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EYFS Prospectus 2016-2017

Arrival and Collection

Arrival and Collection of Children Reception class doors are opened at 8.30 a.m to allow the children to settle before a formal start at 9.00 a.m. Children and parents are welcomed into the unit. We encourage adults to stay for a few minutes to ensure that their child is settled only for the first Autumn term. PLEASE BE ON TIME TO BRING AND COLLECT YOUR CHILD. All children are required by law to attend school on a regular basis. If your child is sick you must telephone the office on the first day of absence. Attendance is closely monitored and regular absences are reported to the Education Welfare Officer who will visit parents and liaise with school regarding possible penalty notices which can lead to both parents being fined. Being picked up late can be very worrying for young children. If you have any problems please let us know. For safety reasons, it is important that Foundation Stage Staff are advised if anyone other than a parent will be collecting your child. Preparing your child for Nursery and Reception Successful “settling in” depends, in part, on your child being able to cope with what s/he will be doing at school. It will help immensely if you consider the following: How well can my child: Put on his/her coat, socks and shoes? Fasten zips and buttons? Wipe his/her own bottom and nose, and wash his/her hands? Tidy up own activities? Share his/her toys and games? Listen to and enjoy stories? Listen to and enjoy talking to family and friends? Recite nursery rhymes and sing songs? Carry out instructions? Ask questions? 12

When they are settled into school your child may be given a book to share with you at home. Some of the early books will have no words in them – these are designed for you to share the pictures and discuss the story with your child. In Reception your child will stay at school for dinner. It is the decision of parents whether your child has a packed lunch from home or a hot dinner provided at school. Please be aware that the school dinners are free up till Year 2. Once you have decided you will be unable to change without informing the office as we need to let our catering team know accurate numbers. School Dress As you will appreciate, children in Foundation Key Stage will often be involved in either “outdoor” or “messy” activities, so we recommend that you dress your child in clothes which are suitable and easily washable. At Broad Heath, we are proud of our blue school sweatshirts and feel they encourage a sense of belonging and pride in our school. Information about the uniform can be found on our website at the following address: This should be worn with black/grey skirt or trousers and black sensible shoes. No trainers please. We ask that any religious headwear should be limited a blue bandana style enabling ears, eyes and neck to be seen. Please name all of your child’s school uniform clearly. Children in Reception will need to bring kit to wear for P.E. This consists of shorts, t-shirt and trainers all named and in a labelled bag. P.E kit should be brought to school on Monday and taken home again on Friday to be washed ready for the following week. 13

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