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EYFS Prospectus 2016-2017

Aims of the Early Years

Aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage To provide a welcoming, happy and caring environment where each child is valued as an individual. To develop independence, self-confidence, self control and self discipline. To help each child relate to peers and adults. To encourage awareness of and sensitivity towards the needs of others. To foster and promote intellectual development through looking, listening and doing. To encourage fluency and coherence of speech. To foster initiative, curiosity and good humour. To foster good relationships between home, school and the community. To develop an enquiring mind, an interest in learning and enthusiasm towards the next stage of school life. 4

Admission Arrangements Nursery Children are eligible for admission to Nursery in the September following their 3 rd birthday. Applications for a place are available from the school office from the 1 st December and need to be returned by the following January. At the end of the summer term the Nursery teacher and Nursery Nurse will hold open days and sessions to familiarise you and your child with the experiences provided in Nursery. In addition, Nursery holds an “open house” for one day in the Autumn term, during which Nursery children and parents/carers are invited to drop into the Nursery. Reception Children are eligible for admission to Reception in the September following their 4 th birthday. Reception applications should be made to the LA through the online application process by the preceding January. Towards the end of the summer term in Nursery children will make a variety of “visits” to Reception in preparation for starting full time school the following September. At the beginning of the Autumn term Mrs Frankish, our Head Teacher will meet with all parents of children in our new Reception to ensure that their child is settled and happy and also to discuss any other concerns or issues. Early Years Staff Early Years Leader: Mrs D. Dahil Early Years Staff: Mrs D. Dahil Mrs S. Shergill Mr J. Pye Mr P. Harwood, Mrs S. Kiani Mrs E. Cotton Mrs S. Begum, Mrs K. John Mrs J. Roberts Mrs S. Mattu The staff in Early Years are committed to ensuring that every child in our Key Stage has equal opportunities to learn and develop to the best of their ability. 5

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