medville – Heritage Consultant

Suzanne Denbak – Economic Development Consultant


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Benefits and Services

• Financial Process

• Funding Access

• Creation of non-profits without all those headaches

• Shared and Pooled Insurance

• Year round visitor services

• Assistance with grant research and development

• Insurance and Liability Coverage

• Advertising

• Legal Structure

• Access to training

• Pooled bookkeeping

• Heritage Management

• Community Marketing

• Shared office and operational costs

What We Offer

Support for committees, societies, and groups as autonomous enterprises who have to follow a

few rules, such as financial accountability, that we all build and decide on together.

Pooled resources to simplify committee and group efforts.

Consolidation of legal/financial responsibilities of societies and delegation of these

responsibilities to the BRVCA board.

Time efficiency to save volunteers from attending meetings so their time can be spent making

tangible accomplishments.

A way to protect activities and groups with liability insurance and to assist monetarily with

routine practices and events.

A single point of contact for the Bridge River Valley as a “one shop stop” community services

and administrative office, central repository of information and a strong advocate on

community issues.

We work to make a difference when and where it really counts!


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Accomplishments 2017

Under the Umbrella

Continued strategic direction to develop “umbrella” structure of BRVCA using the model of

the Hornby Island Residents & Ratepayer’s Association


Active and involved board of 5 directors via regular meetings and participation

17 different staff/contractors throughout the year


Historic Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office

Completed multiple grant funding applications to support the purchase of this building

Completed the sale of the building late June 2017

Began the process of establishing it as a long term rental only facility

Began the process of renovating for the relocation of the Bralorne - Pioneer Museum

Bralorne Pioneer Museum -- Management


First full season of operation using the Management


Opened 4 days per week May to October

Completed the temporary Museum exhibit

Museum Assistant 6 hours per week (Mondays) year


Collection Management Project moved forward substantially with Museum Assistant and 2

student assistants

Commenced reproduction of the Bridge River Gold Book

Over 340 recorded visitors between May & Oct 2017

Hosted four tour buses with close to 100 visitors


BRVCA Annual Report 2017


Local newsletter - BRVCA has been publishing the Mountain Telegraph since March

2016. The paper is published monthly with a regular paid subscription base of 35 part-time

residents and a growing number of digital subscriptions as well. It is delivered at no charge

into 135 local mailboxes monthly. Residents rely on the monthly publication for information

on upcoming events and important community notices.

Ongoing staff and volunteer support for the Bralorne Community Advisory Committee, the

Heritage Committee, the Trails Committee, the Economic Development committee, the

Forestry Committee, and the Gun Lake Boat Launch Committee.

Delivered the systematic outdoor Community Maintenance Program: Gold Bridge sign,

Cemetery, Community Resource Office, Gold Bridge Community Complex, Bralorne

Community Hall, Boultbee Memorial Church, Bralorne Ball Diamond

Business Services: phone, fax, Internet, photocopying, printing, flier development etc

Affordable teleconferencing for community organizations

Equipment service including high quality LCD projector and screen

Office space/other services to Minto Communications


Maintained an extensive internal community website & continued Community

Advisory emails to residents and regular visitors updated for the new Canadian anti-spam


Developed Quick Books budget and the ability to provide variance reports

Continued to refine our ability to supply financial reports to each committee, event, and group

Developed, printed, and mailed various promotional fliers for different groups and events


Main valley website:

The externally focused website:

Actively maintained Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Participated in the Sea to Sky Biking Consortium led by Mountain Biking BC


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Operated the Tourism Info Booth & Artisans’ Gallery full time at the Haylmore Heritage Site

which was open 5 days a week for the summer season. Over 1550 visitors were recorded

between May & Oct 2017.

4 gateway/entry kiosks throughout the Bridge River Valley which provide key directional,

tourism, and hospitality information

Provided visitor information to over 600 clients in person and approximately 100 clients via

email and telephone

Maintained gold panning at the Haylmore Heritage Site


Community Resource Building

Replaced oil furnace with new electric furnace

Installed new hot water heater

Cleared basement of refuse

Installed new and extensive shelving for merchandise, office and event supplies

Repaired bathroom sink

Cleaned out septic intake

Installed programmable thermostat

Switched fluorescent lights to LED, repaired outdoor flood lights

Fixed basement door and entryway

Replaced porch with new concrete pad and completely repainted the building

Removed oil tank

Events and Training

Coordinated the delivery of the 5 th year of the Valley-Wide Fire and Emergency Training

program with 6 different courses offered between May & October. Over 60 part-time and fulltime

residents participated.

