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DVARISH-Products catalogue

DVARISH Products Catalogue

Smoothed Soothed

Smoothed Soothed Protected (simple natural and restorative for skin) Acne Clear Serum (10ml) helps reduce pimples & redness A highly effective. Lightweight daily treatment gel that helps clear congested skin and prevent future breakouts and blemishes. Calming Sensitive Cream (25ml) moisturizing and protective Instantly relieve and comfort irritated and parched skin due to dryness or excessive sun exposure. It calms skin redness, skin sensitivity and broken capillaries. D’varish

Sensi Encapsulated Essence (10caps) instant redness relief & skin comfort Formulated without fragrance and preservative, this essence soothes and clams sensitive skin. Its key property, totarol, nourishes and neutralizes free radicals for a healthy skin. D’varish

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