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STUDENTS WIDGET 16 Planning a trip ?

STUDENTS WIDGET 17 Places You Can Visit In India We know the feeling when long weekends or holidays approach or when there is simply that itch to bunk college or work and take off with friends to obscure places. No worries if you just have a few thousands in your pocket for there is a long list of budget trips in INDIA that you could option for. 1.L a d a k h : S p e c t a c u l a r l y j a g g e d , a r i d m o u n t a i n s e n f o l d t h i s m a g i - c a l B u d d h i s t e x - k i n g d o m . P i c t u r e - p e r f e c t g o m p a s ( T i b e t a n B u d d h i s t m o n a s - t e r i e s ) d r a m a t i c a l l y c r o w n r o c k y o u t c r o p s a m i d w h i t e - w a s h e d s t u p a s and m a n i w a l l s . C o l o u r f u l f l u t t e r i n g p r a y e r f l a g s s h a r e t h e i r s p i r i t u a l m e s - s a g e s m e t a p h o r i c a l l y w i t h t h e m o u n t a i n b r e e z e . 2.Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer, also called the Golden City of India, is a land of fascinating sand dunes, magnificent havelis (huge bungalows), bewitching palaces and stunning Jain temples. It is located in the midst of scenic Thar Desert. You can go for a camel safari through the sand dunes, visit the Gadisar Lake which is a popular hangout for birds and water-lovers.

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