Structurally supported the Remembrance Day community committee


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

In partnership with Debbie DeMare, Area A SLRD Director and the Gold Bridge Community

School planned and executed a valley-wide Pitch-In Week

Coordinated and participated in invasives species training through LRISS with all frontline

staff and students to enable us to do outreach within the community and aid in keeping our

Valley free from invasives.

Canada Day

Planned and delivered an enhanced Canada Day 150 celebration with a record number in

attendance, raffle prizes, children’s bouncy castle and activities and an expanded lunch menu


Funded, coordinated and delivered the 7 th Winterfest, a successful event with over 200 people

attending. Blackcomb Helicopters had a helicopter on the ice at Little Gun and sightseeing

tours were raffled off.

Committee Accomplishments 2017


Annual Bralorne Baseball Tournament

BCAC was unable to hire locally but was fortunate to find Pemberton based tournament

participants who successfully coordinated all aspects of the event

Director Demare provided a grant in aid for $1,000.00 to fund half of the coordinators fee. The

event raised approximately $500.00

BCAC wishes to continue to hold this event in 2018

A further Grant In Aid from Director Demare for $1,200.00 covered the Ball Diamond Fencing

Project shortfall from the Northern Development Initiative Trust funding obtained in 2016.

Continued facility improvements will make the venue attractive for other events and create a

source of revenue generation

East Hurley

Members of BCAC accompanied MOTI officials for a thorough pre-inspection of the road prior

to grading as per the agreement with MOTI made in the previous year

Due to the extreme work load that MOTI incurred due to early season flooding and later

extreme forest fire risk and to date there has been no opportunity to carry out the 2017



BRVCA Annual Report 2017


BCAC continues to have a positive working relationship with Interwest regarding residents’


Bralorne Community Coordinator

Hired Bralorne resident Lauren Elliot as Community Coordinator

Three axe throwing competitions were organized with a community BBQ all of which were well

attended and raised approximately $800.00 for the Bralorne Community Hall fund

BCAC plans on repeating these or similar events in 2018

Bralorne Hall

It is presently closed due to the results of a Hazardous Materials Report that was carried out in

2016. Considerable hazardous material abatement work needs to be carried out before the

building can be again used for community activities.

A structural engineer report will be required as a next step. As mentioned above successful

fund raising community events in aid of the hall have been carried out this fall.

Bralorne Recreation Area - Sunshine Mountain

A tenure application was submitted to FLNRO in early 2016 and is still in the processing phase

BRA Sunshine Mountain received a matching a $2214.00 grant from SLRD and the BRA

committee is now out of debt.

Chris Brown RWCB Tenure application is up for referral. BRA/BCAC submitted a letter of

support but also addressing concerns of overlapping tenure on Sunshine Mountain and

contribution to trails maintenance in the area as well as noting that they would prefer the tenure

be unavailable for transfer to another operator.

BRA was awarded a Grant-In Aide for a Coordinator from SLRD to assist in the progress of

projects in the amount of $5000.

Lauren Elliot is awarded the events co-ordinator portion

Susan Medville is awarded the historical portion

Cascade Environmental is awarded the Section 57 application portion

Heather Roberts / Black Onyx Business Services is awarded the Coordinator Positon for the

Website/Member-drive portion

Membership Sales this fiscal period came to $492.


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Bralorne TV Committee

The rebroadcasting of TV programs continues more or less on automatic pilot

Gun Lake Boat Launch Committee

Researched proper repair procedure and estimated costs for repair Pad

Obtained licence of occupation/sec. 11 for repair/reinstall of new Boat Launch

Submitted funding applications to NDIT/SLRD and were successful

Submitted application to MOTI for management agreement for property/site

Obtained approval from adjacent property owners for management outline

Delivered supplies to site

Rallied volunteers and coordinated concrete delivery

Pour and cure of the pad completed on Aug 8 th , 2017

Pad will be moved into final position early Oct. 2017

Italian Days continue to contribute to the funding for operations with a highly successful evening

on July 1, 2017

Economic Development Committee

Produced and completed the Live Where you Play Strategy Materials and launched additional content

Initiated and conducted a First Nations Familiarization Tour (June 2017) with representatives of

First Nations communities having traditional territory that includes the Upper Bridge River

Valley; follow up session now in development.

