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GW Nursing Magazine Fall 2017

GW Nursing is a publication of the George Washington University School of Nursing. The magazine tells the story of GW nurses and their endeavors in the areas of education, research, policy and practice.

Faculty, Student and

Faculty, Student and Staff News NEWS OF STUDENTS & RECENT GRADUATES The new GW Student Nurses’ Association officers are (from left) Tricia Hanson, vice president; Sabrina Livne-Kennedy, president; Jessica Litz, secretary; Jordan Ramsdall, treasurer; and Meghan Martin, historian. The National Student Nurses’ Association mentors professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance. Leilani Attillo, MSN-FNP ’19, a U.S. Army veteran, has been named a Pat Tillman Foundation Scholar. Ms. Attillo served as a critical care nurse in both Afghanistan and Iraq. For more information, visit pattillmanfoundation. org/scholar/leilani-attilio/. At Camp Dogwood in Madison, Va., GW Nursing accelerated BSN students (from left) Elizabeth Hayes, Alex Lapple and Margaret Rosati “nursed” a calf and helped care for campers. 30 /

STUDENTS, ALUMNI AND FACULTY ADVISERS MAKE MARK AT GW RESEARCH DAYS GW’s annual Research Days, an annual two-day event held in April, highlights the best of student research through poster presentations and information sessions. This year’s event featured over 200 undergraduate and graduate students in disciplines ranging from education, mathematics and engineering to health sciences and many more. The event filled both ballrooms of the Marvin Center and drew large crowds from the GW community. Teams of faculty judges evaluated each student’s research and awarded cash prizes in different categories. Three GW Nursing students—now graduates—received honors and showcased their research at the event. ✚✚ Jessica Blakely, BSN ’17, received the Outstanding Student Award in Research and presented “Integrating Social Determinants of Health in Health Care Education: Using Simulation Based Learning to Prepare Nurse Practitioner Students.” Ms. Blakely has served as a research assistant for Associate Dean Angela McNelis, working on numerous research projects during the past year, including the National FNP Education Study, a simulation study that has included GW nurse practitioners. As GW Research Days is a showcase of research, scholarship and creative endeavor. a research assistant, she has used her skills in database administration to ensure integrity of survey collection and data storage. ✚✚ Azra Kukic, DNP ’17, received first prize for her DNP project poster titled “Effects of Bariatric Program Implementation on 30-day Readmission and 30-day ER/Infusion Clinic Visit Rates due to Dehydration,” and Kathleen Hewitt, DNP ’17, was selected to present during the concluding ceremony her DNP project, “Disparities in Cardiac Rehabilitation Referral for Patients with Myocardial Infarction in the United States.” Clinical Professor Cathie Guzzetta was a co-author on both projects. Dr. Kukics’s presentation can be viewed at Other presentations from GW Nursing DNP students and faculty advisers included: ✚ ✚“A Retrospective Analysis of Surgeon Estimated Time and Actual Operative Time to Develop an Efficient Operating Room Scheduling System”— Pearly Brown, DNP ’17, Dr. Guzzetta and Assistant Professor Quiping “Pearl” Zhou. ✚ ✚“Because It Belongs to the Baby: Practice and Cultural Beliefs on Umbilical Cord Management in Haiti”—Stacey Stavlund, MSN ’16, and Assistant Professors Jeonyoung Park and Mayri Sagady Leslie. ✚ ✚“Disparities in Cardiac Rehabilitation Referral for Patients with Myocardial Infarction in the United States”— Dr. Hewitt and Dr. Guzzetta. ✚ ✚“Implementation of a Falls Prevention Plan Among the Communitydwelling Seniors of Ward 8”—BSN ’17 graduates Laura Hink, Kimberly Demirhan, Zohra Wardak and Louise Williamson. ✚ ✚“Integrating Social Determinants of Health in Health Care Education: Using Simulation Based Learning to Prepare Nurse Practitioner Students”—Ms. Blakely, Dr. McNelis, Assistant Deans Sandra Davis and Pamela Slaven-Lee, Associate Professor Arlene Pericak and Academic Affairs Manager Patsy Deyo. ✚ ✚“Variables Associated with Overweight/ Obesity among African American Women with Hypertension and Diabetes”—Monica Hamilton, DNP ’17, Assistant Professor Linda Briggs and Dr. Zhou. / 31