Attended the Vancouver and Squamish Craft Beer Festivals to market Live Where you Play

Strategy; follow up campaign for qualified candidates to be executed May/June 2018.

Established relationship with Homestead Junction (Vancouver-based workshop provider)

with the intention of becoming their remote workshop location – owners hosted on

familiarization tour Nov 4, 2017.

Studied better practices in rural school sustainability – case study of Sun Peaks; school

opportunities incorporated into website.

Commissioned video edits featuring school/life in the Bridge River Valley for use in social media

outreach and on

Worked collaboratively with Avino Mines to provide community economic information and

begin review of opportunities arising from Mine reopening.


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Initiated detailed Value of Tourism study with proprietary data models developed by Pacific

Analytics that will be used to estimate Total Revenues, Total Employment, Contribution to Gross

Domestic Product and Taxation

Completed an update of the Asset Inventory

Forestry Committee

Initiated and held a successful community meeting with Aspen Planers to review their Forest

Stewardship Plan document

Submitted detailed input to the Aspen Planers Forest Stewardship Renewal document

Established and maintained a web page with regular updates of meeting notes, maps etc.

Supported individual neighbours and neighbourhoods – Liza Lake, Marshall Lake, Gun Lake,

Tyaughton Lake, Gun Creek Rd., Bralorne in building relationships with forest companies and

seeking specific mitigations

Heritage Committee


Funded, contracted and completed a Bralorne Church Operational Plan

Developed a set of recommendations and action items for the Bralorne Church coming out of the

Operational Plan

Completed an inventory of catering supplies and storage cupboards in Church. Stored everything

in plastic totes.

A Thanksgiving Fair was held Oct 7th as a fundraiser for the Church. There have been 4 meetings

or other kinds of events at the Church so far this year.


Developed, Reviewed and Accepted a Collection Management Policy for the Bralorne-Pioneer


Researched and accepted a plan and budget to reproduce Bridge River Gold (target late 2018

early 2019)

Developed and completed a new exhibit at the temporary Museum

Completed two on-line fundraising drives – Giving Tuesday (December 2016) and Win $10,000

(June 2017). Approximately $2500 raised through these two drives.


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Collection Management project continued with significant progress using one part time employee

and two part time student employees. Approximately 3000 photographs catalogues. A new high

resolution scanner and a new all purpose printer was purchased to assist.

Supported the decision making of the BRVCA and BPM Board of Directors in the purchase of the

Bralorne Pioneer Mines Office through the completion of a feasibility study.

Supporting and advising the relocation planning of the Bralorne Pioneer Museum into the Bralorne

Pioneer Mines Office.

Supported the supervision of staff and work at the Museum via volunteer efforts of Roger Geeves

and Debbie Demare.

Haylmore Heritage Site (Heritage Component)

Providing advice through Roger Geeves to the Haylmore Heritage Site feasibility study planning

the future development of the site.


Cemetery digitization project continues.

Trails Committee

Held many meetings and corresponded with the St’at’imc and MFLNRO Recreation Sites and

Trails regarding the management of Trails in the valley.

We are at Draft 9 of Memorandum of Understating (MOU) for the Management of Public

Recreation with the St’at’imc and soon going to Draft 10. It has 5 projects in it that will create a

well-managed trail system

Met with Aspen Planers regarding the mitigation of the trails in the Cutting Permit. There are 4.3

km of trails in this Cutting Permit. This fall an MOU will be signed with the details included for

each trail.

Aspen Planers is also planning Cutting Permits in the Gun Lake and Slim Creek Road areas. We

are awaiting some detailed Site Plan Maps and once we do, will do a Planning for a similar

process as listed above for Tyaughton Lake – Gun Creek Road area once detailed site plans are


Held a trail and bike skills outing with the Gold Bridge Community School students at the Gun

Lake Airport area.

Built a bike skills riding area at the Haylmore Heritage Site for the Kids Fun Day.

Participated in the McGillivray Pass Trail Session put on by the SLRD.


BRVCA Annual Report 2017

Installed an Invasive Species boot cleaning station at the Jewel Bridge parking area leading into

the South Chilcotin Mountain Park in partnership with the Lillooet Region Invasive Species


Attended the bi-yearly Mountain Bike Symposium in Revelstoke in September.


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